Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 12, 1952
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Kll PUBLIC INTEREST · THE FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER Associated «*reu Ltattd Wir* AP, King and NEA features VOtUME 90, NUMIER 145 Two In Sedan With Wounded Man Escape Police Unable To Catch Car Hunted In Southeast Area Forrest City. Ark.-i7P)-Arkan- ras police pressed a hunt today for an elusive black sedan which vanished yesterday after a chase over Southeast Arkansas mads. The mystery car, carrying two men and a sawcd-off shotgun in the front seal, and a wounded man in the back, eluded- a scries j of road blocks thrown up after it' was spottort near Osceola. The big car reportedly bore Illinois license plates. The search was set off when a tourist court operator reported occupants of the car asked how they J could gel lo Mississippi without going through West Memphis. Ark., or Memphis, Term. He said! he peeped into the car, saw the! sa wed-off shotgun and a man.' swathed in bloody towels,' sprawled on the back scat. The dragnet spread as far cash as Memphis where a dozen police' cars were dispatched lo the Mem"-; FAVETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12, 1«2 Local Forecast-- Fayettevllle and /icinlty partly flnuily tonight and tomorrow, fooler tomorrow. High temperature yesterday 15; Mow 31; 11 a. m. ton-iy ."it. Sunrise 7:27; junset 5:20, PRICE FIVI CENTS Heroes Welcomed Back To Land phis and Arkansas bridge, nine the Mississippi River. Arkansas stale and county police placed road blocks alone Highway fil from Osrcola to Memphis. But before they were set up a police car irave chase nosr. here lo a speeding automobile! answering (he wantrd car's des-; crintion. The big sedan out d is-! lancpd the police vehicle. A u t h o r i - j tics said (be police rar p,avc up | the chase when ts sun vjsor blew off at 9(1 miles In hour' Another car, fitting the description of the wanted auto, was stop- peri at Lcbi, Ark., but its l\vo occupants were released after establishing their identity. | Boad blocks were removed early! last night but the alert for thcj mystery car was still on in A r k - ] ansas. Mississippi and West Tennessee. Would Cancel Mayor Votes In Ward 3 Oireuit Judfic Maupin Cummins?, hearing an eleetinn contcM between Arthur n. Davidson ami Mayor Powell M. Rhca nf Faycttcvdlc --end, claiming he was elected ma.vor in the November (lib general : election--was asked today by Rhca's atturncys tn expunge from Die iccords ail voles cast in Ward 3. The jud:e took ihe request under advisement and continued.the hearing. The request was made after it was determined Dial no names of election officials were included on the certified list of voters in J that ward, and that the list had been admued as form in the contest : by agreement between the two parties. The issue came up during (|ues- »----- ! lionins of Mill,urn Tcrrv. who: , ,,, , , , testified he voted for Davidson! 01 ' p - ' ""lard, W. I.. M der, , and identified him sittinfi in ihc "alph Walls. Mrs. Herbert I.., courtroom. He idcnlified ballot,' Fairies.'. William (.:. Jenkins.- marked No. 12!) as the 26th v o t c j Chester I'. Leonard, Huford Hand, i cast in Ward 3. Attorneys for: .1. T. York. Ed Gondmjl, Mrs.! Rhca objected, saying this im-1 Henry Walker, Mrs. Brvan W a l k - : peached the official record, which | er, Bryan Walker. Johnny Mahan. I Rilcy as voter j M ,..,. johnny Mahan, and S t a n - Falls To Capture listed Miss No. 26. R u t h " I1C "' Rri ' ivo1 Mrs. C. D. Atkinson, who served as one of two jurlRes in Ward 3, was railed as n witness and te.'ili- judpes. She Ward :'-- Mrs. H. L'. Prnrlnr, i ·lack Slobolsky. Mrs. Jack Slobot- I sky. J. H. Kennan, Clint .Shnok, Wallace S. Parncll, Mrs. Wallaf? Parncll, Mrs. Cathryn I'nrnrll, Howard 1. Wardlow, Mr*. James ?MLoss In Athletics At University School Has Surplus Income, However, Audit Shows I Youthful Gangs Of Dope Addicts Are D i s c l o s e d Expenditures of the University athletic department durinc the ; school year lflfiQ-1351. were far No Trace nf Bishop · abnvc recci Pls nf the department. Police said loday Hint no word, accordins to figures released by has been received of the where-1 lhc rtalc comptroller folnwine an abouts of Tuck Bishop who failed j a "dil. to return lo the stale prison farm! Figures quoted by the comp- after a Christmas furlough. Bishop was sentenced to life imprisonment after killing four men in Springdale several years ago. _- -.. _. j Refuse To Work In Oklahoma Mine Goodwin pcrvi iHcnlificd Lonnic Shook was the mmi'wlio rasl ballot 2.1. and also! 1 3 - Kce$c. Howard Durnal, M i s H j identified Terry, who wont lo thril'atsy Durnal. W. P. Durnal, Ben ' ' Alexander, polling plai-c with Shnnk. Lnnnlc Shook. Ihr first wittier called at today's hearing, tnld iho court lie was unable to identify Ihc hallo! shown him as the one he cast in Ward 3. It wap developed that neither Lonnie .Shook Mrs. Clara Bnsan, Trov Clark, nnd Miss Loui.-c Day. Ward 3--P. R. Green. Mrs. ·Iantes Bronks, Mrs. .J. S. Knnx. i and -I. S. Knox. \Vard 4--Mrs. W. II. Cherry. j Six nf lhc Davidson witnr.sscv , nor Milburn Terry was listed as a I f ,., w , , ,,,,, 5 , lh pncnned: j voter in the list of voters P!';-i Ihev appeared voluntarily. Two of ! New York-l/P)-Thc discovery of ! pa red by the two judges in thi ' a marijuana-.--mnl I in R ei E ht-year- old boy has led lo the disclosure of youthful Eangs of dope addicts who police say arc supplied by a 19-year-old peddler. i the Ward 2 \--ritc-in voters were ward, hut that the name Ear] , Shook w-fis on the list · V(1 ' un t nr .v witncssfp. The testimony loday followed Cou " l Trr.isurcr TeMiflM a seven and one-half hour session yesterday in the election conte.-t. A number of voters yesterday a f t - Cine of the voluntary witnesses was Clint Shook, treasurer ot Washington County. Shook idcnti- ernoon identified Davidson as the · fiutl his ballot and slated thai lie ; troller: Receipts S3fi7,5M: Expenditures 8440.1107: Net loss $82,243. The audit showed that the University had a tola! income of S!).- I . vn »nger member 3B3.!inn during the year, with ex- | oldcr "n."- pendilures of S7.SS7.33-1. leaving surolus income nf $1,381.5(15. State funds cciualcd S-l.247.444: \velfarc funds S200.nnf): '-federal funds. SI.330.-118: student fees Narcotics Squad disclosed yesterday that the cipht-ycar-ofd told of hi.-: addiction when questioned about continued truancy from school. Widespread investigation revealed the existence of three Sangs, separated by ace, with with lorncy's were .sustained in each case. The lime nf day cnch -voted also was asked by Rhea'^ attorneys; today, nnd most of the electors stated they casl their ballots sometime between 5 and B p. m. Voted "After G" TIKFUSI-: TO 18 PI · McAlcstcr. Okla..-IA')-Kederal| Sl.203.158; and other income S2,- mine inspectors ha\'e taken snm-; .387.877. pics of air in the Carbon Coal: Of the total expenditures, the Mine near hciu as 37.) idle miners; main division here spent S5.097.- i Kators said today Iheir decision lo ' ' d e l a y an imiuiry inlo conduct of Inquiry By Senate Investigators Delayed mptcd tn quest Inn Shook--' was eleetcrl as a Democratic nominee--about his status as ;, public official and parly member, bill Davidson's lawyers objected add were sustained by Ihe judfic. | Similar objections were sustained j p when nhca's lawyers tried lo i Mrs. Tom Bad.--, summoned as a ' question Davidson voters on why! witness, said she voted "a f e w ; they wrote in Davidson's name. ! minutes alter fi." Questioned f u r - I Throughout Ihc qucsli.ming t h e ! Iher on this point, she said .--he j Davidson attorneys hinted thai' Micvcd it was five or III mill- they will try to show that Rhea utes after fi. and that the polls was not actually Ihe Democratic i | were still npen at lhat hour. Her nominee for mayor in the Novcm- '· . . marked time after refusing to: 342: the Medical School at Little work until safely precautions are Rod; spent si. 463, 731 : and the As- laken. riculture lixlcnsion The digging;*, cln.-cd since Du-i S1.420.G5!). ceinber II, as a precaution against' » deadly gas. was reopened Thursday but the miners refused to work, until further investigation was made. Service spent Taft Will Address Arkansas Republicans To Mission In Tokyo political they are figures does not t r y i n g In "duck anything/ Chairman llocy fD-NC) of the Sonaio Investigations Suhcom- Miu.-'band fnllowed her lo the stand . and said he was sure they voted together before fi o'clock, closing lime fnr the polls. Both said they voted (or Davidson and identified him in the courtroom. Others who appeared this morning and said they voted fnr Davidi .-on and identified Iheir ballots and lhc write-in candidate, were F.u- JRCIIC Williams; Mr. and Mrs. ; Oliver Lollar; and Frank M. Ric- her fi election. Btil every time they brought (his inlo Ihcir questions to the witnesses, .Indue Cum- minRs sustained the objections of Tinea attorneys. RhM Yntrr* Heard Yeslerday morning, 10 voler«: suhpocnaed by Hhea from Ward 2 | idrntificd Ihcir ballots, and fi other ballots were entered as evidence from Ward 2 by agreement 'Thomas Replies To Governor On Highway Audit Would Hove McMath Assume Responsibility For Department In answer to Governor McMath's rhm;:cs that an inriuiry by the Arkansas Highway Audit Commission ha* "dcccnera'.ed into a political witrh hunt." Herbert I.. Thomas of FilyctteviHe, a corn- mission member, this afternoon issued ihe following »uitrmml: "The Hichway Audit Commis- i-lmi har. rnntinuaily nmce Us first mcclini: attempted tn find the - ; admitted head of the Highway : DiMUirlmenl. While I war. not )res: ent at the Thursday ineetin« bc- . twcen Governor McMath and other members of the Highway Audit · CVimmi.'.sion, from the sovernor's i statement given them I assume : that he definitely, accepts the r«- · snnnxibility for the administration | of Ibis department. i ''Press reports of the pa^l would likewise bear this out. I am .In hopes that Ihe Audit Commission | a 1 ; a whole accepts the KOvern^r: · statement as a confirmation-.of j this fart. With this responsibility i established I feel the Audit Craii- ; mission should direct its public hearings to the major principle of a.sccrtalnlnK whether or not th | administration of the Highway i Deparlinenl has been efficiently I and honestly administered by the laws of Ihe slate, by fair ethics and a moral responsibility lo the taxpayers of Arkansas, or whclh- | er it has been administered otherwise. 1 "If It ha* been ahly, efficiently ·md honestly administered, then Ihe Highway Audit Commission I should (jive unstinted praise lo the Rovernor, praise that he may use to campaign wiih or to jdorl- f.v his administration In nny way i he chooses. 'Mkcwl/r, If we find that there | is Inefficiency, law violations, dls- | honesty of employes aided and en- cournsed by s lax admnlstratloh, i then the major blame should be not on.Ihe director, the Highway Commission, or the 'minor em- ployes, but directly .on the oy- (rnorVshftulders, and the fac.ti should be rn-ailsbiV for the attorney general or nny other political In a campaign U he chooses. "t urge Ihe public to weigh carefully ihc facts as brought out In this audit, and join with the Audit Commission In praise or condemnation of the governor, who Is the Highway Department's administrator." Top picture .shows Mrs. .lames Wadsworlh, with a gun in her back, leaning from a window in her Auburn, N. Y. home, in which on armed man barricaded himself against officers. Talking to Mrs. Wads- wort!, are a priest (rijrhl) and Iv.-n slate troopers. The fugitive, chas- held the - the lo\/er photo is shown lallini; from the window. Identified as Donald the subcommittee members voted lohyo-M'i- The Soviet Union is unanimously to "hold in abey- ulanmns to keep a trade mission-ance" cases involving ncprcsenta- | ,n Tokyo as part of a plan to woo ; live Hnykin ( D - A l a ) - Mrs Flo Little Unck-f/Pi-Scn. riobert A . , Papan away from the west, ii was j Brattcn. secretary to Vice'prcsi- Taft of Ohio, candidate for the Re- -said today. The Russians already : dent Barkley: and Charles E publican presidential nomination.; have laid Ihe groundwork for the j Shaver, a former Senate cmplovc" will keynote the Arkansas GOP ; mission. I Hoey said this was done because rh' " . . . . i . '' -| cd by stale policeman aflcr a shootina, ran Into the house and held "."' woman hoMncp.' Later he shot himself in the stomach and in r| - lo\/er phot cut Wall-f-r "? · i t ' ' ' - ' - ~ - " U I H . V 1 .* t:^n..| M r t V H i f' . . . . . -- , . _ . . , ,. , . ' ' " " ~ - ~ - - ' I I - . . -complex deal in war surplus shins '" "U'er three wards w o r e . would be Ihe first ease taken up '"?' P, 3 "" 0 '' worc ""' l ' r " c V 1 i ol " crc 1 as =*'itencc by stipulation , D.UJd, by his group this session. Ho said " hhcn t . 10 "' " amos v;m callcd '" "''"'.""I testimony from the vntcrv Dl IIIMI lhc early morning sessi Davidson Witnesses Called After Rhca rested nt 2:30 p. m.. but in Ward 2 this was not done because election officials had not initialed the ballots. ; yesterday, attorneys for Davidson I Testimony yesterday s h o \v r ri 1 he;;an calling witnesses to t h e ; * nilt Davidson's name was written stand to ascertain--as instructed j nnt nn '. v ns Arthur H.. A. B., and Used In Egypt · ' n Arkansa.-: Supreme Court's Arthur, but also as "Author," a: d crn kansnr, GOP Executive Committcp peace treaty drafted by the wc.-t- thnt Taft ha? accepted the invi- '· tation to .«ppak. '-. Hunt For Panther Under Way Near Shreveport Hhrcvcport. Ld. - f/Pi - Hc.'ivily- arniecl hunters beat their way throuRh Louisiana hills today in search of a panther that has terrorized this area for two weeks. Doubts that a panther is really on ! the loose were squelched y ester- 1 day when a hound rioR was ripped ; and chewed by the beast, less than four miles from the heart of this : rity of nn.noo. ' Foot Soldier Traininr ! TVashinston-WVThe Army has , decided tn train all its 25 Reserve \ Corps divisions as infantry lie- i muse of n lack of training facili-v ties nnrt equipment for airborne I anrt armored troops. Spain .loins Boycott Madrid. Spain-(/h-Sp;iin joined today in Ihe western boycott, on sending Mrnlojiic goods to Soviet bloc countries. Stratemfytr Tn Hftlrr WftshinRlon-i/Vi-ljt. Oen. George K. Stratemeyn. «!., will retire January 31 after 3fi ye;irs service, tlic Air Force announi-cd yeslpr- · nrdcr "~ v '' ho sh " ul{| benefit from ' rcccj; scd for the day. 4T pei-.sons "Arlher." One ballot had some- state convention here April 25-26. '· The Russians waul Ihcir r c p r o - j l h c .lustice Department waTlriok- lllc v -' r 'le-in voles. IhinR wrilten Os,o Cobb. state Hcpublican j sentativcs in Japan even thoiiKh | ing into snmc of the political cases : n - v : ' ::in !)l '"·· w ' 10 " lno TMurl . nhca ' s prinled chairman, yesterday told the A r - I "'fy refuse lo accept the Japanese and "it is hardly proper tn have iMllaiha. KK.Vpl-i/h-Koi Cenlurion lanks wenl into acti Racing Commission To Hold "Open Session" I.illle nock-(/l'i-The public will P.nti.sll lir I'frnuttcd to attend the Jaliu- parallel facts." inveptipntions of Ihe same Four County Champions had identified ballots as theirs ami pointed out Arthur R. Davidson in the courtroom as Ihe man for whom they intended their vote. Twenty-one of the Davidson voles today ni;,-ijnst .'iltac-k Ill hciivy ICRyptian: K''iehi8 on rnih-.-ay ,n;i, - · permit ; of Ihc Arkansas lon al which .1 .- -- Dixie Downs. Inc., Ihe line below shallinc yards near the Tel El Kcbir! In operate ;i horse race Irack al ame, but .ludce : station in Ihe Sue/. Canal 7,one. j West Memphis. Ark., is to be rc- i-uiiiinjM^s was unable lo read i t . i ^ f^un brittle broke out thir. ronsiflered Th: person who wrote ,1 said lie j '"online ""cr one Cameron High-i ' ' ' meant lo write Davidson's name M"" 1 " was reporlrd ldllel and ^an l-yell »f Hot th crc . three uthcrs wounded by a mine: ' 1J lnc - s '"inounced yesterday he Snn,e of lhc liallols weie ! r, x|l '?. s '['"."" llui "'^'"y t'-'i.'k. As | ' 1!1(1 'lecided nn the open mcetini; More Sub-Zero Cold In Norfh Central States (B.v The Auorlilrd Frrin) Another blast of sub-zero cold hit North C'entral states today. The icy air extended over Montana into the DaHotns, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It also' conlinued cold in Northern New Kanfiland, Some warminfj was reported in Texas and the. Gulf states after i yesterday morning's chilly wcath- ' rr. Temperatures were around : .'easonal levels in other parts of Ihe country. marked in nnnner other thin n,e inrfiM-u n manner ninei man pie- '"' Downs. I and 4 recess because they siid rcturninq to court today would cause undue incon\ Hhea's allot neys cnlered a gen- Three Children Burn iTo Death In Missouri fiKhtini; progressed, the l)iit-| after a conference with Governor were from Ward I. and 17 were i ««ibcd in Ihe voting mst, uel.'i"! ^TM^Lil^'^^' MfM ^' "*" ""'*"" D i ! " C from Ward 2. .JudRe Cummines Ihea's attorneys i - l a i i n c t l lhat Colrislreain Guards. Two E(jypthiiis allowed five voters from Wards Henry Walker's ballot had David- were reported raptured. to testify just before (he KOn ' s name written in and Ilhca's. Fighting continued inlo the af- name crossed out, but Ihal an · ternoon. "X" appeared in the box by Rhea'.s . " " ~~ name. They asserted also that the Number Of DfOftGCS ..... ballots cast by Mr. and Mrs. .Jack ! c , eral objection lo all the wrile-in : Slobolsk.v had no "X" in Ihc box jOUght DClOW Average votes, and in addition objected lo I by Davidson's name, but contained | several individual voles because I ' " s ' " a d "Xs" in hand-drawn' WitshiriKlon-M'j.TI"' Arinv and bo.\es. the Marines :ue callum TiZ.SOO P. H. Cieen's balldt. Ihey de- draftee:; in Feliruaiy and HR.fiOO dared, s h o w e d nhca's name '" Maich--a 2,r,no ciuoi.a ( ,,, t (rp| . crossed oul and Davidson's name February and a bclow-avoiatc CONTINUED ON PAGE XEVKK . llRllrC for March. of alleged irregularities. F.ach Davidson witness was asked lo stale whether the ballot handed lo him by a Davidson lawyer was Ihe one -a.M by him in Ihe November fi election. Then | he was a.-ked lo point out the person for whom he intended his vote, i | Fach voter looked nr poinied to j I Davidson, who was sit',in£ with jhis lawyers in front of ihe judge's I bench, and most of ihe voteiv: .noted he was wrannc. a sieen tie. | AlHhe witne-ses Davidson sub- pocnaefl from Ward 1 appeared e.\- S'pMiiKliclri,_ Mo...- I/TI - Three small rhilr. l !cn were burned to death anrl their mother was mis- Mns after fire onrly loda.v destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jcfte Hill at Hunker, Mo. The children were identified a, Wanda Hill. four. Albeit Hill Ihrco and Hay Hill, is month*. . cepl J. D. York. In Ward :!, all of them testified except Wayne Henbest. Mrs. II. ft. Iliancher. and Parents Fined, Turn Five Children Over To The Judge Antioch, (.'ahf.-^''-.Justice of the I'eai-e Vales Hamm *ha-- fi\'e children on his hands today all of r.nme Rirlir-h pin rurlv The children, aged Ihree lo II, were civcn lo Ihe jiitlcc by Mr rlr, of the slateinrnt riinrlurled "I anu Mrs. Amos Harlon after he I mleml to he Ihe puppet fined Ihem sin cnch for allnu-inx dictatorship" Mr. and Mr, W. ,:. Wlu.field. Th, | "r^^^V;^'^ ^ \ TMTM^ 'TMW* n , the ,,,- nl. In Theoh. had been sent home ; ration of om child,en unto yonr- l for wearing pin curls, Iself. We h',,vi' nmnrlhini: I ut of ihe aids, .IS wilncsses Davidson leinamed The..,,, four Whilfields aie Ihe other Uvo subpoenaed by | lo he heard. 143 Apprnr The 1.1 who IcMificd eslerday Theola liom scho wiu.lil not p.-,y. She ie;id ., louiilMx. and Timothy, tlnee all "-ere Malemcnt, r,uoti 11K ihr smplure.' in tear,-. The jud«e (r.ive Ihem SO nciallm n-hniil and pinbalion d e - : eeni;. eavh lo inne! Ihem linrtnient:, Ihe [iuairl of l.ducatioi, i Adei i-on.siillinx I'robalion (if. Her f u e : i;.erctl Jmeph, .liirlsc Hamm not hail ihe children ;rnl to ihe juve- a n y . o i l c hall. Both Hamm and Joseph piedu-lcd ihe nations «'jl| m j.v« Iheir blond youncsl»r. before Moiidny anrl try lo sel them back. Mean'vhile. a relitinn was filed lo mal.e Theola a ward of Juvenile .VOIIIIB peope are ,r.,de,sliip and achievement winners in;thai thev \nlcd for Davids ,'luli work in Washinclon County, nnd leceivcd special reiriRnltion ' lit ll'.e nnniinl aclueve'iieni, hanriuet Tlnnsday nitht ai the Lesion I hill. Thev are left lo ruin slnrrtlne, .linim.v Kstes of While nr,ck and · Ruth Ann · llny'i- I|,,|:P: ..I WC'.I Fr.ik. anrl se.ilrd, ( harlcnc Urcwe, of I'raiiir · I Grove and Uorotli.'i Lower ol Son's Chapel. in order of Iheir Ward 1--Henjamln I,. K.iirlr omh. Henry W . K. IV I'o"er5, V.'. II.';,»., . ITIMKHFOTO)., M rs . cbarles .lamrsoir Mi's. an art hacked by the Male,Mlorncy you, jud«e. Wr'ie appolnlmi; yiiu ! Coiirl.' The ll'ai'lonj Mart banded do-vn .iyinR school autboriti the rich! lo lorlnd Ihe jjirl fi Iced lo come to school with hn hair m pin curlers. Whe nthe Marton. r . ".'ho sided with then rlaiiuhier, appeared i n l o f l u e he couil yeMciday nnd veie fined. Gallons auaitinc him Mrs. Harlon mse anrl rtpr-l.irerl they .Inhn eictlt. Tninmy Ihe Icjial Kuaidian ol youngest rhildien lr, rai-.e, t and in educate." With Ihal ihe n.irlmu nut. When Hamm went to hi? outer found ihn five look all the Ie.i;al mancir.'erinK without w a v e r - ine an inch. "We'll noser pay fine for xume- Ihins we're nni suilty of," said Mrs. llarion. 'I lold Ihe judw I'd ! Co lo jail, hill 1 won't pny Hie i yount; ! 'inc." .^talked Doreen, 1 1, j The n.utons bin e three oiher ' s e v e n , Cheryl, | children In Ihf N.ivv. DECKED OUT--Tommy Cor- conn it only four-yeari-olrt, but he'i »n old pro when it comes to butebill. The Midi*' ion, Wis.. younfiter his * collection ol more Ihin 175 picture cardi of bill taiue b«ll pliycri,. MI bl« to idtnUfy-in;' tmt »! i ; «Unc». Ht hn M Incredible m«mory, c«n iMntlfy Ted Wllllimi by )u«t lookinf «t the Boitrm ilu||er'a to«t

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