Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 21, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 21, 1974
Page 7
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Arfcomai TIMES, Sun.. July 21, 1974 FAYITTIVILLI, ARKANSAS 7A Live It Up By H. D. MCCARTY Chaplain of the Razarbacks Humanism is the belief, basically and, generally, that man can be" man without God. Matt and culture are central. God and the. speculative a r e irrelevant. In 1933, the famous . A m e r i c a n educator. John Dewey, drew up a "Human Manifesto" that predicted the fulfillment of the American dream. America could and the "Great Society," ,the second installment 'of the "Garden of Eden," the place where - all -' were equal and peace, prosperity, and justice abounded. Although I love my ·country and believe our ideals -to be higher than- any other -nation, prospects for the above ,'afe meager, if not grim. 'Human inadequacy is every ·.where. ; 'Nevertheless, I .read recently : \vhere a current group of 120 "scholars!'...writers, scientists · philosophers . . . have signet '. "Human/ Manifesto II." In :this document they denounce! ."authoritarian religions tha ;place God and revelation above : human needs." ; THEY CONTINUED that im · mortality, an after life, and · judgment' for sin are il Musory and h a r m f u l . Think /ing of God. heaven, and salvation "distract human; from present Asocial injustices." The Man! · festo asserted that the good lit "Is here and now and that reason 'and intelligence are man' .greatest assets. Bosh and hum tbugU '· The great sychoanalyst, Roll :May. has stated that It is pb vious man is now growin toward greater, and greate moral'perfection. More ah more the Americans of the "!0 are doubting the inevitability o human progress. The distinguished Frenc author, Emile Cailliet, a forme humanist, testifies that th a r r o g a n t sophistocation man's reason is of little us as you see an enemy bulle shake the chest of your goo friend and he dies in front you. The great question of ii meaning! Why'.' Where? hat? When? Man's reason an't answer! THE HUMANISTIC idea that lan can do quite well without od makes as much sense a$ aying a newborn baby can hack it" without the care. of n adult. To be sure, the baby aware of his "human needs" ithout an adult around...lie (or ie) wets, cries, and gets hun- ry...but only an adult can do ometliing about it. Man can have needs galore, et all excited about them, lake lofty statements and set oals. He can even accomplish ome tasks and bring minor aspirin for a cancer atient...but in the last analysis, man can't be the man he yearns be, yea, that he is created o be without allegiance to and word from his Creator. ' A famous-humanistic author ome years ' ago penned the vords... "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my ate, I am the captain of my oul." Bold' and courageous hough these words be, they are deluded and naive as any ever written. I OFTEN THINK of them vhen counseling with a parent vho, is frantic about their teenager oh the road to self-destruc- ion. Or in the hospital room as I share the anguish and shock of death claiming a loved one. Or in my regular rounds the e 1 d e r 1 y . . . o 1 d people...many who are never visited, sitting In their chair looking blankly out the window, mind slipping, having to be fed :ike a baby, etc..."Master of my fate"...indeed!! Somewhere down the line (Eden!) man bombed out! Man has as much chance, coming up with the clue, to reality'by his own efforts as a baby does to discover E equals MC square. Forget what, the humanists say! Man's intelligence alone .can't cope with ultimate pressures. He is at the mercy of a word from God! Fantastic! God has given us that "word" in Jesus Christ! Why no take a second look? Aleuts Develop A Life Style Modern Ecologists Can Envy STORKS, Conn. (AP) -^ Modern ecolbgists. would be jealous of the ways of living developed by an group of sturdy Asians who settled along the Aleutian Islands chain 8,700 years ago, 'according, to a professor who has specialized in Aleuts since 1938. · . . "They have learned to live in an environment without destroying the ecosystem," said Dr. William Laughlin, University of Connecticut anthropolo- 'gy professor. He heads the U.S. contingent in an American-Russian effort this summer to study the Aleuts whose islands e x t e n d niore than 1,250 miles soutli : west from the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula. The current project began five years ago under a National Science Foundation grant. This summer is the first time scientists of the two countries have cooperated on it. Laughlin said the Russian · group, led by A.P. Okladnikov Siberian department director o the U.S.S.R. Science Academy's Institute of History, Philology and Philosophy, will Join in at tempts to discover the origin of the Aleuts and study their ways of living. "They use many things tha other people throw away," in eluding the skins, meat, bone, and internal organs of animah and fish, Laughlin said. "The Aleuts live a little long er than we do," he added. "1 you take an Aleut woman of 8 she is without heart disease o other cardiovascular prob lems." NO HEART DISEASE Laughlin said the Aleuts heavy diet of sea mammals fish and shellfish containin polyuns'aturated fats probabl 'prevented heart disease, hig blood pressure and other ai ments common to Americans ·He also said Aleuts Icarne 'very early to control their poi illation so they wouldn't 1 forced to deplete their food sup ply and face starvation. 1 They also developed th triple-keel kayak which serve :as a flexible hunting milting them to-collect tiny se urchins and conquer might 'hales, Laughlin said. "They ave the world's best example how man fits in the natural 'stem," he added. Laughlin said about 300 perms from the Amur River on e border between China and ie Soviet Union probably were ie first to settle on the chain about 14 large islands and 55 mall islands. When they came, land bridge probably con- ected Siberia with Alaska, ow separated by the Bering ;rait, he added. The Aleuts probably picked ie islands for a home because : the rich marine system with n abundance of ocean plan- ton churned up by the meeting f the Pacific Ocean and Berig Sea, providing nutrients for ish. mammals and men, he aid. The Aleuts, who differ anth- opologically from Eskimos and ndians, thrived in the chain's ugged environment until Eu- opean explorers came in search of otter and seal skins, ..aughlin said. Wars, disease and disruption f the natural environment reduced the 17th century Aleut population of 16.000 to the iresent-day 3,000, he added. Franco Improved MADRID CAP)'-- Gen. Francisco Franco, his health reported somewhat improved, remained under close medical vatch today after. temporarily banding over his position as chief of state to young Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon. The latest information bulletin Friday from Information Minister Pio Cabanillas said franco 'was doing much bet- :er." That followed an announcement earlier in the day that said, with little elaboration, that intestinal bleeding complications had made the generalissimo's condition 'very serious." Tha TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a We eh I HOUSER TELEVISION AND STEREO Servicing Magnovox Television and Stereo Components for Northwest Arkansas. THE ONLY AUTHORIZED MAGNOVOX SERVICENTER 723 W. Sunset Springdale Phone 751-3921 MO TO *7O SAVINGS NOW DELUXE MODELS, COLORS INCLUDED. HURRY-SALE ENDS SATURDAY. REG. 299.95 ELECTRIC 30" SMOOTHTOP RANGE 169 SALE · Ceramic top adds extra counterspace when cool; cleans with damp cloth · No special cookware needed/ use any {[at bottom pot, pan. 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