Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 11, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1952
Page 7
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ARKANSAS HMH, Myitftvlllt, Arkimn, fiidny, J«|«U«iy "- "»* · FOB 8AL1--AUTOMOnVi | Illl CHEVROLET pick-up. Phoni j ~MI OLDSMOBILE , 76 Club Sedan in «xcel!ent con- i dition. Wholesale price i960.00. Can bt financed. Call 459J o f f e r 6 P.M. t SAi.t--Miscri.i.Asr.oi's SPECIAL "SALE"" AFTER INVENTORY CLEARANCE THE WAY IS BARRED--This "zebra-walk" oi broad whit« bars } across tlie pedestrians' cioss-walk is one oj the stunts England's Road Research Laboratory is using in working out safety measures for big-citjr traffic. The striped zone it reported not fully satisfactory as a safety measure. C»rd Of Thank* We wiih to ( xprrss our thank? «nd appreciation In our (rienrfs 'who were so kind lo ; M-.fiAL NOTICES QUIIT1NC TITLE--NOTICK dur. j in THt WMhinitan Chinetry Cvurt f»ur recent bcrenvcmcni nncl also RusFcll Oxiord. Jr. to'ihank them for ihe beautiful floral ; Notice it hereby given lhat there offering. husband St rat ton Pal . Grandchildr Mr. Dn/ion N'arline IIoli Sisters. Mrs. Iri* Sniilh Mm. Mary Hale Mrs. Annie Harri? Mn. Gladys fionhins Mn. Daily Harrii Mrs. Carrie barns Brothers Mr. Jack Layman Mr. Claude Layman Mr. Otto Layman filed the office of the Keep np with the the Times *a',lj. itmei--reat clerk of the Chancery C n u r t W.nshinKton County. Arkansas, it til ion In confirm and quiet in Ru«- scll Oxford. Jr.. the title lo the loi- linvinj* lands in Washington County Arkansas, to-wit: Part of the Northwest quarter of ihr Souiheasl qtiHrlyr of Seclion filtern it.'i). Township sixteen (IB) N. n«ngc thirty (30i West of the f i f t h i.ii Principal Merirtan. Described as beginning nt n point which is four hundred and sixty-six feet and riRhl inches 1166' «") South and two hundred and forty- nine i24D'i f e e t East oi' the Northwest corner of said Forty aero (met: thence- Eaut fivr hundred unit forly-six fr-ct and three inchri (546* ;i"i; 1 hence Soulh two hundred ««nd iwenty-lhree I22H'I feel; KJnBTMWPQT A O k A K J ^ A R TIMF^ · Hicncc Northwesterly two hundred NUKIflWtbl AHKAN5AS I IMti ( flnd s jjj| y . rivc ,253, feet lo x poinl / * i i r r i r i r r v i r v r ! "' hich is ' me hlintlriid alld twenty. C L A S S I F I E D ADSi sSSn-HHS Rate: 1 cents per word $in«]e in- ·crtion. Three ronsocutivc insrrtinnr 7 crnts per word. Minimum order 4Uc. Classified ads caish in advance--not taken ovtr the lelcphone. Deadline for classified ads: 10;.1U · m daily; 9:30 n. ni. Saturday. Corrections and rr-run cheerfully made a f t e r first insertion. No corrpc- tions or rerun mjide after ad has cx- fiired. NOTE: Advertising copy for olhrr PK(CI it due at 12 nonn the day proceeding publication; 12 unon Saturday torpublicntlon on Monday. NOTICES EXPLORE This Ad and you'll find th« j LOWEST PRICES; and the j BEST VALUES High quality s o f a bed and matching chair, 9 x 1 2 all wool f a c e A x m i n i s t f l r rug, (able lamp, lamp table. Group f o r . . $250 3 - p i c c e bed room s u i t e . Springs, ' ( W A N T TO RENT 13 MKDROOM uilfiirnlthrri hniwr hv UPIIOIJSTKIUN'C*. iUp rovrr f i rlr^prj ( district manniirr nf l». S It u blur Ph»nr 1431U'. _*"!!:---T.'lr .. n "?._ J '.*?-..'' T " 11 " 'INCOME t « v crvlcf I'hon* 1*71 IUy I rCF(NISHF.I) a p a r t m e n t (nr ni-.-nnmiri- moilll ( t r o t g r ' rhildrrn federal r Kayeltrvillr ' n»K K E N T -- F A R M S run SAi.R--kKAl' TO Arnr.s nock smi r ( "oil improvement*. -l l t'niilrl t r a d e f"r «;);K _JL ^ JfmM rf "" : ' THIS IS IT in ACHKS. b-K\rrn hn, i..tniuoml ll'ii'in (in.|n hlf K a r a * ' chirk m Iv P: oflern. 3 teffi, ·Vrlkini,' J. W. Hill ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initolltn ·PUMPS · POWER :^..n%":i..'"s;,,n".z-;"'" 1 . 1 Thon._y c W.,. Fcrk | IT -WILL T A K E A m i,.r.». .wo pillows and bed TM KNT-M1SCFM.ANF.O,,,. ron^^lW^ ,,' To £^^,v^,^^, fnf . nr \ e T O O e / \ - n m N I S H K h iikr room, nlpc'lur-uioii ! dllchn. irptir link hoiu Dlritne. n ,.,,,, , hi . j illmc( | r 0( ,|.faihi.u v. Sliktly Jit-Htiliilnr lircpl;u-r tiiuldmict A - l rnnrlitiiu Inc.- well I'hnnr B2I. . Drrp ON M" Sffiuo.iah. 2. »ttr.» r-'orn *rniv hitrractu, ' · nt Hi ACRE " f,irm" 7 "rf»om~KoUM.'~i V ' 1 " ii.n-n running wnt-v, 20 *cn '"'· v.sUrv ppri? li.iwjorf, termv "'- to A ( * R * ' S vhc-'ip Imnrovcmroti, 1ut n.njc w-:er kv«| fond. f«M, t*ri r * A A. Girr. rihea. Ark. Kincaid Co. \\'cfi Center all. o i i c r n ho Chrome dinelte suiic, table, iwo ; chairs $49.95 | ( B i g l o u n g e chair. Nationally j ; known manufacturei' , . . i39,50i See these itorm on our main floor LEWIS-BROS. CO., Inc. ..- V 6 nooM hnjuc (in Silulli 71 nARJCVAKI) Miiinliri.._rliiiN£ HlfJ j ,.;ros USRD Roper rnnpr. rllrap. '.12t North '.ffNKrftMlSllEn apitrlmnill Artvill] DUPLEX; the home: IIHS Phone rnACTICAl.l.Y in Nalirmn! rnsh r 1950 Nash Statesman 4 - d o o r . ' :o.tii);i BTU Overdrive, radio, heater. fr.inTo!"^ 1 '' Good tires. Very slick. Priced under ceiling. 1949 Chevrolet 4-door. V e r y . . . . i I ONK aparimcnl nice and priced right. | ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. qii 1.949 Nash 600, 4-door. 2-lone. Fully equipped. 1947 Nash Ambassador 4-door. I Overdrive, *tc. ! 1947 Nosh 600, 4-door. Very slick. 1942 D o d g t 4-door. Priced right. FOR RENT Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES Contractor 212 Virginia A v c , hnx 14.1 I!. St» ^^PJinnc MBS, f a y c l t e v l l l c FOR SAI.r--RKA1, KSTATf I " 3"BEDROOMS OK ht| Irvrl tnt will) paid p a v e m e n t i h;ii crnrrnui livlne mum. mud''! Cur tv Ift licn'l i-rtiHr Il'iiiif r on in* V T A i her i inn riled P.* in' ancfl rcps.r MWIIT \n\ * : (luirkly and u r thin'rt w o \ M.Mli YOU'L NEED IMAGINATION V i l i i c r f c bil 1i i tin Klst -- l ( h n n i i c 4 k e y T. I'honc. If'.lll . iionini; !;i)ar[t, CK toaster. S:in:ii'nr; nun bedsie.-irl, child's- Moi-klmr cinllioii chi:i. Mrs. Ralph Srindfoid. If.lO I la Street. i Sforc building, with or wilhoul · g r o c e r y f i x t u r e s BROWN GROCERY 1 1 1 1 W. L a f a y e t t e . Phone 2 4 1 5 ! unull brcfujwny. lint brnti wnftrt flouri ihniushtmt .Tiitoinntlc floor furnmT. I' Irlr ouitcf Iful h»rn- uid 1m pn . .* of rler- l l H I W B l l i H I"' el.i-.l i Anri Ihr him r run ri'-ji tnerniiity. Smn- [(l!K^ \u tjuninl I ci'i jiiil tav it UOilnncfl Ilii 1 l.irsp i 1942 Chevy 2-door. 1940 Chevy eeupe. Several other good ones to pick from NEW Peach Blossom . r u i n n l h u i H - |ilnsifr j"h: he-Mi |pr nf r.ififin rrrhvnnd unrl rrtlar ildlnx: hi I pl turr ulnrlnw nnd hnnditom; K U l M V f ! I * l l V Ullll A l l r l III'" sric. of Inntl. .'mi- f nr. si pint 3 tilr lircnlrr rmnir. trnod Itni-ll Inrit) nnd A gn · AutomotivQ ·Fire · Health and Accident"; · Polio ·Liability · WOHK.MEN'S COMPENSATION . ·Plale Gloss ·Burglary,^ "HTNSURANCE · *j Auiomobilt - Liability ; "i, Fire - Exlended Cov«roat- ;^ Poi:o - Plait Glaii' WADE FINCHER lldg. ROOM Plmnc : nilcr 1117 S l n r c r . . I ·with tliowpr j Poppy Trail Iinr.K ronrn np.trtn Src »l IIS Soillli Wrt Sin i I.AI1UK lurnljlipd ronin! Call S38\\' i i.AntJK mm ronni furnished »p»r|. I tiu'nt. I'lfnn. prh-.Tlc. every cnn. viniri'. lilllltics paid J» Oil .174M-I LAnCt: "'frnnt " hcdrnom jilliinc m«.I '!. HOOM fnrnlih'n paid, rhtint: ^2SI :i ROOM iinfurniAhcil uparlinrnl. I'll irhool »nd nicf market. All thli KnnM Unl . Owner Retiring S lll.. II (I. BATES REALTY 1H will he In thr- t\l Inml. crn.« anil iur MODERN MOTORS . . D r . 125 W. Mountain St. Phone 252l|.GWIS UfOS. tO., IflC. fitrnUheO. ! ONK i j «-'"V ipartnient ."" Rill* j ! 1 |V!,'i ""BKOROOM." CHRYSLER 1949 HIGHLANDER 4 door. Fine shnnc Low mileage. Original owner. At Iractlvely priced. Phone 4.1W. REAL bargain, JSO.OD hclnw dcalrr'i price. 1943 Slutlchaker. Musi co be- i Jnrc the 13th. .101 West Dickson. MKTA1, linl. nialtrri Inpcstry cnvcir. MJ.IKI. Co.. JIIL-._ [ CORN fed hoKR. DrrHscd ?d _P)i'iiiu 14H-J-1. I T"\VO~sili1s.""li(ivs" R aiifl , Phnnr M44.M. N K W floor f u r n n c c . HS.ODll MTU. J G o u l d , r o u t e 2. Wo_^_ I'ork. SUBURBAN PRIVACY J . NKW~"nnrirni' 2 hd-llii Inn'ne. lurse lljthl living room, hcBii- lifu! rimihlimlinn kilrhcn »nd dining ' «i*u-r Wliilr o»k lurriwfiort, iilmiT. 1 vrnrtlnns. hn:eI.CWK.V. |jilln, vliflch* . c-d «arnKC llic value is «U tn-i'e *t nl altrnctlvp price, owner ii In , , ,, nimlllan lo f i v e food irrmi. · ~nOOM""fiinVifihPd"hn tl « f -r mnilAiil. RANCH LAND · s Gpofl incailon. Phnnc 2R»3J. _ j , ,,,, A c n R S u -ilh ,.i.ri rlrh river h o i - ' UPSTAIRS lurnlklicd npnrtincnl. .1 loin will nrorhire «n shimdancr nf i Kliissrcl in purrh, halh. Plinnc jjrn.ij. lots native »hi; »lctn. will : r«rry 2.Mt rown. A luiitlrr can *onn i dnvitilf Ihr vnluf of ronch. hrrfttnf j M's pru-cil NOW hclnw- ilji valur. ] Rood icrmi «» |wrl. Oil rt)tlil». mr . NEIL SAWRFY, BROKER nil . . cil lo .ill hrmv^ KJ lituixr. 2 wrll*. *tm ncli lf»rnlrd Nninm . t( !tj)lioni-. nil route* re- I Krnci'rNCT ni)nr":metVr"~for~ t \ j ^voryiliini; firrnihhril-fiKn mlly. iiixr.:!. with Ini.-. nf »ii.]| mid h; rncim. D.Mifl 1. lirri. wnlrr pi \nCf. Hinokr pnnd. Very linn. clLCtrlcllj tlfi.Ofl'i, half iiiiwn It Won't Be Long i UNTIL wr will he In !hr tnnlr-it m - l l - . ins .sruon o[ llir .vcar (or ir,.l i i- lal- If vim rr cpnildrrina s'-llme ; why no I l^lll II nvcv with 111? We re - nf. .viiur tclc|)h WITH SERVICE" Health and Accidtnt vyorkmani Compeniaiion- · Pla!e Glasi Burglary ' Auloinobile Polio ' Poullry Fir* : Liability Trip) UTLEY GK w;ishit mncl nc, T.T.J. Honcr In TN* P.«bflt* C.url Of W*ihin(ten County, Arkaniai 5f. the Mailer of Die Estate of IDA B. MAYEHS. Deceased. Last known ;iridrr«; of decedent: Fay- plteville, Arkansas. D«te of D c B i h . December 10. 1951. The ulei was appn id- niinislrjitor with the will annexed of thf estMe of the nbove named do- ; redent on the 28th dny of December, j 1951. ! An initrmufint dated Sciilniili^r 24. ' 1349 was on the 2R!! I!H.V uf Dcrcmbrr. j 1951 admitted lo prnhnlp ** thr will of I Ihe above named decedent, nnd the '. undrrsiRned has been appoimrd nd- · minislralor with the will aancxcd thcrcundrr. A conteil of ihe proliale of the v ill fan be effected only by filiiiR n pf- -, lilion wilhin llir nine provided by ' law. All p e r s o n s havinc rlaims , ' against the e s t a t e mu-it rxlubit thrni. riulv verified, to ihe unrirrsisnrd w;!h- in 5iv months from tlie dale of (he ; first publication of this notice nr Ihey Hhnll be forever tiarrcd and precluded ' from any benefit in the eslato. This notice firit published un January 11. ]052. Ch«rle« Mnyers. r , Perkins and Duty. Aitorneys-a(-l,aw. First Na- Honal Rank Kuildinfi. Kayctlrville,, '« PI t tic nee West niiR hundred ann 1 wont y-three 1123') feel; thonrr Northwest lo a point one hundred and nine ildfl') feet Soulh nf ihe becinnintf point: ihenre North one I hundred and nine 1109') fret to j flit? poinl of beginning. i All persons clnimins said landH, or any interest therein, are hereby, notified and warned lo appear in ! cajri Court within si* weuk* a f t e r date of first publication Ipd. and shmv caiiSL- why the title to mid binds should not he forever established, tiuirtrd and confirmed in this petitioner. In testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand nnd a f f i x e d the seal of this Court on this the 6th d a v of December. 1951. (SEAL) Richard n. Grecr Clerk Chancery Court F K H S O N A L BEFORE you cnlch that cold »e* u« about our guarantcrd rold preven- fion North Side Drug. 330 North College. Phone 1314. 19M PLYMOUTH Siihurlinn. Will t-nn- · ider trade for cheaper car. Phone 726.1. 215 South Dlock. 1V50 Buick Special 2 door. Dynaflow drive. Radio and Heater. 16,833 miles, like new $1965 1948 Olds 66 Club Sedan. Radio and Heater. Low milcagt. Local c n r . $ 1 1 9 5 i .5 s e p a r a t e Washington T r a n s f e r 1946 Ford Super Deluxe 2 door, j allotments of f u r n i t u r e and mis- Heater. Clean car. . $833 cellaneous, being sold for s t o r good running od cor $350 j age at 1940 DcSoto 4 door. Really HILTON BROS. trod for office nnd home for fir , ,. I lamily. i c n v c r - . n , n |r K ni()M1 m(M | ( . r ,i npnrtinpnt In j Hock Home nl 2W Nunh Church « nv -! HAMMOND RFAUY CO. U. I I'liniic 1»1 FI'VE rniim ImiiBr SOB Nonh University. Pliniir I591J. A T A U C T I O N SATURDAY MORNING 10 A.M. Standard Realty Co. rhnnt flo~17fi.S-J and Company, Inc, Georgs f, Caudl* NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY i H. V L ulir 1 "* 1 anulh II - I'hniM »lji'' lcl|ll ° nl - | . _,,,, .sinni:.|dir. .Mk ! T«l«phon» 2203 Mir J. 'ytatt S«critiry ATTENTION LET Ibn American National Imurimcr Cn. pnv your ho»pit)»l mid dnrtor liiilK .*nr free Inforrnntion. write Tliunn.n Hair. 312 llnlhcock BIdl. J'hont Ml-W-l. Arlc. ll-18-x BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ""FROZEN CUSTARD HO FT or hard ict cream, sherhcls. in.ilis. sundBCs. pinls, etc. NEW, JJIFKERENT: TWIN-KISS. TWO- COLOR TWO FLAVOR TOGETHER. Up to .lOfT.n profits. Year around money maker For Dairy, Bakery. Onnfeclioncry. Drive-In, elc. New Tv.-in-Kiss Klorr opening in Spnnf:- dalc soon. Nn frnnchisc or royalties ! fo pay. I LINDSEV k SONS BOX .1215. TULSA S, OKLAHOMA j HELP WANTED a good r u n n i n g o l d car $350 1941 Buick Super Club Coupe. Radio $485 TATUM BUICK CO. 30 East Mountain Si. Phone 213 A T T R A C T I V E , rnom hniiic~"nexl'io cnmplii._S7.". .Phnnr C,i\ or .17: lllCHT honsfkecpinc'rcKim. 124 North _^ollccc. Phone fi;t GROUND floor ii purl men [, .1 rioTiis hath. M-rvlec: porch. Nicely (urn-|. S4:: Mi. w a t e r (innmliud. Ill K:isl Lftf.-i.vpttr. Phoni- II'.'.'!. NITF. "iront bedroom.' ilnwnxtalrs Pi I- valr cntrnnrc. 221 N. Krhool. Phone 1I13K-W. V K H V nier .1 room (urnishfd Hparl- tncnl. Private '.'nininc'i;. On Smith _7l. Phone i:i9. '~OS S " L o c u s t . BtTl i.VF.Hr.TT." Hoi up. 1ITM. S3.M T f k . ; AUCTION HC'JSE Hiway 71 North. Phone , KMAU, store bulldhiK, .m r p Wrul Dlrh-i ] KOII. Utilities piild. S^Ji.lin pur. "Sro ' I Ci'ornp."--MoKlnney Aucncy, Phone I Kn«t Rork MONEY TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms L'TLEY A N D C O M P A N Y , INC. Phone 3C03 RABBITS: HO Rood stock rabbits v/ilh | hutches nnd nil ctiinpnicn: rnd -(id [ S^-nc^"..SV ,?f "inc^?. I ^7'",^TM^. ^'-ftH^S!. ·ffi!' !I1H o 1 il C ." r MoS?:. 2- UNKUn^Sl,TM tninhurK. hyacinths. privnte bnlh; _ - ·._Plwiiq_.W31._ lINrtlllMSHKil primroses. « K ; i t i - a « . _ Berr.v__Flnwpm. 4.' PnESH~Friii|j~Ilow-i'i etc. Phono L'3.'i:i, i Soulh Grt.'UR. | B. ihu 'hcil pro- pnvnlr h;ith «nd KarHRr. to rrlisblp pcrmnnciit cnii- pic. Mrs _ L C.v_^Cariipy. Phono l.TIh. _ ItrMMACB iTair." KdliiTs bhnr SU Fnlurdfi\ Janmrv 121 h. West Kn Chrlsiian Church. . NICK cfficipncy nparlment. : / u t h ' Apnrunc^nij^ Pbone -J5J ^ i UNIVrRSITY APARTMENTS, o n~i shnn ' bedrnom unfurnished $37.hit. furnished 572 ,'ifl. two bedroom unfurnished 172,50. hilli paid, ilcndlx l.icrc'rv nvailnble Phnnc 35SOR FOR SALE PAIIKVIEW APARl'MKNTS one bed. -oom unfiirnishrd Sr0 00. furnished $fl."i.oij; twn bedroom unfurnished Hendix Ifundry Available. Three 1 3 x 2 4 - f o o t new f r a m e I ^ buildings suitable for garages, I SKRVICES OFFKRKI) J400 MONT1II-Y. spare time. We will select n reliable person from this area to refill and collect money from our Kcw Automatic Merchandising Machinei:. No selling. To L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make auto and furniture loans. Let us finance the purchase of your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE - j chicken houses, or could be | made into small 2-room dwcll- i ing*. Can be seen al 815 West 1 Dickson Street. Manhatlan Construction Co. nu 1 fl~wilir motor. U' THREE BEDROOMS j WK have lilted threr very n!i'« Ihrr* brdrnnin linni-rn and nil arc Ihr v e r y . hpjct must ruction And in rxrclli-ni ; lorMtion*. H you Imvf N i-he*prr j ho u IIP wr can trade wiih you on j one of lhe«e three bedroom hnuir*. , We ur|[i ymt 10 call ui nnd diicuix Ulley Company, Inc. KKAt.VOHS LENDER^ INSU»ORf C»H J J Pyrill 2203 Res «»8 t' t _tH|p.v_3201. Rei 1«07 ON'IVERS'ITY "HEIGHTS RUSTIC rock nnd frame cottaRiv Lo- rnlrd on four rlly lot* Hou»c it *1 j back of lol away from Irnffir and i Hfloidlnrt lurjj* frunl yard. nm«*. I ·ihnibbery* and ihadr. A litllc ; work nitd time can advance thl«, properly Into our nf the Fhnw plHC-es of Fayellrvillf. Only Jfi.Mfl.flo (or Quirk 'Cai«h Deal. I.ct u« ilutw you. Phonf 78H. HAMMOND REAITY CO. Eve Phone H D Hunninnd 1^73 .1 A .Urvli mnw ANYWAYYOU LOOK AT IT · ·;· FOR i home, for iprculalio David J. Burleson, Attorney Announces Thai His Law Offices Are Now Located at 1I8N. East St. CRANDELLREAUSTATE.BjJJLDING Firtl Building Soulh of N«w TtTtption* luilding AUTO LOANS--J , for il*- W* suggest thot you drop in and invtsti- r T l l j r \ A D n C I U A k i r C Cf\ \ " » rrUcV Wr'lr Box Ml ' MANDARD UNANlt LU. ^1^-^^ .,!;,, CHAIN iaw woik. Phone 2773-M. HOlfSKWORK aod liaby sltluiK Photic (~Aru; i(Jr~ci)"i^(im'i~n~riiv~h"oinc ~Mr* __HiiBhry. _K2I l.rvcrelt Sin-el. I17IJ. INCOME" T A X " s K n v i c B ~ " -- Ii7 It)Ule Skni 1. Jinx 211. Wlnsltiw Devoting -i 10 fi hours n week will . 12 North Block St., or our used "n!,i','v o" ^"inlTo'ver 1 f"!!" S. \ TM ""· C"TMer Center =nd Church For interview write CiviiiR full par- j Streets. Hollars name, adrir phone number. Write ',Times. ul! Box J-91. i TRANSPORTATION WANTED rill. Or.ark T r o u t F u r i i i . BOY'or Kirin for tahle'iprvice." Apply WANTED, in ix-rson H»nk.s Coffee Shop. fornm. \ person Hanks Coffee School nnd Mountain. HELP WANTED--FEMALE MATURE lady as companion ferhlc. elderly lady. Llnht ·vork. Good 1mme. rcaionahle Box 117, _FayeltevlH.- _ WAITRESS. 21 years of afio. n]Rht apply in person. Majestic Rc»- and hackfiround in bookkeeping (or ncrniiinciU position. Agu L'.'i to ^0. -- - · - - - · ---' wi-11 appcnrinR. rail Mr. Bnrn. Slust be neal For appointment, fornin. ivill help drive. 110 University or Phone 10fi4Fl. rpR^ALE--HOME NEEDS I USED~dnTing' roonTVable". $10.00?" Lewis I Bros. Co., Inc. I f WILL BE SOLD SATURDAY MORNING, 10 A.M. Hilton Bros. Auction House Phone 1770 :itn!l now ;ind elccinc rf ^'O^ paper h a n g e r or painter, Phone ~ "24 HOUR SERVICE OM Bulloni, Button Hol«i, Tailored Belli and Bucklti. vulopincnl. 20 seres for S2.700. wiih a now 1 l»r«o rnom hniur; Jmt « ! lltllt liver · mile frnm Piyetlevlllr. i jiifll n »hnrt tliitiincr Iroin « new : fln-i-lniiiniMit whrrr lAnri ii Idling (or sail an ncre unil n|i II In nltnly i i-licnp Hiid Rhoulil rll ffnl soon. ON HIGHWAY 2!/ 2 MILES of FAYETTEVILLE, A LOVK.LY hoittp, tile broiler hmiir, j modern eauipped, mpnu-lty 4.000. 7 | iicrri; as goorl nf a crow ever flew, j river. The homr. 2 brdrnoni.v bath. hvinK room, dinlnjr rooin. kltehrn. j birezcwiiy. utility rnom. 2 rar K » - , m^r Thl* u a cood home «nd ihrre i* no doubt about It. A nice lawn. : Thr rnllre properly 1« A-l «nrl x dnndv JocaUon. I'riced «t only i A GOOD HOME, i ENTIRELY MODERN : G ROOMS and full ba»emeni. 4 three ioiiin modern houirn. I two room, nnd larcr utorr bulldlnjt th*l rent* wrll. The rrntnlt «rr -ill full ^nd bruin in n aubi-lnnlinl Income Lo- rnlrd on 71 lil(thw»y near f a y e t t ^ - ^·lII^ 7 flcrei of fin*- land rnn be f loped for furllir r you fthonct ttat nfw or used 3101. MOTOR FINANCE CO., Inc? L-.V-, :· :· · ··,,!:-,·.. ,::i!s; Ru:ij'-'Dipartmnil "Your Friendly Home Town Finance Company" C. C. PARLIY, Mjr. DffiKT LOANS- LOANS MFRUNCED 17 E. M*«dow St. Ftyattmrjlk, Arfc. Sptciol Atltnlion giv«n M o l l ! k i p \ » / | k | n C A I TV I -- Ord.ri. Saliifuclion or Mon.y! NC YV LI IN I\urM_ I T -- and chuir, 550.00. Lfwii Jnc. LARGE . Bros. Co.. " :s. s: I chrKlK. tnhk-s. NiKCrtMsc.v nnlui%. ^m u.-isiirrs. pvrr.vitiinK In Inrmliiri- ( t n r , 00 | lot of tnisccll.-incoiM. If .von ii.ivc ; I hirnitiirf- lo MM|. consign il lo thi* · ' \ssttr. A l . v a j s a i;nnrt diMnanil I.jr 8«,,l " rnilorf. I SALESMEN WANTED 1D von'Varn money like thii In Dc crtnhrr. S.iSI.OS. S7^n 20. sr,M.iir.' If nnl. then wly \vsnc.itf how you cnn do as with no InvMtmi'iit Thr only re- ; qiiircincnli arr that you havt « , car. nrr hnnmt and nmhlliom. tor \ DECK SCRUBBER-"nutrn" Bundholi, «bovc, is a card specialist in Las Vegas, Nev. His ipeclalty is cleaning the hundreds of decks of playing cards j used by » gimbling house there. , j To clean the deck, "Dutch" uses ' · his own secret formula, with ; .which he's teen polishing oft · · · Jlve-cnrd straight. j SITUATION WANTKIt--Frmale " call 2671. xlrnlnn din and 8iv matchinc rhi set. l.pwii Bros. Co.. Inc. LEWIS~BnOS." B A S E M E N T Used GE w a n n e r . . S29 Used clfdric mixer T.OII Used Eureka rleanrr ITiOU At Any I'rici 1 Used coal circulator i:, no | Pulk-r Oull.-isls 'nicni All U*.id Roprr KR* ranue .. B O . O O . H ' n d Mills riL'O l.indi:ll rhnnc l.MR Used Ma|ic Chef range . . .. r. on | Ff.6wKli.S--liir"«ilT "inosT"nnprri-' U»(.(l_Gr._rcrri!i.rator_ _ »a 00 i |,y cvrryonr Pliciiv ;3:;:i lli-rrj'i S!i:i»flJ BUY BEni.OU"Gunrant'cctrMolh«|iiaj riourl··. j:i Soulh (iri-ec lol in- I today and protrcl your finr clnlhn. COLORKD liliiplrs. («ll 4.10J2. well: litrnitnre and russ BERI.Oi: Guar- ;,-.. .. -,., . v - . ,,r,-. ..^ - .ntees to prevent moth damage for i ,,,.,, "^n^' '»^ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. WiKKans. Ark.ins.n Cold St«r.if(f-. or Phoni- IMf.lM. ranrrv rrpairs-sup- i I.UCGAr.F,. tuii cnvs. fnrii lork"" plion. Rent for 4ft hours. 7.',r. 117 W - ! l)Mrf Hock. I'hom S ypan. or will pay for Ihr da L P U - l i _ B r o i . Co.. Inc. Apply UiK.m 17. W a x h t n g ' i | 94f ; MONTGOMEHY Ward~wnsher. ion Hotel, between 6:30 and 10 in i _fiood_ condition. I'honir .11.'!9M »'»«· PLECTROUIX CMH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* ColUet 23S* Fay«tttTlH«. Afkanut Joplin Rtnd«ring Co. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Colltct 1111 PoyttttrilU Rtndtring Co. what hnve SITUATION WANTEj)__ COL'PLK w i t h reference* desire em- p l o y m e n t w i t h U v i n « q u » r t e r « k n o w how to d \ i u ? W r i l e Ho: I N S T R I K r n O N (·OMI'l r,TK your hi((h srliool xt homr 'iii sp'nrr lime Texts furnished Diploma No rlnsJT*. Send for 47 page honklrt nnd fnmplr leiwn fr«. American Srlionl, PO IJox 101. Euri-k. LOST ANI FOUND liili" cnsi . B-l tiaK^. (Tnitr i.-^es j ilnt ki:.. r-i- A i runitlfte ltn« i HAMPTON'S ARMY SURPLUS STflRF I Back. SINGER SEW!NG MACHINE CO. 18 S.R. St.. Faj-etttvillf E"XC A VTflTG""" B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 2X9 Advrrlisp in the TIMES--It P».v«! Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory HK.MJl V SHOP BUY EQUITY DOGS--CATS-- PETS REGISTERED cocker~*rMiniel puppiri, Spnnicl puppicx, nil colo Cocke Phono r. FOR E X C H A N G E WIU. trade Icvrl. fnviifnhl.v ImTtrd residential krtn hulldinR Inl. fid by lfi."i. for rural property. W r i t e Box WANTF.n TO BUT _pickln)[_ni^ctiine. I'honft 2174R. KKATMf.RS, ntw or u*ed. lied price* pnid. Central Konthrr Cn . I5J3 K«n- la.i Avrnuf. r.AHf St 1. IIl!nfi). .1 Hl.ACK and Inn houndi, ont iyp TM" M. !.. Vau'chn ArlMln. Nr (Mil f.llM. Hrwurd. MAl.F."b"l«rk~iinri w h i t e bird doj;. One yrnr nlrt. l.oit K«ll Of town 1'hone : 1 W.1W helore Ifl n. in. or nfler 7 n n i _ --. ' -FOUND, n wnirb «nd n p«ck»ce of i'nrrs run piek yinir for ihl» »rt. lhr»r up at Ihr Iflrnllfyinf and "INm-l WKINO IM" tlNO 14« f»f WANT AM." WANTRD: A med photo«rnpb ied with .Vi FOR SAI.K-- WASHfNGTON fond Rifide Anxii* IZth ifilf . T h n n P S M I . ONf. JtTf«if~»w~ t\\*iy frnm Sfk IttNtt. ill ( r e i h r n ^fi- M itih. Phnnt QUALITY · .' .USED P I A N O ' S ' E C O N O M I C A L L Y P R 1 C K D S O U T H Vv» E.S T PIANO SERVICE 502 South College Phone 3021 - 1332W. TERMS IDEAL'MATTRESS "CO. W« m»»! or b*at any comp«tltlon 40) WEST DICKSON FOR SAM^OR TRAOf, A7s"WcTrnrtor~kt»rtcr. lisMli. p o w e r bit. r til !i v.i tor. niowrr. : b'Mi'in jiiiiw H M PMrrjirn, :'0fil. M _ ___ _ __ ALICE'S nKAIITV SIIOP ow up Inv.ii. 7 ' b R Mnuntflin SU A l n r nntl Mnrlh« .I'llnnr M'O _ T O L V A R D S BEAUTY SHOP 204 W Mcntlow-- Phtme '002 h Pf.0-up Cold w a v e V. up _ STAfBi HKAUVV SHOV Florence ·url*t«* IIAU.INC. llm llnv .. Call (Jlrnn jllOMi; SKKVICK THIS hniMi* hn» only hrcn nrcupiert one year. Jiiti like new throughoni, loom, comblnalinn kitrhrn jind di»- ] piir. *crp*ncrt hi brrc7cv, i ny. A t t a c h - , ptl garagr, diMippfdrin( »tmlr\-fl% . : S?.n.lfil down nnd S64 .10 per'monlh ; Including t » x r » jirui insurjnri Utley Company, Inc. I RKAI.TOHS I.EKDKRS INSTItn ' Call J. J Pycdtt L'^01 Rci H'jfc H I, I Miry 22N.1. If. Ifi07 2 ACRP.S "inml.' * "room" house," 2 "ro house, us. electricity In hnu«»- \ Cily w»t*-r by the door, drilled well i now ln_tnf Phonr :I36R. | OOOn'hiMldln? Inti forVnle."» hkr : rent Curtii Mclaughlin. V«l« Jrl | llnnd -, i 40 ACRKS. inllei SprlngiUle on~rood , road. 5 room rfiooru home. hsrn. ; RirASf. Home food vniley Isnri I'rice ?n ACnKS, r, nule Strlitt(dnlr on «xtd · clctrlrltUy AIH! Ii hoimc. barn. r» s:..v:n no. -·· ACMr.S. 2 tnilri SpruiK'lAlf f room hou»r. chit ken bousr. good wll. na Hit a I SB«, rjerinrily. · bnrcftin »t Si.nOO Term* fn half. i J. P. PETTEY i IMONKBR IlKALTV 8M HliinwFiv 71 South In i SprinRrlaif. A r k _ j '1952 "SPECIAL | \hr. rtnnnmiit US' will bt anoihrr very «oM % r * i . hut (f\\fr- h'unri will 1,1* iniilt diir lo the imrrity nn'l Inch t o « t ol nn- I Irnaii But, why u o i r v »)oiii hitM- ! buy ni tlut " l o v e l y " ? blTlroo'm'n'omr. ' locatfd on P,mh Di ivr Large WANTED TO BUY Used poultry feeding equipment. Feeders, automatic waterers and gas brooders. Propane storage tanks. Especially interested in large quantities, but will buy any amount. Write, stating what you have and your prices. Haag's General Store, Rudd, Arkansas X*i MI broMrr . rcrenlly to - living V A f l i f t 7 /... IIPV h fir: M M !T!rr ! rtrllvi-rv 'l ntrn pin M I'r'frsrri HUM. f'r.r.ri.- (.ru IHaTlTAVon lirrttrr."ii«p'l ~ ' m H«upy Hnllnv Rfmrh Rout* Fully Ini.ur'-rl Call «.r W r i t e mmr.ivr M. SMITH i Kork room, cotilpnct ki rnblnrt Ipftrr, m a net of llnrn n utility mom. Im IniuUtUin Hfnuf »ntl of the bf-il loi w i l h nlrr i room jmrf dininn lichen v flh Ample . ROAIJ AND DIUVtWAY G R A V E I , - AlAO TOP SOIL Plmnt 1A14J and A05J (with nnri flolhrt Hornier I voiiii Moon »nd ' « uvr \ r » r t old mlriirtion, Urge [)lr ihadl t r r r * . i " W f r .inn pavrnirnt paid WHY j Km fnr onlv Sin .'.on wi fmd a l r f w d fmin^cd wiih A cr.nihinaMon r U. A and f; I DR Ilirlhtr Infffnutinn Ifld »nornnl, mrnt c»l! O H. Onmble McCartney-lewis Co. Inc. AUTOMOBILE SPECIAL Now is the time to buy a good cUan ustd car or trucks, wh«n th« marktt it at a stand still. I have stocked my lot completely,for. the mad ru$l),of tht" ·pring purchasers, buf'if'You Will buy now you will save. ·. , Come on down, take a look, drive and try them. If I am too high, jew me. Tacketts Auto Exchange I j j SOUTH 71 HIWAY PHONI 2112

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