Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 11, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1952
Page 6
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January 11, ItSJ reads · best seller or visits exhibit of modern a r t , one find, dljout as much distortion, for instance, as one encounters in the " Blond Gunwoman Sought In Kidnaping Of -. , ... *li|J Mankato, Minn., Child re- Clay (on Rand Says: The judges in Ihc $10,000 1951 Harper Pmj Novel of the year contest examined more t h a n (300 submitted manuscripts and pronounced them all unworthy of the "' liMhe November issue of H a r p - ! TMH women w o u l d n ' t read it. i mother and another child ,,, * cr's Masazine, C. H a r t l e y G r a l t a n ' Thc Freeman calls attention to bee room c osc, arsues that writers aren't w r i t i n g ^" Cl " '"^ ^' '"'··· '" "··-···' ' ollcc C h l o f S t a n l r y rt ' Chnsl .should dci a frescn for the _ , modeled While Hnu:,r. M a n k a t o , Aliiin.-Wj-Onc of the 1 An editor of a leading I) o o k ! Midwest's basest m a n h u n t s was publisher told me :f an a u t h o r m a r s h a l l e d today fur a blonde «un- f i i d n ' t put si certain a m o u n t of rlii t in his book those days de- simple reason ivec!;s Ihe lv;o leader. 1 ; on thu lic- lion have been Herman Wnuk's "Thc Caine M u t i n y " and Nicholas Mwisarrat 1 .: ''The Cruel Sea." Non- ficlion leaders h a v e been T h o r Mm their t h i n k i n g . Whether o n e { A r n u n r l Us -" I t i:-n'l a l U ^ e l h c r Rachel L. Cannon's "The Sea » f u t i l e 10-hour search for the abductor yc.-:tcrday and last night. Farm Company Files ! Incorporation Paper i n c i d e n t a l , , just now, ( h a t we who arc so much ( m o t h e r of six children, said the at .sea should prefer our Ijiera- stranger posed as a pregnant woman seeking advice on c h i l d b i r t h from a new mo; her when she appeared a I (he door. She arrived shortly a f l e r Ihc o t h e r f o u r C a l l a - han children had l e f t for .-.chool yesterday afternoon and was invited in. t L i H l e Hock-l/I'j-Konlnc Karros, Christ said Mrs. C a l l a h a n told inc., Fa.vcltcvillc, filed articles of j this story: incorporation yesterday, listing I S he c h a t t e d a few minutes with authorized cauitnl of $50,000. i the visitor in the CallaliHn l i v i n g Incorpor.-ilors arc K. R. Earle of j room . Then the baby bcRHii tu fus*. ^cona. III., A. E. W a t e r m a n of t Mrs. Calldhan went to the kitchen and K o u n t j t o prepare a bottle. While thus and D. P. Richardson of Fayctlc- engaged she heard n shot. R a c i n g into the bedroom, t h e housewife was confronted v.'jth a pistol Ihe woman held. Mrs. Callahan and her four-year-old son were forced into a closet. The in- Iruflcr barred the door by placing a chair against the knob. Twenty minutes later when Mrs. Callahan worked herself free, the blonde and the baby were gone. Christ said officers were operating on the theory the kidnaper is mentally deranged. He said ihis added to fear.-: for safety of the i n f a n t in the sub-freezing Minnesota cold. Plans arc ready for broadcast of. the baby's feeding formula if the child is not f o u n d soon, he added. C a l l a h a n , a heavy machinery operator, could offer n ) clues when he returned from a nearby out-of- town job last night. lie came back only recently from a defense project in Greenland. Christ said circumstances of tiic f a m i l y ruled tiul me possibility of a ransom demand. "· Mrs. C a l l a h a n described t h e abductor as in her l a t e 30'«, f i v e ioncd w i t h blue eyes and weigh Ing between 140 and 130 winds. Shc wore a cotton p r i n t house dress, green cloth coat without a collar, and furtopped overshoes. V/ERE HAVING ROAST I BEEf CHICKCN.LAMB, S PEPPtfe. COOH.TOMATOEf, ) CREAMED ONIONS. -/ SOCHETTl. BEANS, KG PLANT. HAM, OKPA-- I h e»(! days for the t h a i it is impossible to earn ,t decent livinj: nt (be trade. He t h i n k s the public is sold off on writers of the past generation because they lacked clarity of vision. A people'.-- l i t e r a t u r e and art re- MDU SAID ME "WEAK. ME FELL THROUGH \ MUSTA THE tCE IN TWAT DfTCM, DIDN'T SOU, 5AM? WET CLOTHES WOULD GIVE OFF VAPOO IN THIS INTENSE COLD. TWEV? WHAT? IN OF THOSE \AWAT 00 NOU MEAN. TRACY? HE COULDNT HAVE RUN OUT-WE COVERS? THE KfEWNtt HOUSE UTTLB UNWRAP OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williomi YtH.HE'S AFRAIPOF FINPlM' A MISTAKE F-RAIPIHATHF. WOW'T.' IF VOO TRV TO CUM TWO WAYS VERY LOMe.YOll BECOME A HIMP OF SPLI AKJ INSPECTOR. IS TH' WORLD'S MOST THAMKL F-:OS JOB. 1 POOR. 6UyS GOT THAT HAUNT l£I7 LOOK--EVEKV TIME ANYBDpy POINTS IN AMy DIRECTION, HE . THINKS ITS AT A. HIM. THERE.' I FINALLY GOT 'F.M ALL PICKED UP -- ~ ~ -- ~ ! L^ ^^/ \ ft PRIVATE AROUND WHEN VNEED SAUSAGE! IHAMi ON YOU! WHAT'S MOW, IT'» T SWVB YOU MMT, THE MCONP TIME/ MVIWIIT1 YOU Hi'5 IITTCN MI: J KMT cow HOV.F Of TIM INOU4H POt Believe It or Not! 3E CAREFUL, \ / V\'HO A\ UNCA DONALD.Vf KlODlNG)'. ,-OU SUBE LOOK KEEN IN TH* OUTCiT, DIETER IN HISTORV.' of nan;c HftO ft DOCTOR CHECK HIS WEIGHT ATO GOTH EACH PAV FOR 4» YEARS.' n. a?5 msKcfi aw/ficwES ArresriD THXr HIS HUSUKf/Kms NfVER VARIED ...WAIT; t'vpGor AN IDIkAl LOOK/ GET PINNYOlll OF THI: MACHINE OUICK,' OH, HO.' \TH/VP9 RIGHT? r , m./\5TING Ir'MSENDIN'TH 1 W \ rv-M/rwD /CRITTER A KING S1ZFDCAOEOF HICCUP D1NNY EVtRY TIME WE TRY TO TIME- MACHINE HIM RACK TO MOO. PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK AS SOON AS i GITS I^^D DC WHITE. HOUSE, I'LL GIVE- ALL ME CRUMMY PHLSSOTTJOBS AW LEAVE OEM WIT ME. covrtnrv.v- / DO THIS--ran BUM- VOU'LL GtTA M1TTKM VIKW- IN WUHMOW WMATM* him Ikktd up to woman who kidnaped two- \vec!;-old baby a f t e r loci:ins the called for help from Minnesota sheriff.-:, I h e Stale Crime Bureau and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Foli'.c in this Southern M i n n e - i ! business meeting Mrs. Carl Lang, gave a t a l k on a visit her mother 'marie to Uic Jloly Land 25 years i ago. She showed pictures and band work to i l l u s t r a t e the t a l k . Games were played, -ml refreshments were sened by the hostess. Mr.:. Lela I3arron will entertain the group in her home at the next meeting. i luLiuii jcficicrg n a v e uccn i n o r · " 1J - ^ '" ""· s -JUULUVI n mum-.- _ , ~ Heycrdnhl's "K o n-T i ki" nml ! sola c i 'y of 19,000 population mpdc | I /77r*/lA*7 Honhnl I r*.,rrn.T'c t-ri%n (J«i ill f l t l i l f in-hnitr cnarfh fnr ihn ah- t *-^*''*'» \J*'ii Mrs. Eugene C a l l a h a n , 3.1, t h e ! By MRS. JACK DIXON Mrs. iv r t Sltr Finley was honor guc:it al a surprise birthday dinner Sunday in hrr home. Pro;cnt v/cre Mrs. Ollic Rcvcrs, Mrs. .loa Reed, Mr. and Mrs; Simonds and son, Billy, and daughter, dirolyn, all of Springdalc, and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Kimbroufih and son, Jimmy, of P"ayctte\ i illc. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R y a n were honor guests -t a .surprise costume party in t h e i r home Tuesday night, celebrating l':cir n i n t h anniversary, 'Several of thu ro.i- Umics v:crc of Ihe Guy Nineties. Gifts were wruppcd in newspapers. Refreshments of cake and p u n c h were served. Mrs. Harry Bassham and sen and Mrs. Rassham's mother, Mrs. Nnhc Rrogdon, of M n u n t a i n b u r g visited friends in Lincoln Thursday. Mrs. W. D. M u l l e n i x and Mrs. Homer Sparks have been employed by the U.S. post office. Elkins Tlie Elkins Women's Club met Wednesday in the annex of the Community Church. Mrs. F.lsie Ammison and Mrs. Rill Guilliam were hostesses. Following t. e Filling Ignites, Sander Is Burned Rogers -(Special)- Alex Kiuitli, floor sander of Rogers, was pain- f u l l y burned on his left arm and hand Wednesday afternoon when floor filling he was u-ins at Ihe home nf Mr. and Mrs. Pat Brashears became ignited from a pilot light in n water healer and set the floor on fire. He was treated in Rogers Memorial hospital and returned to his hoivc Thursday. Only other damage to the new house was minor smoke damage. DOROTHY DIX -CONTINUED FROM PAGE FOUR don't want to polvc it. Mother is determined to dislike any girl her son marries; daughter-in-law is sure her husband's mother is going to be a horrid, boisy creature and makes no a t t e m p t to meet the older woman half-way. Rcoult-- the sort of mevs that ruins so many marriage?. Nancy has the answer. The heartwarming f a m i l y picture she shows us is the goal for which every woman should strive. Surely it takes no more effort to achieve l h a n the unhappy in-law situation which is the cause of so much complaint. Of course it takes two to create; but if a boy's mother and fiancee both approach the new relationship with the Jdra f h a t they arc going to share--not absorb- -the husband and son, I happiness for the whole family assurrd. FRIDAY EVENING fi:llO Dinner Music fi:!5 Starlijht Time «:30 News fi:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 CJabriel Meatier 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 BASKETBALL A l m a at Fayetteville 9:30 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 Flatter Party 10:30 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Si^n Off SATURDAY MORNING S:30 Rise 'N Shine The Newest In. Separates (1:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Stock Talk Time 6:45 Country Editor 7-00 Minutes hy Music 7:15 Jordanairps 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 A f l e r Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary 9:00 Kiddies Hit Parade f):30 News !):45 U. S. Navy 10:00 New Record Releases 10:30 Here's To Vets 10:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We Hail 11:30 Church of (Jhrist 11:45 News at Noon SATURDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Man nn The Farm 12:30 Symphonies for Youlh 1:00 Symphonies fnr Youth 1:25 News--M 1:30 McAllister Singers 2:00 nanstand U.if.A. 2:25 News-2:30 Sports Review 3:0(1 Saturday Swing Session 3:30 Hawaii Calls ·4:00 TRA 4:30 Hands for Bonds 4:45 Musical Interlude 5:00 Harmony Rangeri S:30 Drama Time 5:45 Prrcton SHIm S:M Cecil Brown i 8783 10-20 Sue Burnett As new and u p - t o - d a t e as tomorrow is this clever blouse and skirt pair to add to spring wardrobe plans. Collared blouse has a choice of sleeves, front-buttoning skirt is slim as an arrow. Pattern No. 8783 i s , scw-ritc perforated p a t t e r n in sizes III. 12, 14, Ifi, 18, 20. Size 12, blouse three q u a r t e r sleeve, 2- n i yards of 311- inch; skirt, J i . i yards. For this pattern, send Me In COINS, jour name, address, size rtrsired. and the PATTERN N U M RF,R to Sue flurnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times 1 150 Avo. Americas, New York 19, N. Y. The now Spring and Summer Rasic FASHION for women who sew will be ready for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. EVERYTHING M nUMIINO and SUmiES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI.

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