Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 11
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Hogs, Bears, Ponies Likely Second Division SWC Teams By ALLAN GILBERT, JR. « Arkansas, S. M. U. and Baylor. «r« swond division teams in t h e . Southwest Conference this year. 1 At least that is the way the picture looked as conference play opened last week. Of the three, Arkansas has the best potential, S. M. U. the besl operating team and Baylor the best individual player. On the basis of that it is figured that S. M. U. will wind up f i f t h , Arkansas sixth and Baylor seventh. Not even the marvelous Ralph Johnson of the Bears can be expected to lift the Wacoitcs out of the cellar, though it could hap-, pen. I Games between these three; teams and possibly Rice, should' be among the most closely contested of the season. The prize all! will be seeking is a spot above last place. i S. M. U., although painfully short of-experienced material, ir. In the best position to move into; the fourth position on the ladder. | But in pre-conference outings the Mustangs looked hot and cold in about equal fashion and it re-, mains to be seen if they can hit an even keel. Among the more notable game played by S. M. U. this season was an overtime loss to the Oklahoma Aggies. The Ponies/have only three let- tennen, three of them seniors, and erans in the conference, but all three are key hands and, are sup- plimented by a talented bunch of newcomers. Baylor oddly enough, is well equipped in the reluming leltcr- man departmest, but continue to look the weakest of the seven teams. The Bears have six let- tcrmen thre of them seniors, and are led by the great jump-shooting Johnson who was top man in conference scoring- last season. Loop's Tallest Team Arkansas, with the loop's tallest team, lacks an outstanding player and appears headed for its first season without a representative on the all-conference team. Billy Hester, who might have topped other centers .In the loop in scoring, appeared to be the · only Porker with a chance at All- SWC honors. Now' he has dropped out of school. Arkansas players have a t_ ' potential but have so far seemed slow in hitting their stride. Unless the Hogs can find the answers to their problems, and can come up with a "take-charge guy" before long they will be in. the thick of the battle to stay out of the loop cellar. Baylor, coached by the shrewd Bill Henderson, use everything on offense and defense. The Bears fast break any time they can ge a jump on the other team. Anc they will switch to a pattcrn-lypt RIDING TO HONOka - - By Alan Mover SfS-Jf../ r *y "SHORT SUPPLY" WHICH PAID (SPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS IIMK. l-avoilevtlie. Arkansas. Thuisday, January 10, 1952 Penn, Notre Dame 7o Qpposef NCAA's Plan OtlV Control, l l.. | i i r i M H ; i i i-'.'i j-i*i ii i; «Ji«i n .-~ ;ni ; SH3:H! t ;;;HiiMarine Reserve Issues Call Red Sox'Ted Williams Rogers Edges Benionville In Close Tilt Mountaineers Win As Tiger Rally Falls Short, 44-42 nentonville. Jan. lO-(Special)- | jCrosby Won't 'Play In Own jGolf Tourney | start pnppini; at Ihe National ' lei!!atu A t h l i tic Assoc venlion. ,\o'!e Dame and Pennsylvania | arc f.irdi'd (or a f l u l i t against con- : trolled ti-li-vlsinn i'f rolH-pc foot- . br.ll names but a d m i t it's a hnpe- "I am i-nnvinri'd the enmniitlec iinil c.invention will vole f u r a rc- n l r i r t e d prniM-.-iin." said I'.d Mnn:;e Kraiisc. r-'nlre Dame a t h l e t i c dl- r.'Clor, "but we stand against controls. "Our counsel tells us the NCAA plan is in v i o l a t i o n of anti-trust' laws. We can't vote (or snmelhini; Giants Named Comeback Te Of Year By AP Pebble lieadi, Calif.-i.'l Crosby':. icrs"!i:d R o l f i n ; ; p a r l y , I Touiiiainunt he sponsors I or char.iy every yc-ar, gels tiniicr way tmorrov.-. Proceeds go to polio research, vclcrans hospitals, y o u t h centers, and nther imUitultuilj;. The f i l - h n l i 1 lir.Us (ierby , ..... I'.i,-,lon-(;T':-Tcd Williams, bass. bid", top i.-daricd slugger, haj U-c-i i'"-.lied by the U.S. Marines ·uid. if physically f i t , probably will },'.' V.u to Hi*? Boston Fled Sot iiii'.d i"; i.-"·lii-s the comparative 'i ,.;ii SliiO.OdO.plui performer is o n e ' o f several hundred former i!.i-.. bein;; called back . · · - . f i t s lor Korean v;l r , ciaii.i due active service release}./. tir:i,-nrt-: from Marine hcfidquar-. 1 '.-!' in V.'a'.'hington were that Wil?", iiai'ri. now .13, w i l l report at nuar-. by K ' i u a n t i i m , M.iss.. for a physical'. : e x a m i n a t i o n on April 2. if found". j f i t . he will go on active d u t y on' May '.'. lor at least 17 months. Williams' chances of passing . for. an"r^d1ike'"otc a' year'o, j d*rfuf nonor^oVa great'bld.'^ j , ^l^^rphyst" $ uncontrolled television just to see l; uys." ' it-, flyers arc considered dubious 1 whether it hurts." "1 never saw n learn w i t h more l|K|t 5L ,,. V |,.,,-.; i,, t .al circles. . . A f t e r trailing throuc.lmiit the List u Notre Dume, teamed with Ponn- determination or will lo win." he j sylvania. fought for unl.'Slrirli'd - . V .,,| which I television a year ago and lost to of its! an overwhelming vole (or a year's W h i c h e x p l a i n i the New York- 'e to the N a t i o n a l League . , .,,,.. W | H . h a l f , the Rcntonvlllc Tigors put on ; " ^ tmti ; iK j. ,,,., a scoring s n l u r E C in t h e U n a two i c ; i .,..,;,, ',,, ,, s ln ,,,, v l K n v s . and one-half m i n u t e s t h a t fell just i n i _ ,_., IK ,,. fnnm ,, s w i one basket shy o( elnsinc t h e gap ; - - - · m o r a t o r i u m . The controls re'poh- j ,,,. edly cort Ihe South Bend Institu- I | n p thai HIS out of 21-1 sp'irtswi It- .-int IIK.I service's U'l'al CirClM. Ted f r . K t l l r e d Ills left -elbow d i i i i n g the 1930 all-star game ood,'. the i.:.-,idtlnR «ur8cry has ham-;, pi-ri-d t h a t arm's mobility ayer ln.-c. W i l l i a m s missed three seasons," tion fcnn.omi In TV recolpK j c ,- s and spnrlscaslers plekod it as fri.m I U 4 3 thrmirih 1(145 b«au»; , I V n n ' s i n . l i l a n , a t h l e t i c d i r e c t o r . , , , , ,,,,,,-,,,(-, In I h e A,s,,l:,led ,^/orl, ^ U TM H^Jjj, finest professionals; Francis M u r r a y , was delayed m Pirs,:;' a n n u a l poll. - - -' offense with a split-post, RICHARDSON] /6-YEAR OLP APPRENTICE FRO/A $0(1TH CAROLINA KOW BOOT/N5 THEM IH AT TROPICAL PARK, i5 THE FIRST OF HI5 RAce TO RIPS ttl FLORIDA.' 'SK and one-hair minutes i n a , en ... A m tll( , , 7 , ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,* will Pen,, s i n i m a n l al . c one u,,. ,,,, , ,-,,,,,,.,,,.-, n ,,.,- - , - » - m , ,, al ch ,. . one basket shy o( closing the IMP ] , ,, . , l!u , rim ., ;l profcssiunals, Francis M u r r a y , was delayed m p,rs,:;' a n n u a l poll. ; | l m K c .,,,,, pcnsacola, Flo. ffi on Rogers. Bui the M o u n t a i n e e r s , -^ |||i|d . m mr . M ;mMUMirs I i, is nj,,hi here and wasn't able to | -The G i a n t s weren't the great- · n n y ,. n ^ .... an instructor 'sV ·· ! held on and won 41-12 here Tucs-I '. ( ,,,,,.,1^.,. rr ' om t n c m o v i e s , ' i n i n in yesterday's p r e l i m i n a r y ;,..,( i.-ani I've ni.maned or plavi-d ,, ( : | 1 , ,, : i l l i n r - . - - . . L*v*: day night. Viseb-dl and lhc music wurld,! jiickc-yinj;. with." said Dunichor. "l!ul I vc . W;is hini:ton reported that W11-, 1 Alfred Knox's free toss with ;;; Backers to f a i r ' Sl .,. k Koaib ; Support never had or r,ce.n one w i t h more - ,j., ms was bpl ,,g recalled a* » five seconds left put the B-.'M.-:ils , ,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,1,1 ho hustle. They were really great, : .-.-.ptaln, a t a n k that would entltl*. I I Y . . n^v i .,,.,, i uum i t , _. · A iVnn snoKP.'-m.'in snui 111 . .... , 1,1.., »,, -,h,,nt «nnn n mnnth ronv* '"·':' ;'.'.-' ^'~^T±~^^ f/IMKS THI5 HOSEA MAY'DEVELOP /flTO THE O JOCKEY v within two points of Rogers. With three seconds remaining Knox was ! , take the ball out of bounds. As (jolfcrs. C r o n n c r , t D i i n i a i n u n l s here have nutteil fouled, and Bcntonvilic elected to ,. }nl .- t \ v f(i.-,,'o(i(], won't play In Ihe .. A I'enn spokesman Crosby, whose f i v e : 1|()p( , (1 f()| . SU|lporl f n l l n ,, lc S , JUU , gala a f f a i r for which he puts up Knox broke under the basket he j .^ ' t|) ' c ( .. lsll , ||1(] 1)rizcs . n»l (rum; the sidelines he will exchange blocks and the roll and weave and screen, in the best slow-break traditions. Baylor has fair height witt junior letlerman John Starkey on the post at 6-7, with Johnson 6-3, and Derrcll Davis, 6-4 a forwards- and with Norm Mullm at guard, standing 0-2. The re mainiiiB guard is the short man Bill Flcctwood, at 5-11. As available, and seeing considerable action is Bill Wimp, who at fi-,% plays both the center and forward positions. Baylor has tried most, scoring combinations but has always returned to the one where Johnson gets the ball and shoots. The dark- haired IflO-pounder is left-handed I and does more shooting than any other member of the team. He is dangerous from anywhere on the court and shoots well even when closely guarded, jumping up and away from the basket He is specially accurate from the side near the baseline. IIclpinK Out Helping Johnson out in the scoring column are usually Mullins a two-year lettcrman. and Starkey, the tall center. The res. of the team is not loo dangerous. is Galey. Galcy is a junior but (ailed to letter his sophomore year. The f i f t h member of the Pony team is Richard Bryant, a 6-2 sophomore. Behind these five men the pickings are slim. That coupled with the acute lack of height--the starting team averages 6-1 with the tallest man 6-3--will hurt what is otherwise a capable unit. The tallest man on the Mustang squad is Ralph Kendall, a 6-4 junior squadman. The Mustang lack of height did not handicap the team in its game with Arkansas during the conference louanrment at Dallas, as they mauled Ihe Porkers, 54-40. In lhal game Murphy was the big man getting 19 points. However, the Mustang fast break, not always too effective, worked- perfectly against the Hogs. And Arkansas made almost no use of its height advantage in rebounding during that game. Bulldogs Meet Alma Friday Junior High Tilt Slated For 6:30 Fayetteville High School, victorious in five straight games this season, find the pressure a little lighter tomorrow night than at any time this season. Their op- tripped. Edward White harvested the bas'etball but his frantic shot went wild as the buzzer sounded: This whirlwind finish furnished j a proper to a game t h a t i was hard fought and strictly ruled. J T h c officials called 48 personals-' 27 against Bentonville, and 21 i against the Mountaineers. The number of fouls called against the Tigers rose sharply in the closing minutes when they were forced to go into a full court press. Three Bentonville players left the game via the foul roule. Dilbert Dolson collected his quota before the half. Harold Roberts joined him in the showers early in the second halt and Mclvin Rising who does a ponent, at Root Gym Friday nighl, is the Alma High School :am. The Bulldogs have been no better than an even choice and usually the underdog in games so far this season. But against Alma with a so-so record for the year the Fayeltevillu team will find fair job of quipping himself, Hob Hope. The screen and radio comic is paired with Jimmy Uemarcl. Walcoff Reports Big Offer To Heet Matthews and Southwest, which_ hasn't reived Ihe f u l l impact of the med i u m , but It was obvious he couldn't count on heavy hacking. The boys from Dixie were l i n i n g up pretty solidly behind the NCAA controlled plan. "We feel uncontrolled television j collected his fidh personal in the final minute. Tom Hewgley was j Camden, N. J.-(/l')-Joe and :i(-ver quil." Jersey J" Wnlcott's knockout I pcnsaiion, Including allowance*. irk-'- for the ht-ivy 1 for dependents and previous MT*.,,,,', ,.,,,. ra m,l , ; ,.,-l Ice. l i e is married and_ the rathe* _ daughter. Recently;'**' - - ! purchased a new home for ^n^. Olher leading comebacks on a , Mnily in Miami. ond. with 127 points. 3-2-1 point vole fur the first three places: 3--Bobby Feller, baseball, 52 polnls; 4--Stanford, football ·· - -- - ! 47- S Ben TloHan golf, 40: (1--i ,-ould r u i n u s " said Soulheaslern , ^' 5 J 1 ^,,, , ^'. has.-!,,!!. 33; Conference Commissioner Bernle ^1"^' ^^ ^^ 32 . ,,_ says he has been otrercd a $250,- ol)0 Kiiiiraiitce and 25 per cent of Moore. The Nation Center of Chicago has prepared a 31-paRr report to be made public today along with a i-ccomnl.-ndalion by the NCAA TV committee. The report, highly secretive, is said to contain evidence thai television, unharnessed, Is h a r m f u l to football gate receipts. The NCAA TV committee, headed by Columbia's Ralph Furcy, Is rcadv to Walcolt | rt . cnmmc ml continued controls but the only Rogers player to foul out [ the Iclevisio. although three others were carry- "·"^'l; , Ing four personals. Guy Cable, the G-3 Mountaineer center, proved to be the dif(cr- encu between the teams. Cable made 14 points to tic with the Tin- I nia "?, ers 1 Knox for scpring honors, and he was in nearly complete control of both boards. Rogers went t the top on « basket by Cable w i t h just 25 sec- Harry Matthews this summer at the Los Angeles Coliseum. w j l h n mlll .|, broader program th-in in 1951 The Issue will be discussed openly at an afternoon round table meeting at which time television interests will be permitted to · In a radio broadcast yesterday, j ]r .|,,-oni their views. itself the favorite. Fayettcvillc defeated F o r t S. M. U., with ils opening conference game victory over Rice may be on the road to a challenger's spot in the loop picture. But it seems'more probable U);' lhc Ponies will be in the thick^c Hears and possibly thc^ Owls. District Golden Gloves Tourney To Be Held Next Week ^»*ra« iincn! will be held at Iluntsville ·· . ,,,,-;,,,,., hi , ,,,.,,, .^nv Smith, the defending state champion, 38-28, Tuesday night. On Ihe same night the Airedales of Alma were forced into an over- "mn r-o'nvc Vaining a 49-47 win A iunior high game is scheduled for 6:30 between the schools. Lovelette Tops Scoring Among Major Colleges New York-(/P)-Clyde Lovelette, towering University o{ Kansas center, dunked 25 points through S. M. amcnt will be held a. Monday and Tuesday, January 14 and 15, according lo Jimmy Williams, Golden Gloves dislrict director. The cards both nights are set to start at 8 o'clock. Trophies will be awarded for fiist and second place winners in all classifications and a team trophy awarded to the team with the lop performer.-. Lodging and '" be by "its' 'polished; meals for all entrants old is well acquainted with all the'tricks of the court and is one of the conference's finest actors. He directs the attack, except on fast breaks when Charles Galey, a 5-10 guard takes over. The Mustangs are coached by the wry E. O. "Doc" Hayes, whe,, it an excellent strategist. rhc.\: fust break occasionally and move to post offense when things slow down. The post man is " " in"ly acrobalic Tom Teams entered to date, Williams said, arc Fayclleville, Rogers, Springdale, St. Paul and Hunts- vine. Williams said that boxers who q u a l i f y for the open divisions are automatically eligible for the state tourney at Fort Smith, January 18, 19 and 26. The tourney at week and retained his lead today as the top major-college basketball individual scorer. Figures of the NCAA Service Bureau disclosed today that in 11 games the six fool-nine, 235-pound Lovelette had averaged 27.1 points for the team rated No. 1 for the last two weeks in the Associated Press poll. Next to Lovelette through games of January 5 is Bob Peltit Louisiana State rookie, with an average ot 25.8 poins in nine games. Since the NCAA figures were compiled, however, L.5.U. played Vanderhilt, and Petit was held to a scant 10 points, his lowest of the season. Thus, in 10 games, Petilt's average has dropped unofficially to 24.2 points a night. i y o n a Tlclrt I h a a d e it ,,,, Walcolt disclosed Ihe offer was "great female movie : declined to name 1 . Of etiual interest-- as this giant showdown convention nears ar." l i e declined to name her. stage--is the visit of Dr. John Matthews recently turned down Hannah, president of Michigan a chance lo meet Joey Maxim for the l i g h t heavywcinhl title. In Seattle, Matthews' manager said he had not been apuroachcd about a f i s h t with Walcott. i Walcotl said ho also receiver! | a n o t h e r o f f e r from a Detroil auto- tid j mobile magnate and Detroit I I I U U " ^ ^ "!"·· . ·fli nv vinue (if Walcolt and his manager, Felix iv°Hcwgley Cable, and j Boi-chiechio. have indicated they y I believe a bigi;er gate might be the loss of the varsity realized by a title defense against Benionville still had a t'.vo i-omi* r^ntcnrfcr o t h e r than tiamC O L ' l i u i i i v i i i i ; rn.1" ! · · · « out of three night. The Junior- Charles. high five downed Rogers, I G - 1 0 . j Bill Cawood paced the winners ' ftnhult (jrftn FpftSU with 10 while Bobby Wyatl hit 7 KgitCEJ Wl UP 12081!! for the Rogers cause. In the B-tcam game surged back to nearly ovcrc 31-13 half-time deficit. Bill Love's field goal with 55 seconds to go made it 43-41. However, the Tiger reserves froze the ball the final minute. In this contest Ihe Rogers high scorer was Creckinore with 15. Landers had 10 for Bentonville. ±5; Undefeated Ranks New York-l/n-Syracusc and Mississippi State were knocked out of the unbeaten ranks in college basketball last nighl, narrow- State College, and Dr. Arthur Adams, president of Ihe American Council of Education. These two gentlemen, as spearheads of a special committee of college presidents, threw a bombshell into college athletics last weekend in Washington by proposing a draslic dc-cmphasis program. They had a morning conference scheduled with the NCAA's executive council at which time it was hoped the two agencies might agree on a single plan. January Sports Card Jan. 11--Bulldoqi TI. Alms, hor«. Jan. 12--Pm-i-crs vs. Texas, at Austin. Jan. 14--Pnrki-rs vs. Baylor, at Waco. Jan. 14-15--Diitrlcl Golden Glov« Tournament, «t Hunli- villo, 6 p.m. Auburn, football, 17: II--Joe IH Magsln, baseball In world aerli-s. 12; 10--Detroit Lions, football, " Durochcr himself received couple of comeback votes. 'ukeforlh Resigns As Brooklyn Dodger Coach Brooklyn-W')-Clyde Sukeforlh was oul of a job as coach of lhc £ Brooklyn Dodgers today, and Billy Merman was appointed In his place, but Sukeforlh said Ihcrc was nothing to report.-; there were strained relations between him and Manager Charlie Drcsscn. Sukcforth, in the Dodger organization 19 years as a catcher, coach and even manager (or several days on occasion, reslgnet suddenly yesterday, the Brooklyr n.inagement imn.Minced. '·* ^« 1. «. y c,. u, UUL ."-j --', i - , excellent strategist. They I l u n t s v i l l e is for the ini; the li'-t "f undefeated major nufc . teams to seven. i ==-_Syracuse lo-,k a 72-19 l a r i n R at , t h e hands n( Pill al Pittsburgh : w h i l e Mississippi State absorbed a 77-(2 whaokini! from Mis.sis- -ipni at Univ. r f i t y , Miss. Syracuse had won six in a row ai.d Stale few minutes. Coy I Vance losscd in 27 points for State in « lost 'Dog B-Teom May Prove F a c t o r In West Fork Meet Fayettevillc's stock in the ap- I proaching West Fork I n v i t a t i o n a l Dick Groat of Duke ranks third i |,a 5 ketball tournament took an up- Dick uroat ol lJUKe ranKs imru ! haskelball lournamem iom .m uu- · j.iissisM'-pi .-M.U..-, w , , ^ , , .,,,,.. . , in the averages with a 24.3 mark, | wart ] i u r n Tuesday n i g h t , when j beaten Ok- Miss on the latler's j This leaves Kansas, 11-1); Florida, KM); Solon Hall. 1(1-0: Iowa. 11-11; Illinois, !l-0; DIHIIM-MIO, 8-0, ;»n! St. l.loiKiventure. !!-0, as the seven iinljeati-n majors. 3Mi:-.sis:-i'-pi Slate, which hasn't ' RAZOR 10%^ BIADES of in 14 games. Lovelette, who has laniymg boy.-; in the novice class, j held the scoring lead since the Bob Logsrten, director of the | season started, has 2!lli, and Petlil Fayetteville Boys Club, said thai in-lv acroballc Tom "Whitey": he plans to take ahoilt six boy Helm only «-3. Holm is an adroU , lo the tourney. The Boys Club to Mlandler and faker and feeds tram has been working out for n r the ball from his pivot position in! about a month. an unusually effective manner.' Holm is a two-year lettcrman. ! The third Mustang lettcrman ^ ' Dcrrell Murphy, an outstanding, player who excclls in rebounding., defense and shooting Murphy is, dendly if given lime to shoot, _a_s [- , r U.C). CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMAL! Phoni Celteet Mil r»yt«t«»Ul», Arkanui Jeplin Rvndcrina Co. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Coll«l 1111 Randtring Co. In 'S2i III J/.I New York-MVFrank Shields believes the United Stales can muster a tennis team that might; beat the Australians in the Davis Cup this year even with Frank I Kedgman again leading the forces from Down Under. The c a p t a i n of the U. S. cup team had praise (or Sedgman's play in the challenge round. But he told a press conference yesterday he believes the Intent ol the amaleur rule was bclnR broken in Ihe raising of * funrt to be presented lo Sedgmnn's fiancee as ,i wedding present. Shields also defended his se 232 in games'through last Satur- 'Behind Groat are Mark Workman of West Virginia, with a 24.1 average; Ed Miller of Syracuse, 24.0; and Chuck Darling, Iowa, 23.3. ^ Basketball Scores HD nr Anofiiii'i f t f i Pitt 72, Syracuse 4(1. Colgate CO, Cornell 31. Columbia 68, Harvard .34. Yale 64, Brown SO. Holy Cross 74, T r i n i t y Conn 50. Penn 79, Delaware 54. 'Miss 77, Miss State (12. Georgia Tech 5(1, Auburn M. Oklahoma City 53, Wichita 46. Navy 77, Catholic Univ. 39. Arkansas Slate 17, Hendrlx 40. Southern Stale H I , Ounchlta 53. Savltt, the Australian and Wimbledon champion, lo team with Vic Selxns in the challenge round He named Scixaf, Heroic Flam Dick Savltl and Ham Hlchardson as a possible nucleus (or the '32 team which he believes "has a Kurt Smith's n-team. 43-:ii). T h e ; win ran Fayetevillc's streak to i three straight. The 'Dog B-team was generally disregarded earlier in the season. when the charges ol coach H a r r y : VandcrgrKf lost Iheir (irsl three games and made a poor showing in the annual county tournament.; Since then the learn has coim-: ·dong in good fashion and is a ' much improved club. i With Alan Adams, Claude Carroll, Zahn Lewis, Fred Brooks and Ed Do/.ier supplying the drive :md Landon Drain, lion M o r r i s in '. Iciry Ray the rebounding w - , t Ihe team may prove an imporl.'inl faclor in lhc West Fork a f f a i r which opens next Monday. i The Fayetteville team opens its: tourney competition against F a r m - ; Ington at 0:3(1 Tuesd'iy night. The winner o( that gairu^-'ilays M o u n - 1 t a l n b u r g at 7:4.1 Wednesday with ] the prl/.u a spot in the semi-final-; I opposite Ihe survivor of fin K l k i n f . ! Van I'.uren, Greenland e l i m i n a t i o n urt since 10' f u l i l e l y lo catc' , liki.-wlsc battled up a f t e r the first S^AVisiting Around Arkansas B Y J O E M A R S H Br'oil'crV in IrkmiMs!' I wan to learn Hint A r k a n s a « have hatched our fanners a K"ini- Eizcd Industry. A c t u a l l y , Hie b r o i l e r induslry produce" m u r e ca.-ih In Arkaiu.ifi lliali any ullier livestock c r o p . . . Van i-.uren, i.rci-nianu CIIIM,,,... G(i,liUli,(li')fl bi'.ilera, plus egK» anil FayoUcvillc already h a s d e f e a t e d ; c i . i i u n e r c i a l c h i c k e n s , h r i n g A r . ''i^'r-hSTan Mr th.'i ^T-,«»?rJl?S Bulldog team in the game with Muyt.e you'll lie :« surpiiwil an are p r o g r e s B l v c p e o p l e . They " J -' · · · Minwcil l l m t w l i i ' i i they volcilovcr- ShiCUlS alSO ( I C I C I U ' C I I "" I*. H . U M I *.«.... ··- lection of Ted Schrncder over DIcX i chance lo brat Austrnlla, I'orl Smith, m a k i n g 13 points. I M l n m l Ucach, Fla.-Joe G l a r d c l - 1 lo, 1S.1, Philadelphia, and Sol ill i Marlino. 151, New Hawjn, C o n n , drew, 10, ' . only a few years ago our poultry iiicfnstiy was k i n d u « n a l l -- H i n t » h u . c i wliclinliicly in fuvor "f continuing thi! l e f i ' l »ulc "f n" llt I'cvi'raKCs. The l l r c w i n c I n d u s t r y id«o in nr«Kn.!siv(p iiH 111 wi-n In its Self- I K - K i i h i l i n n I'mitrnni: licrc rctidl- cr» ciiopernte v u l u n t u r l l y in thin cdtirati.iiml prii|(r:ini of Solf-UcKU- l n ' i i i i i , !i»Biirini; llwt IK-IT Mid nk- aro wild III clciiti, wliolraoinr, liiw- nbidiliK cntlililiiduiliints. Hut, in Kcni-ral t.,.,f(,M "". u-w .·"«"· '' r '"^.V».VM;;.,'.";.,»u'««*.Vru'-, n . Big News lor w Every Day in '52' · STARTUNG headlines will flash Irom Ihe .·. ·_;. · front pmo, nn you pick u p the newspaper - . your Srrior biinqs day niter day. But come . wlnl may, YOU are assured of a quick, ac- - cuioto ar.d ccmplclo account each day-- ·.,. alcnq with ac'.ion pictures oi persons and : p'/ic'-.; involved, ar.d clear-cut comment on , y Ei'imii'xmt happenings. In addition, you'll enjoy a "Irani seat" ",-:-· for n e w s p a p e r ' s daily p a r a d e ol ^..... |Tn-,u-i cdumnisfo, lop-flighl comics, and - V lavinalinq lealuros ior roadore cl all ages ...-, and interests. Gal'ntied, printed and doliv- ,,..e-ed to your door on time, rain or shine. -;,.. Heady to givo you hours ol enjoyable -,. · rcudiny! . ^/-', i- v ^ II you aro a nowcoracr, IhcrVi a hmtllno; wtrl«t- _;' boy clo-.o by, ,ag,, lo givo YOU I". =um« «P««ir .?:·, dopomlablo r.owipape' ««'»M °* j* 86 * your nolghbct.. llnil him «h«n ho !· door, or phono our oliics 1 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS

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