Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 20, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1974
Page 8
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Bdicvc/t arNaif I PICT1OHABIE6 ·A ROUND GATE IN UGANDA, AFRICA, THROUGH WHICH THE eJATOR PASSES StOCOM : {m44-i»io MADE HIS FIRST TRIP AROGND THE WORLD AT THE AGE .OF SI, BUT WHEN HE- MADE A SECOND ATTEMPT IN THE SAME SHIBtT IS MADE OF A CARDBOARD- LIKE SUBSTANCE WHICH THE KERWASte IPNOIOONYHEEDTO A SAMPLE OF A DESSERT50 SIR.OURPCOOUCT SHOP AFTER ALL.QWSy DEUcious i USE it WSELF; We WANT *U TO WWETHJS SOUU. HAVE TO /VARKET CREATE B¥ MIXING THEIR SfttlVtt WfTH CHEWED UP WOOD FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope 0«,NO! A SOOD AVAST, ACnia-rnRonLC-- cw.rrsN THERE* HIM UP... FORA Norttiwmt Arfcama* TIMES, Sat., PAYITT1VILLI. AHKAM»A» July 20, W4 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Family Physician Is Now Special Field HIMMMIINIM^ The Importance of the family physician in the total structure of health care seems to be increasing- rather .than decreasing. ' . , An itensive study of medical practice and comrrtunity medicine was the subject of a seminar held at the Ben Guritm University of the Negev, in Israel. The Israel Journal of Medical Science, reporting'this meeting, points out that 85 · per cent to 99 per cent of all family health problems in the United States are treated by the family physician. Dr. I. Lewis, of the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in New York, was one of the principal speakers on the topic. "Is there a Future for Family Medicine?" SPECIFIC ROLE "Family physicians," he said "must be prepared to fill a unique and specific functional role in the delivery of modern comprehensive health services." The American Academy ol Family Physicians has extend ed its training program so tha today's family physician is, in deed, a "specialist" in this m lortaat feld of comprehensive nedicine. nnniiiii niiiiiiiiiiiii mniM! iiiiiin [iiiionuii! {Minimum TfflTER SHORE DONT TflKE flFTER HIS PAW- HE'S SCflIRT TH' DftRK WOUCOWOrNTWOttJPT WSMBRANBr WHILE H · WAS GR6*riNS A -c MASTBRPICC NEVeR KMOW WHY TWOS6 THINGS PIPES' AUM CAV6WT OOME.IT/ NOT \ PBK-SON COMPUAINEP ) UT MV /MeATSALL$ // Look in the section-in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SUN., JULY 21 ARIES (Mar- 21 to Apr. 20) The Arien's innate good judgment should help you to find satisfactory solutions to possible problems. Benefits indicated as a result of past good efforts. TAURUS (Apr. 2L to May 21) Stellar influences now stimu- ate your personality and your talents, but you m u s t use them. A day, for logical thinking and acting. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Less than your finest will riot be acceptable now. Others know what you can produce, and will expect it. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) A self - possessed, unruffled manner,'coupled with a sound investment of time and energies, are this day's requirements. Heed! LEO (July 24 to Avrg. 23) If you do not understand a situation, seek counsel from more experienced heads. Do not rely on guesswork. It could only lead to confusion. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Your planetary influences will be highly stimulating on Sunday, but beeareful not to overtax yourself. Skilled action, evenly paced, should bring progress in keeping with high hopes- LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) K e e n perception needed. Don't risk assets on the basis of "information" backed by nothiirg substantial. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't let yourself be influenced by first thoughts, first impressions. You could be mistaken about motivations, indications, your own ideas. Give all the benefit of the doubt. People with stomach ulcers know the distress of being awakened in the middle of the light by pain. A new synthetic drug, melia- fnide, taken at bedtime seemj ,o .be the answer-to'these un- leasant nocturnal pains. Dr. G. J.' Milton-Tompson, of the Royal Naval Hospital in Plymouth, England, reports that when this drug is taken at bedtim* it "significantly reduces acid secretion in the Stomach," the culprit responsible for these ulcer pains. The preliminary series of cas- :s on which this was tried will be expanded to verify the efficacy of metiamide. NEW HORMONE Women who ovulate irregularly often fail to conceive. In o r d e r to increase their chances of fertility, Dr. .E. M. Grimes, at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital ,in Boston, has been injecting a synthetic hormone to stabilize Ovulation hor- thus increase the .chances of conception. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) You may run into snags or obstacles, but you can handle hem. Think Over similar exper- ences of the past -- and profit by them. · "APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Stellar influences favor marital happiness, business partnerships, dealings with the opposite sex generally. Should be an all- around, pleas ant day. AQUARIUS (Jan- 21 to Feb. 19) Some recent puzzling situations and t r e n d s begin to clarify, so it will be easier for you to plan ahead along lines which are not only pleasing, but jeneficial. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Much competition indicated. Don't think too long before taking due action but neither forge ahead impulsively. YOU BORN TODAY are extremely v e r s a t i l e -- especialdy along artistic lines. Unlike most Cancerians, you are not especially studious hut you gain a great deal of knowledge through reading, traveling --' and observation. When you are interested in. a subject, iiowever, you will engage in intensive research and learn all there is to know about it. You could succeed in either the business world . .(especially as banker or investment counse lor; or in a ' profession, depending upon your incli- ations, but you would probably be happiest in writing, music or acting. The mystic has a strong fascination for you and it may evidence itself in either religion or an extraordinary interest in the occult. Birthdate of: Ernest Hemingway, Amer. author; St. Phillip Neri, founder of the Oratorians. ·iiiiiiiiiiininiiM B. JAY BECKER uiiiiiuiiiiiM^^^ South dealer. Both sides vulnerable NORTH * J 9 7 J On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Mmirteri' Individual Championship Play) * K 9 M *Q104 V 1 0 9 2 · J I 0 9 2 *J6* EAST A-V A Q J S 4 8 6 5 4 2 + Q M 7 5 SOUTH * A K 8 8 5 2 *A2 The bidding: Sooth West I*** Bart I* Pass 3* Pass 4* Opening lead -- jack of diamonds. The outcome of most hands depends on how the defenders' cards are divided. Declarer's job is to take advantage of a favorable lie when that condition exists . and equally - important - to overcome an unfavorable lie if thai condition exists. Take this hand where de clarer wins the diamond leac with the queen and plays a trump to the ace. East showing Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS I Slovak, for one 5 French coin S Moist 12 Timber wolf B Sound of annoyance U Charles Lamb BAffirm U Goddess of Infatuation T? Argot 18 Wagerer 20 Disburses 22 Concludes 24 At 25 Fiber plant 28 Disarrange 33 Sloths '34 Ocean 35 Electrified particle 36 Remarked again' 39 Son of Seth 48 Exclamation 41 Be conveyed £9 Dry, as wiaejil Carcase* mt. This is a disappointing development, since the adds tangly favor a 2-1 division (78 per cent). : South is in danger of going down in a contract that a mo- nent before seemed certain. The fate of the hand now appears to rest solely on the.loea- ion .of. the ace of hearts. To )lay a heart at this-point in he hope of finding West wilh he ace 'would be 1 relying too much on the element of luck. In the actual hand, such a move vould prove fatal. Declarer, turns, instead, .to a method that offers a chance of making the hand regardless of which defender has the. heart ace. After cashing, the king of trumps, the A-K of clubs, and ruffing a club, he plays the diamond king to the ace and leads dummy's last'club. East produces the queen hut, instead .of .ruffing the trick. South discards a heart. Poor East is endplayed. A h e a r t return established durnmy's king; a diamond return permits South to discard another heart as dummy ruffs the diamond. In effect, by adopting this line of play, declarer gives himself an extra chance for the contract. He does not know that East has. four clubc, or whera the ace of hearts is located, but it costs him absolutely nothing to investigate the possibility of cndplaying East. PONYTAIL 43 Return 47 Most painful 51 Furniture designer 52 Near the stern 54 Concept 55 Penalty 56 Biblical name 57 Early garden 88 Golf mounds 60 Pealed DOWN 1 Thick slice 2 Affection t Incite 4 Whirlpool 5 Famous song S Absent 19 Upon 21 Menu item 23 Scoff 25 Distant ·26 Prevaricate 27 Donkey 29 Deliberately cruel 30 Metal 7 Shoshonean 31 Card game Indians 8 Decorous 9 --King 30 Tend to Avg. solution time: 22 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle,. 33 Being 37 Subjects 38 Swiss river 39 More uncanny 42 Perform 43 Large number 44 -- Adams 45 Weather indicator 46 Sailors 48 Old 'Norse work 49 Observed. 50 Special flavor S3 Legal charge HI THERE ARE FOUR OF US E4T1NS THREE TIMES A PAY THATS 12 MEALS A CAY OR 84 MEALS A WEEK- MOW THAT MAKES ~l 43S8 MEALS AND THATDOeSM'T INCUUDE YOUR SAUCWICHE OR MEALS FOR OUR DOGS! ^ v , ,, I NEVER THOUGHr OF AMY OF THAT STUFF,., TMeNKSHTI PROPOSED/ 25 47 57 "That tates care of the food and mimic for ttw partr. j Now for tbe important thing*...what BOYS do we 1 Invite?!" · I HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR. R«ad«n recTttnd mo» quickly »nd favorably wh*a given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for th* reader-prospect to reach you, Alwayn insert your telephone number or your nam« and addrcM. If you do not hav» regular hour*, glv* a preferred tira* to bava prospect* call you. PLACE YOUR5LF In the reader*! podtlon and ask yourself What you would Ilk* to know (about your offer). Th* answer you five will mak« a food Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT FAIL to bring satisfaction do so, not through any lack of readership, but because they do not contain enough information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can b* aecured for your advertisement by ordering consecutive Insertions You can stop your ·d In the «vent of resulta and then pay only for the days it wai published. Th«r« ar« also very spaclal rates for thoM who at*

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