Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 9
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·1. NOHIHWfVf ARKANSAS IIMtS, f«y«tlt»ill«, ArkonMt, Ihurway, January iu, U."S. Policy In Southeast Asia Lip For Decision Three-Power Conference Is Scheduled Possible Aggression By Communists To Be Studied Washington-l/l'i-Tlie quest inn o( whether HIP United Sliitc.s lmnent with RnsMa The t and prune minister dc /,-.-,» . -I- / -- I I ' al State QjTi be Vmon Truman-Churchi j T)fh\'f V / / / ?, Stfl'S Flilbnvht ' A f f C C t P^CO Of T if), ·" w /·" "-·' (5 J O I l in their stale- liie world." Atomic bases--They confirmrd a Ions standing asreci..anl that Ihc use of U.S. atomic bomber basfej. in Britain would be "in 311 pmrj'scncy" ;i matter for joint derision by Ihc British mid American Rnvcrnnicnls. Fun»nc;in arniv -- tliev declared whether me unmru oifiu-.i Mmum j '·"·" '· *·' "' · . . ., underwrite Ihc semrily ot Smith-! will "lend nil assisliince in thfii «Ml A.»-r*rnH,* by sending in j pcm-er" !,, bri..« to cnrnplol-n, nc- iroop!, if necessary - confronted fiolialmns among P ranee, C.e - thr administration May in Ihc many, Italy and the J,o, f.o n- wake of the Trnman-Cluirchiir tries for formation of H in .(crt r.ron -r. ; Western European military foice. ?^.--T^^^»^ n -^5r ^e^n^r'^^io^i^nr^pln^r^ h,r^,^r^^^4.-^,L« terday, Union K u l b r i c h l sJtid i l o f t him "drprrssrd a I IIP i the seiirral state o( tiie iminn." jit asfpilcd Mr. Truman's plndge 1 lo weed wropyd'icrs out of guv- ci'iiment encourugcd him. Senator MrClc!I;tn said that the messasc was "couched in gencrali- ue:; and \viis in MUIIC rc.specMs THllicr vagiio." He added thai, "on" the whole the speech was digni- licd." farmer for fond and fiber in the defense effort." Lincoln Comment from pny for I limps jniuie cf tin, i*ub- itrr, wonl ;ind fi'ppri--n.s well us whnt slum yuur nmipiiiiy fii't.s of slccl ami aluminum--ihrKC tlnnKs may hr tinl do.-rly In the talk* hrtwrrn l'io:lrirnt I'm man and A|i|M-o\im;tlrly HD mcmbprs o f ; j' r (mp Mmfrior Churchill. *.ir Washington ("niinly Schuti!-. si-mr old fnMiidncd lioivr tuid- maslcrs L'lub mrl here Moiul;i.v I j n g n , H y h;tvc C(Hio en m'tr price- night at the sirhnnl tn hear A. B. . mr j ^uppiir-s of these rommodi- BondK. slate education ruinmis- lips --cs^onlini to Ihc economic.; of the Iwn nnlkins, iinrl ji si HS im- '· l?oi trnit tn thr niiiliuil (U'trn.-e cf- I furt as ihosr nihrr lupn-. 1 -- of nui- d.-uightcr.: vrr/atinn: wluit !'· tin ahmil almnii- nielli 1 w i t h : cnor/:y anil Mlddlf K.isk'in ujl ml M.-vr-iii- 'and Inrln-Chi .lioncr, rllsi'ur.s tlio si-hnol Mlmttion in Arkansas. Music was provided hy Ihc hixh f-choul bum!. tween Secretary of Slate Arhr- ron and Rrilish foreign Sun-clary a r e . fin- lonnation of a Middle East Command. Ec'en. Tomorrow it nbo "'i taken up by military chiefs ° r 1ri_.U CU a Fatal Tft the United Stales, Britain ^ulirlaMI lllC Idlfll IV France in a three-power confer-, r i_«u T =1^'i^u^r u,e Two Small Children KSTi^«« ch ]j-- c --S^,ht: ^.\«r^.%^ e "K'"-n^n«- ri - of the Arkansas delegation in- elude,!: lioprescniali impressed by the fact that didn't act like a candidate president, even IhoilBh he t the hoolt at us." Mrs. l.:im;ir CUi. Lyivlii. .^pcnl Sundii. ither members J -' rs - t ' h '. v ' s l'i'"H«'r the I'nitC'l Stati-s M-'.I :,· liish u'nnfl prii r tnr lin, it will in- thul murti more R r a \ y for 13rit;iin. iMU'l.'uul'.s ru'pticr in- J c f t / l s Miflrr whilr Ihc t'flilc:! iStiitC'S luilrts c.lf hiiyiiu: lill'l bllilrl'; up ils s \ n l h f l i - phinl:;. Thr t'nltr'l jSlati 1 .-. I 4 - in n posihnii lo i\ill thf prjti' Innc in rubhPl. lint tin 1 Hrit' ish liupe vvr'll prnmi.-c In buy a . larj-'.c ciu'tntity of upturn! nibbc-i' tor MUI ?'.nckpili- at n pricr- Jit- i Irnrthu to Mnliiin. Anslr;i!ia fn-K lift-ansr tin- to buy morn wool, Slate, and Kns- coiipi-r. Chile has " - ap lav., Mr.'anrl Mrs. Gene Milhoan! Knqlnnil nrr-is, and of Kaycltc\ illo. t'P while the Ijulril SlaU-:; haKL'ii. 1 . , Harris--! was i Mr. anrl Mrs. Fr«l ILiovrr an- «··*· *""* si '- v '""· inilli "» "'"M he nmiiH-e the birth of a daushlcr , "'"^ n »V"' S T "'TM' """."' for|M'.n.lay al the County Hospital. I ··""" ta « M hm !l{ h " mr - rl; " IL ' a "The \\'timen's Mii-'iit'liaiy Union . inrt Tncsflny artcrniKiri ,il the Itrpm-cntnlivr Trimble -- "I'. Imme nf Miv. V.'nltn 1 I'llllcy. Mein- llHiliKhl il Ihr Ijc'ft State of tbe ! heir present v.-ere Mrs. Ma.vine nrssajze he has made. II ! l'ari;s. Mrs. Ail Ilic.^er, Miss Yoia rew 1 hirlh of a d.MlslHcr i """ ^ , " , ' ' ' ., I '^.'"^ ^ ,'.,,, m ] ,,f'f .'V.lil some s L ',,', r vp n!1 Mon' I x ( [ ] ,.,,.,, 0| . ^^ buvinK at many suits as Ihe uool Hade would like. U the United : .-.-nls m th."i t.''.» r"i ! "': I'.:' ' [,,:· Ami-iii,m iirocliiitioii. ii'hilc -iinU s hifini |ii i'f .""I : may be v.-onilerins ind.iy l! Ihi: i Tnimiiii-Cnurclnll t a l l : ·: I'iWlfil with an agreement nu! to rcirn- |.i-ti- for Chile's copper, I.'U t" tr :Hi M't UlC world price hef.vren : llHMM. : Kni'liind ii'ri'ntly sent Hie Hulled Slates Mime iilum'iniim we nee.ten ii.idly fur military nircmlt pruJii'-- j - i o n ' w h i l e nui ;,lumini;m milustry is in it · Me eMiaiiMim iirogram. In ii-luin Knulanil t!"l -·"""· iU ''' : ' fnun us. | KnR'..iinl''. dollar scarcity is iv.i'.v : Trade in' l.nntlun Mn it be kn-i'.vn lotiay' tlwt she is B"lnR I" '' llt "" alniosi all imports n( Ainrri-an- marle nni--imiei- Ri«ulf. _ Union vis c aiirl while' J drm'l agree I Iliescr, Mrs. Clieatham. Mr.--. West, :. .. . with all of it, il was a speech." Representative Hays--"While I don't concur in all implication.-;, on sensible-Mrs. .1. C. Colcman, Mrs. Arthur 'Davidson, Mrs. Kllen .lobnwm, and Mrs. .lack Dixon. Mrs. Aubrey Dr , harmony of view" had developed on the. "many grave problems af- when gasoline fumes ignited their home. A third was critically burn- : ancc feeling' our iwo .'ounlrics in Ihc | «l^. c(!niii ^^ (]( , m r|lUlipS| SSi^'U^ri^iiatdr^hci-^ 1 ^ MJ^rsr isp b7fi=^r^"^i Communist Ilireat in (hat area .'later. transcends such divergencies as' The mother. Mrs. nm.glas l l ? i l - ; then arc in our policies toward i lips. «« shopping al a nearby , China." Britain recognizes the grocery when l i e fire ftarleH i Communisl regime while the Firemen said the ch, die n United Stales continues relalinns i found near a broken S all'in boltle with the Nationalist government j containing gasoline, may nave on Formosa. i knocked it over wj^ilb playing. After declaring support for Ihc " ~ fizht against the R»ds in Korea. How Many W**f tilt president and prime minister, r Al CE TCCTH welcomed Ihc forlhcoming mill- j f AI»9C I EC I II 1ary talks on Southeast Asia ami | caid their purpose wil: be "lo ron-i Rider measures to strengthen Ihci Fec'irily" of thai area. FiylitinK TJndet W».v There have been persistent reports recently Ihot the Chinese ain's. "Ul|"il of IMI is piling while I lie Unite i Wall's li.'iggles o\'er piiu 1 . Ami I'jijilaiirl needs loc llollaiv: tin .'.olllcl bi'ini! in. ller»,rc- ser\i's of C'tl'l and lUiilars'* arr ilwinilliiiL; ilaiiKfri'llsly. Rnllvia llniufilit In ....... ..... ... P.olivia is cut in on these talks., -- . The high school band, which | too, bt'rausc the present price-ban- j Representative Galhim;s--"!lc;(iad planned to march through j i ; p i.- ijcl'.vccn this counlry nmt loucbcd on one thint; to my liking j town Wednesday, was forced lo i Bolivia. --price supports for farm com-, cancel the performance because j Sini.'c il costs Bolivians mon; to modifies. That was most MKtiifi-'of baft weather. _ Chrislain gave the rlcvolional. Ihe domestic front. I compliment Special coimmilre.-: and officers him for discussing Ihese IhinRs j were named to carry onl work with dispassion and obvious toler- !ciiirin!! the year. el nen --ay nir ro-am may he ' ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,.,',.. ,,, ; lhl . ...,,| ,,r ,i,,., ' nce cos o : prijdl.'cc from their low grade ores I David J. Burleson, Attorney Announces That His Law Offices Are Now Located at 118N. East St. CRANDELL REAL ESTATE BUILDING Tint Building South of New Telephone Building polls retciii^ i MM i lut: v MIIH.-H. · pinic naor \u^init"- fleds are building up strength' WVSTEET-I ji^.n^Jnitjtore. near Indochina for a major intervention in the lone slrussle there between Communist forces end j French anil native anli-Cominu- i Mist troops. In Malaya the British | for several years hai-e been in- j volvrd in a finhl against Hcrls, which British officials concede is; not going too well. | The commnnittue r e p o r t e d With Mori Comfort KASTEETH. a p I ff H «s n t »lll«H«« mon-acidl powdfr. holds lalse tselli more firmly. To eat nnd talk In malt: comfort, jiut tprlnKlc « llltl - "-EETH o n your clntiss. N o · ; jooey. pasty taste or teclinl. ChccM "rilntc odor" (dtnlurp breslln. C«t CAMPBELL'S Super Market BUDGET BUYS WALT BEACH OuarantMd WaMi *«paMn« Wltk ·r*w«r'l CMaMtl 1! E. Cenl-r «lrt« »»TfTTEVILLI, AMR, PIIIIM 12M OM O«r AUTOMATIC ILECTRIC Dishwasher Present Stock Available at the Old Price IOAD in JfT TNI DfAtl ro*eiT in Automatically Washes Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware And Glasses-Then Rinses And Dries Them Electrkally V nONTOMNIN* Mikts (aiding V TMU-W WOM »Ulf»H Per- ind unloiding f.r tisi«r. m«n«m spice where you n«td il. y iilctlK NTIN* BiniihM un- unitify diihwipinf. TOP »f«*T The most efficient dilhwilhinf iction yet derijed. 100K TO HOJPOINT fOK THf F/NMT-F/RST/ Automatic Appliance Co. 11-13N. ILOCK PHONM31 FREE! FREE! FREE! FOR THE LADIES 12 Pair 51-Gauge Nylon Hose Finest Qualify Nylon Hose to 12 lucky ladies Saturday. We will draw 12 tickets at 7:30 p.m. Nothing to buy, just register your name. Frr « real treat corns in and t r y some of lhal good Quaker Macaroni and cheese cooked with Kraft Cheese. Cheese and Macaroni will be Esrrtd in our store all day Saturday. Kraft 2 for 25c Carnation Tall Con 2.«r27 Biltmor Flakies Grated -- Can Del Monte Tomato 46-oz. 29 Brown or Powdered Sugar, 2 for 23c Dog Food S 9c Council 2 Cans Potted Meat . 15c Hominy RNe0d2Bcodn lOc No. 300 Blackeye Peas lOc Pork Beans Griffin's Chili Beans 3N o°o lOc Derby Tamoles ; n3 ^; 27c Bakerite by Wilson's. 3-Lb. Shortening . . 83c Bleach L N f y lOc Sorghum ' ^ Gai. 98c QUALITY |^|EAT$ GRADt A HEHS^- 46 RIBS Beef Lb. STEAKS club ib 87 SAUSAGE ib36 Cudahy Pure Pork Extrn Larqe. 2 Heads LETTUCE CAULIFLOWER, Ib. lOc RADISHES, 3 for . . lOc APPLES Red Delicious Lb. 15C TOMATOES Ext T UD0 . ney 23c FLOUR Prim Taker 25 Lb. $1.89 PURE PEACHES CHERRIES SARDINES RAISINS S s u0p :z:s coli ' Dtl MOP»« No. 2Vi Can Griffin's Mo. 2 Toll Can 3k 13c 29c No. 2'/2 Leader Can Sweet As Good As Money Can Buy OICO Orange Juice Grapefruit Juice RM Bud 46-oz. Monarch 46-ot. SUPER M A R K E T A. D. MORRIS ALFRED MORRIS, MGR. HOYT GREENWOOD .-£.» F R E E GROCERIES Starting 9 a.m. So-urday, Jan. 1 FREE BASKET OF GROCERIES Given Away EVERY HOUR From 9 a.m. till 6 . 1 mistl' · ow witf I tilth!]} toniir cjtertbi Sum-isi . Fresh Country EGGS, doz. 43c A FREE CHANCE for Everyone Who Comes in the Store Prom Thursday Through Saturday! A BONUS CHANCE Given with each $2.50 Purchase of Groceries in iVo- pied cuit im- llon ·id- I ich 01 ivl m . Sweet Sixteen MARGARINE, Ib. COME ONp COME ALfcf? "·''"?. Fun-Frolic;. For Everyone BALLOONS -FAVO« FOR THE KIDDIES Frozen 6-01. eon ORANGE JUICE', 35* You don't have to be present to win the Groceries However, there will 1 be Bonus Prizes for those who are present for the Drawings! Frozen 12-ox. pkg. STRAWBERRIES 23 BIGGEST GROCERY; PARTY EVER STAGED IN FAYETTEVILLE! Fresh, Lean . . , GROUND B[EFIb.S9i Come Early! Come Lafefe ·i ,' But Be Sure And Be Here! Snow White CAULIFLOWER lb.10 JackiU

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