Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MtT MMM8AI TUMW. Thwrt4«y, JaiHMry 10,1*51 Rites For f, Bennetl U. S. Officiflls Are ;; Among Those Poying j .Finol Tribute ·'.- s'tillwalcr,' Okla.-t/Tj-Tho srcnl and Ihe humble 'gnilicrcd Indny to 'Say final tribute to Dr. Henry G. fcnrietl,- Point Four adminlstr*- fcr and his wile, killed Dcccmbci f c i n - a n Iranian plane crush frcridcnl Trumnn has de.sisni.lcd ·Secretary of A u r i c u l t u r c Brannun is his personal representative at ·«i'i riles at.the A. ant Si. College .which Bennett headed lV host of olher lenders In fiiw- .Viimoi.t, education and relslon Escmbled for the funeral at 2 ? m . 10 be conducted by Ur. J. * ' Slorcr, pastor, of the Tulsa ···first Baptist Church. : J XMterday. In his Slate of the ·lion mcssflRC, the president iiled the work of Dr, licnnetl m I Illnc undeveloped countries, *·- · l i t M i e ami his nssociales died in ' i n l i n e of duty, They were on a ;jiolnt Four the time of Scn^R'obcrt S. Kcrr (D-Okla) .|fll read a special trluulc, 4amc S Webb; undcrsecrclnry of slate, alto lill cnme from Washington, alonl! : «i:i- fnlln Ka'm .government puh- 'Jc 7fialr« officer, and Johnston ! ',?,. n former alee lo BonncM. : j r . Julwi IWley. prsWcnt «f Okla ilfcmn Baptist University, « · · cic- 1 vcr the benediction. : . Services will be in GiilhiKher Mlolli-fcyrtibbl of the collcitcsex- 1 I TOivc development under Bcn- 'i etl It was Ihe first major Blruc- ' ire erected durinn his tenure. An" I w« In the Hall that he made 1 is iMl public appearance here, '. Addressing the 1051 graduatlim ' Gov. Johnston Murray tmlercd I i-thtis on state building* "° wn - i [ halt'must today. Jurlal will be In Highland Park i *M*ry at Durant. at 2 P. ~ i iln*row. Hy MMKS MARLOW Washlnsloii -(!')- Anyone with an eye for funeral, notices could see In President Truman's Stole of the Union menage the obituary of his "Fair Deal" program--for Ibis year, anyway. Although he plumed for It ycs- Funeral Notice For "Fair Deal" Program Said Prepared; Congress "Not Listening" Icrdjiy as he. hiis in tlic past, no one nruund here vxiiculs CuiiRrcus to listen. Mr. Truman himself must be' too mueh of a political realist to expect it to. . . ConijfMs' main. Interest thifi year will be foreign a f f a i r s and defense, riot the kind of social u f of U I i \\ainingion Couiuy School UUirlcl ho, wi ui Wammuiion cuuiuy, /\t" lunias uy uugh Smith, 1'icfcldcnt Mtd M«riOU iciini», auciutiiry ' - io-i-c '" ··Tiei Budge. » *xjx:nUUurcs Iu " jUier wlm iax . U.-V/ jur car tscflmilnt July I. IOM. in and _ic,uillnii June M. 19M. I The Boiinl ol Director! or Knrinlm:- . ichmil Olitrlct No. t ol Wi.hniB- in County. Arkuniiii. in compliance ·Hh tho nqulraiKiiU ol Act «3 ol _^j| «nd at Amendment No, 40 t o . I h e Conilttutlon of the Stile of Arknn- |«i, have preuNrcd. iipprovcil, nnil Itrcby mike Rllbllc the iwopoied cs- icndllurei lor 10S1-S4 school ycur of · ua.MO.UO which Include! ill items of · 'the .budlet. . " T o provide tor the foregolnn pro^ · fr^vMd-expenditure the Board ol Ol- *· Ittton 'prupotea » tax levy or 45 Mile Tills tax levy Inrliidei the prc5- ; Ml conllnulnc levy lor Ihe rttlrc- · ttntof present Indebtedness. . »lilfren this .Ird. day January, 1152, ? ~ Bo«r0 «r Directors S FHrmlnnton School Dlslrlcl ; Mb. C at Washlniton Count}-.. Ar\ By u. I.. Williams. President · and A. C. Williams. Secretary ; . . ·_ 10-1 t-c I i j j , ~HOTICI t^roiXKed BudRct ol Kxixmillturva to* Jtelher with Tax ' Levy lor .Fiscal ircar Bcclnnlni July I. 1953, to and Includinl'Jiini.. 30. Vl'.t i Elklns School nislrlct No. 10 ol fpVHShlniton pounty. ArknnsHS. J -The Board bl Directors.of said Dis- Uict, lr, compliance with the require- Henut of Amendment No. 40 lo the ' Constitution of the State ot Arknn- ' Ms SKloytcd Novcmlwr 2. 1948, hits ' Ijiijajsil, approved, nnd hcrchy makes ISMHlc the proponed hudKct of school expenditures lor the llscnl year lie- iliinlne July 1. 19». to nnd Ini-ludlni: Slune 30, 1954. together with the lax yate. M follows: s UtniTal Control $1.500; Instruction 20.CM;. Operation of School U u l l d l n f t -912,0001 Malntennnce ol School Plant E nd. Kqulmrnt $SOO; Auxiliary Agen- le* (Intludlnf IrnnsporlBtlon) SG.OOO: £Kbf*d'« Charges $500; Capital Outlay KI.Knll'Dcbt Service S3,iM, · To provide lor the loroKolnjt pro- Sposcd htldfict of expenditures. Ilie ·BflVd pf Directors pro[K»es a lux levy ST^ [mills, divided a follows: 13 Iinnis. Is a conlinuinK Inx voted lor · jb9nds now outstMndtnc: 17 mills h liar the nitcratlon of the schools: and £11 mula will le a continuinit bukldlnx Mmd. tax for * proiwsed (Kind Issue of $50,000. which will run approxi- itel)' 20 years, lo be Issued for the purpose of refunding valid outstnnd* Hit"' bonded Indebtedness and con- ·ructing and equlpplnit new school llldlnfs. and said continuing hulld- lund tax will constitute a con- 'M anhual · levy until the prln- ' knd Interest of the proposed .Ida are paid In f u l l , with the prt' ilon that Ihe surplus revenues from pvlldlnx fund mlllife may IM M1 for otricr sr.hool purposes. GIVtIJ thll 31st day ol Decemler, IWI Klklnn School Ulurict No. 10 ( iWtaOtHfton Count)', Arkansas jgl. K. CantlJld, I'realilcnt fccnUry It-lt-c nnvwnv VCflr W i l l I)C ]OrCI(iIl U l l i l l l l , HUU u-uuunui: u,i- . ,"- "-"· - - n - - - , - h"ie plu'iofed f o r l l y c K - defense, not the kind of »TMlji»J^j!iJ^||J^^^_^ involved In the "Fair! It did In iti I94.S platform . . . . . tn m i l (hrrtnnh thlt "Va'lr Ueal." Hefiides, such social lire bitterly controversial and thl* Is an election year. II, for instance, the Truman Democrats were able to ram tlmiiiRh civil rights leslslation, the Southern Democrats would be hopelessly split away i" a year when they're badly needed. When this session of Congress .ends, if the Democratic party wants to continue the "Fair Deal" fight, II to put through the "Fair Deal" to the next four years. Even Mr.' Truman's language seemed to lack the vigor of previous years. He covered the problem of civil rights in 12 words: "we need to take action toward the wider enjoyment of civil rights." These have been major Hems in the Kair Deal program: Wiping out or revising the Taft- Hartlcy act; federal aid to education; civil rights; prc-paid hcaltl ·Murinot; tilling the minimum waxc; widening social security and low cost housing. Through the years Mr. Truman has banned away at all of them. Except for the last three, Congress has ignored them. Yesterday M i . Truman dusted them off and dropped them inlo Congress' basket again. But there are some other reasons--besides the political ones mentionct!--why Congress is or has been reluctant about pushing through the Fair Deal. It wOl, truly, this year be UD to its neck in the Russian dilemma in » p - ' proving measures for. defense, and' Ihe money to pay for it and the rest of our foreign program. Jiesidcs, this is a highly prosperous year when most people have jobs and money, and profits ;.re high, in prosperous years Iherc's no cascrness in Congress for social changes. Advcrthw In the TIMKS--I; n»J«- AtrtrttM in IH TIMES--U ·»;· PILES lirtLiklSii! lit It* I Irii Ci-l »pe«ly relief fro* Mhenr of pile*. Amaiinit formal* developed fcf firnoui 76- y«Hr-c!d RrcUl Clinic brlnn f«t pillUtlvt relief from ntgitlng P«fn. Itehlnjr. »w nm. Hrlpi nature ihrinle swelilnv. »oft*n torrf I'.ru. JNtkt life fcwih liriMf ·»!· --KI-I the medication proved br eipenener with 70.000 clinic jtidenU. Crt TlwriilM Minor --in ointment or iuppo«ilory form-from your druKUt todaj. You'll !i.eov*r blHtitetl reHof «t once--cr your money rc- fimrW. AiV for H by nime--Tto»»l»" MlMr--at food dru« tt«rf« ffrrywhrr*. Lxgr Tr* ARMOUR'S TIEET 39 NIGGER HEAD OiSTEK 35 CAN SUNSHINE CRACKERS POUND BOX 29' HUNT'S m%P mtat ^ %et6Ke , V?1/*ktM/... » ^ 1W %;·""»« **£"*"* .*».· ,,***'**· »S : ^ '-*».?"!"** *e wee( '^'X of Tomato Sauce UNCLE WILLIAM Grapefruit Juice P.G.SOAP PUREX Peaches 46-oz. can 'faidP «TOKi^ FRESH DRESSED FRYERS "WE RAISE OUR OWN" C IGA Homogenized EVAPORATED MILK FRESH SNOW WHITE 4 CAULIFLOWER, Ib. 12c EXTRA LARGE FIRM HEADS LETTUCE, each . 19c WILSON'S CORN KING -- SLICED FINE FOR SALADS BACON, Ib. . . . 35c U.S. CHOICE BEEF CHUCK ROAST, Ib. . . . 68c BACON: FISH PURE CANE SUGAR 10lbs83c IGA JELL-IT Gelatin IWCUOS, 2 to 25. 3 g; , 7c FRESH CRISP TEXAS ;; s: S i.i9 RADISHES, 2 bchs. 9c LARGE JUICE 5-LB. BAGS DAIRY FOODS White Dairy ICE CREAM '/i GAL. 59' lb.15c I ORANGES . . . 29c O L E O Colored Quarters 19 e Lb. CIVE /^t4^i^TO MARCH DIMES J A N U A R Y 2 - 3 1 FREE -- FREE 8-FT. SERVEL REFRIGERATOR Will Be Given Away Feb. 2nd 1 TABLE RADIO 12 BUSHEL BASKETS GROCERIES | Will Be Drawn For Saturday Evening. [ Register Each Time You're in the Store. ~-^ LOOK! WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY AT YOUR IGA STORE GREEN GIANT A 303 MOO PEAS . . 6 Can, I CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP.. 10«-1 00 SUNSWEET PRUNE JUICE .. 4 r r JACK SPRAT COCKTAIL 4 j: I 00 EXTRA STANDARD Tomatoes 7 r 1" SEEDLESS RAISINS. 3 Z T Vclvccta CHEESE 2::. 89c Patton's COTTAGE CHEESE ^ 20c Pabst-ett CHEESE 5-Os. Jar 121* CONSUMER'S SUPER IGA MARKETS No. 1 Store, South Side Squarr, - No. 2 300 W. Dickson FORMERLY QOFF BROS. GROCERY FROZEN FOODS Strawberries, 12-oz. pkg. . . . 23c Orange Juice, Sno-Crop, 2 cans 35c Green Peas, pkg 19c Folgers Mountain Grown Coffee " 85' Fine Arts TOILET SOAP i 25c

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