Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

"Showmg Next Week At fayetteville Theatres ROMANCI, DRAMA AND ACTION ADVENTURE SCHEDULED AT LOCAL THEATRES Tend.r "BRIGHT VICTORY" . I«T. them*. This tender anil moving love story rt»re P«.W.v »* " ml A ^"T Kennedy and it opens nt the Or.arR Sunday. It is a timely untl provocative theme, that o r » Minded war vei- 'eran and his heroic flsht loir-tiiin s.0 normal life- Kennedy plnys the rtilr o( n m»n facing K Itfo nf dark- n( .|,s Wounded in Nor'h Africa during the Tunisian campaign, lit; returns t" i-ocirtv n:: an I'liiliit'.i'ii'd man lo find Peggy Dow, and In the end, tin- hope and coulalie In live a useful and enjoyable life. You'll icfllly enjoy "HHIIJHT VI rtOOT DOW Congress Talks Economy In Answer lo Mr. liuman No More Taxes Movement Seen By Lawmakers "One Of Better Speeches" Of The President, Some Say ctll lo edyenturs. Tin- Tc.-lviii-olor adventure |iir- i WiiFhlngton-f/iyAn election-year In,,- '.tarrini! (Jury Cnnpcr and, Coni;re.-.i responded with demands Marl Aldim opciik nl the O/.ark. for economy and no more taxes | today to l'icsid ( ... .1 r c,,,ii:,,,, uiiiiii'vliif thf Union appc i ' i i c - i . !··- llu-'loiv of Captain Qilincyhif thir Union ap, y'atl ami im Swamp-fiiJiU.'.s. j prngrnm of fore ' - lhat Mr. Truman mnde no mention of economics. Senator Ives (ft-NYl snld the message "showed practi- c.-llv nn cuncern over the actual economic welfare of the country." Senator Martin (It-Pa) said Mr. Truman was proposing high taxes, big spending, deficit financing, unbalanced budgets and ever- Increasing debt." Senator Taft (H-Ohioi had no comment except to observe that Mr. Truman seemed to have ·'backed down" on previous demands for repeal of the Tuft- Hartley act. The president asked for revision of the lav/. IIIUM Outllntd Republican* and some Dcmo- ..,,,.,,, i-rnts looked upon his message as i Trnrinn^ Slnte '""''"'»« tho W.eral . Issue* on I f i broadi which his party must stand in next il [i i i i MU. Choice Recipes butter In « heavy pan; add onions cook until thick, itlrrlnr constant- · nd green pepper; cook until soft My; c«ol. Heat tg r anrt beat in over low heat--about 5 minutes.I cooled syrup and y«nill« Whip Add tomatoes, pickles, cloves.j evaporated milk until flllf. Fold sugar, Hi teaspoon-, salt and pep-j into ess and cocoa mixture with per to taste. Simmer about so| chopped almonds. Pour into re- minule.i or until sauce thickens! frigerator tray. Place in freezing slightly. Remove cloves. Put! compartment with control set at : sauce aside and reheat when i lowest temperature and frcc/e. i omelet is ready or start making. Stir occasionally. \\ hen mm, rc- ' omelet about ID or IS minutes be-i set temperature control to normal, lore sauce is ready. To make i Makes about 1 pint. ._ omelet beat CSK yolks unil] thick! · . ,, pale-colored; beat in 'i t c a - j p o r k a nd Sauerkraut heat, stirring constantly, until; ,.,,, , 0 la , lt ., , m |._ tliickcncd and bubbly. Reduce. .' heat lo very low and stir in cheese r i..', n cJ! Savory pound cups finely shredded cabbage, rnps ciihcri iipple, Vi cup chopped blanched almonds, gratoil onion (In taslc), lettuce. Cherry Surprise Coke Method: Add water gradually! ingredients: !·'$ tablespoon? Wyatl ami m Swamp-fiiJiU.'.s. prngrnm o eign Tli, nil-nil- nr.cue-liaoil who' mcMlc spi.-nclniH aid and do- irrespective . he decides to run [oiicht throncli bottomless as; inrls . . . a'" 1 man ile.vourllll! wlldn-n'i'w 1" free a captive bcmily from its penis . . . ami tin- liimmi! nl the liile of tin.- mii'iific Kemmole Indian War. . This Technicolor Action ildven- uTM, vw«,« tun- lakes you ihrmmh the f.ver- flHrtcs of riorlfia where cameras have never penetrated before. "CLOSE TO MY HEABT" ... Will It very clou lo yotiri. This -story slurs Gene THMW-.V ami Hay M'illand and il opens nl the Unfit Saturday. " ·' It is the story ol-Mldgc and Brnil Bhr.ridan. played by Gene and Kay. a ccmple happily ninrrlod until "thry realise the void In their life, li Is when they decide to do lomclhinii nbmit il that n series of dramatic events follows which involves them with court officials, ·hady characters and finally, in a tllrrinc climactic sccitirncc, llnv find'; himself fare to face'with a condemned killer at San Qiicnlin s fjcath house.' Lawmakers R»VP nidus llic.v wi November's of wbcthcl again. ,,, In this i-i)iinei:lion, Mr. Truman light.! emphasized tbal "economic con- salt, ditions in the country, are good," construction now un- suppoil a speed-up inclcase AltK'rican n ..Hut Republicans mid Southern! - · · - - - Democrats, who can iniislcjr n inn-, ··,, wi (,"';";; i ^,,,,·,·-,. j nta !m d jorlty of both ''""'f 5 '. J '" S j w K h r standards of living for all Srt iSnj!S h . wd T«. KiS^VW^M^SSl ^^^^^^ a ^^Z^^ "*»""«' ^ '«'" TMTM ·'economy and no more t a x e s ' movement. With Britain's Prime Minister Winston Chuicliill lisleoini; from CINI TM«mr ·TLI. NEVEn FOrtGET YOU" . . . Superb entertainment. T h i s Trrhliiculnr romaulic- drama slairiiiK Ann I Myth and Tyrone Power opens at the tarl; lie added his social . . - . . , liroposnlE. plus a call for action on civil rinhls legislation, to this m- (orm.-.l party platform. rtrpnblicnns isencrally contended lhal Mr. Truman's promise lo I I I by boll of Europe · 1 1 Ul v f u i . u ...11 - - - - - · - - · - c the free nations! TM bis prooos.i Asia with more 1 tax rollcctinR service-- rnme too economic and militury aid. 'i'lic iiri'sitlenl proposed, amonK other IhinKs, an increase in Ihe ti;;e of the U.S. armed forces, nn expansion of Point 1'our nidj late to remove, the "morality in issue from the prcsi- cornstarch, in.aijwUjtcpan, stir- Add sugar. and salad . until smooth. pepper, Cook aiui stir q.y«r lrf(\dcratcly low boat until thickened--about 3 or 4 minutes, "itcmove from .,.._ ^_ heat; beat csg sli«hlly.»nd bcat| Method: Put cooked mixture into C£K slowly.\ sn -,all saucepai cornstarch, one 9-ounce can , crushed pineapple, 1 tcs«|iiiiui lemon juice, U cup (about 1(0 marashinn cherries (c two 8-inch white cake ii»htly with finger. Make a deep! onion, apple, and sauerkraut crease across center without c u t - j pan and sprinkle with salt, lic- ·ina all the wav thim-Rh. Pour place rack and return to oven iialf of sauce on omelet; fold in j until roast is done. Makes about half without breaking. Serve with; 6 scrvinjrs. remaining sauce. Makes 4 serv- ; · tt«e*-re»4 (chopped),] Frozen Almond Custard kc layers. sweetened whipped cream, coiustarcb Drain juice frooi Iiiyrcdicnls: 25 cup evaporated milk, U cup sufiiir, l i cup cocoa,, dash of sail; \-i cup water, 1 CR«. jini-amm- mm mm .-."» ..r . » - , U teaspoon vanilla, ' . h _ C U p ! T , itarch stirring until smooth; addi chopped' unlilancbcd almonas. apple, almonds, and | cmnn j,,icc. Cook slowly, «tirrinj:| Method: Chill evaporated milk: lightly with cooled constantly until thickened, and! In refrigerator to ice-crystal stage.' ·'Mix.sugar, cocoa, salt, and water;' o . s n l a s a . Continue beating until thick; cool, pineapple and add slowly to corn-! - a - ' II drain raisins; mix with] s i rabbace, onions; loss drcrvSinjr and serve Makes 8 servings. leltuce. clear. Add p i n e a p p l e and maraschino cherries and cook over moderate heat, stirring, about 3 RnlfpH Fnn; In minutes; cool. Spread filling on a baked tggs in ^^ o£ the cnke . |op wl(h sccol)(1 bpinaCn NestS lavcr. Frost with sweetened ingredients: :) tablespoons but-| whipped cream, ter or margarine, 3 tablespoon; flour, 1 cup milk, 1 cup shredded process cheddar cheese. TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR FURNITURE AT HILTON BROS. AUCTION HOUSE, PHONE 1770 SALE EVERY SATURDAY .Fluffy Omelet With cup, 5 p a n j s h Rjckle Sauce o n| " cooking sherry, -.2 l t n . - i / « , . . . , Worcestershire sauce, '1 teaspoon I Ingredients: 2 tablespoons but- and some Demo- rats' replied to the |)iesidenl's jpa|J| . ikn ;±ist:"^^ ^iVn^V^^^ prepared mustard, salt and pepper (to taste), 'i cups well-drained cooked or canned spinach, fi eggs. . ised efforts tn revise what he called the "entirely inadequate Method: In melt stir toes, heavy saucepan pickles, tcr or margarine, ?4 cup chopped onions. 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper, one No. 2 can toma-i It is the story of a · luirllcil bii' inlrlguing and novel 1 omlon past Is n lender and beat I- warmlng love story of two people , the srlcnllKt and an ISlli ····n- tur.v BuRlish Klrl · . · whose love I,.' dcMlned to exist b_eyond and space. TALACE -- Sunday Monday . . . Ulp. Double Fcnlurc . MILKMAN" Marring Donald O'Connor and Jimmy Uiirnnie ,. . "DKSBRT GOLD' 1 with Hobert Cuininiiigri. Tuesday thru Back hv popular demand . . . "KOIKJK OK ARMS" star Hum Holdnii and Nancy Olsen. Friday ,V Saturday "HI,.. fciisc huu.xini:, labor law revisions, !i§~ ] jmi^ ftbal Mr. Truman called for an! "~* increase ill the. size of the Air | I'lirce and slcpprd up pro' duction. "I was glad that he stressed the necesstiy of carrying on our dn- nestic pmgrain," McFarland .said. er over low heal and flour; remove from heat. milk Kfadually until cup chopped swert mixed; 6 cloves, 1 tablespoon' sugar, sail and pepper, 4 ce_ (separated). 4 tablespoons water,; 1 tablespoon butter or margarine.. smooth; cook ovcr"modcra"tely lov;' Method: Melt 2 lahlcsponns Robbers ApporenHy Use Moving Von llagcrsiown, Md.-(/Tl-Thc luir- Klars who called on Vincent T. Kcetaiiver must have come in n Gef handy KITCHEN UUNSllS IN MOTHER 5 OAfS, -rlT WVEH ronOKT'Y'oF'aT the -Uark Wednesdayi j "^^'^^1^ . "THE | posed and what was adopted by ,i, 0 vini van. When the Wcslert . . phis the Senate in thf last scssun. ! M ,, o .| nm i trainman returned from luiisday Vce President Biirhlcy thought ., rl ,' n j ust a |t,, r midnight he found ',,,., the message "superb" and Sen. - · '·"mi'i- ' E(iwl " Cl Joll " son 'U-L'" 1 ."!. who LISTS" with .lolumv Mack Brown (JAMHLEIt" starrini! Dane Clark. ItOYAL . . . KlilBAY fc SATUKOAY ONLY 'SlltHOCCO" with lliiinpliri-y HoiK'i'l Ft;" Marring liiinilolph Scott. '"NEVER TRUST A FKATUHE . "SANTA docsnt' always agree with Mr. Truman, called it "one of the president's better speeches." back door to his apartment had' been smashed. Missing were bis! seven-foot electric refrigerator, a three-piece living room suite, and Depuhllcaiis poUnclcd the point I a camera. Every bin squire picklfe of Mother'! Oiti nrTen in exciting double viiuel Because money c»n't buy » Sner quality, more delirious, or more nourishing oltmcal than Mother's Oils. And picked in every plckiee you'll find a valuable, useful premium such as aluminum kitchen utensils, famous "Fire- Kin«" ulass tup acid saucer, heauiifiif'Vt'ilcl Rose" pattern chint or Ray colorful Carnival Ware. No waitinp! Nn coupons! No money to send! JUM aslt your grocer for Mother'j Oats with I'/emium,' in the bin square package. MOTHII'l OATS -- · aWri ·* tNI OU*r« OATJ We Sell and Service Adding Machines! The NATIONAL ADDING MACHINE is manufactured by The N) Ouh Rsjisler Company, which hs over 67 years' expfritnce in hnililing business ni»- chines. Wc-urt pmuit to «n- nnunre that we shall sell «nd service NATIONAL AUDIN'G MACHINES. uT.hanical service on the Allen- Wales machines in use in Ihis «rra. . . . . The NATIONAL ADDING MACHINE has cm.ibmation of lime. »nd cffort-savinj fotiircs nut found on my other adding machine at ny price. Let us show you a/,, y.w tet mote lor "our money M-ilh a NATIONAL. See its outstanding points of superiority--TODAY. The National Cash Register Company SUB-OFFICE Fayelteville, Arkansas Washington Hotel Bldg. Phont 2227 0. 0. Harris, J. I. Brttdlove, Sileimin StrTieemin SUGAR ioib 85 SARBINES No. 303 Can Grapefruit JUICE 19 SYMBOLS OF LIBERTY -- Communist prison*rj-of-w«r it « United Nations stockade on Koje-do Isliind, off Pusitn, put the fmisjirnt touches on o replies of -the Statue of Liberty. They also fcuill the model church in the background, Thete Red captives, who tppetr to huve underione · change in their beliefs, are among 132,000 nrlsonen at the cam'). WASHINGTON COUNTY YOUTH FOR CHRIST SECOND ANNIVERSARY RALLY Saturday, Jan. 12 7:30 P. M. Uark Bowl Rev. "Bill" Dowoll from Springfield, Mo., pat- tor o( the lorqoit soul- winning church in the Midwest wilh the laigest Sunday School in Missouri, will be tho speaker. SPiCIAL MUSIC FROM SPRINGFIELD, MO, RIcharH Oreir, Seng Liadtr M«*llng a! Uork law! ·n W. Dlckion St. IVtHYONl INVITED - T I R E S - 700x1 8 8-ply $43.00 710x1 5 6-ply $26.00 600x16 6-ply $20.1 6 650x16 4-ply$ 19.11 700x16 6-ply $30.45 670x16 6-ply $17.24 600x16 4-ply$ 16.00 Also Inner Tubes Priced at Cost Watson's Highway 16 East Phone 175 Raymond Faubus -- LoyCox EGGS S Do,40c Moneys Wo-1h Coffee, Ib. . 57c PURE LARD . . . -MEATS- Picnic HAMS Ib, 39 Folgers Coffee, Ib 85c Super Suds, large size . . 19c Fruit Cocktail. »TM" 2 '-,", 25c Pineapple, crushed... N °s» 25c Milk, Yellow Bonnet. 2 Z 25c Polar Bear Flour, 5 Ibs.... 39c Pork and Beans... 10 "c."' 99c Pricn in this Ad run til Jonuory 16 Pork STEAKS»55' Pork SAUSAGE 37 Dry Salt MEAT b23' Beef Short Ribs, Ib. 49c SHOT GUN SHELLS 12 Gauge, Case $40 16 Gauge, Case $36 20 Gauge, Case $36

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