Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 2
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2--NMTHWItT AMtANf At TIMK, hyeMevllh, Attiantm, Thuftdoy, Jonunry 10, IM3 AMVET Commander MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIER iiiimniiliiMim'.liliHHiiimniiiiini'luiHiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMlHiiiiiHiiiiin'iiiiii · Daily Calendar of Events · V.F.W., ][]',, \VfPt Center, 7:1111 Piano K c n i n l , Kirsi P r t s b y t c i l m i Clum-h, "i-M Knr Wi-jfT-CKaplc'r I. Il.A.M.. Masonic Hall. 7:.1(). ,l(.'f!c:-MV Sdiiinl I-.T..V. 7::in O.K.S. Sou*! Hull, Mrs. M a r i e Mrl'lnilon. 7:111 V. A. Dlfl'uflri'J. V. A. MUM'S Hninr. 7:30 Kappc Kappa G a m m a A l u m n i , C h a p t e r House, 8 Friday CM' Club, \\'a-.h:iiRl"n Hotel, ~:- 1n »· "·' J-Xvctirvlllc Hoard of ( t r a i t o r s , l-'eiTUsnn 1 .'. 12 r i i n i u i t v Women* L'llib. Faculty Club, .1 I C T a n d ~ A u M l i a r . v . C i v i r Clubrnums, 7 WaM.niRlor. Lndse One. Masonic H a l l , 7:311 ".\ Sparrow Falls,-" Kir.r A r t s Theater, II fiuriulf Fjrkusny Piano Concert, Field House, a Mrs. Edgar Werltieim Reviews "Buddenbrooks" Memlj'-i:- of Ilic Mod'-rn L i l c i a - ' mi- C.'iiji) u'-ic e n t e r t a i n e d at an n l o n r i i i l lr:i ao'l l;ool; i e v i o - v , 1'ncsda 1 , ; i f ( f 1 n i ' » n n al Iho iioo'e of ',il.'. .John Sbof:maker m Mission . . \ v e n u e . : The r e v i e w , i'i\ en on "Jludrlp. . ! ,rofik!-." by Tboina:-' M a n n , was . .mule by Mrs. KrlK.'ir W e r t h c i n i . : - 'crsonals · Tea-Honor's Miss 'Colcman, Bride-Elect Mrs. ' l l i i R l i Stuliblcficld n u i l ! i Golden rod Club Has Luncheon At . Williamson Home : The Goldrnrnd Cliil) incl «l Ihc home of M i s . M. K. Williamson ' ' i f o r luncheon .Yesterday. Mrs. M, . ,, 0 Dnoimic nnd M r s . Bcrnlcc al a tea Kivcn Tuesday ""crnTM,,, en-hosle.s,,cs. M,TM home on n, Slrcc' ThS lea j Bursts were Mrs. A«. Mallei.*. CoTem'-m" briric-'lo-bc "T ni'o'mn nncl Mrs. Howena l i o a s l i n . »····- Wllwui of Caindcn, Ark., v.'bn received ly f i l l f r o m Ihc hosloss. Approximately (10 guests called durine. the afleitioiin.^.'.',', . nccclvinc'al Ihe. iMftf \Verc .M «. : Mrs. Clarence Vcrtc. Mis. Paul Colcman. liiSttM/.of I h c i Kciimnn Rave a devotional nil homo cr. Miss Cole'iTum, M'rs. WI1-! "The Importance ot P r a y e r , llji.-ns and Mrs. Stobbletlcid. I Twelve mcmhor.v of Iho group PrcsldhiR at Ihe lea fccrvlcc d u r - i cave reviews of Ihe your s ^biiFl- illR Ihe (irst and srfcond . hou .: | ness nnd uncial a c t i v i t i e s . C h a h were Mrs. W, F. 1'lioiiins incl Mrs,, mm were a p p o i n t e d '"'' Ihc e l t i b i Jim Y o u n k l n , sister of M W C n l c - ; pi-oRi-ani this year. in;-n. · ' '. i Mrs. Vcnkc was w i n n e r of t h e Those who Hoisted In Ihe d i n - ! mysterious package and M r s . J. II. ing room were Mrs, .Rill D a j l o n , ; [j f)K i on \ v nn Ihc game prl/.e. Mrs. GcrirRC Caudle, jrtrs...Ch,arlcs; · Williams a n d ' Mrs.I'vIcorJX A l t - ) Kinncy. · , .'. . . . llaymond C.rCRiiry as a ncu 1 member. The poem of Ihc munlh. "Aincr- I Ira To Her People," was read by Dr. Gillaspic Is Honored By Altrusans Lust t ·« dinner lind liusl- i Verse Play Opens At U A Friday Night Final Hi-wit n-hrtirsul will be h;ld IrmUht /or "A Sparrow i.'.itu-/ 1 vtM'sn piny hv John Gould JjilM I I I K 1 I ' i l l ' * ! l l t l l l M I ( i l i v i m i n i - i iiM.if , . . . . - . . , · · · - . - ·· . ness incctlni! held at Ibe home of I Klelcher, which will bo piei.cnlec Mrs. Bni'Jictl Sure, Allni.van lieu-Un its first proiliiclion .1-i.lilay :ind lab GIllMJilp . was honored In i and Saturday n m h l s al the 1'ine s i i p r c c i n l i o n ' f o r her scrvli-c «s| A i l s Thcaler al the U n l v u r s i i y . the club's · lOSD-M p r c f i d c n t . i ehiii'He May Vlelehei, w i f e of | Doclor Cillabplc who leiives iinon (| u , a i i l h n r , Harry Ashmnrc nf Uu 1 ; A r k a i i M i s Gar.etle and a n u m b e r ' | Giohom Leupp I Al n mecliilR of A M V K T S last I n i c h l at (hi! i.-ourlbouse, election und -inflallati'in of officers lor 'I'jJJMvas rondiiilo'd by Davis I'. R'iiiliaid.'ion. l"'l pojt coinmandoi'. ThtiSe eli.Tled to o f f i c e arc: C!ra- liiim l.cupp. commander; .lrime» iMcIliiiinld, lin.l v.lcc-r.-oiniiiiindci; -DcHriKs Bailey, second \-it-c-cnin- .'iiiliulei; C l a i c n c e Kans, t b l r d \-ii:e- commander; Leonard L l c h l y l r r . a d i l i L a n l ; H a r o l d Dudinr, f i n a n c e nfflccir; O. V. Mi'Cilllab, provost niarshall'. Mrs. Doris l l a i l e y , his! t i i f l i i n . C o m m i l t c e and apiiointcii ! officers w i l l be announced at a 1 l a t e r date. - . : i Sunshine Club · 'Adds New Member. I .InbiiMin's S u n s h i n e C l u b mc.l. i yc.-lcrday id the home of Mrs.! i K m n k Mathcws w i t h 14 members.; I Iwo v i s i t o r s , and one. new mem-1 i her prcf.cnt. Visitors were Mrs ' 1 M. II. M n l h c w s and Mrs. Pack, 1 ' b o l b of S p r l i i R d n l e . Mrs. L. S i n i l h : ; \\-as at'i-ciitcd by Ihe Ri'oup as a! new member. The mccliiiR was opened by rriiclinii "(lur Collect," and sine-; I 111: "Onward C h r i s t i a n Soldiers."; Mrs. U n i o n Simps"!! read f r n i r i | Ibe scriptures and p r a y e r was led b.v M i s . C. C. D a i l y . Mrs. I I . A. C.wal read "A liccipc For A! New Year." and Mrs. M a r R i i r c l j l l r o w n l i e l d Rave a d e m o n s t r a t i o n ! m nialunK nylon corsages. H o l l . call was answerei) w i t h "a recipe I wm:ld l i k e to have." Plans were inadi.' lor a Mlnper to be held in Ibc school lunch room . l a i m a r y 18.! Tin: nest meeting of t b u clulv w i l l lie al Ibe home of Mrs. Cassat.j .January 2'l. ! .lor 1!. ;rebe. 117 N'orth W a l - :iiil. is a p a l i e n t at the Kli; lfo..piliil in P r a i r i e drove. .lamr.i I). W a t e r s a i r m a n . USN. ..on If Mr. and Mrs. I). I I . W a t e r s uf West l'"oi-',c. wa. 1 : one of the donors in the reccm "filnod Donors" cainpal^n helrl at the U. S. N a v a l Air S t a t i o n , Whidbcy Islam:-, Wash. O r r i n Henbcst, stat(! commander of AMVKTS. i-nnriiicted the ins l a l h i t i o n of AMVK.T officer:; last - ·' i i- 1 I'VM S r i ' i t l - . Mrs. O. W. McDonakl. stale presidcnl of t h e A . H v r ^ i . \ u : \ i i i ; , i - y , nt For! Stnilh. installed officers of the a u x i l i a r y . i\(.'ainari K. W a n e a . elcclrii-ian'.s m a t e , t h i r d class. USN. son of Mr. a n r l Mrs. B e n j a m i n H. \Varren of Fa.vette\ Me. a n d . h u s b a n d ol M i s . M a r y .Jo W a r r e n of Pico, C a l i f . , spent Christmas h o l i d a y s In Naples, I t a l y . He is scrvinR aboard the Ojrlelhorpr. in the M e d i l c r a n e a n on a Rood w i l l tour. CARDINAL SPtUMAN nt New York bomlK over a wounded A m e r i c a n jsolilicr In n ho»pilnl near Scout, Korra, d u r i n g his tour of Korean | battle front. (International) I Street. .Miss H u t b Ann G i l l w i l l ! be actiiiR hostess. WasbbiKton Lmlgf. One W a s h i n R t o n Lodge n u m b e r one w i l l meet Friday cvcninR in ihe ! l.nrl?e H a l l , at 7:3(1 o'clock for work in tile masters degree. Helping """l Convention The I l c l p i l i R Hand Cnnvenlion w i l l meet at Ooshen at 1:30 p. m.. i Sunday, it is announced by Sncr- ! man Clark. Miss Khwdieth Morrii, Hubert Moiri,-- and J-'rcd Itebsamco ret u r n e d S u n d a y from a three week's t r i p t h i n u g h Mexico. One week was spent in A c a p u k o , and t h e remainder of tin: time was spent in Taxco ami Mcxie.i C i t y from where side trios' were made lo oilier points of interest. Gr««t Booki Croup ' n ' pMCri r' iil «" ok » clnu| ' TM" meet Monday nt 7:31) p.m.. flt the home nf Mrs. Dclhcrl Swnrlz «n n f , 7 n r b a c k n , inr | . M r K . F . M . Meadc i C V i c w "Paradise Lnr,t." Pleids Not Guilty In Death Of Puppy K. f i . Biiondcr. 4-4 Kcbccm Slrrc-t, chrirgeti w i t h tv;o counts in the death nf a neighbor child'.-: pet puppy, appeared in Court yc.-.tmi.'iy n f t r r n n o n to «n- trr ft plea i»f nnt g u i l l y to linth i'E. lifiumJrr '.v.'is fhJirgcd w i t h malicious k i l l i n g of an a n i m a l and iTUt'lty to n n i m ; i l s in an j n f o r m a - tion f i l e d yesterday inornins b.v Deputy Prosecutor Pelcr Kslcs. fistcs / a i d Bacnder is charsed in the d e a t h of a puppy owned by Arch Cloud. 418 Kcbocca, two days apo. Cloud told iho prose- ! cutor l h a l M a e n d r r kicked Jhe lit- \ tie a n i m a l to d e a t h . : M u n i c i p a l Judge V. .lames Plak ' said the case has not been sol f u r ; t r i a l because of the illnc.-s this morning of the deputy prosecutor. ' Aid Money Distributed ; To School Districts U t t l e noi-k-(/h-About $2,000,- . 000 d o l l a r s in transportation and ' : budget aid has been distributed to | Arkansas' school districts. Allo- j catinn of the money--SI,550,162 in | budget aid and $385.612 in trans- i portation aid -- was announced ! yesterday by the Arkansas Educa- , ! lion Department. Allotment of budget aid by . count left include?: Ben ton. $28,282; Sebastian, $43,985; Washing- \ ton, $30,429. ' scmliling Inmn rubber. It's made in two picror--jacket and trousers. It costs about $25 compared to alj«mt $-110 for standard m i l i - t a r y clothing for freezing tern- Men In Korea ^^^====== New W i n t e r Suits P l e a s e K u r t Kniiit, Korcii -ol'i- I- Amrrii'.ins walking' n i n u n r l i h i s froze 1 !! f r o n t y;iy "it's l i k e c l i m a t e of Kliiridii, warm humid." They arc v.-carini; pcrimRiiUil winter suit 1 -'. They sit in snowbanks, col the snow, enjoy snowball fi and enthuse ;ioout a drop temperature to near /.cro. The suit is made of a plastic BETTER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES start at C and D Plumbing Co. Free Estimate! 211 W MounUto Phau IMt RUDOLF FIRKUSNY, Pianist University of Arkansas Field House FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 8.P.M. Admission: Community Concert Association Ticket Ambush Slayers Ordered M a n i l a - f f l V F l v e Filipino* day were sentenced In death in j the electriu c h w i r for the ambush ! slaying of Mrr. M a n u e l Quezon, ; widow of Ihc late Philippines i president, and her party of 10 al.,, .... ~ '· oiopt throe ycjirs ago. The defense L i t t l e Hock on J a n u a r y Ifi. Hr j indicated it would appeal, w i l l reprcsrnl t h r U n i v e r s i t y Jit a TI IP r niu!rninod t u r n arc Prdrn M n n a t f i n , FrViri'ico Cosucla, Vicente Marriur?., A n l o n i o II eyes and U n v n n m d o V i r a y . The prose[ cut ion i d e n t i f i e d Ihrm as incm- hci-p of a Connnunisl-led Huk Dr l l e n r v Kronenbort:. dean ..f the U n i v e r s i t y Colleue of K d u c a lion, w i l l be speaker al a luncheon m e e t i n g of Ibe Central A r k a n s a s Rchnohnasters Club in Nort -epi - mceline of ihe Arkansas Advisoi. C'ouiH'il on Trarhcr Education in br hrlrl in L i t t l e Rock on J a n u - ary 12. for Lafayette, Ind.. where ulit. 1 heads Purduo Unlvoirily's School of H m n r Ei-nnonilos received ihe oi-RaniMtion's o f f i c i a l p r c s t d r n t l n l n r c expected to a t t e n d the Friday - ' " - '"· "· ~ Curtain,, oai-li'-uklit. wiU \jr »l It o'l-ldck, and lli^ box n/fii.'i i . w i l l nin, n presontatlnn by Ihe mem- ""· M A Ppn|-fiCgn gt|VeS u " n *t" v j ^"» . . ,,, ,,,|irr people f r o m Little Hock TQ A pn(j I Q 606 U f l V l u "i'*'!"' v u n w s " ""I Prof. Charles II. Cro.-s. a r l n i i n l s - t r a t i v o assistant in the University band. CollcRe of Education, will be con- S l l l t a n l and leader of a croup riis- eussinn at a regional, meetinc nf N a t i o n a l Commission on Education Assncialinn in Oklahoma City nn J a n u a r y 1J1 and i n . The discussion, which will becin I hi 1 firf-1 day and continue I h i o u u h Hie second, w i l l be on " M a i n l H i n i i i K and I in p r o v i n g Trad'.or Morale During a Period of Tensions." . ---- ------- l » Dll«l« Daailw TA j )aVS KUlJIfl KCClOf 10 ( ( ,. l .. [n ., | ] l i s ;in ,.,.,,, 1( , n t l l iiltend (h( ,' Anl ~ l ,, ] c.-iilleee Day hrini! ' I l l - i d ti'innrro«. al t h e L i t t l e Hock Announcements · . l i e t l l e , ary Jicuause nf illness, and appointed it tary. Miss Helen Fraslcr, as act- club's president, Moore, made necessary ts sccrc- 1 v ., i r) rr |, pc i rn "I n T O l l l l l U l C n t b u C I I U i".' !B'?i«r«Vrr n t nil v"«! Play Sunday Afternoon !" JlirSlS^^aciir'olTol The K a y c t t c v i l h 1 Y o u t h Orclu,- j year and to c o n t i n u e t h e i r , e R U b i r l t r a w i l l R i v e I t s f i r s t conceit , ( ; i. . . . i l n i v business iiieruiiss on Ibu- this school year .Sunday at 3 .p.^m.. M i - o n d ' T h u r s d i i y of racb moiuh. in Ihe Unlvenit.v A r t s Center i.iiii- Tlio club's puhllc l-'elidlpns r e p - 1 cert H a l l . M a r x Paies, a.-slslan; rescnlallve, Miss Kileiie Van n i,,f c ssor of music, will conduct G u i l d e r , was asked to contact Ihc u,;, orchestra, which Is composed City Park Imprnvcmcnl C o m m i t - ^ ,,(j p ] n v c i s imni K a v e l t e v l l l c In Ihc Interest of Allri..-...,, . · i l b u t i o n of n basketball c o u r t ' . ^""[ Ihe Youth ,, In addition I Oicbestra, slrloR ensembles f r o m ; tee con '''Mlss'stclln Hidl.'vice president. 1 the t h i r d . ( TM i r t b « " " . " " · £···-·. , ,;·!· mei'liiiR. l o t Ihc Unlversily I r a i i u n c School : = . w i l l appear on the pioRr.nn. i ! V i o l i n solos w i l l be played b.v 1'1'ai Crallcy, Caroline H o f f m a n , ami Nancy Garrison. H a r b i n Head will play a viol.i solo, nnd Larry :itl will play a i-rllo yolo. Com: p n r i n d n s lo In- playt-il by t h e ort h c s l r a i n c l u d e "Counliy Moods" hiy Samuel Gurdeu Wake Up To More Comfort W I l b o u t N l . d dlttclnrt^-nniy hr due lo I t"w rliijft, LWlarjt sny s«» ery i m p o t l n n L to com hen *iiiit»«vrryiUrriitii|it inn. *m 1 of y functio ! l v Samuel Cmrdi-ucr, "'I'bc So-! i p h i s l l c a l r d Clock," llv LCI..V A n - ; s e n t a t i v c s of Ihe U n i v e r s i t y : Miss . l e a n n c l t c Scudder, dean of women; Miss M a r t h a W i l l i a m s . Clarlanc!. a senior hnnic economics r t u d e n l , president of t h e Pan-; bck'nic (.'ouni i l , and foi iner l l o l : comb H a l l counselor; Francis Ho;;;-ld. Carlisle, senior |)rc-nied | s t u d e n t and chief counselor of tile men's resident b a l l ; Robert Ii.; S m i t h , I n s t r u c t o r i n music; Miss fenny Rice. N o r t h L i t t l e Hock, and Miss M a i y A n n e Mad- ilix ot I', both senior mii-;ic ·itudcnls; M a j . Frederick N. Most-ley, us A r m y UOTC; C a p l . ,lfbn .1. llriuiebei'ircr, Air Force 1 KlITC'. - ; There w i l l be 1 I Arkansas colleges lepresentcd al this mecthiK. Mr. and Mrs. Vei'tvi! Anrler.-ou Hiid c l i i l d i c n , \'-lin h a \ c iiccn \ - i s i t ins in Story C i t y . Iowa, for Ihe past Id day:;, relurneu borne Tucs- 1.'V e \ C M i m ; . " I Thimlilr CMub The T h i m b l e Club wiil meet to- niirht at fi o'clock at Iho home of Mrs. .1. U. rhi|ips. Jr., on Slorcr d x Ronibay, I n d i a - l / ' l - A BussUm iciircscntative said today ,hc So- vlet Union could R i v e India ma| chincry she needs. Britain and , he ! United Stales c a n t , he said, bc- cause t h e y are too busy re-arminK. Here for the npomnq. tomorrow of I n d i a s i n t e r n a t i o n a l industrial exposition, tile Soviet Union's Chamber of Commerce c h a i r m a n , i M. V. Ncslorov. issued a statement ' o f f e r i n g I n d i a .machine tools, fien: orators, clccll'leal cquipnicnt, tcx- I t i l e and f a r m machinery and trnns- | port aiut m i n i n g equipment. He . ^jri I n d i a has ordered them from ; B r i ! a i n and the United States', but deliveries arc being delayed MwHMr "Ntmi" An I«T Ti SM fall, loo, 01*1 not b» blt la hide that ttrri, n«rvciu«, jitttry look «eh m. nth no mutter Bow much "m«ki-up" T«u «·«· Kw your itcrrt ·»«· during "Uwwi" ttyl- don't In Ihe one girl to Ui, « who thowi Ihe itnin from toU-tata aemrn tnd cramp^-lu* "ttuit look".' T«k« Curdill, · qitcUl nwdkhw truiled b» thouKndi ot »-wnen, «irl« M help insure ««»mst "ner»w" M* oth«r «n if Monthly mtoery. A litHt C»rdiii Hch dy h*lpl build itnnlth w cMiatanee IMT be irMlcr ««ch month, inrroum«« .nd mflnini 1m and ten. look more t»«m\ - !«l utd ilMp btiut. A* irwr d~l«r lor CarduL Hit C A R D U · Month!/ Cramps · Omnfp of tf* ,,iim .1,,. « 1 1 rnltlr. M l n n r l,l*,l. uM o Unn' - i r r l f c t r - u r klrinry* if thne lion* I'Oll-rr yiiu. Try lli.»n'o Plll-i- . \!tf.\ ·ucrnofutly hy rtilUI' yrnrK. !l*» hinmlnit hi.* muny idcrson. and "Pir./.icato ^,'o\·elly, ia selection lor slrins orchestra. : lmmcdla|ely f o l l o w l n R the Yoltlh : f ..- : (h-cheslrn concert, a group of U n i *': ; v e i . - l l y music d e p a r t m e n l .studcnls ,,', ' w i l l picicnl "An Afternoon of ! ir » ! Music" at 4 p. m. 'I'he l a t t e r c o n - j i",r."ilV,i'li!." cei I will consist of music coni- rill. i,,.i.,! j posed hclore HilHI. i Now Showing New 1912 ·Complete selection (or any choice. 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