Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
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THI nilllC INTEREST IS THE FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER Jlorttjtoest Associated Press Leased Wire AP, King ond NEA Feature* VOLUME 90, NUMBER 143 FAVETTEVlllE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING JANUARY 10, 1952 Local forecast-- F.v. r t J ^ v l l J p iiii'I vicinity, grn- i»r 'I!;1 f ,iir ami crAlcr Lonirjhi v i'.'i Icrnper.iturp't IP- (ft 2% dft- j;'TO=;, Tomorrow partly cloudy w i t : i t .jiiim tr;npcr.M lures. Hi r .;h t-MPprr.'sMsre yC f trrrf;iy 4K; ]r.w !8; iiM.rt ind.-iy J4. Sunri;,fj 7;^fl; sun- PRICE FIVE CENT? Enterprise Goes Down, Skipper Is Saved Cleanup Job Is UpToMcGrath, Says President Missing Boy Is Safe No Special Commission Now Planned Attorney General Stays In Cabinet, Truman Confirms Washington-(/IVPrcsidcnt Truman today placed full rcsponsi- bilitv for the government cleanup job on Attorney General J. Supreme Court lo work out prob- Howard Mi-Oath. He also an-perns connected with the case and nounccd McGrath will continue in j reach a solution--after which the-his cabinet post. 1 high court presumably will be The president told his weekly; asked lo make a final decision, i news conference, in response t o ; nhea claims clcclion lo a second · K|C|WI " TM'«" Hendncksm 11 questions, the attorney general' ( mll j n office because as the un- j m ' vs ' n i. M ' uc "- ' C l l n '' s 't ' will carry out the job that is n e e - ; np| , 05cd Democratic'candidate he! I" 1 ' 101 " ui '" ""- s c " d '" " " ff K?,.\" , 1 '^": '. 0 .'L W !; h ,. h !.,!!!;! I'cceivcd ^ votes in the November! "' s ".'^ c '' ." c1 "" '" b h ' s " d - City Election Contest Set For Tomorrow An election contest between 1 Miiyor Powell Khca and A r t hurl R. Diivirlson conies up in Circuit: Cnur*. tomorrow. With prclimi: nary legal skirmishing out of t h e ' way, Hhca's election contest s u i t ' will come before Judj-c M;iupjn'. Ctimminfis fnr trial. The court i s j under orders from the Ark;nis;if; vc,stig;Uion of j-cports of within the government. trcncral election. Davidson s a y p j tj "ci In he the winner nn the sircnsth I , , ' of !)l write-in votes. f I 1 J ! . S When Rhra filed suit, flic court! ruled thai the rnmmissionrrs iv.nst I his "i.'-jippenranec. McGrath is not stepping out of the cabinet. In reply to oilier questions t o - ! certify the \vinnrr as shown on ' day. the president said be bad : the ffirp of the ballots. This meant dropped any idea of a special c o m - 1 i| 1?i t nhea must be--and was-mission such as the one In which j ^,-nfiprt brrausc Davidson's sun- he tried to appoint Judge Thomas | , crs w r o t c j n his nan 1hrcc I. Murphy-of New York. Murphy ' A r t h u r 13 D-u-iri-on A v oni-c accepted, then turned down, -^s--Ai mu. u Launm, A i - lhc assignment. lhur Davidson TM* A - »· Davidson; Mr. Truman said there will be | P |lls a variety ,,f spellings for each j no special commission and that name. This three-name voting, the | McGralh will carry out w h a t e v e r ! court ruled, split Davidson's \ - o t e | necessary. He said he thinks! three ways and left Khca with thr home. Ricky \va;; ncd to a bed in Salt and John D. Billetl. c]uu.stimed about several attempts! diction be taken from 1 me word from -.he, C0l , rl lh( , justices sent the law enforcement officer of the government is the man who should conduct the cleanup. ., -·. . Mum On Polilici There were several today to Ret sot president as In whether lie will run for reelection. He said weeks ' ayo that ho had made up his mind i but was not ready to make any announcement. In response to today's (lucstimis, i the president: | Said he will announce what larpcst number of votes for n single candidate. ;. When. David*ei»"«»i)|Kn4ctl to ilje · Supreme Court, asking lhat juris- thc lowei Ihe case; n0 |-thv--csl (if Vonchon in .«nnw- back io Circuit Court with onicm C O V cr C d Western Korea before lo determine three specific things: c j t ( I ) Who is lo benefit, from votes Reds Halt U. N. Charge On Hill Little Action On Korean Battle Line Seoul -I/Pi- Communist n-Mcmcn slopped a U.N. raidii.R party which slorrned up t h e slopes "of a bill The U.K. ICiehth Army s.'.id !),,· cast for the "Davidsons ; Cii, ,...j rici . s fni]ed t(l ,.,.,,.,, , ho (np nf whether any illegal votes were , h{1 ,, i]L T h c y ' p n t l c r l back a f f r r casl; and n) whether the write- .,,, ]innrs UJU , C1 . hf , lvv ,,,,,,.,.,,. !h .,_ in vnic.s were Icjr.'il under A r - ! Says Reds Would Force Prisoner Repatriation Admiral Libby Hits At Communist Stand; Talks Deadlocked ! Munsan, Korca-i/l'i-Allied MR; r,nli;Mfirs loclay nccused lhc Coin- · muni.-'s n! scheming to strcnfithcn ' their forces in Korea by "forced repatriation" of prisoners of war. I Rear Adm. R. K. Libby said the I Reds ;irc "sc;ircrl In death" of Kiv: ins war prisoners trccdom of i cluncu a,-: to whether they want lo ' be repatriated. He told the Reds that by opposing this principle in Ihe Allied plan they "denounce individual l freedom and advocate, slavery." The U. K. ajrain rcjcrlcd the Herl compromise truce supervision plan '. because it failed lo ban conslruc- ' iion and repair of militaiy air .liclris. : A.-; the arm is I ice talks entered the seventh month, subcommittees on truce .supcivision and prisoner exchange appeared deadlocked. However, both scheduled other : meetings. ( I "Your o|ipii;iiinn to our pro; 1 | posal i.-- based solely nn your aim ; j · nf imprm'ine your military man- j i I power situation during nn armis- i ' l i c e , " Libby loirl [ho Red;-. " O n l y - j thai w h i c h boncfiU your .side , militarily do you consider true and Having augmented your force.-. · i tinoughnul the war by '1 rccclnm North Korean Maj. Gen. Lee S m g Cho called I.lhbv's statement . . '·· The End Nears ; il'ip!. Heni'ik Kurt Carl.scn i:; Himvii hn ; Kntrtprisr w i t h one hand \vJiilo tne s-hin | Kn;',M; h coast. The c a p t a i n and Mali 1 Kr i the Milking fi einhici (otl.'iy. Crewmen From Hunted In M It!c-(/l'HKorly-five crewmen*" ^iiit; i i i,ji.- i, , u. me l-hin.i; roll;; iti ^uiiit :^v;-!l:. near tin- nt-ib Uancy were t a k e n from Disabled Ship ific Area O n i v )i( , h , were rr- s n o v / a n d f n = h : m k e t c d T TO he intends to do before ihe R e : kansa? 1 laws and constitution. j ported elsewhere on t", e K;-milc publican convention selects its So, bc.sinninc tonmrrow, Judaci nominee in July. Cumin inps must determine w h o " 2. Made li clear lhat despite . t h e flf people who voted (or t h c j his fondness for Eisenhower IIP' -Davidsons 11 had in m i n d -- ' would not hesitate to run ; 1R ainst; whn1hci . !hpv moam Former. !K fnnvT^lo' lh ° USht that W a i :S"rrirf Arthur Davidson nr some- j 3. Said he had approved a- ono r * r Pll ' s f "' sl luoslmn is, move in make Senator Humphrev - expected In occupy Ihe court all, «_ the "favorite son" candidate of j ri ». v tomorrow and possibly longer.; VII Minnesota (or the Democratic; The other two problems will he' nomination, but declared that had ; taken up in turn. ! Annapolis, Md - I/I ) - Julrn 1). nn significance--a statement i n - j Davidson's attorneys have hadj Uavis, Arkansas farmer and re- dicating he did not regard it as j the court subpoena most of thoj '"'"I soldier, was ordered back lo precluding him from announcing Davidson voters. Presumably they i Arkansas Inrlay to face tri.-il on for reelection Jiimsclf. ; v . in bc ca | ic[i t o Ihe witness' stand j charges of kidnapins his s i x - y e a r "" one by one to identify Davidson; old daughter, .loan. \ as the man they supported. Rhea'sj Davis, who took the child from : supporters have also been ordered; Fayetieville, Ark., allrr Chancery lo appear in coin I. apparently to! Court had awarded custody In his · s e e if any voted illegally. · divorced \\-ife, was ordered back Both sides have indicated they i In Arkansas a f t e r an exliarhlinn | plan to nppenl any decision to t h c j h c a r i n c before Maryland ernor IVIcKcldin. riing l no ca M .ihDvs litaiomcm , , , ; · - · . · - · - · · ! .,,.!,,,,, ni-rimmifi-i'" n( the rllsableri Irclshler Peillls.vl- -- . / \i,. r Von shonwnottve used this TM.i» ..bandonc.. _,hc ship l o s t ' CoptlVC S Wlffi m mu.-:cript in here in the con- ! n ' R ' linr ot '^ in i-* '"" · " ' " ; _ leience," Lee said. "You should '. " ilm!s : :\"' 1 '" :1 sr1 "' '"', "','i Seeks To AnHU. , h u e handed il over In yonr pro,,- · ^"nn-lolled v,-a cri, of the No,-,: JeCRS I O MPHUl ( iwnda man to Rive to l|,e broad- i ' lclfc "; whc TM Ihcy I'l'PC I" fir.ri casters and news agencies." se.imcn. K 6 · iVl Q FFI Q Q 6 · bMU-6UUment - .The crewmen jmd.JJwit-1/tficcr, ..,,,..-.. ^ * t Jn a tivn-lHjur slalcmcnl Libby j left Ihe split-open, Allnnla-i/l'i-A pictly' loir the Communisls: ! Jinx i-hlp lo ficht mouiilainoiin; old bHde hai decided |o keep Ihe ^ Wcf, h.-i%c been inforim! that it j sens and IliaM v/inrir. in life hoiils. j lir.-.i of her tv.o sok!-ier hutbaiids. « is your traditional policy toward , I 1 ' 01 "' me.s.',;»:e.', in the space o f , |,, [in: ,,;,,,.,. ,,f Mrs.,Amies 1)1.-;-^ Korean |iri.-.oners of war lo re- | 2S minutes lold of ll-c. rhvind!nis on, :;],,· petilioncd .Superior Court; leT,e them from captivity ajtor | hn l"' a " 0i ' '" hours "f Ir.vinK to I,, annul her inan'aue to William' indoctrination. ' : recall, control of the TJlmi-tnii S. Sa:*cr on Ki'iiunrfs thai she ir.' The fart lhal Ihcy laler reap- : »lil|. H was down at Ihe luiv.- (hi- le-al w i f e of Walter H. n\xnn,[ peared in your army v.'as explain- ! and s h i p p i n g tons of w a t e r once repoiled lulled In Korea but : cd av.-ay hy the fac' lhat they ' through a M-loot crack on its port lakT listed union.; war caplivci excrciscrl Ihcir freedom of choice ] side. .ali-.e in Communist prison camp;;, lo join your side. Accepting these '-. At I" a.m., y c s I c r d a y. Capl. j .She and snsfrr were directed by' U/ifh fhlirrhill Mitcinn 'assertions at lace value, Ihc United i C-coruc P. Plover of Portland.. .Indue 1C. K. Andrews to i.ppcar In: nilll UIUIUMIII IlUiiUII j Nations Command proposed lhat j Ore., radioed lhat his vcx-cl w«p court for a 1,earing . l a l i u a i v 2«. f ' r a c h individual bc given the rich! i i" trollh'e. At noon lie :enl an . Sai;rer a'lrccd lo abide liy liic' London - ,/Pi - Prime Minister i() dcd(|c ,,,,. hinuc|f whclhc ,. | lc ! HOS reporlmr. Ihe ciach in IN- o,,ur'.':, (!ecla,-al,,,-y judgment. Winston (.hiirchills mission lo w .,,,. c( | ,,, ho rcpairjaicd--Ui leave ' hold and that Ihe ship v.-as tal-um; The pelilion said she v.-as mar- WashmRlnn has succeeded, Brit- ·· ,,,,, ,-j,,.,, ,.,,,,,,.,. , o thc in(i j vi( | ua l waler. - , i ,c,i to Di.xo,, at Omlt-v. Ga.. iJh mornme papers agreed today ; un( | cr conditions free f r o n v At 4:(IS p.m.. Ihe r;dio r-,'|iorlcd April ". 1'Jjll, ami was notified in in editorials. ' duTc.-'s." i Ihe sloerinp, which had hccn «ul .lime, l!)r,l, lhal he had been killed Mosl comludetl t h a t allhough ; |,|bi,y said Ihe Reels insist on ' "' order, was (isi-d bill ipele:,'. in aclion. Last Sculciiilicr she Ihe communique on tho Truman-. » fnr( . cd rc p a lrialion" of war p r i s ; The stern was completely out o f ' m a m c d S.r.«cr in thc belief lhal Churchill - t a l k s was necessarily'. anm lnr thl . M rcas ons: walcr. she was a widow. i vague it did reestablish A n g l o - j -Firsl, you do not trust the vol- "II looks like our oniv hone is - · American unity on a firmer basis. | unlccrs ,,', vnur al . mv now in OUI - for the v.eather to moderate." the n · [!.,;_., T.ri:».«. u 1 bn R-t:oir-hr st(i- riiinrHinn «.iiH-!.. · , . ' n».,,,^. 1 - ; i i TI.-., :, Vttl r. rlfinil I PlIPlTlflllV Freighter Sinks After Captain Leaps Into Sea Battle Since Storm On Christmas Lost Near English Coast l-'tii'lnn - f/I'| - The AiPCi'iran f rn-il'tr-i Klyirn Kntri irr-r n;ink in the :-tonnv A!I:uilic tuti.-iv ii'.^f ,1;-: nut! V- I'M t ( l « ? .T;i. C;ini. Kurt drlprn :itul Kir.-.t M:*ti* KT.MM'I P.-uicv nf ihr IT.-/ tn;; Tinn:"i! WHT : r.;ik-. ! icH from tho w.i'n.-; IM ,i!" iv On!: "ii M-.i'l Dam-y Import nVf*ri)'i;i!il \v,rn H iiccanif evident th'- fi.Tll-'.n:* frcinhtrr w a « S'/nfl tinu'n under. iho w.'tvc'i. Tho res- rup fleet rio.rrl in. Th'* lu^ T'.:r in-lit tliicu- 'over H i"po Irittricr and (he t w o mm cijtinboiftl In i-Hfcty. They v/ot'' in the v/;iUv only ibout tour niinuU::'. Girl.-.en i rfuy.ed in t'iv: un until Urn :;trir!',rti freighter ubvio:.;?;- iy was he.mni: lie, 1 !:i:l. HP hud bnltlrd siin-o iho Chri-lrn;is Pav hurricane In ?»ivc hh Hun. His rolit;iry tiuc-i w i t h the AUnntic ijc- K.-IH Of.-cMibrr 2H .ifirr hr oiMTf?-'! ;iil I'nnH:; in Jibnndon the ?!l]p, which ciuric-fl n new nf ·(') ;uirl ID pri':M:ir;r:::. Dnncy joined him last Sturdily. "'PC birr frri^hlr-r thni^fictl nbont for -10 m i 1 1 i i If.'-, and tl'rn riis- ;\ pcirn ird . A hn;i rd the British ttilvnqr tus Turmoil, Carbon .IP 'I n.-incy, braided nnd flxhiuislfd, flimbrri into dry clothing as UJB luc tn-.'idctl in (he direction of Fal- inouth. nbwH 40 mile. 1 ; luvjiy. SMn Turns On Kid* For more thiin 2t hours the VCT- srl Ji;d hcpn virtually nn il? side. At 9:03 :i. m., CST. tl became- nb- vinus to tin 1 U. 3, Dc:;trover Keith, stamdnt* bv. the Kntcrpriro wjiji about tu r.n dnwn. It nnd other nrnrby b(»il;; l)CRin the lon^- niii tiiicd rei.cuc opera Uon. T! 1 ^ bo^tii \vhlch hn'l liccti hcurrying Jihout thrr frrjshicr for djiy-, hcax'- cd Hn:-»* in in ihc writhlnR vessel the London Papers Pleased With Churchill Mission The Manchester Guardian said: prisoner o r ' w a r camps . . . House Group To Seek Briefing By Acheson "The visit ha.^ done sonu-thinc to reslfirc mutual re::pcet in the alli- . . . "Second, you do not wish to expose the Republic of Korea na- i friend: hip between the ! tionals whom you have incorpur- two nations. Mr. Churchill ha:; at( , r i i, l[f) VOIM - ; ,,- mv t o f rcc dom of Penns;. h';ini;,'.s radio said. T went silent for 17 mimili ien'Ti Price Fixing Tejlimony Al 1:21! ,hey sent ano'.her SOS Mpart fnmnlplinn iid said. "It looks like v.e have'" 6 "" vOUlpieilOn , to abandon ship." I Km I Siriill'. Ar n.-'.'!'.-Te.-.timony WashiiiKion-i/l'j-Tlic House For- j Supreme Court. etgn Affairs Committee will c a l l : on Secretary of State Acbcson nexl week for a full review of thc world situation before setting out on a stormy session over foi - eipn aid. Chairman Pic-hards (D-SC) said the committee wants to question ., . , .,, , ,, Achcson on what Prime Minister I ^ ^^r 10 TM"'I^Job ^ I .supreme commander of AllieH Gov- To Relieve Eisenhower Only At His Request Wfislfinslon-i/I'i-President Tru- i QlC l")^\'is s;iid he would :tp]ir order lo return to Arkanr; is expected to seek ;\ writ i boas corpus in Baltimnrt-, where he was arrested. Plfllll Al nut. ,ifirr all. had in bo ton c-nnsci- _ choit.c puhliclv expressed. You a t e I ' ' v "mmn.--. i.ui-i; ' "' iy-n r _ . . . on-: (,i his bank !Hl;mcc." i TeaiTuI that the results would in- j po^ons ahn;irH. I-nnr iu ; it." , ' , ' , ' , ' i ·" I " m -"-'^ 1 n - 1 -' "'· - Said thr Lnndon Times: | dicalr t hnl many have nt-lually ! At 4:.'{fi the final u-nrd.-.; "U-av- '' ';, i , ; ' ' ' ! ; ' ' , ( ' " dc;;::,,r:;:;;o;;;u!-''t^ 1 r:;s::;--; 1 r!heirwir i ' * --^ -- ^i:r;« .rs no, i:i aiiv case be seen for many , "Thji-ri. having augmcnlcd your monlhr. II is enough if thev have f o r t e s Ihroughont the war" by reached genuine undeislanding : -frecdoin of choice' you now seek, and have l e v j v e d an atmosphere to continue lo augment your j n.«l«.l«J I- . r of liin.dship in whieli officials ' f o r c e s by its ..pposiif, forced | f u r t h e r ' and minislcrs on both sides can repatriation, onlinue to work on Ibese prnb- j Allierl and Communist negolia- e,cc \'OII Hoitfrl's of the United . l '».'il(.; [Jena, tmenl ft'. Agrici;!- lui'f: i 1 -' presiding over the hearing He will icporl his findings to Ihc U.SIiA. A decision on thc matlcr x-.-ili ; forces as long as ^isenhower will - Churchill expects in American assistance. Kichards said he appro\ es Presi- j s iay there. The president described : Malvern, Arlc.-(/T)-The Univer rinnt Truman's request (or con- : Eisenhower as a grand man. I) ' 1 ' ^' Hjl '"c Hn(l Manufactuninj tinned foreign assislancc at high 1 Mr. Truman said he had ll)ci c '"' p - nf Sillnc - Mich., b..:- nui- Invels. But the chairman said utmost confidence in the general i !'. l ,'.". s ; c ', l ., t .!! c }["'''!!"?.^".I'l 1 ""'." 1 ! 1 " tlierc . . . . . - - - ..- C Ih, _ ^,, l ,,. i Oklahoma C i t y.i/|VOkiahoin: Ion::-. The communique ir, hearten- I Inrs arc in virtual agreement on riralcr:, of lj(|ucfied petroleum ga: ins." how to police a Iruce--except f o i · ! l '"'. iiy ( '-'"' nc ''! '" l1 "' stale- l.cgi-.- ,'"" " ~ I " le ^ c - v issue of whelher the fieri.- i n'^.^'v -i'.'.'"! 1 ,'!. .'.',!"j! j l: ' ''''-'""M || f r( . t IMur-h-.-M.irrird Mrxiran !can build airfielrls rluring an ar- then/ In^'hist'-dl' 'r'^HKi't; 1 Mm' 1 "'!!'/' ^ie inisticc. " ' "' . M i, t : later date by Irannan. v f l t C - ll!l levels. But" the chairman said utmost confidence in the general i ''hascd the Veremerc Coi pr,ration': there is a strong sentiment in 'i"' 1 had showed it by naming him ' aluminum die casting plant hen'. Congress for keeping this help "in .'" "" c " f li:0 "" lsl important posts ! 'TM '.'".' tll ' 1JC pni;c Wils ""' ''"' Ihe bounds" that the rounlrv nn ; ll was lvltll ' n llls power to give. . . . ., ,. · ' i In response lo questions M r ' l - A . 1-iughes. new ccneral ,,,;:,,- anorn. - Truman conceded lhat Ihe general I'''v 0 1 - : ' ;| " 1 ;il 'V vc (;l " 1 "'" 1 "' l! "' ' \ i n o h l h a v n In vn«.i«ii if 1m ,..,o,-n ' P l a n t Was lakCll OVd hv Liu- ,, r,f the l-'aioi Huio-iu ago t a n k s lo sell in lhat Male. Milk Piodurcr:; A:.ooatl'in. iep- The ie?ulalion n-tiim i, i2 all rc.-cnlin:: L-'iO o a i r v [.irrieir, n ' w o u l d have to rcsicn if he were ; I' 1 '"- 1 nomina Adds Tn S.iles Linr the National Cash Re c ister Com- {'i^norars ,. ct|tlcst . puny now nftcra National addins : * machines for sale. The office an- j., .... o ... nounced today lhat Ihe adding | °,?,V. .'.'._ '^i*..'.""-,,. machines wenl on sale January 1 ' inaled for president, lie mirl j v f r f '.-'"".'i' 10 ' r-'i !l v ;' n [ ' r ''I"''l l l 1 for the firsl time. The National line previously offered had in- Cluu'cd cash refiistcrs and aecounl- machine.';. The suh-nffit ...... in the Wnshinfiton Motel nuilrUncV" ' _ ____ ... ______ h i lion Ont.-l.'P'-Mary .lack- uid Henry Charles Reynolds a d m i t t c r l Ibeir marriage Ibis week was a leap-year a f f a i r . Yes. said Ihe blushing, timid bride of 7.1. she had "popped thc qucs- PoMltry Mork.t- | Baltimore ;- Workers On Strike ......t,...n Institute or Sciciirc and Technology and the Dairy mrt Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Afrlcul- turr. A i k a n s a s m a r k n,lltiinorc-l,ri-The public t i a u s - j portatlon syslcm of Rallimore halted earlv today as .1,200 em-. ployes of the Maltimnrr Transit i Company wenl oul on strike. rte«'dV,'';iernand''Kood.' Vo'liiine o f i plckfl| · Kl ' lllo ' i m" lvhi "« '" » , Iraflilld below normal All pr j c( , s ; cold, slnaily unn aM a. in. liefnic. K.O.H. farm. ,i| lo 2 p.m. t o d a y : ' a l l lerminals. The Iransporlahon broilers and Iryert. all weights, j system hauls 37.'i,(KIO iiai.sendeis lo .11 eenlp, mostly 3t. 1 tidily. Benloir. illr-(.S|K-cial l - A Tahlc- quah, O k l a , man -,'.a.; a n t . !rd y e s t e r d a y allcinoon - i t hi.--, home on charges of violating O k ' - d i o m a ' s ),,\v a l t e r ly/o Kogcr.-- men told police lien- ' ih,v. -,ic Dldahomao forced Ihc.n !o op-iaie an illegal slill and Ihrcalrncd them \'. p i,h a rouilUT when :hcy escaped. Stale Tinoper \V.illai-c I'arncll. who will, .Sheriff .Inhn Iliad; r.f Hcntoii Coimly aided lkl;il,o:,ia aullioiilies in Ibe a i i c s l . :..iid Neil fann f n e miles n o r t h e a s t of Tahlcqiuh a l t e r pobic found a f;n- callon slill 111 npriation. Thi- :.lny, as I'arncll and Shmff Iliad; learned il yr.sleiday aflernnon-. Mexico CHy-i/l"-Clial!ins al _ eoi.,p.,ir-d notes on their husbands ^'"'s Te«th Al 87 non-Ai kansas deaici-. lo inMall Ih/- .,. V i-n connl and lounrl liic.v WI-H- b'.lh mai n c d ' WinchcMcr. Va.-i/l'i-J. I!. Cos- ^ lnr;i R'- 1 '""ks «y»l i n ! ' - ' f f i - c t l.vl Uvo j,, (,hi.-,|,,,,., : ,. have a 10 the s,oi," man. Tbcy rmnplnin- tello. fl7, d'ic.Mi'l believe in going ; |v ,artm'cnt"of"| T [ , ' , , " ' ' ' '"'" : ' government lo f i x price:, i-d lo police. Thc police- found ihe lo a demist lo buy new teeth--he ' The f i r - 1 d.M.d'iomaii lo mou " v n - : had learned oniv half the grows his own. In his S3rrl year lhc rnMi'laliuii va' H ,1 fj nm : l o r y . The hu.-band. l i a f a f l Kv- of married life, Co.'.tcllo liac jo : :i nviiiijl^n, %,.,'| ., 'TM,'j|.- f,,I.| ,,,').·; h a / l a lliierla. \\;\.~ I'harci d vc : ,,-r- . f i n i s h e d culting lhc sevenlh loolh Smitb. Ho said Oklahoma docs: day w t l i marryin;: four \' in · in his third sel. Dontirts are iriysti- f require Aikansa-; lU-alci:; lo err 1 1 month:. 1I«- bam'l a i',o cither, i lied. ' , sloragc tank-; Time r a p',,,. ' niliti- thc nc.l Icgi .Inline will r . c c i v c proposed laws in enact himilar l.iv.- agam.'.t Aikan: df'.der.: if an agicciocn, i- n leached in llu- picscnt dcpulc. Cenlral By New (old Blast fit^nnt "C-L-0-S-E." The fuwio! ,«f Iho P'nlcrprisc by Ihi:; titnc WH:, f-lappinn tHc* FUrfuce of tip ^c;i, Thr? bu\v w;ts ron.^idcr- dhly lov/or than the stern. A little Amorii'.'in f f a u rlill fluttered over llit: rc:tr p;irt of tho fuprrptruc- (HIT. The \vind wss htnwlni? fiercely, pilchinr; thr rescue lugs iibout like chin:: nf \vfi«cl. \V;itcr poured into the funnel of the dviiip Enterprise. Towllnr't When tho l'i ii ;llne fnappnd yesterday, the KMns Enleinrisc WPS (inly 12 hnur.s* tovvinc from 1 mouth. Everything had been go- iriK (in'* until thfMi. The liltcri ship started on i t t - itinaway rourst? nn dsclUod slightly (iecper in tho v/;iler..U twisted ;ibout 10 defii'ocs farther over on ils led :-idc. This morning it Iny li::IinR 7fi desrecs and when the \vind: j . nnd Iinivy i;e;i.s rolled It. the ship leaned as low iis 80 degrees, cnmintj near t' but then slft'htly turning brick, The rnMjnfl kept C;trlscn off tho deck nf 'C:'tcni:*y, He came nut in fie niiTinifS in look over the jcmnjinLs of tho broken lov. 1 Jine, then went VKick with Ddury to ie;,t. purlly on th'.; wjill and p;irt!y nn the flti'jr of Ih^ir Inp- Mdrc! pcit-h high in the sUulmard drclc-Iioiipe. Waves rnllcd in high over the deck. The port siMc deckhouse dipped deep into tho wtitor. Two Plead Guilty In Farmingion Burglary T'.vu iiirr. rii.irRcd \vith burglary ^;.im! laiteny in the robbery month of the While Grocery i'.nnin^lou .tppeincci in Circuit i this jtinrnini: to enter plc.i.i ; of »;iiiry. PioviuL.ily both had ! jvc'-id no! ;;ui)ly. i .hj'.fgf Mijitpin Cu minings told I Prcjt(j» K. U:ivis :ii)d Arr.old F. [Chirk th.i! he v u u J c l accept the ' Two Complain They Were Forced To Operate Oklahoma Still !B Thr Ass'iri.itnl I'rrssl A I n - ' l Iv'.'i- of i-.,Id lilt ihi. ··(·II- l l a ! n,ill c i f 1-:- »-.,i|iitiy todav K.-ibin-.on !a:t · · · · · · ! : h.icrl t'.'.'o; Tin. Ivo voung oicn dis.,imc(li I!o;:ri: iiicn, Cecil IJiition. :;^. and ; Jtnhmsnn, who fled aflcr losing j T Waller .Mn.,ic. II!. i,, nil wood on : his pistol. They then reported In! ' W0 In.-- laiin, prini-.ini:^ them .SHI a . S h c r i l l Illack and Tloo|ier P i n - - ' " f.nin, Ihcy loiind Dial tlie won.I The Iwo officer, reported t h e llobm;./jn's .-.till, incidrlil lo Sheriff W. T. (,'unning- d:. near Ins .ham r,f Cherokee Counlv. nkl.i., Jaim.'.iy ft ai Stilwe'l, i)l;;.i. w a s air m rci-o\cied h o l e th]-; Horn CIHI; ··-· told police lhal the'.mil all Hirer mm went lo Holm,. , i t y police WilircTaid'thc'.'.''.'*.'.'* " i.''r'-l"-'i ow'fcl'l over most of the ! ri:..,i-i-.iM.v,i,g I,.,,,ii;:nii refined ,on'.-: farm, when- Ihr.v imc-ovcie-M f«und abandoned oo Soidii lil... k ( l.-ikc, ,,-ini, I" !c! them l c a \ c n.c lain.. Ihc Mill, will, IL' baneb: of ma:.ii ^trrcl ncai l o c W',-hiir' llo'cl l them e.-i-apcd ( norlunc. Flohinsnn, ancMcd lion, !hc l i i t t n . ,ir:rl e i ,|crday hi': hy the O',;lahoma .she,iff a lev, com,i.,n.on i-iudi'd Kolnnson nod ] miniilrs lalci \vh.-n he icliirncil lo lhc farm. Conn lec-oid'i heie -how ibul ·. hoc.,!, or-,1 II,cm willi a piislol I Mai i [i. I'll:,, on a cbalgc nf t,.ios- ol ·;.(·.dim: In. polling Ininor into a diy toiinly Diviilrnil I'avmrnti Srltflllllfd ' ni - ijl'i - I'.iyioeilts ' : · · · t . i l ; " i i S u n - d.r. NII:I.| do,,] IM-.II ll-.c hon.e avci.iKin" aboul J,i;n wi,. s , , ii. il' I'V.ncr, .Ic-s Wilbuin of I-';i;. - llu-. ycai to ImldcMs o( N'allonnl t-ttevillc, «-,.· rcco. ci nd y.'Merday Si-rvln- l.ilc Insm e policies.! abandoned al I ulhc-r, l)l:la lll-:l.,. The Vi-lrinii:. Adniini: liation a n - I h'lio.i aollioi;,!,- noiilii-d n.i iimiiiK-il \,-.', .d.iv it will ..-Mil di- ! licnlfr, II||,K. nr li.c U.MUCIJ · v-dnu; ,, SZlm.irw.lllK) dividend in! TV i - ' l !:· i I!M!I linn I,. ..i.i,i I,. i toju'e : i\ month;; fron 1 today u",- If.:. 'uoih ir.e:i ;irf on active duty \'. m i\h Ihe ai rued foiues. l),i^ i:, i' nduslit by the Army f f i f He- rrlinn, ;i!ui v. ill bo turned U-. IT !'· n;ilit:iry authorities. Clark dd tlic inuri I'^fil he is jchccl- ulni f'T indiR'liiJu into the armed fme;.. The Weather-- .,!^- --K;ur Oils iftcvncon ht A little i-rtldpr tnnscht \M',ii !fv.vct temperature^ 18 cv- trciv.r? noi'.h tu J4 cxtl'OUK 1 ovith piiition. Frnl.iy fair, wanner in I 111- ilfll'Mll'lUI. J A N U A R Y 2.«| CIVI MARCHo'DIMCS

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