Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 9, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1952
Page 12
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10-- WOtTHWBt AtKANtAI TOMB. Ny»M»ri««. Ar»««»»% January «, Auto Industry Gets Relief In Output Quotas Mobilizers To Cut Home Construction Rate During Year Washlnslon-Wl-netler newt for agencies are *»rm»rlln for civilian production as much tied and other scarce materials as pos miry of the planned distribution of scarce steel, a l u m i n u m and i copper among the military, de- .Jble. {.feme-supporting and civilian set- Members of the joint committee I menu nf the economy, also sought details on the "period Automobiles hart been ear- of severest pinch" for civilians, marked I c n t a t K r l v foi only which Wilson says has begun and TMoi,»h coppcr-lhe bottleneck will last into 1853. "' '" automotive, product on, , Part of the mfnrma Ion a l r c H d y , lor 80(1,000 cars. Cjlficials of Ihcj was out, Auto production mined lo 900,nnO : cars . .. , . , cnmp , n i n and the CIO Workers - Lodge Still Sees Chance For Active Eisenhower Campaign WashinKton-M'l-Scnator Ixidge. | panning in th* Wisconsin presi f ' l ' l today he believes I dential primary. .. , and 240.00H iruelis in the quarter U . | . wi| ,,,,,, , ni , uou | d . ·- ... . . 1 aggravate unemployment in Dc- startlng April 1. J h l x was w e l "i. r ,.ji rome lidiims lo the industry, liow-j ' _. _. ever: until this week plans calle.dl for only 800,000 ear.', and 200,000, . i i « trick,. 1 'Admiral Joy Home b u i l d i n g is due for .1 cut.' · J auto m a n u f a c t u r e r s anrt w o r s e » j j r m v \\_ Fowler, Ihe new hearli J~\ a/n j0 f J-I a 1 C Bitws for home builders was d u c ' t . f ilm N a t i o n a l Production Au- £^'(,11'ltZj I i C J jjriay j l h n r i t y . announced yesterday t h a i · .''. Mobilization Director 'Charles 'E.j '"" s ^"[."^"r bu'l'lrt'lne'suprillcsi .Wilson and Defense .Production | w ' m ' ( ] n l p c r m n ; , c n n i i n u a n r e of I Administrator M»nly Flclsclimaiin! ihe' present rate--about 850.000! were called before a congressional j homer, a ycnr. .'mobilization "watchdog" c ' on H Would Reduce "Starta mitlcc headed bv Senator Maybank (D-SC). , Maybank said his Ri'oup wanted U) make sure the mobillwition FEEIACHY? Mil TO COLD. MISIRIIS 666 »W^ "give* (ait fymptomqtlc RELIEF Officials are working' on plnns to reduce the number of residential "starts," Fowler said. Otherwise, builders may begin construction anil Inert llpfl it im- possible'to flnish.V.A'cut'of perhaps 100,000 is indicated' for 1052. Details and methods w i l l be discussed by Fowler with representatives of the construction Industry today. Meantime, Flcischnumn undertook to give Ma.vbank's group, the Joint Committee on the Defense Production Act, a complete sum- Herman Tuck, Jr. ° Hn u Trio Every Wednesday Night 8:00 To 11:00 Dancing Nightly 4 to 1 p.m. Saturdays 4 to 12 p.m. Northwest Arkansas' Finest Night Club Cloud Sunday and Monday Club ROCKWOOD On Country Club Road Jutt Off South 71 CLOSED Jan. 8 through Jan. 29 Open for business Wed., Jan. 30 While the ·eintert on*" d«eer«»or» are making our pfece "look like new," we will take a much needed reit. Our busi- will be closed for about three ness weeks. Will see you aaain on January 30th. · Heinle's Steak House Hy. 71 South of Springdole By K'OBKRT EUNSON Tnkyo-l/IWico Acim, C. Turner .loy still hopes "the Communists e v e n t u a l l y will tome forward with ft working demonstration of Rood fakh" at the Korean armistice talks. In a letter to tbi.-: correspondent lod»y, the chief United Nations delegate 'explained more f u l l y his Monday statement I" the press which generally was interpreted as "pcsimistic." In Ihe letter .loy .said he could not be "either pessimistic or optimistic," He has been in Toi:yn two days conferring with Grn. M a t t h e w n. Ttldgway, supreme Allied commander, Joy, the only original member of the truce ncgotiati "is s t i l l taking part (n Ihe talks, said Monday n i g h t : "V/ith each, passing day there Is less and less reason to think the Communists want a slahlc armii-tice. Certainly no one ran accuse thcni nf licing in a hurry to demonstrate good faith." Today he wrote: "I would like In make it clear that as senior delegate lo the armistice conference, I do nol feel t h a t 1 can a f f o r d tn be either pessimistic or optimistic. However, nothing stands in t h e way of my continuing to hope t h a t , in spite of their intransigence to dale, the Communists w i l l eventually come forward with a working demonstration of good faith." i the door M i l l is open (or General i Elsenhower to return to c i v i l i a n life before the republican presidential n o m i n a t i n g convention. Lodge reported he docs not interpret Elsenhower's statement that lie xvntild nol ask for relief from his Kuropean defense assignment as foreclosing all possibility-aside from presidential action-- t h a t Ihe general would take off his uniform before .July. In announcing Monday he would answer "a clearcut call to political duty"--in t h i s case the Republican presidential nomination -Eisenhower said he would not ask relief from his m i l i t a r y assignment "in order to seek nomina- t i o n to political office" nor would be join in pre-convention campaigning. Critics said this indicated the general wanted to be "drafted" and John 13. M. Hamilton, a Taft hacker, said in New York t h e general's statement had "pulled the rug" out from under his supporters. Denying this, Lodge said in some respects he supposed the Eisenhower campaign will parallel lhat which the GOT 1 nomination for the late Wendell L. Willkie in HMO. Tafl Ready To On Senator Taft (R-Ohio). an a c - tive candidate for the nomination, outlined an intensive . speaking: and hand-shaking drive which will keep him busy u n t i l April 1. He begins his lours w i t h a January 21 ceremony opening Taft headquarters in Madison, Wis. Taft said he w i l l make a West Cuasl swing in February, Ihcn visil Texas, Ari/.una and New Mexico in M m c h and spend the last two weeks of that month cam- A f t e r April, he said he plans to cover the Eastern area where Eisenhower supporters claim.lheir greatest strength with visits to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jcrr-cy and Connecticut. With Eisenhower apparently foreclosed against speaking on the issues--at least temporarily--Taft lost no time yesterday in making his views Hear on the politically potent question of federal taxation. He asked for and got from the Senate Republican Policy Committee he heads a unanimous olcdge to fight any increase in taxes and to demand substantial cuts in government spending. The Ohio senator won something of a victory when Senate Republicans elected S e n a t o r Bridges of New Hampshire, who hasn't taken sides in the president i a l race, as GOP floor leader to succeed the late Senator Wherry of Nebraska. Most Republicans backing candidates other than Taft voted against Bridges and for .Senator SaHonsta!! " Massachusetts, a n Eisenhower rooter. Bridges won, 26 to 15. The New Hampshire state attorney general ruled, meanwhile, that Eisenhower's statement made him a Republican and this may kill attempts to put the general's name j on the Democratic ticket in the March 11 primary ballot in that state. In Milwaukee, former Gov. Harold E. Stassen of Minnesota said he is r u n n i n g for the nomination on his own and will not conduct "a shadow campaign for General Eisenhower." He ?aid Eisenhower seemed to want "a buttoned-up draft." Baptist Session Is Scheduled At Dutch Mills A Ba|)lisi workers' conference, for Washington anil Madison: counties will be held tomorrow at the Dutch Mills Baptist Church. | Theme of the conference will b e j "The Church at Evangelism." ! Dr. Walter I,. Johnson, pastorj o( the Kirst Baptist Church i r i j Fajcttevillc; will be moderator.! The Ilcv. A. J. Seott is host'pas-j tor. The conference will open at 10 a. m.. with sons and devotional by the Rev. A. L. Frit?.. Talks will be given by Ihe Rev. A. L. Lcakc, the Rev, John Stevens, and the Rev. Jobnic Womack, followed by a report of churches and a sermon at 11:45 a. m. by Dr. Johnson. i A f t e r lunch, a board meeting is (scheduled for 1:30 p. in. The Rev. ! Roy Fish and the Rev. Jesse Colc- | man wiil speak, and the Rev. Stanley Jordan will deliver a sermon at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. A. I... Leake will meet with the women during the noon hour. The conference will close at 3 p. m. Marriages Up Revenue In Benton County 340, June 276, July 325, September 330, October 380, November ."51, and December 378. Used by thousand! In reducing diets--Junge'i Roman Meil bread. 11-19-tf WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Year* SMITH RADIO SHOP District Office Of VA In St. Louis To Close Thr St. Louis Veterans Artmln- ist ration district nffice, which hand I PS veterans' a f f a i r s in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas, will phut down next month for consolidation with Ihe Denver, Colo.; district n f f i c p , Carl Gray, veterans administrator, has announced. Cray's orrlnr w i l l not a f f e c t t h e St. Louis VA regional office, which will remain open. Closing of the St. Louis district office Is « part of a genera] con-' 50lirUtion of district offices by the VA. The move is aimed at trimming payroll mid rent and reducing maintenance costs. The Oakland, Calif., district officr will also he combined w i t h Denver. This means the Denver officr will have jurisdiction over 11 states--Arkansas. California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. Panel Discussion On Schools Sponsored By AAUW Branch J'We r e c o m m e n d "I u»e Conoco Super In " 'RO.OOO Milea -- No ConocoSupjETtoourcus- my demonKtratora, re- Wear' is more than a toineni"--Buick Dealer port* W a l l e r Jamo, phrase"--IX W. Flint, KoHri Dealer, Arvada, J. B. H«y-«, Hohlm, New Meiico. Ituick Dealer, Fairview, Oklahoma. Colorado. Cara lining Conoco A wear" , Chryn- Denlcr, nit . jnei chow lens wear . Smith, Chryn- ler-riyrnouth Dealer Milca City, Montana. New Car Dealers say: "I got the story on 'WOOOMiles-Norter and changed to New Conoco Super Motor Oil' Pointing out that cducalion has made our nation what it is. Superintendent of schools, Virgil Rlossom says he is concerned over Ibc attitude of some who have protested an Increase in properly assessments to m a i n t a i n public schools. The school superintendent was one of the sneakers on a panel discussion "Let's Lonk_ At Our Schools," sponsored by the Ffiycllcvillo branch of A A U W , last nipht at the Student Union. Approximately ISO were present. Miss Jcannettc Scuddcr lead the panel. Participants were Dr. Henry Kronenbcrs, dean of the University Collcnc of Education and Mrs. Delbcrt Swart*. "Washington County is not one nf the better assessed counties," said Blossom, "and the re-assessment carried out, was more equable t h a n if the increase had been made by the millnjrc route." Rei plying to questions about Nczro . schools, he said t h a t Lincoln i School has grades from one to ' nine, has excellent teachers on same salary scale, same text books, curricula, supervision and lunch facilities as white schools and attendance is 45. Twelve from here attend Lincoln HiKh School, Fort Smith, with all costs, including board, room and transportation paid by the Kay- cttcville school district. Mrs. Kwarl7. said t h a t schools reflect the public demand and that when it comes to discipline, the normal teacher cannot be asked to do more t h a n a parent. Commenting on this. Blossom said that many children have never been disciplined until they enter school. In reply to criticism leveled at leaching methods. Dean Kronenberg admitted that students may nol be drilled as formerly, and said consideration had been Riven Bonlonvillc-(Sutcial)-Of I h e $17,638.25 ill revenue taken in by the Benton County clerk's officr last year 514.122.30 wa* brought by the sale of marriage licenses. However, $1,961.30, or SO cents for ra"h license, was turned over to the state as a v i t a l statistics fee. August proved tn be the most lilicly m o n t h for matrimony when I .187 licenses were sold. February P turned oul to be the poorest with ; only 221 i s s u e d . Sales for i the other months were: January j 188, March 314, April ,'33. May lo a dual system with different curricula for the ''good risk" college a t t e n d a n t s and the "nonacademic" group. Bui such a system, he said, would be resented by most parents. The' program was arranged by members of the Educalion Cam- mittce of the branch, of which Mrs. W. A. Gulnn is chairman. Miss Mary Droke presided. Westork Council To Meet January 22 The a n n u a l meeting and b a n - quet of the Westark Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, will be held J a n u a r y 22 in the Goldman Hotel in Kort Smith, J. Clib Bar- Ion, president of the council, has announced. ' Don S. Kennedy, president o f i Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, will be the banquet speaker. A business meeting is set for 4 p. m. The banquet will start M fi:30. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS HOW SHOWING . !:30 3:31 5:3J 7:J) S:34 in TOO GOOD o m NEWS · PONY EXPRESS NOW PLAYING -- Opsn 6:45 Shows 7-9 Tht Gtralest Highwayman of Them LOUIS HAYWARD Newt · Hollywood Com«diini NOW SHOWING -- 1:42 3:33 S:3t 7:33 9:38 Musical Memories Law of the Bidluidi A4nrttM In !»· TIMES--It PLAN TO BUILD 8** Our MitniiL G«I Our PtlcM. TIT Our S«*te*. DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml St. Ch.flM "I put Conoco Suner in n i l our new cars" -M. RurRCJtft, Hudson Dealer, KoacnbcrR, Tex. "*For top performance "Heat oil we ever UM Conoco Supejc"-- --(i. M. .lamcK, Mar., with a fiO.OOO-milc now- Suncjtonrwcarbuyem" P. D.hfton, K a l n p r . MetroMntor»,Kordl5i«- rar jruarantee" -- K. R. --G. II. Cook, Chcvrn- 'kacer, Alliance, Ncbr. trihutor, Murray, Utah. . Baiter, Cedar Rapid*. let Dealer, Newark, 111. N»w C«r F«w«rl B»lfk«r Itartil Gcit "glimmer!imn" performance nil winter. Change, now. In winter- irradn ConocoSuwi MolorOil! Conoco SliPCT fighl* /^ rc ^ £/mt » · "fl" r u*l. corrosion and Kludge, keeps your engine fTVfcff //CrJP"" new and clean. After n punishing 50,000-rnile road tnf, with proper crankcait drains and regular art, ennnn lubricated with Conocn felRtt Motor Oil nhnwtd no it-far nf any tHUteuentt . . . in fact, an nvtnfo of law than one one-lhnuHnndth inch on eylindvra and crankahnfta. Amazing proof: factory finishing marka were (till Tiaibki on piaton rinfa. MilM WM actually M.77% a* good ax fcf th* fin* 5,000! Proof that Conncn Stum, with ita Ott-PuTtNG, can mak« .'WiaTOir Utt lonfir, perform bettor, ua* Let fMotim a«f »U. ····NTINCNTA4. ATTENTION, HOUSEWIVES! Let us help you plan your spring re-decorating problems. Wall Tile-Plastic, Steel Aluminum \ All the lottst dtcorator colors. Linoleum Tile-9x9,8 Enough for small areas. Venetian Blinds-Special at 3.45 Bring your own measurements. These are easy to install. White only. l ; ree estimates made. 7 S. SCHOOL Faytttiville Rendering Co. ng Beautiful Rosewood Handle Here's on outstanding valu» -- your chance to gel a handsome set o( nix nationally-famous steak knives. For looks -- ior quality you've never seen anything to compare with these knives at this price. Take advantage ol this special oiler and buy a set today. Hurry -- whil« quantities last! TOP CASH PRICE FOI YOUR FURNITUM AT HILTON MOS. AUCTION HOUSt, PHONE 1770 tALf EVERY SATURDAY SORRY . . . WE MUST L I M I T 6 K N I V E S T O A C U S T O M E R Fayetteville Floor Co. 7jrt$fOnt STORES · «UAAI BUAkjr 1^t« aT . · ' PHONE 24S5 101 NORTH COLLI4I PHONI 231

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