Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 9, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1952
Page 11
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NOtlMWHT ARKANSAS TIMB, Foy««t*v!ll«, Ark«nt«l, W*4n«4y, January 9, IM1 f . n Frsnklin Cooper »nfl Miry Bux- f f aVlOn lYflflU '"" Cnopi-r. On D«cfmber JO, *^**%^ 1903. hf w«« married to Geoige £. Annis Ppnderjraft at the Ten ijflVS* Yartl Hollow Church near Bcn- * tonvlllf. Whatever happens in 1952 there ' HP is survived by his wife: two "will be a new crop of queens, daughters, Mrs. CMeo Patchin of During 19,11. Mini Rural Electrifi-1 Hiwassc. and Mrs. Velma Crab- ration Administration and Miss tree nf .lane. Mo.; six sons, Clyde ]Gr,. ( '' Corn Stalk were inaugurated and Miss Fur Queen was crowned. The year exceeded all others in royal pomp. There u a s :he . Queen of Carnival, Miss A l a r m i n j (alarm system*), Mis.-: Hat Queen (National Hat W e e k ) , Miss Beautyreit, Miss Pacific Purchas- . er, Miss National Vintage, BUSINESS OfrqiTUNITT "FROZEN CUSTARD. SOrr or hard i« crc-am. * l v i » « » ' « . ! matt*. itindMB, plnli. e t c . NEW, , DIFFERENT; TWIN-KISS. T W O - ' rOLOR TWO FLAVOR TOGETHER. ^. IK ft i:p to 3Wr profits. Year a r o u n d I money maker for Dairy. Bakery. C o n f e c t i o n e r y , Drive-In, f t c Nt;w Twin-Kiss store openini In Sprinit- ilnlf noon. Xa fnmu-hlie vr r o y a l t i e s lo piy. LINDSEY k SONS BOX .1215. TUI.SA FOR_ EXCHANGE I W I L L trad 1 FOR level. f n v o r a t U y located H i n t area h u l M l o l I n t . M li.v r r u r a l properly. Write n»x , Turn's. 11^0 FLEKTL1NK. Cnnturl J u r k Benton. ·,CiirifCnl» !!olllln« Co niU'ULA'inil hc.ilrr. mrd I month* lllippv Hollow ll.infll, (tmile 7 s\i v I I SALh-- l. I ONf . j MUl Freight Forwarder, Miss Tan- Kerine, Miss Macaioni, Miss Alum- ' inum Stepladder and Miss Flowers '»»· Dorl D - Dixcn by Wire. There were also queens nf the of Sweet Homr. Ore.. Claude nf Sparks, Nrv.. Elmo of Bentonville, I Paul nf Hiwanse, Cnnley, of Jane.: HKLP WANTED Mo., and Vernon nf Midway: four j BOY brothers. Lnnro nf Bentonville, Es- ! tie o! Gentry, Ottn nf Gravette, | and Prcston'of Denver,, Colo.: K1 j IKLr WAVriCI) - MAU: grandchildren and one Rrandchilcl. ow. w i l l freshen Kel Mh to llllh. I'IKu (111 WVANDOTTK pullels. W r p r o i l i i e - ' tion. see iit CH-L-IP C u u r u . H i g h w a y I 11 Soulh. Itoii'.t- K. ; ! EFFICIENCY I · c v r r y t h u i i ; f u I t i t M l nmiii M J M I FORJJALF.--REAL EftTATB SO ACnr."f«rrn ~7 rfio'nf'h'nine. liirii* . barn, rurmine w « i r r . 70 acm in i v a l l i - % . F'llre t24Mvtwi, If run 40 ACRF.S. cheap l i n p r o v e i n ' - n t i r i m ! n ' n r w a l p r I r v r l l a n d . IrtfKl, lerml .\ V Cler. R h c a . Ark HOME, BUSINESS," " BROILER SET-UP THF. honii- It rf-e-k v r n r r r r d . : nnrl liiirm 1 f n r small · ir.ilo] ( 0 1 llrll for table service. A p p l y | H i i n t i i v i l l e . in perjon. Banl:. Cnffee Shop. School « n f l _ Mountain. ^ . | |o n SALK great- BOV to opt-rnte d i l h w p i h i n K m n c h i n f ] and i r n r r ^ l kilchcn work. Frrtuion 1 ,S.-;·% Tixr. HAMMOND Rf/UIY C0.| ,.. , ,,. . - I I'hnne 7»'l ' M I S C K I . I . A N E O U S A T ' A U C T I O N fnr iroci m » d r r n tuunr. \tatf run in ?0x.10 w i i h renif er hou«f fnr 3.flon limni- Is n r w an fi|U!pl p l ;fi IK r r « nf I r l r l l v I I n r n c I r f l v artana*"! ff ri ' 1952 SPECIAL ACCOHOIM; 10 ui* *i-nnn w i l l hf a n m h T very C' 1 '" 1 re W I T hnniM u-i |] ho mil! Ihe « c a r r l t y «rwi h i g h i"' lil'fl tlr iin rn. . t f l o n r h r n l l Tin l . r n l t / m p l c t e l v . May, Rice Queen ("1 lovt rice. I really do.") and Miss Illinois Cemetery Ass'n. (Making people graveyard-conscious). There was Miss .Electric Appliances ("girl with the best connections") and -Miss Honey ("Girl We'd Most Like to BEE With"). And there was Queen of the Roses, "Miss Apple of Our F,ye," Miss Peach, Miss Prune, Miss Yam, Miss Fig, Miss Tobacco and Miss Nut. One pro- ·fessional queen rcisned over 73 different products. No telling what the promoters will hatch up in 1952 to pose in ·icanties and publicize with their royal exteriors. However, the climax was about reached late in 1951, in Detroit, when Gaylia Davis, a 17-year-old model, wa« crowned "Miss Sewer Cleaner of 1052." "It may be a - S oigy title," .'he said, "but 1! it helps my career, 1 don't care." Obituary Springdale - (Special) - Funeral services werfr conducted at 2 o'clock yesterday for Pvt. Darl D. Dixon, 20, who was killed in Korea. The Rev. Paul Watson, pns- tor of the Church of the Nazarone ·cad the service »t the Callison- Sisco Ch»pel. Burial was in Bluff cemetery with military seryics by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Pallbearers were Omer Ingrum. Wayne High,' Charles High, Fred Griggs, William Graham and Haymond Parsons. HELP WA^ST^p--KEMALIr^ i YOUNG wnmtn with coort know and background In bonkkecpln permanent pnsillon. Age. SATURDAY MORNING 10 A.M. KIVK rnnrn hm ni'y. Phimr I A T T K A f ' r i V E Leghorn, more than 300 sailing miles closer to New York than are Germany's Bremen and Hamburg. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS H*te: 3 eenti per word ninfle In- nertion. Three consecutive limrtioni. 7 cents per word. M i n i m u m nrder *2c. Claiiifitd *ds cash in advance--not taken ov*r the l*lfphon*. Dtadtine for classified «dS; 10:30 a m daily: *;30 a. m. Saturday. Corrections and rnrun cheerfully mnde *ft« first Inneriinn. No correc- tlonn or rerun made after »d ha» expired. NOTE: AttvertislnK ropy for other fnr Ml*5. Ada!p«ei is due at 12 noon tht day pre- J c,,nriav f n l - i w d l n * P"hli«tion; 12 noon Saturday Sunday loi- for p u b n c i t j o n on MonUy.____.. Mr». Ada Guinn Funeral services Guinn, 68, who dH lowinc An extended illness, will b« conducted by the Rev. Glen _ rnffmmt Jit the PettiKi'cw Com- WARNING mu'iKirch. Buria, will be in; ^SB^tSMLK. the Boston cemetery. ; Henry B. Walker and John M. Hilton Ar'rtnstments are in charge o f ; Plaintiff. LEGAL NOTICES Must he neat and For a p p D i n l m e n l , 2 2 B 7 . ' ; 5 separata Washington Transfer i 'allotments of furnilure and mis- I UHM.SIU.U i i p n r l n H V b r i i n r y J : M : r h i l i l i f n . f e d e r a l j I . K J H T h n i M r l t r e p i u rnoin. ^ .Norm cellaneous, being sold for s t o r HILTON BROS. AUCTION HOUSE RELIABLE person wanted to take p age at cure nf two children in my home. · Call 3.S5SJ aflcr 5 P^"^^,^^^^ SALESMEN _W ANTED DlD^voii earn money like this iti December SS81.05. S723 211. 5.9:18 11. i ... -., k l ,, » If noi. I h c n why not in- . H i w o y 71 N o r t h . vesligate how yon ran do as well . BABBITS: RO'KOIK! s w i t h n n Investment. T h r only r e - ! . . . . . . _ . Qiiirpments are t h a t you have a rar «rr honest and nmhlliniis. Fnr interview, see W. M. Moory, Wssh- I n f t o n Hotel, bctwcrn 7 «ud I D ':» the evening. A. L. Colbert. Klcclrn- liix Corp.. 4012 West 12th St.. L i t t l e Rock. Phone 1770 rk ]-;)hhlts w i i h hut dies itnri t i l l r t i u l p i i i p n i ;iiid .'O'l Ronl b n r K n i n at SJOH. Also 1, I 1 , inches, i I f i i c t n r . S3(l. House, M n u n - On Smith ftn fci -t. Sninl nderson. L«(j SITUATION WANTEU-- Female FOR practical nursini, call 2679. SITUATION WANTED COUPLE wlTh references fiesire employment w i t h l i v i n g qunrtcre. We know how to do things, w h n i have .\ou? Wri*- °~" '07 r '~'wTMr" INSTRUCTION COMPLETE your hlnh school at home in spare time. Texts furnished. Diploma. No classes. Srnd fnr 47 p»«c hooklet and nample lesson free American School. ' Eureka Springs._A^r BLOOMING Ucniniunis. prlmro'irf. ;i/nlcaK. dr. Plinnc Berry\i Klow'crs. 13 Soiilh Grr ·is. i h c 1J«: uwcrs, 41 R U M M A G E snle. K f l l i t S n t u r r l n y .Innuary 12 C h r i s t i a n Chun-h. G T K U ' i N I ) Ilnnr h n i h . 5frvic* ishrri. S« :.n r.a«!l·»·!·: It- I ' h n n r l l i - r ! ii'lCK f i n n t lininioin. {|nu-nnt;iir» Pri v;tn- i-ii!r;inrc I' 1 - 1 ? N Hrhnr»l. Phom IDBS-W V F H V n;ci- ;t r i m i n i n r n t . I ' n v a l r cut VI. P h o n e l!1!i. 3~n6oM d p a r i n i c n i . 10,1 S I.oru- S L K K P I X G ronm. p n v n i r i h;nh NCHI- i ; : i i v r r M i v Liif.i.v.-ltr Plume MOW. 6 N r " r i i o m ~ f i i n i l M i c f l n p n r i m e n l w i i h r r f r l i t r r f i t n r On ttu* route. $35 W f i U l Ltvcrcit. 1 I V 1 J . _ fbl LEVEHETT.' lUmins. W j'l wrrk. J171.I. _ ic"293S" ; SMALL M»n~ In'iilrliixi. :iiw"\Vc.M* Dick- 7 , son U t i l i t i e s p n i r t . KK IHI prr "Srr t I ] r c .| c;e 1 ,r K c--Mi-Kiniu-y AKC.H-y. Phono I* nth" ! NiaO'-oTrroom. prlvalc CM"lniiu-e. 218 j N n r l h Church. Phone J227W Shop. - TWC) modern a p i i r l m c n l n V r f u l jtn.l p r i f r c l VI v r r « * f i i t i n l r Xtit.Mm SEE T H I S . You » i l l I t k f i t 2 1 /? MILES OF i FAYETTEVILLE i ON I'lvrrl h i g h w a y . 1(1 wnnrterful arn« M h o m f « . .1.500 l u n i l f f *·*· ; li.inlv. f i l l i n e ^ i i t t K i n . irrf.t*r\ *lrtl'f ; l i v i i i u q i i i i t l P i * n ' me i*i'i-*r *tore. ' si-oono «n(t WHAT A DEALS ONE OF THE BETTER : FARMS on THE ILLINOIS i - A l l ( I I I (;.»ii McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc. r""S2 O'ifl 00 H-Min hnm* »' fdfie Kincoid Co. · Automotive ·Fire · H e a l t h and Accident -' · Polio ·Liability · WOI! K M K.VS COM PENSATION · Plate Glass ·Burglary "HSURAHCE Automobile. - Liability fire - Exiendtd Covaragt Polio - Plait Glaii WADI FINCHIR Aiead* Bldg Pham *0» 1 Wani lo Sel woi:i.u ion lihr ,p VH«-;M Y o u r P r o p e r l y ? ol v u Koinllis. AH MtrncMvi* set tip. JUST LISTED, ON 62 ! WKST of F n v r t l r v i l l f C l t v \v«HT. i m t t i r a l it--". *'»t'l » rooms nnri i m i l i . l i m l l r r rnp.irtty S.OW. a u i o m a t l r c t n i l p m r n i A r o u n d 2 »crr» of Rno'l . Iftnd A place you ran'i h e l p but Ilk". Price i« not h l p h . prcp«r!n| tn p r i m «mr ndii'oK i n i i l t i i R "lit lo our l A t c n t n s i l l l * i . npfncc UT irtid thii tn tlir Roiid I m t l i i B * u p ran fid WITH SERVICE" ( Health and Accident ' Workmoni CompeniaHon ^; Plate Glan Burglary -· . Autoniobita Polio Poultry · - - Firf Liabiliiy . Trip nfl i X f pill iflilnfl fnr l i f i UJLEY REALTY, Fink FOR SALE Three 12x13 fool new frame ,, ,,. . r;i:ci| nil 71 li!i;hv:;..v. n! I r n i n | - ; , v c i i r v i n r . Enoli II.T* 3 iTrnmi iind t m h . h u i l t - i n . ^ nnd n o w i n t n i d l i n o l e u m in h t t r h c i v , e n t i r e plorf n e w l y r r d r c o r n t p f l Coiiifuriahle nnd n t i r a c t l v c «nrl rrn- m n h l c MMCB I ^ A I O tuui IH.-VY iiuiuc i t - i i / i i k 1 fTM\ f" A I -T^ / buildings suitable for garagos, N EWLI N REALTY · . i i I i I I PO- Box 183,' chicken houses, could LOST AND FOUND Nelson's Funeral Home. Herbert L. Guhl' «nd' Ruby Nell Guhl . . Defendant _ _, , , The D e f c n d a n t u Herbert L. G u h l Mr*. Grflt* Bldklty ,, nr j n u b y Nell Guhl »re wnrnf.d to Mrs Grace BlaUlcy, 46, resi-1 appear tn thin Court within t h i r t y dent of West Fork, died yesterday *"'« p ; Rn , dnU ; fn '*n' r ih e *iib C o« P entitled morninp at 7:30 o'clock at - Eoonfvlllc hospital afler * year' lln*st. Mrs. Blakle . . w»s horn at Aurora, Mo., June 1905, lh* daughter of J. R. «nd Mary Bojlright. She w»» · member of the As- · »embly o( God Church. , She U survived by her husband, H. R. Blaklcy; three «ons, Raymond »nd Bunky BlaUey of the homt «nd John Bl»kley of Hiintjville,' three daughters, Fern and Anna Lou BUkley of the home Cnurt this 7th rtny (KEAL) Richard B. Gre«r Chancery Clerk By Joy Rupe. D. C. and » f K l of I h i x of J a n u a r y , 1932. FOUND, a watch and a merchandise from a local (tore, j Owners con pick these up at Ihe I police station by i d e n t i f j ' i n f and paying for t h i n art. BLACK and "white" male b i r d ' ( t o n . 1 yt*r old. Lost East ot town. Phnne 2M3-W before 10 a. m. or a f t e r 7 p. m. LOST, brown billfold c i t h e r on Spring- j dale bun or »outhe**t corner ol t oquarc. Reward. Call 30.-)5-W. WANTRD. heavy hens, also 200 to :100 three pound broilers. J. L. R u t - IfdKc. Hiih«-ay J« W«''-,_ FOK SALE--AUTOMOTIVK 1951 PLYMOUTH Sohurban. W i l l ron- lider trad*, for cheaper car, phone 726.J.-215 South Block. . be made into small 2-rnom dwellings. Can be seen at 815 West "of ! Dickson Street. Manhattan Construction Co. \\'r Km I;. Ark _ N I C K 41 · CO.MPLKTE M w m i i l . w i t h motor. 14 1 cnrrincc._\Vri!r Box .1-fil. '.. Tlinps. HAY" delivered nnyivh'rrp W r i t e W. D Rcclwuic tir |)hinic 2191. n a l i - l i f l . _ A r k . " W A L L P A P E f l WE h a v r just rcccivcrl n Milmm-nt nf I^Ti^ i n i p c r i a l W a l l p n p r r Price i* low ns Hr. o t h c i MoHdinv. jihnlir .100J. t n n t hrrlronm [or h u s i i i f ^ ^ 117 Knsi i.afiiyeite. P h o n e I f i U H W . _ ONK" nifii'iTiwi" KiiRl nock. APARi'MKNT" wrtl furnished."" Bills pniri N r n r Sqiiiuc. A v a l l n h l e J a n - Uiirv l i r s l I'hour 73RJ 2 ROOM "fiirnishrri apm liuen'i. U t i l l t l c pnid. Phone J_0.11-w. JUS'F~vnrnlrd hi "n'n. u |'" hi RANCIH'SYVCE *" "I %·"-" ; "K-rsi- ±7 airis.!:?," 1 'TM:!; u l r i i c t l o n inrlllde* It) I n r h f l o o r : j n l s t n . colttlTd h n i h l i x t u r c r ' . u n m l j I n i r n i n K fire pl«ro nnd r e n i r n l heat . Three npnrinu* hntrnnni* n'"* P'nc i pnncled sun i n n m . lovely k i t c h e n : nnd 3d foot l l v l n t room. Lnr|P lot nil pavement nnd lot* of » h « d r ! UPC* M i« the hest buy In t o w n j tit ti.vonn.oo. i WILSON-ADAMS '· L A R G E ni'idcrn ranch » t y l f . lim exira Urcc romiH a l l *lei*l wlndOWl. two f u l l t i l e d h u t h c . wood hitrnlm f l i c ! p|j»rr. One- Cind one-hslf lnt» on . p a v r n i r n t . There I m i n t h i n n In t o w n ; tn rinip«re with ti. Price hi» hetn reduced. · The R i t t e r Agency j l l t l p i '" T ' ^ f ' t l t r r _PJ inn * tMT-l^_2*'V-45W j . 1 THREE A. INSIDE C I T Y j nioricrn. [urn- . ATTnACTIVF. home »( Hve Iftrnr IIKIIIH. rnzy sviiorthurnlnB f l r r p l « r c NEWLIN REALTY and Company, Inc. Georg« F. Caudlt Virf PfP^ident Jh ln*urinc» Hfr H. 1. Ulley J. J. Py«0»t I P r p i t d t n f Seer«T«rr T«|tphan* 2303 Ifl 127L'W. 219 F.asl nd up . SMID or r.r ··Mfit 0* tittta Notice l« hertljy nlven t h a t ai co- Admlnl.traton of th« Kitate of I.ina X RfSd. rtccraicd. wt will. Mtwcen the hour« of 10:on o'clock in the forenoon and .1:00 lock in the after- ind Helen Bl»kley of Huntsvillc; her father, J. n. BontrlgM of Springdals; three brothers, Albert and Ed Boatright of Springdnlc | ijits i. 2, mid Elmer Bo»tright ol Caliiprnla; J{ °TMy, three" listers, Mrs. Effie Dennii of Hindsville, Mn. Alie Daniels of *£pringd»1e |nd Mrs. Lucy B*iley of Johnson; tour grandchildren. Services sre to be held this afternoon »t 3:30 o'clock in \M chapel 'of Nelson's funeral Home, with buriil in the Stucky cemetery undtr the direction of 1'clson's Funer«l Home. noon, on Ihc 25111 l«y nl J « n u » t y, «t thr frnnt door o( the court hou«« of W«!hln«tori County. A r k u n . the City of Fayettevllle. o f f e r for Mle at public auction to the bi*n- ftl bidder upon a credit of two montha followinf lands, to-wit: : , ·; ». II 17. .l^i; of F«vf (tevin*. w«*hin«l«n County, Arkuntti; «Uo. all rl«ht. title »nd !nl*r«t of *aid ettate f n «nd to » ccrtnln allny or litrip of lund twenty (201 feet In width lylnir nfl- jncent to unri North of Block I nf Mid sub-division nnd extending from GregK Avenue to Ar- kanitis Avenue in Mid City. . ·purchaser *t such -kulr will he r f - Illii JM Frickt fillli Joe Fricks, 80, resident of Schaburj, died yesterday after- nqon tt tht City Hospital after a j-etr's illness. He was born at Cedar Ridge, Ga., moving here in 1911 from Dennison, Texa^. He was preceded in death by his wife, · Elizabeth, in 1S39. Mr. Fricks was a retired school teacher and post mister of the Armada Post Office. He was a member of. the Missionary Baptist Church in Dennison. Surviving him are four sons, Roy T, of Fort Worth, James T., Wichita, Kan., Charges of Fay- ctteville, and Fred Friclis of Scha- bur(t; two daughters, Mrs. Viola Lane, Alma, Ark., Mrs. Jcnnl« Valliquptt of -Srhaburc; 10 grandchildren and four flreat Rrandchil- rlren; one half brother, \V.,T. Med- j lin of Atlanta. Ga. Two children I preceded him in death. Funeral arrangements in charge of Nelson's Funeral Home are in- qulrftd to (rive note with security to payment of the piirrhMe monev. J. r«y Recrt «nd Clifton McMichtel CO-Adnilnistralors of Ihc Et»te of Linn X. Reed, deceased. 2-9-lS-c WHITFIELD'S USED CARS-TRUCKS 1950 8( Club Sedon^ Hydro- malic drive, radio, heater, low mileage. One owner. S a f e t y tested. Guaranteed $1995 1949 88 Club Sedon $1695 1947 Buick Sedan $ 595 1941 Chryller Sedon . . .$ 495 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . .$ 195 1949 K-8 International Tractor. 2 - speed axle, 5 - speed .trantmisiion, K-10 Engine. Cam air brakes. Triple- checked. Guaranteed $1795 T R U C K S 1944 Chevrolet Ui-ton In and let i t n p c r Unlay. P;iirway l l n n l w n r i - . 23H Mill Sln-.-t I'liniH- ili.1l). We civc !i II fircrii siainps. ri'AJNBOW "TROUT wld t l n l l y . ' Phone S p r i i i R f i n l r 32f)l. U?.ark Trout K a i m Nrar .lohnsun, _ C O n . N ' ' f c d {lrrsscri~'htiKs, ITiO injuiuls. Phonc^H-HMil. _ BAI.F:n~hay nii7r"siraw~ Halph"" and WILL BE SOLD SATURDAY MORNING, 10 A.M. Hilton Bros. Auction House Phone 1770 imi'ill "I : _l,Mlji_pniil mill «iiidcil._Pluni! 707111. pattern*. | 1 ,-pf:j C jij.'.^f_-Y';ii7;irtiiiriil. p r l v a t r b n t h ; II ;·,,,,,.:! s l r r p i n n r n n n i . pnvalc h n l h i 8I- " , r V , , l l - i ..»«': -''"""= 1KJ ' \ntv 2^(1 r ' U R N l S H K ! ) n p a r t n i o n l . P r i v a l o cn- \Ve fiivr . (r-inrt- nnd lnUt. rar port One h a l f · lilnrk » f f N n r l l i f.'llcp.-. U t i l i t i e s p n i d , S47.SH I»T in.mill. Phone _ Z3(J7. UNFUHNMSlli:!} n n n r l m r n t s ncnr U n i v i - r s i t y . Phnnc 3031. WO""room " f u r n i s h e d apni t n i r n t . |rlviiH: r n l r n n r i ' Utlllllc.-! p n l f l . S.IO."" UliK N n r l h LcvrnMl. . ^ N K U l i N l S H K n " l " nirr~"lari[n roum ! n p n r l i n c n t . w i t h p r l v n l e I n l h ;mri Knnifif tn r r l i n h l r p p r i n a n o n t cou- 1 p'tr Mrs .Cy Cnrney. Jj 10I1p _j-l 1R NlCF,~rffH:icncy n p a r t m c n t . Hock.wo.iil Apartnionljc. Plume U3rJ. (JNIVERSITY APAnTMENfS! o f t « bedrnom u n f u r n l x h c d Jf.7.50. f u r n - ished $72 M) two bedroom u n f u r n - ished $72 M). bills pnltl. Bffndl* Imii.rlry Bvallabl* Phone 'JS80H. u l i l i t v room. l » r K r K*r( PAHKV1EW APARTMENTS one hnd- niom u n f u r n l n h c d $5000. f u r n i n h e d fri'ccrators ' i d h l r ton ens r n n H r s ' l j r t t i $; two hodrnom u n f u r n l « h * d ronm suiitiii. ( i t n l n c room and h r r n k - 1 «'·«· Hcndlx laundry «vailiblt. f n R t room suites, nricl hfirls. dressers, i ^TM?lJ^i,f*j[fvwv^-- --.--.-U^^-.-M-I-H clif.ilB, lablne. mntircsBrs". r.idins. i washers, r y r r y l l i i i i K In f t i r n l t i j i r . One : SKRVICKS OFFEKHD _ __ L-flliiiu'Oiir, If ynu hiivr J i-MtAi"M".7;;t""* W f}rk~PlHinr 277,1-M. f i i r n i t u n sale. A I w f u r n i t u r e , .rll. ! ,1 KOI At Any Pr F u l l e r O u l l a s i Tht nd fo A I T |lnr cHAfN""s~a »nd '· lini/.Sr.WORK' il bahy u l l t l n i . Phone 1947 CMC - W - f o n tn Th« Pr*bat* Caurt Of wnhitifftMi C«wnir r ArhaniH IN THK ^fATTFn OF THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM JAMES DOLLMAN. DE- ] CEASED. -NO. 1032A. Lsst know nrtdresn ot the decedent: ! Brentwood. Arkansas, ] Date of Death: November 21st. 1951. i Ail i n s t r u m e n t dated A p r i l 21st. 1951. was on the 28th day nf Decci $495 $595 $795 ber, mi, H B m i t t e c l to probal* 1949 Chevrolet 2-ton . 1938 Chevrolet Pickup WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. OLDS - - CMC SALES AND SERVICE 15 North East St. ot the above named dccfri nnrtorjl((nrd hn« bren ' n l n i l t r t t o r w i t h the ap- vill xerl ihcreund^r. A contest of thr iatc of the will can be a f f c c l f d by mine a petition w i t h i n the provided by law. ! 1928 DODGE. 4 door. 2 new (ires and ' battery, new p N 1 n t, very clean. * Pbonr 174.-1W. MONET TO LOAN Bn.v.l M i l H .120 l . i n d o l l Phone Ki4H D K L I C I O U S home t'iinned poaches find hityscnlx-rrirh. Ciill IS-'ifiW. GIRI-S hit-yrle," l l n w l h o r n c . K"od" sis new. S:iO()0._ Phone l'. r il7M. lJSE»~"a"l'iidio"couch.' phono 1J5H\V/^ tiUA'Ll'f Y APPJ-KS* " GOI.HFN' HrlirmiK. Rrd UclH'kJtiH. Wlncsiip. i n s p i - f l i i i i i i n v i l f f l "WiK" WlRRfms. Arkansas Cold Slot.iKc, or I'hoiip Z-162J. UIGiTAfiE. suit en KM. "Toot fork e7«. hrirf cn«.n. H-4 \miis. O ' n i J c ca*os. t o i l f t kits. (?tr. A cnnipl'-lr lit)* . HAMPTON'S A R M Y SURPLUS STORE i ! CAIti: f n r r h t l H r e n In niy hnmo. Mr*. j H u p h c y . li'JI l.cvcrctt S t r r r t . 117U j I N C O M K TAX f S_FinVICE j H A R R Y 11 cnKMF.H l-'oiT |)iTpcr~hnngcr or p n l n l c r , P h n n c XAW. 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hemititching, Plcoling, Cov»r«d Button*, Button Holt*, Tailored Bells and Bucktet. Sptcla! Attention givin Mall Orderi. SatUfaction or Monty R r w i t h cx- n i i r i i l view, w^ll loi-nlpil In choice section. YOU WANT A HOME HUT rinn't h n v c m u c h lo apcnri. bcrr M onr n l r r a d v l i u l l t , three larer ronmn nnd jn-rrriied hark porch, v r r v nm I tnu! rU-aii, n a l u r a l I«^ ami c l n r t r l c l t y w i i h c l i y w a i r r In ynnl .large levrl lot. only J.U30. WADE FINCHER rtt-al F^lntr Hnrt lilMIIBnc* A^OOOD BUY""" MOnr.ItN r. rnnni h u n s a l i i w . Till* homr ni-C(l« ipruclim "P » I'll I I ' ' l o r n l f r l nn finff lot n n l y two hlock* Jrnni nnrt r u n I* chancel WITH nil - - · · , ,, nctc.i H lif^l wi 1 Imvc ha'l I" (Hlpr Inr « Ions lon« l l i n c l i n p f n v c n w n u rniisist nl inixlrrn 2 licrirnotn l i u n f B - Inw Miiokr hoiM^ h n r n . ^nd hon prn The tinin' I* I n H t l l f l l F d . hM cliy w n l o r . n u l i i r n l cn«. Ill"' k l l r h r n b i i i l l l n i nnd plrnl.v n/ good ronmv rlnicl?. F n t l r c tract U wHI f^nrcrl Vnti m n y have hnnicdi^l* pnnsei- * ""INVESTMENT PROPERTY TWO hpilrouin homr only 4 or 1 vi-itr* i.ld W p l l loc»ilpfl In S W. F a v c l t r v l l l r ncnr now school!. II will « l w f l y « rent ri.iillly. 1950 Buick Special 2 door. Dynaflow drivi. Radio and Heater. 16,833 mitei. Like new $1965. 1948 Olds 66 Club Sedan. Radio and Heater. Low mileage. Local car ' . . $119J- 1946 Ford Super DcLuxe 2 door. Heater. Clean car $833 1940 DeSoro 4 door. Really a good running old car $350 1941 Buick Super Club Coupe. Radio $485 TATUM BUICK CO. 30 Ealt Mountain St. - Phene 211 1255 Square feel of modern living, located on 100 foot corner lot with fini, view from both front and rear. Situated on beautiful Wanectah Heights, a rapidly growing popular exclusive residential area. Lovely living room, 2 spacious bedrooms and an unusual glassed-irv iriiani ano c,n i* ur- breczeway connecting kitchen and '? n V ThTr^riwmjiimi noiiuM ' 14x28 garage with ample utility space. $12,500 with LOONI-HY _,, ., i |j|j crci | fi nanc ing. Cooperation with fellow realtors. "SEE GEORGE" McKinney Agency-- Phone 326 Over ^Acllroy Bank us yo iT6wKR^tir e ^rft^,o S r«pp^cinic7ii SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. | Berry'!, . All person? bavins rlaimn the estit* must exhibit the duly the midcisigncd w i i h l n i six months trom the date of ihc first ) mibtication of this notice, or they shall he forever burred and precluded from : ·nv b e n e f i t In the estate I This notice first published J a n u a r y . FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long lerms UTLEY AND COMPANY. INC. Phone 3C03 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . In the M u t t e r of the Estate of BETT1E A. KESSEL. Decenseri. No. gtt-A. N*tfe« Of A|ip«intm*nl At AdmlnUtnUr With Will AnncxM L»*t known i-ddrc*s of decedent: Fay- Mlevllle. ArkunsM. Bentonvill« - (Special) - TCobort | D*te of death: AURUM 14. i9nr. I,fo Tucker, » farmer, died at his ' complete. Rob*rt L«e Tucklr R n n d H l l Ftobertx Administrator w i t h thr - . nex-ed. 206 W. Center St.. Fay-1 We make nuto and furniture In.ins. «!«»!£·.AT.".- . -3 :.V|Ut us finance the purchase of In Tht Wdhlnitan Prrtilt Cnirl 1 home sex'tn miles south of Ben- lonville Monday nlsht. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lois Tucker; one son, Rob- her. 19.M »dmlltcrt to the lust will of \t\f. above named decedent, and the underlined has bren a p p o i n t - . -- _. . . . . . . . cd a d m i p ' M r a t o r with will annexed BUY RETILOU G u a r a n t e e d your ne\v or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block SI., or our used car lot. Corner Center and Church Streets. FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS _ _ i _ _ _ _ _ QUALITY ~ r USED P I A N O S E C O N O M I C A L L Y IM1ICED S O U T H W E S T I PIANO SERVICE I 502 South College !phone_3021_-J332W. TERMS 'iDEAfMAffRBSCO. W« m«! or btat any compBtilion 401 WEST DICKSON HR KKNT-- FAn.MS _ 111 ST.. St., ~E~XU"VAtlN"G " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 , . HAMMOND REAITY CO. Kve Phonf H D Mxmniond 1372 ___ _.I _ A_.Uirvh_JlSM_W __ 40 ACRES. .1 mile* Sprlnnrlale on rood ro«d. 5 room modern houne. hsrn. gnniKr.'iiomc «norl valley l«nd. Prtpf S7.;isn.oo. 211, : mile* Rprlnfdiil* on gnnM rontf. P roinn honsr. »r mt-modr rn. c U - c l r l c i t v and h n U n r tan In broiler homp. hnrn. reduced r e c e n t l y to sfi.TriO nfi. :, AL'HKS, 2 nillr* Sprlnndiil^. S roniii hoiii«f. chicken hnuir, innd w*ll. n a i n r n l KB*, c l c u l r i c l t y . a bargain at $4.fX*. Tcrmi on h a l f . J. P. PETTEY PIONEER REALTY Phone 9J4 I H n h w u y 71 Snulh In Sjirlnidalr. A r W hy reo.i KritMiII. 23fl?. ie*t dun... . n n r n r b n c k I r». lie J.W. H I L L ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initalltn · PUMPS · POWER Phont 24. Wtit Fork In-tri thereunder. ort Thomas of the home; two 1 All perionx hnvinf rlaimn at*ins _. , .. -- ~ thB estate mimt exhibit them, d n l j daughters, Mrs. Raymond Green verified, to the undersign^ with' of Kimbull, Neb., »nd MM. H. B. Ktiser. Funernl Arrangements, under thf direction of Callison-McKin- n«y, are incomplete. Chrhtoph«r Col urn but Ceeptr Bentonville - (Special) - Fu- nwiji services for Christopher Columbus Cooper, 69, who has near Hhvasse for the past ix month* from the rtiilr nf the firs . _ _ _ publication of t h i i nalirr. or they ONE Grnci j h u l l hr f o r r v e r h«rred and precluded from any b e n e f i t In the cut*!*. Tim notice first p u h l i n h f d 2nd day ' ' .rninry. 1952. today and prolrrt your f l n r r l o i h r s . f u r n i t u r e and HIES. B f c l l l . U U (;unr- nnteot lo prevent ninth d n m n K O I S yenrs. or w i l l p.iy for the dam.iRp. I,cwl» Ilrov Co. Inc. 1 Electric 1 ironcr in good NEWLIN REALTY WKST FORK. A R K VitirVn'mfortnhK- n t l y r r d r c o r a t r d . , ,, id ' ( n t t h u l l d m c s . . DITCH IIGG1NG n r n r d i a t t ; posses- FOOTINGS--w n t r r. RM and newer n,. si-pin- h o l r i D l K B i n i hack f i l l i n g CJnll JH'^6. Rryce [)H Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake ... r o n d t l i n n . Call «77W. LE\vis~BROs7BA.SKMKNT On Adrr A. f with will Ktmfxrr) R. K. D. l l l f . A r k « n ^ f l s 2-9-c 41 ,mrs, will be conducted at 2:30 j Jrrninnton. A r k . tomorrow afternoon at the First In Tht Pr»»»te C*urt Of WMhinfUn C«untr, Arhantat MATTF.n OF ESTATE OF WILLIAM INGRAM WILSON. Deceased. if decedent: m!nl«t njimv All 13. 19M, u n d e r r U n n d u-m appolnlett ad- n t r i x of I hi- e i t a l e of thr above rlccndent on Drcnnhcr H I , 18S1. person* havtnic claim* agfllntt O a t c mu«t exhibit them, d u l y ·d, tn u n d r r i i g n r d w i t h i n »ix * from t i n t publication rf thii . nr t h e y *ha)l he f o r e v r r barred Memorial Honpitnl Monday ni R ht. .n^ 1 ^""^'" 1 5«»iuhJli "jlnu.ry Rhorid B. Wilton A d m i n l n t r n t r l v . F a r m f n c t n n . A r - kaniias. or ".Olen Wlnt. Attorney at Law, 3S N. Col Nnxflrcnfi Church in Iliwas.^e bv tht Rev. Clint Mitchell. Burin'] will hf in thr Mount Pleasant rrmetery unrirtr th(- direction of th* Burns Funeral Homr. i ^"'u Mr. Cooper died in th* Hairs , fron- Ht h«d been a patient there for se.twil rlnyx. Born Jununry 20, IMA, hr w»j( thr'son of Benjamin CA1H PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Olhfl MM Ftr«M*nU*. AfkMMi n Rtitdtrinf C*. GK washrr Used Holpolnt rnnso 2'i nn 1Jsrd IJiaper wnshcr . It) in Used Eureka c l c n n c r . l.' Used WestlnKhouso rflfrlnrr;uor «ii IHI U cd M a IB i r _C IniMfii* r n n u p _ .15 on USED lamp table, nfahoK.-u'iv f i n i s h ; S10.00. Lewlii Bros. Co . I n r . _ UKED exlensinn~di77inK 'room t a b l f w i t h six rhnirs. $75.00 net. I.cwi-s Bros. Cn . Inc. l"«fi M'ONTGOMCRY " Wnnl ' w.inhcr. Good c o n d i t i o n . 1'hnni- 3I,?9M O S E D ' b r e n k f a s t rnom sot. mblt! mid four c b a i r v $1.100 I.fwis Mro* C o . Inc. iiiSED'oak 'buffet. $1.1.00. U w h ' r i r n * . _Co.. Inc. __ EI.KCTROLUX "rlpaiirrv re'piiirvMip' piles. Rrnl lor 4* hours. 7,'ic. I l l IV Rock. Ph»nf M. OOOn uaed bed divan, t n p p s t r y rover. 14.SW). Lfwli nroi. Co., Inc. F«yelte\*llle. A r k . PERKONAI. OqOH-^CATg--PETS TOY'lBulIciof. f month* old, for salf. A l f o u-nnt itoort homo for 2 n m n l l flna*. Phon^ If.'i^R \ A / I ; \ A / I Ponds - Roads - Clearing WhO S WhO |H. H. JONES, Conlraclor For Service Avc^ hox 143 U. Sta. Phone Uftfi. Fayrltrvillc Consult You r Classified Service Directory SHOP I F O R SAI.K-- · RF.AT, KSTATF A L I C f / S lU'.AHTY SHOP Now up town. 7'.. F. M t i i i n l a i n SL A l t e r iinil M n r i l i » ^ _ l ' h n n i ' f--0 COTA'AmrS R E A t l T Y SHOP ^rti W Mrrariow -- P h n n e :.(t02 M.irtj_$ririO-ii_p. Cold w a v e J.'i np_ _ riorcnct tuple ton i|^ *l_ OrcltBon __ __ V.**?*?--I** l'U!CKKri"S BKALTrY SHOP RF.L1ARLI WORK l^ N Block Phone 73* K n i t i a n d Don't Reod This Unless Y O U ' R E looking for u n m c l h l n x more In n f a r m t h a n Improvement*. A l.-Acl K7 m:r«t of f i ' r t l l f i r » c l ( i r l a n d Is hxrd to f i n d . A n d thr v a l u e nf land ix In how imicrh It will i»rnrtiire. Thr i m p r o v e m e n t s are JUKI I n l r : i room hou^e. m r d l u m ni?erl h a r n tnol nhcd, broiler house i n c w i for 2.;.0fl. Good u-atfr. cln-lricitv. r l i y iclcphtmc. all i i u l r i # Hitl ihr l«nd \» now producing, and w i l l produce more and more f r o m now on because of icvcral yean of Ini r l l i s r n t work by proenl owner. I f you w a n t a place tn own w i i h pride *nd p r o f i t , here It Is. »a.ip(»-W. Reword for Gracious Living Vr.RY rarely can we a r t v e r t l n e a placr vvlipr*! ihc f u l l e n j o y m e n t * nf conn- try l l v i n x n r e combined w i t h a five f l K i i r f inrnmr. Counlry Hvmit al lt« hcil i i n u a M y d r a i n * A h a n k .ircoiml. Bui not on tht-i t i n e f a r m . THKKF, is an n i t r a c t i v e and boipiiable I homr nf Mn*? iione-vcneer witli 7 I w e l l - p r o p o r t i o n e d rnoma B r o * rt , window*, KCnerou* *lw(1 closet*, a n d n h i n l n f hardwood floor* C e n t r a l hofttlnit. yet a wood-hurnlnjc f l r r place in ihc r r i l f i i l l i v i n g mom A kitchen nf r n a r a c t c r and charm C i t y c o n v r n l r n c f l . of course. T I I K lfi-1 acren of f e r t i l e «o!l are ued for r a t t l e irifti; U.vlnH hin« (2.3(Wt: a h B t c h e r y (jno.OtKH. M a k e a r i r c 1 f u l chock of the income and ire If i t h t * place won't pay for i(«elf In I h r r e y r a r i . Priced at Si.'. WO NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY WANTED TO BUY Used poultry feeding equipment. ' Feeders, automatic waterers and gas brooders. Propane storage tanks. Especially large quantities, but will buy. any amount. Write, stating what you have and your prices. Haag's General Store Rudd, Arkansas AUTOMOBILE SPECIAL Now is the time to buy a good cltah uted car or truckt, when the market if at a stand still. I have stocked my lot completely for the mad rush of the ipring purchasers, but if you will buy now you will save. Come on down, take a look, drive and try them. If I am too high, jew me. b * i Tacketts Auto Exchange SOUTH 71 HIWAY PHONE 2112 K h a t l - rnrii m d u n m i f r (.'»!! .'" t i O u l ) h u l l ' l l n d lrM for ^.i]f !' n-iit c:ui!is M( 1,,-itJKhlin. V^ like Jvl. i _ INVE5TAAENT ilN'KSS M u i l d i i i f PROPERTY o( na or w o u l d tr«(U- for cnnd f a r m WILKINS REALTY CO. ,. IMJPPiES." noslnn T!ullHn«i.' nc.i«lr. ; ynu rlrh lh»t rold f» il» hoiinil. Corktr S|«nltl. Tcrrlcri. ! ·hmit our «u«rnnli-tr1 cold pr»vn- ivunn'i. Wfil rnrk Hon. Korlh Sidr- Hnif, H.10 N o r t h i Cn niv y n u r hntplul And doctor kill! fnr frr* j n l n r m K l i n n , writ* Th.irnun H » l r . 312 Illtheoek Bldl Phnn Ml-W-l. _ B SI;KVICI: INSUI.'A'TI'ON' \VKATIi'KiYsiiiii' D K C O H A T I M ; \ v . \ i . L P A T K R \ , ' I X D I I W i.;·..':·:i;;;; F u l l y I I I M I I K I C.lll r,i W l l l c l i d H l i K T M . S M I T I ! I ! A C I I K S I n n d . I nivr. 2 rr in hi. · U l l l o d 1 2 BtDROOMS AND DEN · rcti'in nf in .Nit-.- l i v i n g r'" l k i u h r n II ·% n roR tritellvr nrnpniftlr Trie* Oil C*. rvlrf plnllon. A t - (nr right pftrly. ROAD AND DBIVKWAY ORAVP. - ALSO TOP SOIL Phone 1SHJ nnd 305J thfiroituhly tntu mrl pricfil Iri ^^1 lurthrr dcljilli led A rMl l C*ll u» lo. KIHCAID AND COMPANY :,w, PIIONK l««i AN OPPORTUNITY Openings are available (or a limited number of high school graduates, age 23 to 31, for permanent work in pipe lint connection gangs. Good wages and working conditions. Regular assignments at permanent locations. Send letter giving age, education, and experience to Personnel Director, Box 381, Tulso, Oklahoma. Attach iccent snapshot.

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