Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 9, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 9, 1952
Page 7
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fayettevilleUpsets Slate Champion Fort Smith, 38-28 'Dogs Throw Up Tight Defense To Gain Victory Trumbo Scores 15; Head Conies Through As Sub For Barnes By ALLAN GILBERT, JR. The story aboui navid and Goliath is 'a tired old tale but it makes a perfect allusion to Fay- cttevillf's surprising victory over the powerful Fort Rmilh High basketball team. 38-38, last night at Root Gymnasium. Bigger, stronger and with every visible asset, the defending r-tate. champion Gri77.1ies ran smack into th* sling-shot of Fayetteville's indomitable spirit. Fort Smith entered the came with 10 victims strewn in its wake «nd not a scratch on its hide. Included anioiiR the teams the Grizzlies had downed in compiling their undefeated record were North Little Kock. Little Rock and Pine Bluff, generally regarded as the strongest teams in Arkansas. hov.'n-state. papers were high In their praise of the Fort Smith team rating it * clear favorite to win the Bie Six title and repeat as state champion. But. that was prior to last night. Estimates in 'central Arkansas were being rewritten today. The Gri?.7.1ies were carefully coached for the gam? .with Fay- fll'eville, indicating the high retard held for Fayetteville's attack by Fort Smith coach Ace Parker. The Bulldog weave that general- j 'ly is fo effective against m an-to- "| ,, _ _ ! , A t min. defenses was stopped cold' I I vJL.1^ / V l j*s the Grizzlies jammed the key i xvith a sinking inan-tp-man. Shooting Off And Fayelleville's shooting. which averaged 43 prr cent in its first four games, fell riff considerably, i But what coach Parker said his j Grizzlies had not counted Sparks Upset U.S, To Test NFL's Control Of Radio, TV JCAA Will Continue Policy Of TV Restrictions In '52 mmittee. suit cnmec out in favor Philadclphla-l/l'i-A local show-: down on Ihe issue of controlled; sports hroadrastinK and televising- of National Football League James was a rerlnintv today. .ludcc Allan CJrlin in U.S. ' K : Irht Com I ruled ycsliTilav IK-.t ' the Kovrrnmenl's anti-trust suit acainsl Ilip NKL should «" to n trust suit ficainsl Fnothall I.PPBIIP. A spokesman for thp Ihe National; | m" Ciiicintiati-Wl-l.ive telecasts "f college fontball games are almost certain In be reslrit-led again next of Ilif prnfrs; li-;a'iie then we ; j urv fnr a decision, fall, despite the government anil- : will (pel v.-c are pi\on a free hand j | T , | l l r n j n £ down an NF!. motion r iimcriim since they are far ! ( ni dismissal of Ihe suit, the jurist' re/4ri live than we. j sajrl he considered the case o f ; NC'A/V "If Ihc NFI. l found ivronR j u'id^pi'ead Interest and therefor»: committee said lodav Mien our iac. which is different.: Ml it should he given a full trial. the college program will not be will have in he ined ..n ils o w n ' Dtiriin the hearing of Ihe NF1J influenced by .he action o, ,, fed- ' ,m-i-its. We have no, ye. been told j mnljn,, ' S ; At nrn r y 1 erry Kpes eral judge in Philadelphia ycster-'. by the t ,v,,,,,n,,,l w e are in vio- ; |^!7 the Mill canTe expect day ordering Ihe suit to trial. | lalion of an\ laws . (n hnvp a n , ajnl . p Herl -,,,, rat || cl . Federal .ludge Alan Grim d e - , The IdSZ c-nlh'g'. 1 n-levifiiiii prn-| t,,^,.^,, ,. OI ,(,n | s by both pio- nied a NFI. motion for dismissal ! gran will iml lie known until the ' [,,,j,,,,.,| K,,-,,,,; ,,,,,) rr.llctjc.v of Ihe gnverninpnt case allarVmz i coininillee's repiu l is received anil I (me of the football league's the league's restriction of ielevi-' acted upon at l ! "~ N:iii"'.iaU'ollfci- I eisht alloinc sion and radio liroadcasts. lie o r - : ate Alhlr-lir- A;, -"ri-itii dered a full trial on the issues. mf-rlinrf'lliii .\ e-l;cnd. "Our case and that of the pro-: Hinhi now .he i-iiiiimillee, hcurl- fessions are entirely rliffprent a n d ; e d by Columbia's Ralph Furry, is this action won't sway our think-i pnurins over vi-innlnnii:: reports in) in Ihc mailer," said Bob Hall. prrsonicM by Hie National Opinion [SPORTS ·JOHTHWtSI ARKANSAS IIMtS. ravoltevilli. ArKonfOI,' - Wedneiday, January 9, 19J2 57-56 IN TWO OVERTIMES Y?Ic University athletic director and the lawyer-member of I h e l o f d Bas= Trumbo. Vayclteville center (with ball) is shown .list aftc takir.o a rebound off the Fort Smith backboard. Trumbo led both | teams'ill scoring with 15 points and turned in a fine defensive game as well as rebounding in "top fashion. The Fcii-t Smith player who appears to he biting his nails because he could not get the ball is rente-.- Bill Wilson (M). (T1MESFOTO by Puska). ___ Goqq I es'' McCoy Retu rns To Of 50 Bolt Wins Top Money In LA. Open Playoff l.os Anpoles-t/lVTommy Boll, with a reputation for disnlays of i , lemoeraiuenl, has a $4.linn_ check j [ old driving ranee operator , , | Durham. N. C.. ran New Orleans-!/?)-Love of a fast hrtt( ,,.. kllown ., sck ' long one then a twisting jump-shot. Council got a free throw . , - ,; horse and flying silks in a w i n - ' 1 , -bander and Mi)1R ,.,,,,,, hn ,. ,.;,l| r ,l Granildaddy i ·""' loda.v lo prove that his nerves are i ice in the clutch. Thp lightly-regarded M-yoar- from · away from P.urke. .Ir.. K. .1. Dutch Harrison in an fnr Ibo eeles Open Golf Touitia- probably, was the Bulldoes'~tena- cious defense, resolute rebound- port Smith rallied briefly pull- on, I ing up to within four poinls pf the lead at'24-28 late In tne quarlcr. Bui Head hit from aboifl 14 feel, 'Dops. But il couldn't be done. ! Early in tl Fort 'Smith, on thf strength of i ville team free throws, got off to an early electing lo lead moving ahead 5-1 with three minutes gone! Ken Kruclup and Piliy Parker mad» free throws and Ray Barnes hit a field goal, hq\yever. to knot 111? count with five minutes and 10 seconds f lapsed. Then David Ratify, a WE. rugged Grizily forward, found a weak spot in (he. Bulldog defense driving around Barnes for 'two quick layins. Barnes was just out of bfd and still suffering the effects of a bad -cold. He played out the first quarter then retired in favor o' Larry Mead, a innior. ' The first "period ended with Fort Smith in Ihe lead,, 10-8. Parker ^connected with a long shot', as the. second quarter opened, to' tie Ihe score. Parker then added a free throw to put Fayetteville ahead. 11-10. Fort Smith ^ c ~ .liniinv "Goggles" McCoy back to| am? | R(! |,is track. | I* 1 -' A Crudup hit a two-pointer to move i And the old boy is doing fine aliment's top money, the Dors nine-points ahead. ; a young man's game. ' I liosnile a seven on Ihe ISHi · ' ' Goggles, 5(1, racing's oldest a r - j hole, he finished wllh fill, two un- live* jockey, won his fvcond race.^^ ,-,,,- Burke had 71. In a week al Ihe Fair Grounds Harrison, planned by an absm- yesterday. The victory gave him a perfect record for 1952 --- Uvice around, Iwice a home winner. His mount yesterday was Mi:-s Bellevue. a 2-vear-old maiden, in claiming rare. Oldlimer Goggles . ., , , , ,,,id his brash young mount cov- afler gaining possession in the _last| errv , |wn fu ,.| n ,, 6s | n 22 .., ( 0 re turn $4l.lin, JI3.20 and $7.80. Goggles has retired many limes -- or at least he says he's retired. ,ng and refusal to wilt ft, the -clTrumljo ad ^^-more free ' ? , ,, , j ,, , - ,- r'avetteville ahead, 34-26, at Ihe Coach Parker used all his lime- cn ;, of (h( , p^-ipj. rills in an effort to get his ,.lay- Bulldow opened a stall,'^ m working Ihe ball tbrough Fay- | a(1( , r _ ai , AJ ,, g po , ;F rssion in the last 1 ^TM flleville's defense, and he called ; p n -i 0 rf and ran their weave t w o , nn his strone list of reserves free-! | , |inules ant | 34 si-i-nnrls before i Iv in an effort to lire out the I Fort Smith committed a ion ' e quarter the I'ayette took its free throw. , ., · , ,, , ., , hVI IMU.-.1 1 rtllll .H1.-5L MM.' ,,,- , 1 take thp ball mil after! s a j d hp wn{l \ f ] t rap |, time foul near l;ic end of thn ganic.j romp harh |n , he |rack Parkrr rnd Tnnnbo pach mane ^ VQr ^ ^ j jnt w j nncr at ],PX- throws goo^J and MuCgnnell -, t j v Q|1 Apri . 3n _ tr)? .ri. nnd made two (Hiring the low-scoring 1 - · ' minutes. Smith gained possc^.'-ioi pel tnotli hul'imromplflining. r?i (n 74. As pnr prior PCiTf-mnnl. t'l^v Milit ^ci'onrl and third nf $2.500 and $1,60n-Rctting $'/.,n;}0 fflfh. AlthfiiiEh tie W^P in miimr trmi- hlf mnrr ihfin num. Bolt krnl hilling Ihpm down thp midrllo all day, "J'vp cntlPii mad and kirlrr-l he', , an Vbod.v 'who i, 3S t jocn winning! rnn lliat In ran't just up ami quit. 1921 a rind nf dirt r-trurk only four times in the last period Jimmy in ',| ]p e v e am [ f 0 ,- cf 'd him nngle ronneded for goal in that tirne, Scoring Slar j Tnimbo's pmergence as a Ecor- ing star, leading both teams with I.V pninlp, was the bigge?t Iivll- viclual feature nf the Sii n 'e, but of almost equal impnrtance was the o.xrellenl. perfnrmanre of Hrarl. who was nutstandin? in his thrp?- quarlcr stint after relieving Barnrs at the start of Ihe second quarter. Heart showed pome reluctance in phool. which wat, probably wise, but was almost flawless in Ins lipfpnsivp work and in Jian-1 dlinc the ball. . j Parkrr. second Jiigh for-Fayetle- poiiitp, was thei I'VP E^t it wliinpprl," hr snjrl. His rerinp fov'sncrrsK is riinnlr: , "Ynu'vr cnt t n dirt on lint Hops fnr j 3\vhilp, TIT C'lys that, havp mnnrv c l i ' ? t the starl to a f f n r d . t n . t'T [vmntry I'n'i't have s. former U.S. .Sen-; less ' atnr Francis .1. Myrrs wnrncd that | . a court viciorv by the poverntnent | miiihl rpj'Ull in a rnmpleto Mark-; out nn nil sports over radio or; telovipion. i Thp C'lvri nmont i-hprfipd the. NKI, with vinlatinc thp Shrrmiinj Anti-'t'rust A r t by denyinp. in rf frrt, radio ann TV rovera^p of Ramps to rrrtain arras. ; Thr Irapur askrri thnt thp suit! be dj-missed nn thp grmmds the NFI. is not rngaged in inters-late! commerce. Bradley Back In Big Time Cage Circles After Edging St. Louis Royal Goes From Tulsa To Mississippi Stale Tulsfl. Oklp.-f/O-narrell KnyM will rfpiRn ay hhckfifld coach lit the University nf Tulsa for * cfmilnr pppUion with the fnothpll s t a f f f»1 MiPsi^ippi Stair Collese, Rnyol said lie wa.s namrd .vr?;- Icrrtay n.s one nf two MPW a?sir-t- nnts rit MiFfipsippi Slate. The f r "'- mrr University nf Oklahoma quarterback is to lake over his new dutips in two works. House Cleaning In Store For Chicago Cards By Kuharich « Nrw York -(/Pi-Thing? «re look- i in« up n«aln for Bradley Unlver- i M t 1 - fi ire basketball court. ! The Braves from Pcorla chilkul j up i . .. in:t major victory of the ; SC.-IMIM last niKht, a .17-56 doublt | overtime triumph ovrr fifth ranked I St. l.ftuK. The upset victory w«nt i .-t lo'it; way to wipe out the string | of sis defeats Bradley »lrc»dy h«i i ; uffcrcd. ! A free throw by Dick Peterson Bowling *wnt*wn Dtrfetvn ClMltc ry 1'IiniihltiB to retain Inp po- n \vM\f 0. K Tstvi !ooV( Spyrc»' , ,1-1. Hoh-K0l Liqiiont Improv^ri osition In tfiklnx DfLuxc C«ff. lifHcf 1 * Ilnvc-I urorr hnnorn *lo nf Ppyr^x' rV of ^6^ whl' hith Mrwlf P( rftplurrfl Ir.vii llh BflO-2.562. .Inr F."n hud h I R h T W. B l l X t O n whrclrr'« PrlVf-tn ............... 'Jrl.uxr C«fe ~,. W. Bhlrlfy ..2« Chlcaso-t/l'i-The I inaif, a. strifc-loni football trnm j ,ilii'g point:-last foason, arii in for a hoiii-.c] Unimlen St. Bonavcnturt, the . . ' , , ,/. i ,, i ' onlv oilier ttam of thf Associated cIcflillllK by Jo? Kllhal Ich. pm , |(|p [fn ,,, pby ,.,,., n ,j h , t The husky, 34-year-old former fared belter.. The r-lehth-rankert Canlinal guard yesterday was Bonnier, made It «Ifht in » row by , i chnpiilnfi down Canlsius, 78-81, namnd henrl, of the club; He | ^^ a \ UTntmy crowd of , itf resigned as brad cnach at ban ! .^ r^,iff H ] n , Franrisrii li'ft month. | fince-benten Trx»» ChrlntUn He took over with Hie Ruslo an'l i streiiRthened Itj claim «i the but eagerness bcfilllnc the youngest I t.eaiu head mentor In the Natimial Foot- ] 'Jj^ ^ ball I.eaque. , ' Tw«s'"lnnk Southern"Mtthodlfl, "It Is unlikely 1 will keep spy - · - - -- r · 'of the old nssislanl roaches," he declared after hclnc assured 1'i.v Manaijlng lllrerlor Waller Wolfner that ho has a free hand. "I will britiK In three olhers. nnrl I i in Ihc Southwest Conference, thtlr llth 11-31, In another Southw*»t ! Cen- ferrnce game. Oregon again trouncfd W|dhl«|- lon, 59-45, to take « firm irlp on fin-t place In the North«ri Division of the Taclflc CpMt Confer- play with me lfn $ n g ,-h,irnp!i? took ever \mftf putecl possession of the top rijpf Daddlo ban been head coach for i j n ^p Southern Conferfnce. Tfl« five years at AllfRheny College in Wnlfpack beat South Cirollni, dlo, 'who userl t on the Cards. Meadville. Pa. Kuharleh sicnetl a rtvo year contract tor a reported Sl.VflOO annually, $l r ,,onn less than his predecessor, Curl* I.ambeaii. fending champPi took cv ! putecl possession of the top :lp Sol ilfpack The Oklahoma A||l« Ihrlr arch eronn-ntdte riv»U, OU»- homa, 9 to 40, Nat (Swfftyntw) Cliftprj «f t»» New York Knlck«ttwli*r» ... )h A r m v i- H n ' r |h ltn lnB "roiy in norm guts to play top gulf." re ? ain ? d the lead on field goals l ? .v i ville with nine points «'as John Paul,, (ones and Boh Gatlis - !i|c '"" pfl ot lllr n °*" lak " 1!! : to move into a 14-11 lead and i' looked as though the. biggei Gri7.7.1irs were on their way. Pf f fn$f Tifht^ns ' Th? Bulldog defense lifhteiied | if not quite as oulslanding ai then- lit il his eye romv- 1 ered. lie had been bark for jur-t :i\ race or two when the same thing' hannened again. I He relunted next lime wearinc homemade euggles--eye rims with wires stretched taul across the front. Those elapses woikfd so wfll other jockeys bc.7Un usi . , until loday nearly every iockey wears goggles -- thanks to Goggles McCoy. Basketball Scores (By The A'sorialrd frrss) La Salle 75. Temple SB..Manhattan 83, Brooklyn College '"."* riiarae of the late stall, rebound-j ··'«""""·"' »·'. " '· ild " I inr .../ell and of.vnnc a bic boost i'' ( , ,. _. . 'ig«er tri t|. f ti E | lt Fayelleville dnfensc. Nwlh Carolina Slate I Ciudup and McConnell. each with I Carolina 7t i five points contributed fine games i Clemson '10, Furman 6S i 85. South inalrs. tJaile anrl .lones were the chief! up, however, and in the last'three minutf? of th(l first half the 'Dogs Scored on a a pair of free throws j y lp 'j r ~^ eHnl ' s seven'liel'l^nals. by RUSS McConnell. a field goal i Tn(? vir i nr y i rfl Fayellcvillc and a free throw bv Parker. p"d I w j||, [j vr w j,,' s a , lc ] , ln i pss p s this a field Coal and a free throw by . y fa r. Alma is the next opponent, Trmnbo. Meanwhile Ibey limiled i playinq at Tiool Gym on Friday. Fort Smith to a pair of free throws ; The box score: by Teryl Miller and le.d at the ' Tori Smith FG FT PF Tt half, 19-16. iGattis. f Opening the fprnnrl half Truin- i 'Y! , - it-« _:__ ~4.... /^- T^ ,,,,(,-, l»l IUOI bo, the KeorinR star for Fayette- BETTER PLUMBING FOR BEHER HOMES start at (and D Plumbing Co. Free. Estimates Ml W. M«*nl*l» Pban* 111* Wilfnn. c 1 Schomber, c 0 .loner, i: 3 ! Roebuck, g 0 I Lester, g 0 Totals 7 FdY*ttevill« Parker, f .. .-.2 McConnell. f 0 Trumbo, c_ 5 Barnes, g .- I Head. K 1 Crudup. g 2 Total? 11 S 3 George Washington 79. Richmond ::"! Southeastern I-a.. «3. Suiith\v«t- Bradl'ey 3 7 , s t ' t-ouis R6 ( t w o overtimes) Molr? Dame So. Butler -10 Oklahoma A. and M. 4rt, Oklahoma 40 Northeastern Okla 3-'!, Arkansas I'rosh 50 Texas Christian -12, nice :to Texas 4l, Southern MethodiM Arkansas Teachers 81, Arkansas Collece 61 ,, Arkansas Tech 36. Little finch 0 ,r- Cl I n s .K. 62 : Texas Tech 62. New Mexico A. f j j a n d M. 50 V Arkansas A. and M. 63, Mender- 15 ' .-on R2 2 Oregon M. Washinalon -Stale 43 2, Idaho 77. Eastern Wash fi4 s i Cohere of Pacific 71. Fre;no Stale 6^ January Sports Card Jan. 11--Bulldogs YR. Alma, hfr^, Jan. 12-Torkprs vs. Tpxaf., at Austin. j an . 14--Pnrkrrs vs. Baylor, nt Waco. Jan. IR---Bulldogs v? Van Buren, al Van Burrn. .tan. 19--Porkeri TR. Ric«, here, Jan. 22--Bulldog* v». Siloam Springs, here. Jan. 25 --Bulldogs vs. Rentonvilln, at Bcntotivillp. ,Ian. 2B--Riilldogs vs. Huntsvilln.; at Iluiitsville. Jan. 29--Bulldogs TX. Joplin, h«re. Jan 31--Porker* vs. Kanias Stfllt Teachers,. h*re. .. _ . * _ _ . -- AdTfrtfue In thr TIMF.S--« nay» (CONSTANTLY ON CO K'.uslanly Ktreps in trim durmK Hie riff-season rcferceing basketball samps. A .The Phillies' relief pitcher, the National League's most-valuable player of 11)50, is in the sporting goods trade at Oneonta, N.Y. (NEA.) Ark«n»M Wctfvrn Got Thr "I*:!. · H t - hrnlc*. nut In frnnf Inkind'Uir n T tl.'i. n-0. white allfr P Ihrpr fsmr 'l*-fp^» jit the l!^.-.)-! ..f HIT Front Burners. Tht Front Burntr§ showed ( f · m Iba's Aggies Defeat Oklahoma U., 49-40 SUM WHlnr. Okla.-^Ti-Oklahoma A. .ui',1 M. College! rl-irin't noed it*; injiircrl renter, Petw Dnrcoy, last.j nichl to ' IP font thn Univcrsily nf j Oklahoma bash'elhalJ Icam, 40-40. Forward Pon .lohnpon, ju^t re- rnvprod from flu, led the Agjjie allack with 10 poinVs. .Inhnsnn Innmrrl wHh Guard Harold nni;"'"?. whn ''it nine ixiiiil-;. [n pace HIP Aggir, to a 27- J7 hnlf-tirnp Irad. The Sooncrs rallirrl in ihr (mil-Hi prrind with It points while t'oarh I lank Iha's crew could mnltp only ciiiht- HIGH - By Alan Mover in you want is a Coke nwllow and just right .IVULfl. tll...«T. LAUI fights Lost H'j Th' .t"0'-ri'- 1 'f r r r" ! Tampa, Fla. -- B"hby Dykes.' 149, Miami, stopped Joe 1S6. Charlotte. N. C'.. 3. Sala, Iii3. llo- nora. Pa . outpointed Tonv Mas- ', ciarclli. Hit. New York, 10. j While riainy. N. V. -Sal Brl- : . ise. 177. New York, slopped: Ansel Marline?, 181. Mev/ark, N. J. Newark, N. .1--limmy Walker, j Ifll. Plainfield, .1. J . outpointed I Archil- McBvidRf, IBS. Trenton, 1 N. ,t. 12. ! Sarramcnlo, Calif. -Flaby ].r- '. roy, 1S7, Oakland. Calil.. knocked i out Don Rosfrr, 141, Porlland, I Ore.. 1. S»n .lose. Calif.--Jimmy Ravala, i US, San Francisco, and Sammy Fi'siifrof. 136, Los Anijlf!. drew. in. .lltnmy MrFadden of Ihe Chi' :a«o Rlsck Hawks In Ibf National I ""-key I.eaRiif was born m Ire'.land. ' When you take a mid-morning break, make it a real break ... with delicious ice-cold Coca-CoU. IOIUIt UNDII AUIHOIITT Of tHI C O C A - C O I A C O M f A H Y IV fAYITTIVIUI COCA-COLA 10111180 COMPANY, PtttiM I40», O I«M,

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