Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 19, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1974
Page 11
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INDIA, AS PIACES OF REFUGE FROM R06UE ELEPHANTS I-60T ITi 1 60T ITM 60TIT! EVERV30W5 WRONS SOMETIME! V \ \ HOUSES ARI BUILT BY NATIVES WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUUOOIE? TWENTV-TVvO CHOCOLATE ~\f MY -.. || SODAS, AND#S[ BU)LT?.Oil| AU.YOUR WJOT UNCA SCROOGE THIS WHERE THISJ KID LIVES? YES/BRING HI/A IN/ CM* XOU mi ME^ TtHftTS' WHERE 1 WSHT J f BWOUT FlHPHIM?x-- * THERE, ^, , --/OUT \4 HOOTINC I'M LOOKING FOR A BUBBA PWV MA'AM. LAFlTTE, THE PIRATE, | DONT PRY NO MINDTOPflW, MIZ DOWDV · I NEVER SEEN SlCH WOBBW Ol! LE6S IN ALL MY BORNEDDFWS " · ^~ STSAK BRBP PBKSOHAlLv 11 ' =?H FOR WBLSCM OCKFSLLSR'.!- ' K TH' WONDER. COOK I! I VEeETABLB OROWN gXCUISWHy \-,r FDPTHSPALATBOP YOU YOU WENT M,t.APY! I WAS TAUKIN6 A801K THE PI6C6 DIRTY, FII-THf HAD STUCK UNPER MY UPPER DIP IT HURT, BEETLE? THIS CUT IS SEVENTY-NINE CENTS A POUNO -lOW ABOUT A NICE STEAK rDNK3HT?MOTTOO EXPENSIVE -Believe Jt orAfrt/1 Northwest Arkanw. TIMES, Friday, July 19, 1974 FAVETTCVU.LK, ARKANSAS 11 THE CHURCH B4 KBRE-BRAHAN, ETHIOPIA, WE OLDEST IM THE OOUM1RV, WAS BUILT BY THE PORTUGUESE IN THE LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Aspirin Best Avoided With Stomach Trouble !!ll!nil!tMI!I«lll!llll!UI!U:!IIUl[!!gillllll!:!IU3ll!l!]!l|[!ll![lll!llffllU!IIW TOT REV. ARTHUR E.JONES 0838-1918; . PRESIDENT OF WrOiA NASA JESUIT PRIEST ^_fOK YfAfSS FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horpscope IMIIUIIII We are constantly warned lhat aspirin cun cause ulcers and bleeding in the stomach. Although I don't have such a problem I worry because I lake a considerable amount of aspirin for my arthritis. Does this mean that I am heading f o r trouble? Mrs. G. S., Minn. Dear Mrs. S.: Many readers have expressed concern about (his problem. Aspirin is probably one of the most frequently used drugs for the relief of pain. But there are side effects from aspirin Shat must be considered for any long-term use. One of the most frequent problems is that it increases bleed- irrg tendencies because it inter feres with . the clotting mcch anism of the blood. STOMACH ULCERS It is also thought that it may be responsibe for ulcers of tin stomach and the small intes tines, especially in those peopli who have a tendency toward these conditions. In the light of this knowledge an exhaustive study was repor; ed in the New England Journa of Medicine. Dr. Misha Levy at the Boston University Me ical Center, studied 25,000 pa tients who were admitted Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) M a r s , , highly auspicious, places you in line for success in substantial enterprises. A certain amount of daring favored now. AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) If you do not notice "small" rors and where you miss lances for "little" gains, you ill probably not see the big ics. Be alert. EMINI (May 22 to .Tune 21) Do not go overboard in your thusiasms now. Look well here you invest time, talents, oney. But neither be so fear- that you miss advantages nd pass over good buys. ANCER (June 22 to July 23) Seek to know all you can bout those with whom -you eal, their feelings on all sub- ects, and express yourself pre- sely but considerately. Be ide-awake to r e a l opportun- ies EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Plan your schedule early and nly deviate where a better ar- angement is presented or dis- ivered. Apply:brakes sensibly pleasures, risky activities. IRGO (Airg. 24 to Sept. 23) Work constructively, but in- ;rt a novel twist into routine i relieve monotony and make more pleasing. You may re- ew an old friendship. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Your judgment vindicated. A nessage for someone "in the now" will confirm your own eliefs arid consequent de ICORPIO (Oct. 2 4to Nov. 22) Curb your natural inclination oward unconventionality. In discretion now could l e a d to rouble later. AG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. Y o u r imagination highly .timulated and, while you, may not capittlize on new ideas immediately, they should be high- y productive in the future. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Be especially cooperative with associates. Good teamwork will produce better results than Ion-wolf actions. · ' : . ' AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Sometimes your impulsiveness gets you into trouble, but some spur-of-the-moment ac- :ivities launched now could lave surprisingly good results. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Persistence will be the key o advancing your personal slans. Keep trying and friends vill rally.'round and give their support. YOU BORN TODAY: Like nost Cancerians, you are an dealist and a humanitarian at leart. According to the stars, you were destined to a life of service to your fellow man--notably in such professions as medicine, religion, education, sociology and reform politics, rloweyer, there is another side .0 your nature--a more ma- ;erial one--which:causes you to expend tremendous energy in the accomulation of w e a l t h . Emotional conflict often results from this clash of interests, but you CAN resolve the problem if you will devote your life to the things you do best--content with the satisfactions of achievement rather than more tangible rewards. Art, as an avocation, would make an excellent..outlet for your very deep emotions. Birthdate of: Francesco Petrarch, Italian poet; Natalie Wood, film star. oston hospitals in an effort to larify this problem. The conclusion: "Patients 'ith a known history of sto- lach or intestinal ulcer should, s a precautionary measure, ot take aspirin or aspiriri-con- aining products." On Uie other hand, the report tales, in the absence of an ul- er history, there is no need completely eliminate the uss f aspirin from "a patient who esperalely requires the relief irovided by this excellent an- fou are "heading for Irouble." In the light of these findings, you should not stop takirrg as- ririn because of your fear that ·ou are "heading for trouble.' SIDE EFFECTS You can be certain that your Jhysician is completely aware of the side effects of this remarkable drug and would not suggest that you continue its use if there was a danger to your health. All drugs carry the possibility of some side effects. The value of a drug is always measured against ils potential disadvantages. Before anyone embarks on a lor/g-term concentrated use of aspirin, or aspirin-containing products, discussion with one's doctor about its use is essenlial. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten* Individual Championship Play) You are South, neilher side vulnerable. The bidding has been: West North East South 1 *, Dble Pass. ? What would you bid now with each ot the following four hands? 1. * A98J- V A983 * -- +J9862 2.4J84 VQ72 *KJ83 #A96 3.'*9 VJ642 48653 *AK87 10 *J4 +954 1. Two diamonds. Assume that vou have this hand and your partner, the dealer, opens the bidding with a spade, a heart, or a club. You would presumably drive the hand all the way to 'game -- even if you had a reputation as an un- derbidder. ·. '···.-.]'· The fact that an opponent opens the bidding should not :hange your assessment of the land, once partner doubles anc shows the values Tor an opening bid. Again you should feel your side has a game, and the only question is how to reach it. Rather than try to guess partner's best suit by making a jump response, it is better to :uebid diamonds and force tforlh to choose the trump. You can then raise him to game Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Western org. 5 Health , resort 8 Spanish gentlemen 12 OE a musical drama. ·M Wicked 15 An arbor- ization 17; Auditory organ 18 Shadowed (colloq.) 20 Knot 23 Disembark 24U.S. engineer 25 Ragged clothes 28 Macaw 29 Accumulates SO Lout 32 Dozes 34 Roster 35 Rodents 36 Actor 1 Lawford 37 Sausage 40 Excavate «.Death notice 42 Learned 47 Spanish .dollar 48 Distinct 49 Heavenly body 50 Golf mound 51'Sturdily- built cart DOWN 1 Cain's land 2 Primate 3 Decimal base 4 Commands 5 Mix 6 Hole in ground 7 Certain fabrics S Ridicule 9 Elliptical 10 French resort 11 Snow vehicle 13 Russian sea Avg. solution time: 25 rnln. SHD® sna @HHE HHHI1 ESH ESSHU ala HHH man snra aiiQg raoa raana Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 19 Insects 20 Ocean 21 Type of balm P 2Z Hebrew month 23 Bathes 25 Most flavorful 26 Origin 27 Satiate 29 Teemed 31 Distant 33 Public speaker, ' 34 Esteem' 36 Size of type 37 Turfs 38 Border on 39 Italian coin 40 Cheat 43 Scottish river « Sailor 45 Greek letter 4S Ruler of Tunis n the suit of his choice. 2. Two notrump. You don't often hold 11 points when partner makes a takeout double. More usually you have 4 or 5 )0ints, and often not even that. Jut when you do have values substantially greater than your normal expectancy, you can show them by making a jump response. Here, the most illuminating bid you can make is two notrump. 3. One heart. Here you're a rifle short for a jump response, so the only problem is whether o bid a heart or two clubs. It is better to choose a heart, argely because the doubler is nearly always more interested in hearing about a major suit ban a minor suit. This is read- ly understandable, as it is easier to make a 10-trick game than an.,ll-trick game. The heart response will lead to a sound game far more often than a two club response, despite the great difference in quality between thef-two suits. 4. Three spades. This is not a strength-showing^- bid; it merely says you have great spade length. It is a preemptive bid very similar to an opening three bid. The doubler may pass with no values beyound those already described. The showing response would be two spades. PONYTAIL n 57 51 'To the grooviest, most far-out chick in tho Sophomore class!'...I never knew Donald had such depth of feeling!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAH. Reader* respond more quickly and favorably when given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Alwayg Insert your telephone number or your name and address. If you do not have regular hours, give a preferred tima to have prospects call you, PLACE YOURSELF In the reader's position and ask yourself what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you Siva will make a cood Classified ad, WANT ADS THAT FAIL to bring satisfaction do so, not through any lack of readership, but because they do not contain enough Information to get prompt action. THE GRKATEST READER ATTENTION can b« Becured for your advertisement by ordering consecutive insertions. You can stop your ad In the event of results and then pay only for the days it was published, Ther* ar« alto very special rates for those who art

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