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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 9, 1952
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Wi PUIIIC INTIRIST » THI FIRST CONCIRN « OF THIS NEWSPAKR VOLUME 90, NUMBER 142 (Times Local Forfleait-- Ai»ociat«d ftttt Win Af, Kin* and NEA Ftalurtt Faytlleville and vicinity partly clcnifly and colder tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy und continue!! cool. Trace of snow. High temperature ye.-.tcrday 31; low 30; norm today -10. Sunrlif 7:28; sunset 5;J.1. FAVEHEVIIU, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY », 1»SJ PRICE FIVE CENTS Disaster Threatens Flying Enterprise And Men Aboard Her Efforts To Put New Tow Cable Aboard Halted Heavy Waves Pound Helpless Ship 30 Miles Off Coast Council At Springdale Proposes Minimum Parking Fines; Mayor Sharp Presides Springdale - (Special) - T h e l Fred W. Bookoul, new chief of Springdale City Council last night j the Fire Department; Jim Webb, recommended to Police Judge W. to the newly-created job of as- G. Howard that a m i n i m u m f i n c ; s i s t a n t fire chief; Lnn Cook, File of 50 cents be levied against over- j Department secretary; Churchill And President End Series Of Talks New Basis Laid For Better Cooperation Around The World time parking meter violators who pay their fines within 24 hours af- j tcr viiflations. In its first session of 1052, w i t h London-(/P)-Mnun1ainous waves threatened to write the end of the Flying Enterprise saga today and m| almost swept Capt. Kurt Carlsen ] m , Mayor H. R. Sharp presiding for the first time, thc Council adopted a resolution f a v o r i n g the fid-cent For violators who wait lore than 24 hours to pay their into the sea he had defied for 13 j pal . k j ng tickets, thc council 'recommended a $1 m i n i m u m fine. An ordinance setting up penalties for meter violations set a maximum fine but did not speci' fy a m i n i m u m . Mayor Sharp announced several a p p o i n t m e n t s , which were approved by the Council. They in- Dr. Fricrimann Sisco. Dr. John Dorman and J. ,1. Hiehfill, rcap- pointcd to the City Board -of Health; and Dr. Preston Brogdon and Dr. Stanley Applcgate, new members of the board; D. D. Dcaver and L. E. Johnson, Churchill was to leave Washington today for a visit to New York and Ottawa, apparently convinced that his t a l k s with President Truman have laid a new basis for tightened British-American cooperation around the world. In a f i n a l W h i l e House session, ending last n i g h t , Churchill and Mr. Truman agreed to Rive a l l out support to f o r m a t i o n of a u n i - fied European defense army, including German, French. I t a l i a n and Low Country troops. Mr. Truman had wanted such a commitment from the British leader in the hope of speeding up the army project in Europe. 7 ruman Cautions Shadow Of War "Over All Men" 'Asks This Be Kept In Mind By Politicians Church Leaders Open Fight To Ban Racing In Arkansas L i t t l e rtock-ld'j-A group of ;1... Dodge, pastor of thc First H a p - · L'ounly w i l l Washinclon-MVPrimc Ministei | church leaders banding together j i s t Church of Hot Springs and an '. whether they under the name ote J.'inu.'try 22 on w a n t D i x i e Down.'. .^ .. i outspoken c r i t i c of g a m b l i n g and ! In g r a n t i n g thc Dixie Downs pcr- i horse racing in p a r t i c u l a r , said he mit. thc Hai-ing Commission re- Gambling League of Arkansas met jhoped t h c court suit could he filed ] quired t h a t thc t r a c k must be ap- bcforc the liir2 racing .-.c.ison ; proved in a special election before opens at Hot Springs ncx" m o n t h . | it ran begin operation*. "Why have another meeting at | There is a possibility Ihe clcc- O a k l a w n ? " asked Dodge. " W h y ! lion "'ill not lie hclc'. Thc Ciim- takc another step toward hell'. 1 " | mission has been culled into sc.s- Prcvious altcmpts to o u t l a w ! sion .lanuary Ifi lo reconsider iiorsc racing in Arkansas h a v e ; q u a l i f i c a t i o n s of o f f i c i a l s of D i x i e here yesterday to map plans to outlaw legalized horse race betting in Arkansas. The Rev. B. K. Sclph, pastor of thc First Baptist Church at Bcnton was named president of Ihe league. Thc organization is composed of Methodists, Baptists, I'rcibytcrians and representatives ] been unsuccessful. Thc God. thc Evangelical- Reformed Church and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. League officers conferred wilh an attorney about prospects of challenging constitutionality of i Act 4fi of 1935, which legalized c | udct |- days. Thc crippled. American freighter, which broke loose from the tug pulling it to safety, was being- smashed mercilessly by waves 30 miles off Ihe English coast as Carlsen and his lone companion. Kenneth Danccy. clung to thc wave-swept decks for their lives. For hours today rescue workers 1L""TM_. attempted to put a .new tow line aboard thc d r i f t i n g freighter, but were defeated by heavy \vavcs and high wind. As dusk fell increasingly heavy waves forced an end to the attempts to gel a new l i n e aboard. The Enterprise was sinking a little every hour and at times the wallowing h u l k , almost on its side, (teemed in danger of t u r n i n g up- nidn down. The tow l i n e to the tug Turmoil broke at 1:30 a. m. For thc next 13 she will be found alive, hours, whenever the waves per- j Barker said it could be consicl Beauty | Feared Drowned! Miami. Fla.-M'l-Shcriff's D e p u - j ty James O. Barber, who has di- I reeled the search for Mrs. Hugh- | uctlc DcMay, the French Canadian beauty who vanished Friday n i g h t ill thc Florida Keys, said today hopes arc waning that Suez Fighting British Soldiers Battle Egyptians rcappointcd for six-year terms on | A communique summing up re- . racing in Arkansas. The Rev. John thc City Planning Commission; 1 ' ' "" ' ' ' '"""" '" and Lloyd Gregg appointed to a freshman six-year term on the nine-man commission. AM Council members were present for thc meeting in City Hull. They are Joe M. Sleclc. Lockwoori W. Searcy. Marvin Dean. Joe Bailey, Hugh Sherry, Lofton Brogdon, Roy Wright, and Frea Watson. Union | Downs. I n c . Should the commi.'i-! y e s - l s i o n f i n d t h a t the o f f i c i a l s arc not j Tax Question Left Open; More Armed Forces Advocated tcrday adopted a resolution condemning race tracks in Arkansas. At Augusia, Ihe Presbytery of Eifstern Arkan.-as, Southern Prcs- President Tru- to Ombres* today i i u a l i f i e d In rvpcralc n t r a c k , re- ; m a l l ^i ;i ^ lirC( \ ... ,,.,,.. vocation of thc franchise probably . th;il n j om him ' ~ n £|," election would be ordered. i year armistice on "political fights" Governor Mc.Malh, f o r m e r l y "f j which might endanger the national bylcrlan Church, announced op-1 Hot Springs, b i t t e r l y opposed t » , m icrc:,t ;t a time when all men he would ask t h e j Wi ,|i, ..j,, , h c jhadow of a third (ran- i position to eslablishmcnl of a pro- the p e r m i t , said he \vonld posed Dixie Downs trad: at West commission to revoke ttv suits of the four days of talks, is j expected to be issued Ihis alter- | noon. The communique. I n f o r m a n t s reported, w i l l announce- several Memphis, nesldcnls of C r i t t e n d e i si | commi in ! chise. specific points, i n c l u d i n g an agreement on taw materials supplies. This is expected to assure B r i t a i n of more American sfeel and thc United Stales and British tin. The prime minister is leaving behind for further consideration a number of issues which may be month? in solution plus some political problems -- presumably centering on the Middle East--for discussion between Foreign Secretary Eden and Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Information Fichiinife Sought ChurchiJI is understood to have expressed lo the president a desire for greater exchange of atomic i n f o r m a t i o n among the United Cairo, Egypt-W)-Twn British j Slates, Britain 1 and C a n a d a , and soldiers were killed today in a | f n r armamcnls to lest Britain's fight between British troops and | atomic weapons here. This in- To Dedicate Calvary Baptist Services Slated Next Sunday Members of the Calvary Baptist Church Sunday will p a r t i c i p a t e in a program of dedication for Incli- neTM church located at thc corner of Wc.-t and Maple streets. The service, open to Ihe public. will begin with Sunday School at 0:45 a. m., and continue all day. At I I a . the worship service . will he conducted by. Ihe Rev. W. P. Murchison, pastor of the church, followed gy a covered rlish lunch. Group singing will begin at 1:30 and the. Rev. Lee Killlan, ing ovci , Narrow Esrape. j "H is almost inconceivable," he The U.S. destroyer Williard | said, "that a person alive and able Keith, standing, r.eportcd:. "Carlson and Danccy narrowly escaped being swept into the sea while at bow of Enterprise al- tcmnting to re-rig. "Unable to pass tow this weather, which believed typical of this area, therefore outlook not favorable immediate future." Veteran tub men at the scene to walk around would remain un detected for so long." But if Mrs. LcMay fell or was thrown i n t o thc sea, he pointerl ! out, the possibility of recovering her body near the scene of the accident would be remote now. Thc tide might have swept her miles away. Mrs. LcMay disappeared as she were several other amonjf British forces. Guerrillas opened heavy fire on 'a British m i l i t a r y convoy shortly after daylight nvo miles west of I Ihe RAF base. Tho hours later thc gave thc ship onlv a 50-51) chance ! and her husband, George I,cMay, · · ' · · · ' 2 6 , Montreal real estate man, fish- of reaching dock as dusk descended. Until the cable snapped, t h c ; T'-rmoil bad expected to m a k e I the safety of Falmoiilh harbor by noon today w i t h Ihe crippled hulk. FalmoUh lies about 50 miles northeast of the spot where thc Flyinc Enterprise was d r i f t i n g bc- fo'rc thc wind at three knots an hour. By sticking w i t h his ship. Captain Carlsen may be saving his enmpany more than a million dollars. M a r i t i m e authorities made t h a t estimate today on the basis of international maritime law. They pointed out t h a t if the captain had abandoned thc vessel when it was in trouble, thc Flying Enterprise would have been a big salvage prize for any crew that happened to come along and throw a tow line onto it. In such cases, where someone besides thc ship's own crew saves it f r o m Impending disaster, salvage awards often run up to 50 per cent or more of thc value of the ship und its cargo. Shipping circles said the value of thc Flying Fnterprisc and its cargo is reported to be up to about j four million dollars. ed from a bridge. British Third Infantry Brigade encased Egyptian fighters four miles fartficr west, Thc Sue?. Canal, which BritLsh force.- arc Kuardinp, was working almost normally today despite a one-hour strike of 2,500 canal company workers this morning at Port Sfiid. northern terminus of the ion-mile canal. President Pays Tribute To Dr. Henry Bennell grcss to hear Mr. Truman's "Stale of the Union" message. Following last night's session, Churchill asserted thc American people were carrying oul their mission in world a f f a i r s "not for themselves or any nation but for all mankind." One agreement reached yesterday was t h a t both nations should make Ihe m a x i m u m e f f o r t to coordinate t h e i r policies and minimize t h e i r differences in the Middle East and the Orient. In the M i d d l e East Britain's troubles w i t h Iran and Egypt are consider- j eri by Ihe U.S. a source of potent i a l new crises. 3n the Far F.ast thr two powers are split over recognition of Bed China. One issue, which several weeks p. m., with the evening worship service at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Murchi- ..-·on. will give his. last »ermon before leaving for Texas, where he will do mission w/irk member of thc Baptist Missionary Association of Texas. Construction of thc building began last summer and has only rc- ccnlly been completed. The struc- t u r e of concrete blocks measures P.8 by -in feet, and has » partial basement. Extradition Hearing Is Set At Annapolis John D. Davis, former Washington County man charged with kid- naping in thc abduction of the daughter, left in the i-usloriy of his divorced w i f e by a Chancery Court decision, will face extradition p r o - j w h o was ki}\ cc \ ] as t month in a I Generalissimo Stalin and Prcsi- Scout Executive To Be Introduced Boys Club To Seek Help Monthly Support For Mongrel Is Okayed By Court Marline?., Cnlir.-(/P)-Jurtgc H a r old .lacoby hay approved S.10 monthly support for Bobby, an a King inonRrel find the only ap- 1 parent "heir" of an Armenian im- m i j f r n n t who died last M;iy and left MI.97R. A petition to Jurinc .Ificoby's court described the dog as the "true and loyal fliicnd of his maslpr," thc l a i c Gnrahrd H. Chilenjsirian, of nearby Pinolr. Chilcngirian, a vcterfln employe of t h e Hercules Powder Company, died at 75 w i t h o u t IcaviiiR a will. Contra Costa County o f f i c i a l s have been unable to locate any relatives. The dog was placed in a i ment of the Club nnrl Us propcr- privntc kennel but it reoutrcd j tics as outlined by thc board, nrc: court approval to draw on the cs- The construction nf a bridge ' tate for his support. ! world war." He Declared that 'Ve arc mov- UIH Ihroiigh a perilous time" with S'i\ iet Rus:-i;i steadily inci Rasing its armed might, and "all nt us-- Republicans nnd Dcmoa'ats alike -- a l l of us are Americans; and we ore Komj( to fink or swim to- ficlher." thc "The United States' and whole free world nrc pausing through n period of crave dan- ficr." he said. "Kvcry nclinn ynu take here in Congress, nnd every action I t n k e a.i president," he The borirrl of thc FaycUeville j | O | r j n joint merlin" nf senates Boys Club agreed yc$lercl;ty to ap- ! nr.d representatives, "must hr m c n M i i c d np»inst the test of whether it helps to meet that danger. . , Civic Groups To Be Petitioned peal to city firrjups (or help in achieving work projects planned ; for 1952. II WHS announced at thc meeting by A. D. McAllister, Boys "We h a v e a rcfpon;ibilily to conduct our political fijjhts in Club president, thai one civic club j a winner thai docs not harm th? has nli-carly agreed to fiponnor one I national interest." of the projects. i T « Q«"«*n Utunswurnl AmnriR thc plans for develop- In a "Stale of the Union" hies- in person in Ihs 1 : H Banquet Program Slated Many Will Take Part In Meeting A program of considerable length has been worked out for the a n n u a l Achievement banquet scheduled for tomorrow nlsht at the Legion H u t . Presentation of rounty champion boy and girl, and of county demonstration winners will be included. The program: Johnny L. McWhorlcr, Jr., thc Trx waggoner, toastmastcr; In- new Boy Scout field executive f o r , vnc , t | nn ; 1a i)t |,y Clint Waldcn. into delivered Mm: Ft; chnmber. the prsiltltnt even left open thc question of how the permanent grounds; the e o n - j much, if any, new lrfcrca»« In Ktructlon of a football and a base-1 taxes he will ask in his economic ball field on the grounds; the ' and budget message. He said only renovation of the old W h i t e I that the country must have "hijh Chapel Church building, now be- taxes" over the next few yearn ing used as club headquarters; | and that they mutt bo "shared and th« securing · of ade)ltlon«l equipment for club Activities. rtcnovatlon of thc church building, McAllister Bald, bus been undertaken by tho Exchange Club and work in now in progress. The board also agreed to hold a Fayettevillc Boys Club Week, among the people as fairly is pot- slblc." . Since, the outbreak of the Korean War In June. 1050. Congress h»« voted three tax blllt Increasing tcvemics by an estimated $15,fl42.(100.onn. making the total lax load about $83,700,000,000 for Washington-WVPresidcnl Tru-! aRO had been expected lo brine a n; or ti wcsl Arkansas, will be Intro-f president of man paid t r i b u t e today in his -'-1: " ~ f ...,;.,;~., t^;\ n ,i -. . . . _ _ _ - _ L J ._ .u_ ,,,,, ''State of the Union" .speech to Dr. Henry G. Bennett, administrator sharp difference of opinion, failed March .11 through April fl. for t h e ' l h c current fiscal year cndin-J purpose of better a c q u a i n t i n g the I June 30. The Is expected to residents of this area with t h e ! rise as much a:i three billion more ' in fiscal 1!)53 as thc nation experiences the f u l l force of the latest Vaisc, voted last fall. Still For Civil Kight.1 The president asked for this year only those "Fair Peal" measures ho said w i l l "contribute most to defense." However, he in- rluded his controversial civil work t h a t I" being carried on by thc organization. Casualties In Korea Set At 104,084 tomorrow night to thc an- O f the U. S. Point Four program j n g which would bring Soviet to develop to that extent. This was | l u a j dinner meeting nf district the question nf a Bis Four meet-! Scoutcrs at the Chicken House 01 Chamber of Commerce; the Faycttevllle j Washinglon-(/I'i-T h e Defense I rjRhl| . pron0ials am0ng th(;m , atk . | Department reported today U. S. cccdings at Annapolis, Md., to- | pi a n c crash. Bennett was presi- morrow morning. Davis was charged in Circuit Court here last May "9 alter he Twenty olher persons, i n c l u d i n g left Fayetteville with his daughter, j his wife, died with Bennett in dent of Oklahoma A. and M. College. a minor, only a few hours a f t e r custody had been granted lo his divorced wife in Chancery Court. The suspect was arrested last summer in Athens, Ga., but l e f t while a w a i t i n g extradition pro- cccdinp,.-:. He was arrested again last month Ivy Maryland police. Deputy Sheriff Lcona.'d Jones l e f t for Annapolis yesterday to attend the ex'.radition hearing before the governor of thc state. Iran while he was on a mission in connection with the technical aid program for economically backward countries. "Dr. Henry Bennett and his as- Highway 71 in Springdale. The meeting, which is open to Master of ceremonies, Jack battle casualties in Korea incrcas-! in V/ashhurn, president of the county cd 345 since last week, bringing p c r m itt C 6 to come to sociales died in thc line of d u ! . v j t n c Russians for the settlement of on a Point Four mission," the wor]rt tensions. dent Truman fare to face. Chur- | ne public, will bcfiin at 7:30 p. m chill has advocated this in the past pjr. David Harncr, Springdale, and Mr. Truman has opposed it. ! district Scout chairman, will I n f o r m a n t s raid that in the dis- | presirlc. cusMons Churchill referred to this project only in a general way and made thc pnint t h a t he thinks the western powers should be on the alert for any opportunity to c-n- page in sincere npcotialinns w i t h 4-H Club, duct by Pat Barron and PcRtfy Jo West of Elkins; scopfi of club work in Washington County, Darryl Shipley, vice president of j the total to 104,084 since thc righting bcfian. vice chair- iiiR they a vote. More Armrd Force* Needed Mr. Truman said he will recommend shortly--presumably in hiJ budget niciisaxc later this month --''{ionic Increases" in. the size fit Ihe armed forces which he said now total nearly 3,300,000 men. president said. "It is up to us to carry on thc great work for which | they gave their lives." i Interceptor Pilot Lands Nominate E i s e n h o r As Safely In Muddy Field Dies Of Burns [ Mcmphis-lTPl-Mrs. Ann Hobbs, | 19, West Memphis, Ark., died Churchill To Visit Old Friend Baruch Now York-MVIt's just a case of l\ew 1 U I H - U I l - l l h j u s t rt i-tiM; in ,, ( , two old friends ccttihR locclhcr! ,°" ,,,; ;a hospital here yesterday of b u r n s ' s u f f e r e d when a bathroom heater ignited her robe last December 9. Conwav, Ark.-l/I')-ricsidcnti of - - when Winslnn Churchill arrives at Bernard Baruch's home today for n two-day visit. "I have n o t h i n K special planned," said Baruch yesterday. He and thc British prime minister often have visited each other. He said they had been friends for 35 years. Back To Normal day for thc installation of par'k- j injr meters. Conway is Arkansas' 129th city to okay meters. Democrat, Says Douglas Da| c. thc County 4-H Council; "My Trip FnPmV To Chicago," by Wade Bale of l - ' l t " l 7 Thc.six district operating com- Ba | riwin . miltees will make reports, and a district chairman and man will he elected. ^_ vision, KnrciH/Pi-Set. Richard j prort'rction of planes and other Anderson's patrol went Inokinc, equipment for a longer period of for Iteds and found a bunch nf time than we had originally stinkers. Anderson, of M i l w a u k e e , planned." ' war, leading his patrol through i Secretary of Defense Lovett said Red-held territory when he dc-! early In December budget plans tcctcd a strong garlic odor. i ca "Hit thc dirt," he ordered. A ; instead of 90. Secretary Of Stale To Accept Party Pledges Little Rock-l/I'l-I'arty loyalty and corrupt pracllccs plcdes by Democratic primary candidates pilnl of an arc being accepted by Secretary I 'interceptor jet fishier landed j of Slate C. G. Hal dy Meld near here loda; radioed Tinker Air Forci Baltimore -ifTVScnatnr Dou«las' ; in a m u d d \ ( D - l l l ) said today t h a t if the Re-; alter he r publicans nominate Gen. Dwifrhl j liasc he was lost and oul of cas. D. Eisenhower for thc presidency,I Thc base .--aid thc pilnl, M a j . ouRht to do thc 11. W. Morris of Tyndall Air Korre Base, Panama City, Fla., tele- he declared, phoned thc base sayinK he was senatorial candidates on the basis of Ihe re-apportionment plan marie by thc Stale Hoard of Rc-Appor- tinnmcnt. He :aici the re-districting plan _, ... - _,.. .- .. is "still the law," although Ihe "wnulrt enable us to net a m u c h i s a f c . He phoned from Dale C o n - j plan has been challenged in the better Congress t h a n if he ran j solidatcd Dish School near which only as a Republican nominee." i he landed. thc Democrats same Ihinjj. is accepting thc H a l l said he pledges from Early 4-H Cluh work in Washington County. Mrs. Lester E l l i o t t ; j 4-H Cluh work before 1800. .loe | S. Reed; piano solo, John Howard Morris of Farmington: p u t t i n g the 4-H's to work, Cora Lcc Clifton of West Fork; accordion solo, Geneva Lee Davis of Elkins. Thc program is to start p. m. at 7 TB Seal Sale $800 Short Of Last Year --..,. ; now Out DV O t t l C G r ! These increases will involve "na ' i ticular emphasis on air nower," ht? With U. S. Second I n f a n t r y Di- i said, and w i l l mean "large-scile moment later a party of Reds opened fire. The ground-hugging Americans escaped unhurt. lor an Air Force of U3 win?* 128 of thc increased group to he combat units. *· Thc president reported that planes, tanks and other arms are hcini! delivered at thc rale o( Pi I billion dollars worth a month and : t h a t "a year f r o m now we expect Germany - (/h -· this rate lo he doubled." · minces were; He warned that the military de- No Statewide Decision Yet Reached On Education Plan Arkansas Supreme Court. The pledges must he filed DO |'" this program, days before the preferential pri- | "" ~ mary J u l y -I). The Washington County TB z Miners Savprt Seal sale drive came up S800 short j Geiscnkirchen. of the amounl raised last year. .1.' Twelve German R. K c n n a n . Washington Counly; saved from death today when res-. m.-uu's for steel, aluminum, cop- nickel and other scarce m*- ... ,als will bring sharp cutback! ty a f t e r 24 hours' rniomhmenl. m civilian conds during the next c h a i r m a n , reported today. Me s a i d j c u e r s t u n n e l e d through a 270-foot i per, that contributions still arc wel- cave-in and brought them to safe- j t c rja come from those who want a part 2,40fi» feet underground. Whether thc IS colleges, both public and private, in thc state of Arkansas will join w i t h thc Uni- Washington-Wi-Thc Association i versity in an entirely new program of American Railroads said today j of teacher education is yet to be r»!l passenger service is back lo normal a f t e r three weeks of near- holiday t r a f f i c . decided. Dean Henry Kronenberg Poultry Marhtt-- The poultry market tod»y i re- portfil bj the University of Af- klnjflj Institute of Science «nd Technology nnd the Dairy «nd Poultry Market Ncw» Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas market steady lo f i r m , d e m a n d inod, volume nf t r a d i n g normal, prices paid f.o.h. f a r m up lo 2 p. m., broilers and Iryris all weights .1031 culls * pound, mostly 30. nf Ihe College of Education Ilic U n i v e r s i t y lold members the Faycllcvillc l.ions Club today nt noon thai he has explained thc from six to 10 years in A r k a n - sas, if the .colleges can work out a satisfactory plan. There is one stipulation, he said: Thc program must i n c l u d e a four year general education proposal with a f i f t h year of apprenticeship, d u r i n g which the candidates for thc degree in education would do actual He stressed t h a t t h e r e would he no complete change-over at once. Rather, he said, thc change would be over a period of perhaps three or f o u r years, w i t h thc apprentice plan to start in thc I Segregation Test Planned Little Rock-(/Pi-Tw:i suits chal- ! Icnging l e g a l i t y of Arkansas' school /egrcgation laws will be heard by three federal judges here February f i f t h year. Dr. Kronenberg said t h a t the Fund has -l.alcd that olher stales leadline in Arkansas schools. [ a r e eager lo m a k e Ihe e x p e r i m e n t So f a r , no single plan has been if A r k a n s a s does not w i s h to t r y . worked o u t , and there ha.-: been ! il, or if no .satisfactory plan can I Lone Elm Gas Field Connected With Main Transmission Lines Of Arkansas Western is. Directors of the Fordycc and Hughes school d i s t r i c t s arc dc- f c n d a n t s in the suit.-: f i l e d by Har- ; was connected to Arkansas West- old Flowers. Pine B l u f f Negro attorney. possibilities to representatives nf all Ihe schools, and t h a t il : - probahlc ionic decision \vill f o r t h c o m i n g at sessions to be held In I.lttlc Rock J a n u a r y M and 15. Dr. Kroncnherg outlined Ihe proposal al Ihe weekly luncheon session of the Linns at thc Washington Hotel. He s-aid the Fund for Advancement of Education, which is a b r a n c h nf Ihe ford Foundation, Is prepared to help wilh a program over a period o' n f n o a c t u a l decision l o attempt t h c complete change in t c a r h c r cclu- b e l c a l i n n which is called for under such a proposal, he made clear. However, the F u n d for Advancc- mcnl of Education has put up a grant of J.8.S.OOO for preliminary uork towards dcicloping such a program, and if thc proposal is adopted aclion must he taken during IhU school year. In other words, the new program would '- ^v in September. he worked out in thi- stale. If Ihe colleties can a«icc on a plan, he a.-.seilcd, he has been assured the Fund will put money i n t o thc various colleges In help carry II nul M a r l i n s in September. He said n 1:, nol an all-or-nolh- ing proposition-- t h a t all colleges do not h a v e to agree lo the proposition hut he said he feela any plan u l t i m a t e l y adopted w i l l work 10 belter a d v a n t a g e if n i l go Inlo 11 Ingcihrr. Thc Lone Kim Gas field, located: cubir feel d a i l y to A i k a n j a s Wcit- ncar Oiark in F r a n k l i n County, '"·"'* l»oo,K'ii.,ii o p a c i t y . ·'"!.· ·( ~",t prt cueing wells, in ". the Lone Klin f i e l d , represent an ern Gas Company's main gar .. ; , OI , n,, w t n p a c i l y from 00 to 100 transmission lines Ihis afternoon, million cubic feet of n a t u r a l gas The King In of this field Involves: d a i l y . Olhci wells are hcinu Trrrorlnl Bornlw Kill Three i )h( , i,', v i n( , O f ] n ,,,)],, ,,( riRhl- drilled in t h i s li*lil and w i l l be Snison. I n d o c h i n a - M ' i - V i c t m l n h . m c h pl|)c an; | .,,,,,,,, n m|]( , an ,| ,, · , iod c[1 Io t n c sa , transmission terrorists threw several bombs on . r i u a r t P r O f f o u r - I n c h Catherine lines al a lalee date, iwo crowded p a r k i n g places in the i n n f s ,,,, wc || a , t |, p t -nnstruclion| The company's investment fori h e a r t o' Saigon torUy, k i l l i n g l » n | o ( a n a l ) M ) r p t i l i n l v p o drhyrtrnlnr.; d r i l l i n g Vietname.-c and one F i c n c h m a n . ^ ^ n. 1x t|. ri company president,' Kim field to date approximate:-, said today, ! one-hiil( million dollars. Funds j The Wtathtr-- Arkansas--Mostly cloudy and cooler this afternoon. Clearing and colder tonight, w i t h lowest temperatures 27-33 in north and west crnlrnl portions T h u r s d a y . ' r 'imsd«v f a i r and rnlher cold. "This a d d i t i o n a l i-ouire of s u p - . f o r these projects came from the ply m a t c i l a l l y aid* Ihe cnlirc a r c n j proceeds of the.salc of firsl mo;t- served by Arkansas Western a n d ! sage bonds by Arkansas Western two years of "peak" defense pro- i rlucli'nn. H u t . ho said, thc c u t barks "will be nothing like thotc during Woild War U. when much r i v i l l a n production was completely stopped." Mill Stabilization Law Thc "Give 'cm Hell" phrases of previous "Slate of thc Union" and pmpaign speeches Mr. Truman has directed at'Congress in other years were iilinosl entirely absent 'from his address today--until he came In Ihe i.'.sue of price and · olher economic controls, "Our stabili/ation law was shot lull of holes al the last session," he declared. "This year, II will be one of the main task* before Con, i cress to repair the damage and ·onstructlon for thc I . u n c j ^ _} ^ , in , Mr .(,atlon law." The president s»id his administration Intends to "hold Ihe line CONTINUED ON fAOF. THRKF. nerve as an Impetus for In- ' dustry to locate In N o r t h and West Arkansas," R a s t e r nald. The new i wells cnnedfd In this field will ! add a p p r o x i m a t e l y 2fl,00li,fl0u . Company. The Lone Kim field l» · second major Held thai ban been de- \clopcd by Arkansas Western IMT 10(3. MARCH DIMES

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