Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 8, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1952
Page 11
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·40KTHWIST ARKANSAS TUNIS, F.y.tHvllU. Ariwitwi, Tutirfay, January I, IWt ~v5 MOOT* TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low int«r*it, lone ternu VTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 1C03 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make luto and f u r n i t u r e loans. L*t us finance the purchase of jreur new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. U North Block SI., nr our used j c«r lot. Corner Center and Church \ Streets. LEASE MODERN hl»hw«y ttrvlet iUtlon. Attractive prnuoiulon fnr rifht Mrty. P r i c e p n Co. FOB SALE--LIVESTOCK M WYANDOTTE pulltti. 10% production. iec it Circle Courts. High way 71 South. Boutt *. 50 RED Hampshire pullrti, heavy ]»y- vrx, African Call geew. ToulouM feese. now laying. T. R. Andrut. FOR KALE-- MI8CELLANCOL1R HAY delivered «n.vwh*r*, Wrlle W. D. Redwine or phone 2191. Rateilff. rot SALE-- HOME NEEDS ONE General Electric Ironer "In Rood eondition._C»ll 877W. _ GOOD used furniture. Apartment ranit ________ ..... 5:1:. u Dinette set ....... -------------- ju.Uil Dr«n»r ... . ..... ------ ......... Ti.OO I Cnuch · (itudioj .. ,, ............. ]7.50 | of drtweri _____ _________ 7.50 Desk . .. · ........... ..... . .. s o n Bathroom itxive .. ----- ......... .von | Innenprlnc mturcs« ___ ......... Cotton matire'si ..... _ ..... j ____ 2.5U ! Bed iprings ...... . . . . a 5U Cimp Neil Martin Apartment 32-A _ Phone _ 25 J 4J LEWIS BROS. BASEMENT Uied GE wiBher .......... J29 00 Died Hotpoint ranjje 22 on Used Dispcr ·y.-u'.-.vr _____ ______ i».m Hied Eureka cleaner . . . ______ 15.00 Used Wtsiinnhouie refrigerator R9.on Ui«d Magic Chef gas range _ . _3VM USED Ump table, mahogany finish, Jin.W). Lewis Bros. Co... Inc. USED extension dininjt room table with Fix chairs. $.75.00 set. Lewis _ Bro8.__Co.. Inc. __ ^ _^ _ lf« MONTGOMERY Ward washer. Good condition. Phone .linfl.M. USED breakfast room set. table "and four chairs, $1500. Lewis Bros. Co.. _Inc. __ MRS~^MITH please call fo~n7o"re ' information on how to Hop molh riimage in your horn? with Brrlou Guaranteed Mothspray. Lewis Bros. Co.. Inc. ____ _ __ " ____ _ __ USED oak. buffet, $15.W."Lewls Bros. ^Co-.^lnc.^ ^ _ _ ELtCTROLUX cleaners. repatrs-sup- S lie*. Rrnt for 4ft hmin, 75c. 117 W. oc It. Phone 52. fioOD used bed divan, tapestry cover, 145.00. Lewis Bros. Co.. Inc SALE OE TRADK TWO food coal itovei, one a circulator 4 burner otl stove. Trade for pill Arthur Broyles. S33 South Hill Street. DOGS--CATS--PETS TOY Bulldog, 6 months old, for sale. AUo want Kuod home for 2 small rings. Phont 1058R. HIPPIES. Boiton" Bill Moil. 'Bci»|[1p- hound. Cocker Spaniel. Terriers. Dcaion's. West Fork. REGISTERED Cocker Spaniefpuppies, all colnri.^Phone_507J2. REGISTERED cocker spaniel nupptex. Phone IMG. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phon* 1111 Foy«tt«ville Rendering Co. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Mm CvllMl SSM FartHtTOl.!, ArkintM Joplin Rtndcring Co. __ _ _ WALLPAPER WE have just received n ihipment of 1952 Imperial Wnllp»p«r pat term. Price in low «i 13c. other 15c, l«r. ?0c And up to H roll. Come in and let ui help select your wallpaper today. Fairway Hardware, 230 Mill Street. Phone 2650. We ilvt S_ H_G^repn itampi. _ RAINBOW TROUT sold daily. Phone Sprinfdale 3201. Ozurk Trout Farm. Near John ton. CORN fed dressed ho'fi"* 150 poundi. _Phonc_I4l4Mf. _ _ BALED hay nnd itraw. Ralph and Bill Shreve.^Fjirmjniton^ Ark.-_ PUBLIC SALE THURSDAY. January 10. hejinninj 1 p. m. One lot food milk cows. farming tools and household. Cart Head. Owner Tackett. Bono Auctioneer 2 mile* South of Greenland on _HiRhw.'jiy 71 At Any Price Fuller Outlasts Them All B o y d _ M H l s _ 5 2 0 Lindeli Phone 1MB DELICIOUS home canned peaches and _boysenherrici. Call 1556W._ GIRLS bicycle. "Hawthorne, "good «s new, $30.00; Phone 2517M. COLORED "maplei. call 439J2. USED_^8iudlo^cbuch'," phone ]_6S8W, ·NEW" circulating heafer with" thermo slat, joocl space lieatcr, quantity of iia^d lumber. 2327R. JOHNSON grass hay. Hoharl Petcrwn, Route 7. FayettevilJe. Hi«hway 1G East CORN fed ho«B. Drciied a"nTdeliveT ed. Phone 1444-J-l. QUALITY APPLES GOLDEN Delicious, Red Delicioui. Winesap. Inspection invited. "Wif" Wtirxans. Arkansas Cold Storage, or Phone Z4R2J. LUGGAGE. iuit caiei. foot lockcri, hri*f CUSM. B-4 hugs. O'nite ca»«R, toilet kiti. etc. A rompl*t» lin* HAMPTON'S ARMY SURPLUS STORE FLOWERS--the irlfi moit «ppr«ci»ted by everyone. Phone 2933. Berry'i Flowers. 4.1^ South Gregg QUALITY USED P I A N O S ECONOMICALLY PRICED . S O U T H W E S T PIANO SERVICE 502 South College Phone 3021 - 1332W. TERMS IDEAL MATTRESS CO. W« m»tt or b*ot any competition 401 WEST DICKSON WANT_TO_RENT SMALL home suJtitbie for "a "within radius of 10 mil*.: of loivn. Enough acreage for truck farming. Write Bnx .T-fiS. TrTimft. FOR RENT--FARMS fio ACRE stock fitrni. with comformhie electricity, hsrn and out hulldtnjEi. Low cash rent* Immediate poses- ·ion. NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK. ARK. FOR KENT-- MISCELLANEOUS SLEEPING room, private cnlrnnce nnd hnlh. Near University 2fl2 West L»rit_yette 1 Phonft 3ROW. ONE room futfiishrri upsrtmfnt with refrigerator. On city hua route. f2L Leverett. 117M. WANTED TO BUY Used poultry feeding equipment. Feeders, automatic waterers and gas brooders. Propane storage tanks. Especially interested in large . quantities, but ^ill buy any amount. Write, stating what you have and your prices. Haag's General Store Rudd, Arkansas FOR BINT--MHCH.LANEOUS I fOR SAME--RRAL ESTATE ·21 LEVKHfcTT, Roomi. $3.M week, j m e n CDC/-I *t up. U7U. 1?52 SPECIAL SMAOHtore builrtlnf. »T*^rbfok- ACCORDING t,, thr ecnm ·on. UlllillM P»l1. $S5M p*r. "S« «' m lw. J i n n l h r r ·-- ' Cforjt"--McKlnney Agency. Phone ax. | *.*rr***L . r :?TAT* SMALL R A N C H of 20 arm located a h n u t 400 yards off NICE bedroom, private entrant 1 *, 2 l » ; _Norih__Church. Phone 1227W, | TWO modern apartment!, each wlih i farait and Urfr f n r d r n ipot. Lo-: emed on 71 highway, nhotit T ' ' from Fayetteville. Each a p a r t m e n t [ hai 3 rnomi and h n t h . bulll-itu jmrt I new inlaid linoleum In kitrhrni. I entire piact newly rfdcrorntrd. | Comfortable and attractive and r e « - j lonnhle rcnti. r% l~ A I "T*\ y I RFALTY : r\U/~\U I I I i«l. 19ii| ,, ,. , r a r , Inn fewer homos will he built due l w ' !hc K-nrrtiy nuri hiijh COM of NIH- ! torials. But. why w o r r y ' a l m u i l u u l i f - in«? You i-aii own such a spct-inl buy m this lovely 2 bedroom liuinr. located uii Hush Drive. LiirRc i-om- I iim livms riiniu nnd ctmlriR j room, mm pact k i t r h i ' t i w i t h iimplu cabinet sprier, mcr l»;ith .mil Hlnmd- \ ain't- of l l n r n ami clothe* *tnr«j;r. u t i l i t y room, hardwood 11 nor* it ml i limitation. Hnutc i (iw v (MI'S old 'lot M ilh HUT iiinpif idiadc irccs aewrr and iinvrmi-ni - p n i i l WHY fln-inccil wuli H c u n i i j l n n t i n n F. H. A. and G. I. Joan. I FOR^_SAI,E--RKAL E«TAT« MIR __ _ ,,_ 'TiH/crrn^S,^ J N E W HOUSB. plenty of rl^rh ami huilt-i.u. hardwood' n s o u t h 7t. 3 _ h c i l r o u n i » . k i u - h r n . , : , n o n M - z h d - r m ' home mid h » i h . : lachcc! xarafir. h c a u t l f u l h p t h r n o m . n a t u r a l gat. ALSO, JUST OfT i t i n t n c room. Inrsc Iron! room, hasemenl. irrvii-r porch, rlc Cm- · ir»l heoi. a u i o i i M i i i r f u r n n r e . In- xulAtrd jitl)pj(os iidine, vmetl*ti { I!!nr1». licit of c o n t t r i i r t i u n . S or fi y r a r « old H n m r r e f i l l e d S30 fw IHT '. month «Tn1cft flmi lease Piime*»lnn '· immedlfitely. Pru-e in fl.'.O. Our h a l f vet ^l;^.73VSn"/m^1;%^^ n ' E P A V E M E N T 20 m i n u t « ririvr from Fa-yetltvUfc THIS ^100 Tcrrm ; A C R E RANCH on school bu lot MOOM --3 hil-im hnmr. plutcrrri. mnrtfni, Irvcl In I. o n l y * h!ock« from if) Hit rr. n r r d i tntrie polUhlm up. hill w h e r e r a n j « n hf«l t h i i v u l u r a! i2.83!) ? "* ' Trrmi. loo horn* Kn?""ti l ' f l )in pliymrm ", "" TM l * " r f - ! N K W 4 room mottrrn ~ I A M I I A D V Q D P P I A I Q ' yn»'M l i k e Ihr a r r x n c f i n ' r n i »ut JAINUAKY DKbLfAL:) . , nil dlllon nt ll.ii nlicr »nd Ihr WK I I A V K USTKU TWO OF T M K pnt-r o n l y M (100 w i t h term* MOST A T T H A U T I V K TWO HOOM HOMKS WK HAVF. t H A D IN THIS riUCK R A N G E CKN'FHOUS F I N A N C I N G A V A I L - , ?» E M o u n t a i n Phnnt George II. lrry--S«lMm«n "WO rnnm furnliheri "apartment I'llIM I t-rm rnr'ti _We«t_ Mc»dnw, phone_3(K)2. ' ment J! '. K'oTe McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc.! ARI.K U I V K I . V STANDARD REALTY CO. " A V A I L - ' ? * r. J. NICE f r o n t bedroom for mm. 117 East Lifaye HWW. roiimv ONE furnished room downitairi. 41 F,ait Rock. -_ APARTMENT, well furnished" Hill paid. Near Square. Available Jan_ uary ^fij^t.^ Phone 79B.I. 2 ROOM furniihTd Hnii'rtment. uTllllie paid. Phone 10S1-W. Phone af,R W a n t to Sell Y o u r P r o p e t t y ? WOULD yon like » descnplion of your plncr si-ni In .T.ono or mnrc out of state prospect iv i- b u y r r s v V.'c ;IIT . p i c p ^ r t i i K to print our cat a Ion (or n i H i i l i i K out to our tame in;ulL!ii; MM. Bffiin: wi- .m-Mfl tins in Iho . _ I p r i n t e r we wiuihl like in h n v u iill E a x t t the good liMingt wo can «ct. livms loon and l i m r t l r . two larjjc tied- nice h a t h , p l p m y of t i u i l t - ni^. u t i l i t y room, a t l n r h e d Ki'racr. v r n r l l a i i hlimli f u l l y ui«u1«tr-l. fin red a i r C-'« f u r n n r e Level lot O H X M O m r c n l n r t e d * n h - d i v i s i o n . A rral hnrKnin n t S9.0UO no I - mn(\ anrl m i i k route, around 85. to 70 arrrs rich f e r t i l e soil, imv nf thr hwl .emnll slork farrtw in WjishingiiirS County. ALSO, B E A U T I F U L F I V E ROOM ROCK HOME loeaKd-YnV; Ihr best i c s i f l c n t i f t l r l i s t r i r t of Nefwho, Mismuri, TO TRADE FOrV- FA»M J N NORTHWEST A R K A N S A S , OR SMALL TOURIST COURTP A. L. SHAMBLIN, REALTOR r ' or JIM HOLDER Telephone 241, 2654, 1039 ' : Kincaid Co. Iniurince · Btil lili't - i fu .octern k i t c h e n ! i t o n i H t i c JUST vacited? Cozy! modern." "rurn- _i£h*d tpartment. _WO.on. ]2TVf. ONE" hbuseke'ftpinit " room, 229 Dlcknon. Phone 693W. | APARTMENT furnUhed. rio\vnit«irs. I _bl^U_j)ald_ancl_tsrdfn._rhonr 707IH. EFFICIENCY apartment, p'rlvntc" hath; ·leepinit room, private hath; R»- _£tte._Phone_402J. FURNISHED" apartment. Private en- tranct and bath, carporl. One half block off North College. UHlitie.i _p»id. $47.50 per month. Phone 2S07. 2~UNFUBNISHF,D apartments n e a r ' R | l C | M c c c A k i n University. Phone 3031. j DU;)l[Nt ^ A N D TWO" room furni7h«~rl"np7rTmentr p'ril 1 M O D E R N L I V I N G Q U A R T E R S vme entrsnc*. Utltilies paid. $30.00. r ON 71 nrc prcpannc (nr do not (ccl : your property before we is w i t h our new ciitnloc NEWLIN REALTY WEST F011K. A R K . J408 North Leverett. · Automotive ·Fire · Health and Accident · Polio ·Liability · W O R K M K N ' S COMPENSATION · Plate Glass ·Burglary UNFURNISHED 4 nicr iarRC room I ·purtment. with private bath and K*T»tt. to reliable pefinaiicnl rou- pic Mr* ; Cy__C»rney. Phone i n i « . DUPLEX apftrTmc"ntr furnished 4 rooma and hltlh. fhnnc 1721-.T. ___ 2~~ROOM furniilipd npnrltnrnt. Bills JQil^L-^^iH^---^' __ - 2~D5tfBLF. foomi. SIfi.nb. One iln'slc. Phone 1579. 20 Sonth_lh_ll. _ _ Z ROOM fiirniihed npartnient. Bills puld. Phone 2 ROOM unfurniBhed apartment. U t t M - tlei paid, rurnnce hen). Adults. Phone SMot^.-WV i^OOM unfurniihed apartment. Phone _557I14. NICE efficiency apartment Rockwo.vl Apartment*. Phone 2l!SJ. lilpliwny i r i c l i i f l i n c c-jid- f i x - nircs and some f u r n i l u r e . Wi-11 lo- rnk.,i. j ai-ru. 53.BOO. Unit cash nnri i THREE-ROOM BUNGALOW S ' 10 " n 0 n U l - I IN SonlhWMt m-tlon hrt«-re, schools a n d l l n r n m n P l a y f i c l d . r o r n r r : w i n d o w s n n r i tlonhli- rltnets u'Mh i s l i d i n g rinors. lovely luilh wilh tiji'fl \vnlls nnd h u l l t - l n dD^sinR t.iblr, very j u t r a c t i v e l v decorated and f x - crllent r o n i t r u r t t o n l,«-vrl lot 90x19.1 in i r i i i r l r l e t l iub-divlnicm. The price "wiUCINS REALTY CO. 902 N Colleee Av* Pnonr UHfi Dav nr N i R h t i Automobilt - Liabltiry Beautiful .Iwo-bcdroom home. | Fjrf _ Exttndtd Coviragt Choice location. Only f e w ! p o ;; 0 _ p| ote Glon years old and is in A-l s t r u c - j WAOI PINCHER tural condition. Contact us j Arcadt Bldg. Phoni 401 today. I N S U R A N C E WHAT A NICE L I T T L E STOCK FARM FOR $5,000 r n t c d »l flprl hiKhwny. d liisluvjiy. i n i p r n v r n i r n t s to. cnnlon- Only SL'.fiOn. F I F T Y - T H R E E HUNDRED . ;ihotU ;itl() yards ( I nium home i f c r home ONE Foi like thi li rice. of cood prod en led only f o u r rnl!* out wrll i r n v e l r d rnnrl This hoi liy nntur.'il K n i t - f i n e location for '·roik-r f a r m LET US SHUW YOU. PHONE 7.1.1. "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" Polio S| HAMMOND REALTY CO. on NEWLIN REALTY :r.i! nt-rcs Koorl land If i home you won't kirk TOIIK._AI1K ve. Plitinff 11. H Hammond 1.172 J. A._.r_arvi* i,wow 2"BEDROOMS~AiND~"DEN" ~ / r n n c h - M y l p (ratne. w i t h A t t a c h e d APARTMENTS, o n e bedroom unfurniihed f57.50. furn- fined $72.10. two tttdroom unfurn- iihed I72.M, bill! paid. BendiX . . v ^ - . . , _ , , iuftdrytviitbie. Phone 258»R. '".!? Is ^KriNrrci.v O.NK OK KAY- PAR^iVltW APARTMENTS, one bed- I n^oYI 1 ! 1 ' K ''^ Rt:i T nml tht! very ' room unfurniihed $50 00, furniihed T R I P Htolth Accident Burglary Liability Automobil* Plat* Glaii UTLEY CO. _ THREE BEDROOMS! , 945.00; two b«drcom unfuroiKhed 1(5.00. BendiT Ipundrr available. Phon-i Me SKRV1CKS OFFBKED CARK for children i n - m y home. Mrt. Hufhey. f21 Livcrclt Street. 1171.1. loriitcd on liirEc '.'.had.v Int In nonh section of c l l y . Bfrtronin* 13x13 em-h. anil a ccnrrnui « l 7 r . p l n r - p n n r l l n l rlf n. N'lcc llvln« room. I H L Utl»V dining room, noil k l l c l i r n M» Mini - ' bnth. 6 Inrcc rloscls. a n t d n m t l c hr«l. House thoroughly I n s n l n l r d . A r r n l hnmp nml priced lo ^rll. Cflll us today for f u r t h e r details. . KINCAID AND COMPANY PHONE. 1MI INCOME TAX SERVICE PhOMf ISTS. liARHY H." CHEMER Slum Roule 1. Box 211. Wlnslow FOR paper hanger or painter. .15KW. Plionc I FOR upholKlcrinK, hnod niatle drapes and alip covers. Phone MB.^-W. HAULING" ANYTHING, ·nyllmr. AUo ilali «ood. delivered. $3.50. Phone .10.'i4M4. li l.v commm,uon kllchrn nml l,,cnk- last room. ilmiiiK room. Inrcc liv. "IE room wilh woodl)iirnii:c l i r r . Place, three mcr lu-ilromni- lute w i t h pine nanelini:. I!, ballis. (orccrl nir i 5TM fn? vIi""Tn : "; ·I 1 " 11 "'""TM "' I ' u i l t - OWNElTlMvint lowh. must irlfnMr- - t \ i n ! uuls - interior \VH||S of ly new two hftdroom house. Locdled Hi planter and exterior nr intivc i nn paid pin-Inn and ewcr. near new lariic eorm-r lot i n , Inch sclioo! and onlv a few Wocki K\cellent n. 1 from U n l v c r i i l v A i l a e l i r d lirace. i Ihc price M: hardwood floors. v r n r H n n lillndi floor l u r n a f c . i n s u l a t e r l . dlsnppearing K l n l r w a y . Purchniir. owner's rriuily of $!.22f.!t. atut assume loan al 4"r ,]iayal)le ?4J1.0ff monthly, I n r l u d - inE taxes and Insurance. Phone 2K. r j2Tt n f l e r fi p. m. Gtorg* F. Caudle Vie* Preilrient It InRurtnet Mcr 1. J. Pyeott President Secretary Telephone 2203 AUTO LOANS -- Wt tuggitt that you drop in and invetti- goti thi benefits of our plan. Let ui help you finance that new or used car. Call 3101. MOTOR FINANCE CO., IncT Lccmc ; , .mu,Kir, jluln a u n k Dtportmtrt "Your friendly Home Town Finance Company" C. C. FARLEY, M f r. ' DKKT LOANS-LOANS REFKHNCED 17 E. MMetow St. Fayrtttvilb, Ark. slrmr. n.xlr. rcstrirlrd loraii nanclne avniliiblc. SI7.50CI.UII . Wilkins Realty Co. 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hemititching, Plcoling, Covered BuHoni, Button Holt*, Tailored B«lii and Bucklti. Special Attention given Mall Order*. Saliifaction or Money Beck. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. IS S.I. St., Fuctttvillt E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 ONE day service by rrqilt-st rturini fhe Holiday ficason. Rarorbnclt ELEQRIC CO. Quality Initalleri ·PUMPS · POWER / Phon* 24. Wttt Fork DITCH DIGGING FOOTINGS--w a t ft r. nas and sewer dilchel, aeptic lank holes DiKKin? and back fillini. Call 282i. Bryce Davil Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor J12 Virginia Ave., hox 143 U. Sta. Phone 1488, Fayctteville FOR SALE--REAL ESTATE W Abshier-Brycm Motor Co. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer Since 193" INVESTMENT PROPERTY BUSINESS Buildln« M-ilh line location nnrt ulrnly of parkin*. Woulil consider rr*irfence us part payment or would trflde for Koorl farm. WILKINS REALTY CO. M2 North Collrec Ave. ___ Phone_179« f ___ _ _ 2 ACRES land, 4 room house, 2 room houit. int. eleclrtcily In housr City water by the tinnr. drilled well now in UM. Phone 21,'ifin. Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory HABY SITTING KrDDIE KOMRAI. :Arc for pr«-school children. Any w « k . o r i r i O n t h . IOW. REAUTX SHOP ALICES BrAUTY SHOI' Now up town. 7ii K. Mountain St. Allrc anil M*rth«. Phone G20 COLVARD'S BEAUTY SHOP 204 W. Mtldow-Phoni ,1001 Mnch ta.M-up. COM w«v« ti. up -J««AU'«'J«JO (Heki PR!CKET1"S BtAUTV SHOP KtUAILI WOM HOME SKKVICK INSULATION--WKATIIERSTR I P D E C O R A T I N K -- W A I . I . P A P K R WINDOW C L E A N I N G Kully I n s u r e d Call or W r l l e noBF.nT M. SMITH ·AND AND ORAVKI. OCCASIONAL CHAIRS K x l r a c h a i r for Ihc small finc*. In Tan, Brown, Ivory, S OC Blue, Red plastic O./J ROAD AMD OMVCWAT QRAVEl, - A140 TOP SOIL Phani IS14J and 10U 1255 Square feet of modern living, located on 100 feet corner lot with fine view from both front and rear. Situated of beautiful Waneetah Heighs, a rapidly growing popular exclusive residential area. Lovely living room, 2 spacious bedrooms and an unusual glassed-in brcezeway connecting kitchen and 14x28 garage with ample utility space. $12,500 with liberal financing. Cooperation with fellow realtors. "SEE GEORGE" McKinney Agency--Phone 326 =_- - Over_Mcllroy Bank AUTOioiLE SPECIAL Now is the time to buy a good clean used ear or trucks, when the market is at a stand still. I hove stocked my lot completely for the mod rush of th« spring purchasers, but if you will buy now you will save. Come on down, take a look, drive and try them. If I am too high, jew me. Tacketts Auto Exchange SOljTH 71 HIWAY _ f j^TM 21 82 D6uble SH Green Stamps on all cash sales at MOORE'S GIFT SHOP Wednesday, Jan. 9 Assortment of Fine Linens ft off ! "'.' x .. Sp .T*.'" 7 "" ch ^"'. One 53-pc. set Noritake China reg.'price $75.00 '4 off Odd Pieces Pottery--reduced.. .Vioff Odd Assortment Picture Frames Vi off 54-pc. set Johnsons China reg. $49.50 ft of f Only Four Table Lamps !/z of f AND MANY OTHER ITEMS i\o Gilt W\ AN OPPORTUNITY Openings are available for a limited number of high school graduates, age 23 to 31, for permanent work in pip* line connection gangs, Good wages and working conditions. Regular assignments at permanent locations. Send letter giving ag«, education, and experience to Personnel Director, Box 381, Tulsa, Oklahoma/ Attach recent snapshot. MOSlEt^f Fnr the Ihrlfty-wlsc. Here arc shown many 'items usually nccrlril In i-vr-ry houschnltl. Select the ones t h a i tit your needs. ^1 ' '·V I -pOWN : - L ' ^ a . . MIRRORS Gold friuned and framclcss mir- vois, suitable for a n y room. Twn 7 M ? Groups .4.1V ,nrt *- Dishes Twenty-piece Set In w h i t p \ v i ) h KITCM leaf nr r flower (irsign. Buy 2 scls for 11 ; service uf cijhl 2.95 METAL UTILITY CABINETS K'ir Ijrnorn, swceprr ^nd cleanin? f u p p l i r j . Kinljhed in clean ·Rleani- IriK while enamel. Limited q u a n - tity at this price. IJINETTB AND UESK CHAIRS Well designed in wslnut and maple finish. Plastic scat. Buy a »«t of four, of these /C QC s t u r d y chairs l..cach "·''-' Many others one nf a kind nt a big savings. 8.95 BED SPREAD A N D LAMP SET A b e a u t i f u l chenille bed spread, Iwn da. 1 -* cylinder v a n i t y lamps and m a t c h i n g bed lamp in srcen. rme fir blue. All for Ihc price of the spread.. I N N K H S P n i N r . MATTRESSES Limited Number I R i n u p tv/in size, i -7 CA 24.5(1 v a l l i r 1 / . 5 U 3!l.:ill v a l t i r I ^ t f i l l p f u l l si/e, ·aluc Table Lamps ne sflcclinn f i f l.-tblo w i t h p.'irchmcnt and silk inodorn - :nifi Iradili priced to srrll ·J/i CA O l h r r l.,blo l;iiitps -- '·-"'· hither prices also re Electric Iron ond Ironing Board Sinibrnm ir-Rtiliir or l l K h t w e i g h t ' l i n n . All metal I r o n i n g Doard ' Both for 18.95 '' '·· Knr cxlrii h.ingini iind utoraRe p. Plenty of room tor clothes : lo haiiR. dt'iiwcr space and hat. anrl shoe slorajje. Large mir- ""* "" ror in door. Walnut UnU OPEN AN ACCOUNT with STUMP FURNITURE CO. Use our convenient credit terms. CHEST OF DiOTWITtI : j,, the extra room, chlld'i rOoMf. or extra stomsc «pact. .' " 4 Drawer Clwst, - . \f.y 5 I J r p w c r Chest, Walnut _,» finishrcl .Sn.W |.4 Drawer Mlondc Chest 17.M STUMP FURNITURE CO. | 603 W. DICKSON PHONE 3112* ' · Open Till 9 o'clock Thursday Plenty of Parking Spoet nc r.r.

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