Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 8, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1952
Page 10
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, tommy ·, IM3 I'VE FINISHED. MRS. 8UMSTEAD SHALL WE PUT THE BOOV BACK ON THE SOFA ? "'I HE SLEEPS SO SOUNDLY SWOOP. THE MAN * HCRETO MEASURE MEANWHILE.SAM PRESSES AND DOWN IN ONE OF THE DITCHES-THE CHASE AFTER SRNNEP A CONSTRUCTION JOB-- DfTCHES. DIRT PILES, PIPE- THi-H)M fASRAVE MD I GIRL THE RttJORD. WE KEPT FROZEN OVER. BUT NOT THICK ENOUGH TO HOLD ME. BR-R-RR-- With (rflleful htaru we thank each one of our frlrnd* for ' their kind words of ·ympathy Inr the food food ~ and toauljfu. 1 finwen In our recent herrnveinfrnl of the df»lh of our fot- Jovrri ion. brother, William Ernem Ciivln. May God'* rirhe.t hleulnfl ahidr wllh each of you. Mri..Tennis Cavln Mr. Paul Cavln Mr. and Mr». Clyde Cavin and Mrl. W l l l a r d Green ind family Mr. and Mra. Wade Davii »nd family The n u m b e r of m i l k cmvs on U.S. f H n n s has changed little in Ihc last three years. LEGAL NOTICE! hat never b#*n convicted of violating the- law* ol thin *u:c. or any other 5l;ilr, relative to tht tal* of alcoholic liquort. Application li for permit tu b* uiu*4 for operatidn beginning (in Ihr Tth . TUF.SUAT r. M. 6:0(1 Dinner Musk 6:15 Starlight Tim* Newn 6:IS Ozarks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heattcr--M 7:30 nthymic Rendezvous [.ombardo on the Air 8:00 BASKETBAU, Fort Smith At FayeUeville 9:30 Just Music 10:00 News--M 10:15 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party ME TOO.' MO INC , , r GOT IT/ urrs SO \ / CRAWL (WTD THE AM I V MESS-MALL I / T WINDOW AND ,, * \ GET SOME: CHOW/ FOOEV.' IT'S BURPED AMD J LOCKED/7 WHAT AW INSULT, PUTTING BARS OM THE WINDOW/ VOUD THINK WE WB?G A 8UN£H OF CROOKS THEY DONT TRUST US.' DO THEY THIMK l^b BREAK IM AND STEAL FOOD.'? W» MtWOn MOT AT tM WOT · M#M[ DO YOU \ AND HE'S MHCVITV4MM CUTAMD W A MOT MSiMf VEAH; WELL, I'LL BET you ) f \VASN 'T//----' J 1 .'THIS B A PUZZtiEC! ^1 CAN'T RISURE \VHO DiO IT WELL.DOGGONE/ IT WAS THE BUTLEH'i? COUSIN' r ^ ,, ' MWRIGMr.DOC/1 STILL CWJT6EE TRYIT*GA1N, THE RECEIVING END OF THE TIME-TRIP DINNY K ABOUT TO TAKIE-,-//·/' A \f _--7, tO HVJS fOOH (·NOT A i/yrfftfotM. Lffr iKAS/«vr;?av, o.c.--K HUM AHP If.'-- AMD NOW- r/v/r fusrt* AHH -- UFE 11:00 Plsttcr Party 11:30 Sign Off WEDNESDAT A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shins Markets nd Weathtr 6:35 Rise N 1 Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Koffee K u p Kapen 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Sunrise Serenade B:00 Robert Hurleich--M 8:15 MorninK Devotions 8:30 Times Mornini Edition 8:45 Hokum Gospel Hymns 9':00 Morninx Melodies 8:25 News--M 8:30 Take A Number 10:00 Food tor Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Dauckagc Commentary 11:23 News 11:30 Church at Christ 11:45 Musical R o u n d u p i 1:55 M.arket Peports WK1JNESDAT P. M. 12:0(1 Hymns r' All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 ChuckwaRon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 President Truman 1:30 President Truman 1:45 Afternoon Varieties 2:00 Ladies Fair 2:25 News 2:30 Pooles Paradise 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 Green Hornet 5:30 Wild Bill Hickok 5:55 Cecil Brown NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: .1 cent* per word single insertion Three consecutive insertion*. 7 rrntu per word. Minimum order 42c Clftiiified ada cash In advance--not taken over the telephone. Deadline for classified adit: 10:30 a. m diily; 9:30 R. m. Saturday. Correction* »nd rerun cheerfully made after first insertion. No corrections or rerun made After ad hat expired. NOTE: Advertising copy for othrr pngen is due at 12 noon the day pre- eeeding publication; 12 noon Saturday for publication on Monday. LEG AINOTICES Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned ha* filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale Of Arkansas for permit in .tell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 220. Bust Emma Avenue. Springdnlr. Washington County. The undersigned stales that he is a citizen ot Arknnsa*. ot «ood moral' character, that he h*s never been con- vlrted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: thai no li- rrnse tn sell brer " has been revoked the undersigned V.hin five years last p»M: and that the undersigned day of January. and to expire th« Plumbing Inipvctor. or vthif d*«- Jgnated official and obtain a permit to do jiueh work. Only the** perww authorised to do plumbing may b ii- nutd ptrmiU. A ptrmit may b« JMU*d to a properly owner to initall plumb- LiGALNOTICM ing Cod* and adopted by the City of rayeftcvillt as follows: ««r. 2.7.4 Street Openings. a. Ail water and sewer service lines will b* brought to the property line of property desiring service, hy Inf In a aing)« fpmily residence pro-1 retpsctive departments Pf the City of vidfrt th« property owner Hoei .the Fayetteville. work himttlf and the building · in · b. Said ronnertions dial) be marte owned and occupied by nuch owner as i upon payment to the City of Fa.v- hii horn-; provided, however, that [**tievi11e a irt fee. as shall be. eitab- ·urh M-ork mu»t be completed within | llshed from time to time by the City strict compliance with the require-, Council. menlK of thii rode. j r. Said service charge shall bs com- h. Said plumbing permit shall re*, puietl on a 40-ft, average run for quire a f e e - p a y a b l e to the Ciiy o f ! concrete paving, asphalt paving and Tayelleville computer! as follows:. gravel utreet excavation and repair. F i r s t - f i x t u r e $3.00. next f i ^ e f i x t u r e ) On service Jinei of greater than SO 5).0*1 eich. all addition»l fixture* -Oc "Cftl. a bond shall be required as set rath Plumbing permits or tervice by ihe Superintendent of the different connertlon permit* shall b* grnnied : departments. Said bond ahall be used only lo a licensed master plumber; lo pay tiif cost of said service line, or hii authorized represenlauve; ex-; and the remainder shall be return-d - on the 30th day of June, IJ52, J. J. Bank! Subsrr.hed am* v-i.-n !·· ' ilura me thli 7lh day of January, ItfiZ. Ethel M. Smith Notary Public iSLAL) My CommiMlon expire*: Mar-'* -o 1834. a-M-X WARNING OHDIR In Tfct Chamctrv CMirt Of Watfclnstwi Cwnty, Arkanwt A. G. Gehnard Plaintiff vs. Elsie Gebhard Dcicndant ' i or "·· ·«... ·-, ; ^ The Defendant tail- Gebhard Is' cept as provided above in HIH oru.-, w ' t n e bond nuker. warned to appear in this Court within I nance. · . SECTION 18. Penalties. Any person, ihiriy dayi and answer the complaint SUCJiOK 3. Thai Section 2.1.4 li here- firm, or corporation found guilty of of thf Plaintiff in the above eiiti Jed i by added in th* Arkansas State Plumb- violating any of the provisions of this cause I ing Cod* and adopted by the Ci'.y , ordinance Khali be subject to a fine lineal my hand and seal of thii of FayettevJIle as follows: or not less than ten dollars ( S l O O O j - · ' · · · - ^ Bfc 2.1.4 An Examining Board nor more t h a n one hundred is hereby created to ?.cl on a l application! for license, examination for licenses and .o Court this 7',h day of January, (SEAL) Richard B. Creer Chancery Clerk By Joy Rupc, D C. 8-13-22-29-c OHDIHAMCI NO. 1114 AN O R D I N A N C E ADOPTING BY R.KFERENCE THF. ARKANSAS STATE PT.UM8ING CODE RELATING TO THF CONSTRUCTION. INSTALLATION AND INSPECTION OF PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE WHEREAS, the Cily Coun il of thf I required by Slale. Law and the Plumbing Code «i the City 01 Fay- etleville. Said Board shall be com- poicd of four {) members as follows: (1) A licensed Mailer Pmmber. f 2 i A licensed Journeyman Plumber, (3) A representative- ol -'he UM. · :i authority of Ihe City and (4i a l i - j Mm i th, rensed Gas-FiUer. Members of the! wlll^be Board shall he appointed iuii"- -.".miuii niiv ui me provisions 01 Ci'.y : ordinance Khali be subject to a ^ or not less than ten dollars is: nor more t h a n one hundred (5100.00), lOgeihrr with ihe cosis of such prosc- fiiKion. or by imprisonment. Each (lav during which violation continues shall be a separate offense. SECTION 19 Conllicting Ordinances Appealed. All ordinances or parts of ordinances conflicting ith any nf I?* i' rovision "f this ordinance are £t£feL.«Pealed. W. The City Counril liereln- the public has been and injured through impmncr Ciiy of Faycttevilte, Arkaniai. cauied ;i notice lo b» published thai It had under consideration rhe adoption of ;m ordlnancs relating to the construction. I n s t a l l a t i o n and fnspccuon of tiUimbing and drainage as set forth :n ili»! Ark -nsas b.a.-. ^ .uniij iij *-j..J uf Health on the 2«th day of July, 1951, nui 1 ii Mil 10 .t.·«..·.t .- -"-'i ~Ji of 1931, and WHiRjiA... ihe requisite nui copies of iiiit! code were kepi ih*r of I l i C ,,, ^...i-idcd by Acl 167 of Ihe Actl of Arkansas for ihe .\esr 1943. and iherit have been no protests or RUR- Kestions or requests lor discussions, WHEREAS, the City Council of th*. City of Fa.veiU-ville. Arkansas, .inns lhal it is tu the best interests of ihe City of Fayeievillc IhaJ thr above code of the Arkansai Sl«te Board of Health governing inr con ,.i UL.IUH. i»- itallation and inspection ol plumbing nnd drainage be substantially adopted except lor thoie amendment* hereinafter set f o r t h : NOW, THEREFORE, be It ordained by the City'Council of the Cily of fayetleville, Arkansas: SECTION 1. That the rules and regulations of the State Boaru o. ,.c....ii governing the construction. Installation and ispection of plumbing and drainage known as Ihe Arkansas State Plumbing Code he. and the tame is hereby adopted for the City of fay- etleville. Arkansas, except at here- i n a f t e r provided: SECTION 2. That section 1.2.1 shall be added to the Arkansas State Plumbing Code and adopted hy the City of l-a.vettcvillc, a» follows: ' Sec. l.'a.l Definitions. Plumbing for the piirpo»M of this ordinance is nere- by defined AS fallows: a. All pipinf. fixtures. Jipplianres md appurtenani,-e!i in connection avith the water supply and drainage syslefn within a building and to a point from three to five fee. outside of the building. 1). The construction and connection it any' drain or waste pipe carrying domestic sewage from a point within three to five feel outside of the foundation walls of any building with the sewer nervier lateral or other disposal terminal. including private domestic sewage treatment and disposal sysicms and the alteration of any such system, drain or waste pipe, except minor repairs to fauceti. valves, pipes, appliances And removing of stoppages. c. The water service piping irom a int within thfee lo five feei outside meniDera ui LUC »m u= injuretl through impmner oinlcd iur a »rrua | Djumbinx and improper construction the .Mayor- ot the , of «wae_and drain pipes and t h a i i of two yesrs by ,.._ ...-.._- . . ,,- _ ,,.,, ^,,,^.1 City of Fayetteville, with the rec-1 this ordinance In necessary ommendaiions of iht Piumotr.i AS^OC- | Public health and iation of Fayetteville. given due con- sldcration. ' . . b. The City of Fayetteville shall secure necessary equipment, and supplies as required by the Board irom emergency is h e 'r,by "rUr-l TVTM rJ? d I h l » j ordinance shall be in f u l l passage and approval. NOTICE the receipts collected will! app.ica-j ·'. W. McGchee tions for examinations. The lurplus j City Clerk thereof shall be disposed of ai the Board Khali unanimously . direct. The above-mentioned luppties and equipment shall be in charge of th* City Engineer nf the City of Fayetteville. Board members present shall receive per diem in Ihe amount of X2.00 p e r l hour, with voucher payable to t h e ' f the Approved: 'ell M. Rhea Mayor , Secretary-Treasurer of the Board. SECTION s. That section J. HEY-KIDS nere-; Th « *'".' 250 kids to unscramble by Hdded to the Arkansas Stale- this word Plumbing Code and adop;ed by the j U T R I C M U A F qet-FREE-a ball and toss City of Fayetteville a« follown: Sec. 2.1. S Rtqmrern*i . . . . Ciiy License shall be as follows: 1. Hold a State License for the cur-'.gome y OU CQn e n j 0 y j n s jj e or z. Proof 'to the examining Board j ou *- " BE FIRST WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. Tht home of FUTURAMIC Oldsmobiles that the applicant has held City li cense previously, or arrange with the member of the Board representing the · City for examination for the license desired'. The results of said examination shall be. the m i n i m u m or above | that required by t h e - e x a m i n i n g Board: to Hatiiiy thl* requirement for eligibility. 3. Every Master Plumber doing business in the City of t'ayetteville ihall execute and deliver to tne City a bond with a surety bonding company in the slim of Jl.OOU.OO to indemnity .he Ci.y or suv citizen for any damage caused by the failure of such Matter Plumber to comply-strictly with the provision* nf this ordinance. No plumbing permit shall be issued to any Masier 1'iumb- er unless this bond has been delivered lo the City and is in lull lorce and effect. .. . 4. Payment in advance of the following license and examination fees In the Cily ol · Fayetleville as loilowi; Schedule of License ff Examination Fees · Initial Renewal Master Plumbers Gan Fitters $.V).00 SJ5 00 ' Master Gas Kit lent J5.W1 . 15.00 i Journeymen Plumberi 17.00 5.0,1 Journeymen Gas Fitters . . 10.00 $.00 b. Snould 'he appli^ .... elect ..i furnish hi« own material. M required for his examination. 510.00 may be. deducted from the schedule of fees given in Paragraph 4 Ol Sec. J.I.3 above. .r. Section Is hereby added to storage tanks, water softeners, and liter heateri with the water aupply system. d. Water pressure tystems other than public utility systems. e. A plumbing and drainage system *n designed and vent piping so installed, as to keep the air within the system in free circulation and movement, and to prevent with a margin of safety unequal air pressures of ·uch force as might blow, siphon or affect trap seals or retard the dis. charge from plumbing fixtures, or permit fewer air to escape Into the building. _ Arkansas Stale Plumbing Code and adopted by the City of rayetteville as follows: ' Sec. 2.1.2 Inspection and Supervision. n. There Is hereby creHten the position of Plumbing Inspector who shall be appointed hy the Major, sub. jccl to the confirmation of Ihe City Council. b. The Plumbing Inspector «hatl receive as f u l l compensation for bis services such snlary as the City Council may direct. c. The Plumoing Insector shall have experience in his business of plumbing to ihe extent that enables him to know when plumbing is installed in accordance with the provisions of the Code. He shall not be connected in any way with any person, firm or corporation direct!v or indirectly PERSONAL BEFORE you eatch that cold lee us about our guaranteed colri prevention. North Side Drug. 930 North College. Phone 1.114. A TTENTION LET the American National Insurance Co. pay your hospital and doctor bills For free information, write Thurman Hale. 312 Hathcock BIdg. ^Phone 4AI-W-I. HELP WANTED $400.00 MONTHLY spare tirneTWe Tflll select * reliable person from this area to refill and collect money from new automatic merchandising machines. No selling. To qualify applicant must have car references S600.00 working capital. R hours weekly will net J400.00 monthly with possibility of t a k i n g over f u l l time. For interview write giving full particulars, name, address, age and phone number to Interstate Vending Co.. 508 So. Main St.. Carthage, er than one year- and all licenies dhall expire on December thirty-tint in each year and auch license may be. rcntwed upon application made within thirty-day!! preceding or following the .date of expiration, 'me. Boara may renew licenses upon application made after February first, if it ii satisfied that the. applicant h» good cause for not. .making Application within the months-of December or Januar. and upon payment of the renewal and additional fees prescribed. SECTION T. That Section 2.4.4 ii hereby added tn the Arkansas Stale I -Plumbing Code and adond by the WOMAN to help with three children. ·ELr WANTED--FEMALE YOUNCTwoman with goodTknowlediiB and background in bookkeeping for permanent position. Age 25 to 4f) Must be neat and Well For appointment, 22R7._ RELIA BLC person wanted fo take care of two children in my home. call 2556J after 5 p. m. WAITRESS wanted 2l~years" of ace, night shift. Apply in person. Majestic ttextaurant. gaged in the business or plumbing supplies. of plumbing, . d. It shall be thr d u t y of the Plumh- I City, of Fayetteville as follows: unless .otherwise specified. Short Branches of lead pipe shall have wiped joints. SECTION «. That Section 2.S.I of Ihe Arkansas State Plumbing Code shall be amended, and adopted to read as follows: Sec-. 2.5.1 F.xisting Buildings. In existing buildings or premises in ·which plumbing nlstallations are to be altered, repaired, renovated, or have location changed; said work «hall be carried out in accordance with all thr requirements of this code SECTION !». That Section 2.21.1 of the Housework, washing per hour references. Write Box J-8i SALESMEN Jf ANTED BUILD YOUR OWN BUSTNESS-Sel I nationally known cushioned sole CHARLES CHESTER SHOES direct ' from our .factory established lK7fi. Complete line for entire family. Full time or side line. Advance cnnimiv »ion up to 13.00 per pair plus ficn- erous monthly cash bonus. Samples and equipment free to producers. CHAS. CHESTER SHOE CO., 33 Chester BIdg., " Arkansas Mate Pfumb.rng "Code" sKaii j SITUATION WANTED--Female ne. amended and adopted by the City ' . .- - _ of FayetteviHe to read an follows: I r 011 practical nursing, call 2673, When a- 1 public sewer- in not a v a i l - j __Sp_rjr.|[d«le. ,,,,.,,,.,,. ^^"^"^ -^»-^^-yv J - U ^r^^rtrww^ J -u-u- u -u-L- u v able, for use within TOO feet of the property desiring to be lerved, lew- , me and drainage .piping may be con- ...t.h.p-rTM, ror ,ppUc, li on-,."p« r : ^^«^J%^ .^""V'St mils and other reports. It shall br ' H I . I V of ih. citj ' of Fayetteville ai-followi:' :pect and lest i · Sec ' 7l - () " 1 A"* 01 ""'^ Clothes Wash- SECT1ON 4. That Section 21.3 _ be added to the Arkansas State Plumbing Code and adopted by the City of Fayetteville as follows: Sec. 2.1.3 Applications, Permits, a. Before beginning any plumbing nrk in the City of Fayetteville, Ihe person installing same ihall apply to PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK 'tiitjn, wt *nt MVi f Mi «Uut · Un, «w*y . . . K you w«o it *' inch vent. · · : SECTION 11. That Section 11.1.2 of thf Arkania* State Plumbing Code shall b» amended and adopted by the City of Fayetteville to read as follows: Sec. 11.1.2 Above. Ground Waste Piping Within Buildings. Soil and waste piping for a drainage system in buildings, shall be Ca«t Iron *nl lead pipe for all drains: with the following exceptions: Branchanm. K A I V A M . S ed or copper pipe. .10 inches or under in lenxlh are permitted on top fixture of each separate vent stark of cast iron or lead; closets shall be let on lead wiped on brasn ferrule,: tubs shatt have 4" and d" lead drum taps and wiped jointt. All joint* between lead and lead hnd brass shall be wiped. Other fixtures with IV trap* or ]es« may be armed-off not more than M" provided the fix'urea waste does not interfere with the venting of other fixlures, and v.-nerc ihcr« aic tin other fixture* above it." SECTION 12. That Section 11.1.3 of the Arkansas State Plumbing Code *hall be amended and adopted by the City nf Fayettevllle by having the word*: "Typr. 'K' copper tubing" omitted. SECTION 13. That Section 11.1.4 of thr Arkansas State Plumbing Code shall he. amended and adopted by the City of Fayetleville lo read ai follow*; See. 11.1.4 Fittings. Fittings on drainage systems phall be of an approved drainage pattern and shall conform to the type of piping used. SECTION 14. That Section 11.2.1 of the Arkanm State Plumbing Code Khali he amended and adopted hy the City of Fayetteville by having the words: "concrete *ewer pipe" omitted. srCTION 15. That Section ll.l.S U hereby added to the Arkansas Stale Plumbing Code and adopted by the City of Fayetteville as follow*: Vc. 11.1.5 Four Inch by elgnt inch east Iron drumtrap* and rait iron ·tuM with cleiet flange, in accordance with Section 3.2.1 may M used whtrt pipei are rncaied in concrete, SECTION It. That Seallon M.2.S ii hereby added to tht Arkaniai State Plumbing Code and adopted by the City or FavnueviUe ai follows; Sec, 11.2. Cleanouta must be protruding above tn* ground lit a point a minimum ddUnc* of 3 fwt from th* foundation or building llnr. SRCTION 17. S*ettofl 2.T.4 thill bt lo tht ArhtMM State ~~ INRTRUCTION COMPLKTE your high school at home in spare time. Texts furnished. Diploma. No classes. Send for 47 page booklet and sample lesson free. American School, PO Box 188. Eureka Springs. Arkansaa. LOST AND FOUND LOST, brown billfold cilhur on Springdale bus or southeast corner of square.Reward. Call 30;i5-W.^^^ WANTED TO BUY _ _ _ WANTED, heavy hens, alsb~~:M~to .100 three pound broilers. J. L. Rut- ledRe. Highway 62 West. FEATHERS new or inert. Best prices paid. Central Feather Co., 1523 Kansas Avenue, F.ast St. Louis. Illinois. FOE SALE--AUTOMOTIVE WHITFIELD'S USED CARS-TRUCKS 19JO 88 Club Sedan. H/dramatic drive, radio, heater, low mileage. One owner. S a f e t y tested. Guaranteed $1995 19X9 88 Club Sedan $1695 1947 Buick Sedan $ 595 1941 Chrysler Sedan . . . $ 495 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . .$ 195 1949 K-8 International Tractor. 2 · speed axle, 5 - speed transmission. K-10 Engine. .Cam air brakes. Triple- checked. Guaranteed $1795 T R U C K S 1944 Chevrolet 1'/7-ton ..$495 1947 CMC -H-lon $595 1949 Chevrolet 2-ton . . . .$795 1938 Chevrolet Pickup. . $295 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. OLDS -- CMC SALES AND SERVICE ' s ^ or ! h Jl!L5i' i*M rx)T)GF. 4~door. 2 new tl'rpn and ton.ry. nrw p i l l l , vtry clem, rhnn* NOW.

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