Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 8, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1952
Page 6
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"JT'i TMMta*, J«pu«ry t, jcMifli, Lnwf Agree Eisenhower WeuM Hike Good President; GOP Heads Divided Utile Rock.WyOnv. Sid Mc- ilath »nd former C-ov. Hen Limey, normally-on opposite sides o( the imlltlcil fence, agree nh one point: Gen. . nwlght D. Eisenhower would make » Rood candidate (nr president and a Rood chief executive: o/.thls nation. There two were aiming Mule p«- · ,,,.,,,.,,,.,. ,,,,, ,,,, 1Hlc.Me.dcr, ^? ;JTM^ ; ' llan-y"! LSu"^ utive ed- Mhnl he wniild HrceiH'thn f t e - · I l o r (l II|C G.v.cltc, to Four Appointments Revealed By McMath l.hllc \vprc ntuioinu'cd yesterday Hungry Lawmaker Protests Cut In Bean Soup Servings Rr FKANCI8 J. REUA · Winlilngluii-l/Pj-A bean toup controversy ilmniercd menacingly today as Congress reconvened a f t e r an 11-week adjournment. The size of the servings of this landard congressional malnslnj in the House of HcprescntalivCh restaurant lias been ci.l down drastically. Two bils formerly brought a brimming bowl; a boy's size oat im.-a' Imwl would be a roomy fit for an nrdrr today. Hep. Tom Steed, h Democratic cram. Johnson admitted that he has violated the law. f it were nf fried him. i ... . ' ,, ,. ,.' i bcnn auun gourmet from Shav/nee, Law, H f t n u n r h Slatrs HiKMs j u '"' hcra C"»«B;- ·»««·-. »'«·- okla, uncovered lhi» newest cvi- Demncrat who led a revolt agwhiM {|; co »'« A|IUS "; ll ''"'«c. I'l"'' | t j c m -c of i n f l a t i o n almost immed- Prwldcnt Truman In 1048, wild: j ""I'k attorney. \vho;.c term ex- "EUpnhowcr if 9 very f l n p man.'i ) i r f t ( l } He wnulrl mnkft a pnnH ni-csidrnt.": '"·. n. W. fJnldslfiii of K n r t j S«id Govnrnor Mt-Mnth: (Sinltli, ;. leriu nu the "General Elwnhowr-r would i Stale- Hoard of Ik-iilth, sun-eerily mighty cootl candidate. i l l r - J^;.. (ilaililen, llairison, whose iocMl candiHMi- if M r n n Vxpfreri; m;tV.r H Iff wnuld be a R' hn were on Ihr I)emici:it[r llrkcl. And he will IIP a fonnifliibN" -andiriatr: even »s n llenub)ir;in." McMalh nsserlPd lie will Mip- porl Mr. Trumnn if he seeks the Democratic nomination for prwl- t h c nn *rd nf Iruslecj, of A r k n n - of Monlieelln five-ye;n- term on the Stall: Hoard of H e a l t h ; H. 1C. Jeter nf Allhelmrr, reappointed to a five-year lerm on rlent. Previously, lie declared be wnuld support Elsenhower 'if the general ran on the Democratic ticket and Truman didn't. Comment Varies Arkansas He-publican Icmlrii. were varied in their eommenl on ; . Eisenhower's stnlemenl. j ·Republican Mayor Pralt O.; nemmel of Little Hock, n personal friend of Sen. Robert T u f t . ri- OWo). said he wns « "an-nt nd- mlrer of Eisenhower and thinks be would make a f i n e president.": Remmcl said he Imsn'l committed j Mm«elf lo any candidate. : Wallace Townscnd, Ulllc Hock ; attorney and Republican National Commlttecman, declined lo comment on the Elsenhower announcement. He said his personal preference for the nomination is \ Senator Tall. i . Osro Cobb, Little Hock a l l n r - ] ney and slate GOP chairman, WHS not available for comment. Clay ion Rand sns A. and M. College, Mnntieello New Skirt In Large Sizes Says: . It's (ratifying to know lhat President Truman has appointee Federal Judge Thomas K. Murphy to wash the administration's dirty linen. The communists' in government were only "red herring," the flKC ·cundiln jusl a "pack of lies," but whVn the crooks got to monkey- ink with the department of Inter- fiaVirtvenue they should' have known that it wns the government'* touchiest spot, GangKtci* even got by with murder, but when-they marie false returns on their income, taxes they usually tnded up in the penitentiary H was but natural to expect that the concentration uf so much monty in-one. department would lead to'Internal corruption. But no one ever thought it would become so rotten that the-collectors of internal revenue would investigate each other and then have to bring in an outsider to investigate the investigators. Under the constitution we have leiltla'tlve, executive and judicial brTnches of government with a remedy for every wrong, But Ihe Senate has begun to exorcise the police power by Invcsllilallng everything frnni crap shooting to mink coats. The Supreme Court legislates ncw.laws by rending Into constitution what Ibc Congress never Intended. And (lie chief executive acts us legislator and Judge by issuing directives. What America needs is nol another Investigation. She needs a major operation. AOertlM !· IM TtMKB--II HT By Sue Burnett .lust wliiil you've? liopn tanking for--a well tailored shirt rhwlencd rspiH'lnlly in lin-Rcr .;!?.«;. Keonom- it-al iiml pasy to new mid so neat in a variety of fabrics. Pnllcrn No. H765 is a st-w-rito poi'fnrntod pjittoni in waist si?;p.s 2H, 30, 32. 34, 30, .'J8, 40. Size 30 Hit yrmis nf 54-inch. For this pnltcrn, send 30c In COINS, your name, address, nizt desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 1150 Avc. Amcr-: tens. New York 10, N. Y. The now Sprinfi nrul Summer-! .isic FASHION fnr women who st.*\v will be rc'iidy for you shortly. Send 2S cents now for your copy.) M;itclv upon his return to the copi- ! till. S t h r i n f i ,1 10-ccnt cup of coffee, which V.'HS only n nifkcl when wont back m Oklahoma last October, Steed Invited his roMcafi the press and the world lo con- slclrr Capitol .bean «oup In hls- N»mr« llluiftrluu* Addict. "This potlsige," lie declared, "plus of course «odn crackers, for which there traditionally is charge, has fueled some of America's greatest statesmen for tasks of the highest importance. "The late Uncle Joe Cannon, famous Kpeaker of thc HOUKC, was n bcMtn soup addict. Thc Hon. Sam ,Hayburn, the present speaker; Is a card-carrying bcnn soup eater. Historians have more than a hltlc has!.-- to believe that thc Missouri Coiiipiumisc was founded on a sturdy foundation of rich Capitol bcnn suup." Steed considered but rejected a proposal to nsk the liurcau of S'ftmlfu'ds for a check on the exact red:cLlon in nervines. He xnid he the restaurant management had to cut corners. EVERYTHING IN nUMIINO and SUPniH FAYETTEVILLE IRON ·nd METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI. You Can't Beat a Product That's POOP I HAOACDL AGUAILY RELIEVES A REAL CAUSE o( NAGGING ACHES and PAINS-Dsiitiencies of Vitamins B,, B,, Niacin and Iron j The AHSOUJTE TRUTH j that no one can deny! t you sutler from mean, imB- IHR nchcs and pains due to eficlendes of Vitamins B., H,, [lacln and Iron in your sys- rm -- don't rely on a product i-hlcli merely relieves y o u r ymptoms. Because thanks lo JADACOL, you can actually cllcve the real and underlying iAusc of such (rouble due to hese deficiencies. 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Jaines .lohnson of Crosselt wants tlie stale law l i m i t i n g political campaign expenditures replaced ).v a "realistic" statute. Interviewed yesterday by Executive Kclitor Harry S. Asbmore of the Arkansas Gazette on the "Arkan- S In The News" ratlio pro- "Possibly every candidate in the last election violated it," he ·laid. "I'm guilty loo. fiut I don't think I'll be prosecuted. It's become a matter of custom and .usage. The present law ha« been ignored and violated until it is not a law at all." Present law limit* a candidate to spending an amount equal to a year's salary of the office he is seeking, Jnhrwin wants (he law expanded to allow an outlay of 10 times the annual salary of the job .sought. Summer Festival Of Craftsmen, Artists Planned The Planning Committee of the O.artt Council of Artists and Crnflsmen mel Sunday afternoon at thc home of Dr. and Mrs. L. .7. C«rr of Sprmnrlalc to plan a summer festival and complete plans for construction of a building. Thc building, a Ins cabin, 'will be erected at tho side of Highway 71 between Fayeltcvlllf and SprliiKdnlc. While the building" will not be b u i l t immediately, work on clearing the ground will Bet under way in the near future. The commiltcc members discussed details of the planned summer festival, scheduled for five days in mid-June. Current plans 1 for a different program eneh night, featuring folk music, dancing, and other folk arts. Attending the meeting were the president, Bill Kennedy of Kogers. Mrs. Bill Kennedy. Mrs. Alice Thornton of Slloam Springs, Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Will of Fayette- vlllc, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Barion of Mountainburg, Mrs. Sally ntmdquisl, Mr. and Mrc. Albert j MHrklcy of Ilunlsvllle. Mr. and i Mrs. Harry Sholl of Springdalc, | and Dr. and Mrs. Carr. j -. ·--· An outstanding fl«vor--Junge'c! Roman Meal Dread. 11-19-tfj Free Tickets To Be Issued For "Mozart Festival" At U.A. Free tickets will be. issued for the Mozart Festival,-to be jjivcn January 19-and 20 at the University, 1hc U.A. music department ,'inJinuiu-cd today, and if demand warrants It, each of the two jcsii- v*] conceits will be jiiven twice. Rescn'ation.s or t':e tickets may be obtained at the music department or by phoning 1806 any afternoon before 5 o'clock. Tickets may be picked up the day of the concerts or .ooncr. A varied chamber music pro- gram tu be given at t p. IB. January 19 will Include a trio for violin, cello and piano; a serenade for two oboes, two clarinets; two bassoons and two horns; a humorous composition for two violins, viola, cello, and two horns;: and a piano quartet. The University Symphony Orchestra, directed by Marx Pales, will Rive the second festival program at 4 p. m. January 20. The feature of the orchestra concert will be an oboe concerto with Roger Widdcr, music instructor, ae soloist. The music department will present three other concerts this month in addition tn the Mozart Festival. The Youth Orchestra, conducted by Pales, will give- a concert at 3 p. m. January 13. At 4 p. m. on the same day, a program of vocal and instrumental music composed before HOO will be presented by University music students. The University Concert Band, under direction of E. J. Marty, will be heard in a concert «t 8 p. m. January 17. All of the programs will be given in the Arts Center Concert Hall without charge to the public. Assistant Professor Appointed By U. A. Dr. Louis R. Fina, newly appointed professor of bacteriology and botany at the University, will assume duties January 25, Dr. G. D. Nichols, dean of the College of Arts and Sciencci, announced today. Dr. Fina will teach both general and pathogenic bacteriology. An assistant professor at the University of Wyoming since 1950, He previously was research assistant with the Illinois State Water Survey and served in th« U.S. Nav»I Reserve. Adveriiw In UM TWM--II p*ja. L O A N S Pawnbroker Ixptrt Watch Rtpalrlng KOCHIER'S JEWELRY the Dual-Range DOLLAR FOR DOLMR VOV CAN'T BEAT A tONTlACI sufferers who wont RELIEF and HELP Stnd today for this new SINUS BOOK CWt tor* No MWicine or Anfthin, Hit to Stlf You) SINUS N* Milter how ton* you Ttchnlques of tre»tmcnt lufiered or *h»t you hive tried, descrlbtd. You «re told where Mill inilractlvt Hultk BMk, j to look lor Help «nd Relief neir written In e»»lly understood »t h»me, without truvellng to. words, will ennble you to fully j some fir distant city. understand your own emie nnd | This book Is sent only to Suf- miy stve you years of sufferinR. fcrcri who wunt nnd need hrlp. This book contilns Information lenenlly known only to Spe- cfillitii. It txplnlns the different typfj of 8ln«« Dlwim. 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