Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 7, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1952
Page 11
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NOtTNWKT AlKAMf At TIMK, feyvtttvllU, ArinMM, Wtorwtey, J.mi.ry 1, Iffll. -It DIVES SELF, DAUGHTER TO DEATH BEFORE WIFE'S EYES Clay ion Rand Says: IN'ftTIUCTION COMPLETE your hl*h «rhnol tt home I n tpare time TexU furimhpd. IJi- . . . ploma. No clnnir*. Send (or 47 P«f« ' n i l A l tTV Win «nti .ample leiton fn- [ Q U A L I T Y FOR SALE-- MIBCItl.l.ANEOtm | HAY lor »»!· rhont .1ISJI. USED! School. PO Box I - OST AND FOUND LOST--Lealnrr hree ktys. na hey case font it I nin Ire. W r i t e Br»x IN WRECKAGE ot n light plane Me bodies ot Jay Campbell. S2, and nil daughter Judy. 8. alter Campbell; · dived th« plane Into Ilia ground before Mn. Campbell's eyes. Thinking his wife did not return his love. Campbell "buzzed" their Los Angeles home, then crushed. It was believed an accident, but a note was dli- c'overed which read. "You have lost me »nd every part of me, including Judy." I International Sounttjiliotcil, SHE CLAIMS THE BEST IS ESTES , Moid of Cotton . Whatever else Is In store (or us | '·"»' """ r u u n u _ , in 1952, U promises tn'hc a eonci : LOST, brown billfold t i t l i r r cm Sprint- ! j-oar for women. There's always TM r , rr ^ r ° r , r t n ^.w'"" "'' K little more promotion of the m a t r i m o n i a l idea In i^csp Years. 'Miss Edna W i l d e r nf New Y o r k , ] _ 2 H I executive directnr of the American i KO - l i^*'' J ' Ul Associnlion of M i r r l a K C Brokers.] wjJJ^V. expects a boom year in the busi-| VVANTKI) TO BUY ness. The association adopted a ' rode of ethics in a n n u a l convention and set out to build p u b l i c confidence in a profession which includes 1,000 m a r r i a g e brokers, counselors or social centers. Miss Wilder is of the opinion l h a t more women t h a n men are marriafic- mindecl, t h a t it's the men who seek temporary a f f i l i a t i o n s . K. 1 /""\ C IN \*J J KCON'OMK'ALLY POICKD S O U T H W E S T PIANO SERVICE _ 502 South Collegt 10 ' WANTED, heavy honi. alno 2DO :iO(l ihrct- pounrt hniilprs. J, I,. R u i - _lrilK;.- l l l | h w n y _ R 3 Weil. _ KEATMEh"s" new or in'crt Beit uVleiM pnid. Ontriil Fcallirr C o . IS.M Kan- sns Avcnu?. Enst SI. Louis. Illinois. ! FOR LEASR ; Phone 3021_~ 133?W. _ TERMS IDEAL MATTRESSCO. W* mwt or b*ot any competition 401 WEST DICKSON ro« HM.T.--KT.M, rKTATt MODERATELY PRICED 3 ROOM -- I hil-nn li'tnif snrl b:tih. r n n i p l r t r except Hon! n r « t . vie a n vrnHlmii. im*ll r h i r k r n liom-. I r v r l l»l lOO-tlMl. «iitiiif(u»n VI.Wl' Tcrnn 1 n O O M -- 3 hrl-nii IHMM-. p ! H « t r r r d . mnrlrrti. IrveJ tot. only I h l o r k t Irnm ifiumi". nrrrH wnii" n"lnhm| up. hill « hrrf r u n you bcflt i n n v a l u e M l V1.MO ' ? ' Trpm. ten N E W 4 room rnorirrn hum" nn If.* I arrr I n t u h u r h a n » r c » . r l t i «,*:rr. o n ' M l i k r t h r n r r , u i e r r n " n t 3-id ( 11 Inn nf t h U p!«rc *nd Iht prl?r o n l y M fl(Ht FOR MfJt--REAL EflTATI VERY VAIJ-KV 21. f a i r Improvvmtnll, d u t n r i . J.UfloM Tcrmi. A N Y W H E f i c A N Y T I M E , r e a l l y f i n * Untf It h«f4 to f i n d and buy. We h«v« an */ xi-r» i r i r f tint It level, rich. fr«4 nf iork. in «f;r« of younr orchird, ^ U r k iree.ft, K acriti nf grapfj, hroil- rr i*!upi /or 4 MO, craln k*rn, Home l f t v ^ rnotni. loIJd but nred» minor repair* Elrciriclty. all roul«. H/rr t* ^ o u r chance !o own a won- d e r f u l n/Tf nf f r t f m i n * i»nd ind It ^ooooo lermi. WANT TO R E N T STANDARD REALTY CO. ; NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY MODERN highway irrvit-r Irnctive proposition (Or Price Oil Co. irtn. A t l p a r t y . cording' to tho Ccnrus Bureau a 8 » ' w y A N D O T r E iiuiipi«."70'.r nroriur- girl has a much better chance t o | V°Somh."noSt C ° U ' EhW ° 5 ' land her n\An lhan firnndma did. j sjfffgD H"mtip*hin There were 34 s i n g l e gills in every · · · ere jr. T. weeks roarl arirl 45 old 100 females over 14 years olrl CO years ago. As of last A p r i l only _ H i m t i i v i l l e . 19 out of every 100 women were j OI £, i" R5 n unmarried. Ami about 2fi out o f j -- -- ^ - every 100 males over 14 WCIT FOK SALE- -AUTOMOTIVE bachelors last spring. In 1890, 35 -percent were single Bcspile* tho marriafics t h n t (in on tlie rot-ks, m a t r i i n n n y is s t i l l n u r most popular i n s t i t u t i o n . And it isn't d i f f i c u l t , girls, for two ] people to he happy, if they d o n ' t get mod ;it the 1 sninc t i m e nnd don't expect each other to like the same things. It's an a w f u l experience to m a r - i ry a lovely lady, and f i n d out j when it's loo late, as did my f a t h e r , t h a t she cats sugar on her sliced tomatoes. »*vy Iny- Tnulniicit Ahflrus. __ ___ SMALL home « u i t n h l * for ,T w i t h i n : r u r t l m of 10 nijlr* of uwn F,mm«n I arreflRp (or t r u c k fnrmmjt W r i t e i Hox J.HS. ( 1 ,Tlinrv I CAHAGk~t"!vpr~'bul!dtnc""'tn~~i tore" Vivo | or i l i r f p irin-ks *nd i i n u l l A m o u n t 'of rn»ni for mcrchnndiJip. PO llox j .1(17. Harrjim. ____ FOR RENT-- MISCELLANEOUS inhrd npnrr- V CLOSK i n -- 2 rn ! n i c n t . p r i v a t e m fun bain. _ ._, __ _ nifthcri room" 'downstairs. 11 An oulsianding fiuvor--Junge'.-: Unman Meal Bread. l l - 1 9 - ( f NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Riilr: H rents prr ,word Jiinglr In- wrtfon Three comccutivr insert ion v 7 crnld per word. M i n i m u m order 42c. Classified nds cash in ndvance--not liken over the telephone. Deadline for classified «ds: 10:3(1 «. m d»ll.v: 9:30 a. m. Saturday. Corrections and rerun c h e e r f u l l y made n f t f r first insertion. No corrce- lions or rerun made a f t e r ad has PX- pirrcl. NOTE: A d v e r l i B i n R ropy for other p«Kes is due at 12 nnon the day prc- cecdinx publication; 12 nnnn Saturdaj' for publication nn Monday. NOTICE SMI LI NO for the cameramen is Patricii Ann Mullarkey, 20. of Dallu, Tex-, ntmed 1952 "Maid of Cotton" it Memphli, T«nn. Pat, · ·cnlor tt Southtrn Methodist University, won ID tuto, · full wardrobe, and · six-month tour of 40 cities. Twelve iUt« were represented In the contest iponsorcd by cotton industry. (International) HEY-KIDS The first 250 kids to unscramble ! this word i 'UTRICMUAF .Will get-FREE-a ball and toss ! game you can enjoy inside or ' out. BE FIRST WHITFIELD MOTOR CO., The home of FUTURAMIC Oldsmobiles . , fERSONAL BEFORE you catch t h a t cold !*peT1i« about our guaranteed cold prevention. North Side Drug, 930 N o r t h rollrgc. Phone ISH. MISS MNE TOMtIN, sparkplug of the Kefauver-for-President club In! Washington, wears a "Kefauver coonskin" cap as ihe holds up A *\gn' to invite peopJt to register approval of tlic Tennessee senator in club headquarters in a capital hotel. (International SoundphotoJ : BELGIAN ARMY CHIEF TO TOUR U. S. · SOUTH' DfUWXRf KLAHD DAKOTA ATTENTION LET the Anitricnn N a t i o n a l Insurji Cn. pay your and doc bills For free i n f o r m a t i o n , write Thurman Hale. 312 Hathcock Bldg. HELP WANTED : wilt $400.00 MONTIlLY.iparp time. select ft reliable person from t h i n area to relit I and collect money from new n i i t o m n l i c merchandising machines. No selling. Tn qu.-illfy a p p l t r n n l mint have cnr.'refcrrncep. JtiOnfK) w o t k i n K c a p i t n l . S hours weekly will net 5400.00 m o n t h l y w i t h possibility nf t a k i n g over l u l l t i m e . For interview w r i t e K t v m g f u l l par- ticulnrs, name, address, BRC and phone number to Interstate. Vend- lnj[ Co., SOS So. M a i n St., Carthage, _Mo. PARTY to rln family laundFy~weckly. Phone 262R. vvwwvwvvvvvvvv ifELP WANTED--FEMALE RELIABLE pcrSon wanted in lake care of two children in my home. Call__2.~)."tSJ a f t e r 5 p. m. WAITRESS wanlcil~2!~ycarir~o"f~iV 1 nighl s h i f t . A p p l y In person. Ma- jesM WHITFIELD'S. USED CARS - TRUCKS 1950 88 Club Sedan. Hydro- malic drive, radio, heater, low mileage. One owner. S a f e t y tested. Guaranteed $1995 1949 88 Club Sedan $1695 1947 Buick Sedan $ 595 1941 Chrysler Sedan . . .$ 495 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . .$ 195 1949 K-8 International Tractor. 2 - speed axlo, 5 - speed transmission. K-10 Engine. Cam air brakes. Triple- checked. Guaranteed $1795 T R U C K S 1944 Chevrolet 1'/j-ton . . $ 4 9 5 1947 CMC -'/,-ton $595 1949 Chevrolet 2 - t o n $795 1938 Chevrolet Pickup $295 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. OLDS -- CMC SALES AND SERVICE 15 North Past St. IH2R DODGE,"* door/ 2 now lircs nnd l i . i t l r r y . nrw p a i n t , very clean. Phnnr 1743W. KOR SALE--HOME NERDS O N K t t i r East Ri A P A R T M E N T , writ" f u r n m h r d m m paid Nrar S t t u n i r . A v a i l a b l e J a n - jtary Jirt._Phonr 79S.I. KX'VnK nli-r bedroom w i t h or w i i h n u l rooking prlvilcin. 310 K»M _l)jckson._PI)oinr_: 1 H7. 2 ROOM f i 7 r n l R h r d ~ a n n r i f n r n l . " U l U l t l e i Pf»ur_ Phone 1051-W. JUST vacnlrd? Cnzy. modern, f u r n - ished j i p a r l n i e n t , snn no. 1272W. j I O N E ~ n o u h V k c c p l n K " room."" JfZf Caht I I n i c k w n . Phone S9.1W. __ ! A P A n T M K N T (urnlshed. tlownttairn'. { _li[Ils paid nnd xarrtfn. Phont 797R4. E K T I C I K N C Y np'artment. p r l v a t t hnlh; s.copinR rnom. p r i v a t e hath; RJI- raw. Phone 403.1. _ F t i n N I S I I E I J » p n r t n i p n l . Private en. li'Tiire and b«th. cnrport One ho If Idock o f f N o r t h CdllrKr. U t i t i t l e K paid, Sl7.rtn per month. Phone a.'iO/. 2 ~ U N F U n N I S l I K D a p a r l m t n U near _U»lvcrlt.v. Phons MSI. MO'DKRN *" room f u r n i s h e d " ((*rnff a p n r l i n c n l . redrroralcd Ihroujthoilt. Flectrie r e f r l f e r a t o r . f u l l strf. r a n f f and washer. Garden and naittir* (or row if wanted. H l t h w n y l« wen, hills paid. Phone 174.M. T\vb~rrmiirftirn!*hed a p a r t m e n t , pri- vale r n l r a n r p . U t l l l l l e * paitt. JM.Iin. 11H8 Nnrlh__I,everett. UNrURNKSM^IJ "* " nlee l»f«t room a p n r t n i e n l , w l l h private h u t h a n d Kfirag*. to reliable prrnianenl tou- P l r M 'Ji-^^LJ" a rnf 'J'- j lljnnc . 'J!1 B DUPLEX n part men t. furnUhert 4 rooms nnd***th. Phone 1721-J^ __paid._Phnne 22^S_-n. _ __ 2~"Tbu"BLF. root ill, 51800". Oiie~"»inflf. Phone 1J.79. gn .South H i l l . 2 ROOM ("iirninhcrl apartmtnl. Hilli paid. Phone _222RR. irFlLY ~ furnlilheil Bp'artment w i t h new Krliirtalre. Good location for lirls or couple who work. All u t i l i ties paid. V f t c n n t . I n n u m r y 15th. Cull NEW THREE BEDROOMS THIS IS n m M T R l . Y ONK OF F A Y - ETTEVII.LK'S I1KST (ind t h r v e r y l l v a t i l e n r r j i f i R n n r n t nicludd H lnvr- ly r o m h l n n l i ^ n k i l c h r n nnrl hr?.- t .- f » i l room, tl In trig r o f r u \nrnt l i v i i i K r u i t i i i u t t h w o n i l h u r t t i i t i f n c - pl«cr. tlircc nlcr h e i t r r i n u i i -nor u i l h plnr [ i n n r h n R Pi b j i l h i fon-i,-rl n i r (MI ( u r n a r r . an n h i i n t U n r e nf b u l l l inn. vrn h i m d v I n t e r i o r w a l h of »mnoih p U h i r r anrl r x l c r i n r n. r n ^ ' . v r · t n n r Fxtr.i Ur«r m r n c r lol In n a n r i n e n v n i l n h V f i n - l i h r price uf " 7 W C ilkin.CReaity Co. ' South 71 Phpa* t|3 I Sprinarfal*. Ark. __^ . | THIS t n v f i y n^w hnnif. t rfwmi.,-b'»tri, ·rrvii'r [inrt-h, u t i l i t y room.' fane-'merit u n r m r nnd l A u n d r y room: *il- I n m n ' T gjn furnace. v t n s t U n ! blind*, t n i u l a l e d . rtritr elfiMlJ. *x- i \r* food i nnMrucllfln: lol 70 by til. i mural looaliQn: loan J9.KH);- p*y- iTT.-nt» *P?,iO PrirerJ ilmoit twfl- - i h i r f l i i-jilue. You will not but thil n r r c n n g i N K W fi rnom bunralrtw N«w Hl|h School d m i r l c f : B«s h e a t . ln»ul«fert, v r n r ' l n n hi in MI. l a r f e lot. intend id · N K A R Nw Huh School--s room hung* : n l n w pal h*«l. bent of cnnitrucHnn,- |fii ^n hy 2M 5.1 win A RCAt, buy; CHOtf.'E reiMencr lot n»«r CftinpuV i J. D. Eagle, Realtor. ' PHONE 2.11 LARGE front ! _ p h o n e I M M . i :"ROOM~ hoiiVe I Phone IS3U. _____ _ 1 MODERN ' f u r n i s h e d e f f l c l t.icnl. M _______ bedroom ftirnllhed, _ ___ atMi North bhlvenlty. . ncy apart- q u i e t couplf. 214 JANUARY SPECIALS i WE H A V K LISTED TWO ( I F T H K · MOST A T T R A C T I V E TWO HCn- n n o M HOMES wi: H A V E r.vr.n H A D I N T H I S P R I C K R A N K K A N D ( J K N P I R O U S F I N A N C I N G A V A I L - , ABLE. 1. l.OVELV l i v i n g mom n,iiihm;.l inn k l l r l i r n and d m r l l r . Hvo I n t e r ln-t!-. rnnmfi nice h a l h . p l c i i l v nf l . u l l l - ' Int. u t i l i t y ronin. u t t m - h r r l R.iragc. i V e n e t i a n blinds. f u l l v i i m i i a i r r l . forced air KRH l u r i M r r . Level lot 90x14(1 in r c s t r i r t M n u l i - i l i v l i i o n A; real h H r K f t i n »t S3.oon.00 ; w l l h connection lur a u l o m M l c wash- \ rr. iwn nice bedrooms w i t h c o r n e r : windows mid d u b ] r rlnsoli v l t h s l i d i n g doors. 1'wely lislh w i t h nte.rl walls nnd b u i l t - i n ( t i e n i h i R 1,-ihlr. t very R t t r a i M l v e t y dcrnmlrd nnri excellent r i m s i r u M i n i i l y v r l lol gnxl!)1 In rc.iirlctrd Mih-dlvlxlnn Thr price It WILKINS REALTY CO. MZ N Colin* Avt riinrir 1730 D«v or Mltlit JtlST OFF' TUB PAVrMr.NT'jn" m i n - ilten rtrivo from KnyctlcvllU'. THIS IM ACHK R A N C H nn «rhool Inn. inai! «nd milk rnulc, two inilei f r o m Illlh School Hurl firmlr Schonl. · rnund f.V lo 7tl »rrc» rich Icrlllt soil All In ar»«s. wpll wllh p r c s n t i r c iivBl'em. one of I h r hen M I I N I I itocl* Urmi In Wmhlintim r;iiiinl- YOU "ll.L HAVF. TO BUY IJtIICK IF you C.KT THIS ONF.. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM HOLDER Telephnn» 2L 2«J«. tOM » 10 N. College !· nnv two bedroom house. LornttA on pftlrf p n v l n p snri icwer. near ittw( h i f h jirhoot «nd only · ftw Blocks from L r n l v a n i t y A t t u r h e d i»raie.' h n r r i w o n d (loin, vcnrdin blindi f l u n r hinuuf, !n*i]Utfd. dillppfJ(ring · ' n t r i i n v . Purrhai* owner 1 * Equity of 31.22R I I . *nd » i » u m Inan at v , inhibit' siSfiO m n n t h l y , including t a x ^ n u n d insurance. Phone JW2P, n f i p r fi p m. " EIGHT" OR~EIGHTY? IF' K1GHT ACHRS WII.I, PnODtlCK AS M U C H AS TUT KIOHTV, Thil ^ nrrrt, Jiut r n i t of F n y t l t e v l l U nn l i ( « h w n v is f r r t a l n t y f l n r Innd and h-»» B c l l y hninr, nil modern, 2-b*rt- rmnn niilivt ruck, all hardwon* floor ·. t i K l u r a l (an floor furnic*. 1 u t i l i t y roam 2-rnr f»r»f*. i m x l l burn pinr but It hroller hotnf * fnr ! TI.'HHI chfMci. modfrn equipptd. Ceri n i n b ' a n Jtlril j*ct-up and urlctd , in Hell. Only 112.500 and good termi. . HIT A C R K S . B.OOO rap.clty hrollfr*. A - l t u r n , garagr. frtili hoiti* atrlrt- l.v modern 2 bedroom hnmt. in . ithoni and dni!. A dand v Mi-up for Ttrmi. A M O D E R N TWO BKO-ROOM HOME. ! I n ^ r o i;r.cnl land. $4.WW anil only S. p »oo Hown ftnfl rasy termi Location. · A HEALTH nESOhT. ON TOf OF : THF MOUNTAIN. NEAH WIKS- 1.0W. 10 ACIIKS. J mlltia »f Sprln»d»l» on ' hlBluvay Really * well built 5 (turn niridprn Itnmf. rar port and a twp- rar caracr. *ma!l him. 2.3M ra- tiaclly brolUri. A Bf.AUTIFUL V I E W and a lint locallon, prlct only Kivion and ttrrnl. NEWLIN REALTY roiiK. ARK. t ISKUS. BAHRMENT wnshr Used Ilutpolnt ranse 220(1 i'nshcr _ Used Eureka nlcnncr ].*i.03 U*fic[ Mug\c j: he t BRB rnn»c :is!oo U.SEO lamp tnhlr, " m n h o R H n y " Jinlsh, _Mn.oq._ Lewis Bros. Co.. Inc. USF.D "extension HlniiiE room ~ Intilc w i t h n i x chnirs. $75.00 *cl. Lewis Fro*. Co . Inc. 194fi MONTGOMERY " Ward wmlier. Goori r n n d l t i n j i . Phoni- n J.TOM. . USED breakfast room »r-t. Uhtc nnd four*chain,-ttt.flfr'tLewi* 'Broi. Co., Inc. L __ MRS. SMITH please cull for "more Infmmnllon nn hnw to Hop molh _ G i i a i . . n f o n d Mrtthspray. Lrwii Rron C n . Inc. _ USED oak hii'ffcl! S15.0U. Lewi* RroZ. _Co., Inc. KI.KCTnOLUX L-Icnnrrx. rrpalr»-Hiip- pllcx. Ront for 48 hourn, 73c. 117 W. Hock. Phimr S2. GOOD used bed rtivnn. lapr.itry cover, Sl.l.Ot). Lewis Bros. Co., Inr. 4 OH fi room hounr. conipletfly lurn- Ishrd. Oood R u r d r n . n*«ion«l»lf. WI Gnvrrnnif_nl.J»hon«_2f52W. HOOM for two"mcn itifcrnU. One block EBB! of Cumpu^._Ph_on_c 3MW. Id. Furnnce henl. Adulti. I'lViifurnUheiripirtmen't. Phon* FORJ5ALILJ3R TRADP; 30 ACRES on 7l""hUh\vn,v. 2 * hnt^rit or cx-chniiKC for more n c i r a K c . Prefer on Rnat «r_WMl Ifi. Phont- !tn3. TWO Rood con I Ktove.t. one « ctrcii- liiior 1 burner oil stove. Trarift [or piRit A r t h u r Broylcfi, S3.1 South Hill DOGS--CATS--PETS hound. C o r k r r Hpnnlel. Terriers, IJealon'n. West fork. REGISTERED Cocker Spaniel puppies, n i l colors. Phone 5H7J2. RECisfkllRb"cocker Rpa7.H~uup|)lcB. Phnnc IfiSG^ FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS^ GlhljS bicycle. Huwthornf. Rood At new. ino.OU. phono SSHM. COI-ORED maples, call 439.12. _ ________ . , _ N"icr.~3 room u p a r l m r n t wltli p r i v a t e h a t h and e n l m n c c n . Sec al Circle _ _ NICK efficienc " .. rimcnL UNlVERSn'Y APARTMENTS, o » « bedr.jom unfurnllhwd |ST,M. fUff* iMhed I775fl. two bedroom unlurii* lil-erl S72.H. bill! patrl · iVnfllX lonrc'ry avallahl* Phong 2»Q» PARKVIEW APARTMENTS ont b«d- -oom unfurnUhefl $5000. furnlthfd te.vnn; iwo bedroom unfurnlihtd SC.'i.OO. Rendlx laundry available ! WOMAN to help w i t h three children H.SKD_sludto couch, ph-mc 6.-5HW. Housework, washing a n d . ironinc. i NEW c i r c i i t a l i n c h r a t r r w i t h Ihcrmo'- t\vt clavR week. Stat* a K c. rale prr , n l a l . F0 ori «p«cp hralcr. q u a n t i t y of h o u r , references, wrlle Box J-»t ' used lumber. 2,12711. AKRON, O. JACKSON- MEMPHIS, " VILie, FLA. TENN. ON HIS ARRIVAL In Washington, Lt. Gen. Jean Baptists Piron ( l e f t ) , Belgian Army Chief ot Staff, Is greeted by Lt. Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Deputy Chief o( Staff of the U.S. Army. Looking on in center is Baron Silvcrcruys, Belgium's Ambassador to the United States. Piron was invited by the Department of the Army for n two-week tour of U.S. Army installations and training facilities. (International SoundphofoJ Traffic deaths during first 11 months of 1951 numbered 33,760 and topped 1950's toll for same period by seven per cent, according to the National Safety Council. Yet several states and cities reported decreases. Best records are shown above. I SALESMAN WANTED parts of A r k a n s a s to rail on restaurants, cignr .stands, dniK and froccry stores. Variety cardort rner- · chandlse. U n u s u a l profits for pales- man and merchant. Request t e r r i - tory w a n t e d . Contact P. M. I.aymon. Sales Manager. World's Products MONKY TO LOAN FHA~HOME"T(iANS Low interest, lon« terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, I N C , Phono 3C03 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 JOHNSON RrnFS hiiv Uobart P r t c r s n n . R o u t e 7, Piiycttcville. H l f i h w a y 16 KaM. __ WOODEN bed; new ·p'fltifi*. $21.50 1272W. I : LOCUST pn-st cut to your order. Any a m o u n t W i l l deliver. Bill Monijfold. 214 Nnrlh School. JIM3W. Snm* c u l l s rhcap. CORN fed "ho(ts""nr«Mci n n d ' d e l i v e r - __c_d._ Phone m4-.M. QIJALU'Y M'PLCS" f l O L O K N Prliriouv Red Helirious. Winesap. Inspection i n v i t e d "Wig" Wiggnrn, Arkansas Cold Siomgc. or Phone 24C2J. l i U R R A G E . m i l rn«e*. ?oot~lock'e7v hrief raRr-t. B-* hnjri. O ' n l t e ca^ei. toilet k i n , f'r. A com pi elf Iin» '[i-^H!!!?^ A R M Y sirnpLi.'ssTonp: FI-OWF.RS--Ihc g i f t mosV aoprccl.iled hv everyone. Phonn 23.13 Berry'i rv 1.1 South C.TfKR SKRVICES OFTKREP FOR paper h»nf«r or piilntfr, Phone KOR~upTiolVterlnK, hind^ nTifie"driri« _and_«Mi^_rovcr B . Phfinc 141.1-W. ""HAULING A N Y T H I N G , anytime. Also »liih wood, delivered^ S3..MI. Phone^Jlpri4M4. Dan Bogen, Piano Tuner PHO_NK K a. "i._or_Jt_p. m. 87aV" 24~HOUR SERVICE ~OM Hcmttitching, Picoting, Covered BuMoni, Button Hol«, Tallorid Btl:i and BuckUi. Special Attention given Moil Order*. Satiifaction of Money Bock. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO 18 S.E. St. FuttteviH* __ E l C A V A . T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N __ Phont 249 ONE~STy I f i v vice hy req season. Phnnr 23«z. d u r i n u .orhack BUY F.H.A. EQUITY Beautiful two-bedroom home. Choice location. Only few yeart old and is in A-1 itruc- lural condition. Contact u today. THREE-POOM BUNGALOW I IN Southwell, trclinn between · new ·lionlH and H a r n i t n Playfield LargB trilen--Only ja.Kflfl'' F I F T Y - T H R E E H U N D R E D FOR t h i s niodrrn honif on f i v e ncriM of tood prncttiPllvi* land Well lo- n-Hl travr'trd road. This home heated hy n a t u r a l (**--line location 1 Irr f a n LKT US .SHOW YOU P H O N E 7S.1. Kincoid Cr Co. · Automotive''' eFire ·.Health and Accident,.^ · Polio ·Liobwfy · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATJOTfi · Plate Glass ·Burgliary NKW. ranch'Hlyle framfe u'lth attachrH (t»m«f, locAfed on larzr ah«dy lot In north iccllon of cily. nprtroom* 13x1.1 each, nnd * Ken r rout nizc pint!-n«nelled den. Nice l i v i n g room, d l h l n n room, and k K c h r n HHR tiled b t t h . fi l a r g e rloteti, auloiiiHtlc heat. Hnm* thoroiifhly I n i U l a t r d A Tf»\ tiomr and priced lo sell. CM!) ut tort ny for f u r t h e r drtatis. KINCAID AND COMPANY PHONf OUT ON ACREAGE ' THAT urjte. you *el rvory aprlnf ciin hf f u l f i l l e d n n thli f i f t e e n acren. nil npnn, p l f n t y of pn s l u r p nnd water for cow. Ideal to rai»c i-hlck- rn*. n r n l (nur-room liounc nil newly drcnrati*ri. hni rlectrlelly, f«!r ham. food tarden, on atl*we«(hrr road only few ntHiu'ci of , rayrtteville, already financed WADE FINCHER R e a l Kfltfllr Htid I n s t t r n n c e Arrarii- BldB -Phone *0^ I N S U t A N C E A«t»mobilt -- l,Ubllify ri - Extcndfd Caviraf* snn-- clot* oi«i» WAM nNCHM' "INSURANCE WITHiSERVICE" H(Mp|toll«ation / t H»olth ^ Accidtnt Burglary liability Automoblta Plait Glall UTLEY CO. G«org« f . Caudlt Vlu Preildent 4 Iniurnc« Mft. ' H. L. Utlty i. J. Py»olt Pmidtnl l Ttltphon* 1703 J. W. H i l l ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initellcn · PUMPS · POWER Phon* 24. We it Fork S blTCH" DIGGING FOOTINGS--w a t e r. jan and nwer d i i c h r x . »cplir t a n k hnle« Dlflins nnd back filling. Call :S:fi Bryce We make a u t o ;md f u r ' M l u r o l o a n s . , Lei us f i n a n c e t h e p u r c h a s e of | your new or user] car. QUICK .SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 N i r t h RIock St., or our used rar Int. Corner Tenter nnri Church Streets. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phone Colltci l l j l Foyetteville Rtndtring Co. Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory IIABV SITTINO K I D D t F . K O n R A L r prr-irtirjol chilttren. nr mnnlh. 109J I R K siior A-BOMB CARRIER--This photograph of the Air Force's elRht-jet, h*»vy bomb«r, the Boein* XB-52 "Strttotortrcss." has Just been rclcnsorl in WnshinRton. The long-r«nt« exntrlment«l bomber « equipped with tight Prntl and Whitney turbo-jet engines. Air, FOTM Secretary Thonus Finlelter »y« this photo shows th» least possible Information t h a t could be of value to the enemy. Me asked ·cws phety|r»phers and the public to refrain Irom t a k i n g other pictures of the atomic-bomb carrier. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. Colltet mi FartttiTtllt, AfkintH Joplin Rtndarinf Co. ALICE'S n K A U T Y SHOP Nnw up town. 7'i K M o u n t a i n St. A l i c e and M a r t h a Phone i.'0 "cnLVABD-S "hlAtlTV SHOP ?rti W Mefittow--Phono r.WJ __M.ich saso-up. CnM ~ I'UlCKKTr'S BKAITI'V SHOP nn.iAEi.i woMit TM.l N ninrk l-hortt IM SAND AND r,«A\-»I, ROAD AND DRIVEWAY GRAVEL -- ALSO TUP SOIL Phont 15HJ ind 30W Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES Contractor 212 V i r g i n i a Avc., hox 14.1 U. St. Phono MBfi, F».vi-ltwillr DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF JOHNNY LEE WILLS AND HIS BOYS TUESDAY NIGHT January 8 SPRINGDALE ' ROLLER RINK Highway 71 North of Springdale AN OPPORTUNITY Openings ore available for a limited number of high school graduates, age 23 to 31, for permanent work in pipe line connection gangs. Good wages and working conditions. Regular assignments ot permanent locations. Send letter giving age, education, and experience to Personnel Director, Box 381, Tulifl, Oklahoma, Attach recent snapshot.

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