Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 18, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 18, 1974
Page 14
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14 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Thurt., July 18, 1974 PAVETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS According To Committee Evidence President Nixon Voiced' After The Fact' Approval Of Burglary ; WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres; ident Nixon privately voiced "after-the fact" approval of the ' White House plumbers' bur- · Igary despite his public repu- ; diation of it, according to evi- [ deuce just reelased by the ) House impeachment panel. Documents said Assistant '. Ally. Gen. Henry Petersen told the Watergate Grand Jury that Nixon ordered the Justice Department away from the case - in a telephone conversation /April 18. 1973. "I know about -jthat ... you stay out of that." -" And John D. Ehrlichman, swho overheard. Nixon's end of the talk With Petersen. said the President told him moments ' after hanging up that the plumbers'-break-in at the office ': of Daniel Ellsberg's psy- ;. chiatrist was "fully justified by * the circumstances." ; Ehrlichman, who last week - was convicted on four felonv . counts related to the incident, said Nixon again indicated "his aftcr-the-fact approval" in early May, 1973. He quoted Nixon statements , directly as saying surely recognize the valid national security reasons for which it was done." Ehrlichman's were in an atfadavil dated April 30 this year. Nixon claimed publicly last summer that he had no knowledge of the burglary beforehand, that he would have prohibited it if ho did, and that he viewed it as "completely de- Pentagon Papers trial of the plorablc." The Justice Department, several days after Nixon's t a l k with Petersen, ultimately informed the judge in Klisberg's Pentagon Papers t r i a l of the break-in, having first sought -and received -- the president's concurrence. The contradictions o v e r the President's role in the case jvere among four new volumes ot impeachment evidence, totaling 2,000 pages, released by the House .Judiciary Committee. A fifth volume, 225 pages, contained defense evidence. The White House defense on the Ellsberg burglary stopped F'lort of claiming legitimacy for it, but hinted strongly that such measures were warranted by concern over leaks. Nowhere is there any hard evidence that Nixon might have mown of the operation in advance, or, for that matter, until John W. Dean mentioned it on March 17, 1973. But it was noted that Ehrlichman spoke with Nixon at length on the same day that Elirliclunan was limself briefed by one of the principals after Ihc operation. And Charles W. Colson said in an affavit that Nixon was so worked up over Ellsbcrg that he declared in July of 1971 -two months before the break-in -- that "I don't give a damn how it is done, do whatever has to be done to stop these leaks ... I don't want excuses, I want results. I ' w a n t it done, what ever the cost." On another key matter, the documents showed that Nixon's closest aides, using information which the late J. Edgar Hoover had classified "Top Secret" and addressed directly to the President, attempted to turn a national security wiretap into political gain at home. That disclosure came among a hefty -- and heavily censored -- sheaf of FBI files sent to the Ride In A Jeepney Miss Universe contestants Swce Lian, Miss Malaysia; take a ride in a. Jeepney Agatha Watson, Miss Jama- Thursday In. Manila w h e r e lea; Rllta Johanna Raunci, the pageant takes place. They Miss Finland; Helena Cleo- are, from left, Lily Chong .. pas, MlBS Greece; Eidinda Mejia, Miss Honduras, a n d Karen Morrison,'Miss U.S.A. who Is from St. Charles, 111 (AP Wlrephoto) miiniltee on the telephone rvcillance in 1969 and 1970 of government officials and ur newsmen. Hoover, in a Dec. 29 letter to e President, noted that one of e men being wiretapped had ceived a call from former 'cretary of Defense Clark Clif- Clifford remarked in.the con- irsalion that he was "sharp- jng up his attack" on Nixon's etnam war policy, wrote Hoo- ver. Clifford named a number of public forums, Including a then-upcoming article in Life magazine, in which he intended to criticize the President. . Hoover's letter .sparked a number r of.- .memoranda ex- c h a n g e s ' a m o n g ·'. such .'White House :aldes as H. R; Haldeman, '. Ehrlichman, Alexander Bulterfield, Jeb Stuart. Magruder and Jim' Keogh as ta "counter - measures' against June Housing Starts Improve Ehrlichman wrote Haldeman of t h e wiretap information: 'This is the kind of early warn- ng we need more of -- your [ame planners are now in an ixcellent position to map anticipatory action." Also among the wiretap documents were three Hoover memos which listed Dr. Henry A. Kissinger as directly author- zing' the interceptions.. Kissin- ;er has denied under oath that le did any such thing, and has hreatened to resign if he is not cleared of the allegations. ; William D. Ruckelshaus, act- WASHINGTON (AP) -- A jdden increase in new housing onstructiori does not signal a ecovery from the industry's eepest slump on record, the overnment says. :'i : The Commerce Department eported Wednesday .that new ousing starts increased 8 per ·nt in June. After adjustments r seasonal factors, 1.595,000 v!w units are expected by the nd of the year, the department aid. The year-end estimate issued n May was for 1,476,000 new nits. Despite the increase, the une figure was 26 per cent bei\v the same month in 1973. James T. Lynn, secretary of lousing and Urban Develop- tent, said .he was pleased with ic increase, but added, It ill take more than one month j establish a definite .upward rend. Financing for housing remains scarce." Michael Sumichrast, chief :conofnist for the National As iociation of Home Builders, ;aid, "The figures have no rela ;ion to what we know is hap- pening in the field. There is no vay the housing industry can recover this year." The latest government figures for interest rates on mort- ;ages showed they were running between 9.19 'and 9.5-pe r cent. The Federal Home Loan B a n k B o a r d announced Wednesday it had committed ;he last of its money undei President Nixon's new $10 bil- .ion housing aid program. II pledged $3 trillion to buy 8.75 per cent mortgages from lend ers at market rates, with the government absorbing the difference. A home owner borrowing $30,000 'over 30 years under the government, program wqulc saVe between · J911 ,and $15.58 on.his monthly home payments when compared with the pre vailing market rates. ng director of the FBI .last year, has 'said . the i Hoover nemos were based merely on Kissinger's complaints of leaks, rather than a direct request for tapping. i In the separate volume of evidence compiled by Nixon's lawyer, James D. St. Clair. the wiretapping was portrayed as perfectly legal and highly necessary because of news leaks in that period. But neither in St. Glair's evidence · nor in the four com mittee volumes is there any in dication that any of the wire taps -- some of which lastec for months on end -- produced proof that the national security was being compromised. Mos of the names were censorec from the related documents to avoid public invasion of their privacy. : Among the evidence in the Etlsberg break-In, one of tin most dramatic documents was he grand jury report of Peteren's testimony of his April 18 elephone talk with Nixon. Petersen said he though^ he vas dropping a "bombshell on Vixon when he informed him hat "I got this report that Liddy and Hunt burglarized Field- ng's office." The tip came indirectly, he added, from John W. Dean II. 4 . ,, "But the President said I know about that. That's a tia- ional security matter. Your mandate is Watergate. You stay out of that.'" "I-'said, 'Well, I have caused a check to be made and we don't have any information of hat nature in the case.' I said, 'do you know where there is such information?' and he said 'No.'" Petersen testified before the grand jury Aug. 23, Just a day earlier, Nixon had offered a notably different version of his April 18 discussion with Peter- in. According to Nixon, Peterson was asking not for informatiot about the break-in itself, ' b u i whether it had dug up anything new about Ellsberg. Nixon's account: "... He asked me a very critical question, which you, as a nonlawyer will now understand and lawyers probably will, too He said, 'Was any evidence de veloped out is any ( of t h ii s investiga tion, out of this break-in?' Am I said 'No, it was a dry hole. He said 'Good.'" Petersen said the President old him In ancarlierconve'rea- ion on April 18 that he .had icen recorded. The White louse transcripts show one. dis- jussion between Petersen 'and Mixon on that date, but it was n the afternoon and no mention s made of the Ellsberg case. That topic came up in the evening. Much of the evidence, je- eased by the committee .was ireviously made public through he courts and other congressional panels. B u t other documents never before published included: ' --The transcript of a Nixon conversation July 14, 11971; in which the President ordered lie detector tests for hundreds^ of ·overnment employes who han- lled classified , information. Angry over a leak regarding the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Nixon declared "Now God damn it, we're not going to allow it. We just aren't going to allow it." --Previously s e c r e t testimony from former White.House investigator John J. Caulfield about how the home of the President's brother. F. Donald Nixon, was wiretapped and placed under surveillance by Ehrlichman. The bug was placed by the Secret Service, said Caulfield, "with the view of ascertaining whether ... persons of unsavory , character might be attempting to embarrass the President through, his brother." Beach Riles Held For TV Suicide SIESTA KEY, Fla. 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