Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 7, 1952 ツキ Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 7, 1952
Page 7
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NOtTMWBT AMANSAt TIMII. Fテつォテつサテつォテつサテつサ!Hテつォ. Arfcテつォi M*r,doy, 7, IfU Bj HAL BUTLK New York-W)-It is a thinj; ol ."it's a fumy thins," said young terror and strange beauty to see [cai-tain, "but I courted my wife | great city abandoned in wartime, i in this very room. I was stationed 11 ' ------- ........... "-'- AN EVENTFUL YEAR, THAT 1951 It'was that way a year u/jo this week in Seoul, when the Allies yielded the Korean capital to padded Chinese soldiers who came across the hills lilie waves of walking quilts. here before the war, and my wife worked for an American civilian ', afieocy that quartered its women employes in this building. 1 "I used to meet ^her here to so j l o u t o'i dales. It seems ode: to b e ; ' The fear of their cominx spread i 'テつォ"* here. I wonder what she's invisibly before them. Hundreds j lliinkinn rishl now." thousands of Seoul civilians And ever since then I ve won- of had been leaving for days, marching south in straggling columns テつキ of death and hunger. j But the military decision t o ! evacuate came suddenly. One j morning the correspondents watch- j ed a British battalion make a calm and studied counter-attack 'against the enemy 18 miles north nf Ihe city. But when we returned late that afternoon the press camp was breaking up and the order テつキwent out: "Pack and leave immediately. The army is pulling out tonight." Several correspondents, including Dwight Martin of Time maga- line and myself, decided to remain overnight and watch the .withdrawal. It gave us an eerie feeling as we stood at the entrance of the empty Hotel Chosun, one of the テつキlargest hostclrics in Korea, and watched flames licking, at the newspaper plant across the street. Fires began to break out all over the city and a smoke pall quickened the twilight. Night fell. "The pavements echoed with the roar of tanks and guns being wheeled out of th rily. It seemed impossible thai mere masses of 'enemy riflemen on foot cuuld iorce all thai vast weight of metal irmor backward--hut they were. The fires mushroomed into acres i Thc of singing flame. Outlined against Uan g ^ ^ ^ _ them were the pitiful lines of ret- jst chu ,. cn win mcel Tuesday at ut-ees. Many loo weal: to con- 2 ;]5 p. m. at the church on John- dcrcd whether the captain ever gi;t tn tell her about his last night in Seoul. We bedded down until morning. V/e toured Seoul 'or the la^'t time. The rallle of small arms could be heard on Ihe outskirts. By noon Ihe last Allied unit had trundled out of the smoking cilj and across the two bridges spanning the Han Hivcr. About 2 p. m. U. S. Army engineers blew the final bridge, and one said: "Well, lhat'i the last we'll ever sec of Seoul." Thai was the general feeling among the Allied Army then. Many officers and men then thought we would have to give up Korea entirely and withdraw lo j Japan. And there was bitterness in their going, for while the/'had known little joy in lhal weary peninsula Ihey had no wish to be pushed from it. But they formed テつォ new line and held it. r 'l'oday we hold Seoul again. Am. if a real peace Ihcre still seems far awayi well--Ihe situation is mucn belter than it was OQ thai night of loneliness and defeat a year ago. NATO. IN IHlID rlAR. MOVES IOWAテつォD GOAL OF ILtlLDHJG SECUHlf AGAINST HD ACVUSSIOf COMMUNISTS CARRY ON GU1IRIUA W A R f A R t IN IHAILAIID INDO-CHINA MALAYA AND IHE rHILlfMNES II NON COMMUNIST IATIONS S1N MACE HEATY WITH JAPAN IN SAM FRANCISCO WEST G W A N Y ACTIVE MtwB'.H COUNCIL Of [ CUS.FIRE TAUS 10 HALT KO3EAIJ IRITISM VOTERS P:iCAPl) I Y L A F O L D LASOS RUlf. PfcTUSN CO'WPVATMS HtW 7EALAND AND AUSTMAllA UNKtO IN ANll-COWMUNIjl EGlW A E I O G A t I P l A I f . 11US utiHin ro r.u OUT 01 S U f ? C A I J ZQtll AND IHl 1UO COSIA BICA, U SALVADOfl, GUAltMAlA HONDURAS. NICARAGUA SU UP IH[ iAd 'jALVADOR CHARItR fOR MU.UAl HNIHT IN ECONOMIC. O1HLH AF-fAlRS PANAMA 1 ! NATIONAL ASStMlY IMPEACHES PRESIDENT FOR A1IEMPIIN IO Bt A DICTATOR USUUAf ABOLlSHlS HE51MNCY FOR RUU IV N'NLMA!) COUNCIL. MAftCH ARGtNTINL EUCIION R LI URNS JUAH D. PIRUN IO PREMDENCY IN SPITC OF AKMY DISSENSION LIV/IEN YEMEN AND (IRlTAUrS ADETJ Z^Iir I PROIEClCJfcAII. IS DLMNtD n(,' I" I t _ i bpjni; rxcfcdcrf in srcテつサ only liy ' Ihnl miidc h y ' l h c Moulder I);i:u. vvhirh is fi.1 sfjuarc milt's lyi^f-r. '. Thr C l a l u m Dam is one luilf nnlr ' w i d r Jit t h r li.'i-' 1 *', t;nn-| | u - i d t h rif 30テつサ feel ;u thr- t _ j 10') (ccl nbo\'テつォ srn level. j Mrc-.'iupr ff.ufih wciitlirr (k 1 - . cd the S;iiil,-i ^t;l[iテつキ^ we tieH If , テつォ" 'tuc!'. Hi Crisiofonl. I walked acrciss the r n i l r n ; i d Iriick?- to C'ol'Mi and saw it by n i ^ h t . and rode in an npcn rjirrliijro d n i w i i hy a mテつサlr w i t h n J i i u i H i C ' i n Nrnm in t h r driver's sent. Mis tiテつォmc is A: t h u r and hr tr. n f i n e uuidc -- t [| ok HIP t h r n u s h tin: ncrtion vi-hrrc we saw only bl.tck people -- more ih,m I h;id r 1 - cr seen in n M i i i i l f i r Ji nn; exrcpliiitf Mssj-issipcn. K'.cry other nn t h p st level wns for j c i v i n ^ of d r i n k s ;itl were frowied. AM npt-n on the sidewalks, i\n wall:-. *M i\mテつサr*. I b e l n ? needed Hi n i g h t in t h a t climate, N a t i v e s l i v e en the second (l*"ir ' a n ! we rnuld sec r h i l d r c n i down intn the ytrect 1 ;. テつキ Many Christmas Trrr^ A r t h u r took mr llirn the f i n e^ntial d i h t r l c t w i t h its h n a u l i f n l hitmen and modem o p a r t t n e n l hinlfiinj;: . Not nnly in these homes liiil in the nulivo scc- linn as well h r i l l i n n i l y IlKhtcd Chiistmns tree* wcr* in eivdテつォnc*. to he krj.l that way throu*h thft-j' d.iys' celebration ot Ne\v' V c i i r ' s . Wish every one of my friend* ' テつキ -'."テつキ! the P a n a m a ' Ciinal and Colon at Night. . , ,. lip of KayeUeville men wh'テつォ an; nverwciRht--our r.ipuin. n Nnrweffian, scrubs the dcrks e^cry mornlnu for exercise, I.ier, in the sun, we;friiu only brief swim t r u n k s and is as dark as a H i n d u from India.) COLD SUFFERERS テつォ*! will work for jou! ThauMnd. dテつォpテつォnd upon thi* tntod formul* for hit rallef from cold rnit- trM. Don't KitTcr my j ^ テつォ , . ' . , ,, J .,1 ,, } 'DYMl'SU'U't'" | L O W omen's Society of Chris- Scrvjcc nf , hr . First Mcthod- tinue collapsed 'and lay unheeded. We bucked the endle.-s traffic back up to the front. It wasn't so far now. A colonel said: "We're pulling out out-self in half an hour. You'd better leave." The hills and paddies held a dark menace. Everything was lonely and unreal, end the un- fougril fires threw frightening shadows. An orphan boy wailed, all alone and forgotten, nn the テつキCity Hall steps. We picked him up テつキnd drove back to the hotel and (テつキot some blankels to keep him warm. At the last command post in the city some soldiers were eating a Christmas fruitcake that had just anivcd. They shared it wilhjis. HEADACHE RELIEF always buy St. Joseph ASPIRIN BETTER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES start at C and D Plumbing Co. テつキ Fraテつォ Estimotts 111 W Mountaim Phan* llll 2:15 p. m son Street. The Lucy Clark Circle will be hostess, with Mrs. Margaret Tale in charge of the program, and Mrs. Nora Weber bringing the devotional. The Rev. A. L. Lcake, Washington County Baptist missionary, will conduct services at the Brush Creek Church throughout next week on the subject, "New Testa-, mcnt Doctrine." Special music and singing will be features ot all sen-ices. Word has been received that Jerry Y. Burks, .Ir., U.S. Navy, is on a six-month cruise in the Mediterranean area. He will visit France, Italy, North Africa and other countries while aboard the troop transport, USS Tarawa. He is mechanic of the five-man helicopter squadron a b o a rd the transport. The Rev. A,. L. Lr-akc, Washington County Baptist missionary, was the speaker at the Spring Valley Baptist Church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The Women's Association of the Presbyterian Church will meet Tuesday for the monthly meeting. The Afternoon Circle will meet at 2 o'clock on Maple Avenue in the home of Mrs. L. A. Smith, with Mrs. .1. A. Bradley as hostess and Mrs. .Tnhn Allen as circle chairman. The Evening Circle will meet at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Carl Tromhle, with Mrs. Jute Pie- bcnga as circle chairman. Mrs. Carl Tromblc, vice president of the Association, is acting president in the absence nf Mrs. E. C. Boom. Mrs. Joe Backus will meet with What the Name eテつ」 on A Tractor Means to You! 1. LOW FIRST COST 2. LOW OPERATING COST 3. GOOD SERVICE EVERYWHERE 4. PARTS ALWAYS AVAILABLE, 5. MODERN DESIGN AND ENGINEERING 6. QUALITY CLEAR THROUGH 7..TOP VALUE AT TRADE-IN TIME he choir ot the First Baptist I Jhurch for practice and ID direct he special music until the Rev. John Moreland, who is attending he Southwide Sunday School Clinic in Miami, Fla.. returns. The Washington-Madison Coun- y Association will hold its regular monthly w o r k e r s conference Thursday at the Dutch Mills Baptist Church. The program will begin at 10 a. m. The theme of the jrogram is "The Church at Evan- ;elism." "Dr. Walter L. Johnson, lastor of the First B a p t i s t Church st Fayetteville. is the moderator, and will have charge of the meeting. Mrs. A. L. I.oakr!, the women's missionary president, will meet with the women テつサt the noon hour. The Eunice Sunday School Class nf the First Baptist Church met Friday, January 4. at the home of Mrs. bclla Mabry on Meadow Street for the regular monthly business meeting and social hour. Members of the class present were: Mrs. Sadie Croft, Mrs. Belly Scar- cv Mrs. George Necrlham, Mrs. Sally Lichlyter, Mrs. Huhy Gric- テつキicr, Mrs. Martha Clark, Mrs. Hliby Eidson, Mrs. Nora Sharp, Miss Hannah Zimmerman and Miss Nellie Zimmerman. Visitors were Mrs. Myrtle Riggs, and Mrs. Nell Collins and son, Jerry. The program was opened by a prayer led Many Brightlylighted Christmas Trees In Colon, Writer Finds; Panama Canal, Gatun Lake Keep Two Cameras Clicking (Kd. Note: This is another in a! scries of articles by F.d Vatide-' venter, Fayctleville writer, describing for T1MKS readers^ his impressions of a Snulh American tour). テつキ テつキ テつキ By ED VANDEVENTEK At sea aboard the Sanla Maria near the equator, Dec. 31--With a solid canopy of clouds overhead and a strong breeze blowing, Ihe lemperaturc on deck is not warmer t h a n a July afternoon' in Fayetteville. I took my sunbath before lunch wearing only dark by Miss Hannah Zimmerman. This was followed by the devotional given by Mrs. Sadie Croft. Mrs. Sally Llchlyjer brought a special number in song, "Forgive." A short businesi meeting followed. At the close of the meeting the hostess served refreshments. Mrs. H. C. Dicrlch was hostess to Ihe Saturday Afternoon Bridge Club .at her home, on South Highway 71 at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon.' green glasses, heath shoes, cap! and swim trunks. There were no' clouds then, sn my skin was darkened to a deep Ian. The ship's loctor made me put on plenty of protective grease, though I had been in the sun for several days. Keidv For New Vテつォir Following a motion picture tonight--with dialogue In English and some words printed in Spanish on the screen--we will celebrate birth of n new year. We j;o from the ship's ancluir agn at Puna up the broad Guayas finer New Year's nay on the Gnu-r Line's ynchl, Santa Itositii, to Kcuackjr's principal poll, color- (ul G u a y a q u i l . One of that rily's strictest rules is against "jaywalking." We will enjoy a sightseeing t r i p by automobile. The ride through the Panama Canal was a t h r i l l all Ihe way. 1 look pictures nf the locks with black-and-white camera and then opened the color camera テつサs we began pasting near the Jungles of the Isthmus. Nevrr law before such luscious grew. Large Artificial I-ake Gatun Lake is the テつサテつォr.ond largest artificial lake In the world, ROOFING SERVICE Industrial - Residential テつキ Coal-Tar Pitch and Gravel テつキ Asphalt and Ftlt Competition. Mica Surfae* Also テつキ AibMtot Siding E. W. Dozier, Roofing Contractor Phon* 2727-1633M Anrtktaf (MB テつキ Bテつォ Ottta. to A* MutteM HAILEY SALES COMPANY Highway 71 North Phonテつォ 1689 0*1 lhテつォ compltrt itory on lhテつォit 7 points btlora buying any tractor! SMOKE SALE JW^wES^ NOTHING BURNED '0 OFF ON EVERYTHING!! f o OFF ON ALL SHOES Men's Dress Fonts and Jackets Women's Dresses and Coats PRICE OPEN TUESDAY A.M. ARK. BROKERAGE CO. SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS C O O K ' S Bargain P A I N T WALLPAM1 FlOOt COVBHW T*テつォr NテつォMt Piin it* for SMIM テつキテつキ HOUSE PAINT and SUMIWHITI MIMIft Hi WWTtl i r T H m moouci COLOR-PLAN YOUt HOMI テつォM tOOM SNAMTMi COIN テつキ KM M rttf* C^kjiCriM *KI US?^ he mr* iw* (tM *テつキ CテつォUf CiUmt ' --144 テつキテつキテつキテつキMl. MM^IMI* 0テつォwテつォ テつキ f A U M F U t , HiW WALLPAPER As Low As 7 M テつキ OTHF* fXQUItnt MTTMNS . Ik テつキ 17c テつキ Me テつキ Me to He Ml H rテつォ* Wmmt Oテつサfy MM Himt, SM tta Nwr BOXER WALLPAPERS MHvrft テつォ4 ffctt i NMlMtpfeU, 4 91.1* to ***テつキ * HEAVYWEIGHT Fill IASE YARD GOODS FULL 9.FT. WIDTH j CHOOSf FKOM tOVHY riOHAl, GEOMETRIC AND UXTUND DfSICNS , r 65c M. ON DISPIAV H I A V Y W I I G H T , FELT tASI 9x12ft-RUGS' CHOICI Of COIORI AND MMONI O N L Y COOK'S PAI "Bttt for Wt*r tnJ Wtftlnr" EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 524 W S B ' r .1'

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