Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 18, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1974
Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thun., July 18, 19741 FAVETTEVIL1.I, ARKANSAS Aubrey Shepherd Buffalo National River Hearing Set lifinnniiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiijnnuiniiiiiniiiinoiin City Boy Discovers Damping Is Difficult '^* I '· ~ ' ' . · ' ·' -:'-\-' i ' ' · : ' . ' ' . -'--;·. ; ^ · . . . :' . ~-- ; 1 ' ; . ' . '.Tomorrow is the day of the hearing on the Buffalo National RIyer Master Plan in Harrison, Arkansas. The meeting will start at .8 a.m. in the Council Room of the Harriison Community BuUding and may last until 5 p.m. Citizens are urged to make brief statements endorsing t h e program that has been proposed for the Buffalo River. Any new ideas -- not included in the Master Plan -- concerning this proper administration of new national park in · : n Itw river's watershed; Arkansas should he included in ihe statement. Those who cannot attend in person may submit a written sUte.nitnt to Donald M. Spald- infj, Superintendent, Buffalo Natioial River, P.O. Box 1173. Harriscn, Ark. 72601. In order to be considered, these statements must be received before August 5, 1974. All such slat- fnents will be reviewed by the Department of the Interior for submission to the federal court later in the year. Two copies should be submitted. Although the written statements may be lengtty, oral statements presented tomorrow must he limited to five minutes. Northwest Arkansas residents who wish to have transportation to Harrison and back tomorrow should contact Mr. or Mrs. F. M. Meade at 442-6456, or Mr. or Mrs. David Morais at 443-2301, ext. £85, or at 4434945 no later than 9:30 tonight. Alternatively, they may call Dr. Neil Compton of Bentonville at 273-5123 or 271-5413. They will try to arrange car pools if possible. Those who can drive their own cars are asked lo call and volunteer to t a k e other participants. A FEW QUOTATIONS. ... For .those wondering whether the Buffalo National R i v e r Master Plan deserves support, percent of the drainage basin is not only out- .side U'C national river area but upslopc from it, activities outride the boundaries are of vital concern if the excellent quality of the water is to be main* tainei Agricultural practices in the basin in some cases include (orest clearing for pasture and use f chemical pesticides and herbicides -- all detrimental to the environment. Ot course, facili-'ts for tourisls must be planned so as not to degrade the water resource. The actual plan itself is far to be quoted corn- loo ons y. b pletely. but a few of its objectives may give an idea of its general quality: The river will be managed to quotations may be in a few order: Take pure, clear, (flowing water: send it down a 132-mile meandering course; pour it over rapids; strain it through gravel bars; drift it through long pools; let it caress covered fjanks. Then dot :.a valley bottom with open grassy meadows; punctuate the shores with frequent tall bluffs; and fill »,he countryside with steep, wooded hills . . . Finally, place yoursa't in a canoe drifting down the river surrounded by the peaceful and inspiring mood of these natural elements. ~ This is what the master plan calls the essence of the Buffalo Tliver. It would seem that those in charge of the planning have developed a reasonably true sense of the river's character. The plan notes that "more than .10 million people live within 250 air miles of the Buffalo River. The national river, however, provides for distinctive natural values and unique human experiences ol truly, national importance...." Because of the variety of other lacilities -- such as the several major reservoirs in the area, the proximity of Marble Falls Ski Resort, Dogpatch, Blanchard Springs Caverns and other commercial enterprises -the Buffalo can "be reserved for special experiences that the other areas cannot provide. The preserve the natural river scene and maintain a free-flowing, non-polluted river, while providing significant recreational opportunilies. The area \ri\\ be managed for perpetuation of the resources, while providing recreation for visitors in such a manner that the impact on the environment will be minimized. Utilization of the river's resources by schools for environmental teaching areas and cooperation with schools in both off site and onsite programs will be encouraged. Hunting will be permitted, except in developed areas and ' major visitor-use corridors, i n accordance with an agreement with the State of Arkansas. PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT One of the park planners' themes is the encouragtment of private developments . outside the public area: In keeping with the philosophy that the national river is to supply a special recreation experience and that its lands are to. be kept in a natural state with only light development, automotive camping or food services will, not be provided. Such an approach, : ft is hoped, will stimulate activity in . the private sector and result in developments at the nearby communities. If such a mass of quotation can be excused on the grounds that the material quoted is wor thy .of 'consideration, one final passage will be given: i The Buffalo River is recognized as the central element of the whole .array..of natural, and, his toneal'features in it;j setting jt:,h'as clean, clear water uniting all'elements 1n''philps6phical co- fieteffce'-bifficult'tb grasp, Gut important, it is a symbol to the Nation -- a free river preserved to flow through open space for all. time as a remnant of our original homeland. Add to this the opportunity to float, fish, swim and explore in an attractive near-wild setting, and the river valley can be seen yielding experiences of a kind and quality that are becoming rare in urbanized America. The river's ability to stir our higher By HARRY KING HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Camping didn't sound half bad, even to the only city-reared resident of Arkansas. Tales of air-conditioned camper units, showers, flush toilets, running water arid helpful So. at the a'ge of 31, the city boy ventured into the outdoors for the first time. x He weaved his way from Little Rock to a camping area on nearby Lake Ouachita without a wrong turn. Lewis and Clark couldn't have done better with a compass. Spirits took a sharp downward turn moments later. The camper-to-be was met by his brother-in-law - in a boat, "It's the only way we can get to the island where we're camping," he said. An island? MARINA FADES After the necessary goodies were loaded into the boat, the marina -- and civilization -quickly faded from sight. The shoreline of L a k e Ouachita h a s a sameness APfl o it and discourages the idea of over-powering the boat cap- aln and heading back, wherever that is. : "There it is," he said, point- iirg to a clump of trees on a small island In the middle of the lake. "The only thing bad ibout it is thut somebody hss been here and cleare.d some of the trees We even had to build a latrine because the bushes aren't thick enough." Immediate constipation. "What we really like to do is get in there and fight the ticks and the weeds," he said. About that time you remember he is the Daniel Boone of the family who lives in a mobile home on 10 acres and believes the world is closing in. · JUST A TENT There is no camper, no shower, no electricity on the island. "The women and children can sleep in the terit. We'll sleep outside." ;/ "\: . . .i; Outside - with the wild ani mals. . j'- ~ .. -.^ :. ;. He saysithe fire needs some wood. There is no woodpile. We 11 cut some. With an axe? The camper protests. How vill his wife and son eat if lis hands that pound a typewrli- er are scarred and battered. Clarence Darrow was never more eloquent. He is spared. For relaxation, mere is water skiing. . Make .that water plowing. How can a grown man cry when his son is watching as he's strapped into a life jacket? At least, the family will have security. t · · Pro Football Standings :i ; · . ' W L T Pet/ Pis. OP Eastern Division Fla. 2 0 0 1.000 26 21 J'ville 1 0 0 .500 33 19 Phila 1 1 0 .500 33 19 N.Y. 0 2 0 - .000 36 46 Central Division Birm. 2 0 01.000 43 36 Chi. 2 0 0 1.000 42 22 Mem. 1 0 0 1.000 34 15 Del. 0 2 0 .000 29 52 Western Division So. Cal 1 1 0 .500 45 42 Hous. -1 1 0 .500""11 17 Ptid ·" * ' 0 1 0'--.000 8 33 Hawaii ( ' · - - 2. 0 '.000 38 46 Wednesday's Games Birmingham 32, New York 29 Florida 18, Detroit 14 '· Houston 11, Philadelphia 0 Chicago 25, Jacksonville 22 . Southern California 38, Hawaii ans 31 Thursday's Games Portland at Memphis, N, national television Sunday, July 21 , Detroit at Hawaiians, N . Wednesday, July 24 Houston at Florida, N Southern California at Jackson ville, N Memphis at Birmingham, N '· Chicago at Portland, N Thursday, July 25 New York at Philadelphia, N national television ACt chair, and yo · I f a water plow nose. \ TTicVv Jf 15n One Ic a willo The headin all it \ The way-^ alumir other well a · The the gr and i man-e among which scale Ma; would For skiing ing. How 1 Act like you are in a rocking chair, keep your arms straight and you'll pop right up " HUGE FURROW a farmer could attach water skis to a tractor, I could an entire field with my What a furrow. Fishing followed water skiing. One lost lure, three limbs and tree later, that ended, mood was somber back to shore; after all it was to be the last meal, chefs went out of their corn on the cob roasted in um foil, fried ham and goodies. They knew as well as I did the end was near, cot was only inches of] the ground. The snakes, spiders other crawling slithering s would be fighting themselves to see would be the first to scale its wooden legs. Maybe, an all-night would help. At least, I vigi For relaxation, there is water Make that water plow can a grown man cry when his son is watching as te's strapped into a life jacket: At least, the family will have; security. . i "Act like you are in a rock-' ng chair, keep your arms, straight and you'll pop-right' up." , i If a farmer could attach water skis to a tractor, I could plow an entire field with my, nose. What a.furrow. ' Fishing followed water ski-- ing. One lost lure, three limbs; and a willow tree later, that ended. ', The mood was somber head~ ing back to shore; after all it was to be the last meal. The chefs went out of their wa y -- corn on the cob roasted in aluminum foil, fried ham! and other goodies. They knew. as well as I did the end was near- ' t, The cot was 'only inches off the ground. The snakes, spiders; and other crawling, slithering man-eaters would be fighting amongst themselves to gee* which would be the first lo* scale its wooden legs. * senses and feelings about the beauty of the natural world makes it worthy of saving. Anyone who has never experienced the Buffalo likely has difficulty believing it is worthy of all this praise and concern. But if any stream or any natural phenomenon beyond life itself ever were worth preser- corollary is that it also allows he Bi'ffalo to NOT provide experiences that other areas offer." Unfrrlunately, the plan is not v n o 1 1 y adequate, simply :ecause there is insufficient 'inancing to buy up all the land ving. so is the Buffalo. Anyone familiar with the steady degradation of,most streams in this area can imagine what will happen to the Buffalo if its beauty and purity are not protected by the proposed Master Plan for Buffalo National River. Lynn Swann Found Not Guilty In Incident Involving Police SAN FRANCISCO '(AP) -- A jury here has found Lynn Swann, a former University of Southern California football player, his two brothers and a cousin innocent of assault and resisting arrest charges. Swann. 22, a wide receiver for the Trojans and the first- round draft' choice of the National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers. was acquitted Wednesday oE charges stemming from a Feb. 1 altercation with police. His brothers, Brian, 26, and Calvin, 24, and cousin Michael Henderson, 25, also were acquitted by the unicipal court jury of charges lemming from the incident. The fight with police deve- oped after Swann was ticketed or driving his car through a ed light, Swann's attorney said luring the'eigilt-day trial. Still pending is a police bru- ality civil suit filed by Swann md the others against the city. Swann, who is scheduled to cave for Pittsburgh Thursday. ill report to the Steelers' raining camp Friday morning. Slow-Pitch Softball In Wednesday night slow- pitch Softball at As bell Park Tut Morrow led I,azenhy-Fron tier eRality to a 5-3 victory over Roger Grant and Standari Register. Justin Daniels batted in three runs for Lazenby while Jim Wood and Jeff Ray scored twice each for the winners. Later, Jay Herrin pilchet McDonald's to victory over Local 965, with Bub Ratliff on the mound for t h e losers. In the RBI column were Pa Downey with five for the win ners and Jim Bowerman anc Daryl Long with two each for the losers. Tom Mack scored t h r e e runs fov McDonald's Final score was 11-5. In the evening's final game Brer Fran's won a 4-3 decision over Dennis Home Furnishing," on the pitching of Fran Garo falo. Wayne Prince pitched for Dennis, and Bill Dunn bailee in three runs. WE PAY TOP MONEY For JUNK BATTERIES Our 20th Year in Fayefteville. 442-9567 605 South School Hiway 71 South VAUGHN BATTERY 3106 S. 71 HIGHWAY SPRINGDALE. ARK July 19th-July 20th 2 DAYS LEFT TO SAVE AT OUR ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOURS' Won thru Fri Sal o.m (o S p.m. 8 FREE GIFTS Free Yard Sticfe Free Balloons Free Hammer Pens Free Coffee and Pepsi flKES Ic O 10 spe.d Scti Free W( Son REMODELING? START AT THE TOP! CEILINGS i Today's living netdswunrl control, of the smallest, easiest home improvements you can maVe, And you can dt it beaulilullj with 12"x24" Decorator While 9V2,,,, 10'x 10' Room Only $9.50 I x G R G H P I N E FENCE BOARDS Great for Yards Or Corral Fences 1 lin. Ft. July 20th NOW! \ 32-21 STEEL SINK Fits any Decor 'While Only GUARANTEED! All SuUierlind piint products ace mide to our own iijid spetlfitatnm (printed on cvtry can) and are guaranteed to gin sat'rsfactibn or jour money back! ['Premium Quality Vinyl Latex ' Wall Paint House Paint $ A 89 195 PEERLESS FAUCETS 5 YEAR WARRANTY One lever mixes the water temperature arid Sums water on and off Dolt Yourself And Save Money Money Money Do a celling irib 12x12 roomfor only $ 31 43 RUGGED SELF-SEALING ROOFING SHINGLES Ctromle Granu1«i imWd»d Jr. Bonded Till 1991 Your Choke Gal ind ol paint. SINGLE LEVER with Spray $O C75 with pop up $2395 $4 · CHAIN LINK FENCING kw 3 Days Only UTILITY (OLE BUILDING TURBINE VEHTItATOR let the Wind Work for You lo cool thot Hot Attic--12" Turbine Complete with Base Save $50.00 on these pole bldgs during our Anniversary sale J3x34--Reg. $899.95 Less S50.00 $849.95 27x41-- Reg. $1143.86 Less 50.00 $1093.86 4Sx60--Reg. $3028.16 Less $50.00 $2978.16 All Materials r 95 10 Per Ff. ^ ^~ ^w Price Includes Line Post, Line Post Caps, 42" 11 Ga. Fabric and Top Rail Protect and Improve Your Property SHOP AND COMPARE SUTHERLAND'S PRICES...YOU'LL SAVE MORE ON ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Only! 48" Fixture Complete will) Hanger Chain, Plug, Pull Switch and Hoorj less .Bulbs *ir DAP RELY-ON CAULKING CARTRIDGES 4Ft. Aluminum s iovvooJ, rr.ei sorxY. 5Jl» »' alei f-oM. U' ' Caulking Saves On Utility Bills 3 TUBES FO:? 00 ROLLER ' TRAY SET STEP LADDERS $969 I 79 RANGE HOODS Choice of Colors 30" or 36" Needs no outside vent. Charcoal filter Open Hours Mori. Jhioujh Fli. i A.M. lo 9 P.M. Sal. 8 A.M. To 5P.M. 3106 S. 71 Highway Springdale, Ark, rv~ Phone 501751-0600 ")asier charge

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