Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 7, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1952
Page 2
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, tenwry 7, MMMHMHMtllllllllHIHHMIir I l l l l Society, MRS. KATHLEftt DOZIER M l l f l l l l M I I I I I M I t m i m i l l l l i l l l i m U l l l l l i i i l i l i l m l l l l h j i i l l l l M I I I I M I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l i . Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . HI SI Club, Cluhrnnm, 7:11(1 FarminfUun Lodcf, Karministim Masonic H a l l , 7:.'lu .Stamp Cnllcclois Club, Civic Chiljronm. 7:30 Kayeltcvlllr District Kiin.cs, C'nmily Hospital. 7:3ii Crc:itic Art Gmi.'p "f . \ . A . U . W . , Civic Cluliromns, 7.30 Wathliictrm UrtlKc. Our. Masonic Hall, 7:30 Ka.vcttevillc. Luctitc 74(1, Masonic H a l l , B:00 Tuesday . . . Pfurnlhouri Assori.-ition, City Hospital, 10 a. m. KIwMiis Club, \Vushinslon Hotel, 12 Mnjur Brian Pcnctlclon Chapter. I). A. C., Mrs. Powell M. Rhca, 1 St. .li.-scph's Mothers Club. C h u r c h Hall. 1:30 Moiit-m l . i t c i i i i u r r Club, M i s . John Shoemaker, 3 Km, Deb Club, Suj; Cute, 7 N a v a l Receive Cnmpfisitc Unit. Knson Buildmc, 7 30IHII Milll-irv Goi'crmnrnt Group, I 1 2 H Wrsl C f n t M , 7:.'iO D;A. V., I.cRinn H u t , 7:30 Dcmi'ltr G a r d t n Club, Mrs. K y l e KUKlcr. 7:30 V j K . W. Auxiliary. Civic Clubroom, 7:3(1 ·ntncknh Lodge, 10OK H a l l , B F.ncinccrmc K a c u l t y Wives., Mrs. A r t h u r Brown, 8 Informal Tea Is Given At Lcupp Home In silver candelabra. Meetings Announced For,H.D. Clubs Mrs. Graham U-upp mid Mm. W. J, Wrlbwrne were co-hostesses ; Scheduled meetings of Ihe Sunday afternoon at an Inform*} Washington County Home Dem onitniUon Clubs have been announced as follow, 1 ;: drop-in and tea at thc Lcupp home, honoring the blrlhrlii.vs ol Mrs. A. A. Laden and Mr. Wcl- burnc.- Guests trilled between the hours of A and 6 o'clock. .. £ . . Tea w»s served from the table Prairie View, Mrs. George Stokes, appointed with the silver ten | afternoon, Ml. Zlon, Miss M. J. Mrvice, a illvcr howl ol swcc Historical Society Plans Dinner Meeting The WachiiiKlon Cnunly H fo- i l .Society will observe the cninplclion of i f ' s year of a c t i v i t y u'llh ;t dinntT nu'clinj; 7 ut I ^ \ JanU'iry 15. m B:3« j). in., in thc O f f i c e r * will m.'jki; tlu'ir r*p i l for the ye'iir. and new o f f k f i \ i l l IIP circled for in:»2. Thero will bo no f o i i n ; i l pm^rnin but there will be numerous accounts of historical firiccdoics find personal remi- niMTiicps. Hcj-rrv.'Uinn:; may ht? niacfc w i t h T»m Kf'filhcrs, sccrplHry, ;il his of/jt'c, 1^ Ka?i Ccnlcr .Street. Mom- hrrs may bring quests but tickets f h o u l f l bo purrhfifr'd ·!:{ soon as possible for i h r r n is a l i m i l f d nt- t o m l a n f - R nt Kid. Dinner Honors Mrs, I. J. Walker Mr. and Mr?. M. B, Slnde i-nler- i t a l n p r l with n H l n n c r p n i t v fit t h e i r i home on R u s h Drive, l.'isl n i g h t in j honor (if M I K . T. .1. W a l k e r of L i t t l e Rofk, /ormcrly nf Fayetteville. Other cuests were Mr. anrf Mrs. O. A. Jcnninfifi and Miss Ethel Smith. Voters' League Noi To Meer As Scheduled i Mrs. M a r t i n A. How of Dallas, Texas, a director of thc League of Women Voters of thc United States will be u n a b l e to attend a p r o - ; imscd organization session here i , lonicht, and as a result the m e e t - j j iiif! has hccn postpned. Tho meet- j ! injt was scheduled lo be held a t ; HOLLYWOOD'S IDEAL COUPLE French (ibinel Faces Threats Of Defeat P»riM#j-French Premier Rene Plcvin's cabinet faced new threats of defeat and loss of office in the I National Assembly today. ! His middle-of-the-road roalition I had to run a g a u n t l e t of eight Assembly votes of confidence on j its p l a n s for a bigger n a t i o n a l ] budget. Any defeat p r o b a b l y would brinjr the five-nionth-old government's i cognation. The votes today were on proposals to put the nationalized railways and social security system on a paying basis by reorganization. The shakeup may call for firing of excess personnel and more social security contributions from employers. Admiral Jo/ Visits Ridgwoy In Tokyo Mississippi Farmer's Mistake Is Fatal Mcmphis-(/l J )A M i s s i s s-i p p i farmer who apparently blundered inlo the house next door to his j cousin's was shot and killed yes-· tcrday. Homicide Inspector Pete Wicbcnsn said Georfie David Ald- ridec, 3G. of Canaan, Miss., wan slain by William A. Kvans, a rest a u r a n t owner, Autrcy B. AldridKe said the slain man was heading for his home." which is next lo Evans'. He said thc'Missi.ssippi man. here to visit his a i l i n g wife, had "telephoned to say he missed the bus and would take a rab out to stay with us if we could pay for the fare. We told him to come on nut." Evans said he look a pistol from a dresrer drawer and fired when George Aldridge · entered hi.~ kitchen at about 2 a.m. Ho said he shouted a warning before shooting. "He kept w a l k i n g toward me and 1 hollered again for him to Tokyo-(/P)-Vice Adm. C. Turn- I stop," Evans said. "I told my wife er Joy, chief Allied truce envoy, j to call the police. The only words arrived here today for a routine ' he s p o k e , a t all were, 'Don't cal! visit with Gen. Matthew B. Ririg- j the police'." way, supreme Allied commander. Wiebrnga sain no charge would Joy declared: "I am making a be placed against Evans. merely routine visit. There is no j * change in truce ngoti a lions' at Panmunjom to promptthis visit." blasted five of the r*j jctg to earth and scored hit* on 10 V U. S, losses, if any, were not reported. Under a new policy the* Air Force will announce locses only mice a week. HIM STAII Alan Ladd and hi! wife Sue Carol were nimed Hollywood'i Ideal Couple of Ihe .Year bj the Aim capital'i businessmen. The L«ddi, ihown with Alana. 8. and David, 5, are the parenti of four children. They will bi married ten jttiri March 19. (International SoundphotoJ EISENHOWER-- CONTINUED FROM" TAGX O?.K ask for relief from this asslgn- , ment in order to seek nomination ... , ,, j to political office and I shall n o t ; M I G - i a participate in the pre-convcntion : Seven Russian-Built Jets Destroyed Seoul, Korea-(#'j-U.S. jet planes destroyed seven Russian b u i l l jets and damaged 12 in Cane I l l l l , Mrs. Clay j J^ hom(1 n f ^^ pau , B a r r c t t Pycfltt, 2:30 p. in.. Bi R Sprinfis,, A n n t h c r d i l t c w l n bc sct a n d t n e I Vlncy. Grove, clubhouse, 2 p. m., n afternoon, Mt, Zion, Miss M. J. .(! Nicholson, 2 p. m., Rural Builders, peas and chrysanthemums which centered the table, and candles STOMACH GAS Taxes the HEART An accumulation of in th« Mrs. Robert Pcntz, 2 p. in.; Wednesday, Goshcn, Mrs, Gene Johnson, 1:3Q it. m., Golclcniod, Mrs. M. K. Williams, noon, KlkliiF. Community Church, 2 p. m., Combs Chapel, Mrs. James Bronoush. all day, Monitor, lunch room, 2 p. m., Savoy, Community House, 2 p. m.; Thursday. Meadow Valley, Mrs. Orgnni7n i| un lotmcA hcre Mct ,,,,. be co-hostess. Personals sLmnch forms prcvsurc, ' tvowdi j R. n, Maxwell, 11 a. m., Cincin- thc heart and results In MoatinK, n m c i u |, ron ms, Colony, Mrs. 1'oll.v "sassy" catches; palpitation and ·hortness of breath. This condition may frequently be mistaken for heart trouble. CEFITA-V1N Is helping such gar "victims" all over Fnycttcvllle. This new medicine Is taken before meals, so it works w i t h your food --helps you dljcst food faster and better. Gas pains no! Bloat vanishes! Contains Herbs and Vitamin B-l with Iron to enrich the blood and make nerves stronBer. Weak, miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't so on suffering, act CERTA-VIN W, B. Steb.ner has returned from a three weeks visit in Elk River, Minn. C';i|)l. and Mrs. Frank Proctor left Saturday lor A t l a n t a , Ga., here Captain stationed. Proctor will be Pharr, 11 a. in,, .Summers, Johnson, Mrs, Frank m., Ml. View, Slaughter, nonn; Frldliy. Gem, I l l g h l i i i u l , Mrs. Kujicne Tetei, noon, Dutch Mills, I Mrs. Nancy Swain, 1:30 p. in. Mr. mid Mrs.' W. B. Stelzncr, .Ir., of Georgetown. Mass., an- Mallhcwii, 2 p.] nntinrn the birth of a son, Dccem- Community Chert A Community will he held tomorrow night at 7 o'clock in the Council Chamber of thc City Administration Building. V.ll« r Club Thr Green Valley 'Club will meet tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. H. W. Younkin. B»lm I're-Schuol I'. T. A. Thc regular mcelinc of the Prc- ·'Of course, there is no question \ M I G s a n d riamngcd two on Mon- of the right of American citizens i day. Thc day before. U. S. planes to organize in pursuit of their common convictions. I realize that Senator Lodge and his associates. Stiff It's so easy to relieve coughs and stuffiness of colds in a h u r r y this home-proved way . . . with 2 spoonfuls of Vicks VapoRub in u vaporizer or in a bowl of boiling waterasdirectedinpackage. Just breathe in the steam! fivery single breath carries VapoRub's soothing medications deep into throat and large bronchial tubes. It medicates irritated membranes, helps restore normal breathing. For coughs or upper bronchial congestion there's nothing like using Vicks VapoRub in st.eam. For continued relief always rub it on throat, chest and back. WICKS W VAtoRut ·) School'RT'ArSuled for It \ fompT^^pifce^beta'c' nTM n **l\ Chest rneetinK j inorrov.' at Bales School, has been postponed 7:30 p. m. until J a n u a r y 17, at Ximtler lafrdtn Club The Dcmeter Garden Club will meet tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock at thc home' of Mrs. Kyle Englcr, 822 North Highland. (iolrienrod Cluh Mrs. M. K. Willianvon will entertain t h e Coldcnrod C l u b Wednesday with a luncheon at l?::ln p . ' m . Mrs. M. O. Doolittlc and Mrs. Bernice Brewer will be ro-hostesses. Etlhir Sunday School CI«n A n n i e her 20. Mr. Slcl/uer is the W. !i. Stcl/ncr of Kayetteville. .,,,,"', 01 Fir.i B.pli.l Church M i l l Ul 'I 1 !,.. I.',-(!,,,.. C I . , . . C-,,1 Cnxin«frInK Faculty Wives Club Thc Engineering Kaculty Wives Club v.'ill meet tomorrow at 8 p. m., in the home of Mrs. A r t h u r Rrown, 820 West Maple. The- Esther Sunday School Clnss ECZEMA ITCH ··f x** rf*«ntr Try RESINOL O I N T M I N T Cllnehen's Kaycttcvlllc Drug Store.' '·' l « " B - l « * H n t r t l ! « f The - - : Sue Woods Kindergarten ANNOUNCES Mrs. . Uurolhy Young lilts hccn appointed dance director and ntnv classes am being formed. Mrs. YOUIIB Is fl member of t h e Chlcaco Association of National Dancing Masters of America and has had 17 years experience In thc field of dancing. Alt.o Misfl/Virfjinin Cook, who has had 7 vears cx- pericnccVwIth thc Lowr.v's Studio In Te'xnrliana, will continue as Music Assistant with emphasis on chorus and r h y t h m band, thus providing a school of opportunity for the hest in pre-school t r a i n i n g . FOR INFORMATION CALL 2047 OR 2527 NEW STUDENTS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW 520 H I G H L A N D STREET ·*· ...A ...»-. «AM.I.A ·* *r LI. Col. fiiid Mi's. Oscur H n r r i s ( Highway -irt, cast, will leave in the mnrnln^ lo drive to CiiHfornl.i, where they will r e m a i n for about two months before returning to ] FnyeUeville. Mr. Mini Mrs. Jnlion ftupuis have I'clurnrd from a buying and vacation trip to Shrcvc-port, and Lake Cluulos, I.H., and Beaumont, (5al- vostoM, Corpus Christ i and San Antonio, Texas. of the First Baptist C h u r c h "wVll i AUrusa club inpnl tomorrow night at 7-^(1 ! Members of A l t r u s a will meet n'clnck with Mrs. K. .1. Mathie. 426'. \Vrdncsday at fi:30 p. m., at thc home of Airs, Barncft Sine for * d i n n e r to be followed by the January business meeting at 7:30 p. m. K;ist Liifaycttr. Mrs. Eula Crippln will be co-hostess. ' ' Mr. ami Mrs. Roger S, VOUIIK of I J c n t o n . Harbor, Mich., formerly of Kayetlcville, atmouricci thc birth of a son, Seth Thomas, November 22, Thanksgiving Day. Herbi'rl E. Baker, n i r m a n ap- prontivc, USN, son of Mr. and | Mrs. H u r c h e l H. Baker of 50 South ; U n i v e r s i t y Street, has completed ' recruit t r a i n i n g at thc U.S. Naval ; Training Center, Great Lakes, 111. Waihingion County Unil OI Arkaniai Democrntic Women's Clubi The Washington County u n i t ff Hip Arkansas Democratic Women's Clubs will meet Wednesday at 7 p.m., nt Ferguson's, with Mrs Glenn nickctts presiding. The program will consist of nn oprn f o r u m to discuss the question. "Who will be the Democratic nominee in 1052?" IMU Si*ma Molhrre Club Thc Delta Sigimi Mothers Cluh w i l l mifct Wednesday night at fl o'clock nt thc home of Mrs. Hugh StuhhlcMclrt. Cn-hostrssps will be Mrs. Price Dickson and Mrs. Earl Land. Olhol D. Turner, a t t e n d i n g tlie U n i v e r s i t y of Texas in Austin, Texas, has been elected vice president of Sigma lota Epsilon, honorary a n d professional business niiintigcnicnl organization. A graduate in per.sonuel inanaRCmcnt, Turner is thc snn of Mrs. J. W. Baker of Fayetteville.' Memorial Church , Wednesday, in Ihe basement of Wiggins Memorial Chinch, at 1:30 P. m., the W.S.C.S. w i l l begin the study of the Rook of Acts, w i t h Mrs. Earlc Cole as leader. Births Mr. and Mr*. Jofteph I,. WrUht Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph L. Wri«hl of Fayetteville announce thc birth of a son, January 5, at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. taonard Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Leonard of Kayelteville announce the birth of a son, J a n u a r y 5, at the City Hospital. Cpl. John A. Caudle, .son of Mr. | and Mrs. Isaac Caudle. Sr.. of V/ : Fork, a member of the F i f t h Field | A r t i l l e r y Battalion in Kil7.ingen, G e r m a n y , helped the batlaliiln observe its 173th anniversary at K i t z i n g r n . Corporal Caudle is w i t h St. Joseph'^ Mothers dub SI. Joseph's Mothers C l u b will meet tomorrow at 1:30 p. m., in the church hall. All mothers of pupilrf are asked to attend. the "H" Battery, honor batlory i j the past .vrar, which actively part i c i p i i t e d in thc two duvs of fcs- Creative Art Group Of AAUW The Creative Art Group of A A U W will meet tonight at 7:30 in the Civic Clubrooms. ,f I o'clock ·ipii I tivitics. We arc pleased to announce our purchase of the MARSHALL BUILDING at the corner of SPRING SCHOOL STREETS, and we have moved to this new location. We will have a formal opening February 2, We now have more space for an attractive display of our increasing stock of merchandise, and shall continue the same prompt and efficient service that we have always given. Johnson Plumbing Heating Co. Cerntr Spring I School Phont 1060 Newcomer.* Cluh I The Nc'.vcomors f l u b \vi!I m e n I I Wednesday at 1:30 p. m., in thc Womcns Civic Clubrooms. ! Majtir Brian I'rndlfton ·Chapter of 1). A. C. j Thc Mojor Brian Prndleton · C h a p t e r of D. A. C. w i l l meet to- j morrow at I p. in. for luncheon I at the home of Mrs. Powell M. · RheM. Mrs. Kninifi Mcriwpther will Mr. and Mrs. .fay WSRW Mr. an6 Mrs. Jay Wages nf Fayetteville announce the b i r t h of a d a u g h t e r , J a n u a r y 5, at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mr*. Robert Hutrhinsnn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutchinson of Fayetteville announce thc birth of a son, January 6, at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoover Mr. nnri Mrs. Fred Hoover of Fayetteville announce, thc birth of n daughter, J a n u a r y 7, at the County Hospital. July a duty t h a t would transcend my present responsibility. Jn the absence, however, of a clear cut call to political duty T shall continue to devote my full attention and energies to the performance of the vital task to which 1 am assigned." Keep *» with the time»--reid the TIMES dill?. "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 c«t*i in doctori' l*tlit ·Chances are you're puttlnif up -unnecessarily--with the functionally cnusrd pains, cramps and weak, "no good" feelings of menstruation! For. in actual tests by doctors. Lydia Pinkham'A Compound brought complete or striking relief from such dis- tresfi in 3 out of 4 of the cases t LydU Pinkhim'sli modern in f(j action! So get Ljdlx E. Plnkham'i Ve»t»ble Oftrtipound--or nrtr. improvtrt Tablets with added iron. 8r? U--t»ttefl through HID month--it doein't Rite relief from thof* btckkch*n. jlttcn--h«lp you tt*'. better be/or* »nd tfttrinf your period' or--K you mffcr from runctionti "hot l»ibm" of "chtngc of lit*," /Ind out hoic Pinkhmm'i it for that, ton! SALE! on DuBARRY Crenie Superbe by ^Rwjliawt 4-ftuW" 81.75 Regular $2,75 sizn i\0(T JL ipi- Buy now at this «tih«tantial saving (over 35%)! You'll actually feel thc, difference, ami sec the difference with Creme Stijrtrhc. as yonr skin looks softer, smoother, more "alive" with the dewy freshness of youth. Only Creme Suncrbe contains Tocopherol, the wonder ingredient that helps offset thc drying, aging effects of time »nd th» elements on your skin. PHONE 717 EAST SIDE SQUARI innr lo 0 H. Jt.MD YOUDOrff HAVE TO USE PREMIUM GAS! Mr. and Mrs. Vance AlvU Mr. and Mrs. Vance Alvis of F*yctlcville announce the hirth of j a .'-on, January 7, at the County Hospital. I Ion a -Massey \\d New Rochclle. N. Y.-Wi-Actr Ilona Masscy was married yesterday tn Charles Walker, M a n h a t - t a n jeweler. Miss * Massey, Hungarian born, was divorced from Alan Curtis in 1942. Her age was Riven as 39, Walker's as 3fi. maryland RUSH STIKT AT DIIAWAII In f h * cinftr of t h t nir norfh »io!t 9»itty-- surrounded by thi«lr(i, rttUurants «nd lupptr clubi. Only on* block from Michigan Avenut. Fiv» fninut«« to Loop. Amplt pirking. 100 ROOMS ALL WITH IATH $0 nltffl RuVVily RESTAURANT AND OININ6 ROOM CLOISTM INN INTERTAINMINT NIOHTLY «lm. Will. Mr. Liigh, H)il M.rrltnJ. WO N»rtK ftrth K. Chicago CHRYSLER FIREPOWER AII Chrysler New Yorkers, and Crown Imperial* arc powered by the 180- horscpowcr FircPower YOIT'U. HAVE TO muvr, a Chrysler to lonrn thn freat difference the mighty new Chrysler V-8 engine had brought, about! No words can evur tell you it* magnificent response to your wish, thff wonderful *env, of it,* powrr in reserve, the complete new commnnd of travel it lets you (eel . , . and all of this on non-premium grade gna! We invite you to try thie engine . . . at your early convenience! n» ART or WER Thin hemiiphfrlent combustion chkml^r, with I)J(, ..11-cool H vMvM rt^h'l in it* rinm*pharwd top, n CHBXSLER FIREPOWER PHILLIPS MOTOR CO., INC., '520-62J North CoUem in.

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