Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 5, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1952
Page 8
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f. MOtfUWtn AtKAMtAi TIMB. , JwtiMry 3, Wl Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith lo'thc quality of thc information .·nnually (riven before thc meetings of this society. Krilium is supposed lo lie a "soil conditioner," something that rnellows,· loosens up,'-nr.opens up the soil, thereby, making it easy to work. H docs not add fertility (p the soil. Organic matter docs all thU, but it lakes many tons if 'organic matter to condition an tore of land. The msgic claim for Irlllum is that It takes only a few founds to do What tons of m a n u i c to foranc returned over S7 for! earn dollar invested. Properly i cultivated and fertilized corn pro-j duccti over 100 bushels pcr-*cre all ovi-r Arkansas. Properly seed-, cd orchard grass ( and L a d l n o j clover, and fescue and Ladinoi clover produced 400 pounds or more of beef per acre all over the South. These nrc true wonders t h a t ran be performed with the .present knowledge ol agriculture.| · What is krilium? -;.*t» ihii know] - R a t h e r lhan to be first o v n r - j tht answer to that ducslloii! Its! sold, then undersold, and lor-i development was announced b e - l e v e r skeptical about our new dc- 1 fore thc American Association for; volopmcnts, lot's be first inquisl- the Advancement of Science at Its! Hvc and experimental and f i n a l l y annual meeting during the holi-l ,,| )cn minded lo their true values, davs.-That fact is significant due cuming back lo this new Krilium, I'll bo sold on II when il is shown l h a t it will "condition" our hard, "buckshot," or gumbo lands. It's Time To -- Take down Ihc Christmas decorations; fold and box all decora-j lions that can be used another I year, I Clip Hunks snd udder of cows and brush them dally to Improve , I? I quality ot products. ! ' am Start a garden notebook. Plan your work ahead. Record thc dales, amounts, and methods used. PTcparc lawn areas for spring Says Collector Split Big Fees (|r leaf, compost would sounds utterly fantastic, . rlpiidy to tec what il will do to '(condition" our Ushl ''buckshot" lands of. Eastern Arkansas, or to 'tbhdion" some of the tight black l»hds" 7 of Washington County, '. Many so-callod wonder chemicals or wonder crops come for- fiftrd ID agriculture. We are inclined at first to be oversold on them 1 .' Then, unforlunalcly, we become undersold in the immc- "Hfctf reaction that follows. The ftlrr»na final stage in the Inlro- Bil.ctio'ik of these chemicals or BlahlsMiKour complacency toward their true values. *'Sober teaching ot true value.-, . fc handicapped- by both previous ryersti)Ung arid 1 underselling. We fJiv*"'Mn the overselling of Ihc public on tcscuc as a pasture plant. Now we are experiencing thc rc- ·ctlon of underselling. Wu have Jtat netii the overselling of anll- floilcs as growth promoters in animals. We will soon sec the rc- aelion, which will result In our forgetting their many good quail-] ties. "The truth of thc whole matter II lhat we are surrounded by IP a n y wonder-working plants, ditmlcals, and other implements of production, 1 have no patience With those who try to laugh then'. - - - · ' '-- derisively n-rt umvcisiiy College of Agriculture Around 40 years age J P°'TM«TM' w£»± o»«' nrf Waters, president ol so-called «jt. of existence branding the ··JwondeVs. Henry J . a , Kansas Aggies, staled Hint if sorry: one should advertise corn under ·time other name, giving its true feed 'and food porrtuctlon abilities but ingeniously disguising Its true Identity, he would be branded us a prevaricator. We Just do not rtillzt what real wonders we already have and conilder them commonplace. « · · As Illustrations of Irue ' wonder), "In 1831,- fertilizer applied to for each dollar invested. Fertilizer applied ·LAN TO BUILD ·|M Ouf MaUtlaL Oil Our Prlcw. Trr Our S«T|«. DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 It. ChatlM sodding or seeding where .erosion will nol become serious. Transplant rose bushes when the soil Is not frozen. Wax your refrigerator If you haven't done this. A good equipment wax can be used. Observe safely precautions in handling firearms by keeping cuns unloaded until the hunting urea l» reached. Then unload guns as soon as you arc through h u n t i n g or before netting Into a vehicle. . Cull Ihc non-producing Dims from the laying flock. t Make a Christmas gilt list and begin making plans lor Christmas , 5C «,,« pl8» have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Kccd dairy animals plenty .of hlRh quality hay during winter months. . . ,, Kill r»ls. Put oul Warfarin bait In protected places. " Control rats by destroying their breeding harbors and rat-proofing the feed room. These suggestions come from thc county and home demonstration aacnts. More information is hvallablo st their offices where matcly $100,000 in lax l i a b i l i t y . Me said Dclaney told him it might be possible to reduce this liability and "get an additional fee from them." Friedman testified that Ihc Roorkcys gave him an', additional SIO.OOO In checks, which he eventually destroyed because he was not certain he could obtain thc reduction. In 1052. Be sure Lincoln TOP CASH PRKE KM VOUt FURNITUM AT MLTON HOS. AUCTION HOUSE. PHONE 1770 ·Alt tVERY SATURDAY .IORTH MISSION STREKT PHONE 7«7 Republic Printing Co. BUSINESS STATIONERY ,. , qrricE FORMS lAUUSSOOKS--RUBBER STAMPS Mrs. Charles Fcrrcll and son have returned to their home in Texas after spending Ihe holidays with Mm. Fcrrcll's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Casey. Mr. «nd Mr?. Curler Starblid and daughter, Margie, have had as itur-sts the past week Mrs. Starbird's nclces, Miss Ka.V Moore of Fort Smith, and Miss Gene Lcm- Icv of Van Huron. · Guests of Mr. and Mfs Glenn Dixon of Dutch Mills Tuesday were Mr. Dlxon'a brother-in-law mid sister. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Bridges and daughter. Joan; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brisingcr and daughters. Karen u n d K a l h c r y n ; . and Mi's. Joe Balyanclli and son, I Joe. all of Fort Smith. Mrs. Holla Cllnhens of Gravcttc was the Now Year's Eve cucst ol Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Clay. . Miss Dec Spenser of California, a former teacher in the Lincoln schools, was thc gucsl of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bullln s ton Tuesday night. While here she also visited Mr and Mrs. John Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sparks, Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloys I.uglnbucl, and mr. and Mrs. Jack Dixon.. BOWL FOH PLEASURE Bonlon Bowling Lanes--Adv. Used by thousands In reduclnc diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. Salesman Appears In Tax Cose Trial Bnston-t/Tj-Danlcl Friedman o f : New York, who identified himself as an insurance salesman and f i - . nancial adviser, testified yesterday' he split $20,0(1(1 In "fees" with Dennis W. Delnncy, deposed Massachusetts collector of internal . revenue. At thc conclusion of yesterday's, testimony, thc trial of Delanoy--' charged with accepting $12,500 to influence lax cases and w i t h ' falsely certifying lhat $180,000 I n ! tax liens had been paid -- war · adjourned until nex'l Tuesday. i Friedman, a prosecution witness, testified about » $5,000 "fee" he I said came from Morris and Harry Boorky, brothers, of the Massachusetts Slccl Treating Company, Worcester. Friedman said he divided the fee SNEEZELESS SWEATER--No need to sufler from frost-bitten nose these frigid days il you just have a hand-knitted nose-warmer like that worn by Producer Wilbur Steech in New York. Helping adjust the snout-sweater is comely actress-model Renee Forrest. Foreign Gold Pouring In To r e m a n s a c e v e e ee r 7 *~ with Dclnncy, w h o then toltl h i m ! / / « % . · * the Boorky firm t owed a p p n i x i - 1 *-* "^'!" Merchants Urged To Watch Bag Firm Checks Representatives of Ihc Northern Bag Company nrc urging merchants not to cash checks issued on their company. Their reason: A number of unsigned checks-Series 9021 to f)9, r iO--were stolen all thc gold h a l f of I H n O when he wa.-: paying out gold for high-price:! forcicn commodities he wanted for his defense stockpile. Nearly one b i l l i o n dollars worth of gold has been added to the United Stales hoar'd since June, when U, S. exports began climbing hic,h over the tola! of imports. Gold Ktill changes hands between the United States and other nations, although American citi- zc'lis aren'l allowed lo have il in monetary form. _ _ This drain of foreign gold to from their Faycttcvillc offices two j She Unilcd _Slalcs is^une of the days before Christmas and several signed with the name C. Garrclt have.been cashed in the Fayettc- le, Sprlngrialc and Bcntonvillc area. The name on these checks is .'orfrcd, the officials report. The checks, in book form, were the only thing taken from thc office. Women Donate Gems For Church Crowns New York-tdVTwn diamond- studded gold crowns, t h e i r jewelry contributed by '2,000 women pnr- Ily SAM DAVVSON I The postwar flow of gold to the Mow Y o r k-l/I'j-UncIc Sam is 1 United States was one of the snre.-it rdking In foreign golcf at n fast problems until the end of 1949. II rate again. He has now got back underlay thc British request for he lost in ihe first ·'he three and three quarter billion dollar loan of 194(1. It was one of the reasons the Marshall plan was put into practice. By thc end of ]S".! thu United Stales' gold holdings had climbed lo around 24 V: billion dollars. Thon thc flow reversed. First this was attributed to thc economic recovery of Europe, meaning a greater flow of European goods lo these shores to earn dollars and a lessening of Europe's need. for American products. Then the Korean war sent thc gold pouring out of the United States. In 1!) months we lost throe billion dollars worth. It went for rubber, t i n , wool, and countless Minister Churchill on his vjsit to other commodities which the pymploms of England's economic distress winch concern.-; Prime President Truman. The British have warned that their economy cannot stand additional spending United Slates and its businessmen were b u y i n g nt a headlong pace with prices ever soaring. for m u t u a l defense If it means Stockpiling stopped f u r t h e r decline in their gold and , n Ap| .j| 1i)51i U n c ] c s . lm stnp . dollar reserves. ])C(i stock p iliri j, at w hat he called Import Quotas Tightened exorbitant prices. Businessmen To slop lhat drain in their re- also sot over their fear of coming serves they are lightening up on their own import quotas, barring more American goods from their shores so t h a t they will have the dollars to pay for the raw materials they need for re-armament. Ishoners, were placed on display! Tho u r itish arc also expoclcd lo · ' ' Brooklyn Catholic scck [ ul .i| lcr aid f r o m thc Unilcd Stales in the form of m i l i t a r y Thc crowns, insured for $100,- equipmenl and raw materials, perhaps on .a ba.vis similar to thc Icntl-lcase of wartime. fnday in church. Ree» ·» h« TJM1S WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP 000, will adorn an a l t a r painling of Ihc Blessed Virgin Mary and Ihe Infanl Jesus, Many of their 500 dian»nds were donated by women In gratitude for thc safe return of their sons during World War II. No Chose Necessary To Find Holdup Man New York-M'l-Sam Klein, 62.] entered a M a n h a t t a n sandwich shop yesterday and was shot in thc foot by a departing holdup man. Hospitalized, Klein watched attendants put a new patient in thc bed next lo him, and heard' thc newcomer mumble, "I shot a man in the fool." Klein took a better look nnd shouted, "That's thc guy that shot me." ' Thc new patient. Eugene Condan, 21. was moved to a prison! ward under charges of robbery and possessing a gun. Maid Of Cotton Choitn Memphis, Tcnn.-(/l'l-P a t r i c i a Ann Mullarkcy of Dallas. Southern Methodist University 1951 homecoming queen, is Ihc new Maid of Collon. She was named yesterday over 18 other beauties from 12 stales, including Arkansas. In lh» TIMKS--II M7» shortage.-: and stopped buying foreign materials at high prices. From April to June the United States' supply of gold held around 21 Vi billion dollars. Then last summer Europe got into difficulties because her retooling for arms production required her to import high-priced materials from us, and because her O'.vn domestic inflation made her products less attractively 1W 170 IH 150 140 130 120 110 100 1939 '43 '44 '45 '46 '47 '4t '49 'JO 119 181 . M. A. M. J. J. A. The cost of living for 1951, measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index, continued to reach record highs each month as shown on Newschart at right. In October the index hit an nil-time high of 187.8--with government experts predicting more Inflation and higher cost of living for the immediate future. Chart on left chows the index from 1943-50 using the 1935-38 average ol 100 as the "norm." -. . DANCE COME TO LEGION HUT SATURDAY NIGHT Western Swing Bond BOB BECKER AND HIS ARIZONA TRAIL HANDS ov.t KIRS -- SpringdoU 4:00 A.M. -- Moft. thru Sot. 1:00 P.M. -- Men. thru Fri. 11:45 P.M. -- Saturday 9 P. M. to 12 Midnight KIM ****** 9:30 to 10:00 We arc pleased to announce our purchase of the MARSHALL BUILDING at the corner of SPRING SCHOOL STREETS, and we have moved to this'new location. We will have a formal opening February 2. We now have nxorc'spacc for an attractive display of our increasing stock of merchandise, and shall continue the same prompt and efficient service that we have always given. Johnson Plumbing Heating Co. Corner Spring School Phone 1060 Bj HAL BOTLF New York-(/Ti-Thcre is on old| 0. Ask your own father how he leap year saying that "he w h o j got caught. He'll be glad to point hesitates is bossed." , out his ' own mistakes-he's prob- \Vith some three million $ p i n - ! a b l y been mulling them over for stcrs over 25 looking for husbands,! years. Then avoid his errors. this proverb is particularly ' t r u e ! 7 Re ,. oman ti c . plant a ccn- of bachelors in 195:. ; (ury |)Iant w i t h (hc K | r i who has But how can any one ert-ape as! chosen you and tell her: "Dearest, I this riiiK of three million iron- when il blooms a second time, woi willed ladies closes i n ? Any di- must wed." She'll wait, and spend rcc'.ion he leaps it looks like he her spare lime trying to 'cross- will land in some fid's lap. : breed Ihc century pliinl with Vet there are ways, there are morning glories. ways. I have consulted several 7 Hcrc is n i mosl s l , r c fjre way tcnz/lcd old liachclors and here (f| t . urc wnmcn nf their affection are their tips on how lo slay free:! f n r y o u . p ropo3G ( 0 all Ihe cli- 1. Don't try to be repulsive. The; ib i n ^ you know a ,, d give cach more repulsive you acl to some! nf , hcm ,, d i m e 5lore diamond en- women. the more determined, they moment ring. Naturally they'll arc to land you. Yes, even if you I n|sh o f f tn t h c ncarcst jeweler to Koose-Bi-case your hair nnd use aj , cl ,,,, estimate on thc value of loothpick in public. I t h c rinf , Afl[ , r lhilti whenever 2. Never borrow money from a] , hc scc yml thcy 'n Myi "Hello,! ingle woman. A woman loves po j_ so f| j vy ·· ! money second only to men. If she has a financial as well as an emotional investment in you, she will track you down though you den with polar bears. 3. When she asks you to her apartment to look at her etchings, brinff along a couple of crocheting needles and start knitting your- !). Wear a wedding ring your-1 self and tell them you arc secretly married to a young lady you met on a South Sea Island during thc war. Be sure to explain that your far-away bride wears her] wedding ring in her nose. 10. Finally, if you are just sc quickly spotted her ind she was sent away. The outraged monks then cut _ off tht point of land at which she ' had. come ashore and built a stone wall around it. If an American bachelor wants _ a peaceful leap year, he can't do better than lo hibernate on Mount VUhos. Johnson Plumbing Moves To Spring And School W. B. Johnson.sowner and manager of thc Johnson PlumbinR and Heating Company, has purchased thc Marshall Building, corner of Spring and School Streets. The company han moved to the new location from its old quarters at 351 North West Street. The new building, formerly oc- . cupicd by Smith Brothers Grocery, provides more floor space for merchandise dis'play and larger-working quarters. Johnson Plumbing and Heating · will observe its eighth anniversary in Fayottcvillp with a formal opening at the new location February 2. AdvertiM in the TIMES--It P»J«. ' self some socks. Women arc leery darned irresistible to spinsters of men who crochet for a hobby.! that notninc else works, go · to But if she still Irics lo force her Alhos and lake a year-long vaca- attentions on you, well--stab her firmly with the needle. Make her keep her distance. 4. Better yet. never RO alone to a lady bachelor's apartment in the first place. 5. Don't tell a ' g i r l you don't, want to marry her. Just say tot your mother: "Mom w i l l handle! after me, but I just don't feel she's thc type I want to bring home lo you." Mama will handle the situation from there on oul. lion. Athos is a mountainous peninsula in Greece where no female is allowed. Legend has it that one. woman managed to sneak ashore! in man's clothing. But one of the[ monks in the 22 monasteries there BETTER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES start at C and D Plumbing Co. ; Free Estimates 131 W Mountain Pbon« llll priced in the world markets. Also Europeans Weren't getting as high prices for rubhcr, wnol and tin which come from Dutch nnd British commonwealth nations. Thi.-r country's gold store has been climbing since June and now tops 22 ',4 billion dollars, substantially where it was at the start of 1051 but still some 1-T4 billion dollars below its 1949 peak. S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-WHITE ROCKS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS EiUbliihtd OTCI 25 Years Truck DtliTeries to Many Localiiiit SCHUCHIMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PUUORUM PAS5ED_ Phon« 347-2R For Pricti And | Delirery Dales | BOX B. APPLETOH CITY. MO. UARK * NOW i SHOWING OPEN 12:45 SUNDAY THE LOVE Of A WARMM SHEIK ·ri i DESERT KAUTY! Mitrtt* j*ff O'HARA- CHANDLER LalHl Ncwi Erenli n i l i r t * ENDSTONITE * VALAU "DESERT of LOST MEN" "RHYTHM INN" Sunday Monday- Double Feature ABBOTKOSTEUO.P $ PLUS PENNY SINGLETON ARTHUR LANE LARRY SIMS " in "Blondie ' R O Y A L -- Lost Time Tonight Lloyd Bridges IH "LITTLE BIG HORN" Shelley-Winters IN "SOUTH SEA SINNER" * ENDS TONIGHT * William Holden in "FORCE of ARMS" Starts Sunday --Features at 1:10 3:15 5:20 7:25 9:30 *»HOPE Hopi i an under-covar agent with orders to keep his eyei on Hedy. *·' -- and his hands oft I V Fresh Wattr \ Champions Audry, th« Rainmaker

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