Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 5, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1952
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2-- NO4THWUT ARKAMAS TMMI, foy»««vH»», $··:··· "ly, .i-jr.'j'::y 5, !TS2 Church News Fayettcvilic Methodists To Take Part In Campaign Evangelisl lo Speak Bible Study Week To Be Observed ·At First Baptist The Melhodi.stt; ot Arkansas will begin · a fiimullancoufi revival meeting in every church in the '.his personal evangelistic work. Thc'fiev. Win. K. Cuoley, dis- rict superintendent of. .the Kay- 1 tlate on January 20, when all t h c j eitcvlllc district, is on the Methodist preachers of. Louisiana; p l a n n i n g board for the ctanficl- wlll come to Arkansas and preach j my,, mission. Cecil It Culver, for one week, from Sunday, Jan- m i n |Mcr at the. W i n f l c l d ' Mcthod- nary 20, throueh Friday, J a n u a r y ' j bl Church, Little Hock, is chair- 27. i man of the Planning Hoard, Gen- 1 The two Methodist "churches o f ' c r n l plans arc under the direction Faycilevillct'wlll participate in the I of liishop Paul K. Mai tin. Under stale-wide program and c o n d u c i l a «lmllar program held last No- evangelistic services during t h e l v c m b e r when Ihe Arkansas rniii- \vcck nl. 7:30 o'clock each evenlnc Islcrs went In Louisiana over (1,- tn which the entire community I s j f l O n people became a c t i v e iiiviie'd. The cvaiiBelisls appointed In the -Koj-cilevillB churches arc Dr. Virgil Morris, pastor of the First Methodist Church In Alc^anchia, La M who will preach at Centra' Methodist, and the; Rev. W i l l i a m F. Mayo of T r i n i t y Church in Alexandria, who will preach al WlKRlni! Memorial. In connection with the evangelistic preaching services, lay visitors, will call In all the homes o f j Pictured above is the Hev. Virgil in the IX Morris of the Kirst Methodist church and over KHI.IiriO p e o p l e - a t - j Church In Alexandria, La., who (ended Ihe evangelistic services.j w j l , ,,,. (ino , )f , wo Kt , Cilken ,,,, lhc Methndist Kvangcl John Brown Quartet Sing At Mission The .lohn Brown University male quartet will present a special musical program at lhc Fayclle- vllle Illble Mission, tumorrow al 7 p. m. Included In the program w i l l he Methodist preference pcnplc i n - j i|unrtct numbers.' WJ!OR them to hRcnmo nclivc I n , chalk talk, Riven by one ! The First Baptist Clrurdl will t observe a - ,vcek of Bible study .ic.xt week as the pastor, Dr. ; Waiter L. Johnson, teaches Dr. '. C.'lydc/ Turner's hook, "The Now i Testament Doctrine Of The ; Church." The class will begin in i Ihe church auditorium at 7 p. m. 1 anrl end at 9 p. m. A special feature each evening will he the ; showing of a f i l m of the "Life of Paul Series." r Doctor Tinner's bonk will he . s t u d i e d by » i estimated 10.000 fiapllsl chinches throughout the ' Southern Baptist Convention next : week, which is designated as Jan- · nary Bible Study Week. Doctor Johnson states t h a t a glance at some chapter headings such as "The Beginning of the Church," "The N a t u r e of the Church, I'he Work of the Church." and "The Triumph of the Church" is enough To Conduct Revival Meeting Kvangelisl Glayron K. Dees, left, and Evangelist William n. Handley, right, will begin a revival meeting tomorrow al the Apostolic Faith Church, located two and one-half miles south on Kiehway ?!, and me block cast. Services will begin each evening at 7:.'iO o'clock. Mr. |", liecs has licen in evangelistic work for more t h a n 13 years. He has previously held lent revivals here and recently spent four years in program,! i 0 convince one t h a t the book is missionary work in Alaska*. Mr. Handley and his wife have spent scv- bcginning J a n u a r y 20. Rev. Morris most interesting." eral years as pastors in'diffcrcnl slates and has spent the past three All who desire to attend this summers in revival campaigns in the slate of Kentucky. These scr- sradunlwl (mm the Henclrix,CoI- Ic/je; rccnivccl his 13. D. decree onc of the local churches. At the present lime appro'slmalely ' laymen, laywomen and have pledged Ihcmsclves from Perkins' School of Thcology and has done special work al the Carroll Uililicnl I n s t i t u t e and al C'andlcr School of Theology, Kmory 'University. Mr. Morris conies to Fayettcville after ex-ten- t'xpericncc in revival and vited lo hear this presentation o f l visitation work. He now hroad- y o u t h j gospel music and Christian lcsll-| cast's two radio programs lo dn'mony. .Sunday. week of nible Study will be cor-' vices arc open to people of all churches and those who are not .-.ffiSiat- : dially welcome. eri with any church. Special singing will be a f e a t u r e - o f e v e r y . 123 of the quartet. Visitors and member! are . i n - | s i v c Wesley Foundation. Sponsors Dinner Wesley Foundation of Centra! Melhodjsl Church w i l l sponsor a spag.ielti d i n n e r next Saturday each i evening at fi:30 o'clock in the 'la.scmcnt of Wesley Hall. All pro- Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend flBST BAPTIST WALTER I, JOHNSON. B.30 * m Kunrlaj School JO.'uS H. ni. Morn! nit Wornhlri sermon; "The RevtUlloi. of Jesun Chrtu" *:,iu p m Btptiit Trxmini U n i o n TP n ni Evcitlnf Womhlp Sermon: ''The Poor Rich Chweh" ·4- CCKTilAL PREfBYrEltlAH C 'EDWARD ORUBAKKR. Pwtor William K. Gibson, MinllUr tu Itu- 4«nti t 4* «. m. Church School Jn:5fi ft. in. Morning W n m h l p Sicrament of Holy Communion Anihfitu: "Grunt Me True COU«KF Lord"--D(ich 5:00 it. m. Huh School Weitmliislor »Jlow«h.p 6:00 n. m. U o l v r m i t y WcItnlnii«r rcllowihip *tf Wcitmlnitcr Home JAMtl W BUTLER. JR , Puitor WlllUM E. GttMon, MlnKt.r to »tu- 4tnl* MS 11 m. Sunrtar School Ifi'M Mornint Worihlp Anthem: "Avt V f r u m Corpui -- Mourt-D«*h StrmPti; "C«n We Leurn to b« Con" : " ' *;8» n, 4:Vt p. ni. Jr. . . . Jr,-Ht rVllowihln 6:W p. m. W f i t m l n n l c r Fellowship Supper Arid profrum «t the S t u d e n t Center ' Mondty n l f h t , Sfitlnn Mcelini. 7:30 ·T. PAOt'B i MAHIUB'J UNDLorr. lUcior rcUt fit the Epiphany 8;f*1*,-hv Hoi- Communion *:#(·'·. m Furnll)' Sarvief 11;W ». ;rn. Holy Communion *nd ttrmon 1:00'p. m- Young Churchmen CENTRA!. MtTHODIBT D L. DYKES. JR.. P-Mtnr I:M a. rr. Col.tM Student Colft* Hour- , ·:30"». m. Sum.ii School 10:U t m Mnn.irti Wnrihlo Anthem! "The H u d l u n t Morn H a t h pMMil' Away"--Woortwiirri Solo: ."The Grrnt Aw*k*nLn«"~- Xrimcr--Jack W i n r K c n r t Sermon: D. L. Dykci, Jr. S;W p in. WnlL-y i oiuulilion t:(tO p. m. Vttuth Group* 7:30 p. m. Evrntiif Servlfft Anthem: "I Need Thee Every Hour' --Camp · .' JSo.o; nic-mrd cirrrr Sermon: D. L. Uvken. Jr. BroxdcRhl over KG nil FIRST CHRISTIAH ROBERT MOFFETT. PMtor »;« Sunrtiy school 10:30 Mornltii Worihi* Sermon: "The Heretic of Israel" 6:30 ;|i. tn. C'hrULinn V i i i i t h Hii.ow- thlp *hd Chi Rho Fellowihlp riRft CHURCH Of CHRIST. ·CICXTIST t.-.TO *. m. Sunday School 10:15 fl. m Sunday Worship . ffcmmn. "Whui You Prcnth" 2.00 p m. A n n u a l Meeting of Vot- tiV Assembly 7:OD. », m. " V e n t u r r of Fflllh.' .Kodachrome Mm. Siudcnl Ccnlrr ml j»mH..\tr the church ·T. JOHN'S LUTHEHAH - ArkiniHR Mild Dickson Trl 641 or 372 FREDERICK r.UMtf. Pmtnr 9-30 ». m Sunct.iy School 10:45 «. m S u n d a y Worihlp GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST OR1S SAtYEn. Mlniitci 10:00"». m Church ·chool. 11.00' * m Scrmot. 11 41 · m Communion S«rvlr« 7:30 p m Soni Service ind Bible iiudy. ·f ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHEn IIDWAHO H MA1.OV. I'm lor Kunrtjiy Mn»5e» R.fHl jtnrl 10:00 *. m Thur»d»y, 7:30 p. m. Novcnii M»*iea. Weekday Musi. Monday throuih Sfltufday Mill 7:WI ». HI ririt Friday Ma«i. MX) a m. FlrH Saiurdny Miw. 7.00 » m- Confession*: 7:00 lo 1:00 p nv «nd toc.ore^ell Mxues CHURCH OF CHRIST I'RKI) MCCLUNG. Minister Weil Center »no fuirm Locuil K.15 *. m Hiblc iludy. 10-35 B m M o r n i n g Worihlp * 00 p. m Clanes 7:30 p. m Workhip Service P'.'O «. i n . Wedlieidny. La die* Bible 7:30 p in Wednesday, P r a y e r Meeting and Illble Study for All *fr. CENTRAL CHRISTIAN FRED HUCKKl.nunV. !'«· tor 403 -Wot Rock Slteel 10.(Ki a. m. Bible School. 11:00 «. m. Worihlp Servlc* Communion Kermon UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP Gtmt room Student Union, 11 a. m. -t- CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE J. G. CORDCLL. P«tor South Locu*t Street l:4!t 11 m Sundoy School ' 11:00 M. in M,-.r,iini W'irRhip «:W p. m. N. Y. P, S. Prayer Mecl- l»* f:« p in.-N. V P S. Primmm «:« p. m. A d u l t Prayer Itnnd 7:,1D p m Kvntixelunt! Service Wedneidny. 7:JO p, t n . 1'raycr Meet- In* Thtir«!»y, 7:(W p. m. V l i l t n t i n n Biptitt Ford Com muni If Church Firnt Sundny 11:(W *. m. Rev Deim Parker Second Sunday 11:00 «. m. He H. Litiderlnck Third Sunday 11:00 ^ tn Rev Churlei And*rio» Fourth SUrtdiy; U:00 ·. m. Rev. V, C. Erwln School m. E*ch lundty. Sundny p hi.--Youth Mtetinf Evenltti Cvunfleiutlc 7:30-- K' Md Communion J;M . p. m. Service Widntidny--1'riyer BLICINS COMMUNITY CHURCH TAKES K CARTER, .Superintendent !*·» · m. Sunday School WEDINOTON METHODIST CHURCH . A. L. R1GG8, Hflitor 10:OA a m, Sunday School 11:00 N. m. «nd 7:M p. m. Preachlni Service* on Fourth'and Filth Sunday) CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN ·ILL BARNES, I'n.tor ·07 Dnuflim 8tr«tt ·:4l a. m mindiy Sehtxil. · 7:TO p. m. Kvtnin« Worthlp. WEST FORK BAPTIST H U. REED r P«lur ·:44 · m' Sunday School. 11:WI ·. m. Morning Worth.p. 9 i:30 f. m. Baptltt Training Union 7.M p. 'm. Evening Worship -f JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ;trd Floor Ked LroM Unitf Uldf. Wcdntidny. 7MU p ni Hook otuily. Friday, 7:^0 p m Service meeiini. Friday, rt;4S p. m.. Theocratic Mm- utry School SunilRy, 3:f» p. in.? Walchlowcr CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN. I'atiur »:41 a m K u n n a y £;huol. 10:.M * m Morning Worship. 7:01) p m Bdptiit TminlnK Courie. D.oo v m Evening Worship ' R.OO p. m W*rln«id*y. 1'raytr Mr- vie*. BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W HEICD. Piulnr (i;il MlMlcn Slrerl »:4.\ ·. ni SiindHy Sc-tioul 11 Od · m Morning Worship, fi:3ti p. m TrninlDC U n i t u i 7:.lO |i m Evenlni Service Midweek !'r«y*»- bcrvlcn--Wcilncs- dny p. m. 7 FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY G1UUS, Peiior 10:00 · in Sunday Si-hool. 11:00 » in. Trenching. 7:11 p. m KvatigeliMic nervlro Wedneiday, 7:30 p m. Midweek Crayer Servlct. Friday. 7:M p m P Y P A Scrv-« BLACK OAK BAPTIST OWARl) I ' U I C H A R O . I'rt.ilor 10 00 » in Sunriay School 11:00 «. m PrcMi-hlni Servlct 7.00 p m Tr«lnlnK Union fl.OO p m Prcnchlnjt Srrvlcw Tliurid«y 7:30 p in. Prayer meeting GOSHEN METHODIST S M YANCEY. Pmlor 10:00 « in Jiundny Scliocl. iron a m Morning Wnnliin 7:l?n p. in. Evening W o u l i l p 4- FAYETTEVILLE BIB^E MISSION too III.OCK SOUTH CULM.UB. |).t«denrniiiiallonal I1OMKR MOU1TKT. IMMor 9:t't n m S-unrtny -·X-IUHII 11:00 A m Myrnir.s VVurihlp fi:l.S n m. Vouim I'cnph-s Services 7:nn p ill. KvniiEclMic S e r v i r r . J u n i o r Choir w i l l meet S a t u r d n y at SECOND BAPTIST N V. DRAKE. Paiit.r- f:4S « in Sundny i.chool. 10:45 a m Mornlrif '-ion hi p. 7:00 p m Evening Worihlp Wedneiday, I p m. rTiyer Ucrx + WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD B t t A N U A M find STKELK. I'HMort OMo a? ni irimdny Schnol 11:00 Murnmt U'nrshlp 6:.10 p. m. Chrixt Ambassador Scrvleu fi:30 |i in. J u n i o r C. A Service 7:.III p m. KvimgiHlKlli; Uervic* Wednesday lit 7;SO p. m.--Prayer Meeting and Hlhlc Study BRENTWOOD COMMUN11Y CHURCH * P H B t o r n -- Hev. Otha Tackctt and Rev Rex Morgan 10:00 a, m. Sunday School 11;IK) a. m. Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evcnfntt Hervlce 8:00 p. in l-'rldiy night, Bmlt itudy and prayer meeting WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON, Pastor South Church and Third Streets 1:45 a. m. Church School 11:00 a. in. Morning Worship COO p. in. Y o u t h Fellowship 7::il) ;i m Evening Worship Chrlnti.-ifis SOUKS-- Wcslw Choir i Ccnlrttl Mcthodici, Jack Wincgart, dl- rccior WEST FORK CHRISTIAN J O H N AtiUELL. Minister (i. in Church School Morning Wonhip J 1:0.1 'iHTimumon PruachliiK every f l r n and third JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHKIS1 B I L L E SMITH. Mmiiilcr Id. (H) n ni. H t h l u S t u d y 1050 n m. W o r n h f p Service (1:;») p. in. Young Penple'ii Cl»s»c« 7::io p m Worship Service Pniyer M r c t i n c Wednesday at 7:30 CON'S CHAPEL i MILES EAST ON H I G H W A Y !):;ill ;i in SutrJnv School SuirrlntPinK'iH-- T u r n e r Brown. Auxiliary every t o u r t h Monday 1.00 P in, FARMINGTON BAPTIST D. M. H M K I S . P.isU.u h):()() n m SuiiUai Srhonl 1I;I'Q n m Morning Womhip (::tl) p. m. HiiptiM 'I'rnltiliix Union 7::in p. m. Kvanicl.stlc Service Wcdnckclny 7;UO p. in. Praypr Meet- Inn, i -f- FARM1NGTON METHODIST A .. U I G U S Pastor I0:uit n m Sunday School w l l . n o a in. nnd 7:.10 p. m Proiirhlng i-rvicr i»n 'First. Scconrt and Thiru Wr'dnenlny, 7.HO p ig in., 1'rnyrr Mrrt- SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST UK.- E M O R U A N . PaMoi A R L I N MOSTELLER. Assi»i«iH Pastor 10:00 tt m Sundiiy Srhool p m Evangelistic Mrssajje Wedntiday prayer meeting it 7.30 HIGHLAND COMMUNITY IQ:.iO i m Sunday Hchuu I t . 1 3 K. m Morning Worship. Wednesday night, 7:30 p. m., Pmyet rvicta, 4- WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Firil Sunday--11.00 a m -- Mornini Service Second Sttnd*)---7.,10 p nv--Evening Service Third Sunday-7.30 p m - K v e n l i i K NORTH SIDL ASSEMBLY OF GOD S A M U K l . E BKUCE. Pa»Uir 10.00 a. m Sunday Sclioot 11:00 ii m Sermon 7;.tfl p nv CvfliiceliMic Scrvio* Tuctnn.v. Young People's C A Ser- UTI. 7:30 | m Fridiiy. prwyr Service. 7 4i p m. A R K S D A L E BAPTtSf H K N . N K H DAVIS. 1'iiilur A l l l . K N MOSTKI.hAR. AsMMitnl pastor ID IHI u. m Sutulay School. 7-U) p in EvAii^oliRlic Mc»,ig« Wctlnciday 7;.10 p in Prayer Meei- K I'ntlflT. 7.30 p. m Young Pvuule i inCL'tmg. JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH K M LOU UK. in on I I . (in 7 (id p S 'Ml p K H O p WcdnrMl ing W . Sunday Si:lioui hip Scrvii- Tr.iintiiK Unio Kvnnnehatlt: Evening Her V:.iU p m , Pr CENTRAL ASSEMBLY CHURCH 11.10 South Hill Street """'-'* BERYL E. BETH. Paitnr 8:4.1 a. 'm. Sunday School PravTMr P ' '"" D c l l v c r a n c e M 7MO p m. tvangcllsllc Servirfi 7:TO p. m. Wednesday, Tarrying and Servlres 7:Sfl Service p. in. Saturday, WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BHKWEH i^sinr rfrtt And TNlr* Hn4ayi Ktinriny School fl:3fl * m . Evening Worship 7:30 p. m Morning Worship !).3oV"m Sunday School 10:30 a m Evening Worship 7:30 p. nj. WYMA.N COMMUNITY C! ; 10:00 n m .Sunday School 11:00 n in Morning worshlr Rev. John Aibeii, Second Sundin GOSHEN CHURCH Or THE NAZARENE CAHL FIKOLEH. P«tor n:on a. n. Sunday School. 11-00 «. m Wonihtp htrvfret 7:30 p. m Wonhip fiervlcM -«- SYCAMORE BAPTIST CHURCH Whreler. Ark E M TETER. P«iior JO:W a m. Sunday School IMS «. m Morning Worship 7:00 p. m. Huptlst Training Union " ' rri with service. coeds will jro in the building fund of Ccntrnl McthotliKl Church. Ticknts will bo sold for $1.00 each.' Tickets mny lie purchased from lhc Central Methodist Church office. Along with the d i n n e r , students will provide entertainment for the quests. String bands, soloists, ( j U a r t c t s and a humorous version of "Othello" will be presented. Families arc invited to spend the evening at Wesley Hall. Lutheran Hour Speaker Heralds Epiphany Season r r ' - Immanuel Receives Gift From Estate Of C. A. Swanson The Immanucl Deaconess Institute of the Lutheran Church in Omaha, Neb. has recently received payment from Ihe estate of C. A. Swanson, owner and operator of one- of the largest turkey and chicken processing companies in the world, in the amount of S25,- (100. At the time of his death in 1.149, Mr. Swanson was the owner of the large f i r m bearing the LICHT-HEADED LADY--In his London sludio, sculptor A r t h u r Fleisehmann puls the finishing touches lo his "Symbol of Light," rarvcd from tile largest block of transparent plaslic ever manufactured. The thrce-foot-hiRh head will be installed in a new · building of a Dulch electric light bu'h company to mark its 60th ; . ., anniversary. Hillside Adventures FRED STARK name of C. A. Swanson and'Sons ! is m o v i n 8 in Jrnm the southland, n rommission company with head-1 ^'"5 jrin 1 " i^^usF'ovcr Jn \Hn rjiiai ici s in Umana, 1 he com puny [ ,,,,[,, n, rt ..,,,.» u TM^.. t ...,:., j .". .:u also operates a plr/.t in Fayctlc-' villc. In a special Kpiphany mrssagc, Mr. Swanson had for many emphasizing "The G l o r y of j years expressed his interest Ihe rca Savior, Wpdneidty lervict. 7:30 P- m., i hip rfi id-week H. L HAYLESS. Pa.lor »M ». m Suntl«r School. "· ( Jf' '· m Mornlni Wornhlp 6..10 p. m taunt People, meclln« 7..10 p m. F.v.ntollitic Service 7.M p m. Thursday. Prayir m«et- CALVAHY BAPTIST CHURCH w l' MI;RCHISON. i;,ior Lc.crctl »nrt Ynrt Slrecu *:..,' « .m Junior Choir · .» i. ^.. Sundny School 11:00 «. m. Morninir Worship «:n» p. ,,,. Training Service 7MO p m. Evi-nlnj Worship WcncBd«y. Officer* and Tcucheri M c c t l n K 7 p. ni., Bible Sludy 7-30 p m. «nd Choir I'riiclk-e, I p. m.' ' Ser SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST :t7 SOUTH ST11KET S A T U R D A Y 1000 ft m S n h h n l h School H.IHI n m Church Service. Turndny. 7. .10 p in Pra.vcr mfifitlng + SALEM M I S S I O N A R Y BAPTIST W It SHAHP. Pastor Six Mi leu n o r l h w r H 10. Oft 11. m Sundny Si'hool ll:()(l n in Morning Womhlp 7 ',10 p m Kveiilng Wurnlup WcdncBdny, 7:30 p m., P r a y e M r r t i n g ^- CHUHCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS jAMi:n FI.KTCIII:K. Kider Sltidrnt Union hlur llmim 10:, 10 a. tn. Sunday School. IMMANUEL BAPTISi CHUHCH G W MORRISON. Pn.iur v '" unv ' n Corner Duncan and Slon* »:.10 n. m Sunrl«.y School Morning Worsnlp «'IS IhtptiM iTalnlng Union 7:.10 Kvenlng Worship n eilneidny. 8 p. m.. Prayer Scrviet FIHST ASSEMBLY Or COD D O N A L D WALKER. Piulor »:S a m Sunday Schooft U IM) a m Preaching. «:00 p m Y. P Cl»si. 7:30 p m Fvangcliillc Sen-Ion. ·".:«! p m Friday. B:ble iludy 7:30 p m. Tuesday. C. A. strvlet +· OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Mtles Northeast) I R. WHITELRY. Paslor 111.Oil a. m Sunday School. 1I:WI a m Morning Worship. 7:.TO p m HYPTC «:.10 p m Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Prayer meet- ng. 4- PBOVIDENCE BAPTIST WAl.TKH JKSSKR Paslor l l l i g h W h Y II Weal) 10:00 a. m Sunday School. ll:0) n m Morninr Worship. fi:;o p in Training Union 7..10 p in rvangollstic Service Thursuny, 7..10 p in.. Prayer Meeting + G R E E N L A N D COMMUNITY I R O B K R T P A H K E n Puslin 9:4^ a m Sunday School 11:00 « tit Morning Worship , Thursday p nt.. midweek sefv- ipes led hy Ihe Rrv Jack Taylor + APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NKOl.A MOOnE. Pas-cr IIKho-iy 71 Soulh 10.00 n m Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Service 7.10 p nt E v a n g e l i s t i c Servite Wednesday, 7:30 p m., Mlrt week service ST. JAMES BAPTIST m.jf.l J W WKBB Pallor I0:.10 a nt Sunday School 11:10 a m Morning Worship !i 00 p in Young People's mettlnf tt.W p m Evangelistic Servics) ·*· ST. JAMES METHODIST (N«flrol A I. M U C I I A N A N Paslor 9:4.s a m Sunday School I I IW a in Morning Worsttlt. C:4S p nt Y o u t h fellowship. 7HO p m Nlghl SertleM. Christ," the Hev. A r m i n C. Olrisen the work of Immnnuel, nnd it is will tell the international Luther- the wish of the family that t h e an Hour audience tomorrow t h a t ; gift be mod in the hospital for! bc fooled hy a spring day being real joy nf Christmas, t h c i She installation of a new and well, 1 dropped in between ;i couple of can be with everyone j equipped urology department,! t '°' t ' snaps He knows fron forever. Spc.nkinc from M u t u a l ' s in Los Anpclcs, where he w i l l conduct a Lutheran Hour rally tomorrow, Mr. Olrlscn will note t h a t "'Kpiphany' means literally At first they were mollified-- v/ha'.evcr l h a t is--and stood star ins -ind lowing at the barn ai \ if they were beginning to bclievi for the first time there is no Sants Cb.uso. Rut this afternoon I found UKJIII grazing away contended^ on the batch of orchard gias! across the creek. I wondec if they, loo. fcc-1 sprinp in their bone; all on account o£ one pretty day? No doubt you've already go! movc"our"w;Ty Vn'a'whispstitcircir!- v o u r New Ycar resolutions eithei [ wu 1 broke or where they wear quite | well. The parson said in his dis- · cour?c Sunday, not tp make any v roday is « rare one, commonly referred to by the hillman as, "A weather breeder." A warm But folks, like the oil? bo far it's been the ,ny= so ,,, irs been the TM«t if ^ u wSri wing to brak thTM. winti-i he s .sccn-and hn gurwrs So , (li[ln . t both .ic s -seen five hundred--is jiot tr i w h i c h will be part of the project-' ; studios I cci expansion. Parish Dinner-Meeting Planned By St. Paul's St.* Paul's Episcopal parish icricncc the first week in J a m i a r v is noted for hutching out a f u l l R i o wn bliz/.ard, hiichod to the front end of a snowstonn. So those nf you who. I'.rc packing your belongings to ^o to Florida--you lucky stiffs -- need not bo discouraged. There will yet be winter enough to to around, and in than a wrek we'll be having to throw another Dr. Johnson To Give Radio Devotionals Dr. Walter L. Johnson will con- j j u n i o r warden; Herbert Lewis, sV.,' ins from the Book of First Peter. The prournm is hcarcl daily, Monday throueh Saturday. Announcements First Baptist Church Circle one will meet Monday at 2 p. m, with Mrs. W. K. Mc- Whorlcr, 130 West Lafayette Street. 1 noticed one port said, "I plan to no In '52 Whi'it I shouid'vc done In 7)1." But after checking closely I . found even t h a t would be a power- ' ful bk order Maybe the first of the year Is a Moorl time to quit all your mean- ncs?. but if a body really wanted ' to stop hi.s cusscdiicss, he could do so without waiting for a New t Ycar. Every day had ought to ; be a new beginning. Somebody tells about a man petting full of resolves on New Year, nnd was going lo bn better lo his wife. So he rushes home from t h e office, gives her a big f . . hu». nnd a kiss^you could water Inis morning--the weather be-' a cow with, wild she started in ing so very mild--we turned the ( t o cry. When he asked why, she cows tn pasture without benefit. told him the baby bad the measles of their usual block of hay, a l l ; the- washing machine had broke on account of knowing f u l l well ! down, the bathroom had s p r u n g we don't have enough on h;md t o . a leak, and no*, lo cap it all ht winter ten head, nnd the stuff \ had come home drunk. ^ Is fioing to be higher than a cat's | Maybe you'd better not tut anr · - - - -- · · ·- "i ·'-·· hack before grass greens jiiiaiu. i ·· ' E. Shclton. E. W. Eckarri, and A. B. JMcConnell, clerk of the v e s t r y . j 'a shining forth"'. It is the n i a n i - Icslation of the Lord's glory, be w i l l e x p l a i n . The S o u t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a Lulh- i in, O U U I I I L I u v.iiiind i n n u u v i i . _ . . . , , n t i \ j n y LIJ m i uw man ltd l i U W ( H I : cran Hour chorus will provide the | meeting and dinner will he h c l d ' f h i ? bed nt night io krrp w a r m . : musical portion of tomorrow's; Monday at 6:30 p. m., in the t l a r k ' Come to t h i n k of it, I'd no I n : program. The rally tomorrow j Bnvl. Three vestrymen w i l l be | Florida myself if my cousin hadn't | iiflemoon will be held in Los A n - j elected- nnd church matters o[ in- borrowed my suitcase when h o ' golcs* Shrine Auditorium, at 3] torcsl will be prcscntprl. Business I went away to o'clock. llcgc. if I I of the meeting will be transacted! hilrt Anything to use lor money. w i t h dispatch. Vestrymen who will be replaced at this meeting arc Dr. Frank RiKgall senior warden, R. C. Harding, and Ewin^ Jackson. Others of the vestry arc B. G. Collier. West Fork Church Plans Bible Program "Our Bible" will bc the theme j carried out during the Sunday! murniiiK service which begins at 9:45 a. in., tomorrow at the West Fork Christian Church. There is to be an exhibit of BUilcs and there will bc (Uscussion? Circl" two will meet Monday j in the topics, "Origin of the Bible." at 2 p. m.. w i t h Mrs. W a l t e r John- "Riblcs 1 Central Theme." "Bible's son, 34 East Clcburn Street. Crnlral Trcsbyterlan (Jhurrh All circles of the Central Pres- Place in History," nnd ''Bible's Growth in Circulation." A Bible quiz and sword drill will also he featured. The Rev. John Asbell byU'i-imi Church will meet Won- wil1 riclivor t h c mcssa S c . "Rri»£- d-ay at 2:30 p. m., at the church j ng the Bible Ijack." for inbtallalion of officers. There f *,,,,,,,, , I Advertise in the TIMKS--It pays! will bc an executive board meeting of the incoming officers at 11:30 p. m.. preceding the installation. As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule · Arkansas Western Gas Co. ·Boston Store ·Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell Drug Store ·Hatficld Pontiac Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co, · J.'fc. Penney Co. »W. G. Shipley Baking Co.,. Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co, ·Vicker's, Inc. · Whit field Motor Co. First Christian Church Circles of C. \V. F. of the First Christian Church will meet Monday as fqllows: Circle one, Mrs. F. N. Cray, 18 i Soulh Duncan Avenue. 2 p. m. j Circle two, Mrs. fliles Gibson,: .11 H i l l Avenue, 2 p. m. i Circle three, M r s . A r t h u r ! Davidson, M7 East Prospect Street,' 7:30 p. m. Circle four, at the church at 7:;i() i p. m.. with Mrs. John Sample as iiostcss. Cr'ilral IMetlioillst Church The WSCS !)( the Methodist i Church will -hold it's regular j business program meeting Mori-, clay, at 1:30 p. m.. in Wesley Hall, i Circle eight will be in charge of j the program. The dearoners from 1 this district will speak. St. Paul's Church The Laymen's Lca.cuc. -will not meet ncxl week. Unitarian Krllowshlp Dean Rnhcrt A. l.cflar, teacher! of law at the University and- for-! mcr justice on the Supreme Court j of Arkansas, will discuss Ihe sul)-| ject "Freedom and The Law," to-] morrow in the Game Room of the Student Union beginning nt 1 1 ; a. m. An informal discussion, in! which the audience participates) will follow. Chinch school w i l l , he held at the same hour. U. S. CONSUMERS SAVED MORE MONEV-41 fin »100--THIS YEAH. USS STRIKES THAN IN ANY HtEVIOUS POSTWAR YEAR. 1950 1951 TOTAL OUTPUT OF GOODS AND SERVICES INCREASED NEARLY 10 PER CENT. UNEMPLOYMENT IN 1951 WAS 40 PER CENT LESS THAN IN '50. HAW MATERIALS 1)50 1951 . FROM DLCEMICR TO DECEMBER. RAW MATERIALS «ICES WERE SAME OR JT'S A PORTABLE--Dale Oreult of Athens, O., shows how easy it is to park the 500-pound "Kins Midget" auto which he and a partner arc t u r n i n g out lo sell for $500. You just pick up the Midget and lift it into or out of a tisht spot. The car is eight and one-half feet long and four feet \ \ i d y and can travel at 40 mph, according to its makers. THE CHURCH IS GOG'S HOLY CREATION It is the divinely appointed plact where God meet's His people. C«nlml Pr«»byt«rlin Church Circle three of the Central Pros- l.ylcrian Cthurch will moot in the j church social rooms, Monday at 7:30 p,m, The profin.m will bo I conductor) by Mrs. Louise Hnnnor wllh t h e subject, trrian Heritage." "Our Prrsby- '51 TAKES A BOVV-Accon.- ing to Labor Secretary Maurice Tobln, Americans worked more, produced more, saved more and earned more In HIM than In any other .vc«r In U. S. history. Tobln ityt the records obove will bc broken in IJ52. v FIND PEACE IN GOD'S HOUSE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Waller L. Johnson, Paslor "THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST" Mtjrning Worship Hour 10:55 (Broadcast over Station KGRH) Sunday School 9:30 "THE POOR RICH CHURCH" Evening Worship Hour 7:30 Training Union 6:15 p Th« Nursery is open of all *evictl THE PASTOH IS B R I N G I N G A SCRIES OF MESSAGES ON THT BOOK or REVELATION, HEAR ALU OF THEM.

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