Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 5, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1952
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Ml MMUC MTIMST · TM FIRST CONCERN Of THIS NEWSPAPER AfMcioted Press Leased Wire Ar 1 , King and NEA Features ».oeol Forecast--* '". ' Ka.yeU"villo and vicinity partly fi.nHiy and slightly warrnbr lo- n i g h t . Tomorrow incrc.isin? ( . » . f(V"s a n d warmer. High temperature, ye.iterday 33; low 2.V 11 ,1. in. lodsy 29. Sunriae 7:23; cmixet 5:20. VOl'JME 90, NUMBER 139 FAVEUEVIUE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY S, 1952 PRICE FIVI CENTS Truce Negotiators Swap Warnings United States For Ultimatum To Communists Bombing Of China . If Reds Violate * Terms Proposed Washington-yPj-The U n i t ed States is described as believing any truce made with Communist China and Korea should carry with it warning that a violation would bring air-naval punishment upon Red China herself. The government was reported to be advising the other Allies in the Korean war that it t h i n k s such an implied ultimatum should bulwark the provisions nf any armistice. The United States appears to be making no new demands for the actual truce terms under negotiation at Panmunjom. Jl beukh only to -guarantee their' observance. An issue at Panmunjom has been the Allies' contention t h a t some form of supervision and inspection must be established to assure that terms of an armistice are observed. Directly related to this is the objection of the Communists to a ban on building new ( airdromes in North Korea. U. N. planes for months have i been bombing and strafing three i eirfieldt w h i c h the Reds IIHVU been attempting to build about 90 miles j southeast of the Yalu River. The | purpose of these fields would be to bring MIG-15 jet fighters t h a t ; much closer to the batilefront. Airmen estimate that one or perhaps all of these fields could be brought into u^e within a week · if bombing stopped. ! Proposal Outlined What the United States is reported to be proposing is this: If, a f t e r a truce was agreed to, Communist forctv .should seek to cross ine truee line for a renewed aggressive strike at frci: South Korea, punitive measures should be instituted promptly against the present Chinese sanctuary..There would be no effort to put ground forces ashore for invasion of Vne Chinese mainland. Nor would atomic weapons be used. But Red China's ports, war goods production centers and sea and land transport would lie subjected to You May Know These Men Unidentified American war prisoners aru shown holding issues of clothing, according to a caption accompanying photo distribution by Eabtfoto, New York agency which distributes pictures from Communist Chinese f-'ources. Election Contest Witnesses Called Complete lists of witnesses for* both sides in the election contest ' between Mayor Powell Rhcn and ; Arthur B. Davidson \jrcrc in the i hands of Sheriff BrUce Crider to- i - day. Most nf the 76 witnesses subpoenaed by Davidson's attorneys have already been served by sheriff's deputies. Work on sew- sanctuary.. There i in?, subpoenas on n hen's list of 86 witnesses pot under way last night. Davidson, a former s h e r i f f , claims election as mayor on the strength of f)l write-in votes re- j ccivcrl in the November 6 ccncrnl ; . " v,' i ,.., . . . . . wncn n 1 ; election. Rhea, beginning hi? sec-! Elmore Bennett Hit By Cab Bus Service Out Of Fayetteville Is Approved PCS Grants Permit For Schedules To Lincoln, Sprngdale The Arkansas Public Service I Commission Thursday granted a .. cert if irate of public conveyance and necessity to Northwest A r - 1 leansas Transportation Linns, Inc., | to operate a molor tnmsmirlatinn ! line between Faycttovilln nnd ' Lincoln nnd between Fayetteville ( and SpritiKcialc. The commission'. 1 : action a u t h o r - ised the firm, operated by Hrr- schcl SUellon of Snrinpdale, to carry passengers, baggage and light express over Highway 71 be- I ween Fayetleville and Springdale, serving H!! inlormr-diato points; and over Highway (i2 between Favettcville and Lincoln. I serving all intcrinediato pnuits. j I Operations between Faycltoville ' | and Lincoln ;iro to bo res) rid ed I ; between f h e hours of (i a. m., and , j R a. in., and between 4 p. m. and i 6:15 p. m. ; Skcllon's f i r m must submit in-j dividual t a r i f f to i h o PSC nnd it' must be approved before otjern- tions are begun, the commission ; instructed. ' Skelton filed an a p p l i c a t i o n ' with the PSC in -June (or the err- ! t i f i c a t e . He now operates buses . between Fayetteville and SprinR- « dale under permits by the city ' governments of the twn cities. A ! hearing was held on his anplica- i tinn December 12 in Fayetteville by Howard Gladden, one of the % lhrcc 19embers of the commission, Bodies Removed From Plane Crash Scene Is Patient In " City Hospital bombardment by planes and ships, An airtight blockade of coastwise and river commerce would be clamped upon her, with bombs, , , naval gunfire and mines used. j summoned Such iin operation would put a j new and different emphasis on the Far East air war. Strategic bombing, which has played only a minor role in the Korean war, would become paramount. New.* nf the American proposals came yesterday a few hours after Secretary of Stale Dean Acheson had turned down a new Soviet peace plan. The American secretary said Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky's t a l k at Paris A F a v e t t e v i l l e man was pain- f u l l v i n j u r e d vesterdav afternoon " , . . , . was struck by a t a x i - 1 cal) w h l l c cro: sil iK · c " ulh School I ond term in office, is contesting ; the claim. ; Street. Elmorc Bennett, 79, All of the witnesses w i l l be j Government Avenue, suffered a j for 9 a. m., Friday, I hip injury and possible pelvic in- ; January 11, when they must appear in Circuit Court. They apparently will be called on 1o j-ny under oath who t h r y intended to support in the election. Davidson's name was written on the ballots in a variety of ways, and a n u m - ber of legal issues are involved. The list nf voters .submitted by Davidson included 16 in Ward One, 20 in Ward Two, 28 jn Ward Three, and 12 in Ward Four, a total nf 76. They are: j u r i e s about '2:3G w a s s t r u c k b y driven by Bill Trollingev, 29, P'ay- cttcville. Bennett w;is taken to City Hosp i t a l in a Nelson's ambulance. He remained as a patient today. C i t y police said the cab was traveling .south on -School Street, and skidded 63 feet before striking Bennett just south 6f the intersection with M o u n t a i n Street. Thaw May Push S t a t e R i v e r s To Flood Stage L i t t l e Hork-/Pj-North Arkansas r-cgfin t h a w i n g nut today after ,-i severe storm t h a t b l a n k e t e d t h a t area w i t h ice and crippled com- ;f 405! numicalion a n d power lines for thrre days. Some rivers are reported n c a r i n g the flood stage as p.m. when h e , j' '','*"" "' h c n v y TM" s a n d lllim a Yellow Cab I *· The U.S. Weather Bureau here said all traces of the ice should he Rone by tomorrow. Temperatures in Hie 50s were reported throughout the .state this afternoon. ] Fourteen Arkansas towns were without communication services la: I nifiht. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company workmen hoped Wreckage from an Air Force C-47 plant- cra.:h in An/ona v/ns scattered over a wide area on M n n n t a i n . Siimc of the largest piecci arc shown above. Lower photo shows Air Force workers the body of one of the 28 victims--Hi of whom were West I'ocnl Cadet;:. Extra Lanes Along Highway 71 Reco«endect Construction of twn extra lanes*on Highway 71 between I-'nycttc- v i l l c nnd Sprinndalc. "as nenr (o the present route ns possible" v.'a- recommended last ni^lit Ij.vjibuiit fn representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of the two citiu.s. Becomes Mother A f t e r i l l n e s s Of Four Years 1 U.S. Churchill In i Vice Presidency Story "Embarrajses" Kefauver New York-Wl-Scn. Estcs Kefauver (D-Tcnn) says he is interested in the presidency of the United States but denies saying he also was interested in the vice presidency. Concerning the presidency. Kefauver said, he is "appraising" the situation and will announce his plans early in February. "I have always said 1 wasn't interested in the vice presidency." the senator said, addiiur that he had been "embarrassed" by being | quoted as interested in that o f f i c e . ; Associated Press reporter Tom Poster had quoted Kefauver as saying: ' [ "T am interested in both Ihe · president and vice president jnbs and I am studyins 1hc situation 1 I am very interested and that's; Henry Walker, Mrs. Byron Walker. Byrou Walker, Johnnie Mrs. Johnnie Mr.ham, Starr Henry Walker. Ward Two -- Jack Slobotsky. wlii' Decline In Grocery . i C- ft| l Q. j rc , DannrforJ s i o b o t s k y , MIS H. o j ivOU rilCC! KepOilcu B rancher. J. R. Kcnnan. Howard \ I. Wardelow. Mrs. W. C. Wmlficld, j W . C. Whilficlrl, Wallace S. Pari nrll, Marie Parnoll, K a t h r y n Par; nell, Mr.s. Howard Durnell, Mrs. ' J a m e s D. Recce, Howard Durnell, -Patsy n u r n r l l . W. D. Diirnoll, j Wayne Henbosl, Ben Alexander, j Mis. Clara Bogan, Troy Clark, ! Lnuise Day. Warri Three---P. R. Green. Oliver Wr.jshington -f/D- The first de- j clinc in grocery food prices since Crippled Ship Under I Tow, Heads For Porl per cent between Enterprise^ started November 26 and December 15-^ was rcpnrlcd today by the Bureau ! of Labor Statistics Tlic index 1 , I based on n 1935-39 average 'base Londw-(/l')-Thc crippled Flying i n d r r low toward Falmouth Harbor at a tedious three knots today. Hr-r skipper, Capt. K u r t ('arisen, who Slate H i g h w a y Commi.ssiitn. In f a v o r i n g i c i e u t i u n of thc- p r c s ent J- ayctlcvillo-Sprin.qdaln route of Hiijhv.-iiy 71 Ihe K i u p rejcclc-r" a .second proposal Dial the highway be re-routed wmif; distance In the west and t i i a l a ne\v f o u r - l a n e route be l i u i l t n.n- n i n g f i o m sotnov.-hci-c near I h e U n i v c r . - i t y f a r m intrth\v;ird to join H i g h w a y 71 at a point not yet Vcnlura. Calif.-(/l'i-A worn, i n ; who Ims been from t h e ! w,-ii; t down f p r four years has = gi\-cn hii'tli to a baby. 'I'hc rliild. a Arrives Aboard Queen Mary Delegates Of Both Sides In Heated Exchange Prisoner Exchange Agreement Still To Be Reached Miin.vm, Knrra-f/Ti-Frnyrd tempers .snapped today as truce IIP- H'Jti.ilors hngiilod nvrr how tn police .'i Korean armistice. From both j-ldi's of the conference table came angry than(c$ ami warnings, Then 1 war, no progress toward -fl Iruce. A U.N. do'ctjMo warned that . thi 1 Allies will not be forced to I bow tn Communist armistice tlc- j m a u d s by the threat of growing j Hod n i r power. i "You have cast .yourself in the ! rnlo of a b a n d i t . . .," said MaJ. ' Con. Howard M. Turner. ! "You h;»ve f u l l y exposed your : u;;!y, fcrorinus rr'auire.i of a bandit I . . .," retorted Chinese Maj. Gen. Using Komo nf I h e jttrunRCit tfingungi* since tlir; armistice talks Ix'RHii, Turner told the ITcd* "the United Nation/; command did not come tn Korea tn surrender." nnd "we have no intonllon nf leaving Ihe South Koreans to your lender mercies." M a t c h i n g Turner word for woril, Hsleh replied "You represent y o u r solves as angels of peace and con., t i n u c lo interfere 1 in internal affair:;, Y u u r statement is rude and absurd. You have gone too. fur in . y o u r absurdity nnd arrogance." ; Nfgotialon fill To Agrtt ; I n a ncnrby conference tent, ' ! United Nations and Communist I negotiators haggled fruitlessly for : more than three hours over how prisoners of war should he exchanged. - ^ j "Their arguments are getting pretty feeble," s?.fd flear Mm, I U. E. Libby. "It in obvious-they arc k i l l i n g time waiting for instructions," . j Libby said the tteds refuted, to j answer another request for an irri* ···^mediate'-cxchnnge" of * ric!r H "fm(] : wounded prisoners. . ' i Subcommittees working nrthe pvobloms of supervising an nrmi« : ! sl Ice riml exchanging prisoners ·j were deadlocked when' they atl- . Mourned. ! Air Fieldi An Inut | The issue of "ir field construc- .ookoul, [i nll during nn armistice is the firry i n g ; major stumbling block barring agreement on how to police a truce. The United Notions insist that no military nir bases be built or repaired in North Korea, although n limited number of fields'could be put in condition for civilian use. The Communists contend that arty restrictions on airfield con- . fitrurtlnn constitute interference in North Korea's internal affairs, __* Enemy Fighters Tangle But None Is Downed ScmiM/Pj-Amerlcan Sabre jets and Communist MIG's tanjjlcd in ' fi 20-minulc aerial ciuei over N'orihwest Korea today but neither side inflicted nny damage. Th" ; and terial in Hrooktvn to fly to Lollar, Bculah Sheaffer, Eugene Williams, Mrs. Oliver Lollar, l.nn- nic Shook. Miss R u t h Rilcy. Mrs. J. S. Kno.x, .1. S. Knox, Ernest Danncr, Edgar T. Brown. Mrs. K. L. Maddox, R 1 . K. Miiririnx, F. M. McConncll. Mrs. Tom Ends. Tom Eads, Charles Brewer, Mrs. Arnold Eden. Arnold Eden, Elba Dcorinp,, Mrs James Brooks/.lame.-. Brooks, Burl Davidson. Rexall E. Smith, C O N T I N U E D ON PAC.K SEVEN b i r t h is t h e f o u r t h of its kind on j pjTmaJd'^ |.law'"l^TMv.l'HcnncU mcu.,.,-,1 record. j VMl( j H a l f an hour a f t e r the opcia- i m - i t i . r l in tW n v i r - i n i l v n f ' ' " " *''"· C ' l l C I ' l m W ' 1S "'»'»« H I ) ! I t Wlir, his f !l M v i s i t Id t h i s C O U I I ,-- j - . -, j ,. ,, - u · , , J " · in I'P'I. Dr. U a r h c r sairl no niiiirs- i,-v since he i c - r n t l v bci-iimi- refused to abandon his w a l l o w i n g , hpunudalo. M h c ' i r v, ici-c--irv lice-u-e o!' ' · J "ci.imi nf ,00. was 331.9 for December is.! ^ ^nHHrn'f^t ^n,! 1 in ^ I Ka1uh » i WTMTM lhc , 1 "" »"" ! "«- ^^riin' s ^.lylir rnmmi.m.j The i^" dniiyc-J M ih, l^m- posiils tu ^et .he K r o u i i s u r c l o r - j A l t h - u ^ (.uniiiH-rl t» a wheel-! n i n e l, y :, .--HK-k ;,nrhnr was cm:..', l i e met w i t h about .'1,0 m o m - di;nr, siu; mana^s in do mn ; .t nf n i u r c h i l l ' s l l t h to t h n UniM bcrs of the I-ny.-Uevillf; Ch;,i.i- her hoii.suwork. She has b p p n : Slates. A-, C i u u r h i l l Mt-nprd f r m n her.-; I I i K h w a y and Transpoi-tMion paiM.-./.cd snn-u IM.T spinal cord t h e bir C;, 1(!il ni liner ft. the Cut Cdnimiilcc and Board of Dircckij-'i I \va.s }.'vi'icd in an ;iul and w i t h nboui 20 tail prices in eight major cities. Ji'RRCst decline includcff prices nf ppj!s, dnwn 13.0 pc- cent; fresh Krrrn beans 34 per cent; c a r r o t s ' i! per cent; oranges 8 per c e n t ; ; i t ·"-i was members of . w a s confident he is going to w i n : It war, obtained, by s a m p l i n g re-. his lon« fight against ihr SPH. The coimnander of the U.S. Destroyer Willjird oKith, which arrived lo watch over t h r sirickcn vessel, reported: "The tow is rifling smoothly." lettuce f i v e per cent, and potatoes ! Fnr tnp , fi ! sl , ""T !i " u '° ;t h l l r r i ' : s i m i l f i r C f m i m i l t t t ; / nf lh( ' SP"tK- '-. three ncr cent CHIIC crocked Iho Flyin« ft,ntorprb:c dale chamber. Tomatoes ^ cabba.o were up, S^^!?^^"! ^^ ' 3n and U per cent, respectively. Unid's southern t i p on Dct-nnhei Meats, poultry and fish declined 23, the weather was reporter "mini nnd thn v i s i b i l i t y is good." per cent on the average. Informed of Kefauver's later denial of thai statement, Poster said lie had correctly quoted the senator. Planned If Reds Release U. S. Prisoners Safety Council Plans "Honor" Dinner Meeting yesterday afternoon a tht Chamber nf Commerce head quarters, members of the Fayetto- villc Safety Council voted to honor junior I r a f f i c patrolmen nnrt fire wardens from Hie schools and members of Iho city police and flrf departments with n dinner in Ihp n r n r f u t u r e . No date was set for Ihe dinner, which w i l l probably bp held nl one of the city schools. Virgil filos- snm wns named chisinnfm of n sub-committee to arrange the ''inner, ' Tnkyo-f/IVA giant a i r l i f t is be-' routes f i o m Japan to the United ing organized to speed home t h e - S t a l e s but the mimbcr In bu M.T.I 3,1 flfi Amorici'in prisoner:: of w ; i r ' ovor ^rh probably won't bo held by the Communists in North Korean POW camps--if they nre released. It is u n o f f i c i a l l y dubhod "Opera t i o n Homecoming." j The men will lie given mcdic;i1 cx.iminnlinns. then f l o w n i m m e d l " j n l c l y to Japan for care- ;tml rest. A man in griorl h e a l t h should be flying home w i t h i n about five days cidcd u n t i l the a i r l i f l is a h n u t lo Co i n t o opera tion. One route i. r over the Cenlral Pacific to San Kranciscn via Honolulu. The other is the northern route to Seattle via Alaska. a f t e r his release, "Every e f f o r t w i l l be made for the medical rare and physical welfare nf our men." said Col. George Patrick Wrlclv :;pokr:,man for General Hid«w;iy'j: h e a r f c n i n r - tors. "Their (qier lies' possible movernrnt bark hnmr* has been ; mnn.lom have been w r a n g l i n g over for and will be carried the issue for a month and then 1 out. At Ltut Two RoutM The pianos will fly at least two Main Exchange Al Panmunjom I n d i c a t i o n s are t h a t the m a i n exchange of prisoners will l a k e place nl the truce conference sito of P a n m u n j o m . It may extend over two lo four weeks A d d i t i o n a l prisoners m a v br ir- leascd at various points along the H. r i-inilc f i g h t i n g , front. Thr.'-c would bn sokliri's raptured in I h o ^ last days of (he f i g h t ing who h a d ' nut been t a k e n lo ^torkarios in rear areas. « oners hv - i f r ' ' Krnm ''""""tinjoni, A l h r t l pri;..' *. / · , , "MI-IS w i l l he lalton lo Seoul, a b o u t ! bo f a r no agreement^ has berrn | 4Z ,. n;i( | m j] n s M ) l l t h nf p r i m mm- rwirhcrt holwoen the U.N. and t h r j J n n i i l h p n flnu . n i 0 .,-,».,,, Cmmnuiiiflts on artu;tl rolease o f . o n a r r i v i m : in t h e L'nin-d St.-ilrs. piisoncis, j thosf in the regular A r m y piob- A r m i s l i r o ncgoli.itoi'; nl T a n - 1 ahly w i l l he given .'10 to (if) days, loavo. Tliose whosfr enlistment t i m e has r x p u e d a i e expected In The H r i t i s h c n n u n a n d in Iho Far Kaj-t, part of Hidgway'.s c n m m a n d , . also has d r a w n plans to evacuate * ; n i l nr most of '.ho O l f f Hritish pris- ] Kanbi:s i n d s c a t o d t n a ! IK l.sonally favnr.i t h e p l a n ;,up ; by t h e group I.v-.i n i g h l . l i o : t h a t Higbv/ay P r p a r l r n o n l · noors w i l l :u:voy Hi? ;rca i where '.he highv/ay s h n u h i g j he iirlflcrl t h a t if HIP I u n d c r l a k o n , HIP adiriii hopes to got the Mir*·[.'* rJorie liir.c In let c o n t r a c i . f'.r construe lion sor;u p tirnf in A p r i l . Krsohitlons Aln;itnl The r r . n t r a r l s wo-.tlil ( work cxcrpt pa\ in:; t) before l e t t i n g the t bus .-'.tid. The R r f m p adopted 1h l u t t o n s : ( I ) K;r. m i n i ; t h e n o w c o i i ' i i u r C O N T I N U K M ON I ' A O f l ShVKN Rose Seeks Right To Enter His Town House l i s t 'if : tjbjcc'.s Mr. T i n m a n l i u n ' h i U arc exported to i . nji.' [roin atnrme v/e.'-p- oji'-, to i f i a h ' i i i ' - w i t h Ri.J-'-ia, fro:u !hp Korr;i:i \Var ;i!: f i f r n i i ^ l U T talks to rii'fcm:;- tf tlm V.TM. Instructor Appointed To Agriculture Staff npponrs no likelihood of any o x - 1 r changp hofnrc n full armlstfc*e fines into effect. ; l o discharged f t o r n tin- j-erviro. Sick and w n u n H p d prisonors will t; (iivon t i a n ^ p o i i a t i o n priority. Record Deer Kill In Arkansas Reported l . i l l l o rini-U-i/l'i-A r c n u i l lolnl of -l.-'ifM deer' killed it, A r - kan-:a'; d u n n f i IfJ.'il, T. A. Mi-Ami 1 !, e x e e l i l i \ e .secretary of t h i - S t a l e Oanio aiul Fish (!ominis r .i(tn, .-.ud M I G s between Sinanju nn'd Sinuiju but neither side made a f i r i n g pass. Overnight fighter - bombers claimed destruction or damage to HO enemy vehicles in attacks on an estimated 1.200 vehicles moving uiif'cr co^cr of darkness. United Nations forcer; on the we:,tern front, n n Kighth Army communique said launched a cuuntcraction \v«t of Korangpo early ,S;Uurdiiy "lo complete re- e:U«bli.shment of advanced posit 'ions*' lost to ncri* December 28. Break-In Attempts Are Unsuccessful Anparcnt attempts to.break into Hooker'.- Service Station and Stewart's Market Just north of F a j F t l c v i l l c on Highway 71 failed last night. The s h e r i f f * office Mid that an e f f o r t WHS jnadc to break open liolii the front door nnd a window l Kn;:inr.eiiiri. i nf the M-nicc .station, and a u i n - I.-IIK;''; ( '-| pn-ido'.v of tho ntarkct. In al* three n sup- j ed^t's the cU^s was broken, but ; held f i r m . ti:itrncn'. nf Hc-rl.ect K. ; W t t r i i f t t i r tn IMT- U n i p a r l r n r i i ! 'if A",iii:;i!- ':ei in:; wa 1 * .nunmnccd if ti,r College ; 1 !;!".-! for the A l - r.i u ' t i i r a l experiment he w i l l a t - o i\iny on l i n l v tnw.-inls Ihe de. He is a i;r.idunlc of nd M. Co!!c;;c. loday. Tile inrill kill ly W.'. tumble p . n i . l i n g - b r l u m l ;) f i o n t itunr HO lh:il : I M V Mle.'iipt In fnrcc t h e - (t'-oi fipi'n . o')Ul {lc..iroy thp p a n n i n g for rtl.ich I paii| ST.I.OHit " Hn::p. .'.ii'l liu-rc worth of :nrphiruih|p art Ire,is- t h e u r r r in HIP hou'p--plus an n n l i q u r May n n n A n l l n » d Dtmonslrationt ("iiMien^iIjt-i/Tj-Iiilcrioi 1 Mini./.L-r I t i c . u i l r i Ch.iv*/. s;iid litsl n i g h t the I r f t i - . t ilomin.ited G u a t c i u a l a n gov. t-i'nnnn 1 '' 1 """' 1 1 1 hl; ' (!(Ti(| c f l t" ban n n l l s..ii),()[)i) c o n n m m ( s l dt-nmnstnitioiw. Antl( ' o m m u n K l s aro p l a n n i n g a nn- f o r u ' c n t l n n in thlx capital January 27.. The Weothtr-- At k a l i a n s - P a r t l y clmidy, rnn- tiiHii'd ronl thi.i afternoon nnd lo- n i R l i l , rislnfi leniperntures Sunday. 'JO-.T2 tftnipht.

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