Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 4, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1952
Page 9
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MKANf AS riMH. Fdy«««villt, Arkamoi, friday, January 4, 11 Mil SHOP ROOF COLLAPSES UNDER CHICAGO SNOW S5I WIIGHI OF SNOW completely wrecked this Chicago * North-.vestcm railroad blacksmith shop in Chicago, buryins the workmen. Six were Injured, three serious!/. Th« Windy Cltf K ttruggllnt out of more than 10 inches of snow. (imenialiouol Sounid)/i»W SAVED BY SCRIPTURE--L». Richard P. Cassity ot Charleston, W. Va., above, says he owes his · life to the pocket Bible which he carried in n shirt pocket over his heart while fiRhtinR In .Korea. Inset chows where a Communist slug penetrated halfway through the small Bible. Castity was wounded in tfr? leK several months after the incident. Merle Young Fails To Enler Perjury Pleas Washington-I^VE. Mcrl youny, his brother Hcrschcl! and Joseph H. Rosenbaum, Washinjiton attorney, failed lo show up in court today to enter pleas to perjury indictments. All three are under charges of lyin» under oath to ;i senate subcommittee investigating favoritism and i n f l u e n c e in Reconstruction F i n a n c e Corporation loans, to a federal Grand Jury, or to both the committee, and the jury. District Judge James H. Kirkland ordered arrest warrants issued. Robert W . Dudley, a n o t h e r Washington attorney, appeared before Judge Kirkland yesterday 'and entered a plea of innocent to a perjury indictment. He was released under $1,000 hail and Riven 20 days in which to f i l e motions attacking the indictment. Testimony about ? $9,500 natural royal pastel m i n k coat \ v h i c ' i Rosenbaum financed for jUcrl Young's wife, Loretta, was one of the highli'ghti of. the Sonata investigation. At Least 93 Persons Die In Quake In Turkey . Istanbul, Turkcy-(fl')-An earthquake killed at least 93 pcrsnns in Eastern Turkey yesterday. Officials sairl tnrtay the rien!h toli undoubtedly would so higher. Rescue workers prodding t h r o u g h ruin.-: of homes and b u i l d i n g s h n f i · recovered 93 bodies tip to noon to- | GbTACOLD TAKE MOTHER, 2 SONS DIE ONE BY ONE COAST GUARD rescue workers are shown In action at scene In Clc\*c- land where a mother and two sons drowned one by one In icc-hankcd Luke Eric. Joseph Mull, Jr., 9, went through the piled up ice and disappeared. Brother John, 5, ran for his mother, Mrs. Florence K. Mull, ,"5, nciirhy In thrir home. She in after Joseph. Then brother 'Stephen, 3, slipped off the edge to mnfcc the tragedies number three. One body ia shown In a stretcher at the water's edge. (International) MAIL FROM POWs TO FAMILIES Obituary -ss orr"*' ,ui;il. d. to Mil. i . :' ro« SALE--macnxANROtm ! SKUVICM OFFCTMI FOR SAi.t-- KKAL IITATB ..-I -Icur 1U1W i l : ·AVE lft% It you buy your H o l p o l n l | ONE day utrvlcff hy · r r f r l f c r n t o r (hit week A u t o m a t i c j ihf ' Appliance Co. 11-13 N. H l o f k i ci«-a "Soil rliirlnr r o r h j r k t S A L E - A r : ' i M O T I V B PERSONALLY ENDORSED U S E D C A R S 1951 H u d s c ^ n Hornet Club Coupe. Radio and heater, Hydromatlc drive. Very : low mileage. New car g u a r a n t e e . 1949 Ford V-8 Custom Tudor. 1947 Hudson Convertible. Ra| dio and Heater, Overdrive, , CORN ft-d hnjt*. Drnird and rtrllvfr- I rrt. Photif UI4-J-1. ; COUCH incl cover, mapU i»bk., (iiur ; 1 ^^ * 1hon * 277 " J ' by _. I . I K E new /our wheel fnurtern fool irjitlrr. 10 Inch t'lr* ranee for rmy lonrtlnf Independent bogf y K tire I ·ttipcniinn. Four new *lx ply tirei and *p«rr. Huildof hitch Slop and r u n n i n g lifhli. mndf hy G f » y Trail- rr Co, of Sim A n j r l o , Texas. May ho P *n a t P h f l l l p i Mntor Co, F«y- cltevlllp or r a i l 3197- W-3, _JlrmmcI. . o , F«y- H L Pvt. Darl D. Dixon j Springiiale -(S|'t-"j.itil)- Funeral services fur Pvt. Dnrl D. Dixon. 20, who was killed in Korpy, J u l y 2f, 1H50, w i l l b* held TuPMiny at ?. p. in., hy Ihc Rrp. Pmil Watson. I l u r i n ! w i l l ho in tho B l u f f remp- tcry u n d e r t h n direct itm nf C a l l i - 55on-Si:;t'o K u n p r n ! Homo. M i l i t a r y services w i l l ho coiukictcc «U I hi' graveside. H r i v n t o I.iixon was horn Ma*y I R , 1932, nt hoMsdnJe, Ark., t h e mm nf Hoy Dixnn of Leslie, A r k . , and Mrs. Ila/.ol Adcock Uixon o:' Cilen- wuod, Ark. lie enlisted in t h e .service February li, 1950 at Fort Smith, and t r a i n e d at K m l H i l e y , ! Kan., w i t h the F i f t h C a l v a r y M i - ! vision, l i e attended S p r i n c d a l r ' 1946 p o d g e I t t - l o n . H e a l e r , schools. _ V a c u u m b r a k e s . O t h e r than his parents, ne is surviveii hy one brother, K e n n e t h : 1948 C i v i l i a n Jeep, Dixun of Sprinudalc, and nnc l i a l f brother. Dm.aid Dean Dixon o f ! l 9 4 6 C m l i a n . J o e p . the U.S. Army, stationed al W a s h - i 1941 C a d i l l a c 4-door. V e r y ' Q M A M T Y inslon, D. C.; his m a t e r n n l » r a n d ; c | ean C Q r w u parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. A d - cock nf Gleriwood: his p a t e r n a l ' 1938 B u i c k 4-door. . i r r n r m i i r * A I s- t i - K I iSSSS^ QZARK MOTOR CO. ' 'SZ'iSSS " NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES j Sp_nngdalt ; phone ^l^iMw" 9 " TERMS r I A C C I C I C h A n C ' "" C I I K V n O I . K T plrlu.p. Priced mi-. - -'- _ C L A i i l r l t D A D 3 ^ iv^;:~ ^,,^7^ inFAl MATTPFtt f0 R;itc: :i c-enls per word s m K l r In- ' hnck up liKlit.i. radio, hpiilrr. SHIW nn. · I f L H L I IH I I I\LJJ V u . wk .my UJ.e h»vr .vou? Cirri* Courts, H i f h w ; i j 11 *'' ACftf; f»rrn. 3 room hout«, ffft*d v*M, r r l l N r , chtckcn hou*^, gtrmgt, e!*c* ir tcliy. not nvd«rn, hy owrwr, Prtc* n.'oom) T-rmv wouM r«n« leott nr In on II 3 mll*f f/om /ne*»lni J t Siimm-rt on fl? Hi«hw»y, phftftt " Excavating - Bulldozing ,oiher. i Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor 212 W.^-v^^nli- su UILEY COMPANY, INC. * n rsr*\li}nt *nin« bufincM^ purchased without prrm-'i. ie In «nd 1ft ui dUcun (£··- _ __ ___ Q U A L I T Y APPLES COI.DKN DdlclniK. lied Dellrlnut, Wliinuip. Imprctlon Invlltd "\Vlf" Wlsniin*, ArkiiruiiB Cold Storm*. or Phone 24R2J. I. liCJCAGlT hrlrf CI»* tollrt kits 1 .'^ fool lorkrr't . ». O'nlt- cuie'i. r m n p t r t f line P I A N O S Berry 'i __ USED __ Three i-onseculivc Insertion c e n t , per word M i n i m u m order 4'!c. CIn.isifiert ;irls c;ish in advance-not lalten over Ihc telephone. Deadline f u r cln^Kicd arls: 10 JO a. in d a l l v ; 9;3') n. in. Saturdity. Corn-dions ami r e r u n I'hcrrfnll.v niiiflc H i l u r f i r s t i n s e r t i o n . Nn rorrn-- tiuris ur rerun m;ide a f t e r ati IIHS expired. NOTE: A d v e r t i s i n g copy lor otnor pases is due at u noon ilic day pre- recdiiiK publication; ia noon Snturday for publk'iitinn on Monday.^ l.FGAf, NOTICES S n n t I i _ i J n i v f r s i t y . _ P l i ' SJM'ANEL Ford" tnu-U, trad* Wcsli'ifle. Ohlnlioniii. .Iny :747W. 1 or unit- Seraltr FOR SALK-- HOME NEEDS LEWIS~BIIOS. '·AIEINKNT' W* mMt or b«at any competition 401 WEST DICKSON WANT TO RENT or three Irucln and . lltiMl Hcnri'x waishcr ... ...... s fi^.ns Usrd iiriidi.x dryrr .......... $175.00 l)»cri coal c i r c u l a l o r . . . . . . . . . . . . S 1 5 n n | _ . Used K u r r k n rlcancr _________ S : 3 BEDROOM washer $ ^9.011 cd. W r J t r Oox p a r t l y f u r n i s h - WHAT did you RCI f u r C l u l s t m a i in · Q U i E T I N G ~ T I T L £ = N O t T C E \ * * " ] '^.TM,^ C m M e ' h v ' ^'mnvTA'c The Washington Court I ' * * l 0 ' J n ''f- J".'.'.Vu-'r ,-"r* Iriric U n w e l l OMord. Jr. K s - ( M r i c niimiiV \ IMI i\ v-r fr\ ' Notii-c is licrcoy ulvcn i h n i t h r r ? , RHOI»,S A I T U A M K CO. has tjL-cn filed 1 n - 1 h e o f f i c e ( the .11 Km Ih Bloek Phnn. " u r t o f :lerk of Hit? Chancery C Washington County, Aikans:is, n ]·- t i l i u n lo con firm and rjuir-t in Fliis- H'll Oxford. Jr., the i i l l c fo the tolliiwini: lands hi W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y , Arkansas, io wit: Part of Ihc Northwest q u i i r l r r of the Southeast q u a r t e r of Section liflccn USJi Township N i x l c e n i l f i i N'.. Rnniio i h l r l y (lOi Wesi of (lie f i l t h (M I'rim'ijml Meridan IX-st-nh- 1:1! ;is I w g i n n i M K at a p o i n t \vhl'-h is four hnnHrrd nnri .sixty-si?: f.-et *nd cichl f n c - h r s HfiG' JT Soulli and two hunrirud and f o r t y n i n e (2W) feel East of the N o r t h west corner of t;aid Forty acru li-jtcl: thcnt-c K:ist live l i u n d r e i l :uid fortv-si.x f u u t iind three i n r h r s tMG' .T'): (hence K n i i t h t\vn h u n - dreil and t w r n t y - l h r c c I22'.\'t feel: I hence N o r t h w e s t r r j y two h u n d r e d and slxly-flvi; 12Cr) feel to :i point which is one hundred nnd tivt'iiiy- dix feet South and two h u n d r u d and ninety-seven feet nnd threu int'hej East of Ihe brginning point: . thrnrf! VVt'Bt one hundred nnd twenty-three (J^:i'l Icei; thcncft Norlhwest lo a point one hu'nOrifd ' nnd nine OOD'f feet South nf- (he bojiinnlnK point: Ihcncc North unr hundred nnd nine p t l M ' J Icct to All person!; clniinini; Raid l a n d s , or any i n J r r c s t therein, n r o hereby tint i Tied and warncil to nppcar in said Court w i t h i n six weeks a f t e r date o[ first tniblicntinn had. ami shtiw caui.o why the l i i l c lo 5nld hinds Khnuld not be forrver rslali- lishcit. quiclcd and confirmed in this pelittnm-r. In testimony Whereof. J h n v c hrrn- u n t o set my hand nnd nf f i x e d I h c seal of this Court m this the Gib day (if December, 1951. (SEAL1 Hichard II G r r r r Clerk Chanrcry Court 7-M-^I-aii Jan. ·1-11-c INSTR UCTJON COMPLETE S ; our hlRh school at home in spare lime. Texts furnllhed. .Di: pluiiKi. Np"claHSC.s, Ijcnd'.for 47 pagu hudklut and sample .. IcKson frte, Anirrican Srlioof. lPO BOX .-!»?. Kurrkn Springs,' ArknnjlM._" ' _"Your_ _ 'iSJ-:n" p'toilfr" roverrd l i v i n g room titite. D i v a n and chair, $50.00. Lcwi« Urns. C o . I n f . o u r f i i r n M u n r n u i T l l o n ' S n l u r - NICELY ftmiiKhrd n p a r l n i f n t w i t h new Frlcidnlrr. Good tnratinn for girl.* or couple who work. All u t l l l - tlen pnltl. V n c n n t J a n u a r y 13th. Cull _72 niter K|X oVJock. _ __ 3~ri6OM f u r n i s h e d " n n n r l i n m t . p r l v u l p h n t h . rlrclrlc rrfrlirrrntor. U t i l l tin paid. Phonr J_MRJ. l.ATUrE front bedroom furnUheii, phone "vJ'rv'nlom' in" ih," hous^'one K ' ^6oM~^^^ North ' U n l v m l t y . ,,! m.M-elhmrlM.s iniia,, liro" AilCl ' !'!""« '^^ lion House-, Hij;liw;iy 71 North, phone j MOUERN f i i r n l N h f d r f f i ^ l r n r y . !77fl | i t i r n t . M a n nr t)u!H rouplc. 2H ·iKVKHATl--pnJ«r"HwP"li"e7l--Hivan^ ; N n r l h _ K r h o o t . call lfl«W. prirrd 520 00 to $4500. licwls Hron ' 4"f)K~C room house.'coinplc(*ly f u r n Co.. Inc. · i Ithcd. Good Rnrdrn. nrn^mi-ihlc. *OI iJAHGE "^Tc'nTinn "ifnl^rnl^r.Thrc ' Covornmrnl. Phone 2H52W. _ nnri Fix m n t c h i n R rhnira. JTS.OO scl. ROOM r,.r txvo mm iiutlrnlx. O n r W I L L can for children, hour or clxy 1I7JJ " J. W. HILT EtEQRIC CO. Quality lnitall*ri · PUMPS 24. I1KALTORS C.HI J J H (. M LRNDKRA INSURORS Vt, Rt* 4M' net. 1HQT , COTTAGE "7 « nn.-l b*lh. floor fiirnacP, h t m d « Hnui^ in nesl rtf lhrrni|hout. Crnlrjil foc«- S-- W . dltrhri. n r p t i c Unk hrtl nnd h a r k fllllnir Cull Dsvu. .- Hugh Kmcaid Co. . . RTDUCED"$T / "OdO Owiir r«. T r A i i s f r r r r d , Says SHU n.- -cii inu.n.^ l f r n u t porch thru- ]'iw:!y h-i t w o h H t h s tk fkv A- h i g w a l k i n (iii\ C H I Thi.v h u n i f i-; in "( i n k " i-f l i n n , has I n v c l y h.inlwond floor: , ; · W O H K M K N ' S COMPENSATION R f i i c m u s i i v t t i j ! minn. d l n i n j rnoni. j hn I rooms i u u l i n i i H c l k i t c h e n , i Mtulcrn. v c n l r n l . C i J F - f i r c r t turn: 2 ! · Automotive ·Firff" · Health and Accident ~ · Polio ·Liability Tw« nf t h »rr in I In- lug h r l g h t :nir\\ »·. li liai o u t x l d c r n l r n n i ' f An !Hc;0 m r n i f n r r r n t i n u BI lifMlrooins or n · n r n i x p A r l i n r n i . : A ( i i K i i i i h ' I v u n c pin.; a clu'n:hv! i l i ·, bo'.;i for $12,500 BATES REALTY Bunded Rraltor--Trlrphniif 100 honsr. MS. r l c c l r l c i l y In huinf C i t \ w « l r p by th'- il»or. d r i l l e d welt now _ nnil lot nl cda W 00. Phone 2^fi Plate Giass ·Burglary I N S U R A N C E Aulomobllt - Uabilify Fire -- Extended Coverage Polio - Plate Glcm I WAD! FINCHER ; Arcade Bldg. fhene Ml _ _ VF.RY"«in(.tr SEE THIS .part- | BF.AUT1FUI. IKUIIC. rvtiy tnutt' Lewis nros. Co., Inc. KI.KCTHIC r r f r l R r r r t n r "nnd "rnriKf. Older iniidcis h u t In p e r f e c t working L - o m l i t i n i t Will i n i d n for K** r n n R n , CUK h i - n l r r x or s t u d i o couch Phone r v r n i u R s nr w r r k r n d i . iri. p i!in4 I':NC;LlSH"inn"dc 1 3 r l c r l r y ' s ~ h n n c l "cut \ciitl crystaL_ Lewis Ilros. Co., Inc. !IOUfzON ty Kiistoria in tin; o x r i H n R new cinnninon or sjiruco colors. jA-wl* Bros Cu.. Inc. HKAVYjWoolcn qtiiltn. Plionc 73B."~ OOO»~ i^'rtr'iirdrooin "suite, w n l n u t . rhrsl. v a n i t y . bench nnd bud. ^ Lrwin Bros. Co.. Inc. LARGE cqiiwrc d i n i n g room "iflhlc". _$l_0.l«j._ Lewis Bros. Co.. Inc. 1U50" MODEL R M 4 J ' F r j f t t r l a i r c e l e c t r i c ranctv Llkr new, used C months. P h i l l i p s Motor C... USKU" bedroom sullei hrd^ choil." vnn- ily. dn-sarr, ?:W.l)r. Lewis Bros. Co. Inc. USED~~wo~oT"dincTlc "wM7' Tnblp ' »nd fmir chairs, *|5.00. Lewis Bros. Co,. ATCKIVlToN" HOT/SKWIVKS:" DonTlFl . r 3MW. ipctrlclly." By month moths ruin Mothsprfl.v. Five ye Lewis Hrov Co.. Inc. Oot Bcrlou Kuaranlcc. __ Knit oM 2"ltOOM'hoilsr, ... . or yrnr. A. _C_WM1!njm, rnrmlnjjtnn TWO "hi-ifrnomTlupTcx » n » r ( n i p n t . un- ftirnlshc-d. New. A v u f l n h l e I m m t d - Inioly. Phone 230W n f t c r flv* o'clock. 2~ TIOOM f u r n l n h c d n purl men i. One Jtlock f r o m cnnipus. Phonft 24*. 3 nbOM unfitrntBhcd B p u r t n i c n l on FOUR fwTni (iirnliihpri ipRrlmcnJ". Phone HR7W nr ice nt Z1B W«1 _Mrfutp\v_ (iftrr 5 p L m. 2~hd()M~ f u r n l f i h f f l a p a r t m e n t . Bills pntd. Phone 222HR. ithoitl fro. . . I ) | ( 1 1 _ pniil. F i i r n n c e ' heal. Ariulll. T .infi or nnn. _ _ ____ __ EFFICIENCY npiirlincnt Icr two. every t h i n g furnished --STil) mtly. FOUR room n p a r i m c n t . J ' j hlocki off nqu.irft. Sulla hie for sulti; office*, vrrv good for office and home lor MH, n i l f a m i l y . THIt ICE room moitern j i p n r l m r n t In rork hmnr nt ^Z4 North Church. Hammond Kp«lly_C(Milpnriy jnioiift_7R3 S2.VOO. 3 "ROOMS nnd bath, u n f u r n - vrnlrncc. J.... _ . . . _ ·tlinilr and shrubl.rry. North Cen- ; tr-il I n r n l l o n . Vrry i i l l r n r l l v r irrm* i hy owner. For d c l n i l r d t t i f o r m n t l o n . ' [ t l M I I f l C t "INSURANCE ! WITH SERVICE" !r Hospilalizalion Polls T R I P Health ' tiobllHy 1 ' ; Accident Aulomobil* Burglary Plait Glaii UTIEY CO. George F. Caudle in r- J II n l r i i ' Vtc » P r w l d e n t * lniur»nct MI?, . R. Craiwell Real Estate \ H. L. un. y ·.). UK North Kmil Pliniw -"n »r 13711 PrMld«nl Ltcrnsrd nii'l Hoi ' 1Z23 r«l«phonr 1203 K)R SALE OR TRADE i HAY. fibc hnie nn'd "up. ~Il""M~ KTicY- _»oii._l»lioiie_2pfi4._ i l»rnlric Grovr. Wiipn" will tell foV'cnxh or irnrit- for slock, imunprovcid 60'i - . . _ _ -- rTRObftl'icrni-nio'drrn h«uic mi N o r t h Woolitry. $20.fin. Phoiin__2184-R. PA"HM7~ii^od i)i7ll'dinK. urn In rrnt. ninnc__7«8-J-2, J!MI!_PoHpr. _ " ~ i i V h V ( j " i i ^ i r l l T i p n t r Phonr ^ BEFORE you catch Chill rol'd "sno us nhoul our KUurantt'Pd cold prevention. N o r l h SiUi- Drug, 930 florin College, I'lmnc, ATTENTION I.KT Ihr Atnrricnn N a t i n n n t Iniuriincc Co. pay your honpitRl nnd doctor bills )'or Ircc i n f o r m a t i o n , \vrftc I'liuriTinn linlc. 31^ llathco^k Uldx. Phoim 1GJ-W-I. IIM.P WANTRD rsc-rtlon of Z UK - l l r n t liinincis op- nr flic. Hock. . j ,.,ilps J r n i n Unlvcr*liy t cJcctrlclty i r,«;7n4 and phone nvniljiWe; u-hoql and mnll j r ;TM~ ' r u - , " - routes, about 10 acres can be cuttl- ' "'t-E 3 room npurlment with prlvnl^ hath and cntrnnrc*. S^e at Circle Court. Hlfihwny 71 South. LAHGE fttriiUhiid sleeping room, first floor. P r l v n t r r n l i n n c c . N e x t to h n t h . 20fl North Collcno. Phone 796. North Lfvrrctt Strcn. fi HOOM hntiite w i t h 2 roam"apartment, p a r t l y f u r n l l h e d . GuritRp, I Kiinlcn spot. 1410 North Leveretl ! K t r r c l . .M'AlffMENT. wrn^fTn^nTilwCB'YTil! pjtld. Ncnr Square. Aviilible Jfin- usry f i r ^ t , Phon* 79flJ. AUTO W« suggest that you drop in and investigate the benefits of our plan. Let us help you finance that new or used car. Call ·' 3 ' : ' - ·'· MOTOR FINANCt CO., Inc. Llcurcd by Arkcniai Slat* lank Ctpartmtnt : "Your friendly Home fawn DLSHWASllEIL apply in person. Itef- "r^Si^.-- -" " - - - - -- ' · " _Hirs_Caf«r._StiulJi School StiTPt. S?,w ' ncw spri "* a ' * 21 .cr'.i r ~--'f IIALK t i m e bnnltkrrpor. apply in pi :in. The 1'iMtunrizcH M i l k C o m - j an.v, L j;07_\Vc.'n Dick.ion Street. FRY cook find dtshwnshcr. Apply in ' pprson. Coffee Grocery. 5.18 C»rl:incf. i HELP WANTED--FEMALE WAITRKSS. jipplv in'iSf^olir'ifcri ^Cnfi'.__g_mit_ji School Street. SKTTLKU person to ~liv~Yn"homV do ccncral iiouscwork. W r i t e J-R2. ^Times civini; rclcrcnccs. SITUATION WANTKD 1 post cut our order. Any a m o u n t . Will deliver. Bill Monijfold. i 2H N o r l h School, 134:iW. Smne c u l t s for (rmpornry fcncrs on hand, | |^ r '''ip- ! i|AV__for N,-ile~FhoiTc"flJSJL "__ '"~ * RILMMAGK/'sali* S j i t u r r i n y " "ijifirhliiR, · 7 a. 111. KpiKcoptil Chinch. Edlin's ! Shoe _Hlorr. ! LET us sell your lurinTurf^Mnd odd pieces. A l w a y s a Rood demand for Kood f u r n i t u r e . .Sale every Saturday. II) a. in l l l l i o n Bros. Auction MOIIII:. Plume 1770. Highway N o r l h C. C. PARLEY, Mgr. 1 DttEQ LOINS- LOANS IffNUNCD 17 E. Meedow St. F«y.«tt.tTilU, Afk. CAR'lN'G for children, scmi-invalld'or : NOROK wnshintt machine. P h o n e :ijj(.-d. Phone ::20.". i .r 11 '1 "' 1 -.^ _, **** SA ~*^- W * ·---- --f********r*ww*-^t API'LKS. Golden Dciiclotis. $2.00. MONKY TO LOAN symptomatic RELIEF WE FAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phon* ColUcl 1119 Foycfteville R«nd«ring Co. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Plwn* CeU«ct 13S1 «, ArktniM F I I A H O M K LOANS Low inlcrrst, lonq terms UTLEY A N D COMPANY, INC. Phone .2203 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . · We make ;uito ,'inil f u r n i t u r e . 1 lonns. : Lot us f i n a n c e t h u purch.'ihc of ' your new nr m-cd c n r . ; QUICK K K H V I C E ",» BLOCKS University, 4 room apart- m e n t . UU1 Mir* pnlri. Phone 2ISZW nr *^ n - Rcdhud A p u r t m f n t n . NICE efficiency npfirlment RockwoM Aparlmenli Phone 21BJ. U Nl V ERSITY A PARTMENfl! r~lT« b*dntorn nnrurnlthcd JJ7.W. f u r n - ished $72.50, two btdroom unfurn- (·hed 172.50. bills paid. Bcnijtx IniirT'ry »v«llibl* Phone JiSOR PARKVIEW APARTMENTS. nn« b*.1- r oom unriirnlfth«i SWOO. rurnlihet 1 JGS.W); two bedroom u n f u r n t i h e d Ifij.OO. Flendlz Ipundry available Phon'i tM S2.5r per bushel. A r k a n - Btis Cold_StoraK«:. _H.__E. Oorman. S ^£.S,r b L^nk",l2'wi,k"'r l 'a^v Jt^HOU(!~SE'l»ViCT"ON nlhor Holpolnl appliance. A i i l o i n a l u - HtmititchinQ, fitOllnj, Cov»r«d ^"i^-^^^oipo-:, 1 ·»««·». ««-»0" Hol«, T 0 ,lo,.d miUmritir washer or d r y r r !!ih wcrk Belli and Buckl»l. N. ninrk'sL Ap """"" Co · "13 j Sptclol Alt.nllon glv.n Moll iiooi) SinRiT Ircadlc'V-winii ninrlilnr ; Ord«r«. Satitfacllon or Monty nariCTJn JMionc_10HW. S In 7 p. in ] Back. SEWING MACHINE CO. pliftn ' ^"-_11^1-1 _N._ni"rk Kl nr. in the" TijMKS^lY plj». STANDARD FINANCE CO. | Who's Who For Service Consult" You r Classified Service Directory . 12 North Hlock St., or our used ; I car lot. Corner Center nnd Church : Strrels. LOST AND FOUND FO U N H .""iiVr'd"' Tl r"(\ WrH c" Ho x" .1 "W _'.Tinn-.i. l.o;i'rr}:rci ; n"lii?rfii'hr 'n nllli-i. ..t »hic M i l l , n li;il)l(- pnprM nnd c:ir S7CW1. Hrwtiril. IVANTF.B TO BUV SPECIAL NOTICE We have a limited number of Singer Sewing Machines that havel SERVICES OFFERED L J f t , ' . . '" X Dan Bogen, Piano Tuner j beGn USed QS f I O Q f . demonstrators.- ·I'lONIJLJ!.. '"i_ 0 L.* p ^_ m - «I?*'- \r I · 1 , 1 c m"i^'°Pho£ rd 2 r o"nM n ' '"" r *°"«'°' \ New machine guarantee and the famous Singer sewing course given with each machine. Reasonable terms up to 20!o off:: SINGER SEWING CENTER 18 South East St. Fayettcvilic. - T X C A ' V A t l N G B U L L D O Z I N G Grav»l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. f A T T O N Phon* 749 Phone 2287 c l r p h i i n c RAIIV .SITTING mil! v;il- - · · _ '· rhriiic ; K I D D I K KOIII1AI, I Cain for pre-xchmil r h j l d r c n j ,^r.bLj lr 'nTM 1 !* 1 - I O O J - I1AKKMKNT r .1 uiihln IMIJ;. w'nlr i' In Kood BKMITY SIIOI' J*plin Rendering Co. A I . I C K S IIKAtlTY SHOP Now up limn. 7'i K M i i u n l n l n SL Allri; Mi.l_Marl_ha__lhiinn_ 620 COI.VAKIrS BEAUTY SifioP 2M W. Mcndow-Phone H(H)2 Mrirh $^ rrO-un Colil w n v p 1^ up SI'AI'KJi UEAU'I'V aHO" Florenc* Ht«|l«top *»MT OFFICIRI "t "" U. 8. Army pontnmc* in Tokyo »ort »omc 800 loLtcrd from Communiiit-hpld POWi in Korea to their raintlu-.i. Thciic «r Icllcru n K n d c d over «l PMI Him Jom. ((nlcrnulwnai Ki-liopnolot _ K K A T I I K H S i i i - w ' u r i»ril"liiil 1,1 lrf. pnlil. LVulrnl KIMIIIIT ('n , I5S.1 Ki KOR SAM:--LIVESTOCK OIC plw i l wrpk« ol7l nl l l v r r l f , win- rojitl nnd 4,1 H i w h ^ . i y Kii.M. I W I I 1 T K ' i n r c ' l i i i l l i T r a l f . ' p h n n i ' I9KJ. .1 W K K K iilil kirti, 12 M i ' ( m m r n t l k l r r \-\ A l p i n e itnil N n l i l a n H u c k n . Il'ih i iMiinrH. niiiniiujKin. HO AD AND DRIVtWAY cms r.,r , » i r - A i , , , irimiJW-orc ORAVEl. - AIJO TOP SOIL rnalf- Arllnir ( .innr,(|y, ,!·,, milci ' M Aouiliwnt (iiccuhm.l. | P)ion« 15HJ unit 305J SHUF" P.M.IABI I WORK JO.l N niork Phont 7M AN OPPORTUNITY Openings ore availoble for o limited number of high school graduates, age 23 to 31, for permanent work in pipe line connection gangs. Good wages and working conditions. Regular assignments at permanent locations. Send letter giving age, education, and experience to Personnel Director, Box 381, Tuls«, Oklahoma. Attach recent snapshot.

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