Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 4, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1952
Page 5
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.JOKIHWIST ARKANSAS TIMES, Foy«n»villv, ArkantM. Friday, January 4, I Ml /resident More Careful In Way He Replies To Reporters' Questions; Some Signs Of Slow-Up In Activities Reported Evident By JAMES MAKLOW i scandals, h;ii quizzed Cuucllc. Washington-M'J-Almosl tia now, Later Mr. Truman said lie had 'resident Truman still is chipper been wisu to Caudle for some time. NAPOLEON'S DESCENDANT IN U. S. although he looks older and more drawn lhan when he moved into Which raised a question: Why the delay in firing him ? Why was he the White House just short ofl continued in his job until the ·seven years ago. And as he'committee quizzed him? demonstrated a^ain yesterday ati Caudle's boss. Attorney Gcn- his news conference, he's peppy: eral .McGrath, in his testimony be- as ever--with an important change fore the same committee, abun- ·_in firing back answers to the dantly made it clear he knew questions tossed at him by ru-l very little of what was going on in porters. j his .Justice Department where When he first took over the; Caudle had worked. Since that presidency he had a habit of | memorable day of McGrath's throwing out answers machine-; testimony, there have been in- £un fast, so much so that some-1 creasing rumors in Washington times it seemed he did it without! that McGrath was on the way out - fully considering the consc-jor was going to be "promoted" qucnces. Some of the off the c u f f j into another job or had offered to ·answers backfired and embnr-i resign. rassed him. ! Asked the direct question ycs- T h a t rat-a-tat-lat technique j terday- -had JVIcGralh offered to may have been caused by self- resign?--Mr. Truman said he consciousness because he was new in the presidency and trying to show how abreast of the job he would not comment. Indicates No This seemed a change of pace was. In time he learned to b«| for the president who in the past, more careful. j when some of his aides were un- Now, while still just as fast i n j d c r fire, was quick to say they'd answering, he's slower in tiie kind of answers he Rives. And recently the president has seemed a little slow in action too. Slower To Act Weeks ago, when the scandals were popping around Washington, he asserted he planned a clean-up. he hasn't put it into operation yet. After making the statement, lie stay and he was satisfied with them from the ground up, or words to that effect. McGrath, former chairman of the Democratic National Com mittce, a job which made him, next to Mi 1 . Truman, the most important Democrat in the country, He may still be planning it. But helped elect Mr. Truman. Perhaps trying to reach a decision about a man who had been such a big help might make any prcsi- got Jud-^e Thomas Murphy of Js'ew York to agree to heart the j t i cn {" a little slow in reaching a fumigation, board. Almost as! decision. quickly Murphy changc'd his mind Still, ilie Republicans promise and declined. Since then nothing's happened. ,, ,, _ Then there's t h e - case o£ T. presidential campaign. If Mr. Lamar Caudle, assistant attorney | Truman vigorously tore into u that the scandals in government will be a bi|? issue in this year's feneral, whom Mr. Truman fired alter a House committee, which. he had been lifting the lid on the search for wrongdoers, he mijiht lake some or the wind out of the Republican sails. 1910 1920 1930 19*0 1950 I960 The nation's birth rate has continued its downward trend since ·1847. Then, nearly 4,000,000 infants were born--largest baby crop : ln U. S, history. The next decade is almost certain to see further decline in the rate, if only because fewer persons are now at the ·ge of parenthood as a result of the drop in births during the IddO's. Data for the Newschart are from "Children and Youth at the Midcentury." (Copyright 1951, Health Publications Institute, Raleigh, N. C.) G«AT-GtEAT-G«EAT GRANDSON of .Napoleon and Empreis Joecpnine. Duke Serge d« Lcuchtemburg de Bcauharnais, and hia wife, Duchess Olga. are shown on arrival in New York as tourist class Immigrant* on the liner Vulcania. They said they intend to become American citizens. The duke said they waiter) 2V4 years in Leipzig, Germany, to enter the U. S. under the Russian quota. His immigration was sponsored by Prince Serge 1 Bclosclsky, a distant relative. The duke fled Russia during revolution, lived In France and Germany. (International/ Elmer Short, Benlon County Farmer Held In Slaying Of Wife, Is Pronounced Sane Benlon ville- (Special)- Elmer* "Dick" Short, 50, Benlon County farmer a w a i t i n g trial for the November slaying of his wife, has bcnn pronounced sane by doctors at the slate Hospital for Mental Diseases at Little Rock. Short was returned here Tuesday after psychiatrists at the hospital pronounced him ''without psychoses." Circuit Clerk D a l e Dr. Katherinc Dodd On Medical School Staff More Money Everywhere, Reports Of Banks At End Of Year Show; Reflection Of Pace Nation Is Going In Production, Expansion By SAM DAWSON ( n c a s e e a r n i n g s . New Yoik-(/P}-Thc risinx flood- One reason the InleruM r.ilc ha of money in the nation is .shown, cone up--ai.Tnn.iinj: in thr Na- strlkiiiRly today as t h e banks_ re-. l i n n a | C l l v H n n k of Nv . V()lVs J.'iminry h u n k t r t t r r - -- i r port on llicir year's activities.! There's moncv, money every- 1 where--except when it's time lo! Federal Rpscrvc Hoard .s a n x i r m s ' pay the first of the month's bills.! to chcrk the rise of the money, Most banks report higher d c - : s u n P l v in ihls eounliy. if it CMIV posits, greater resources, larger' ;mfl is "in'tins; it harder f-if thr volume of loans, biRgcr Interest' h f i n h f ; thcmretvcs to get cheap payment totals to savers, miu'h "ifney. . bigger payments lo the tax c'cil-- Would Trim Supply , let-tors and in most cases higher i The hank explain.-; it this way. profits, i Hanks, when ihey want to make :i; The dollars the banks deal in: profitable loan to .1 businei-s f i r m . : can buy only a little more than | used to sell t h e i r short-term U. S. i half as much in uoods and s r r v - j securities yielding arinmd 14 pci i ices as they did before World W a r ! cent to t h e Federal Reserve hanks. 1 II. But they arc still (Mines--j Wilh this rai'h they made the loan and every other country in t h e ! io business at a higher inleieM . world is just as anxious to g e t ' r a t e . their hands on more American; The Federal Hescrve Board, dollars as you arc. : didn't want this Increase in t h e . The steppr-d-up activity of the' money supply in continue, so i t ' nation's banks in almost every! st °PPfd buying the banks' U. S.j one of their departments and securities. To make the loans to- business, the banks hud to bot- row money fiv:n thr reserve; in spending, in expanding plantv. bonks, who charged them Hi U also reflects higher wages n n d M ' e r cent. H a v i n g lo pay imirc. salaries, a higher total of dollars' themselves, the banks made, plunked down for groceries, rcnl,| money on the drnl by increasing, clothing, autos and appliances. And also, strangely enough, reflects higher totals of savings in Bids Invited For Highway Work In Cincinalli Area (From Ihr Associated I'rcsO L i t t l e Hock--The Ai^ms*!. nnnounccd it ha:, ad 1 , ei lreft for iids on H l i i s h u a y constriittion ro.,1 abriiu $3,:inO,nOO. Bids will bt . rrt-ft. cd in L i t t l p Hock J a n u a r y · JS. The Washington Counly job j! In- constructed with itatt funds. Ailifrtlur in !S» TIM!*--It par*. ifli:dinc 7.1 mile:, of prnject. 1 , r.radinf. 1 . d Kntvr! ba u-av ,'if, The M rnject.i are expected t o ! course on the Citu-ln- ; Hir;ii- j EVERYTHING IN flUMBING ond SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHNMENT AVI. U'hcn our cold aeu into ymir tkroit ir.d cTicst and coujh dsvelopi. work ha. C'rtomuliion rtlltvtt quickly because it: I Soothci raw ior« thrott aad chart memoir'. .1. I. Loosens and heipi cipcl ftrmy ; h!rgm. - . lildly reluet lystemie tension. 4. Aids nature fight th* cauw of irri- lition. 5. Hit Hood tie IMt of millioM at . uw.'i. Von mint h$ pleaied or your Angfjt will refund your money. CREOMUL'SION services is a reflection of t h e pare tlie nation is ROing in production, , j l h c i r mvn immsl charges t il ! business. Thc N a t i o n a l e.'ily Hank NEED CLOTHING? Little Kock-C^-Dr. Kaihcnn c . .. . . ,, . , , - . . . , l belter now, compared io 2 U per D o d d o f Cmcumati yesterday was i t . c l ] t Am , t h j s , n t c r p s l ^ |s appointed pediatrics department j p a r t l y ' responsible for the gain in head at the University-of A r k a n - j earnings ihflt many batiks show . spite of the drain of taxes and the! l h i n k s l h n t lho B 1 ' 01 " »" l o l l » t " ' j cost of living on the averasc fam-l " 10IK '. V '" consumers 1 h.-mds l b e j ily's pockctbook. I biRh rate of personal savings.. More Loam In 1951 h'"' 1 '' e risl "R U ' H K C " ltcs -- | The banks made i n a n v more! t-in:plorl with the defense spend-, loans in 11)51 t h a n they did the! in S I'U's the nation's economy in year before. Their total now to "precarius state of balance. I no I business, industry and airrirul- " iucl1 money around could lead tO| turc is more than 21V, billion ""other flinfi at m'lalion. j dollars. This is a Rain of three! R" 1 om '"''» "' Personal sav and three quarters billion dollars! l'e showed a decline last ycniv in a year. Most bankers t h i n k ihc-l Havings bond redemptions t»l'P« j total will increase as the n a t i o n ' sillcs by mol ' c l h a n " nc n n r l a """! borrows to cxpnnrt its defense! 'i' 111 TM dollars. Many bankers] plants. j t h i n k t h a t If Ibc Treasury is RO-; On 'ihcse loans the tanks a r e ' i"R ln R cl inore Americans to l i u y j (retting higher interest than they! its bonds it will have to copy Hie, did a year ago-- three per cent orl banks and raise the interest rales; on E bonds. sas Medical School. Dr. Doric! a t ' -- m of a tox rise which Fifth Grader Admits Creating "Spook," But Says People Imagined Some Antics (From the Associated Tres) Louisville, Ky.--An 11-year-old girl admitted yesterday that the "spook" which haunted the Henry Thacker family was her own creation. Joyce Sanders," a ward of the Louisville and Jefferson County Children's Home who boarcjs in the Thacker home with her two sisters, told county police between sobs that she created the illusion of a spook by throwing objects into the air when nobody was looking. "It made a lot of people come to see me," she commented. Joyce's mother is critically ill with cancer. She doesn't know where her father is. To puss away the time, she put the spook to DUE TO COLDS TAKE for fast symptomatic RELIEF [ work last Sunday. Household i articles would float mysteriously through* the air, and boxes sailed around the room for no apparent reason. News of the "phenomena'' spread, and soon crowds of curious neighbors filled the Thacker home. Joyce was never happier. She and her sisters saw themselves on television. As the crowds grew, the girl made the ghost more active, moving him to other parts- of the house. County Patrolmen Russell Mc. Daniel and .lack Fisher, somewhat I skeptical of the reports, investi- | gated. They saw the falling cans and knive.--. They also noticed that all such goings-on took place only when Joyce was around. A f t e r a p r i v a t e conference with the pert f i f t h grade student, they announced the ghost was no more. Joyce had admitted throwing the objects when no one was looking. But, .she noted. "1 didn't throw all these things. People just imagined some cf them." Jcffciv:on said a report received by his office from the examining board shows Short was mentally competent at the time of the ex- Cincinnati Medical School. animation and at the time of the slaying. Jefferson said the date of Short's trial may be set January 9 when Circuit Judge Mnupin Cummings of Fayeltcvillc is scheduled to be here an another matter. The farmer \s charged with shooting his wife, Airs. Irene Hazel 1 Shorl, 38. with a .38 caliber revolver. Five shots struck Mrs. Short. On the morning of his arraignment, December 11, Short was found on his b u n k at the county jail with wrists and ankle*? .slashed. A razor blade was found in t h e b u n k wilh him. A few hours later, after receiving emergency treatment, he appeared for arraignment and entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. A n t i - m a l a r i a l drugs can now be j derived in part from furfural, a j chemical obtained commercially: from corn cobs. i caused some hanks to pay tax col- In the South China Sea :U'j| miles nf communication cable w a s : recently cut from the line between ; Hong Kong and Amoy. This J 1 ; J usually the- work of thieves br- i MONEY in 1 DAY ·IS - 'SO · MOO - ·»!O or moral Get th rnonty you DMd for holidiy ip«nMI, K- cumulited billiorr«j«irt todiyl Mny budftt-wiM plini to chooit ham. fhtnt Hill . . . thin (CUM )· 103 N. HOCK STREET MMM: 1)11 nccmro ir A»MNUI su present is associate professor of I TM scn ' snmc ""V . l ° p8 . . 1 ' I lectors nearly twice, as much fn pea.atncs at the University of | U)50 . Thc increased volume of j and mriird downVnmkVslop bhVck ! business also helped bankers in- market items. i cause cable material, unravelc'l! PUBLK IOAN C O R P O R A T I O N .See for yourself how a Chevrolet truck can cut your costs in every way German invaders completely' wrecked the m i n i n g towns on tin-: island of Spitsbergen during World : War II. The lofi-cabin village of New \ Salem, III., where Lincoln once lived, has been restored to th. way it looked 120 years ago. New Libya King Buckner MITER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES , itart at CindD Plumbing Co. Fret Estimates Ml W MotmlaftB Phon* llli Mr. and Mrs. Parker Hushing and son, Bill, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rill Marland of Fayetteville Tuesday. j Mr. and Mrs. Owen Johnson ; are spending the week in Ozark. i The Hcv. Jako Drake of Fay- ! ottcville will deliver both morning and evening sermons at the Buckncr Baptist Church Sunday. I Nat Hayes spent the weekend i in Fort Smith, where he attended , a .special accounting school spon- I .sored by the Chiy.*:lcr Motor Com- ! ROOFING SERVICE Industrial · Residential · Cool-Tor Pitch and Grovtl ·Asphalt and Felt Composition. Mica Surfacn Alio · Atbostai Siding E. W. Dozier, Roofing Contractor Phon* 2727-1633M Aurthbif from · B«x Oflfc* t» An Induilrtal Bulldinf NtO-WISTMN Momihhed Idrlii Ul Senunl, relltfout Itlri- ·r and deiert warrior, l» ntw Kint at Ljbyi. which won aUlut I* nn Indtppnrltnl n»llon by UN at- ] d«lon. H« u the flr»t King o( the j United Klnuclnm ol Libya, with a | palace in Hongus! Nation linj I,. Costs Ltss to Buy List prices of Chevrolet trucks are lower than comparable models of other makes. As the world's largest manufacturer of trucks, Chevrolet takes advantage of production economics to pass sttbuanlial sttvhiKX on to ynul Your capital outlay is lower when you buy rugged Chevrolet trucks. SOVBS Money on tho Job Chevrolet trucks save money over the miles with proved features that cut operating and maintenance coils! Valve-in-Head economy. 4- Way Lubrication, rugged Hypoid rear-axles. ' channel-type frames, Ball-Gear Steering, Syn- chro-Mesh Transmission and others. Right Truck for Every Load Your first interest in a truck is: "How well will it do the job?" Thul's where Chevrolet trucks have it. because they're factory-matched to the payload -- tires, axles, chassis, springs, engine, transmission, brakes. You |et as much truck as your job calls for. Keeps Its Value Longer It's a fact. Chevrolet trucks keep their value longer to bring you traditionally higher value. That means two things to you. It represents ical. nubslantial dqllar-and-ccnn savinjs «t trade-in time. And it puu a clincher on the titra value and ruggedncu built into every Chevrolet track. AMERICA'S truck users buy on down- to-earth fads, nol fancy phrases. That's why more of them buy Chevrolet trucks than any other make ... nearly as many as the next two makes combined! What they get for their money is a rugged, sturdy, dependable truck that's factory-matched to their job ;md pnylond. Rijhl power--.wilh 105-h.p. or 02-h.p. Valvc-in-Hcad engine. Right capacity-with a Chevrolet-built chassis and body, or chassis for specitl body, that can really "take it." Right price--with savings in-purchase and a record of savings on the job that can't be topped. Come in and let's get down to casts on how a Chevrolet truck can cut your h a u l i n g - o r delivery costs. You can't make a better buy-to save your money! Green Chevrolet Co. 140,000 jiopulalton. (international/ 17 E. Meadow Phone 2SS

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