Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 4, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1952
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t ^J- MOtTHWHT MKANIAI QMB, tar*M"i*. AriiMMi. Friday, Jwnnry 4, !M3 MIIIHHMimillllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIItllllllli NWS. KATHLiEN DOZIER nillHIIIIIIIMIinillllllllMMililhiilHilliiiiiiiiiillillimilMmiimilllllHIIinillliii Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . KayoKevUic Association of Life Underwriters, KerRUson's ( Ozark Mudlicns, Mrs. H. It. Maxwell, 7:30 .'.-? i Lee Fairs Observe Anniversary Mr. and Mrs, Leo K;i(r f C a v e ! Springs observed ihcir golden · v/rrldinc nnniverjiary .wild H cnv-: cred dJMi limcht.'on at the h o m c i nf t h r i r snn-lti-law find daughter, j Mr. nnd Mrs. Lyle McPaniel, i n i C;ivc Springs. There wore Sfi j friends and relatives present. | The t;d)le was centered w i t h » large bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums, ii gift of Ihcir niece, Mrs. '; Jack Boyd of Jlogers, The thrre tiered y/crlding cake wai; bnki'd ^ nnd decorated by Mrs. .Hurl Lll* llmd and Mrs. 13ob Willitimiiun. Mrs. Me Daniel w;is fiBsistod in ; serving by Mrs. Ullinrd. ·_ Beftidc;; the imuty jtlfts received i" ! by the couple'there wwt ;i tolc- phnnr call f r m n l l x ' i r (.MM a n d ! d n u « h t e r - i n - l a w , Mr. nnd Mrs.: Clyde Fair i[ O n t a r i o , Calif., w h o ' cnilcd lo ronijraiiilale them. ! Those present wen; Tom Ki:llv, '·· Mr. nnd Mrs. Gilbert Kelly a n d ; children, Mr. and Mi'.s. Clinton I Fnir, Mr. and Mrs. OHM Kelly ;ll)(l . dniifiiilcr, Mr. and.Mr. 1 --. Dave K a i l - . , all of .Sniiniirlalc: Mr. and Mrs. .Inliii Urili.-a tmil r h i l i l m i , Mr. a n d ' Mrs. Cecil K e l l v and c h i l d r e n , C ' h a r l l f K e l l y , ' a l l nf Siltiam ' HpriiiKs; Mr. and Mrs. W a l l e r V i f k e r y , Mi\ ami Mrs. Hay Kair and d a u g h ter, Mr. and Mrs. H i l l y J-'alr and r l f i U K h t r r , Mrs. Ada Oakley, Mr;:. Kva Chenowlh, Mr. and Mr. 1 !, hyle MrDanlcl and win, Mis. .:.·.!::· K n r - · sell, Mrs RtiFKeJi r a i m r r ann dniiRliter. ami tin; Hey. Wuuilmw Woods, nil n[ Cave H|)i inns; Mr. · and Mrs. H u r l A t l i i s n n and Mr. ; anil Mrs. Burl l.illiard of I k - n U i n - ; vllle; Mr, and Mrs. Klnier L i n e - ' barficr, Mrs. Dora Heed, Mrs.! Tale, MIT. Norn Webber. Mis. ( Gerry I J d d e l l and Virginia Fair. I all nf Sprliifidale: Mr. and Mr:;. | .Johnny J'raneo and MHI, and Mr:.. Kloyd Franco of Tnntilown; Mrs. Ueulnh Blair of Hne,ers. Mr and Mr:;. Jaek Hubert;; have returned Iroin v i s i t i n g friends and points of in O k l a h o m a , Texas and Louisiana. Award Made To Mary Ella Hodges Miss Mary Kllft Hodges, a senior in Knyettovillc Hijfh School, \vns rliuscii (his yfiir's DAH Good Ciii- y.OM in Knyetloville. She in the rlmiKhler of Mr. and Mrs. Kloyd Hot !»(·!:. Miss llnrlgc* n! tended Girl'* Slate in If)")] nrtri received the W i l l i e Milliard ' J l n m c y Library A w t u d in J050. Site in past pretii- fIt-lit it the F u t u r e Toachcrs of Ainf-rira and a Student Council i rprescnlMive for two fioinesler.-:. At I he prPKCiit time hhc !.-· treasurer of the Niilional Honor So- riel.v. BANKHEAD'S EX-MAID GUILTY Mil IVYLHN CTONIN, d,i?.«) after · jury convicted her In New York on three counts of second-decree larceny (or raising the amounts of actress T a l l u l a b H a n k head's (rlsht) checks, is embraced by Josie Pevrson, her adopted daughter. The 59-yeir-oJd former mald-»ec- rclary fur Miss Bankhcad will be sentenced on J a n u a r y 24. She faces two and a half to fifteen years In prison. The court ordprpJ Mrs. Cronin'* attorney, Fred G. Morltt. to show cause on Jan. 24 why he should not be eilrri for contempt.for hi* Conduct d u r i n g the trial (international) TELLS OF POLITICAL PRISONERS AS'52 fresh Spring DRESSES yes... in your size Nothing old or §ulc here! They're ·pinking-new drawee that look ahead to Spring... in mogt-wanlcd fabrics . . . in'« wide, choice of smart niylo* ,. .Spring nrwrflt colon. MiiBCA\ half tizcs! She 1 is nrnv nctive not only in ;;f-hf)ol nctjvilics but also in .social ·'Hid cliurrli (irfjitni/.aliuns. She; is past Worthy Adviser ol liic H n i n - litiw ttirls and is now serving Jn a slate otfice ;i,s C»rand Confi- donlial Observer. Slic i.s n member of the Methodist Church. K;u'h ,vcar the l(»i"il cliaptcr of UAU i this avvarti tfi a senior schoul, cliasun by rofjrcAenlali.vcs from I ho ncnior rljisK. H c r c i v i n R this honor, the j i i r l s m o then i j i i f i l i N c d I" compete with cither:;, in the slato contest. Winner of the stale award Ihcn goes to the n a t i o n a l contest, Michigan .Visitors ^Give Dinner Parly ; Mr. ;md Mrs. Kr;mk Gordon o( | I Ann Arbor. Mich., cntcrtainorl friends at a dinner parly Weflncs- ! day cveniiiR at Hie home of Mrs. j Gordon's parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. Herbert Thomas. Capt. and Mrs. Trunk Prnelor wore on-linsts, w i t h C n p j n i n Prnt'lnr scrvhiK as cliof. Oilier sueMs wrre Mr. and Mrs. (lenrcc Gearhfirt and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crockett. The Gordon.-! plan to return to Ann Arbor, Friday. Friends Entertained At M.E. Barker Home Oil. mirt Mrs. M. K. Marker cn- i lorlaincd Salurday evening f r o m 8 lo III o'clock, lit t h e i r now home (Hi F a i i v i c w . About 30 people ciillrcl. Mrs. G. 'A. Vincenhi'Ilcr ami .Mrs. W i l l i a m F. Cunlc.v prcsldcc al the tea [Mr. Mrs. Mary Vir Hiilia llyrcadc assistctl Ihc hostess During the evening, Mrs. Cnolcy u r a\ r e Iwo readincs nnd Mrs- Marker. the hostess, rend n poen composed by her niere, fnlillcc "Christmas Afterm.Tlh." Births . . . . . . DEBORAH OAIAIDON, professor of «oc!a! science and a law student of the Univcnlty of Caracas who wa« recently expelled from Venezuela, la shown in Havana, Cuba, with Venezuela'* exiled cx-prcsldent. Romulo BetancourL Bhe atUd the Venezuela military Junta held her in jail Incommunicado for six weeks, then put her on a plane for Cuba. She clalmi there are aome 600 students in jail in Venezuela, and a total of 6,000 political priaoncra, none of whom have ever been brought before a court. Her husband Is a student at Clark university. Boston, and ihe aaked a viaa to enter ttat U. S. (International! Mr. and Mn. Jinwi t. WMM Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wages of Fayctlcville announce the ' birth of a son, January 3. at the CUy Hospital. Mr. nd Mm. Everelte Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Everctte Hancock of Springdalc announce the birth of a son, January 4, at the County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Mamn Mr. and Miv. Leonard II. Mason of Prairie Grove announce the birth of a daughter, January 4, at the County Hospital. GOT A COLD ior fast symptomatic RELIEF Personals Mrs. l-'nrle Hjilcs is in l l u n n n n ilospitiil, Houston, Texas. J J fi.*. . l i n u n y n. Simpson, Taxes and inflation have taken such a toll Ihnt your income must be double or better what It was in 1940 for you to have the same relative purchasing power you had 1hen. The Newschart above, based on dnta from the National Industrial Conference Board, shows the 1951 income needed by families at three different income levels lo give them the same dollar buying power they had in 1940. Mrs. W i l l i a m S. Bradley of Wins' low, lias recently graduated irfirn the A v i a t i o n Machinist's Mate »1, al tl;c U. S. Naval. Air Tcrhnicnl Training Center,Memphis, Ten/.. Mrs, Kuliy Davidson anil diil- dron of Kingfisher, Okla., spent the holidays - h e r o w i t h Mr. and Mrs. Frank .lohnyon nnri Mrs. Oavidyon's brother-in-law und sis- ler. Mr. mid Mrs. Warren Olsnn. Other Riic:4ts d u r i n g tho linliclnys of Mr, and Mrs. Johnson were Mr. | anil Mis. Flint Mhoon of Buckner, i n ] I Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson nnd beginning Sunday and continuing each night d u r i n g the week. Sub- j "ject for the revival w i l l be "New Testament Doctrines." Music and sinping will be featured nt each service. lh West Street, has received j daughter, June, of Antiouh, Calif., the: Combat I n f a n t r y m a n TJndqe. a symbol of close-quarter f i g h t i n g w i t h the enemy, while serving and Mrs. Mack Johnson. Mrs. Joan lluxton Jones and w i t h the 25ih I n f a n l r y Division in d a u g h t e r , Connie, are leaving to- Knrea. Simjison is a member of j n i g h t for Now York City, and will the Hlh 11 eg linen t. I sail on Ihe Queen Mary, Sunday for Cherbourg", France, to meet j Cpl. Don M i l r h e l l , Reuse Aii I t h e i r husband and father. Lt. Clin- Basc. and his mother, Mrs. W, H . l t n n K. Jones, \vhn is stationed in Shanafell of Pratt, Kan., visited. S t u t t g a r t , Germany, w i t h the IIIMV i l u r i n j : Ihe holidays w i t h : Army of Occupation. Mrs. Jones irljilivL'S and friends. has been visiting here w i t h her . parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bux- Kccond l . t . .James K. Slice, 1'ay- \ ton. first l i e u t e n a n t in the Organi/ed Heserve Corps, it has been announced by Cnl. Alexander T. MeC.'one, chief of t h e Arkansas M i l i t a r y niMriet. Children's Story Hour Children's Story Hour will be' held tumorrmv nl I h e Cily Library beginning at 10:30 n. m. Miss Barbara Bennett wilt tell the stories. Fayeftcville District Nurses The Fayctlcville District Nurses w i l l meet ;it the H e a l t h U n i t in the County HospiMl, Monday at 7:30 p. m. Dr. Jack B u t t w i l l be guest speaker, uting as liis subject "The U I I Kiictor." Announccmcnts FEEl AWFUl? DUE TO COLD MIJERIIS . finish Crcrk Baptist Church KvanRclipt and Mrs. A. I.. Lcakc M a r v i n K. MnuUcy, a i r m a n ap-, w i l l conrluct revival services nl j prentice. USN, son nl Mr. a n r l i t h n Hrush Crock Baptist C h u r c h , ' Congratulations and Best Wishes to FRANK CURTIS and KEN MARVIN on the opening of ^ your new Consumer's IGA Market from your tiexl-door neighbors Cy Carney Appliance Co. South Sidt Square Phon* 1728 gives last symptomatic RELIEF STUDENTS PLEASE NOTICE Now in its Thirty-third Year "The School You'll Likt" Full time, 5 Hay week, now open for classes. Seven Standardized Courses are offered at approved. W« ore now taking enrollments for ihe coming new ' clais in the Shorthand nnd Stenographic Subjects . . . Class will slart soon. This is best approach to many valuable petitions opening every week in every likely town. Como in (or interview on ·ny dny at 10:30 A.M. F A Y E T T E V I L L E BUSINESS COLLEGE lox No, 76 309-11 Weil Dickson H, O. Davit, PrtiiiUnt Sale Bells are Ringing! JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE Come in early --buy whal you want and save. A store-wide clearance lo keep you in touch with the high quality and service offered in our store. Values offered include our entire slock, main floor and basement. SALE BEGINS TOMORROW, LASTS 10 DAYS 7/ OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF WOMEN'S SHOES Values to. $10.95 -- $9.95 9.95-- 8.95 8.95 -7.95 -5.95 -4.95 -3.95 -2.95 -- 7.95 6.95 4.95 3.95 2.95 2.45 OUE ENTIRE STOCK OF INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S OXFORDS AND SHOES Volu.sto $6.95 -- $5.95 6.45 -5.95 -5.45 -4.95 -4.45 -3.95 -2.95 -1.95 -- 5.45 4.95 4.45 3.95 3.75 3.25 2.25 1.45 Men's, Women's and Children's Satin and Leather House Shoes 20°; DISCOUNT Men's,s Women's and Children's FtJt Hous* Shoes % OFF 10°o DISCOUNT ON ALL TENNIS AND RUBBER FOOTWEAR One Large Lot of Women's Dress Shoes. Values to $IC95 $9.95 U Ont Large Lot of Women's Dress Shoes. Values to $/|95 NO REFUNDS ON SALE MERCHANDISE OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS AND SHOES Values to $22.95. 20.9518.95- . 16.95. 14.95 . 13.95. 12.9511.95- . 10.95. 9.95 · . 8.95 . 7.95 · . 6.95 . 5.95 - $19.85 - 18.85 - 16.85 - 14.85 - 13.85 - 12.45 - 11.95 - 10.45 - 9.95 - 8.95 - 8.45 - 7.45 - 6.45 - 5.45 OUR ENT.NRE STOCK OF BOYS' SHOES AND OXFORDS Values to $8.95 --$7.85 " " $7.95 --$6.85 " " 6.95 -- 5.85 " "'5.95-- 5.45 " " 4.95 -- 4.45 " " 4.45 -- 3.95 MEN'S JET BOOTS % OFF MEN'S WORK SHOES AND BOOTS 10S DISCOUNT MEN'S, WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S LOAFER SOX % OFF One Large Lot of Men's $Q9S Drew Shoes. Values to $13.95 V Women's Hosiery 20% Discount

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