The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1936 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 7
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the Algon* tfrper Pen Moines, Algona. Iowa. Sept. 1,1936 Nearer to Moderation Orleans Tribune: the drinking driver stepped on—hard. Only public ftATfeS IN K038UTH CO.» to Advance , Outside County,' $aLs6 strictly in advance VSR INCH cents per Inch extra v» , o vicious role In politics. Aside from these two don>t ^"^ «*» *• S"? a national to »«*>«>" « ther of W**W«* Mod- r em ncaf « to » *• practice than at any time in our mem- • • • Tired of Political Bonk Webster City Freeman: Although the voters are S 11 ^ 11 ^V" 1 Utcome of «£ they are not turning out as well to ™" n ««, discussed. The can remain at home or at their * FARMER'S VIEW OF POLITICS Albert nettr We »««n. Iowa, the i for corn? tget the it but they have done are worse off here than we wrker. ttmothy «««•«> « nd " made three bushels There Is no clover in the nelghbor- alfaUa? and II dl well as In 1934. [do you feel about politics? body that Isn't aatisfled with what we have l ° HOOVer and 1 °' cent corh your going to vote for Roosevelt? s,bet your boote I am going to vote for him. be eve he will bet In though. Tm afraid f«H get enough votes to let Landon glide T you favor Lemke? I never get there. I'm for Roosevelt because wed and he has done some good, although • ne has made some mistakes, it h Hie best thing that Roosevelt has done? I done a lot of good things; corn sealing, J land, and the AAA has helped us }n the I wish we had it this year, ibout the present program? feJlI right, but it isn't bringing In anything AAA. I am in It and you can bet that I'm I1 am. you a township or county officer? Tm not on the pay roll In any way "•"".aSt mtat * k « s ta «•» Roosevelt admln- i to which you refer? L- of money has been wasted on relief. The fration of the relief program . has been j could It have been better? ? could have fixed up the farm-to-market ft the men quarry rock and put It ort the pere has been too much money spent wlth- body getting any good out of It. The jare the heavy taxpayers and they pay the relief and they should get some good out I better roads. | much are your taxea? (ven't the figures hi my head but I know this 120 the taxes are about $200. I don't ying taxes If prices stay up. Fd rather income of $10,000 and pay $2,00 in taxes WO income and no taxes. nioe4 rebate of IU.MMOO H™ n,o- »u°~" ~"~" ""wurauon or misinforma- tan andPh« e ?« ca 2«* et by att *nding public meet- rum During tL d ^H 11881 !? 1 dl " 0t from th * '«"^..SM » *, e Prf 1 * 1 * 1 * campaign last spring •n!Li = M oth<ip 8 P e *k«w were met by very small audiences, despite the fact that the neonle were very much Interested In results P P • • * Good News for Boondoggle!* City Summit: In a humorous article re- •ringfleld, Massachuetts, Union told of i. ?J ? US W '!S°. mf o rt 8h ovel" by a burn that ctty : "The new shovel Is said to nee the by complaints of WPA now Issued them are too — -ong to sit on. This defic- remedied by the new model, which has a -ist at elbow height for shovelers who *M«."ri."V~ jir*I whlle not • n ° v «Hn*. Halfway i^± e J* n - d l! J?- an '/"""table seat so that the of leaning while not shovel- seat Is fixed on a pivot so In , — really have to shovel some- nMuT n 8 " , cmer K« lc y ">• tool can actually be used. Its primary purpose, however, la for lean- WPA «S* ^ tawntor contends that a hired WPA snoveler, paid for not shoveling, is entitled to ^.T^r?I^,¥£-J?«:*<« raisers and all for not encv lency C^fe^mo rMAtti a/ ga/mt, ,£*v IB / Vhjuj Vuwio Mr*. Cora Bacon has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jess Hohenstein at Amboy, Minnesota, the past week. Her daughter. Ktta, drove up after her mother last Thursday. Leo Keefe of Winnebago, Minn., was a caller at the home of his mother, Mrs. Mary Keefe, Thursday. He spent Thursday night In Algona with relatives, returning home Friday. Mrs. Kate Annis and daughter, Beth, have been guests of Mrs. Presley Sarchett. They left last Friday for Miles City, Montana, where Beth will resume her teaching. She has been attending summer school at Cedar Falls. Earl Meyer and brother and John Halbl, Burt, spent Sunday afternoon at the Del fitch home. Mrs. O. O. McParland, Blanche, Ruth and Darren, visited the Govern home Tuesday afternoon The G. O. McFarland family were Sunday dinner guests at the parental W. S. McFarland home, Bancroft In the afternoon they attended a shower In honor of Ortha. McFarland, who Is to be married L Algana's Only 1OO Percent Home Owned Theatre UNION M.&D. CLUB ENDS WITH 45 AT SESSION H. A. Van Alstyne, city officer, recently had something to talk about, when he chased a unit of motorized national guardsmen out north to the intersection and had a verbal contest with the lieutenant in charge. The trucks came steaming Into Algona, tore down State street and found they had failed to make the cprrect turn, then swung around and raced back again as pedestrians scattered In a hurry. Van hopped into his car and gave chase. He signaled the army to a halt and gave them a piece of his mind. The lieutenant got huffy; Van, also wljh army experience, replied In a like manner, and informed the boys that the matter £™-if°J? K lnt ° "^ wa «- department. Van told Prank Green that some cops could halt one or two cars but he believed he deserved a medal for stopping the army. We agree with him, after see- Ing the antics of the trucks on city streets. • • • Believe It or notl A mouse had a nest In a local slot machine, entering the device by climbing up the metal legs and into the machine through the payoff slot Imagine someone's embarrasament to get a Jackpot including three or four baby mice That actually Is a replacement tax. on vote for Roosevelt few years ago? you a democrat? ' ^either democrat or republican. I vote for i who looks like he will do the most good. bu approve of the, sales tax? tales tax is all right Everybody helps pay ! of the government. Before we had a t a lot of fefibws with big wages were y without paying a cent. pu think this drought was sent as Divine jnt for the mistakes of mankind? t't take any stock In that Why would ah one man three years In succession like Bra in southern Iowa and let the farmers astern Iowa go free? There Is no justice be Government Now Foreclosing .wood Anchor: The Home Owners' Loan on, New Deal child, has to this time fore- more than 680 of its loans. The govern' has those properties on its hands, which it you and I and all other taxpayers have our hands. A common saying three and i ago about the home owners' loans was, never be asked to pay the debt." Partly eason, many of them never made any ef- ty the debt; others couldn't pay the gov- iny more than they could pay the private ptncy that held the original mortgage. die "Forgotten Man" Forgotten y World-Journal (Democratic): For a has talked about "the forgotten man" as Roosevelt, It cornea with very poor grace a crulae that costs the American people (lion dollars; it comes with even poorer Delude his three sons, the "crown prince", apparent" and another in waiting. Just 4miniatration expects democrats to swal- atuff and continue on among the faith- p comprehension—and the publiaher of cratic aheet was not only "rocked in the democracy" but baa come along with it • * * In Shadowland •ore Gazette: A dandy campaign poster made up this year, showing little pigs m't permitted to be born, rooting the It had to be plowed under, in the shade Jterbelt trees that never were planted. Which Is the Better Situation? Grove Eagle: The Iowa Liquor Conunls- ts a profit of $1,186,810 on liquor sales of nllllon the past year. This was the net nsea. In addition, the commission pays in store rentals per month and baa on J 680 men and women. All of this is out a cent of coat to the tax payers, and » has bee« turned over to the state, profits merly went to the bootleggers. We have the United States that we cannot, or will nate old John Barleycorn, so is It not harness him, and make him work for us? letter Wait Until After Election loldt Independent: Nearly 1600 home . Illinois will shortly lose their homes to » who loaned them money some time ago. • ,i* or """^ w»bber« In thl. vlc- talty rsmind. u. of the time that we were working f"* 0 ?"! 2 1 "• Ortonville, Minn.. Inde- Lem had been working for a long tune ?, " I 1 *"""* a church *"*"« '« th r ce £ brftt !° n - He had the preacher in the office. In Kaercher-s arms were about 180 sheets of paper on which copy for the booklet was written. Just at that moment the sheriff poked his head in the door and yelled, "The Bank at Corfu was Just robbed." Lem threw his hands into the air. and as the copy went floating around the head of the bewildered preacher and in a hundred directions shouted, "All righf, let's go." And out he went on the trail of a good atory. • • • A comparison of the interpretation of the be* Molnea Register and the Hearst Chicago Herald- Examiner on Landon'a recent speech regarding the taking of oaths by teachers, la humorous. The Register Interpreted It as a direct rebuttal of Hearst's campaign to keep the achoola free from Reds", and Hearst's paper considered it as an ab- aolute vindication of everything Hearst bac preached. Which goes to show what a good speech can be made by experts. Hearst, by the way, sailed for Europe on the Italian liner Rex, In keeping with his campaign to "Buy American." Moving Changes Numerous Among Families In Burt Burt: A number of changes of residence have been made here the past few days. The Elmer Lees moved to Bode. The Emory Connellys moved from over Smith's tore to the apartment back of the Burt Savings Bank. The Lloyd El- tons moved the first of the week to Oilmore City, where he is receiver of a bank. The E. A. niffs will move Intd their house. The Royce Babcock family, Jefferson, will move Into the house vacated by the Iliffs. He is employed at the CCC camp at Bancroft. The Enos Wredes are moving into the house recently vacated by the Delbert Vogela, who moved to Bancroft and Supt and Mrs. Condit Bowie will occupy the rooms in the Mrs. Fred Yopp house vacated by the Wredes Mr. and Mrs. Willis Huling, Oil- more, have rented an apartment In Mrs. Maude Hanna's home. He is the new coach. Houses are very scarce here and have been for some time. Next Meeting Sept. 16 ' Mrs. Mamie Winkel New President One New Rural Teacher Hired For Plum Creek Plum Creek: The school houses in Plum Creek township have all been repaired and painted In readiness for the opening of school, o August 31. All of last year's in structors are returning except I District Z Ml» Barge? from n Swea City has been elected an will live at the T. R. Plckard home Union: The Union Mothers and Daughters club gathered at the home of Edna Crulkshank for the flnal meeting of the current club year. It was a contest party with the losing side as entertainers. Marie Bode was captain of the losing side, forty-five ladies attended. The meeting was opened with music on the piano by Clara Thompson playing "Evening Chimes." Roll call was answered by reading jokes. After a short business meeting Marjorie Jensen and Laurena Laabs gave their 4-H club demonstration on "Tips on Pressing and Ironing." Guessing contests were held and prizes were awarded. Mary Gisch played two numbers on her violin, "Angel's Dream", and "Gypsy's Warning." Ruth and Rachael Gisch sang a song, accompanied by their sister, Mary, at the piano. Mrs. Lela Gardner, Mrs. lone Bacon and Mrs. Clara Crulkshank were guests. The first meeting of the new year will be on Wednesday, September 16, with Ida Winkle as hostess, assisted by Anna Marlow. Mrs. Mame Winkel, new president, will be In charge. St. Louis Visitors Here Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Leek, St. Louis, Mo., arrived last Wednesday for a visit with the E. L. Dick- meyers. Mr. Leek is a brother of Mrs. Dlckmeyer. Boys on Fishing rrfp Everett, Merlin and Willie Fuller, Webster City, and Doyle McParland left Sunday for a week's fishing trip at Lake Winnebigoshlsh In northern Minnesota. Claude Samson shelled his corn Monday for $1.05 per bushel. Martin Becker is his tenant Aid Postponed The Methodist Ladles' Aid meeting which was to have met on Friday with Mrs. C. E. Slgabee, has been postponed Indefinitely. J. P. Helderscheldt called Sunday at the Clarence Crouch home. Donald Greiner, Bird Island, Minnesota, is visiting his uncle, G. O. McFarland. The August Robinsons, Swea City, were Sunday visitors at the Tony Lohse home. Miss Tena Leek and brother left Saturday for Wisconsin where they will visit relatives. Mrs. John Haas, Sexton, visited from Wednesday until Monday at the Clarence Crouch home. The Martin Becker family were Sunday dinner guests at the Chas. Egel home, south of Algona. m.. ,**!" ' eem * *o be on Mrs. Spencer, tho Chicago lady, who brought her daughter up to "do as she pleasea." The girl eloped at 17 with a 21 year old hubby. * Now that King Edward has appointed an official osteopath, we presume he will title him "Manipulator of the Royal Joint" The only kind of a collector we bavn't heard ef yet is a collector of collectors ... or Is that what all Hollywood movie actresses are doing? The gal who has a well-built chassis. Inspires a lot of forward passes. Famous Knock-Knock of the Week— ' Knock, Knock. Who's there? Marion. Marion who? Marion makesit legal. Weekly Health Message Health Exhibit Plans Outlined Visitors to the exhibit of the Iowa State Department of Health at the state fair may play without coat the game of "Scevl", each letter of which emphasizes one of the esseUal functions of the health departments. Every player of the game receives an instructive pamphlet and the department offera special prizes to the winner. The WPA is supplying the services of a free hand artist to picture the activities of a whole-time county health department. A aeries of sketches show neaitfa problems in an average Iowa county and point out how such problems are handled by trained health workers, serving whole-time. A tabulating machine used by the division t\r vital autistic* will be taken to the fair to ahow bow record cards can be aorted at the rate of 400 per minute. A question box will be uaed in thia connection. The visitor will presa a button which will light «. certain question on the instrument board, aa Iowa in 1936?" The machine will sort the death'rec- watclu giV8 the an » wers while °w visitor Progress of the community sanitation campaign, the construction phase of which is being carried out with works progress administration will be shown by a large illuminated map. 9 Uncle Sam is to go MVt^ the real He will dispose of those fh^ime*, pr highest bidders. The port that is pus- householders who mods the loans is that expected great big, good-heatred Uncle r to foreclose. They didn't think » gov- rould do such a thing. It is coming as MX* and as usual thaw who are to be « their possessions are claiming fraud, ••»«— and T'TMf" th'"g« Effects of temperature changes on milk will be illustrated by a aeries of laboratory tests. Reported cases anl deaths during 1986, from some of the communicable disease in Iowa, will be shown by neon-charts, prepared by the division of communicable diseases and epidemiology. Another feature of the exhibit wiii be a marionette show Illustrating ^^^ of ^ Ktivi ^ ot the divlsww of chiW health and hwUth educaUon. Distribute Yearbooks The Plum Creek Social and Lit erary club year books have been distributed to members. The first meeting will be with Mrs. Car Hutchlns September 2. Grace Phil lips will assist. Lightning: Strikes Lightning recently struck the barn on the Reut arm and the Tom Eleson houae. No serious damage resulted. Farm Bented The Peter Arendt family from Minnesota will live on the Fred Kent farm next year. This farm has been known as the Johnson place for many years. The Harvey Johnson family who reside there now. will move March l to Clarence Mawdsley*s farm in Irvington township. Elmer Jasperson haa purchased a | new tractor. . The Ben Knox family is driving a I new Chevrolet car. H. D. Robinaon la helping with the farm work at the Cliff Hoover farm. The John Gross family spent laat Sunday at the Chester Harmon ! home. The Albert Metzger family visited hia brother, Clarence, in Seneca township last Sunday. The Roscoe Mawdaley family attended the state fair at Des Moinea from Friday until Sunday. Little Joyce Hauenstein had he tonsils and adenoids removed re cently at the General hospital The Henry Schick, Jr., family wil move near Hanna Switch March 1 where they have rented a farm. An additional improvement at the Jewell Larson farm la a new concrete plstern. Algona workmen did the job. Merlin Aitwegg returned Tuesday from Elkader, where he visited his aiater, Jeanne, who is a beauty operator there. The Frank Lewis family have moved to this vicinity and are occupying the buildings on the C B. Albright eighty. Mrs. T. R. Pickard visited the Union Mothers and Daughters club at the Gisch home in Union township last Monday afternoon. Mra. Claude Seeley has returned from a trip to Galeaburg. 111., which she made with her parents, Mr. and Mra. W. I. Dodds of Union township. Art Haag went to southern Missouri with Jim Davidson in his truck. They brought back vegetables and fruit for the local market. Mrs. Ben Weber and two daughters, Marcella and Marilyn, spent a few weeks visiting relatives in and near Creston, Iowa, recently. Mr. Weber drove down and brought them home. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips have purchased the Lee Wlnslow property in Algona and will move there on March 1. Mr. Phillips haa done extensive improving on the houae since buying it and the property will make them a nice home. 4-H Qlrls Guests Miss Myrtle Hanna and her 4-H club girls demonstration team of Burt, were guests of the Union Mothers and Daughters' club at their meeting Thursday afternoon at the Leonard Cruikahank home The girls, Laurena Laabs and Marjorie Jensen were county winners at Achievement Day and will compete at the state fair next week with 25 other teams. Buffalo Teacher Back Marjorie Crulkshank returned recently from a course at summer school and will begin teaching a rural school in Buffalo township, •tonday. Callers at Bickers Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Freed of Grldley, HI., McLean county, were aliens at the Ricker Bros, home ast Thursday morning. They are riends of the Rickers. The Freeds re staying at the Polhemua home t Burt and are looking after their arm which la located near Burt. Entertains Mother, 78 Mra. Frank Hoflus entertained few close friends and relatives in honor of her mother's birthday Mrs. Dearchs, Aug. 87. She is 78 years old. Her mother remained over night on account of the storm. Mrs. Andy Back viaited frienda at Marahalltown, coming home last Wednesday. Andy Beck and John Jacobs were In the west last week purchasing feeding stock. Freight trains nowaday! •ct like express specials. New freight schedule* are sofas*, Zson - — -• — m, mm mm* WT ~,tm P»S*ISJ IfeverythinghastobedellT* ered day before yesterday. of oar passenger trains are running faster schedules. . e thing is sure. We »«to fast* irons, but tha first raflraad commandment Is stfll "Safety First.- That's one ruk they won't change. RW.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loea or oUunage. Equipped to do all ktixda of draylng and hauling. 32- tf n j—7™T •"•****••»•• SMO ftj* lied industries provided fob* for 75O,OOO workers H£ ?***• Sotn « °' th«n lr*e> In our town. Good neighbors. Passenger fares are now the lowest hi history with substan- HalI reductions on round trips., And no more surcharge for rid- Ing hi Bleeping cars. This new Free pick-up-end-de- Jvtry of less than carload freight—I heard some traveling salesmen talking about it on the train yesterday. They said it saves shippers a tot of money and centers all respon- slbfllty on the railroad. The raOroad picks up the freight at •Upper's door and delivers to receiver's door. Of course, local delivery men get the haul from door-to-car and car-to-door at both ends. The rauroad handles the whole transaction, When railroads are busy. I notice town* along the railroad are prosperous. <oe merchants put more •da in the newspapers. Wearcprc4idofrauroa4achUv«. meat*, appreciate the pubUc'i good wffi and Increased patronage, and pledge continued prog. Wed.-Thurs., Sept. 2-3 SCREENO EACH NIGHT Comedy, "Way Up Thar" Screen Snapshots News —Walt Disney Oolor A NEW KIND OF SETTING I Mystery never before ulaed, amidst tare iconic beauty never before thowal With Henry Hunter, Judith Barrett, Alan Hale and Ralph Morgan Comedy—News—Serial Ml Sunday-Monday, Sept. 6-7 WESTERN RAILROADS oarf TBS PULLMAN COMfAUTT *&mjr^ CLAY COUNTY (A»k the M*n Who's Been There) Sept.l4-io $30,000 NEW STEEL BLEACHERS Seats 2,000 more than last yr. This looks like our greatest fair. Don't Miss It! OBDER YOUR SEATS EARLY ROBERT YOUNG Directed by ALFRED (39 Slept) HITCHCOCK Comedy—News—Color Cartoon Short, "Hazardous Occupations" Travelouge Coming Soon RITA RIO Co-starred with Eddie Cautor in 'Strike Me Pink' and a east of 15 on our stage. A big city unit.

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