Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 17, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1974
Page 30
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s M J* 1 Edith had refused to marry him because he YWStoofirL Why dont yon go on a diet?"suggestedafriend. "You can't have yourcate and Edithtoo!" . ITS EXCITING U)H=N VOW WRITTEN SOMETHINS THAT YOU KNOW 15 600?.' WAIT RIGHT THERE! I'LL BE BACK/ I AFTER AU.,1HEV WEREi FISWTING CANT cowffour' ) PUNISHING US ,FCW FISKTiNG BEtLE? IT^AMSS FRILLY'S H1ECE. SHEWA r aTEPAlOTOF MOHY ON THfrT FILLY HOWTSOLD OFF HER FURNITURE TO! e ; GIVE CLRRA BELLE A PEBUT WftSHlUGTOM. SOLO HER JEWELR 1 / TO GNE HER A«S VJEDDIK'., TWO WEEKS LATER, OLfiRfl BELLE UP AN' RUM OFF WrtH HER MOWER-lU-LftVjS CHAUFFEUR NOBOTJY/CEPTIN CUKA gatE. VOVSOSBKUPAWKKftllY CHUUN 15 fiOT-W ft ft? ON THE CLOCK OF V KWlftW U« MKUIMtf YOUTH 0? TWS'W. 9 \l T9MMKJ -UNWCKTHE SONS «»« IT MSIN-^, ^-^^·v SUCH PWMWflVe PATTW A5 WHVWU iSSWlUN'THEWORMCHILEf- ·Vt/IS«0« 18 00THAN (WINTH5MUR , WICK WC* WIWVWAW1SKKC WHEN VE SIT BflCK HOME, LOWEEZY--TELL LEETLE aUGHftlD I'LL GWEHIMTWEMTV-FUJE CENT TO SWEEP OOTTH 1 STORE PER ME H ,OeiLE KITCHCW \5 xet wrm TH'CHOICEST ·5 THIS 5IP6 O' HEAVEN-- oouLPNT we es,r rr RAW ?- We HAIMT HAD NOTHIN' TO CHOMP OM VWATA HONOR! 'C6PT-u-P.'.'- we HAINTSCTNO FOOD FO' HIM TD COOK-'! TH WOND6F? COOKS COAMW TO POSPATCH HOW CAN YOU AS A DO TMS ?.' I 1 HAVE MY I R£«PT(OMIST I tea HER6 W ARE PtAW 60lf WHM THERE'S A DOZWJ SICK PWPL WA(TfN6 FOR W SACK AT \VEATrl6P TODAV v/ii.1. BE AM PRy ; WHATAREVOL! DOlfJG *TM^ AT THE TABLE ALREADY? OWNER WOM'T BE READY' HOW DOMXI ) I CAM TELL KMOW THE r? THE EXACT TIME,t3AD? YOUR WATCH COME, sou rrls SIX-THIRTY/ · FOR THIRTY l |«^s--rBelieve fl or ^/ ao e i t Y i , FAYITTEVILLI, AHKAN»«» Wed., July \i, 19/4: SXRMJLtNn Trcer; Germwi WAS REBUILT IN 1833 FRC*\ THE DEBRIS OF THE ORD- INAL'EDIHCE WKHHAD BEEN DESTROYED 160 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Tasting Cocktail Is Just Not Child's Play llllllllllllllllilllllM JQSIAS PASTOR OF THE GERMAN CHURCH, IK Copenhagen, Denmark, OWNED A COLLECTION OF OOO BIBIES AND U^ED A DIFFERENT ONE EVERY DAY. IT TOOK HIM 27 YEARS AND 139 DAYS TO CONDUCTA SERVICE WITH EACH BIBLE TtflCE-rAW) dflflV ' rtdfflWB THE LAST. 8I8LE FOR 1%FT-HANDED . WHELK. ' CON-SHAPED WHICH IT LNKS TOfiETHER BV FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope My daughter and her.husband think it is small to give their two-year old child a taste of their cocktail before dinner. They are proud that my grandchild can distinguish betwen Scotch and bourbon. How do you feel about this nonsnse? Grandma, Conn. Dear "Grandma" I ha»e seen such patterns of pseudo-sophistication in many young people. Fortunately, parents of-youngsters usually give up this parlor game before long. · You can be sure that the alcohol-tasting will inevitably be discouraged by the child's doctor. 1 agree with you thai the practice may have some built-in dangers and that i t , m o s t cer tainly should be stopped. Alcoholism disease. How is in childhood patterns has ne ver been clearly established Yon are wise to voice your ob ection without introducing con lict 'between you and youi children. is a very strange deeply rooted if My mother-in-law has been old that she has Hashimoto', Look in the section your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR THURS., JULY 18 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Be careful what you read into this day. It has fine potential; but all things must be handled with discretion. TAURUS-(Apr. 21 to May 21) Hold off on making decisions d commitments until you are re you have all the facts, and take into consideration the rious dispositions and tem- ramenls of those involved ur activities. MINI (May 22 to June 21) Good planetary influences en- which epend on -your own judgment not that of others. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec ' ' urage d the msual both routine activities launching of new and enterprises. Acquit urself as the Geminian so ly can. ANCER (June 22 to July 23) Better-than-average lunar in. uences: Take up the reins and ive straight, strong, and with ithusiasm. Use only proced- res which have proved effec- in the · past, however. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23). You may get .a lot of pff-beal eas on Friday. Put them right of your head. In all situa- ;, it will be important to ress good judgment, level- ladedness, self-control. [RGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Be certain of what is expec. d of you now. Don't go of: ilying on guesswork or hoping miracles. Protect proper es. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) A fine day for achievement: so for making new contacts ou may even have the oppor nity to cash in on an avo ational skill. JORPIO (Oct. 24 lo Nov. 22) Your perception especially larp now. In all matters isease. I noticed,-when filling; ut 'her Medicare form, her" loctor checked 1L No" in answer. o the question, "Is the patient; ured?" His answer to me was' aot clear. We are concerned. '·· Mrs. J.B., Fla. Dear Mrs. B.: ; . . . , ' Hashimoto's disease, namerK ifter the man who describecT- l,- is a very special type of dis-; order of the thyroid gland.' Goiter, an enlargement of th«' hyroid gland, and lessened ac- 1 :ivity of the thyroid, or hypoth-; yrpidism. are associated with his condition. ' · " LIFELONG CONTROL ; The reason that your mother-* aw's doctor said "No" in ans-. .ver to the printed question is; because lifelong treatment is : necessary to control this dis-; order. · : . ; There are a number of excel-' lent ways of treating this, with! dessicated thyroid and othqfc drugs. ', As I often suggest, when; there is confusion about .any: medical problem, open -and; frank discussion with the doctor- is necessary in order to removs' anxiety and clarify the problem' ll!l!lll!lfflinmiinill!in!linil!]!ll!llll!lll!!ll!l!ininil!ll!lllllllllll!lll[!lli[|ffi^ B. JAY BECKER -Your judgment still soraewha 'off." Forget your most, ambit ous .plans for the moment am concentrate on routine.' CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan; 20) .. ., .. ' A day of surprises! A favorj ·on recently bestowed is amply repaid and, · in job .matters, something of importance is decided in your favor. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb.. 19) Stay in the groove. Don't take anything - for granted even though aU seems well. Investi- jate all situations thoroughly. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Some planetary restrictions. Don't depend on the promises of, others and don't .make any binding agreements yourself. YOU BORN TODAY are an essentially, conservative individual; intellectually inclined and lighly intuitive. You have. fine On Contract Bridge {Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH * 7 6 V K Q J * K 9 7 3 + K 1 0 9 2 success in either or professional WEST A K 9 8 3 2 V 9 4 3 * J2 * 6 S 4 EAST * A 10 5 4 V 8 7 5 2 4 Q 1 0 8 6 4 * -- jotentials for :he · business worlds -- depending, upon your inclinations and education, of course. If'.business appeals to you, your greatest rewards will result -through the organizing and executive branches of industry. You must, however, learn to curb dictatorial: tendencies which tend to alienate others; also obstinacy, which you euphemistically call "will power." In the artistic field, you could, .excel as a writer, musician or drama critic; in science, botany and chemistry are your 'best' fields. Birthdate of: John Glenn, U.S. astronaut; \Vm. · Makepeace Thackeray, novelist. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer SOUTH A Q J »A106 · A S + A Q J 8 7 3 T*e bidding: West a iked on a scheme that gavii hn a chance for the contract. He won the trump in dummy, nd led a spade, losing tha' ueen to the king. West coulrf ave ended matters then and nre by returning a spade, but e led another trump instead. ( This proved fatal when South jroceeded'to execute a squeeze, gainst East. · He played three, mor rounds of trumps and ashd three hart tricks, end- ng in his hand, to produce this losition: · * North · 47 - · ·West *98 « J 2 North East, Sooth 1* 6* The bidding; Opening lead - six of clubs. There's nothing unusual aboul declarer playing a contract he can't make defense. But against prope since the oppo nents don't always defend per fectly. some of these oul-sizd contracts come home, which ii what happened in this dea where South made six clubs. West had no clear-cut leaf and chose a trump as hi: opening salvo. Declarer saw that normal play would surelj lead to down one, so he em ACROSS 1 Spartan queen 5 South American river 8 City in New York E Of the ear 33 Haul li Give forth 15 Beverage 17 Rodent 18 Compass reading 19 Soak 20 Goat antelope 21 Bowler's target 22 Roofing substance 23 Playing card 26Acto£ carrying 30 River in Asia 31 Kind of bean 82 Musical prince 33 Augur 35 Insects 36 Fodder 37 Work unit 38 The "great scale" 41 Prefix for dent or pod '42--Paulo 45 Culture medium 46 Egyptian city 48 Office note '49 Spanish gold 50 Vain 510'Casey 52 Conflict 53 Former First Lady DOWN 1 Easy gait 2 Kind of collar' 3 Dreadful 4 Behave 5 Strange 6 Kick 7 Time at fife 8 Stating 9 Br.adley 10 Isinglass · 11 And others (abbr.) 16 Legal instrument 20 Fish 21 City in Michigan i22 Trifle '· 23 Faucet. 24 --, amas, amat KKarel * Q M 8 South ' *J ; * A 5 ' · +7. . ; When South now played hia. last trump a n d ' discarded a: spade from dummy, East could; not discard successfully. As Z' result. South made the slam! ,' Although a good case can bal made for West to return a^ spade at trick three instead of, a trump, this does not detrac^ from the credit due South for his enterprising scheme. Larceny of this sort is a legitimate! part of the game and, in effect.' Soulh did nothin g more than implement his license to steal. ; opus 26 School of seals Avg. solatia time: 25 mkt. SHH OE3 K@HO HHBE HEa^llSDH USB * HI3@a[lf5 SG3n0n@[»l BUSHti ilHHil S.7Z IDSS@ HHSfflH BBiHIiffllE SdhTlS F3HH HSBR Answer to yesterday's puzzle. officer 28 Obtained 29 Bitter vetch 31 Curve of ship's planking 34 Consume 35 Sand STBasebaE statistic 38 Herds of . whales 39 Awry 49 Best cook? UHartebeest 42 Marquis de -4} Troubles « Poems. 48 Sound of a blow Jfl Kinsman PONYTAIL 1ft · 39 25 20 47 51 2ft "Looks like a good day for sports, volleyball, football, swimming and chasing boys! WANT ACTION? 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