Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 3, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1952
Page 13
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TRUMAN GREETS HIS NEW AIDES PEHSONAL I BKFORE you CKlch I h i t void ·« ui about tmr KUariintrprt cold prrvcn* linn. Norlll Siui- DruK. 9M .North Collrir. Phone 1JH. *OHIM*«t ARKANSAS TIMK, feyMftvlfk Ark«MM. flwnfey, fernery t, mi -13 CHOI) r h r t t . · 93 !.". NORTH SIUK DI1UG STCJKK ! - ri ynu 11 Jo.voin H o l l t i r y Sprnon ! 1 - A R G K und Happinen in ihi* .Nt\v Year. I 310 til 1 ATTENTION I I.KT Ihr AmiTiivn Iniunmn- ) Co. pay y o u r h n i p l t n l ami doctor lulls For free i n f n r n . a l i n n . w r i l e ' T h u r m a n HH!C. aia J I n t h r o r k Hlrfit i I'hone (61-W-l. ; UKAVY_ woolrn q u H K . Phone 7BB isnl bedroom mile, walnut. Vjitiily. bench and l,rw,i urn*. Co. inc. bpcl. . Like service for homes If tu your wlsht* today prci»scly w h a t you '. H a l f * Realty. Trlr- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY r n f c Good It-asc and ill. Phono 1«7W a l t e r luso M rnill-'. t'lnllipi M l;.SKD hrtlrn lly. clrrsir UKF.I)" wno'ii f n u r rh»iu illnlnc Urn.. C«i n.\n:, i ri«ir e ncv.-. uirx t r r Cii. l l l l t ·nn tnblo, lic.l. rhnl. Lewi, lln,. m n o l l c S1SIV). Tnlile i Brni. Divorces In Puloski Outnumber Marriages . L i t t l e - riock-W)-Only 1.226 marriage licenses were issued in County Little Hock last PRESIDENT TRUMAN congratulates his new administrative assistants . David .D. Lloyd (left). Now York City, and David E. Bell, Jamestown, Rprth Dakota, following oath-laking ceremonies at the While House. 1*=, ;-_ _ . -J ,,_:... Cruisers To Become Guided Missile Ships By ELTON O. FAY WashinRton-f/Pj-The Navy soon! y o r r -- f a l l i n g 20 bclmv thV prc- w i l l 1 begin converting two henvy! '-·-: low rc«ord of 1932. For the cruisers · into the world's f i r s t ! tliird successive year, divorces ox- known jfuidcd mi?silc warships j t-'-'^it- 1 " marriage licenses. Divorces It w a s - l e a r n e d today the J3,600- Sranted in 1951 totaled 1,579--13 ton Canberra and Boston, w h i c h ! i n o r c ilian j n £^^__ have been in ihe m o t h b a l l fleet,| ~* w i l l sail from the West Coast,I Would Pay Medal.Winners probably within a week, to East Washington - f/I'i - Bcprcsenta- Coast yards fnr a start on the re-, l ' v t j OTooIc ( D - N Y ) said .today mrHrlinR. The Navy expects that when ux- tensive changes have been completed, guided missiles for t h e i r main armament .will be ready. This source declined to say how much time would be needed cither for conversion of the he w i l l introduce legislation to pay holders of tho Congressional Medal of Honor §100 monthly for life. 'ftge Increase Adopted Chicago-(flA six-cent hourly j HAl.K Hmc bookkeeper, apply I son. The Pas tuer l/i-d M i l k UISHWASHKH. npply in pcr.-.on l l c f - lin's Ciifc. South School Street. 1 in perk Company, 207_Wi-st_nickson Street. KHV" cook nnd iiishwashci-.~Aupiy in _pcraon._CoflPc Grocery, MS G a r l a n d 6 j HELP WANTKII--MALB I A1AN lor Jry Ynoltlnc fronTTV ni lill 10 p. ID. Apply in person. Honks Coffee Shup, corner of School and M o u n t a i n , _ AT TKNT iflfi" I'lriilKifwiVCS'- moths nili\ vrtur rut:* Ge M n l h i p r j i y K l \ i - ,\ cn K)R SAI,». OR T R A D K HA Y.*Wli~"bnTc" H~ifd "up." n Jj'Ui. i'tifiiir- L'ftfx. P r a i r i e i FOK ·te\T r -i WSIHI. ,1 ROOMS inr! tilth u n f u r n - I M u t l Phono tlirsW-Z. .·TrtttOM «cml. modern hnuaV'nn North Wonl»r'/._S?Ofl.l f'hmii- ZIM-n - KA!tM."co~o"d~~biiilr!lni(. iraln reni i Pl.onr 7KR-J*:. Hill I'ortrr. : 4 ROOM m i f u r n n t i r d n*piirrmcnt**Plion« i ' i STICK ~ room a p a r i m r n t w i t h p r t v a t r h n l h »nrt e n t r a n c e * 'Sir *t Circle Cn I -£--Il-lLL** 1 ** 1 **TM?' S o i l t n ' I j 1*ARGE liirnlahrd tlecplnj; room f i r M ' door. t ' r l v a t r e n t r a n c e . N r x l to Jl_".'..-!*L N . nr J h _C?J lp C" Ph _ nne 796 - xi(*ri_ V furnished a p n r i m e n t ~ Hrc- t r i c r e f r i g e r a t o r . Prtvjilr h a t h Will, lir" PI''!;... Kw »0»re. A d u l t . , f u r n U h f r t . '· _7»7IU ! wreJc 1 4 J O : _ IU_ Knit Spring Phon r U l i N I R I I E O 'V«h'lnT"l5.0l N o r t h L e v c r e t i Sirrpt * ROOM h n u a r w i t h ^ rnnni a p s r t - vnli- miimli-r rACT()HY ^:tH:,J_or ONE "i.wnc Super C IIECLSTEREI) Plume IRfifi. Everything happens in Texas. Here two flags on the same building in Fort W o r t h fly in d i f f e r e n t directions. OM Glory in the background rides a south breeze w h i l e the one up front is blown aboul by a n o r t h e r l y w i n d . Air currents swirling around downtown b u i l d inns caused the oddity. Clay ion Rand Says: J looked Jn upon a Christmas party at Trion. Georgia, where 700 HELP WANTED--KRMALF WAITRBSS. npply' iir|wrson." H v f l l n ' i _Cafc. Sniilh Rrhnol .Slrcet. SETTLKI) person fo Iivirfn"h'mni;" and do j;cncrnl housework. Write Box .1-82. ''i-Timcs K i v i i i K ntfcrcnct-s. _ EXPKRIEKCHD \vailroKF. A p p l y " in person. P.ank* Coffrc Shop lyrncr _nf Sclionl_iiiul_Mntiiitaln Slrcplx. _ _._ TYIMHTl'clrrk.'iierrcl'iiry.'jrn. PhipiTs I ,, T in _Limibcr_Co. | ;,', n ,r ATTENTION ladies in W n s h i n K i o n ! County! Work in your own home town, part or f u l l time, car de.«irnlle liut not nccusMirv. Wrlti- ' fot f u l l d r t n l l s . Write J-8-1. 'ITimes. TOR LEASIE AIODKH.N turvirr' locntcd at Irjre r mmiilnrn"""! ' AP'ARtTlKNti " w H I f u r n U h e d . B I 1 Y« . phone IS.'liM. i P» ld Xr*r Square A v a i l a b l e J»n. nu;.r i r n i l r r Cftll I ---.r~'-TM"- h --"" I A s i c m h l y rtond. / Hu(lmn.~"4 ilooi ·nsh or t r a d e n- A r k . Hl«ll.._, A par I mm 1.1 Plmiiff ;».u. U N I V E R S I T Y APARTMENTS n~n~i bedroom unfurnlihert 157.50. furnished I72.W, two btdroom u n f u r n - ished 17:.50. hlllt pn!d Ilendlx laurVry available Phnitf 2SBOR APARTMENTS on* "KtcT- . . - . . . -_ _ BLOCKS llnivcrslty. 4 rnim"npnrf- nnr p n l " I M I I l M pnlll. Phon« 2IJJW (SI I ."' . »TM... n JL' l .t 1 i'L A ''." r . l J!!'-"J"- ___ ay · N I C K f f f j c i r n c y u p a r t m ^ n l Rockwo.^d t a l i m n m l ] f l r R i t r spclion i,t 2 US ^xurllrtM huslm-ss op- 1'honp I8S nr fill;. DOGS--CATS-- PETS ·ockcr spiinicl -nnni u n h i r n l x h i it SMI 00. Sfi.'i (in; two hedrcpm u n f u r n l i h e d jr^.00 npndlx Icundry ·vailkblt Phon- KM SITUATION WANTED CAlflNC;"(or childrTnTBcnT or _ _ __ EXPERIENCED miin~wilh (nmilyriw"o boys in-18 w t t n t f t job on chicken or dairy f a r m . Salary ur PIT com i r c i U EdRninn. Htw.issp. Ark. MONKY TO LOAN . ,.,,,,,., -. cruisers or { wage increase to some 12 000 | loxtl ' e om P 1 oyers for perfection of missiles for their| workers in 13 A r m o u r plants out- wcrc cclcbratin £- side Chicago is provided in an agreement signed yesterday by and employees'. new era batteries. Funds for a start on tho conversion work, arc contained in lln KBIT'S current budget. Steel production in the first four m o n t h s ' o f 1951' in the United States was 34.5 million tons, a I new record. ' I Ihe AFL Packinghouse Workers Union with Armour and Company. Except in the mountainous west and southwest, oil-rich Saudi Arabia's annual rainfall amounts to only about 3 inches. · YOUR COST.OF-LIVING DOLLAR IS WORTH . BUT, FOR FOOD IT'S WORTH ONLY . -COMPARED TO PRE-WAR FOR BUILDING A HOME, JT'S WORTH . . . AND FOR CLOTHING , They broke bread together ami then under the leadership of o n c ! of their men they burst f o r t h i n t o : song. The rafters rang with joy as- men and women sang of peace 1 on earth and good will toward men in the Spirit of the Season. In Arkansas, Texas, Florida and Georgia I have recently pnrlici- i Jn fellowship a f f a i r s w h c r r j I 2 N o r t h Rlock FHA 1IOMK LOANS Low i n t e r e s t , Inntf terms UTLEY AND C O M P A N Y , INC. Phnne 2203 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make a u t o and f u r n i t u r e loans. Let us f i n a n c e the purchase of your ncv: or used car. Q U I C K S E R V I C E STANDARD FINANCE CO. F 5L R SALE--MlSCEI.LANEOt'8 tell your furnltiirc"~nnri "nttd s. Always n cimd dcmnnd for f u r n i t u r e Snlc every Satiir- 10 n. in. H i l t o n Bros. A u c t i o n -_Phone 177». H i g h w a y North. NORGK within* nwchlnr. P h o n L- I WANT TO RKNT ·1^^:; P-Uy IKO* SAIJ^- *t.M. r.lTAJT. _ RANCH TYPE ~ A lovely hoinr mi ;i h l y I r v r l l a « n , !!?. l)i« p i c t u r e w i n d o w o-. cr- loo!;inii r r n t f i t t IrUidnrapf ,nirl p r e t t y f c i i i u r t . * : , l(\ n t ftioicc nh'p tt city f p n |i;n(l pavrd t h o r o u f h f a r r , A r n p l r I ; \ me morn. d i n i i i K r'icit7. l»eiltt)r)rn«: n n d nu.rlrl k i r h r n : l i i ^ warilrnlic f l o s t t v n!c;imiiia t u i l h i f i f i t i i ( i x - t u r o s w i t h t u b an-.f shoivr-i 1 ; f!r- l i c h l f u ! hrrr/.r-.viiy rntmccl-: w j i l i t h e 1. 1 "tic f u l l y ·ftni.'.hncl i: - A . i f t p e w i t h acijojnini,' I d u n i h y innni. J l c r r n t l y nuiH u i i d r , F, it. A. JUKI A;TU|JICT| Ijy (irlgl- n| o w n r r v:hd i-i hcint; ti.'in, 1 -- f c r r c f l t o H i i n i f i n M;itr. Hn:nc lias l o v e l y rurtiv.-oo-l f l i M i i s . ^ c n r t i a n f-hiidc- . i i u t n i i i i i i i - j h e n t . I n s u l a t i o n o . u r h r ; i c i ;nifl :'idf- ; n-allr.. n o i i u l i t u l hrond [nun ; i d - ' iriR. Tlii,- l i n m p i. 1 ; m-n be t i e r · lh;ui new hi'eau.-o i! h,i.\ the l f l \ v n K i n d r ' d nnd pml?r| .TIH! smne planili)25. !l ti.-is city wAle*r. nly K-'s nnd P k - c i r i c l t v ! JUST $11,500 BATES REALTY K«TAT» -^ COTTAGE riVF rmmu »M b*th, ^oof furnic*, v r n ^ t U n h'inrli HlUM irt tKft Of ronflition throuthftut, Ctntfit )ici- tion. G. R. Crandell Real Estate \zn*i MA and * :st« or BOflfWfl TfN fINE ACRES . ? -r L O C \ T K D h i « h on hill top. only tivi* wi'tM no*--Otod roJi'1. mtlh *nd m4tfi r o u t e f ' r t i l r f x r d ^ n ,*n1 tfUcH- A lovely hom^ all morftrn m'ith Prit-iM fnr q u i c k IJlIr. GENEROUS OFFEU . . MU(."H /l^TTF.n t h « n Avor*i*- htmt hMn atttTf\ for ' J t i f . ' U n f l ·» fctlifh fln . wiH liv. Cornf'r lot r\ \t-xi maniri. »Io, * anrf *hru . fir« . , *T/. TH-O liCflronni*-- M v i n rortin and d*rr. »- - r ^ e u l n t r r i h r « i -- wcAihrr ilripoin^, d « u l k J n i»nfl jiorm wlnflowi Thii l« *' hom« fnr n im nf tr^clnu* Hvlnf r*rlrf rccJuctlon tirinfv this into the i - n r i i B ' n dm »b«olut*ly. * YOU AND YOURS Wit.!, hr hJtppy w i t h ihli gran-l t u p h-dmoni hnnif cm R u t h Drlvf Poll « M f f l h»rrtiv(iiv) flnori. rcamy clo^ijtr'' ant\ h u t l i l n t . Linrf»c*p«d. f r o n t *nJ Int-k y*rrti R c n u t l f u l (hruhhtryv, K r ^ « i *nrt plant*. Thl homt f» nnlf f w - y m r i nlri «nrt tb*» F.H.A -C. lf^ i.rr us'SHOW you. PIIONC TW «..d«i Rr,n 0 r_T,irnh.«r .IM i HAMMOND ' RFAITY CO V HIGHWAY FRONTAGE KltillTY |li r!i*r t . llc nnonooM rd. W r i t e KvcrlM "Mil llvlnit q i m r t STOCK TWO liiinitrrii .11-11. FARM r;irm cpini "nil _ Dan Bogen, Piano Tuner PPLES." OolTlrn'Oplirloursa (HI. Ilrri j n V Plio Dplicionv. per liunhrl. A r k i i n - ^V V- ; !· SI., or our ncrship on the face of the r a r t h . J 'it h a t of manaKcmcnt and helpers | LOST AND FOUND under the free enterprise cystcr. Wherever 1 f i n d I n d u s t r i a l T r i e - 1 iinblf- paper's" a'i tion, as I move about the country, | J'_"' W1 - Reward, it is more often not because of j LOST, some actual grievancee, but usually the result of some agitator. _Colil Storncc. H. K. Donnnn. SAVE lO'-r'b.v" huyliiK "your I l u t p n f n t tliRhwnshcr cr sink t h i s wet-k or any otbrr H n l p n l n t appliance, A n l o n m l f r _App|Unjv__Cn ._2'! |^_N. Block .St. S A V E 10'r. hy"huyi"iie yoiir ' H n l p o l n t ntl'.oni:tlic Wnshor or Hrypr fhi.i wcrk at A i i t o n i n l i c A p p l l n n c u Co, 11-in __N. Block St. GOOD" Singer'trcaclln scwiricTnaclUnr. S\vr~if f T'by" h"io, : liii:"" : (iur" Hotpoint r n n r e t h i s wri-k. A u t o i n a t t r Ap- plltiiirc Co. l l - i n N. Hlock SI. SAVE 10'. i l you b u v your H o t p o i n t r p l r l c c r a l o r t h i s wrrk. A n t n m i i l l c A p p l i n n n - Co.. l l - i n N. Illoi-k. CORN fed hoHs.Drc.iScd find ilrjiver- _fil_Ph_nnp 1-H4-J -I. COUCH nnd rover, inJipTo" t^b"lpT~fo"u"r j-hnirs_ nnd li;ii, y hu« B .v. Phone If..'l2. fl NEW Xciil;»iurr;ibbits in works otil Klnp briM-tlms stock Their n i o l h r r ^ :ire proven breedrr.i jinrt n rcRi-itored ...!im C S Krl°"' ''"""" 2 TM 7 - J ' " y S t r n w l w r r v Growers At t fill Ion! " I I I R I C A T I O N ..prlnkllnu sy.tcm will, · 2, rcntrHiijial pump and :H(| Ird n[ pipe. W i l l h:iml!c 2(1 In 411 n r r r j $7f);il)d. Jim G f l l l . R m i l u ]. Fori COMIM.KTF. "iin'wnil iatr. Wrl IIJ. wiih~ Box J-« M" SFTcionh^ 1 S A L E OF SA MPLE DRESSES Cottons ( i n l y , sizes l i - I O Also f i i l l n i i iM.-ilerials d t cost. iMin. I DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU BUY-Your dollar, generally rated by pre-war standards as being w o r t h about 53 cents, actually ranges in value from 43 cents lo $1.01, depending on w h a t you buy. Newscnarl above shows how far your dollar will so at present toward the purchase of various necessities. Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. Your Friendly Vord Dealer Since 191 y some disturber of the prarc, w h o ! | throws monkey wrenches Jnlo the | i n d u s t r i a l machine for no good j purpose. I We hear so m u c h of i n d u s t r i a l ! disorders nnd misiindcrls;mdiiiRs | and not enough of the ovnrwhnlrn- i in^ harmony and i n u l u a t respect that prevails in the nations' w o r k - ' shops. The heart of my country is j sound and, more and more, t h c | brotherhood of m a n a goes hand-in-! hand across this continent. I found a Village in a valley in Gerrrgia whore one can renew his .faith in the stability of the American System. Two Points Recaptured By Allied Infantrymen Seoul, Korea-(/ty-Tank-supporl- ed Allied i n f a n t r y m e n a t t a c k e d behind an artillery barrage t o d a y and recaptured two points rm the western front. The outbreak of fighting in Korea was ordered to regain ground lost to a Chinese assault December 28. Today's f i g h t i n g was fierce, but brief. The Eighth A r m y said at- t a c k i n g i n f a n t r y m e n were h e a v i l y engaged for an h n t i r . Then two Red groups retreated and abandoned the strong points to the Allies. The a c t i o n was west of K o r a n - Times nrrirr WANTED^ TO BU» nASEMENf~conj"~flifnii'cc 1lT Rood ,-.7fj. r __ KEATHKTlfi now or"ii paid. Central I-'c-itli scil. Best prices r C o . IJ-n K a n - l V I l l i n o i FOK SALE--AUTOMOTIVK PERSONALLY ENDORSED U S E D C A R S 1951 H u d s o n Hornet Club Coupe. Radio and 'heater, Hydromafic drive. Very low mileage. New car .guarantee. 1949 Ford V-8 Custom Tudor. 1947 Hudson Convertible. Radio nnd Heater, Overdrive. 1946 D o d g e 1'/i-ton. Heater. Vacuum brakes. 1948 Civilian Jeep. 1946 Civilian Jeep, 1941. Cadillac 4-door. V e r y clean car. 1938 Buick 4-door. OZARK MOTOR CO. THE PYPER CO. 439 West Dickson. Phone 2326 · wirircare~for ; i i 7 U L!Krj new loi"fr~whVrY"fn\irlCPn' ""foVit t r n i l c r . 10 inuh c l u f l f n n c r fnr C H S V In.-iditiR I n d p p o n d c n t hfijcy whcdl iti.tpcnr.lnn. Four new six ply tires and .spnrc. I i u l l d n R hlti-h. Slop und iinnin* l i g h i s . mndi: by Gr»y Trail- r Co. ol Knn Angrlo. Tcxns. MHV hr scon ill Phillips Motor Co. V' c l t c v i l l c or call 3137-W-2. H ' V - ; · -- F L N I f c H work. «ny typt nr have yon? Cirt-lf Court*, H i t f h w n y _7!_South. FOR p n i n tlM*iT~"ii(iVock" wool "Iniuln- _tlon_c*1l 23RO.I. KOIt naper"h»n|(er~nf r ""piiint"r". _358W. ________ ONK day service by ' ' the- I l o l l d n y srnnnn. __C|*« nri-j. P hoji e 2302 _ ______ 24 HOUR SERVICE ON ~ Hrmitllchlng, Pleating, Cov«r»d Buttons, Button Hold, Tolloftd Belit and Buctcln. Special Attinllon given Mall Order*. Satltfactlon or Moniy Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. _ 1» S.I. . S t . . FuTfllivlll* EXCAVA'TTFG" B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, F i l l Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N ___ 'Phone 249 Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 212 V i r g i n i a Avp., hox 14.1 U. Stu. Fayclltvlllc ~ ~ h,i\ land, cd. two K, nnd other Ev« Phont K 0 Mammon* 1371 J. A Jirvti 1SMW f ruiqn Kincaid Co. WADE FINCHER rxl «nrl JriMiraiu- A_rrartp Birlff -- Plioiif film "pRICEb"RIGHT" drni home. K«rnf!f. * ROOM *n h o i . A l l f c n r r r i . Sch K n r d c n . Six Price Ml 400 rm. WHEELER REALTY CO. Owrk Thenler Bidr Phimg ja_H ^ Nl|hl*_2i2fhJ iiffvcr vni-nnl. only J ycwrn old! $r..:.nn. W r l t r nox_J.77. ·-.Tlinci j VICHY M n n l l hoiiftr rtnrl^lot n\ ft\t:c \ _(»f_tfwn. Prlrc Sflnn 00. Phone 2'.'0:i I 5 A C H E f o r m , A room lmu«t food well. ! vrllnr. c h l c k r n hniisr. |ar)i«n. P)T- { t r l c i t y . not m-irtern, by ownnr, Prirc i ^ , n.,',0( Tf-tn^. Would lake xood ; Arca« rnr In on It. .1 mllri front Llncnln nl SuniinTs on R'J HI eh W A V Phone S M M I . Lincoln. »rynn Hefd. SEE"THIS K A l l T i r U l . bninr. every inndrni ron- viMitcnt-r. L»riir rornrr lit. K**ul)hil *hadr «nd sbrtibbcry. Ntirlh Cent r a 1 lorn i Ion Vriy H t l r x c t l v r t e r m f bv .iwnrr. For d*Mnl!cti I n f o r m a l l n n . c o n t n e t · Automotive ·Fire · Health and Accident · Polio ·Liability · W O R K M E N ' S COMPENSATION · Plate Glass ·Burglar^ I N S U R A N C E ' Automobil* - liability Fir» - Exlendtd Covtrog* Polio - Plott Gioii WADI FINCHfK Ph*n« Ml "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE! GOLDEN Wlncstip. . Phone 2-1 UTUJTY ~APILES T 1 Delicious. Fled Uellcioun. IiiKpccllon f n v i l r r l . "Wijf" Ark; Colii Sturaxc, or ; I.ITGGACE. s u i t cnnns. foot lo^ltrFs. brief cavm. B-4 baKs. O'nlto faxes. toilot kits. etr. A complete Una 'AMPTON'S A n M V S t r n P L U S STORK ! .'LOWERS the si7t~nioai' apprrclaleTj b.v evrryonc. Phone ^fl,'!.!. . Berry'i Fjrnver-i. 4.1 Soulh Grggi; __ QUALITY USED P I A N O S ECONOMICALLY P R I C E D S O U T H W E S T PIANO SERVICE 502 Soulh College Phone 3021^-J332W. TERMS IDEAf MAHRESS CO. Wi m««t or b»at any competition ^^ 401 WEST DICKSON FOH HENT-- MISCELLANEOUS J. W. H i l l ELEQRIC CO. Quality InitalUrt ·PUMPS «POWER Phon« 24, Wtit fork DITCH DttiGlNG* roOTINGS--wn t « i , f a t «nd iewrr rillchra. septic t a n k holei. Difiini and back f i l t l n « . Call 2D3«. Bryee Da via FOR SALE-jtEAL BV owner,"" 5 room hnii»* ~on Ei»l Mnplc Strcfit. Has Inrjtc rooms anri himpnicnf. A u i o m n l l c h r n l . I,ot« of J! h !L^^'°°j t _ln_^uniinffr : _C)|il i l 2(MH 2 ACRES find. 4 room house. 2~Tocmi hoiui^. jtHx, electricity In houvt Citv wjitrr by lli* rloor. d r i l l e d well now ln IIM -_ £honir_l'I56n. _ NOB" HILL PROPERTY" ON 71 hlRhw-jiy, n mllri north of M o u n l n ! n b u r « . the owner now llvt* in UnNii.v he la anxlniiN lo sell (his properly. We r a n sell II a l l , J n . cflhtn^. i n «rro» u n i m p r o v e d or jii a dt' intcr fl the sl. building, and at price And termi w i t h o u t 2 ROOM hnOse. _(ir .vcflr. A. C^ liability A u l c m o b i l t G. R. Crandell Real Estate l« N o r l h Kn»I I'linnr !5«« or 1223 BUSINES^OPPORTUNITY W K hiivr an r x r r l l f n l KOIIIK Innlnc*-. It rxn be purcbMHcd w l l b o u t prcin- tiiin. Cimr in Nnrl let in rilicuu It U1LEY COMPANY, INC. ,, t utlfy ,, , yMrt REALTORR LENDERS I N S U n O R S · iMfillH Cull J. J. =20:1. lit.. 131 nr««W«nl · . . HC^OI n i. u i i r y 2zo.i. np« if,TM/ I Ttlfphon* J701 - Hialih Accid»nl Burglary UTLEY CO. Gtorgt F. Caudle Viet l'r««idffnt * Innurincv Mfr. Springdal* RO, just south of the :l8th p a r a l l e l j 191 CHEVROLET"pfchuprrlccri"rFa- anrl about 10 miles norl.hca.--t of the truce village of P a n m u n j o m . Three other small fights--all s t a r t ed by lied probes--were reported along the 145-mile f r o n t . Card Of Thanki We wish to express our ninco.rt: thanks nnd appreciation to n u r many f r i e n d s who were so k i n d to us d u r i n g I the. illness and dealh of my hmbitml and my childrcn'i f a t h e r , and also to _S(iiiablc. Phono 2,1Fl! 1917" PLYMOUTH "fo b.ick up liRbls i;ui 2fi Sonth_ luiiversi 5fl I'ANEL Ford t r u i rluplcx ' w . A v 2:i(IW N'cu ^ .nbartmriH. nn- i l n h l n t n i m p r t - f i v e 0'- WrMvillc. MUST sell Sliidch:ikc tr door, fojt nnd in, he;iier. $10') li'i. y. Phono 2747W. ·k."trarlc ishcd J n y _ S i - r a l i r before Jnnunr.v j 131! . rxcollcnt r n n d l t i n n ncv I West Dickson. FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK TWO bcdro | fnrnish.-ri i n t r l y . PI,,, ! __flock. __ 2 ROOM ~f~ii . Jlilotrh from n ilOOM iindirnishnri n p n r t m e n t " on · bus line-. PbdiiR 2fiifiW. I i.-nim'~'rmiin f t i r n i s h r d " a n n r l m p n t ' · Phono 14H7W or K^ al ^13 WpM Mcndow j i l l o r , r . p. m _ _ ROOM f u r n i s h e d apnrtm'cnir Hl'lls pnlri. Phonr 222fill. llinnk them for ihe h c a u d f u l offcrinss. Mrs. Roy Broylcs Mr. and Mrs. Buhs R i c k o t t s Mr. and Mrs. Cnrt Brovlen Mr. and Mrs. K c n n c l h * Broyti WII1TF. J«cc_ heifer caflT 3'w'EKK old kids! S-dO from rrRislcr- ; rd Alpine 1 and N u b i a n Biifks. Brb i Pounds. 'arniinglon. 20 COn"N~fcy_"steers. '"Phoh~r~:tojnw: JERSEY t-ou-," piK.""nIC(T f;it hoR. Pho'n MHR3. Joe Ed Pirrcc. PIGS for n n l n . A l s o n-Kistcrcd OT ninlf" A r t h u r (,'nrmody, .T^ m:lc Southwrst G r o r n i n n d . Buy For $16,000 and Sell BKFOHK himimrr it over for JZrj'ftOO 518 nrrcs. clo«c In. on ilnlc h l f h w u y w l i b modern home nnd it whale of * food Mock f n r m . K«fdt «onie clenn- inK up. «redlm. nnd w i t h a H t t k s h n p t n a u p w f l h o i i l K doubt t h i s place would or 11 b!*fnre the num- mcr ii over *t J23.Wn «nd be « biirffAin. Thin ii « good buy for someone who like* to make K xood p r o f i t . It Is certainly (t Rood buv for aomront who w a n t s to f i x Up' x stock (arm for n p e r m a n e n t home. W B h a v e J u s t ll*ted onr of the better homes in Llncnln. .T hedrnorm. modern, e v e r y t h i n g in perfect condition inside and out, city K*, c i t y w«t?r lari;p b a t h r o o m , b i t l l l - i n v u t l l M y room, hot and cold w»ter. hl juTtrnr-H In porch, ?. car K u m a r , l i t I IP cow barn, c h i c k e n home. Plenty of younf f r u i t , herrirt, etc. On/- ncre land. Can he bought for 7,000, on good term*. , Check The Actual Income! SPECIAL NOTICE We^.l^aye apl|j^i^^g|jgiber of new Singer Sowing Machines that have been used as f l o o r demonstratorsiS New machine guarantee and the Singer sewing course given with each machine, Reasonable terms up to 20'* off SINGER SEWING CENTER 18 South East St. Fayefteville. Phone 2287 icnt. U t l l l - t f r s paid Kurn.-Kc heal. A d u l t x . _ P j i o n r I'M nr no.1 1 ON t h i s f a r m . You can hp miured It I KmctKNcV~"nnarl"inrnl "~fnr ""iW?. | ^'".^^"V^ 'tft-. 1 **"* ,l""«. ""? | every ( b i n d f u r n i s h e d -- J. r ,o FOIJR room n p : i r l r n r t i l . I S blocks n(l "SWEET AND LOVELY"; e THE MAN THAT WROTE THAT TUNE MUST HAVE BEEN THNKING OF OUR CARS £ IT FITS THEM TO A "T" . :§ 1950 Ford 8, Custom, 4-door. Overdrive, Hadio, Haattr, Nfw S^at covers. Low miltaqc. A Honey. 1950 Nash Statesman, 4-door. Light blue. Radio, H«altr, O/tr- drive. A real iweel car. 19X9 Nash 600, 4-door, 2-tone. Overdrive, Healer, etc. You canY .beat this .one. Card Of Thanks ·annot r^prrsn our sinci-n Ihanlci «nri (ipprcciMion lo our mntr friends who wcrc so kind to us d u r i n g ' FOR SALIC--1IOMF NF.EDS ·iir recent hcrcnvcrncnt nnd loss ol : r « r » i * i « " · " iur loved one. Mctva Dell Duncan, ' ,, L ,. . , . and also the h e n u t i f u l flornl o f f e r - I SPtl /.[.'« t( '» ln | Used C«r, i c l r i f ·rn non 1 Sui very for u n i t e o f f h T V I , grade n and ? t i f l )nr o f f i c e «nd home lo I llninniiiml I t r n l t y Co a p ^ r t m r n t In J n r l h C h u r c h . ; mv Phonr 7»1 , · t - f r l R c r j Mr. F. K. Du The Bill M(n ican Knnnly NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S ihcr $ f.:i m i ; 5 HO on ' s tin if.,, (»i W H A T did you the npplumcc . .. . . S r s ir. on ' s 29 m . for Christmas in H i n t you would n by. I m.iy havr- . v h a t you ntT't nnd we ran t r n d i Rate: .1 cents per word s.nglr in- KIIOUICS A I ' I ' I J A N C K CO. ·crtion. Three consecutive insertions. HI N o r t h Hiock Phnnc ^0; cent-, per word. M i n i m u n i order 4L'c. I "Your Kelvinator Dealer" C l n n s i f f e d nds cnth in ;tdvanfce--not \ JJJJKP" ],i (l! Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory BABY SlITINCi .aken over the telephone Deadline for r l n s s i f l c i l ml.i: 10.10 m rintl.v; ft:.10 a. m. Saturday C o r r f r t l n n s n n d r r r u n r h r c r f u l l v innrtc a f t e r (irsl Insertion. Mo corrrr- or rerun made n i t e r nrt ban rx- p l r r d , NOTE: A d v o r l l s i n f copy for other P«Rri In dup nt 12 noon i h r dny pr^- inf publication; IS noon S n t u i t l n y pub)irnlion on Monday. INSTRUCTION^ COMPLEfft your high "srhonf nThome in spnre time. Texts fuyitshcd. 1)1- plomn. No tlmscs. Kend lor 47 p»cr booklet Nnd inmple lemon free American School. PO Box 1RH, K u r t k a SprlnR*. Ark,in*iin TRANSPORTATION W A N T K H . Piv Hroi Co ATTKN1) 01 r i n y n m r n privercd l i v i n g room i ami ( h a i r , Sio.OO. Lewis In K i n n i K KoimAi. · prt-wlmol rhtlclrcn. d.iy - ·· ol mnirc tlon Moil: 1770. !0 n. m K u r n i t u r r lor in t h e liuinc One lol out H i l l n r i Hrnv. A u c - i£liw;iy 71 N o r t h , phone BEMJTY SHOP AUCrVs HKAUTY~"SHfTi'" Now up town, 7!i K M o u n t a i n St Alit;i : mid M i i r i h u . Phone 6iO -il I.cwll Ilro ) roi.vAnn'S IIEAUTY SHOP L'OI W Mrxlow-Phono .-.«« M:trh S.1.M)-ij| Cnld_^v(ivp $5 riorenc* UlekKi. ifmt* n f l f r flral of year Phin priced $2') 00 to Co.. Inc. liAItGK "exicnhion d i n i n K and six m n t r b l n g e-hnlri. $75 00 f,ot | I^iwU nro*. Co., Inr. I Kl.KCTRlC r c f r i K r r , i t o r niid ' r n n u r . | PKlCKK'rr'S likAUTY SHUP" Older n i r u l i - a bul In [ i r r f r r l w n r k l n K I BRt,IA»Lt »O«K r o n d l l l o n . \ V i l l irndr- for K,M m t i R r . 2Q.1 N Rlot-k I'hone 7* KM h r n t c r t or s l u d i o couch Phrne - ^^^^*^^%*MN«MM^^^.^^^W^^X^ 8A _ NI A ^P. ^^AXTI. ROAD AND D R I V E W A Y ORAVE1. - AJ^O TOP SOIL Phone 15MJ nnd 305J KNCil.IKII ("-··rt cr.i hi. indr flnrrlr.v' c r . i R l H l l.fwlB llrtn. C o . I n r . N'Tiy'lViiicirl.i'in 'lh r x i - l l i n n r i n n a n i o n nr f p r u r o colon) Hros Co , Inc. w i t h i barn, w r i t a u t o m a t i c wa'torf r«. brood, t-rs. lord carrier. There In a t r n a n l house, 2 water iy*tcmi w i t h *mpl" i t i p p l y of Rood wairr. Thu f a r m nrw r n r r y l n g 29 head of slock ftttrt c r r t n i n l y a l o v r l y home find n l f a s - Miil j)lac»- to Dvr on nil route* Thr price is S17.r.f)0. Trnn* can br n r r a n e r d . nnd In mr t r l l you. It ) one of the good plarr* of Ihr c o u n t y NEWLIN REALTY WF.KT rnnn ARK 1946 Nash 600. 4-door. Very cl«an. · 1944 Ambossodor -door. 2-lon«. Ov«rdriv«, «le. 1941 Oodgo X-door. Very nico. 1942 Chevrolet 2-door. 1941 Chevrolel Coupe. · 1940 Chevrolet 5-passengir Cdupt. Several other good ones to choose from. MODERN MOTORS 125 W. MOUNTAIN . · PHONE 25$ 8 -c U4 AN OPPORTUNITY Openings ore ovoiloble for a limited number of high school graduates, age 23 to 31, for permanent work in pipe line connection gangs. Good wages and working conditions. Regular assignments at permanent locations. Send letter giving age, edu» cation, and experience to Personnel Director, Box 381, TulMb Oklahoma. Attach recent snqpshot. .,-?·'',·

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