Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 17, 1974 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 17, 1974
Page 26
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26 «· Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., July 17, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S How Arkansas 1 Congressmen Voted Nuclear Insurance Amendment Rejected ' -WASHINGTON -- Here's how Arkansas Members of Congress were recorded on major roll call votes July 8 through July 10: The Senate returned from · its holiday recess on July 8, thel House a day later. IN THE HOUSE Rejected. 138 for and 267 against, an amendment to set a 1978 expiration date for a law relating to accident insurance at nuclear power plants. The U. S. Treasury now liable for compensating victims of nuclear accidents. The amendment was offered to a bill (H.R. 15323) to gradually Steeleye Span Making Tour Of America .. YORK (AP) There are beer and sandwiches wait-, ing in the dressing room for Steeleye Span, a British folk- rock band touring in America this summer. It's in the contract now. ." ""Times before, we didn't know enough to ask for it," ose. But if you break in Amer,ca, the rewards are much big- spid Joe manager. Lustig, Steeleye's 'We used to eat Pro- 'col Harum's leftover food and se'nr the roadie out for Cokes." · At least since the time of Ring George III, when a fife and drum corps was dispatched with the 29lh Grenadiers to subdue Boston, British bands have b'e'en coming to America. '"America is a real gamble." Said Tim Hart, a guitarist who moved out of the folk pubs to help start Steeleye in 1969. "You lay out a lot of money. II audiences don't like you, you ger. On three previous American .ours, Steeleye was a supporting act, a bane! to put on before headliners like Procal Harum or Jethro Tull. They are headlining most of their dates this year, going down well with audiences and collecting favorable reviews. Slceleye -- five men and Maddy Prior's clear, soaring soprano -- applies the idiom of electronic rock to English traditional music. They play reels and rounds and sing pastoral ballads in five-part harmony with electric fiddle, three amplified guitars and rums. The name. Steeleye Span, is that of a hard-eyed wagoneer in an old, country tune. The band has had three chart-rated albums in England and turned an unaccompanied Latin chant inlo a successful single there last Christmas. They are comfortably successful at home and perhaps on the verge of breaking in this coun try. Two Arrested For Illegally Transporting Alien Harvesters BENTON, Ark. (AP) --. The discovery of 52 Mexican citizens in a refrigerated tractor- trailer truck Tuesday led lo the arrest of two Chicago men on a charge of illegally transporting aliens, the stale Transportation Commissioner said. Enforcement agents from the commission stopped the truck For a routine check on Interstate .30 near the Pulaski-Saline County line and found the Peacekeeping : Commission in Saigon Meets [ SAIGON, South Vietnam (AP) -- The four-nation international peacekeeping commission met today for its first regular session i n t h r e e months. The agenda was routine, but informed sources said the meeting was intended to prod the warring Vietnamese to resume suspended military and political negotiations. The commission is made up of Iran. Indonesia, Poland and Hungary. . rTheir target was the Joint fjjlitary Commission, made up of representatives of the South Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong, and the. four-party_ Joint Military Team, which includes the United States and North South Vietnam as well as the Vietnamese and Viet aliens jammed into the trailer like cattle. Harry Tyson of the commission, one of the off'eers who stopped the .truck, said the driver, Jesse G. Adams, 26, and the truck's owner, William R. Dcvitt, 30, were arrested. D. M. Pfeifer of the Border Patrol said the aliens were on their vyay from El Paso, Tex., lo Chica'go to harvest crops when Tyson and R. A- Bishop discovered them. He said the aliens made the 1,000-mile trip sitting or squatting on the floor without chairs, toilet facilities or any other conveniences. The floor was littered with filth, including remnants of sack lunches, food wrappers and soft drink cans. Soggy cigarelte butts were everywhere and there was evidence of human excrement. Pfeifer said the driver had two previous convictions for illegal transportation, but the convictions did not involve hu- nans. Pfeifer said the driver told him he received $25 per head for the laborers -- a total of $1,300 for the trip. The workers were to receive $75 each for their labor, Pfeifer said. After picking the crops, Pfeifer said the aliens probably would have fanned out into other parts of the country and taken up illegal residence. "We know there are a number of organized smuggling op- eralions operating out of El It is not just artistic compulsion that carries British bands to America. There are very real financial limits in England, said Hart; only a handful of performers can sell more than 100,000 albums, a small number by American standards, and few halls outside of London seat more than 2,500 people. Two months on Ihe road and you hit every stop worth making. "No matter how big you are you can't really make ^ tha much money in England," he said. "One major success in America and you can live th rest of your life." Hart, 26. pulled a silver to bacco tin from his pocket am rolled a few strands of'Boar' Head into a neat, thin ciga rette. "Damp tobacco," he an nounced. "Better for you." Steeleye lost $45,000 on "it first three American tours,' h said, money fronted by thei record company and recoupe by last Christmas' This trip, he said, ift insurance responsibility to] uclear utilities, with the trans- r lo be completed by 1987. The effect of setting the 1378 ate -- before the transfer is mpleled in 1987 -- would have een lo force more congression- oversight of safety proce- urcs at nuclear power plants. After rejecting the amend- ent. and thus keeping the 1987 implction date, the House issed the overall bill and sent to the Senate. Supporters argued that all the P acts on reactor safety are not et known, and that Congress lould not, therefore, lock the ation into insurance proce- f ures. Opponents argued that Ihe mendment was an attempt to lock construction of nuclear ower plants. They said Con- ress'must act now lo assure n orderly transfer for the insu ance burden. Rep. Bill Alexander (D-l) ohn Hammerschmidt (Ii-3) lay Thornton (D-4) and Wilbur lills (D-2) voted "nay." IN THE SENATE Passed, 47 for and 44 against an amendment to deny federa ubsidies for amateur athletics uch as the Olympics. The amendment was attached o a bill (S. 3500) to creat a five-member federal sports board to arbitrate disputes between the feuding National Col- cgiale Athletic Association and the Amateur Athletic Union. The bill now goes to the House. The amendment would have authorized $25 milion seed money lo estabish a Na- lional Sports Foundation. Most of the money probably would i a v e subsidized Olympic- xnmd athletics. Supporters of Ihe fund cut argued, that athletics should be jrivaloly financed. Sen. Dowey Barlless (R-Okla.) said. "The ederal government at this time cannot afford the luxury of financing sports . . . $25 million is not exactly peanuts." In opposing the amendment. Sen. S.C.) propos sports. Russel am si Ameri letic c 'Sena and Jr "yea." ATO for an ment t gross clear lions, nounc The lo S. would the pt Thunderstorms Move By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gale-force winds and heavy rains poured over the Pacific Northwest coast today, while a cold f r o n t triggered thundershowers from the Central Rock- ies eastward. Quillayute, Wash., measured nearly an inch of rain and Newport; Ore., more than halt an inch. Rai ter in and i With slowlj sighte dred, Thu Gulf morn South Slronv Thurmond (R- ·lid, "This is a one-shot lion to get this amateur program going." Sen. Long (D-La) said, "I k and tired of seeing a beaten" in foreign ath- mpetilion. ors J. W. Fulbright (D) in McClelland (D) voted H1C AID Rejected. 4G. 49 against, an amend) make it easier for Cono veto tile sales of nu- re actors to foreign na- uch as sales recently and to Egypt and Israel. amendment was offered 3698. The amendment have given either house wer to block such agree- ments. In rejecting the amendment, the Senate voted to keep the Jill's original language, which permits the blocking of such agreements, but only if both houses to vote against. The bill now goes to the House. Supporters argued that the amendment would restore Congress' role in conducting foreign policy. Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis) said, "What we are dealing with is no less than (he potential power to blow entire nations off the map." Opponents argued that the amendment would be loo restrictive on the President's foreign policy powers. Sen. Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) said, "It we go further, we are going to Eastward From West Coast fall of less than a quar- :h sprinkled the Rockies iper Miscsissippi Valley. thunderstorms moving eastward, a tornado was Mate Tuesday near Kin- N-D. idershowers along the Coast dwindled towarc ig except in Georgia atic Clear skies consulted from the central and southern Plains to the central and northern Atlantic Coast. Temperatures were cool in the Northeast this morning. with readings in the 50s and low 60s common. 'Readings before dawn rarfgec from 92 at Yuma, Ariz., to 43 at Rr.ndfnrd P n . nfringe directly on the Prescient." Other' opponents said IB U.S. must remain a leader n exporting reactors or nations vith less stringent safeguards - such as France -- will take vciv Fulbright voted "yea" and VIcClellan voted ''nay." HOSPITAL UNIONS Passed 64 for and 29 against; the con- crence report on the bill to permit employes of nonprofit lospitals to form unions. Under the Wagner Act of 335, such employes were permitted to unionize, but that right was taken away by the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. The report (S. 3203), if passed by the House 'and signed by the ^resident, would again allow lospilal employes to form unions. The measure 1 contains safe- uards to delay strikes that would interrupt patient care. Supporters argued that hospital employees deserve the right to form unions. Opponents argued that the measure does not contain enough safeguards strikes, and fails to against protect those 'persons whose religions forbid " them from joining unions. · McClellan voted "nay" Fulbright did not vote,^ and hit single ... r . ,.- they ma break even, could make som money and might just brea out big. Some of the signs are alreac there: hotel clerks' no longe ask three times for the spellin of "Steeleye;" there was press party in New York, the first for the band in the city; and they are headlining, which Hart said could mean the difference between a $5,000 concert fee and the $750 paid supporting acts. But it is still Holiday Inns and Hertz cars this trip; there are no limousines waiting at airports, not yet. Cong. Both groups have been suspended for two months because of a dispute over the Viet Cong's diplomatic immunity .- arid privileges in Saigon. : ; ;;:;0n the battlefield. North and S;p n t h Vietnamese troops "--. .clashed for the second day in "·" the central highlands near the ;·· Cambodian border, and the Sai..'. gon command claimed 50 North "·'' Vietnamese were killed. It rev,' ported five government dead. In Cambodia, the government reported air attacks four days ;·, ago on fuel and ammunition depots, a training camp, a com: mand post, and a truck park in Paso and this has all the earmarks of such an operation," Pfeifer said. He said this was the largest number of illegal aliens apprehended in Arkansas that he could remember. The Mexicans were held in the North Little Rock city jail pending their processing for return to Mexico. Pfeifer said a few of them probably would be detained as witnesses. When Tyson and Bishop slopped the truck and asked the driver what he was hauling, he said the truck was empty. But the agents looked through a small door at the front of the trailer and saw the aliens. Interstate Movers Asks 61 Per Cent Rale Increase LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The state Transportation Commission took unde radvisement Tuesday a request by moving companies in the slate to raise their interstate rates. Commissioner Troy R. Douglas, who presided over a hearing on the matter, said he expected a decision by the com- ·mission early next week. During the hearing, the commission was told that people who move' household goods between cities in Arkansas are being subsidized by those who move within cities. A t t o r n e y ' H a r r y E . Mcbermott Jr. of Little Rock, representing the moving companies, said moves from city- to-city lost money for the companies because of the state limit on rates. McDermott said the Khmer Rouge territory 50 to 85 miles northeast of Phnom ' Penh. The Cambodian command also claimed that 100 Khmer Rouge were killed and three I .: captured in a battle west of Ou- 'dong, the provincial capital 20 miles north of Phnom Penh which government forces retook last week. _ Tax : \m IRS List -Prepared For While House ."WASHINGTON audit results sent to the White House to justify an Internal Revenue Service investigation of actor John Wayne show repeated assessments of up to $462,312 for back taxes against seven other cnterlainers. The list was prepared by the IHS in 1971 lo convince aides of .President Nixon that tax collec: tors were not harassing Wayne, a political supporter of Nixon. The list was made public on Tuesday as evidence in the House Judiciary Committee's jinpeachmenl investigation. ,-Memos and testimony from former While House investigator John J. Caufield said the material was prepared by Vernon Acree, then an IRS assist; ant commissioner. Caufield gave the list on Oct. 6, 1971, to 'John W. Dean lit, then White House counsel. The information showed Wayne had been assessed $237,331 in taxes for 1066, $7,396 for 1965 and $6,389 for 1964 and was under audit for the years 1967- fi9 as well as a rcaudit for 1966. Caufield said Acrcc compiled information on other entertainers, plus California Gov. Ron- .aid Reagan, a former actor, T-who were considered to ho in a ·irtughly similar financial situ- 4tlon lo Wayne, Gurney Pleads Innocent Tuesday JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Sen. Edward J. Gurney has pleaded innocent to conspiracy, bribery, cover-up and perjury charges and says he has not decided whether from office. The Florida he resign Republican en- lered the pleas on Tuesday in a quick and quiet arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Joseph Hatehett. Gurney was released on a $1,000 signature bond. Asked by newsmen alter the arraignment if lie plans to resign from the Senate, Gurney replied, "That's a consideration, but I don't wanl to leave you with the impression that I'm resigning." Both the Miami Herald and the Florida Times-Union quoted an unidentified Gurney aide as saying later, however, that Gurney will definitely complete his current lerm, which expires in January. Gurney also told newsmen he's still considering whether to run for re-eleclion Ihis year but that he is encouraged by an almost unanimously favorable public response. Gurney, the first senator to be indicted in office in 50 years, made his court appearance well ahead o f ' t h e Aug. 1 deadline'to answer seven criminal charges brought against him by a special federal grand jury lasl Wednesday. The indictment alleges Gurney and six olhers conspired to raise $233,000 in Gurney's behalf from Florida builders and developers in return for his influence with federal housing officials. Gurney also is charged with accepting a condominium apartment as a bribe, allempt- ing lo cover up Ihe scheme and 'lying lo the grand jury. loss 'must be made up with higher charges for nonregu- lated moves within cities. The movers want a rate increase for moves between cities. McDermott said the increase would affect only one of 10 moves. The other nine are within the cities, he said. He said the movers need a 61 per cent increase to obtain the cost-revenue ratio to which they are entitled. McDermott said the movers asked only for a 43 per cent increase on line hauls and 44 per cent increase on packing charges. He said, however, the movers were entitled to increases on all services because 'of increased cost. Arkansas Consumer Research has intervened in the case. Indian Smallpox Epidemic Claims 20,000 Lives NEW DELHI, India (AP) _ The Indian government says a smallpox epidemic in eastern Bihar state has spread to two states despite eradication cam- neighboring intensified paign. D e p u t y Health Minisler Amiya Kisku reporled at least 18,000 persons have died of smallpox this year in Bihar, where 91,436 cases were reported through June. He said the epidemic also has taken 1,700 lives in West Bengal and 500 in Assam. Other authorise sources reported a total of 140,308 smallpox cases so far this year in all of India, or about 85 per cent of the world total of 164,313 reported to (he World Health Or- ganiation. Only three other countries-Ethiopia, Pakistan and Bangladesh -- still have epidemic smallpox. WHO hopes to eradicate the disease from those areas as well as from India by Ihe end of 1974 or 3ar]y 1975. ROSE DREAM NO-IRON SHEETS OPEN DAILY 9-10{ SUNDAY CLOSED WED.,THURS., FBI., SAT. LOW-CUT FOOT SOCKS Our Reg. 54* - 4 Days Only Walk in bare-leg comfortWhitecotton/ j stretch nylon. 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