Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 3, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1952
Page 2
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MM. KATMtMN DOZJM J, A th* Mminippi VaHrr Hlttr, , . . Association In Sew Yorit. ' : .*!(i T. J. wirifcTT,,,' j'.inic r;, ; arrived yoitriJay v ':«· ·.'.* guv of Mr. awj Mrj. O. A. Mr-. K-,r! Jorif- a.-xi ...... , , Ksir-i K.iy a:rf Biliy Ma-k. I r f i DIMES SQUARE, SIGNIFICANTLY | OCCUPANT-OWNED HOMES OUTNUMBER RENTALS Daily Calendar of Events OW9H \ "' : i j ». «v : . ;;.in..i.iiriiiiiiifiiiiiiiliiiimiimiii I f/'"-'. r "'[':'5', /'''V.. : r '' Tonight iri l-rzir;n A u x i l i a r y . ij?jir; n Hut. ":Vj .T.4 I'M. Cr,;c Ci'1'./fr/irM, 7,30 K. I'.r.O.. H«f.:u!i(y ft.v.-r.;, 7:'.'i Comminde/y. Mawme. Ha.'!, 7:30 Friday . . . Cor.Uct Ciuti. V.'aihinjl'.-n I!',!"!, s. in. KayeKfyiile.aosrrt R'eslwrj, r'eieufjn'i, )2 XtS( Cer.tury Ciub. Mrj, !,. D. Tra.jw, 3 s«!(tvl!ie Aurulm (il U'e CTnderu-riter rit Mudhtns, X!ra,'.n, B. Msxwe!!, 7:;n Ijlelclier PoeJIc Drama to Be .GiwnjftM j ^ " ' · ·.- j Tit?- -fiiMt rw^fofrrt'ntfe of th** poic'ftrsrna, "A Siisrro^ Full*," f/^tfcf Ute John f/wM t .ftacher 12 V* J,. '1 turn in W«iwff FifM. HM'.O;., ! M*y*., upoft completion /! hi*. ; leave. Open House Held At Shuitz Home K by H. Prcsitvri M*Cruder, and J-x Cjrncr is in chaigr of .luhlms, ' In ib; cant are Don Love!.,' prinjfdata;- Ann .;on«, Mountain; ·fn-*; Terry 1 V/hw.rr, Ericinc,,' alif.: Frfrf K'.-rr, CharlM Hath- Barb-sra Bennett, and R i c h - ? -d Rot brock, Fartlcrvi!ic. D a h - ' rile 'Ad MIX and Lou Milf.r, Ki do; At Hfticiwood. Cu«Tdcm;J y Buckley, Carhsle, William j fcilla, Gould; Bichard Lynch, Fort! liith; George Frsc-man, Mag-! oil;.; Jamcx Foster. Ratesvillc;; ommy Madin. Miami, Okl*. t *nd' aul Phlbfo.). ftllHwfttcr, QM». The curtain will ris*: *?arh nijhl E o'clock. -.Adrnfitflfm will be PC for holder* of University Th* . er season ticket*, bift there will: t stn acfmiAskm chare*! for other?,' is box office will hf open f o r ' nervation* ffvory af if moon be- uninp January 9, pert' Meeting Planned I y University Women 1 The r'l/cttcvllle branch of Ihe | ifsri AtiofiAlfon of Univer- ! y Women will have an open j ctllna; Tuctdty at 8 p. m., In the j me Koom nf the Student Union.! cnt/-rt»!n«! at the Skultz ho.iif on N'otth Colitjc-, wilh o;^n house on Kt-v Ycjr'j Day. Ahout 75 sue*',* fstSed during the hours from 4 to ? p. m. Dec- orationi for the occasion tfrtfwJ thr holiday rr;oMf, fivrn in the varic!/ of cut flov.-ers arranscrl throughout the house. IMP: 14,*X,QOQ DWtUINC UNITS ?.Y 44% OCCUPIED BY OWMF.KS I 1950: 42,500,000 DWELLING UNITS | . [ 45% OCCUMIO iY KtNTt»5 | IN W DECAOI .'rom 1S!0 to 155-5 tr« r.u.rb;.- - im.U, !h:s chsrt .-^^rie from O.liU-i tjrca^ f-i f J.- 55% OCCUPIED BY OWNERS t r'jpan!.-o.'/ncd homes his passed the number of rental i'.o'.vs. Each symbol rcprczcn',3 2.000.000 dv/cHinjj unitl. Springdalc announce the birth r , f : The University o! Arizona has- | *Jverti»« In the TIMgg--It p»fi i daughter. January 2, a; ;h e ifc^bail team selcca a sa.T:c c a p - | County Hospital. -.:. r:ov.r. r ,.-, sr .^ ; sarc i.siiiv.-.-,',. f,20 Wc»; linrri, «.-hcr! :*irr/ spc.1'. ti"... ....... ; r:av2 v.i:h'thc Fr;crirtn an-J Ch':rr'. ! " -'' "'"' j Bill Gif/'or,. :-:. 7. if,-, sn-! jor.. i uary. from Krrcru, Ten;, fprr-:; "~ I a /»n- ia;,.( -vith hi! Mr ' 2nd Mrs. f r a n k Oiinor., on their i ' 'Church nt Christ. Frcfl Gibion wrio- I is a rcr.ior in tr.c Abilene Chrij-: ijsir: Coiicge, Abilrnr. Trrs., ha* rrclurr"(l to f .cr,'«; sfur vif.itir.j : liero for thrr-e weeks v,-Uh his i parents. ·.Tin prior to e-sch cnny-. 1 -!. An ! ' hr-r.orsry cap:3in is cicc'.c-d at the Mr. and Mrs. Wiyn* Ca5tley ' ". ~-+'-Mr. and Mrs. Wayr.e Ci.-'ky p;' Tht Cincinnati Reds have ui.eri FaTt:rvii:e ar.r.o-j.nce :!-.« bi-r. of Tarr.^:. f.i.. a; '.heir ipiing I r a i n a dau|r.:er. Jar.-jarv' 2. a: "·« -f =;:-;· ever since 133!, with the ; County Hospital. ; ciccption of the war years. Sippni Your CMM N»rtt fepirhi In The MiUdle Of Tin Nifftt? ?MM **? '1 VTM Et J ""'* *"*« '»' Children hind? for insutt ut« 1 AygKo T »d b* " thmiiandi of iJxtari. Yoar ettld »il| i t jt, o:«u|4 flifor--jos'll like DO! tu*iu| tt feti* or cot li '/, .dun don. Dm 1 ! »lit. be prepared--buy St. Jweph !·« Child.en todlj. JOUW.t bwaJ Personals Man McAIIislir, Jr« left txi»y lo r e t u r n to Khoo! af tht Okla- hnn" -Military Academy, Clare-; more, Chapter K, P.K.O. ' Chapter K of P.TO. ·.·;',! rr:-et' tonizr,', jr. the Hospita.'itv RrxiT.i of the A r k a n w j Western Gas ' Crrrnpany. in«'paft of jn th men'?. Civic Ciubfoorro nounced previous-.-. TtMU !QU*lt In New Turk Is chanffd to Dimes Square for the 1*SJ Msrch of Dim-i drive, underway Jan. 2. Officiating in tne ceremooj 11 Manhattan Borough President Robert Wagner Help'-" srf poilo victim Michael Halloran. Astoria. L. J.. grand marstial of the Mother.' Ma.-rn on Polio; Shfrr.ll Hjlibcrg. SLalen 1-iand: Sydnev Smith TV chairman of the Mother.- VUrta. {InlcnatwnaisavMfMtol i'xk of raye:;cviirc announce t.-.c Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Kinkade bi.-.h of s ron, Jar.uar;/ !, a'. ;h'_ Mr. and Mrr. William K i n k s d e !·; an- Ci;y Hospital. ..of F^yct'^vLic announce the birth ' a son. January !, a: the Co\;.it» : ; Hospital. Mr. »nd Mrs. L. K. Smith have returnwf from s'i«itmfi their par- ent«, Mr. and Mrj. Ix:on Srr.ith and Mr. and Hr». Charlw' Hlcu. in L*ngview, TCXAJ. Mr. and Mr^. Guy Tcrrj- Mr. .-..-.'I Mrs. Guv T c r r v o' ionnr-..!, a n n o u n c e ' t h , b i r - of ";-,* n '' f " K ""» .^J5«"'« , · lTr n r 't .»ir5. Lvcrctt Fit/^crnid Oiairk Mudhens The Ozark Mufiher.i wi!i rw at the home of M r . R. n. M a x - -P-^-- announce me t,,rt.-. ,,-. M r n n / l .,.,,. Evcr( ... F; . ,,.,,,, *ell. br.p/^no- f arrr. Road, ;o- a .'on, January 'i, at the (.Vy Hor,- of Sprir,e-:«lc announce '.he birth morrow at 7:30 p. rr. pji a [ ,, ( , ,,,.,, , , .. .i._ ^ Mr, and Mn. PaiJI K«ov,'n Arid ?on. Paul/ Jr, r h a v e ' rflt'JtrM' to TaMequdh. OkU.. af!er '. isitiiig her* during lh* holiday- i,-i!h Mr, Kco'A'n** m o t h e r , Mrs. M a j y Keown, i l l Gnvrrnrfien', Sfrcrt. Births Mr. and Mrs. Menri Itohhins . "( a ron. January 2, a', the Cour.t}' i Hospital. j k . ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. y , n u i r l m o u t h -,,,,,,_,, ,,,,;. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bakrr Mr. .an;! Mrs. frank Baker of ?'.'tycttcv;I3o announce '.hp birlh of .-. rlsuzhler. Dctembor 31. at the City Mr. nnd Mr.-. M c n,, «obhi, ; , of M C'. and 'VTM: C ' la ir"" """ , , pnnariale announ-o the b i r t h of _ M ''' """ Mrs " Clarence Holt of '·i f U u g h t e r , Dfcpmbcr 29. H. the County Mr. and Mrs. Charlrs Toivnrs Mr. a m i Mrs. C h a r t e i Townes of Fayotlnville announce- Ihn b j i t l i of a daughter. December 31, at tlic Mr. anrf Mrs. H r n r y P. Vfrton u K Mr. an/| M r « . H r n r y p. VrrUir. County ( 'f SprinEf!;^; the b i r r h of ^ fon. Doccmbcr 31, at the City Mr. and Mrs. !rHti Itnnr Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... II M Dr. .Henry Ktonenber«. n. Delbert Swaitz. and V i r i i I ossom. Th'.'f» y/h intercrted It better schools, are welcome to *tcni!., . Well Party Given jit Guy Brown Home- ( M r . and Mr». Ou?5»S5i e n - j ,,,,.,,,,,, n , r f r ,,,,, ,. ilrl;5 ,,,,,, tfrtained frlendi, nel«hbor« and ; , 0 n, Wayne, of Lm Angeles Calif their chlldrtii New Ve«r'« Eve ire v j t j(| ni! )n , h( , h , imc5 of M r ' : nlnht al K watch party at Ihelr . . Mr. ami Mrs. Dean Hnnr nf ·In* of t . ? Tunrt r. and Mrs. Itay Dauchcrlr ... H u.iumu'T i« ,, . - _ · , . . - - , . " - - i, M n '"""' ·'·''-'- "-I." nausherty of County Hospital. Manterfl. Calif., have l e t u r n r d ] Lincoln amiouncf thr hirth of Mr. and M;*. Truman ·on and ion», Eddie and Jlnimle, of I i Prairi, firnve'nnnoHm-n ii^'V,^ ,h ^,^^ Of a ( l i l U K t l t e r . IlCCCmhCr 31. .It t h e l'mfll..nloa|..w*,«-n.n.|! ·lu'^nnlH home a f l r r a visit with Mn. K e r - j jcuxon'* .mother. Mm, Hob Hrirn-' mondji «nd Mr. Hammond on l i i n h - ! way "71, Kouth: Mr. rYrstison'/i : brother, Hose» Trifuson. ami f;»n-: lly; hin »i»ter, Mr». Man H a n k s ' find l«myj"pf Rojifri. dauKhtPr. January 1, at the City Mr. and Mr«. Leonard Smith ""···P'lll- i Mr. a n d Mrr. Leonard H m i t b o f . Ii^rt't r..-y; r el kWncr* if thc-c r. llnr.a hn'.h.r Jn». Trj nr,ar.'« Pill--. J F-avetteviUc anrounce the birth of : J," r ^?"",M"t't±u,'i"^ N p u r l f K k · a son. .January I , at the Cnuntv f""»-i'«ipiii»nnii[i»rniiii» 1 -iiikM,i r~ I ..,, L. i . _ . _ · . _ , · Un (lu»hRUI wa*tt. Citt Iloan'i rilli ti ,, ' M TM- '" - . · . '"j^' 1 r - s Cieoigc Ix-c Spur- ; Hospital. "Mn- . Parks nnd rjome nn Mt, Scnuoysh. j Refreshments were nerved dur- and Mrs. J, Walter Gray and Mr. mid Mrj. Thomas H. Kri-cman. .' . , , , Mrs. Parks li a «ist(.-r of Mr«. ln« l h c c i e n I n « t u « b o u l J O « u ? ( r t « , l G r i . y and Mr. Freeman. W a y n e ! (jnd «l midriUht fireworks were i p,,!;. \. \. n-. E f -j r s t M a r j n f , ; m ,|' rjitplayed. ^ I ha« Just returned from u r t h n d u t y : ! in Korea. i Ruby Irene Woods And 'Sergeant Three! Wed Holiday guests in the home o f : Mr. and Mrr. M. O. Lewis of · Farmineton. wore Mr. nnd Mrs.; Dosm. Ark.-(Special)-Mr. and i W. M. H c l n h a i d t anil rhildrf-ii, i men C. Wood announce the ; Janice and Billy, of Little Itoi-k;' " . and Mr?. Eme;,l M. Lr-v:i« a m i ! ltiarrl»ee of their daURhlcr, Huliy , .^ frrrft.iln.S. Sst. Garall Threet, ; J. hlllren ;. , Bo '*)' , ! "" 1 Marilyn; o f : jf inn of Mr*. Alice Threet of DOR- ' Benlonvllle; D,. John hdwin Korr · g «he evcnin, of December a.l^^ .j .^5,.!'^"' nd i 1 W1 ,, radllil , c o , tllc '" ' Dor-lor ,.,.., Beniortyille. The Ilev. G. F.. H«w- ' University. kins-read tbc ceremony. ,' · ·: Aitendinjt the werldinK were | I'fc. Lloyd Stafford j i m i r n p a - ! liir. and Mn. Paul Ncely, Mr. nnd j tiled by his w i f e and daiiRhtcr lias Wri,. Howard Tlirccl, S. Sst,. ami I returned in Walters Air Force: Mrfrv Ervjne Three* and Miss Fern : Baxr, Mineral Wells, Texas, a f t e r ! Wood nil of the immediate com- visiting here w i t h his piiicnts, Mr. ipuiitty. Mrs. Thient k a sradmitc and Mrs. II. L. Stafford, and h i s , » f the. /9SI class of Hoiicrs lllch wife's mother, Mrs. Norn Morris.; chool, and was a member of the lue Ifonun Pep Club. Staff Ser- [ Dr. and Mrs, Wayne s. Cole recant T^hreet has been in the · turned Tuesday from a I r i p which Jnltcd Stales A i r Force Ihe last , tot* ihem to Slater,; M a d i f fvon yrais, the last Ifl month.! in Mrs. Threet will c o n t i n u e i make her home here for the son. Win., and New Yoik City Doctor Cole was one of the speak- i crs at the joint se.v^inn of the ..., ... ,,, v , ...... nt ., T.scnt. Sereeanl Threet will re- I American Historical AsMJciMum WATERSPAR ENAMEL ·rightcn Your Woodwork and Furniture I'crk up your roomj with , happy shades of Witcrspar linnmcl. I'nint woodwork ind trim in iptrklinr; rolori. quickly, rcjisti wc »r »ml abrasion. · JUA ,, -"C«t»i Dynmlu l.r Ai Html" ...klo. W. Gl. flkH drt.n IS.mpi JOHNSON'S MlrtT -- WALLPAPEB - OLAII II M, Btek Phtn* 101 PROGRESS REPORT Fayetteville's Dial Telephone Building Hears Completion lot of progress has been made on the new dial telephone building nt East Avenue nnd Spring Street in Fiiycttevillc. Construction crews have finished the outside brick work, nnd have started on interior construction. The b u i l d i n g should be completed by curly spring. When the building is completed, Western Electric men will begin the big job of installing dial switching equipment. This project is part of a $1.250,000 expansion program that w i l l bring Fayetteville the very finest in telephone service. We will keep you posted as the work progresses. 'ScU ONCE IN A NEW YEAR Will You Find Such Glorious Buys . . . . LINGERIE CLEARANCE!! Tops All Our Previous Sales Gowns · Slips · Panties · Pajamas ·· Pajamas and Robe Sets · Robes · WHEN SILVERMANS HAVE A SALE, IT'S A REAL SALE All TAKEN MOM OUR REGULAR STOCK . . . NO SPECIAl PURCHASE . . . NO OFF BRAND MERCHANDISE . . . You KNOW OUR LABELS! . . . GOWNS Nylon, Nylon-Bemberg, in white blush, Nile Green, maize, pleated , ruffle and lac* trim. Sizes 36 to 40. Were $8.95 to $10.95. $000 NOW 3 Handmade Imported Gowns, sizes 32-34 only. Were $ Q - $ 1 A $12.95 to $17.95. NOW 3 IU Brushed Rayon and long sleeve $A Rayons. Were $3.95-$5.95. NOW 0 SLIPS Nylon-Rayon lace trimmed slips. Sizes 32 to 40. $ft Were to $5.95, NOW £ Slips -- Pleated and lace trims. Sizes 32 to 40. Were $5.95 $ J to $6.95. NOW ·§. Nylon lace trims. Sizes 32 to 40. $C Were $7.95 to $10.95. NOW 3 PANTIES Nylon lace trim panties in white and maize. Were $2.95 and $-|95 $3.95, NOW ] PAJAMAS Cottons and Rayons, were $4.95 and * 5 - 95 NOW $3 Quilted Short Robes, PJs to march, were $19.95 NOW $12 3-piece Pajama Sets, were $12.95 NOW $7 3-piecc Nylon Pajama Sets, were $21.95 NOW $12 ROBES Quilted, short and long robes, were 19.95 to $22.95 NOW $12 were $16.95 NOW 10 were $10.95 NOW $ 7 BLOUSES Were $3.95 to $14.95 Reduced $2-$3-$5 111 ml ill WOOL SWEATERS Were $7.95 $5 "One oj Arkansas' Vine Stores"

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