Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 2, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 2, 1952
Page 10
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ABKAMMI 11MM, fayMlwMt, WtdnM4y, J«n»«r» J, 1911 Hew Book Telb IflthejonAnd ¥·: -i.'-' ' · Policy 'The Pottcrn Of Responsibility" Written By Bundy 1*7 JAMBS MAKMMV our dcalino »1th the Chir.ei«. It Iwcumc the center of hot congressional argument, C*«r»lon "Niluril" If a man In Wiley's position didn't read this v i t a l document- he war; next to Vandenbcrjj at the time--or forgot what he r.«d, the average person ran he excused If he's confused nr forgetful nbout the details of our foreign dealings. We live in the center of nn international w h i r l w i n d where our wartime allies hnve become our peacetime enemies and our wartime enemies our peacetime allies. Ton many things happen too fast over too Ions a period for the 'svrra^c man to kecji a clear, dc- Vandevenler, Touring South America, Writes For TIMES The TIMES today puh11she« the It Is in the topics. All Iht West flr.U of 8 iicries rif articles by Ed I const i refreshed by the A n t - V«ndevenler, Kayetlevllle w r i t e r ' a r c t i c current. Review Of Events In Year Just Past Shows Scarcely Anyone Knew What He Was Doing; Guesses On Prices Mostly Erroneous and former newsman-executive in the Hearst newspaper organization, describing his Impressions of a four-mrinth tour he is making it is not possible to go by land from the United States to South America, J unties and swamps are impenetrable. Bj SAM DAWBON This was the year that whole- through Central and South Amcr-! Spanish dominion continued j from H93 In 1824 in most sections. or more of these things: , New York-(/IVNinetcen h u n - i salc commodity prices, in S cncral| drcd and 51 was a wonderfully i slartcd 10 '"" a f l c r Fe " ruar y anrl ! '.·cky year. We'll scarcely miss' r c t a i l P rkcs ' '" general, continued it. j t° r 'se. Because 1951 was the year that! And it was the year in which . you and your government did one! 'he penny bought nothing to speak buy fill the gadgets and gift ob jects in December that he had counted on selling you at his regular price. This was the year Wall Street Sot set for "the traditional yearend bull market"--and found its name was Ferdinand. Yossir, a wonderful and wacky year--1951. New Year's Day guests of Mrs. Kulic Mhoon were Mrs. D6nn; j o f and became so much in demand! Loudermilk of Greenwood and ^ . " ' probably won'l minds already itp on Acheson " n r i. j A ,v i i such-lit his 100 per cent supporters, - Wiley, who succeeded the Into ,, · w , ,,, wi(h Sm Senator Vamlenbcru as ranking: Ml . C arthy's attacks on the Republican on the Senate foreign EC( . rd . lrv . Hunr! ,, M , lmx nc - Mitlons Commmce hns one of , )1|( .^ ·" Oie.kcy congreiMonal jobs nn for-! A. llp . nn ., Adlcs(m " The white-haired] iM(n affairs. friley said: f "Mr. Secretary, i think you ihould be complimented on a pretty clear-cut'· statement .as to the 1 facts fhst heretofore were not brought lo our attention in relation to this Chinese situation.. ." I McOcorge Bundy,. editor ol book on Achcson published Monday--"The Pattern of liespon- |Milit.v"--recalls .this incident and ··ys dryly in a footnote: ; "Senator Wiley's comment Is (ionicwhnt surprising; almost .ill Of Acheson's statement was Resume of facts published two £eirs i-bcfore in the White Paper en China," ..... I That wns a 1 ,OS4 pnirc honk produced by the State Department to txplaln the history v »nd failure of married has small PLAN TOIUILD SM Our MtttrliL O*l Out Prim. : Trr. Our itnrlct, DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml it C h i i U r - . TOPttSrfMKEl' MR YOUt fUtNITU:!! AT MLTON MOS. AUCTION HOUSE, PHONE 1770 UU IVKY SATURDAY patience with McCarthy who, like Wiley, it B Wisconsin Republican. I3ut the book should benefit anyone who wants to form an opinion bawd on'more. Information than has-been.Available lo him in. .one place before. This book is almost entirely made up of Acheson's public statements and testimony on our fofiign policy and Vandevenlcr hoarded the Grace; Victory of the 13 North American liner "Santa Maria," December 21 j colonies 'over the British, the in New York, for Valparaiso.! writings of Rousseau, the French Chile. He will return to New York Revolution and Napoleon Bona- Aprll 16, Today's story is an in- parte contributed to the ending troductlon to South America. The of Spanish rule, others will be published as they; Women now may vote for the arc received by mail from various highest officers in Argentina, You slartcd the year with scare 1 that the Treasury and the Fed-. I buying t h a t drove prices up and! cral Deserve Board urged the ended it with scare saving t h a t ' kiddies to turn in their ga-ve manufacturers and mcr- banks for the good of the country, chants worries. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph LoudcrmMk why It became a policy. Bundy, as editor and narrator, provides the bridges between the various statements and the events which brought them forth. I 1 "* Kxpert Stiff Not al! that glitters in the book is pure.Acheson. lie has had expert slaff help on some of hip statements, the kind of help a man in his job needs and' must get although the f i n a l product is Ms responsibility. For nslancc, the speech he made (it Berkeley, Calif., March 16, 1050. remains, I t h i n k , the most intelligent and Intelligible explanation of why Soviet Commu- points on the tour. His itinerary includes a day's stop at the Panama Canal; a day Buenaventura, tropical Columbia port; crossing the equator and yachting up the Guayas River to Guayaquil, Kquador; from Callao by bus to Lima, Peru; then tvminaling the sea voyage at Valparaiso near the island where Robinson Crusoe lived; a . month in Santiago, Chile; through passes in the Anrtes Mountains February j I to Buenos Airc*; by plane March I I to Montevideo, Uruguay, t h e n - t o Sao Paulo and then Rio dc Janeiro, Argentina. fly KD^VANDEVENTER A few points about South Amerca for those interested in know- more about th;tl rich and nism is oppose. threat which we must It impressed me by its FOGKTTtt HOMES start at ( ml D Plumbing Co. Ettimatt* Hi « MMMMB UNHW UN wiu-Father ··" ttttmHtMVMiUCT) · Iklurd DfNNING Cirloon U ARK* NOW* OPEN I:4S SHOWS 7-1 Cirloon" PALACE *NOW* llM 1:21 S:14 7:21 1:21 cxpcrlncss sn much at Ihe time Hint I Iho Stste Depart-, mcnt nbbut it nrtd found Ache- Bon's staff had bcRim work on It Six months Before he rkliver'cd it. Nor Is Bundy's book the complete story of our forciRn policy, by any means, ns Duiuly himself points out. The president, not much involved i n . this book, hah the final say on. our foreign policy. . History may show his was 1 the major 'hand in shnplnjc it. Noc'AvllI k'B ki)ntvV6r!« lb«.tim* 'somK~nf"the'- InfomwHon"upon which derisions were made, since some nf that Information is still In the secret files. ' ·Tilr I'lrlnrc" nunriy says hr tried to present a fair picture nf the secretary in this book. Generally he is sympathetic to Achcson, althoufih In some places critical. It is not book th»t can be tossed off in one ·ittlng. It require' concentrated rndini, If you're looking (or I shorter, simpler but ntlll' highly' rtidoble explanation of nur fortlin policy, Mt * recently published book by John Fischer, "Master Plan: USA." Fischer knows his way around and has some criticism to offer. rapidly developing section of the world: Without, studyins the m a p one might forget that it is not directly south.of the United States. Valparaiso, on the Pacific Ocean, is cast of the Atlantic Ocean's irrcat port of New York. Spanish' colonies had been established almost a century before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth liock. The residents resent the assumption on the part of a person from the United States that he is the only American. They, loo, are Americans. South America is the , m o s t i topical of the continents. Most of| of the United States., Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. South America Is composed of 10 nations and three colonies. The vast treasures deposited there by nature arc aiding very materially in the building of defense for the United Stales. It is vastly important to our future that closer tics (if fiiendship be established between North America, (Canada, the United States and Mexico) Central America, consisting of six states anc one colony, and South America The manners of most tourists from the United Stales must be improved before this situation can develop. Accidents played riuite a part in the discovery of South America. First Columbus was trying to reach the riches of Ihe east by sailing westward around the globe. He thought he had located the Indies when he saw Cuba and H a i t i so he called the inhabitants Indians. And his followers moved down to South America. The Turks caplured Constantinople and cut off the easy sea lanes to the wealth of the Orient so the I'ortugcsc* sent a sailing ship to map a route around Africa. Strong winds pushed the vessel out of its path and Brazil was discovered. So it.has the language of Porlugal while Spanish is spoken in all other nations south In .January you rushed out to buy sheets you didn't need -- and you Cattle Supply Ample Early in 1951 your government urged- auto makers could have bought '.hemI Z^to^n doHin^'up didTeVi T had ,; Vi " lChd '"' y o u thcir ht " sclc£s bUBKies-and at d ' d " LIT; J°^, b l U . Sl ! ! the end of the year offered chrom- new refrigerator or TV set in a panic lest they disappear from the stores and you could have Sot them later at bargain prices. Your government froze prices -and the cost of living kept on rising. And little by little your government raised the ceilings. The latest thing it's done is to take price controls off canned fried Doris Day, Quiet, Unassuming Singer In Movies, On Roll Of Top 10 Money-Making Stars Of 1951; A Surprise To Her By BOH THOMAS HollyWbod-(/P)-There was only one real surprise in the list of the of WE PAYCASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phon* Colitct 1111 Foy«tt«villt R«ndtring Co. 10 top money-making stars 1951. T h a t ' w R s the selection of Doris Day. The former Doris Kappclhoff of Cincinnati has appeared in only nine picture.-:, most of them modest musicals. She hns not. been the subject of publicity hoopla .aiul hasn't been involved In any scan- del. She unct Bctly Urable were the only women among the box- of/icfc winner.* named by the Motion Picture Herald after a poll of theater operators. No on* was more surprised by the choice than DgrU When 1 told her about It, she exploded: "No kidding? Really?" I assured her I was telling the truth. - , h ....... Well, now, Isn't t h a t 'gratifying'.'" she s i g h e d . "You know, | wanted the studio to buy big shows like 'Annie Get Your Gun,' instead of doing the little musicals that \ve do. Rut this poll proves that if people like a person, they'll go to Ihe picture no matter how big or small It Is." In Films Four Vein Doris ha.-: been in pictures four years and still hasn't gotten the Stardust out. of her eyes. She is constantly amazed and delighted by the things that happen to her. "I guess I'm just a home girl at heart," she remarked, "The things that are really important to me are my home and f a m i l y , My career hns just been frosting on the cake. I've never broken my neck to get ahead; nice things just happen to me. } ",I stalled .out. in the business singing with Les Brown's band. I did it not because I wanted to be that's what makes thi.-* business worthwhile: Having people say they like you. And this is just as nice a way as it could happen. 'Sometimes I've thought J should he doing bigger things. I have ROOFING SERVICE Industrial- Residential · Coal-Tar Pitch and Gravel · Asphalt and F«lt Composition. Mica Surface Also · Asbmtas Siding E. W, Dozier, Roofing Contractor rhon« 2727-1633M Anrlhlof from · Box Oflfe* 1« An IndiulrUl Buildlnf LAST SHOWING TONITE 7:00-8:52 f*tU SCMM/K Of Lik* a Good Btlly Laff! STAN LAUREL OLIVER HARDY in SAPS AT SEA Thursday Friday Jan. 3-4 Fayerteville Kiwanis Club Benefit Show For Underprivileged Children Dan Dailty Ann* Baxter in TICKET to TOMAHAWK fcdmiuion "14 $1.00 / I Nr C.r II Drivt-ln Theatre Cartoon Mitiiitippi Swinf famous, but because I really liked to sing. "Pictures were the same way. I like working In them and I like the people I work with. But I've never had a dramatic lesson in my life and I've never been concerned about my farcer." Her philosophy is based on her religion. A religious adviser has told her: "Most people fail because they are trying too hard to succeed. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to drown? A drowning pcivon struggles hard to lose his life. But how easy it is to relax and live." Favors Happy Rolen Easy-going Doris carries her beliefs to her relations with the studio. She was against playing in "Alexander, The Big Leaguer," because she had to play a sob- sister rnle. "I've always thought I should play happy roles, and I told Ihe studio so," she explained. "But when they remained firm and my, refusal would menu a suspension and lots of unhappincss on both sides. I agreed to do the part." Doris doesn't drink nr smoke. She refu-es to appear in cigarette advertisements. "The publicity would be fine," she explained, "Uut I couldn't dn it, There are ton many young girls who imitate everything stars do. I know, because I did the same thing when I was a kid." The 27-year-old blonde leads a quiet life. She is, in fact, the despair nf the magazine wrileiv. They strive vainly for angles of r n n f l i r t in her life. M'hcn all else falls, Doris' hairdresser suggests: "Tell them about how you brokr your leg when you wore 15." That's about the only setback she's over had. John Manor is in his first season as Florida's bond basketball rnach. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Manor coached basketball at Kentucky, Tennessee and West Point before taking over the Gain rs. KMI up with UM UMM--md tit* TIMKA daily. \vorms--says t h a t even ^thcir CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Plwut Crttet till P*r«tHTil)«, Arkwttw J«plin lUfHkrinf C*. price rises it won't affect the cost of living, much; CefllnjH Ordered At the same time your government set price ceilings on a lot of items that your neiRhbor, the merchant, is. trying awfully hard to £ct rid of at much less than ceiling prices. Every so often, officials shouted about the danger of coming shortages .which made you rush out and buy and next, day other officials warned you about inflation to come and urged you not to buy, but to save instead. Believing in shortages to come, your neighbors, the merchant and the factory owner, rushed-out and stocked up with goods and raw m a t e r i a l s -- a n d spent anxious months wondering how they'd ever get out from under the load of those unsold inventories.' Controls were slapped on war- essential raw materials and later there were complaints that defense production wasn't proceeding- as fast as planned while civilian goods makers were laying off workers right and left. and sons, Larrj Korl Smith. and David, of more and daughters, Brenda ar.d Patsy, and Mrs. Eula Osborne and Mrs. Norm* Corley ipcnt Sunday at Roaring River, Mo. Mrs. Emma Sharrock was a gucsc of her niece, Mrs. Lorcne * Black of Fayetteville Sunday. Mr. and" Mrs, Claud Atkisson wore Sunday guests of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and " Mrs. Lester Atkisson of Rogers Sunday. Hay Bell, American owner of Windy City, England's 1951 winner o f ' t h e Gimcrack Stakes, is a former champion rodeo bull dog- ger. There are only four members of the Chicago Black Hawks who did Mrs. Louise Sell and Mrs. Allie n nt play for any other team in the Lawson represented the B u c k n c r | N H L . Home Demonstration Club at I h e i · ium stainless steel fur sale because there was n surplus. Veterans Hospital Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ellen rizie were guests of Mrs. Carrie Carlile and children nf Greenland Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Caudle snd Mr. and Mrs. Dill rd Dra'cc spent Sunday in Ozark. Used by, thousands In reducing diets -Junge's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf Keep «p with tb« time*--real the Time* More cjitlle than ever before j Mrs. Ruby Davidson and chil- wcre at home on the ranges this drcn of Kingfisher, Okla., have year and at times there were no choice beef cuts in the stores and the prices were out of sight, of most folk. Your government started the ycnr with curbs on installment buying to keep you from buying gadget. 1 ? and adding to .i and then relaxed the curbs to get overstocked- merchants out of the soup and induce you to buy more on the cuff. ''Hold t h a t price line" was the slogan of officialdom this fine year--and the government itself is boosting the price of sugar by cutting back the available supply and is steadfastly supporting the price of many of the raw materials of meals and clothing. Too Many TV Sets TV set makers started the year wailing because they were going ·lo be cut-off from unlimited supplies of materials for more sets and then wailed even louder when they couldn't sell the TV sets they'd already made. And 1951 was the year your merchant shouted "do your Christmas .shopping early" and tempted you with sales in August and "pre-Christmas 'clearance sales"! in October, and you took him a t ) his word and laid things by f o r j Santa Glaus--and- now your mer-| chant's wondering why you didn't i returned home after visiting Mrs. Davidson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mhoon. Mr. and Mrs. Mhoon recently returned from Wilson, Kan., where they spent some time with Dr. and Mrs. Frank McEvoy and children. Sunday guests ot Mr, and Mrs. Parker Rushing were Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Arnctt of Farmington,Miss Eileen Arnett of Pasadena, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marlin of Fayetteville. Guests of Mr.' and Mrs. Owen Johnson Sunday were .Mr. and Mrs. Dean Benson -and children, Loy and Betty, and John Benson, all of Snrigdale. Christmas and New Year holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Von Erdmansdorff were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Longstreet of Pawhuska, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shouse -and c h i l d r e n , Sherry and Dale, of Fullerton, Calif. Mr. anrl Mrs. Charles l-aira- B-R-A-S-S" . . . by Dick Weison. comedian in 'TORCH OF ARMS" at the Oiark ituting Friday. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP More Jobs-more business-better lini for all as we bring you more electric power 1952 will be another year of building for Southwestern... building to provide the electric power for the wheels of progress in every community. High-voltage transmission lines, as shown above, to carry electricity to farm, home and industry.:. power that will mean more production--more jobs--better living for all people. Southwestern will spend about $ 10.000.000 in 1952 for additions to existing power plants and the beginning of a new one... for hundreds of miles of electric lines and other facilities to serve you. Yes, it's another year of building and progress, a year that will see the investment in electric power service since the end of World, War II reach a total of over $50,000,000. W« have great faith in the future of the area wa serve. E. J. DYESS, DIVISION MANAGER

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