Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 17, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 17, 1974
Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., July 17, 1974 VAVETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS As Capri Drinks Sea Water 2,000 Year Old Thirst To Be Quenched Soon By JULIE FLINT CAPRI, Italy (AP) -- The Ancient Mariner would not have enjoyed Capri. The tiny, Tyrrhenian tourist island has sun, scenery and water, water everywhere -- but not a drop to drink. Bloody marys, martinis and milk shakes flow in the "American. Bars" among Ihe oleanders. But there isn't one fresh spring on the island's eight- *quare-mile face. Every drop of water drunk in Capri is ferried from the mainland, four miles across the Gulf of Naples. Capri's 2,000-year-old thirst Is, however, soon to be quenched. At the push of a button in late summer, Italy's driest watering place will begin drinking Its own sea, filtered through a $480,000 U.S.-built desalinization plant projected for the past eight years. "The water problem had he- come extremely grave," one official confided. "With tourism Increasing by 10 per cent each year and the local population growing all the time, the water we could bring over from the mainland had to be dispensed with a medicine dropper." VISITORS COME Capri's drinking problem, however, has never turned visitors back on their heels. The Roman Emperor Augustus visited Capri in 29 B.C. fell itn love with it and bought it from Naples in exchange for its larger and richer neighbor, Ischia. Some 50 years later, Tiberius came, saw and was conquered, and shifted the administration of the vast empire to the liny island. The Iwo emperors built 12 villas for their families around the only spring they found. Their slaves and soldiers prayed for rain. Local officials today say tourists seldom realize Capri has a water problem. All hotels have huge waler tanks and when supplies run low they ration them. But direct supplies to private villas dry up, public fountains flow for only one or two hours a day, and police limit housewives to one bucketful each. In extremis, doctors at the lo- fell in love with it and bought it cal hospital have been known to operate with mineral water. CAHRY WATER In the crush summer season, four water tankers cross to Capri each day, carrying 1.2 million gallons for the 13.000 native Capresi and the th'ou- Some Things Forbidden With Use Of Metered Mail Slogans STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) -It a letter is a "vehicle" of communication, the postage meter slogan on its envelope is the bumper sticker. These "mini - billboards" Bumpers Hits Senate Vote On Jones LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Gov. Dale Bumpers said Tuesday that the state Senate made a mistake by not ousting Sen. Guy "Mutt" Jones Sr. ot Conway during the special legislative session that ended Friday. And, Bumpers said that if he had been in the Senate, based on what he had heard of the case, he would have joined the 21 senators who voted to throw Jones out. However, a two- thirds vote was required for expulsion and the Senate couldn't muster the 24 votes needed. The Senate vote Friday did not resolve the issue, the governor said. "That is going lo be like a festering sore; it's going to remain there," Bumpers told the Associated Press. "I think that's a more volatile issue than many .people think it is in the minds of the people of the slate. That issue is not going to Bo away." 'Bumpers said public confidence in persons running government already was. low and the Jones decision did not help matters. Jones' qualifications to serve were challenged because of his Conviction on' four federal fel- : ony income tax charges. The state Constitution bars persons who have been convicted of infamous crimes from the legislature, but Jones' attorneys argued that his crimes were not infamous. Bumpers said he believed the state Constitution was a little nebulous in that area, partial larly in not defining the term ."infamous crife." "But, I think if you weni back to what 'the framers ol that Constitution intended, I don't think there would be any grace billions of envelopes each year, put there by postage meter users seeking to promote their products or services. The U.S. Poslal Service also in corporate^ slogans with its poslage cancellation stamps but these tend to be mild -"Mail Early for Christmas" -compared to business slogans · "Only Love Beats Milk." However, there are limits. Messages may not be obscene libelous or false. Political slo gans also are forbidden. And controversial slogans must be identified by smal' type at the bottom as "Advert! sers Message" or "Mailers Message," according to Thorn as F. McGarry, of Pitney Bowes, major producer of post age meters. This is so thai people don't think the Posta Service' is telling them: "Stop Smoking Now." Metered mail is used mostly by business firms, but private use is also allowed. Metering is encouraged by Ihe Poslal Serv ice because it eases handling oi the staggering number ieces mailed annually. There are more than GOO.OM eters being used in the Unilec tales, McGarry reports. Over billion pieces of mail are rocessed through them each car, and more than $4 billion i postage is paid .to the Posta ervice. The government doe ot have to print, distribute ell stamps for this mail, no mist it be culled, faced am lanceled. McGarry estimate fiat this results in annual sav ngs to the government of mor lian a quarter billion dollars. Typical slogans range from uch standards as "Financin L Arranged," "Builders Sup ilies." and "It's Service Afte The Sale Thai .Counts" lo spe :ialized messages developed bj he user such as "Conserv Energy -- Insulate" and mini ids for a product. The Deparl rient of Commerce recently rie igned a slogan saying "Sav Snergy To Keep America Vorking" for use by busines irms. The user has the right to b reatiye. Slogans such as "Ora 'Dilution Solution -- Floss!,' 'Keep America Beautiful, Se four- Barber Regularly," am 'Yankee and Southern Spoke: Here" have heen the result. A .private individual couli roudly print on his envelope 'I'm the Greatest" or "Fron The Beautiful Smith Family question but' 'what a felony would be considered an in famous crime'" Jones' lawyers' also argued that while the -federal charg was a felony, .the. equivalen' state charge, under which m one has ever been charged, wa: only a misdemeanor. They saic state law should govern Senat affairs and that,' therefore, the Senate should regard Jones case as a misdemeanor offense not a felony · Bumpers said that-was not a valid argument. The governor also said hi thought the decision might dis courage men who were needec In government from embarking on political careers because the decision increased public dis trust of those in government. -- but would have to add "Ma ers Message" in small print. Senate Democrats Caucus lo Fill Budget Commilfee WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen ate Democrats have schedule a caucus for Thursday to con sider ways lo fill spots on th powerful new Budget Com mittee. Sens. Edmund S. Muskie Maine and Stuart Symington Missouri are seeking Ihe chair manship. Party sources sai Muskie, who . played . a. majo role in drafting the legislation Is the front runner. The cornmiltee -was create by the budget reform bill, di signed to give Congress Wronger role in shaping II. budget of the federal govern went Company Refuses To Let Widow Run Gas Sfalion HOLLYWOOD. Fla. (AP) as dealers are coming to th aid of a young widow who saj her livelihood is jeopardized b an oil company's refusal to le ner take over her late hus band's service station. More than two dozen Hess 0 -0' dealers in South Florid have pledged a day's profits t Jean Watkins and her two chi dren. Mrs. Watkins, 33, says th Hess company is practicin blatant sex discriininalion b cutting off her gas supply force her out of husiness. Hess officials in Florida an . the company's national hcac quarters in Woodbridge, N J declined comment. "I'm really angry," Mr Watkins said. "They threw m out ot my station and too away my sole source of in come." Her husband died of canci at the age of 40 last mont leaving her to support the children Julie, 16, and Mar Mrs. Watkins said she not lied the company she wou continue to operate the hus ness. "It wasn't long before the told me that company polic required me to give up my si lion," she said. inds 'of ' tourists. The new ant, built by a Milwaukee rm. will be able to produce 1.8 illion gallons daily -- enough r any emergency, officials ay. When the first lanker crossed Capri in 1928, it made only ne trip each day and carried nly 25,000 gallons of water -- ufficient for the then 3,000 aprcsi. There have been many at- mpts to bring water to Capri and as many failures. A Venetian engineer famed r finding water where others ad failed was called to Capri id. true to form, succeeded in nding a spring near Anacapri, e island's second and- only her town. Church bells pealed and the llagers broke out in testa -- nd the sprirrg ran dry. Then came a controversial an to pipe water undersea om the mainland. The govern- ent budgeted 270 million lire, r haf a million dollars, a 5,000 ubic meter tank was built in apri -- and the project Hoped, frustrated by the depth of ie gulf, and the ferocity of its urrents. Male Menopause Not Traumatic NEW YORK (AP) -- Men. like women. · experience the pnins of growing older, though without the same physical manifestations. Having gone through the change of his life, actor 'William - Windom, who last' appeared i'li the television special, "Male Menopause: The Pause That Perplexes." testifies that the advent of middle age is not necessarily traumatic. "The transition to middle age is a short period. It seems like 20 minutes," says the affable Emmy award-winning actor. In his 50 years Windom . has earned distinction in the theater, playing roles from Shakespeare to Thurber. On the big screen he has appeared in such films as "To Kill a Mockingbird," ."The Man" a n d B r e W j s t e . r McCloud;" and on the home screen in the highly acclaimed but short-lived television series, "My World and .Welcome To It" and "The Farmer's Daughter," a sitcom he'd rather forget. Most, recently, he hosted the TV documentary examining the physical and psychological problems of the middle-agec man, produced by the National Public Affairs Center for Television and aired by the Public Broadcasting System. PROBLEMS "As an actor, the only prob- cm with middle age Is that for the first 40 years of your life you're told by producers, 'Oh 10, no, you're much loo young for the part!' Then \vtaen you're 40, all you hear is 'Oh no, no, you're loo old!!'" Discounting the professional handicaps that come with graying hair, Windom declares, "Middle age is great. I've got no problems at all. Every year is better. I've had no bad news since World War II. From then on it's all been bonus." Windom compares middle age to running the track mile, n I was in high school," he -recalls with a smile, "I could run the mile in 5:15. Last year in . Chatlanooga I , r a n it again, only this time it took me nine minutes. That's,, middle age!!" The smile reversed into a'rhock grimace.: "I'm 1 much more' secure now than I was when I was younger," he continues^ "Time, experience, the service during the war and just meeting people helped me become secure : by letting me see that.other people are insecure. Any '.time you serve helps.*' Windom has served his time. The stocky character actor, whose forte is comedy, began his career in; 1945 playing Richard III to ah audience of GIs, "the best audience there is, next to students," he .insists. His love of Shakespeare persists, but he abandoned the classics early in his career for more commercial theater for economic' reasons. "I love Shakespeare," Windom confesses, "but it pays two cents." On two cents, he could hardly support his wife and three young daughters and their ocean-front house in Malibu, Calif. James Thurber replaced Shakespeare as the central tig. ure in Windom's professional ife. After forgettable roles in evcral forgettable film and TICKET BOUGHT ·15 YEARS 1ATE ! Los Angeles (AP) --jlt'took 30.yearsior.Fay Mills of Memphis, Terin.,.to have a pang o! conscience about cheating the Hollywood Bowl. · , The Southern California Symphony-Hollywood Bowl Associ- alion received a letter Tuesday with a check, from. Mrs. Mills She wrote: . · : . "About 30 years'ago I attenc ed a-concert by 'obtaining a ticket through misrepresent ation. I wore a cadet nurse uni form borrowed from a friend in order to get a cheaper ticket This has recently come back to memory and I would like to make it right. .Please accep my check for ?5. everai loi'guimuie mm and elevision productions, \Vindom irought Thurber to television in 1969 in "My World and Welcome To It," an innovative pro- ram combining Thurber's hu- nor with animation. American elevision audiences did not welcome the series and it was cancelled after a single season, jut not before it won an Emmy award as best comedy series, and Windom one for his tour de 'orce performance in the lead. For the last year Windom has been, touring the 'country in a one-man Thurber show which he compiled, produced 'and directed. · : · The documentary on male, in which Windom plays the quintessential American middle-aged man, asserts hat success in America is time-oriented, that if y°" haven't "made II" by the tune you're 40, you've failed. , w «£ om agrees and adds, Its fine to set goals in your Me, m* you'd better enjoy the riae. Whether you succeed or not, the trip between 20 and w should be fun. It's like football. Play for the enjoyment of body contact, not just .for touchdowns. ,. "What I've told you are all my opinions. They're not necessarily great truths." . Of his personal plans for Jhe future, Windom is coyly secretive. "Sure I've got things I want-to do, but I'm not going to tell you about them," he says with a belly laugh. Mills Urges Budget Cut WASHINGTON (AP) -- Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ai-k., pleaded with President Nixon Tuesday io take immediate and decisive action against inflation. The House Ways and Means Committee chairman made the plea in a telegram to Nixon, saying that the public is beginning to panis about inflation. Mills urged Nixon to request a $10 billion cut in his-proposed $305 billion budget and announce his attention to veto any appropriation bill totalling more than requested. Nixon should tell Congress that if it does not cut $10 billion from the budget that much would be impounded to prevent deficit spending in fiscal 1975. JCPenney auto center sale belted polyesters El Tigre belted tire in the wide 78 profile'series. Two plies of polyester cord with two belts; wrap around tread design. No trade-in required. Whitewall tubeless. Whitewalls. Tire Size Save Reg. Plus Sole Fed. Tax F78-14 G78-14 G78-15 H78-15 7.99 8.24 8.4? 8.74 31.95 32.95 33.95 34.95 23.96 24.71 25.46 26.21 2.50 2.67 2.94 2.97 DdVe *9wilh trade-in · Reg. 34.95. Sate 25.95. Survivor 48, twelve volt. GUARANTEE. Should any JCPenney Suivivor-48 Ballery fail to hold a charge within 18 months from tfi» ' date you bought it from us, just return It lo us. We will rapia ca it with a brand new Batlcry at no extra cost to you. Alter 18 months, but during the guarantee period, we will repra ca In B Battery charging onfy for the time you have owned il, based on the price at time of return, prorated over the guarantee period. Save 25% Tune-up service. We Install new points, JCPenney plugs, rotor, condenser and distributor cap for you, Inspect air (liter, fuel filter...more. 4-cyl. reg. 21.33. Now T6.00 6-cyl. reg. 25.33. Now' 19.00 l. reg. 30.33. Now 22.75 I 'Most U.S. cars and I many foreign cars: · - \ ' ^ Shop Mon., Thurs., Fri. 7:30-9 Tues., Wed., Sat. 7:30-5:30 Low prices on 4-pfy Reliant Polyester. 4-piy polyester wtwtewatte in the Mfcfe, modem 78 series protte. No trade-ta required. WWtewafl htbetess. Tire size B78-13 .F78-14 G78-14 560-15 G78-15 HTS-tS Price 1540 20.00 21.00 16.00 21.00 200 + fed. lax 1.83 2^3 2.50 1.78 2JS7 2J4

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