Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 16, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1974
Page 10
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CECAUse AW MOTHER UANTEP TO SET ME OUT OF THE HOUsei VOOKNOWHOU MUCH MONEY IT TOOK TO MAKE THIS MOVIE ? Believe It or Naif TEN MILUCW DOUAKS.J HAVE ": SOMETHING- ON YOU!*.-- HEAB ON A HOT, SUHHV HAMCOCK COUNTY COURTHOUSE IN FNDUh', OHIQ, ALSO RYED ASASOWOL.AND A CHURCH FSOW 1833 TO 1542,HAS-BEEN MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS ' TWICE, AND IS NOW A PR/VATE THE HORSE CONCH THE LARGEST. OP ALLStMILS, ATTAINS A LENGTH OP 2 FEET ONE OF THE MOST SOCCESgUPtRATESiN HISTORY, W A PERIOD -Of ONLY 3 YEARS, CAPTOREDMOge ' THAN WO SHIPS A31 WAS ABOUT TO asy, I SEE SOME SLIGHT SIGNS OP IMMATURnV IN VDU. iiiiiiiuiiimnniiniiiniiiiniin FRANCES DRAKE : Your Horoscope 10 · NerthwMt ArkaiMai TIMES, Tim., July 16, 1974 FAYITTIVILLI, A»KAMSA» iiiiiuiiiiiiiipiiTM LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Vitamin K Now Rarely Given Before Surgery iiHiiiiiiniiniiM^ SHEAtT THE MISS FRILLY PLftCE IS TO? YEP. FIRST SHE SOLD HER FARMS, THEN HER; JEWEIRY SALE./ AND HMftLW RECKON THE HOUSE IS ALL SHE'S. GOT DON'T RIGHTLY KNOW, BUT WHATEVER SHE'S ASKIU6 IS NO BARGAIN... ·WHO WANTS TO Buf AW LP SUN HOUSE? v veu AUOW -m w«* wt TO Kftf Off m HOOK WW *'» Alt SOTu TO. MAKE .;: JWWJOWS CWR** " W ROOTS- W * wm#*'v»ti iffmttrfmnst:- HE JEST CflW*T RESIST II THEM KEEP-OUT SIGNS THAT LOWS REST WAITIM'FO'TH' "V/ONPER DOCTOR" awe NATURE A CHANCE TO CURS NA I VAUJABUE ASSISTANTS. 1M ITS f CHEAP WAY IT PERFORMS MIRACLES I'M TOO YORE CASE is-soa'- HOPSUESS ON ACCOUNT Yo' POUT KNOW THREE.EANK PRESIDENTS TP GUARANTEE RWMENTTOTH' WOWOBR VOCTCR'. U6TTIM6 OTWBRS WORi. D.'.,. MO ON CAR£S ABOUT YOU BUT YOU; , AWDTK5HT WHAT YOU WANTJ WAKE Ut DASWOOD.' WAKE UP ORYOU'U- MISS TME FIGHT/ I seem to remember that as 1 a child, before I had my tonsils .aken out, I was given vitamin K. Why is this no longer done? Mrs. R.K., W. Va Deaf Mrs. K.: The practice of giving vitamin K before surgery has generally been discarded except in very specific instances. When it is known that (here is a definite vitamin K deficiency it is given to insure proper coagulation of the blood. Adults who have been taking a blood-thining drug are given vitamin K before surgery. Routine blood studies before a tonsillectomy are always performed as a safeguard. SKIN CANCER I have 'been using a sun lamp and would like to .know if the radiation oari cause skin can cer. 'Miss M.B.R.; Mi»« Dear MissR.: There has been an increasing nterest in the relationship be tween long exposure to tin sun's rays and the developing of superficial skin cancers. People with less protectTM pigment may be greater candi dates than others for this skin condition. : The concentration of actinic liraviolet rays is great as it emanates from a sun lamp. Those poeple who may be armed by sunlight may also ie harmed by. too much expo- ure to the rays of a sun lamp. I lost my sense of smell .at 12. Now, at 68, I wonder what ho reason could be and if my »ense of smell could ever ba -estqred. . . Mr. G.M.M.,' Penna, 3ear Mr. M: Chronic infections of the sin' ises, allergies, nasal polyps and overuse of nose drops are some f tho major reasons for the ,oss of smell. Occasionally, after a fractur' ed skull or other injuries, ther* a reduction in the /sense of smell. SEE SPECIALIST The only way it can be determined if your condition is reversible .is to be throughly examined by an ear, nose and throat specialist to find the underlying cause. ' . In some cases, small dosoj of cortisione are effective. Sometimes it takes arduous investigation to track down ttm reasons for the loss of smell; Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. · ARIES (Mar. Zl to Apr, 20) .Do not let oyeroptimism lead you into making poor investments. In fact, it would be a mistake to make any · drastic changes in your. financial program at the moment: · '·' TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May. Zi) ' You should be full of bright ideas now; ready, willing ,and able to carry them out. Fine stellar influences stimulate anvbitions and incentive. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Be careful not to misinterpret o t h e r s ' meanings or be misunderstood yourself. Avoid hycersensitivity, impulsiveness and tendencies . to^ bicker over minor irritations. '-" 'CANCER (June 22 to'July 23) A sense of humor wll be important now. Don't let irksome matters annoy. Paying loo much attention to them can blow them out of proportion. Laugh them off instead. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Unexpected altercations and disturbances- could throw you off course if you are not careful. But forewarned is forearmed, so be~'alert and do', your part to maintain harmony. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to.Sept. 23) Mediocre efforts won't do now -- especially with so much competition about. With skillfu! maneuvering, however, you can accomplish more than .you may think possible... LIBRA' (Sept. 24 'to'OcT.Ys' Sidestep deceptive persons and unsavory ventures. You could run into both now. Make your bid for gains and- advance ment only through best use ; of your talents, convincing presen tation. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Some .extraordinary, offerings or the - taking. Avoid unruly emotions 'or notions.- This, day calls for. your dependability and ambition. . · . ' - · iAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21);, : : - . ' · ···.- A mixed kind of day in terms if;work.'Your ideas are good, jut !you,-can meet : with: obstacles. There may be more to do than you expected. Take all n stride. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 2 0 ) . . . : . Real problems are likely to be confused with imaginary ones: Look thoroughly i over your schedule and -weed out nonessentials. · Personality conflicts should not deter good efforts. · · · . · . AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) An "excellent day for' all creative-'activity. Superiors may :ake an interest in your ideas. Y o u . . c a n expect good cooperation from all, so take advantage of this chance to advance your interests.'·' PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar .20) Don't, put all your 'eggs in one basket, nor lock the barn door after · the Worse- is stolen. Stress, -your -innate common sense. ;This could- ber -a- great day! ; ; · YOU 'BORN TODAY are endowed with a .high : order of intelligence; are a keenly analytical thinker and generally .your appraisal of people- and projects. You are not always 'cognizant of your own possibilities,' however, since you lack confidence in yourself and often fear to try out your truly unique ideas. This is a trait which you should make.-every effort to overcome since, until you do, you can never fully realize your own fine potentials. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Master*' Individual Championship Play) Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer West dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH * K Q I 0 6 V K 3 · Q J 8 4 + A 9 5 WEST EAST' * A 5 3 £ 9 7 4 . ¥ A J 9 5 2 » 8 6 * A 7 * 6 3 2 + J 3 2 + 1 0 8 7 6 4 SOUTH 4 J 8 2 ' ¥ Q 10 7 4 * K 10 9 5 + K Q The bidding:. West North East South ' Dble Pass 2 NT Pass 3. NT Opening lead - five of hearts. Man is a creature of habit -- and bridge players arc no exception. Consider this hand where West leads a heart against three notrump. Declarer follow low from dummy, winning East's eight with the ten, anc plays a low "diamond. West, on his toes, goes up with the ace and plays the ace ACROSS 1.Today's discussion 4 Sailor 7 A schism 11 Russian city 13 Mr. Gershwin H Chills and fever 15. Source of pdi . 16 Vehicle 17 Jot 18 Abyssinian town 20 Hinders 22 Bitter vetch 24 Seesaw 28 Went around 32 Small fur piece S3 Social finesse- 34 Frighten 36 Garden ·-. need Vt Isialhd greeting 39 Caroused 41 Dogmas « And not 44 Flying foxes 46 Value 50 Table . "spread" ' 53 Scottish explorer " : 55 Hawaiian island 56 Western city 57 Toward the stem 58 Unfettered 59 Sport'group' 60 Tiny 61 Abstract being DOWN I Hosier 2 An aroid. 3 City in Indiana 4 Spasmodic twitch 5 Horse G Moroccan. seaport 7 Be loud and , boisterous 8 Self , SUtchi, for one 10 Social gathering 12 Deliver knockout punch 19 Skill ·21 The law thing of hearts followed by the jack, ioulh takes the queen but goes . down one when West later : comes in with the'ace of spadeJ o cash his remaining hearts. The result appears to be normal and South seems to hava bitten off -more than he could chew. But the fact is that South should make the contract, and ; he reason he failed to do so was that at trick one he played · low heart from dumy, from force of habit, instead of playing the king. Had he gone up with the king, he could not have been stopped . Torn making three notrump. He would have made three heart , tricks instead o f . t w o , i f ' W e s t . persisted 1 - with hearts, and. t h e . ' contract as well; ' · ' ' The free finesse South obtained by allowing the heart lead to run around to his Q-10 was his undoing. He should have realized that West was hound to hold all three aces for his opening bid, and that there was nothing to be gained -- and much to be lost --' liy playing the three from dummy instead of the king. The hand is an excellent example of the principle that no play, however obvious it seems, should be made before considering its effect upon the hand as a whole. The first priority is to look before you leap, PONYTAIL Avg. solution time: 24 miD. nwuis _ HHH@USIi@ H^fflH fflnna DEiasa fflHIls EEB HSBQ Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 25 Implement, 26 Otherwise 27 Marsh grass 28 Suffix far rheoor photo » Vegetable 30 Image 31 June bug 35 Skin tumor 38 One-- tiny 40 Solemn promise 42 Word with boss or" vote IS Umpire's call 47 Steak order 48 At that time 49 Colors SOTable scrap 51 Famous general S Alfonso's queen 54 French season · "It's nice to see my father in a good mood.. .he tfdn't go si tin the garage when we played my lecortfe!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD r" CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR, Readers respond more quickly and favortbly when given complete, or definite Information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Alwayi insert your telephone number or your name and address. If you do not hav« regular hours, give a preferred time to bav* prospects call you. . PLACE YOUHSELP in the reader 1 * position and asfc yourself what you would like to know {about your offer), Tb* iiuw«r you Siva will make a food Classified ad, , .. , · WANT ABS THAT FAIL to bring satisfaction do *o, not throutfh any lack of readership, but because they do not contain enough information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can b* Moored for yout advertisement by ordering consecutive insertions, You can stop your ·d in the event of re*ulte and then pay only for the days it was puhU*h*d. Tber* art aUo very cpeclaf rat«i for UKM who »r«

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