Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 15, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 15, 1974
Page 16
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16 Northwe'sl Arkansas TIMES, Mon., July 15. 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Space Ventures Will Require International Cooperation By HOWARD BENEDICT [step on Ihe moan -- on July 20, WASHINGTON (AP) -- Will 11969. They were followed 'in tlie Americans return to the moon? Not in the near future, and when they do, it probably will bo a joint venture with Soviet \ cosmonauts. v That's the opinion of the head ol'Xjhe U.S. space program almost five years alter Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin became the tirst men to next 3V4 years by 10 other moon explorers, all Americans. Discussing the future of manned space flight, Dr. James C. Fletcher,, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said: "It is quite posisble that the Russians will send men to the moon for short stays in this Senate Panel Soflens Early Criticism Of HHH r McGovern WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate Watergale committee has softened earlier criticism of the presidential campaign finances of Democrats Hubert H. H u m p h r e y and George McGovern. In its final report, the panel seemed to clear Humphrey of violating the law in the use of $109,000 in personal funds for his unsuccessful campaign for the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination. And it dropped an earlier statement by staff investiga- ors, who had said McGovern may have violated at least the spirit of the law when he underpaid leftover campaign bills by some $35,000 while shifting $340,000 from his presidential coffers into his current Senate race fund. Both McGovern and Humphrey had registered strong protests about the staff findings Today In History By The Associated Press Today is Monday, July 15, the 196lh day of 1974. There are 169 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1945, Italy de clared war on Japan, its for mer Axis partner in World War II. On this dale: In 1606, tiia .Dutch artist Rembrandt, was born in Lei den. In 1870, Georgia became the last of the Confederate states to be readmitted to the Union. In 1789, France's King Louis XVI was awakened al 2 a.m and told that his authority had collapsed with Ihe fall of I h e Bastille in the French Hevolii- tion. In 1918, in World War I American troops attacked German positions at Chateau-Thier ry in France. In 1948, a Democratic Nation al Convention in Philadelphi nominated President Harry £ Truman for a second term. In 195i, President Dwight Eis enhower ordered 3,500 U.S. Ma to Lebanon during Middle East crisis. Ten years ago: The 28th Re publican Notional Convention meeting in San Francisco, nom uiated Barry Goldwater fo President. Five years ago: Secretary Defense Melvin Laird said tha in his opinion, the United Stale had "turned the corner" to ward peace in Vietnam. One year ago: Two Canadia officers of the Internationa Control Commission in Vietnam were released after 17 days detention by the Communists. Thought for today: Let hii that would move the world firs move himself--Socrates, Gree philosopher, about 479-399 B-C Fifth Anniversary Of Moon Walk Holed CAPE CANAVERAL, Fl (AP) -- Neil Armstrong will h reunited with astronauts Edwi Alririn and Michael Collins o Tuesday in a commcmoratio of the fifth anniversary of th first moonwalk. Armstrong. mission con mander and the first man to se foot on the moon; Aldrin, wh also explored the moon; an Collins, who circled the moo in the Apollo 11 mother ship, will arrive at Cape Canaveral tonight. The ceremonies will be held at the press site for Launch Complex 39. which will be dedi- doplcd v ad been im they appeared in news re orts. Except for a few other langes, the staff's findings jout campaign finances were doplcd virtually intact. Many made public earlier. The panel found that two liry cooperatives had used 0,000, apparently illegally, to romote the brief presidential ·mipaigti of Rep. Wilbur D. ills, D-Ark. r head of the ouse Ways and Means Com- naissance and other military Pioneer 10's sweep past Jupiter ast December and the recent jassoge of Mariner 10 past both Venus and Mercury. Pioneer 11 is now en route to ·mother photographic flyby of Jupiter and then will proceed m to take the first closeup look, ... two Project Viking spacecraft are to attempt- to land on Mars in search for life forms; in 1977; two Mariner ve- licles are to head for Jupiter and Saturn; in 1977 and 1978, two Pioneers a r e to be launched'-toward Venus, one to Jrop instrument capsules, the second lo orbit that planet. In the 1980s, Fletcher said NASA hopes to dispatch probes to every planet in the solar system except Pluto, which is too r away. Fletcher said the space agency hopes to resume exploration of the moon in 1979 with an unmanned lunar orbiting craft. catecl as a landmark. national historic The excitement of the rocket's l i f t o f f at 9:32 a.m. July 16, 1969, was followed by the dramatic moment on July 20 when Armstrong climbed down the ladder of the moonship to make the first h u m a n footprints on the dust of the moon. Changes His Name MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) James L. Groh says he plans to be on the ballot in the November gubernatorial election and he's changed his name for the occasion to "Crazy Jim." The 40-year-old used car dealer, who also promotes local demolition derbies and operates a fruit stand in his working-class South Side neighborhood, had his name legally changed to "Crazy Jim" in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. It said Mills was personally wolved in setting up an ap- ·earance at one lawa farm ral- ,' which the co ops financed TM llh corporate funds. It .said Mills' former cam aign chairman, Joseph Johnon, a former official of one of le co-ops, had refused to lesii- ' about the matter on grounds f possible self-incrimination. · SAYS HE'S UNAWARE Mills has said publicly he vas unaware of what was going n in .the. "draft-Mills" cam aign. before he announced limself as an active candidate Committee chairman Sam J Jrvin Jr. sent Mills two letter, sking Ihe.congressman [o sub nit to an interview about hii ampaign finances, but Mill: lidn't comply, the report said. The report also said Humphey's campaign received the enefit of an apparently illega jenefit of an apparent! yillegal $25,000 corporate payment for omputer-mail lists.-The money vas paid by the largest dairy ^operative, Associated Milk 5 roducers Inc. The report cited evidence iiat Humphrey's campaign manager, Minneapolis attorney "ack Chestnut, was aware o'f -he use of corporate money and iclped arrange it. It said Chestnut also invoked he Fifth Amendment and reused to testify. Humphrey was asked to an- wer questions about the mater, but sent a letter saying he didn't know anythin gabout it. add senae panel The .same dairy co-op do- ated corporate money to Humphrey's 1968 presidential ampaign, and allegedly did so again in his 1970 Senate race. The report did not deal with hese payments because Ihe committee's inquiry was limit- id to the 1972 presidential elec- lon. The committee's invesliga- ors found that Humphrey had used $86,01,0 in stcck an(1 $23 ODO n cash of his own funds in the campaign, and originally said donations apparently violated he old federal law against campaign gifts of over $5,800 each. However, the final reporl said this law never had been in :erpreted (o apply to a candi date's use of his own money. The report still said Humph rey had hidden the use ol per sonal money when he made a voluntary public disclosure o ins campaign finances during the primary campaigns, whei secret donations were an issue NOT INTENTION On the McGovern malter, the final report said neither McGovern campaign workers nor the corporate creditors who wrote off bad debts had in tended to violate the lav. against corporate campaign do nations. It said the law never had been used to cover such a situation. The report said Presiden Nixon's campaign received the vast bulk of known, illegal cor porate donations of $749,OOC from a dozen companies. It said it found no evidence Nixon f u n d raisers had specific ally asked for illegal corporate money, but it also found (hut a n u m b e r of them didn't seem to care where the money came from and made no effort to see that it was fro ma legal source It said Nixon workers sy« tematically sought donation from high-nnd middle-level cor poration executives. It also seemed to question llu ambassadorships had been fo President's public denial tha sale during his administration. The report noted that one o Nixon's key fund raisers, Her hert L. Kalmbach, had pleade guilty to selling an ambassa dorship to J. Fife Syminglo for a $100,000 donation. Kal mhach is now serving a ja: term and Symington didn't ge the job he wanted. The committee said that lh TRl-LAKES ANTENNA Safes and Service New Used Antennas Color · Black While Boosters · Towers Free Estimates 751-7927 7SI-84S6 751-0257 Nixon campaign received $1. million attributable in whole o in part to persons who hav teen appointed ambassadors b; Nixon. V VAUGHNS 7 BATTERY CO, 60S S. School EXTRA HEAVY DUTY BATTERIE* duce sharply the cost. of oper- ,he age of the space shuttle be- not likely in this century unless ins. This revolutionary rocket done ill the Apollo program-. ating in space. The space agen- they are built in international jlane is now taking shape on will accommodate scientists, engi- projects with the Soviet Union, send men back lo the moon on aunch will cost $10.5 million, the United States, compared with ?150 million for neers and researchers for between seven and 30 days. This small space station will, be rein establishment of industry and foreign turned to earth after a mission runway for the new vehicle. NATIONS COOPERATE overnments now pay NASA to too, will be refurbished long-term use, like pur present SPACE STATION A big step toward future co- tor another launching, bases in the antarctic. In Europe, engineers of nine they will do the same with the by the two leading "Such bases on the moon are nations is sched- shuttle. Seats will be purchased man might embark for Mars, uled in July 1975, when three space station to be carried into experts wanting to do re believed to be the most hospi- search in orbit for periods up to American astronauts and two orbit by a shuttle. It will open GEN. SPATZ DIES AT 83 table planet in the solar sys- Russian cosmonauts arc to link space travel to men and women researchers of many lands. Iheir spaceships in The Skylab flights demonstra- "I think manned exploration flight is to lest a common dock- waited until it was proved that oped for surveying earth's re- after we have had experience man can survive in space for ing device that would enable a sources from space. So NASA long periods and perform useful spacecraft from one country to WASHINGTON (AP) - The earth .orbit and with long stays fly to the rescue of one from Tian who directed the smashing and the Skylab flights, in which timber organizations and other if Germany from the air and "But when you have human industries will want their own "Even though such an under- beings, astronauts and cosmo- station for up to 84 days, pro- he final strategic bombing of teams of researchers in orbit. NASA shuttle pilots will take apan in World War 'II, Gen. now, with all the other financial The shuttle is a cross-breed avl Spaatz, has died at 83. problems currentl spacecraft, you can't Unmanned satellites, such as developed countries, those for communications and likely that any one of them will ,,..,, ..... ,,, ____ DC9 airliner. Recoverable rock- ioneers instrumental in keep- observation, also will foot the bill by itself -- at leasi ' ng the U.S. Army Air Corps troduce a whole new era of eas- ets will boost it into orbit, and be taken aloft by a shuttle and not in the next two decades,' ing tensions, and it would be a when its mission is done, it will placed in desired orbits by the atcr served as the first Chief land back on earth like a plane. step toward long-term coopera- pilots. If a satellite stops oper- PLANET EXPLORATION However, NASA plans a vg- Ground crews will refurbish it tion with the Soviets, which is ating, a shuttle crew can fly up and have it re.idy for another to fix it or return it to earth for orous .program to explore the morning, ot con- planets with unmanned space craft, many of them lotted into space, like establishing a base on the moon or going to Mars." able to carry up to seven per' One space agency projeclior orbit by a shuttle and then sent The U.S.-Soviet flight is the sons and' 65, 000 pounds of pay- Spaatz chief of staff when the deeper into space with shows a shuttle launch rate ol rate propulsion system. 50 a year during the 1980s. In planned by this country in the ' created in 1947. Spaatz retiree SHUTTLE REDUCES COSTS tremely pleased with the Mari ment plans to operate, its own America will return ner probes of Mars and Venus version of -the shuttle for recon- and over, the shuttle will re- to manned flight in earnest as ! 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