Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 15, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1974
Page 12
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u jfiiiTiini..'! 5/5 {3 1 I SHOU.DVE HADTKAT-POINT, ANPI SHOULO'VE HAO THAT SAME AND I SHOULP'VE HAP THAT SET.., UNFORTUNATELY WE'RE NOT PtAYlMS ''SHCXJLDVFS*' . a , 1 5OMETHING FlSHV.' SHECDUUDNY TAKE THAT MUCH OXVGEN! VOU'RE HEW AROUND HERE, AREN'T VOU?.. YOU MUST BE 1 ·THE OWE WHO'S. TR.VIN' TO / CATCH.OLD OBED1AH FRILW5/ WHAT'S MOREjON (W30NUT [ HIGHT6, SOMETWE6 VOU CftH · SEE ft CORPSE HAWGIN' FRO/rt * THftT PM TREE IN THE YflRR " MORMN'COMES AND IT'S-30NE, 7\EAH, B/ERXBOPV KNOWS / HOW THE FRILLV PLACE IS HAUNTED.^ ( m T WOUWKIWN'OfftWS TWO 56 WHO WtU SOT WUTHttlOWKWHWfT f --BUT I WISH HE'D GIT A LEETLE SHUT-MOQTH.TOO I DON T MIND PAW 61TTIN' fl LEETLE SHUT-EVE 1MTH 1 flFTERNOON KNOWTHRES 2^THAR HAIMT BANK PRESIDENTS A NO BANKS! IN PO6PATCH!!! PONT SHOW YOU CAN COUNT P BUTTONS ON THEIR , UNIFORMS/ WHEN 60T ZIPPERS ?· THAT'S PRETTY STUPID IT HERE ANP I'LL, BEETLE, DO YOU HAVE ANV IDEA HOVV 5TUPIP YOU LOOK JUT LEAN OM YOUR IF VOU DONTGET UP HERE, f YOUR STORM IS SOWS TO START TONIGHT 1 % I'M WATCH1MG THAT CUTE UTTLE GIRL GIVE THE -, WEATHER REPORT THERE'S GOIWG TO ' DAGWOOD/ WHYDONTYOU · COME UP AND GO TO BED? ;Belies K arNai/ THE COFFIN OFACHIEf OF THE BflBUENDE TRIBE OF THE CONGO, IS TOE SHAPE OF A HUMAN FIGURE SW,Afnc3, WHEN THREATENED* STANDS OH ITS ill « Northw«rt ArVan«i» TIMES, Mon., July 15, 1974 W rAY»TT»VII.L«, A»K*M»A» iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiniiuiiiiiuiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiBiiMn ui|| * | *raitiai LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Fluttering Heartbreak Usually Not Serious iBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiinniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniie There are a number of excel- nt drugs which can "break" le increased beat and return ; to normal. Mild pressure on le eyeballs and pressure exert- d at the side of the neck can ometimes interrupt the rapid seat and help it return to normal. I would like to know about aneumoconiosis. I understand it FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) . You can mold this day as' you choose. Others may Injti't their opinions with some force, but this need not affect your steady aim and direct approach to success -- and with gond will! TUARUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Some complex situations indicated, but none that you cannot olve in your usual efficient lanner. Don't be distracted by frivolities of others. EMINI (May 22 to June 21) A good day for promoting outine matters as well as new eas which seem feasible. Em- lasize the Geminian's inge- uity in dull or monotonous ANCER (June 22 to July 231 Lunar influences now suggest lat you get off quickly,- bat loughtfully, for a day. of what hould he mostly unobstructed nd enthusiastic running. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Get an early start and use se most efficient methods in our work. Results of your ef- irts may not be immediate, ut bide.your time! Gains indi- ated soon. flRGO (Aug. 24 to Oct. 23) Don't expect too much now. ollow routine In apable manner, your usual and make lans for the tuture, but do not arry them out until the time more propitious. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You may be tempted to take n unexpected fling in money latters and, if your judgment sas good as It usually is. it hould pay o f f . CORE'IO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't force issues now. Thp dds are against you and you 1 ! ain more by waiting -- anc studying situations. But look a- ead confidently. Avoid nega ive thinking. SAGITAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec D Do not be impulsive, bu neither hold off action becaus of uncertainty over your abili- .ies. Burb doubts and fears. You DO have ability. Back it with self-confidence. 1APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Be tactful in family circles, all personal contacts. Recurrences of old hassles are possible if you are not on guard. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) A good day for monetary affairs. You could now make a very sound investment -- it carefully, thought out befc-re hand. Avoid speculation, however. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Wait patiently for the results of your efforts. Reward WILL come -- perhaps greater than you anticipate. Some new in .crests in the offing. YOU BORN TODAY arc more oirtgoing, more venturesome ban the average Canceriar. .lius could succeed in some fields in which others would fail. You would be thoroughly at home in the theater or in any field which involves dealing with the public; could excel as a trial lawyer, with a flair for the dramatic and, in politics or statesmanship, would shine at oratory. You have a great love of the arts and, if properly educated, could be an outstanding musician, painter or writer. On the personal side, you are more gregarious than many oth?rs born under your Sign, thus make -- and keep -- friends easily. But do try to curb a tendency to dominate them. Birthdate of: Rembrandt, Dutch Painted; H e n r y (Cardinal) Gushing, clergyman. Every once in a while my heart seems to develop a very rapid beat and I have a fluttering sensation in my chest. Dear Mrs. D.: I am not a big drinker, but I honestly believe this is related lo drinking beer which I do occasionally. Is this possible? . The rate .of the heartbeat is controlled by a tiny pacemaker, This is not to be confused with the electronic device that is implanted in people whose own pacemaker is not entirely effective. The hartbeat can be altered or disturbed by drugs, tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. Emotional disturbances, too can upset the normal rhythm of the heart. BEAT ALTERED Tachycardia, the word for a sudden rapid increase in the ·ate or the heartbeat can be 'rightening, especially if one doesn't understand that it is us sually not threatening to life. You may well have determin ed the cause of your rapid hear rate. By eliminating beer 01 other, alcoholic beberages you may be freed of this anxiety- producing experience. It cer tainly is worth trying. In addition, it would be wisi to consult your physician, whi can help establish the exac lappens S . to workers in steel r.G.M.S., PENNA. Dear Mr. S.: Pneumoconiosis is a lung abnormality that results from the nhalation of dust particles. LUNG CHANGES Steel workers are not the only ones who" are subjected to thii condition. Inhalation of barium, tin, iron, quartz, asbestos, silica, sandstone, granite and many other substances can produce cahnges in the lungs. Workers can be protected a- ainst these irritants. Unfortunately, a great many workers become careless and do nothing about the rules of safety until changes in the lungs becoma irreversible. Speaking fo your health Nail biting may be discouraged by applying bad-tasting medicine, but this does not get to th« psychological source of the problem. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Manteni' Individual Championship Play) West dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH 4 A Q 8 5 3 V K 8 + 952 * A K Q WEST' *76 V J 6 5 + A K Q J 8 6 +·76 EAST +J10985432 Crossword By Eugene Sbeffcr ACROSS 1 Musical 37 Kilmer poem '' instrument 38 Ravel opus 5 Slender fmial 8.For fear that. 12 Arrow 'poison 13 Treat hides . 14 Charles Lamb B The oribi 17 Chinese society 18 Luau dish 19 Injustices .-31 Flock 24 Complain lussily .25 Garden worker 26 White man 30 Miss Claire 31 Gambling house decoy 32 Humble 33 Loose overcoats 35 Tree trunk 36 Large cisterns 41 Greek letter 42 Tree of Morocco 43 Source of quinine 48 German meta- physician 49 Wife of Athamas 50 Central American tree 51 Rubber trees 52 Append 53 Beverage DOWN 1 Haunch 2 Miscellany · 3 Electrical unit 4 Frog 5 Reticule 6 Leather moccasin 7 Desk accessories 8 -steam 9 Biblical, name 10 Warble 11 Labels 16 Young lad 20 Dance 21 Small fragment 22 Mrs. Chaplin 23 Menu item 24 Entices 26 Vision in bright light 27 Plant o£ lily family 28 English sea kale 29 Farm animals 31 Play the lead 34 Turns inside out 35 Sops 37 Article 38 Fine nig 39 Kind 'of~~ test 40 Bowling alley 41 Lout 44 Ampersand 45 Turku 46 Serling Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 47 Parrot. SOUTH V A Q 1 0 9 7 4 3 + 10 7 4 3 * -The bidding: West 3* North Dble East Sonth 4* Opening lead - king of dia monds. This deal occured i nthe 1972 World Olympiad. It was playec at 18 tables, and at most of them South got to four hearts and went down one. This happened when West lee the king of diamonds, partne showing out, and continued with the A-Q-J. It is hard to faul those declarers who ruffed the fourth diamond with the king and later lost a trump trie] to the jack. From their viewpoint, afte: West had shown up wiln six diamonds and East with none, t seemed tar more likely that Sast would have the jack of hearts than. West. East had 13 -irds that might include tha ack, while West had only 7. Some declarers, after ruffing high in dummy, finessed the ten of hearts: others cashed t!'C A- Q, hoping to fee' the jack. But, either way, their hopes wets dashed end they went down one. The most remarkable outcome of the hand occurred: ivhen Belladonna and Avarelli, Italian stars. helJ the Norlh- louth cards. Their bidding w?nt: West North East Sooth 3 · Dble Pass Pass Pass Even though Belladonna's double of three diamonds waj a takeout as in most systems, Aijrelli eiif.ted to pass. This extraordinary action proved highly remunerative. Belladonna cashed the A-K of clubs, on which Avarelli discarded the 9-4 of spades in that order. North thereupon led the ac« and another spade, ruffed by South. Avarelli played the ace ant! another heart, won by North with the king.and Belladonna exjted with the queen of clubs. Declarer thus scored only his six trump tricks, losing a further heart trick at the end, and the Italian pair registered a plus of 801) points on their ledger instead of a minus of 100. PONYTAIL Avg. solntton'ttme: 27 mln. HEHG3 si 22 39 2i 26 24 19 41 14 20 17 5J 28 29 "That was humiliating, Hobie, you were the only boy la there who ordered a SMAUi! pizza!" 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