Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 14, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, July 14, 1974
Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sun., July 14, 1974 FAYKTTEV1LLE, ARKANSAS Aubrey Shepherd New Lures And Combination Tours : The July issue of Sports Afield features an article by Homer Circle which is titled "Curlytails --Sizzling ;new Fish Catcher." With his usual thoroughness ; "Uncle Homer" discusses a wide selection of the 'twister lures now on the market. He mentions Cor- · dell's Pigtail Worm, Mann's Jelly Twister, Fliptail's 'improved Fuddlebug, Burke's Wig-Wag Worm, Bag. ley's Screw Tail, Lindy's Swirltail, Generic's Sosy Eel, 'Ed Henckel's The Streaker, and Carver Plastics' Mister : Twister. The only brand of "curlytail" we've been able to test so far is the Mister Twister which first came to our attention at the B.A.S.S. Texas National on Sam Hayburn Reservoir in March. While the grub- sized Mister Twister fished on a Vt ounce jig head or trailing a single spin has produced for us, nothing has ever been more successful for us in stream fishing than has the Teeny Twister, a miniature Mister Twister. In swift water these work best on a one- eighth ounce jig head. In clear and not so swift water these produce best when mounted on a jig as small as one-sixteenth ounce. Four pound line is best with these lures. In super clear, snag free water the tiniest jigs and two pound test line bring out the best in a Teeny Twister. Although the larger sized twister lures are deadly on bass and crappie in lakes, they seldom are quite as infallible as are the Teeny twisters when fished for smallmotith bass, green sunfish, longears, bluegill, redears, warmouth, rock bass and spotted bass in streams. We have found these tiny lures effective in Arkansas' Buffalo River, Clear Creek, Mulberry River, Barren Fork of Illinois River, Evansville Creek, Lee's Creek, Upper White River, War Eagle branch of White River, Kings River, West Fork of White River, and to a lesser extent in the Osage Creek and Spring Creek. In other words, fish in about every Northwest Ark. ansas stream are susceptible to the flirty twister tail lure, if it is fished with reasonable patience and skill. No single method is best in all situations. As with any jig, the jig and twister may be struck while falling or while being retrieved Park Service Contracts For Buffalo River Land The National has contracted to purchase 28,809 acres of land for the Buffalo National River. This land will become part of the National Hiver when closing procedures have been completed. During the first two years ot operation the Lands Office has obligated $5,911,362 for land aquisition. It has acquired 300 tracts of land, .just over 30 percent of the project. The mapping has been completed. Many land owners have requested appraisals. In all, 563 or 60 percent of the land owners lave requested appraisals. As soon as title evidence has been received and appraisal data Park Service | acquird from the contract towed are board"). at various speeds. With "a spinner attached the lure may be made to sink slowly or with no spinner and a relatively heavy the bank, jig the lure may be made to sink rapidly even in cur- Now. for rent. In shallow runs with current various approaches may be effective, including the troutman's trick of letting the lure drift and tumble freely. We have not had adequate opportunity to try the really large curly tail twister lures, but these obviously deserve consideration by serious worm fishermen in search of a slight edge. No lure is infallible, however, and patient experimentation with these new lures -- in places where fish hang out -- is the key to learning whether any of these new additions to the already overpopulated family of soft plastic worms is the key to fishing success for you. Because the supply of twister style lures is short in most areas right now, don't throw out all your old worms and f rubs and go out to buy a supply of new Mister wisters or Pigtails, for your old standbys may be all you'll have. Family Tours A lot of weekend fishermen have a family problem -- that is, their wives and children want to go on family outings on the very day they have free for fishing. If this problem occurs often, one may be forced to sneak off on a trip to lake, pond or stream early enough to avoid being accompanied. This time of year fishing on area lakes is best early mornings and second best at night. Late mornings and afternoons are poor fishing times with clear water and high surface temperatures. Therefore, the wise angler may make off to the lake on Saturday night, enjoy his worming and daylight top water plugging and still make himself agreeable to his family during the long Sunday afternoon (if he can stay awake). If he gets out his lightest tackle, a collection of tiny lures, and his wading sneakers (no longer new cleated sole hiking boots are even better), he can take his family on a combination picnic, sight-seeing tour, and successful fishing trip. Where would he go? One tour in Northwest Arkansas might start in Fayetteville and proceed north on Arkansas Highway 112, with a first stop at the Clear Creek Bridge near Johnson. While the newly converted ultra-light fancier (or soon-to-be converted) fishes the area around the bridge, his wife can satisfy her curiosity (and spend some money?) visiting the interesting antique shop of Liz Baker at Greathouse Springs or maybe sample the spring water or look at the outdoor vegetable stand (in season). The next stop on 112 may be Tontitown or Elmdale Lake near Elm Springs. Or the angler may hold out for Cave Springs where he can let the kids fish for trout in Lake Keith (this is a sure success item but may prove expensive if the kids are very good fishermen). A turn on Highway 264 Westward from Cave Springs quickly brings the family vehicle to an extremely popular swimming area on Osage Creek. While the playful members of the family frolic in the swiftly moving current of clear water, the surely-by- now converted ultralight angler (Dad can never resist catching at least one rainbow trout on a visit to a trout farm regardless of his standing on the B.A.S.S. tournament trail for the year) may slip unnoticed upstream to quieter waters and test his gear in earnest, knowing he may find a smallmouth bass or even an escaped rainbow trout (as Don Jackson did this week) or at least a small sunfish with no respect for hot dog bass- masters. If the kids don't insist on swimming until dark (or Dad doesn't hike all the way upstream to Bentonville and have to hitchhike back, the tour can soon wend its way westward a few miles to Flint Creek and if time permits northward to Spavinaw Creek. All the streams in this area are clear and mostly clean. They are fed by what must be an enormous aquifer under the Bentonville area and so are never quite out of water. At practically every crossing there is a popular swimming hole, yet solitude and sometimes good fishing are as close as a ten minute walk from most bridges and fords. If a whole day is devoted to this tour (or if everyone chooses to ride a lot rather than to play in the sun and cool water) then a swing back through Siloam Springs and even to Lake Frances on the Illinois River may be possible. Or if time is running ' out, the party may choose to follow Arkansas 16 from Siloam Springs to Fayetteville, crossing -- and maybe stopping to fish or swim -- the Illinois River twice on the way back. Lake Wedington also will be seen on this trip, probably giving Dad a few thoughts about some more of that night fishing. A hearing on the Buffalo National River is this Friday in Harrison. Advice Offered To Water Skiers ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- The new water skiing season is here and the U.S. Coast Guard would like to pass along some suggestions for the new skiers, also, some new laws for the old "salts' 1 . Some time worn suggestions for the novice skier: Have an extra person board the pull boat to observe the skier whether or not this is required by the state law. The operator of the pull boa should keep alert, uninterrupted lookout forward. Have the skier wear a U.S Coast Guard approved persona flotation device (PFD), aloni with all non-swimmers on boarc the pull boat. Both skier and operate should keep well clear o crowded beaches and docking areas. Check all skiing equipmen 'or condition and serviceability prior to use. Work out hand signals for use between the skier and the ob server. If a traffic pattern exists for the skiing area, travel with it. Do not ski a'gainst such a traffic system. Do not ski too fast too near ppraisers, this office will make ffers to the land owners. The ffers are made in writing and ppraisals are available for the wner's perusal in compliance vith Public Law 91-646 which rovides that the amount of- ered shall not be less than the gency's approved appraisal of he fair market property. value of the More than 13.000 acres of land vill be available for public Hinting t h i s fall. The emainder will not be available or hunting until various conditions of the land sale have been clarified. Ultimately 78,000 acres will be open for hunting, n some cases, title evidence ms not been received and in all cases the land owners are given 90 days to vacate the iroperly after the transaction s closed, and replacement jroperty located. In some in- itances, replacement property takes several months to locate and the owner may stay on the acquired property until relocation is completed. HARRISON MEETING SET Fishermen Need Travel Hints Problem: You're flying on an unexpected trip to a place where there's great fishing, but you don't want to carry more than one suitcase. How do you take along some fishing tackle? Unfortunately, many Ireye- lers miss some exciting fishing because they don't know how to take a rod, reel and tackle box without adding extra baggage. Space and weight are import- a n t considerations when packing a suitcase. For a compact, lightweight tackle box, raid the family kitchen for a plastic food carton with a snap- on lid. Choose one that is flat, wide and 10 to 12 inches long. This goes inside the suitcase. Pare down the number of lures to only those which fit National Park Visitors Urged To Stress Safety P.S. -- Park Safety -- can save your life. "Park Safety," says Director Ronald H. Walker of t h e National Park Service, "c a n mean the- difference between the vacation of your life and the last vacation of your life." "It is impossible," Walker dded, "to overemphasize the eed for good, common sense hen visiting the parks. , We annot -- and will not -- at- Out of all the land National Park Service the has acquired, only requested use 12 people have Five of these and occupancy. occupy houses; the remainder utilize the land for agricultural purposes. Throughout the planning studies m a d e Impact past have year, been The Environmental Statement and Master all, including old "salts," who are aware of everything mentioned so far, a new law has recently been passed concerning personal flotation devices. According to the new law, boats less than 16 feet In length still must have one Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, or IV PFD for each person on board (skiers being considered "on Plan drafts were completed and are scheduled for public meetings July 18 in Little Rock and July 19 at Harrison. The Interpretive Prospectus is in p r e l i m i n a r y draft form. Preliminary Wilderness Studies have been completed. An Architectural and Engineering Contract has been let for studies at Buffalo Point. Research studies are underway with . water quality and archeological survey data being undertaken by the University of Arkansas. Texas School of Technology is working on historical architectural studies. Federal funding has not been made available at the rate and in the amount originally anticipated. While funding has been slowed, the National Park Service is continuing to accept requests from owners who wish to sell their property for the National River. Recently Congressman John P a u l Hammerschmidt a n - nounced seven million dollars would be made available durinj fiscal year 1975 for lam acquisition. the kind of fishing you intend doing, and only the best two of each type. You can always buy additional lures when you arrive, and you'll want to try some of the load favorites, anyway. To the box add a folding penknife, a pair of radio technician's long-nosed pliers, some deader, spools, swivels and anything else you need. Most tackle makers produce spinfishing or flyfishing rods t h a t , break down into three or four short pieces. Some are combination rods that permit both types of angling. Look for one in an aluminum or plastic case that fits the length of your suitcase. A lightweight fly reel, or ultra-light spinning reel, takes little room and can be placec between folded clothing to cushion it. Coach Dies NEW YORK -- Bill Ward 64 former track and field coach a St. .John's University died a his summer home in Quogu N.Y. THE HUT DELIVERS! New Job LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Per ry C. Moore athletic directo at Colorado State ' the past si years was named to a simila post at Long Beach State Un versity, succeeding Dr. Lewi Comer, who resigned May. 9. empt uard to fence every cliff, every waterfall, drain stature than most modern Americans. RECKLESS CHANCES I continue to be appalled by the reckless chances some visitors take,' Walker said. "They seem unaware that the protective mother of that 'cuddly bear cub' or 'precious fawn is sure to be close at hand and willing to attack those who she thinks endanger her offspring. We have had some success over the years in making visitors realize that bears can be dangerous, but too many visitors still fail very pool of water, or tame very animal. Yet each of these resent hazards most park visi- ors rarely encounter in their ally lives. The most disheartening prob- em," the Director said, "is the ontinuing rise in the number f drowning deaths in t h e arks. Too many times I have ead reports of excellent wimmers who have misjudged he underwater currents, their wn endurance, or the inherent angers of swimming in the icy vaters of deep lakes or moun- ain streams. The National 'ark Service cannot prohibit wimming everywhere because if the foolish chances taken by L few visitors, but it can and vill make eevry effort to alert 'is it or s to the very real differences -- and greater hazards -- involved, in swimming in the akes, rivers, and streams of he parks instead of the faml- iar suburban swimming pools." While drowning has become he leading cause of accidental death in the parks, these areas also present many other dangers to liie city-oriented visitor who is unused to wild animals, rugged terrain, or historic buildings which were designed for people of smaller physical to recffgnize animals as that such 'cute' chipmunks can azor-sharp edges of hardened va wherever volcanoes ones rupted, each presents .unmat- hed beauty and a danger to unwary visitor. The National Park Service,' talker said, "is determined to ive park visitors the freedom j explore and enjoy the varied onders of the parks, but its Iso determined to emphasize IB 'P.S.' of Park Safety to larply reduce the number of eedless accidental deaths and injuries which have ruined too acations that should have been memorable for far better rea- ons.' carry serious diseases and thai larger animals are equippec with sharp hooves, claws horns, antlers, or teeth whicl can cause serious injuries, tl not death." Even the historic properties of the National Park System present special hazards in the form of low doorways, narrow staircases, and-uneven earthen floors, designed in an era o less sophisticated technology and smaller people. While unlikely to cause deaths, such hazards can lead to serious in juries to careless visitors, he said. .Geologic hazards also aboum in. nature -- and therefore ir the parks. From sheer cliff and crumbling rock at' thei peaks, to the dangers, of scald ing in the thermal pools · o Yellowstone and -Lassen Volca nic National Parks, or th The TIMES Is On Top of The News Sevan Days a Weekl TVa.% We have * savings program and Interest rate to meet your needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association 201 N. East Avenue EQof :| Fayetteville; Hiway 71 South Locutt Fayerf«v!1!»,AR (phon« 521-5422) j; CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. HK PIZZA, MMPWW NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE CONVENTION EXHIBIT THIS MONDAY-THURSDAY Don't miss this exciting exhibit on display in the center court of the mall. Stock brokers will be on hand to help you better understand the New York Stock Exchange by answering all questions and handing out literature. SO hwe/l on/a/ Plaza Bctwten Sprinkle t Fjyettevillt MI Hiway 71 NEAR . . . SO MUCH Over 50 Stores Highway 71 Between Springdale and Fayetteville Over 3,000 FREE Parking Spaces Open 10-9 Mon.-Sat. What Worries Vou most Hbout RETIREH1EI1T? FAILING HEALTH · COST OF LIVING · THE ENERGY PROBLEM · DEPENDENCY Now there's a FREEDOM FROM WORRY Retirement ought to be a lime of NEW FREEDOM - a freedom from these worries: 1. The fear of FAILING HEALTH and not being able to obtain prompt medical attention at any time. 2. The resfric lions that the ENERGY CRISIS might place on your life. 3.Thecontinuedthreatof INFL ATION for those liv in g on fixed incomes. 4. An unwanted DEPENDENCY upon loved ones that leads to loneliness. 5. The care and upkeep of your home - rising reai estate (axes, repair and maintenance costs. 6. Other concerns - such as the rising crime rate, susceptibility to unwanted solicit alions a nd a lack of a cceptable retirement housin g. It requires PLANNING AHEAD Few of us like to think about these things - but retirement conies to everyone and it does require planning. After a lifetime of work, retirement should be rewarding opening a whole new world of informal living with SECURITY. It should be, but many times it is not, regardless of your station in life. It can become a life of stress and frustration. If you haven't started planning your retirement, you owe it to yourself, and to your fa mily, to do so NOW! You can start with a TRIAL-LIVING program You'll fi nd the answer to allot these worries at CONCORDIA of Bel la Vista Village, a beautiful retirement complex located in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. And Concordia even has a TRIAL LIVING PROGRAM to satisy every doubt in your mind. additional community center for year-round indoor-outdoor recreation (including thermal baths); lakes and streams for fishing; swimmingpools, tennis courts, miniature golf and other outdoor games. At CONCORDIA, one charge covers all! The beauty of it all is that ONE ALL-INCLUSIVE MONTHLY MATNTfeNANCB CHARGE covers everything - delightful meals, full medical coverage, total recreation without fees, utilities, maldservice and even local transportation. The beautiful ConcordU Center, with chibbowc u* f«v apartaeat werkwks Bell* Vista's golf coonc, lakes and Town Center. )· ······· ··«······« a«l ········SI To obtjm additional infonnitiat indudinf our colorM b^ar« »M f»t 5 schedules, return this coupon, or Mil colkct - 501-85W900, Mr. O.W. I Cooptr, Director of Markttini. | Concordia of Bella Vista | Belli Vista Villiie, Manas 72712 F7-74 | NAME. ACE ADDRESS PHONE (AC) CITY. -STATE. I I I I I I ,J

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