Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 14, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 14, 1974
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

«A Northwest Arkantai TIMES, Sun., July 14, 1974 »AY«TTIVILLl, ARKANSAS Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1' Hebrew letter g "-- your life!" » "- of Old Smokey" IS Spot on radar screen IB On Hie sheltered side JO "--ear..." 21 "- But Me" 82 -- majesty 23 Variable · star 24 Staircase .post 25 Expect 26 African river 27 Menu item 29 Resinous substance 31 Plover 33 Peat 34 "-- Waltz Again with You" 36 "-- You" 37 Badger 40 Nat King Cole record C Fated 51 Sell 52 Scourges M "The -Song" 56"-- Love 57 Consume 58 "A --Your Shoes" W-with the By JO PAQUIN 81 Chemical DOWN comb, form 1 Machine 92 Greek letters 94 Steeple 96 German exclamation 97 Vampire 98 Captivate Laughing 100 Egyptian Face" deity 62 Map abbr. 102 Withstand 63 Firebug 103 Portico 65 Attica _ townships 67 Loyalists (Amer. Hist) 69 "Bei Mir-Du Schoen" 70 Planted 71 Petulant grimace 72 Adopt Vo Curling match (Scot) 76 Musical 105 American author 10« Afforded 107 Junior, for one 111 Weight of India 112 Duke Ellington hit 116 Gem stone 117 Ipse -119 Over 121 Pagan deity parts 2 Dismounted 3 Andean country 4"--Soul" 5 Forty- -6 "Just -Those Things 1 ' 7 "Down In Jungle --" 8 "-- Song" 9 "-- Kelly, I Love You" 10 "-Day" 11"- Is the Hour" 12 Leaping amphibian 13 Salad ingredient 14 Caressed 15 "The --" IS Look askance 40 Detail 41 French painter 45 New Zealand aborigine 44 Ham it up 45 Feeds 47 Card game 49 Domestic! pigeon 52 "-- While You Work" 53 Song from "Take a Chance" 55 Displacement of parts 82 Latin con* junctions 84 "Lady of-" 87 Song from "The Razor's Edge" 89 One making capture 91 "The -- I Saw Paris" 93 Drunkards 95 Roof edge 97 Soft: comb. form 99 "The -Morocco" Researchers Added To UA Stafl Edited by Bill William? 58 Marsh bird 101 Freebooter 59 Later 102 Soften 61' group org. 81 "Maria -"124 Actress S3 Cole Porter la "My Kind 17 »_ of Capri" 18 Pare banteng 28 A squall 30 Choir section song 46 Concerning 85 Printer's 47 Court 48 Made of a cereal grain 5» Song from "Lad?, Be Good!" erg. 86 Standard 88 Babylonian hero . 90 Star in Virgo Marta 125 Friar 326 Humorous ican town poet 34 Figure of speech 35 Chanted 37 "-Good Time" 38 Close (poetic) "-- the Top" 64 Clan division (Gr.) 66 Cyclades island 68 Female ruff 108 Samoan 70 Dog seaport 71 Ground 109 Groucho, cover for one ; 72 "-- Doesn't 110 Stage Live Here direction Anymore" 112 Painful 104 "-.In the Dark" 106 Song from "Love Me Tonight" 107 Wooden pegs KIDS' VIEW OF RELIGION F A I T H , HOPE A N D HILARITY, By Dick Van Dyke (Warner-05 cents) Art Linklettcr said that kids say the darndcsl things. Along comes Dick Van Dyke, \vhn once laughl Sunday school, with some of the funny things that happen when children first learn about religion. Beginning with the "book of Look" and ending wilh "Kin- Concordance" the A HISTORY OF THE DEVIL. By William Woods: (Putnam. $0.95.) . Occultism, black magic, witchcraft and oilier morose juvenilia of the human race are laving ;a big revival out there in ComputerLand. The trend has been variously ntcrnretcd as a quasi-religious ...... reveal ' unconcious 32 New Mex- 73 Sing softly 113 Japanese 127 Spectral type 128 Put forth 129 Italian noble house 39 Leases 74 Magna -75 Fasteners 76 Levantine ketches 77 "Moon Over --" 78 Reticules 79 City in India shrubs 114 Elvis Presley hit 115 Actress Sommer 118 "- Little Spanish Town" 120 Spar dergarlen youngsters humor. A boy had just learned the 23rd Psalm and - w a s reciting it for his teacher. He did fine until the sixth verse when he said "Surley good Mrs. Mur- phcy shall follow me all the days of my life" Mrs. Murphy, it turned out lived next door .o the boy. Down in New Orleans, home of the Saints pro-football team a first-grader was taking a test on religion. ' He was asked what was November First. His answer "All Saints Day -- say do the other teams gel a day too? Van Dyke tells about a very small California!! who puzzled his parents at dinner when he began making strange circular motions in front of his face with his fingers. What on earth are you doing?" asked his 'mother. Average time of solution: 64 minutes. 116 117 IIS ANSWERING NEED FOR UBIQUITOUS EVIL quest, a flight ness or just cramps. from ordinari- plain mental The boy explained. "Before our neighbors eat, they draw pictures in the air and touch their bellybuttons." A two-year-old, says Van Dyke, was so thrilled to sue candles being lighted during services that · he stood up the middle of silent prayer and lappily sang "Happy Birthday to you.." As any Methodist knows, be says, this church was founded by John Wesley. You can imagine the surprise of a churcl woman when her eight-year oh son reported, "We learned who started our church today. II | was John Wayne." Van Dyke is quite correct in saying that whatevetr' our religious beliefs, we need all the saving grace and humor and joy we can find in life. bww Be that as it may. any book on the shady side of Ihe supernatural today is likely to sell, especiallly if il offers support to Ihe more aberrant cultists That, luckily, isn't Woods' purpose. He seeks to illuminate the cluster of beliefs that shaped the Devil, and while his con elusions and speculations won' command universal assent, b( is consistently interesting and plausible. The beliefs themselves go back a long way, and Woods akes his departure from the lature spirits, animism and Hinting magic of prehistoric man. These, he believes, were ultimately transformed by Christianity into demons. Sa ,'an, the prince of demons, an swererl the need of a mono ihoistic faith to account for ubi' quilous evil. 6 But the Devil served ollie purposes as well. An absolutis and dogmatic age him all heresy and much socia dissent; he became the si preme anti-establishment figure Ana inlurn, dissenters of a l sorts began to regard the Devi as a sort of liberating force. The struggle was waged b dungeon, rack and slake, bu reaucralized in the fullness time by the Inquisition a highlighted by the witch hunt and witch culls of the Middl Ages that lingered on into th ' ITlh'.cenlury. . . The Devil as a theologies principle is one thing. The De\ il as an inter venor in human a fairs, conferring on his adep! Answers On Page 11-B DESPERATE LONG SHOT THE BOBMANN BK1EP,-by Clive E g 1 e I o n (Coward, McCann ($6.95). . Raiding behind enemy lines gets a new twisl in this novel about a band of British guerrillas who plan lo assassinate Miller's depuly, Martin Bormann. The aftermath of the failcc upernatural, powers at Ihi rice of their souls, is another. Woods explores these ,inler ningled relationships and ideas 'ilh proper skepticism bu 'ithout condescension. He re ales the reader with absorbing ocumcntation bolh of manifes elusions and phenomena tha eave a residue of doubt. Hi uts the history of the Devil il framework of immemoria ears and hopes, of psychii ee'ds :and preoccupations, am e does il in a notably luck nd readable style. Arkansas research work in oybeans and cotton has been Irenghlened wilh the addition if three new mcin'bers to Hie igronomy staff of the Univer- ily of Arkansas Division of Ag'ricullure. according lo Dr. John i\V. While, UA vice president for agriculture. The three new scientists are Dr. Charles A. Jones. Dr. Don- ild J. Boqiiel and C. Wayne Smith. All will devote full lime lo research wilh the Arkansas A g r i c u l t u r a l Experiment Italion. ' . . Dr. Jones, who is located at the University in Fayetteville is on a post-doctoral appoint ment as research associate. He wilh Dr. D. A. Brow] on a study of soybean root sys terns under a grant from the National Soybean Crop Im provemcnt Council. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Jone. received a Ph.D. degree ii botany from Washington Stall University. He taught variou courses in botany at Washing on State University for several .·cars, and from 1971 to 1973 vas on a NDEA fellowship tudying nutrient absorption and Iranslocatton during repro- luclivc stages of soybean plant growth. He also served a s ' a 'eace Corps volunteer in Vens- /.ucla. . · Dr Boquel, who, is located it Ihe Northeast Branch F.-- rerimenl Station at Keiser, will work on breeding soybeans, especially for resistance -to norrwlodes. A native of Louisiana, he graduated from Nichols Stale College and holds M T,. and Ph.D. degrees" from Louisiana Slate University. , Smith, who will be located lat the Cotton Branch' Station at Marianna, will work as cotton breeder. He is a graduate · of Auburn University and has" a M.S. from that institution. This summer he is completing a Ph.D. degree at the University of Tennessee in plant breeding. Dr. Jones : ahd Dr. Boquet already 'are at work. Smith's appointment takes effect in August. ' THE GAME IS MURDER GAME OF SHADOWS, B Marianne Ruth (Ace-95 cents) Elenora Duncan mcels D; Max Selandcr who .courts he persistently. Despite the doc tor's assurances of his love for her,-she has'doubts. · Her Aunt Hilda thinks Max s a good man, but while Eleanors is at his sanitarium she Begins to wonder and when her a u n t comes f o r - a visit and becomes very ill, she sees a plot. The "Game of Shadows" finds Eleanora" fighting for her life against Selander, his nurse who is his ex-wife and his mother. The story is interesting, the characters well .drawn and the Final Arguments Set In Mass Murder Case SAN ANTONIO, Tex. CAP) -A jury of six men and six 1 women will listen to final arguments Monday in the case of Elmer Wayne Henley, the first of two persons to be tried in the Houston mass murders: The stale rested its case Friday. The defense did not present witnesses. When the jury gets the case, il will have to ponder the evidence given by 25 prosecution witnesses who testified over a four-day period during which the judge overruled 303 oh- ejections by defense lawyer Will OGray and denied 12 requests for *.a mistrial. . f The jury also must consider i95 exhibits introduced by the prosecution, ranging from an 1 eight-foot long "torture board" to a tiny body hair. The jury reflects the city San Antonio, - -"»--·· '«· ,,,, _ mililary town . that is about half Mexican- American. Seven jurors or their spouses work for one of the - military installations in civil Engineering Grant \ Presented To UA The University of Arkansas Ihas received a grant of $1,500 Jfrom the Ethyl Corporation of 'Richmond, Va., to support the undergraduate program in the ';D e p a r t m e n t of Chemica .^Engineering, according to Dr '^Charles Oxford, UA interim 'president. ··· Dr. Oxford also announced '.'contribution of $500 from Miss ^larjorie Geesie of New York ' .City to the "Governor Winlhrop R o c k e f e l l e r Distinguished 'L-ecture Series". } This series, which presents '"lectures each year by dis Uinguished speakers on the .'various campuses of the Uni /versity System, was endowec -by a $100.000 fund-raising campaign by friends of the lat former Arkansas governo shortly before his death. The IBM Corporation o Armonk, New York. ha presented $130 to the UA, Dr Oxford said, matching gift made by two of the company' ·mployes. T. G. Wakin, Sr. contributed $100 to the insti tution. and R. Henbest $30. service positions and five have atin American heritages. Henley, 19. is accused of villing six teen-age boys in onnection wilh a homosexual orture ring responsible for the eaths of 27 persons. A key element in the state's ase is a written statement [enley :gave officers the day tier he was arrested on barges of killing Dean A. Corll, 3, during an all-nighl sex and !rug party al Corll's home. Corll is the man police said lomosexuality raped teen-aged boys Henley and David Owen Brooks. 19, procured for him. Brooks is charged in four of .he deaths but no trial dale las been sel. In Ihe statemenl. Henley said he was 14 when Brooks intro duced him to Corll. "Dean told me that he belonged to an organization oul of Dallas that bought and sold )oys . Dean told me that he would pay me $200 at least or every boy that I could bring him and maybe rnpre if they vere real good looking." A year later. Henley said ir _he statement, he first helped trap a youth, then after being paid his $201) was tolc .hat Corll had raped and killer. .he youth. "That was the start of the whole thing," the statement said. "And since Ihen, I have helped Dean get olher boys, lon'l remember exactly how many. . . , "I killed several of them my self wilh Dean's gun aru Concert Slated The University of Arkansas Uarkeltes will presenl a public concert, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday n the ballroom of the Arkansa: Union. The concert is sponsored b; the Arkansas Union Program Committee and is beini. presented especially for stu denls who will be on campu as part School eneral of the Music public Junior Hig Camp. Th is invitee however. Uarkette Director Kennelh L B a 11 e n g e r said Ihe en tertainment group would rclur to the campus Monday for two-day rehearsal and for th concert before leaving fo Europe July 17. elped h i m choke thers. Then we would take icm and bury them in differ- nl places." ; Oral statements Henley made o officers were introduced over efense objections. They in- luded descriptions of how e n 1 e y and Brooks led Minorities to gravesites in the iouston area and tales of tor- ire, rape and murder of young oys. "general's plol" to kill Hitler finds Maj. Gen. Paul Heinrich Gerhardl. one of Ihqse impli caled, escaping to.Britain wilh the genesis of a new p l a n Passed along the line of Britisl intelligence officials, .Gerhardt and his plan become involved with Col. Michael Ashby, bored with his desk job and anxious to take even a desperate long shot Ihat mighl save a faltering career. The result is Operation Leopard, regarded by Ihe British War office as a certain-to-fai! long shot. The story has its predictable moments but the characters are finely drawn from Ashby lo his American "advisor," 01- taway, lp Ihe German officers and families involved. Building in excilement and suspense, Ihe story moves along as the daring mission is prepared and its execution begins. . plot builds strongly to a climax, bww Monday thru Friday Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. UNIFORM CENTER Featuring Fashions tor: · Nurses ·Beauticians · Technicians ·Waitresses · Police Fire ·Medical · Plus Many, Many More! A Few of the Brands We Will Carry Are: · Ba rco · Tiffany · Whittenton--24 Hour Duty · Tread VIP Professionnl Jackets for Men · Nurse-Mates 2720 North College Fayetfeville, Arkansas Phone 443-4282 6-3-C3-40 " Now-4's eatwil an lose NOW...REMOVE POUNDS AND INCHES FROM THIGHS, NECK, LEGS, WAIST - ALL OVER - WITHOUT EVER GOING HUNGRY! . .. with the X-ll Reducing Plan Today, an amazing easy redwing han with X-H Tablets now offers you a my, at last, to gel rid of 5,10,20 or more pounds of ejcessiie fat while you eat 3 sensibly square meals i day. You eat Ind slim down! This unique prepjialidn--now in easy-to-use tablet lorm-with Hie exciting new X-ll Reducing Plan, Us unusual combinalion ol ingredients helps give you the feeling ol a toiler, contented stomach, appeases desire ,, .,, ,, ,, lor 'twees-meal snacks, and provides a whole spectrum, a , ,j, :l t,btii «.ih i pru of vitamins and minerals essential to Mp prevent nut ttit is {«* lor E*y ltim.i. tritional deficiencies. Puls enjoyment into ealirtj while you lo« u» slightly, snpertlBOUS fat. SATJSFACT/OiV GUARANTEED OR MON£YBACK Get this extraordinary 5M1 Rtducfns Plan, and start your figur* slimming today. You must be 100% delighted with results from your first pick«g«, of money wfanded O9CO DRUGS Norlhwesl Arkansas PI a?* Open Dally Til 9 P.M. Closed Siindnyfl 1 diarnond, black antiqife finish,' $250.00 1 diamond, open heart design, $375.00 Don't ever be alone. 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