Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 13, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1974
Page 8
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iBelieve ft or Not/ Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. · FOR SUN., JULY 14 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Groups and individuals will not all feel the same about issues, plans. You be the quiet pudge and discreet listener, and your influence will' be powerful. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Your cheerful outlook on life a n d sympathetic attitude toward your fellowman needec now. Others will listen to you; well-chosen words for inspira tion, logical advice. Give thi help that's asked. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) You usually prefer to dc things in your own way, bu there are times when one mus conform to established systems Try to be cooperative now when too great an expressio of your individualism coul cause resentment. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Planetary influences are r strictive in some matter: friendly to others. Peel you way prudently, but not tea fully. There is much good aboi especially in persona matters. Leo (July 24 to Aug. 23) The force of friction, diffe ences of opinion can flare oulsized problems if you are n alert. Stress good will, tole ance, congeniality. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) This day's success is in yoi Don't wait'.for lead hidden ' advantage They're there for the takin Serenly, confidently does it. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You may think you have project under control, rollin ccs of impregnating a woman, Ib r i s ]Uy. Better take anoth is less than one per cent a year, i,,^ f or hidden flaws -- an that could mean tim energy lost. THE'SOUND OF A THE SWEETEST WNP AM: fSt.SERVATIUS WMAftSWCHi; NETHERLANDS WWS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. FOR iZOO YEARS VALIEY QUAIL SOUNDS AS IP IT WERE OWNS"GET PYGMY GIRLS OF HEW GUINEA, WEAR AS AK AMULET We SMOKED HAND OF A %u WHEN I THESHOW/HOUBJ START, LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Recording Stethoscope Offers Heart Replay A N010RWU6 HWfiWAVAWVJ OW THE NATCHEZ T££1 WHES JEAtiLftFlTTC AHPW5 PIRATES HEUPEP ANDREW JAcV so N bOPSOPLBRSAUUYTWHK THWKS HE WAS A WAR HERO. AW-WAY, IF THERE WAS ATREASURF, SOMEBODY FOUND rr LOUS AQO. ant contribution may make 1 it The heart sounds heard a doctor as be listens through a stethoscope demand quickly the presence clots in the lungs. This means, ' Slight variations from normal, greater chance for com- and unexplainable sounds- can now "be more easily identified PLLS FOR MEN. Contraceptive pills to be used by a new electronic stethoscope. y men have been the target Dr. William Likoff and an engi- Samuel Williams, at the years. Many types have been Hanneman Medical College, hi suggested and investiated. Philadelphia, have create a Dr. C. Alvin Paulson at the r e c o r d i n g stethoscope that amplifies and can play back the Seattle has studied a particular heart sounds picked combination of hormones which, scwe vwwr wsresavrg when' used together, seems to In addition, the - sounds can be effective as a male contra- be played through amplifiers so that other doctors can meet in limited to a small number of consultation and evaluate p'arti- volunteers, show that the chan- c u I a r 1 y complicated sounds. ENZYME USES. The knowledge about enzymes in insuring the complete safety continues to pour from universities and laboratories all over Before it is universally accep- Guanyl cyclase, like all other enzymes found in the body, has Dr. Coleman welcomes letters many functions. Dr. Emmanuel and Dr. Giha Kim of the New each one, he will use questions York Downstate Medical Center in his column whenever possible have found that this particular I'M FIXIN'TO PffTCH UP MY ROOF TODAY, SNUFFY-- WOULD GIVE ME fl HAND ? and when they are of general enzyme increases in the blood interest. Address your letters to Coleman in care of North- est Arkansas TMES. It is believed that this import Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Fish sauce S Kind of party 9 --Khan 12 Furnished IS Center U Young seal 15 So be it 16 Name In baseball 17 Before IS Lease 19 Small rug 20 Crucial point Zl Mischievous child 23 Female sheep 25 College grounds 28 Undergraduate 32 On the sheltered side 3} European shark 34 Ramble 37 Horse's extremities 39 Australian bird 40 Unit of work 41 Mnngrels 44 Sheep's cry 46 Polishes 50 Undivided 51 Seed covering 52 Solar disk 53 Nothing 54 Take the part of 55 --Hari 56 Swine's pen 57 Scored a point against 58 Type of rug DOWN 1 Culture medium 2 Rich fabric 3 Level 4 Insects 5 Rascals 6 Roman garment 7 Mountain crests 8 "Turn to the right" SMimicker 10 Hindu teacher 11 Peak 20 .Units of weight 22 Greek letter 24 Pronoun 25 Crow's cry 26-Wing 27 Chess pieces 29 Electrified particle 30 Choose 31 Thing (law) 35 Printer's measure 36 Title page 37 Resounded 38 Conjunction 41 Peruses 42 Fixed quantity 43 Depend ' ,45 Assistant. 47 Western state 48 Greek letter 49 Obstacle 51 King of Judah WE'RE AT THE END ALL We NEED NOW IS THIS FINANCIAL. J FORM, FiuugpooraO HB »N LYltf 6ROAXHN' HSRG ,3 HOURS, NOW-AM* ALL we , .15 UP TO IS HIS SRAMWV2T Jll ri AiAoPHOaA-ORFEAR O'CLAMS. Avg. solution time: 21 min. WMAT WAS MAMS Of SF?OUP DID IT once A00UT WlRlWS A 0AKIP fOR CAME. IM TH SATUKCW W1SHTS/ MAWW ? CAVAL-RV DRUM, AMP Answer to yesterday's puzzle HEART'S IN THE PLACE, BUT SPAIN ISN'T , . B U T THAT'S V6RV GOOD FOR OLD PUNY A5 YOU HE HAS TO RUM ^""^ A HUNDRED VARDS I BEFORE HE CAN \-TAKE OFF \--^/ WHAT HE NEEDS ' IS SHORTER WIMSS AND LONGER LESS/ BUSTARD OF MALAVA / HAS A VINSSPREAO OF EIGHT FEET North*.* Arkanti.. TIMES, Sal., July 13, 1974_ FAYITTIVILII, JHIKAMM1 ·_ ir mm ffliTMMBii!!ii«niw«im FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope IIIllll«IUIIIlllll8IIMIilll|[|lli HiraiDIIHIIIHIIIIUillllli :[ lllHUIIJlliHIIIIUIIIBIII ;, CORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 2Z) *'. You may make a new ·-, quaintance or renew an old $ iendship. Look for those ;) small" blessings and gains -'so ' ten belittled. They could maka '·' our day! .- ; , AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Deo; :: : -) . ; . . . . . : A '. ;; Everything seems to conspire'' i engender optimism arid con- ·; dence. You should; have'. a'; most interesting and inspiring :'· a y . . , - · ' . '.: APEICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan,W - V Neither renege on promises; or attempt too much. .There* re tendencies to . both now. i .ccept only what your better; ense recognizes as suited to · le day and your purposes. QUAR1US (Jan. 21 to Feb. i9)' Don't depart abruptly from a]veil-planned schedule, except vhere emergency so requires^Road may be bumpy in paitjv iut rewards will be sweeter, if 'ISCES (Feb. 28 to Mar. 20) --·· Don't go against : present rends or you may find yourself completely out of step wiUv others. Some of your future ob^t iectives ?re now taking shapec YOU BORN TODAY are extremely conventional indict dual but, nevertheless, genial and amiable in your relatioTt ships with others -- no mattej what their walk in life. Yon; are a lover of home and famil^;' life,' but are inclined towar* jealousy and overpossessiveness- of loved ones. Try to curb these traits since they, alienate MR* very ones whose affection yo\i crave. Your humanitarianism i»- outstanding and you could excel the fields of medicine oi; sociology. You have fine must-; cal and literary gifts also antf, 1 ? if you do not use them vocation^; ally, should .use one or the other, avocationally -- as an outlet for; your : emotions. . Other field?' suited to your talents: The-laws the theater, journalism, .ancf painting. Birlhdate of: Lockhart, Scottish writer. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Mtrtert' Individual Championship Play) * 7 2 + J 9 2 South dealer. , Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * 7 4 » K 7 5 3 * A J 10 9 5 * KB WEST EAST * K J 9 6 3 * 10 8 2 V A 8 i V 10 9 6 ' · K 6 4 ' + Q 7 5 3 SOUTH * A Q 5 V Q J 2 * Q 8 3 * A 1 0 8 4 The bidding: South West North East Pass If Paai 1 NT Pass 3 NT Opening lead -- six of spades. .If someone aims a gun at your head, it is a good idea -- as a matter of self-preservation -- to disarm him if you can safely do so. An analagous situation arises at the bridge table whenever one particular opponent threa tens your chances of making the contract.' In that event you attempt to eliminate the threat West leads a spade and you win the ten with the queen. 'It is easy to see that the contrac is ice-cold if West has the kini iw^ )f diamonds. He can be finessed jut of it in such case and you will probably wind up with elarV 'en.or twelve tricks. "? But if you commence the plaS ly attacking diamonds - and; East has the king, there is '» substantial danger that a spaces, return will defeat you. This could easily occur if West: had ive spades and the ace of. icarts as well:, : Once you recognize the natuta' of the threat posed by West, t is not difficult to adopt : su!tl able countermeasures. At trick 1 ,wo you lead the queen (61f; jack) of hearts instead of at? :acking diamonds. By making; :his play you virtually eliminate^ all chance of going down. West is the dangerous opponent who may have a pistol -- the ace of hearts -- in his pocket. You can disarm him by leading a heart. If he has the ace and takes it, you plan to refuse the spade return and win the next one. When you then take the dia^' mond finesse, you are on saf« ground. Let's assume th"o finesse loses. Now, either East will not have a spade to lead (because West had five 'oT them) of East will lead a spade', (because he started with four,:' which means West also haU' four). ./ ;.;.·- Either way, the contract is nailed down by leading a heart first. PONYTAH For Home Delivery of the TIMES Seven Days a Week. Phone 442-6242 Daddy, there's a boy coming by that I want to

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