Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 13, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1974
Page 7
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Amtrak Stops Planned LITTLE ROCK AP - Am- trek's : "Inter; American" passenger train will begin making stops at Newport and Walnut Ridge on Sept. 15 for an un- »pecified. period/of time as part »( an experinjcni; in northeast Arkansas. Rep. .Bill Alexander D-Arfc., said the train would stop mid- evening on its southbound run from St. Louis to Laredo, Tex., and mid-morning on the northern run. It now slops at Little Rock and Tcxarkana only. Serving a la Carte BREAKFAST 6:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. LUNCH 1T :00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m- DINNER 5:00 p.m..-9:00 p.m. SUNDAY LUNCHEON BUFFET 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (Restaurant Closed Sunday 2 .p.m.) ENJOY OUTSTANDING FOOD AT ECONOMICAL PRICES SCOTTISH I INNS SMORGASBORD For LUNCH ALL THE PIZZA Now Mon. thru Fri. 11-2 AND SALAD YOU CAN EAT HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Divorces Exist In Both Marriage Styles H^^ tap: ' J B e c a u s e my ; parents marriage is miserable, and my o y f . i - r e n d ' s parents went rirough a messy divorce, I'm urned otf to marriage. Instead, I want to live, with him, but he's very straight; and ays it's a wedding or else. How can I convince him that getting married might spoil iverything? -- Noririe Dear Norine:' How can I convince you that marriage won't spoil a basically good relationship, and a non- marriage won't help a poor one? Live-tqgothers can go through traumatic "divorces" too -- t only difference being there's no burden of legal fees. -- Helen Norine: . . If you want your wishes re spected, then you should sho\v respect for his wishes.' Since your boyfriend doesn't go foi living together, and -you won' buy marriage, perhaps yoi aren't right for each other Remember the old saying abou the square peg.... -- Sue Al» Men., 5-8 p.m. All location* 145 Brina th« Kidi -- Only lOc fvr Y«r ol AS*. 314 South School 3315 North Collage Highway 68 Wett, Springdol* Dear Rap: I'm' a gal with a really ho temper. Recently I startec going with a really great guy nd I've promised myself tha '11 try to suppress my anger The problem is that wheneve le does something to get m; emper up, I hold it in an his makes me very quiet. The le asks me what's the matter and he thinks I'm sulking. Should I keep on answerini 'Nothing," and act not-norma or be myself and explode?\ -- fraid To Get Mad ear ATGM: Trying to hide anger Is like aving a full TOttle of wine the sun: it blows its cork nd everything is spoiled or asted. Level with · your boyfriend hen he makes you angry. Per- aps you two can talk the prob- em down to sire. -- Helen ,TGM: Belter he should know you ave a lively temper than think ou're moody and hard to .nderst'and. Anger may be. one letter South Viet Election Focuses On Economy And Corruption SAIGON. South Vietnam 1 (AP) -- More than a thousand candidates will contest scats on ovincial and municipal coun- cijs Sunday following a two- veek election campaign that stressed economic and corrup- Up n issues land largely ignored the war. ; Some opposition candidates complained of government ha rassment during the c a r n " ^ but the government deni charges. The councils have only limited power, since privince chiefs and mayors hold the bulk of the authority in most areas. . , 'At. stake are 478 contestec and 11 knowl npaign. jed the way from "danger," bu uppressed anger can be one tep away from .an ulcer. -"lie - Dear Helen and Sue: I sent my niece a nice graduation present. It's been more ban a month, and I haven't received a "thank-you note." I didn't expect one! Now today I received an invitation to her wedding. We live 2,000 miles away, so, at four we can't go. Since I've given her about nine presents for which I've never been thanked (birthdays Ih'ristmas, etc.) -- these dating sack to the last time her mother wrote a note ol appre ciation -- do you think it's really necessary for me to buy a wedding gift? -- Wants To Be Appreciated Dear WTBA: People who don't bother to express appreciation for. gift deserve no more than. "Bes Wishes" cards...if that! Helen And Sue seats in 44 provinces municipal units, and edgable observers' say Presi nt Nguyen Van Thieu's De ocracy Party has put up a majority of the. candi ates. A sampling of campaigi atements indicated that Sout ietnam's continuing inflation irruption, and unemploymen ere key election issues. Mos atements barely touched o bloody fighting betwee overhment and Communis rces. One observer said th ck of focus on ;the wa shows the candidates' know dge of the people's di ppointment in the problem ar and peace." There .were charges durin lie contest of government h assment of opposition cand ates and of bchind-the-scene lachinations by Thieu .to g is Democratic Party cand ates elecleld Nguyen Mln lang, an opposition member of -MITCH UUSIW .THESUHDAMCEKID' m Evangelical Congress Meets After Years Of Planning NEW YORK (AP) -: Loaded Inert 10 years." At presen with facts, findings and 'theories /about the status of Christianity in the world, evangelical leaders meet in Lausanne, Switzerland, next week to plan stratgies for "reaching the un- reached" around the earth. It's a big order. More than 2 billion people -- over two-thirds of the globe's 3.5 billion popu- atibn -- have never actually been offered the gospel message, according to preliminary studies compiled for the occasion. But the International Congress on World Evangelism July' '16-25, bringing together leaders of the evangelistic wing of grobal Protestantism aims to coordinate personnel and .tech niques for doing the Job. "We are persuaded that God [las brought us to one of history's great moments, that the riour has come for Christians everywhere -- to unite in bold new efforts... to make, disciples of all nations," says the call to the congress. It is described as the most geographically representative evangelical assembly, ever held, including 2,700 pickd participants from most Protestant denominations in 150 countries. Preparations have been going on for months, with a dozen weighty study papers circulated among participants · and voluminous, detailed reports readied on the extent of belief -and lack of it -- in each country of the world. In one preliminary document, the Rev. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, of the University of Tubingen, Germany, urges the formation of a continuing worldwide association to evangelize "the un- reached two billion." He says the 'target should be "to reach every living' person ·with the good news within the there are about 1 billion Chri tians in the world. Protestan Roman Gatholie and Easter Orthodox. The congress was planned b a n i n t e r n a t i o n a l , inte enomlnational c o m m i 11 beaded by Anglican Bishop Jack Dain, of Sydney, Austra ia, .with U.S. evangelist Bil Graham a key influence in th affair. 'North Americans will mal up only about a fourth of tl participants, with a heavy portion coming from " world" areas of Africa, Lat America and Asia. r y pr "thlr e national congress, said op ition campaign posters were rn up and one campaign orker was drafted into the Hilary because of his political ctivity. Government spokesman Bui ao True denied charges ol overnmciit interference, bul e didn't rule out unauthorized ctions by local officials or lia issment resulting from "'com etilion" by the candidates icmselvcs. The Viet Cong complainec he elections violate the spiri [ the Paris peace agrcemcn jecause the Thieu governmen only a front for the Unitei stales. A Viet Cong spokesman aid elections have been held in ones of Communist control. The government claims th Communists made scattere errorist attacks to discourag )eoplc from voting. A high turnout was exnecte ram the country's 7.2 millio eligible voters'. Buffalo Land Bough HARRISON Ark. ( A P ) The National Park Service h: contracted to purchase 28,3 acres or 30 per cent of the I tat needed for the Buffalo N tional River project accordii to Donald M. Spalding, proje superintendent. Spalding said the service h received requests for land a praisais from GO per cent of t land owners in the Rational River area. The sqiiv'icfi.* will make land offers as_iit)e evidence and appraisal data are available he said. orthwMt Arkansas- TIMfS, Serf., July 13, 1974 AYtTTtVlLLE, 'ARKANSAS . Man Arrested In Bull Shoals Bank Robbery Ll'lTLE . ROCK- (AP) - oiiglas Eugene. Hall 27, was rrestcd at San Diego; CaliF. ritlay and charged with tlie ily 1 robbery of the Bull loals Branch of .(ho Bank of ellviile;the FBhsaid. Hay,':L.: Faisstv ·special agent 1 charge "of the:- Little'.-Rock BI office'·· said 'Hall.'alsd' Was anted for unlawful flight to void confinement at the Floria Slate Penitentiary at Rai- ird. Faisst said liall escaped .1 October 1972 while serving a 0-year sentence for rape. Faisst said a federal com lainl was filed earlier ilhis vcek at Fayctlcville charging Hall and William D. Hughes of lianii Fla. . with bank rob- berry. Bond of $50,000 was rec- mimended for each man. Since Ins escape in 1972 Hal! has lived, in the vicinity, ol Jacksonville, . Ark.vurider 'the name of Jeuy Thomas, accprd- 'ng to Faibsl. Discrimination Suit ' LITTLE. ROCK- Olivia McKinney of Little :Rock filed suit in U.S. District Court" here Hhursday Charging, tH«- Fred Stover Co. of Little Rock, a janitorial service, with racial discrimination in employment. ' The suit said the company; and its chic! administrative officer, Fred Stover, refused on Nov. 29, 197 Ho provide., worij tor the plaintiff thereby caiisii)|( Mrs. McKinney to be j.-,d^ charged. . : TMV; The suit alleges that the 'defendants then hired a white jt»; p e r f o r m job that - Mr.?.McKinney, a black,' had, -per~ formed. ', .. .' . · " . " . The suit also contends that Mis. McKinney was discharge.;} because of her race and that he defendants gave, superior employment opportunities -to whites, The TIMES li On : :, Top of The News f Seven Days a Week J - p ;oV NOW SHOWING daddy's knot so little girl !' '·SlairinESINTtllABARIllE gSINTtllABARRIE Rosemary Hastings is dead, the question remains why? CONTINUOUS FROM DARK 3 SHOWS N1TELY -THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521^3011 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. PIZZA, DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to canfe without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel on i c. bl. in Fsyetteville) KTUL, Tulsa; Channel 8 l * TM I l l « In . 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Elvis Presley, Hope lange, Tuesday Weld 12:30 a.m. Ch. 7 -- "The Crimson Canary" (1945) Noah Beery, Danny Norton, Lois Collier SUNDAY NIGHT 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 - "Riot" (1969) Jim Brown, Gene Hackman, Ben Carruthers 10:30 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "Those Redheads .from Seattle" (1953) Rhonda Fleming, Agnes Moorehead, Gene Barry 10:30 p.m. Ch. 8 - "Call Me Misfer" (1951) , , .'' L ,. Dan Dailey, Betly Grable : . . 10:30 p.m. Ch. 16 - "Blowing'Wild" (1953) = Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Rlth Roman 10:35 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "Botany Bay" (1953) Alan ladd lliOO p.m. Ch. 3 - "Fury of the Sabers" (1964) lex Barker, Maria Versini 1974 TV NOW AT ' ^ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound . 2333 N. College Buy Your Carpet Direct From' The Local People That Make It.. Where You Get The Best And' Save The Most. Lawrence Carpel Mills, Inc. , .-,. SPRIN-GDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7881. BR'ER FRAN'S "For A Good Time Tonight" NEW SUMMER HOURS:' OPEN 7 P.M. to MIDNIGHT MON. thru SAT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT; ARKANSAS--Fayetleville's Own Wed. and Thurs.--Ladies' Night EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER FAYETTEVILLE 521-9303 ". · . : G'iT OUT OF TOWN r- ' Drive out to HicXory Creek R«. Arc*., and dine at ~ · '" , THE BARN 24 East off Hwy, 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemade cinnamMI rolls, relishes, and salads. Family style fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Ribs Saturday. Open 5-10 p.m. : Sat. and Sun. 12 noon-10 p.m. : Closed Mon. and Tu;v Come see us at beautiful Beaver THE YOUNG NURSES METROCOLOR -- late Bonus-Night Call Nurses SATURDAY EVENING 6:00 -- ws 2, 3. I, 11 rimmy Dean 7 Brand Master Chess 11 VlI-Amerjcan Football Team .... 16 ^awrence Welle 8 Hee Haw « if 6:30 Brian Keith 2 Police Surgeon 3 Treasure Hunt .,..*.. 12 Dragnet 5 Big Easel 11 I've Got A Secret 16 That Good Ole Nashville Music 7 ,",.7:00 All In The Family -.. 6, 18 Carrascolendas 11 Partridge Family ....... .... 8. 12 Emergency 2, 3, 5. 7 * 7:30 Movie S, Mash 6, .. Hollywood Television Theitrt .. 11 * 8:00 Movie I,'*, *, Mary Tyler M«er« 6.1« if »:30 -- Resolution of Mossie Wax Bob Newhart - «. if 9:00 -Dwen Marshall .. 8. Barnaby Jones G. ·*· 10:00 -News I. 8, 12 if 10:30 -News 2 3. 5 Political Talk Movie 8, Firehouse ' * 10:35 Movie * r 11:00 -- lovie 2, 3, 5, 7. 12 * 12:00 Wacky World Of Jonathan Wlnteri 1« ·*· 1Z:30 Don Kirshner'i Rock Concert .. o Movie '. * 1:60 nun For Your Lift Wrestling SUNDAY' MORN ING .. 6:00- Party Line : ~ Across the Fence ...':... v 3 * 6:30 - . . . . Across the Fence .............. 6 Sacred Heart '..'.. Today's World 3 .'. 6:45 Pastor's Study Davey and Goliath * 7:00 Music and the Spoken Word . Search Outreach Amazing Grace Voice of Victory -- St: With This Ring ^ 7:30 Gospel Singing Jubilee t Kid Power 1- Faith For Today Voice of Victory This is the Lite Thy Kingdom Come ...... * 7 : 4 5 Hymns of Inspiration if 8:00 Revival Fire* ··.-.·,·;· Osmonds Jailcy's Comets Icligious -Townhall ,. fames .Robison ....... "Jay or Discovery .. .. 8:30 -·' . ' ·" Oral Roberts , Amazing Chan Thy Kingdom Conic ..'. y James Hargis ... Squad .Herald of Truth 9:00 You ..... Hex Hnmhard .,.:.... ngelL-itiC' Temple .. Gospel of Christ Let The Bible Speak Herald Of Truth ..:.... Insight ·k 9:30 Source Marshall EfronVSunda Kathryn Kuhlman .... Vision On .,.... Day of Discovery .... Oral Roberts .......-..; * 10:00 -- - ,Day of Discovery ..... Fai.lh. (6r : Tod.ay .... ... 12 ... 16 ... 2 .... 7 . . . . - 3 5 6 .. 16 . 8, 12 '.'.'.'. 7 3 Call the Doctor .... Oral Roberts lex Humhrtrd Revival Fires Jerry Falwell 10:30 Bookshelf Dialogue 16 Hour of Power .... Jimmy Swncgart .. NFL Aclion '74 .'... * 11:00 Church Service .... Wcbher's World .... Other People. Other 11:30 -Church Service ... Meet the Press .... if 12:00 -Film y School II .-* 12 3, 5 aces .6. 12 Name of the Game Washington Debates .... Evangel Teniple Ask An Attorney Wrcslling Plan For Aclion if U:30 Meet Ihc Pres.s ..,,..,. Blj? Valley Issued nnd Answers . is :· 5

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