Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1974
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

THEB16WSSVP TO THE LITTLE WS/KAVEW MET THE NEU) CAT WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR?" /£* I TALKEP TO MIM KTERPAY.'WrHE LITTLE P05. PtPWTALKTOHIMIN fER50N?"A5KEOT«eBICP06-. " NO*£AK THE LITTLE W6. 'I TALKED TO HIM IN CAT!' V ^t OJOOPSTOCK NEVER (HENRY!, 7 TIME FOR / -CoiNNBR.' X=3r » LET'S SEE.IVETRIED W ·TRESPASSERS wi LL BE BLOWN 'VP'^NO SMESMEN' "BEWARE OF VICIOUS COG' 'KEVARDTD PERSON, FINDING SNAKE"' § AH.'THERE'S ONE I HAVEN'T TRIED 'THAT wss mutt* ., BALKY, BUZ. I STOOD GUAKP AU-NtBHT AhD P1DHT HEAR A TH1HS BUT WHODUS AIUTH05E DOLES M THEYAK? P AMD WHVf XTHIMK . QUESTION SOME OF HER NEISH00RS. «/*5? 7-lT^ rTROBABW DUG^M \HERSELF, HOPlK'.rtVP- [HELP 6Eu.;HER PlAi · YEAH, i SOME FOLKS SAVTHEY'S A'PlRrVTB TREASURE ii I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M SETTIN'HERE CHURNIN 1 BUTTER WHILE eUER'BODY ELSE ISKICKIN'UP THEIR HEELS AT TH'BRRNDANCG NOW THAT We HAVE A CCWPt-ETE HISTORV · OFTHE PATIENT--) me LETS SET A ) COMPLETE 1 HISTCJRY OF -I ws 6RAWC-)§ PARBNfsyfi ----___---^L 7: WE'LL- SOB!NEVAH SIT TO THEM. He's eoiw FAST/.' M WE 8tM H6R6 \ THE "WONDER DOCTOR* TWO HOURS ) INSISTS OJ ALL RELEVANr DETAILS BSFDRE HB INTERRUPTS HIS eas3.*2»±%~~ *miy-*ij *~£s*- QWWOOO YAP-YAB _ j % -^~*^--^^" WHAT'S THAT AUU- ABOUT? JM L6ARKIIMS tO IMITATE A COVOTE HOWU you've WAV TO 60 GRADUATION Hi/ THEKB/ NAME \6 KILLER. HAVEN'T W5M£T? ui C9 OAGWOOD, WAKE UP/ ' 'DIP YOU REMEMBER TO LET THE DOGS IN7 NOW I NEVER WIU- KMOW HOW THAT r CAME OUT/ A Believe It or Not! MARKING THE GhWES OP 6000 IMMIGRANTS PROM IRELflND WHO DIED OF 12 Nerthwtrt Arkanso* TIMES, Friday, July 12, 1974 rAYITTIVILLi, ARKAM«A» · LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Hoarseness May Not Be Due To Cancer. AR4RKBENCH IN SYDNEV, AUSTRALIA., RESERVED EXCLUSIVUY FOR LADIES -YET HE DIED OF JOY IN THE 6ft CENTURY RC. WHEN HIS SON UON AN OLYMPIC SWING CffAW/ONSHIf* OthlF I V I l.b*.HHW^l^lll I iiiiiintnninimniiiiiniDiiii FRANCES DRAKE Your Dai Iy Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SAT., JULY 13 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Admonitions for this day: Be on your guard if you handle joint funds of any kind. Don't get -invived in risky speculation, and do avoid extrava- ance. AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 22) Another good day in which seek information or knpw- xlge you need. Study or orca ve writing of some kind will iy off in a sense of increased :complishment. BMINI (May 22 to June 21) A somewhat mild day, yet iu may be able to do more an you anticipate or realize possible. Much depends upon lat you take' for granted and hat you initiate. ANGER (June 22 to July 23) Don't work at anything with it knowing proper procedure, ind out what associates think, one excellent progress indi- ited through alert, ensive planning. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) compre- The truly ambitious can wel e proud of the new achieve- ents possible, now. But do void having too many irons i the fire at one time; avoic stremes, too. IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) False impressions, violen tercalions may crop up in our vicinity." Be ready, eager quell them. There's more lan one way to get around an ndesirable situation: Work- a' i UBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Ignore rumors and correc isunderstandings whereve ou can. But remember that the lore quietly you handle such latters the more successfu ill be your efforts. SCORPIO (Act. 24 to Nov. 22 Take a close look at factor. 'hich influence your decisions 'ry to build a sturdier platform rom which to launch a more uccessful assault on objectives SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) Avoid present tendencies oward recklessness and extra ·agance. You could regret such actions later. Shun haste and mpulsiveness, too. APRDCORN (Dec. 2 2to Jan. 20) You may need a little extra push to put over pet projects now but, with your know-how and good judgment, yo ushould be able to overcome minor obstacles. ' AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) considering a . n e w proposition, study carefully, regardless of who wishes to hurry hings through. View offerings with an eye to the future. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Slow down to gather forces more compactly, to conduct activities more adroitly. Don't deviate .from pre-planned activities for no good reason, ' awever.' YOU BORN TODAY are an. intensely idealistic and loyal individual, humanitarian in your instincts and filled wlh a respect, amounting almost to awe, for heritage and tradition. Though talented along many lines, you have a special affin- ity.for science and this, coupled with your characteristic urge to serve your' fellowman, would make you unusually successful in the field of medicine. Nursing and sociology are also excellent outlets for these gifts. Other careers open to you: Teaching, architecture, sculpt- archeology and writing, a t e v e r occupation you choose, hwever, you should take up some form of art as a hobby. Otherwise your creative leanings will never be completely fulfilled. Birthdate " John Dee, mathematician. Ts hoarseness a sign of early cancer? My husband has been hoarse for two months and is afraid to be examined. Mrs. R.B. Mass Dear Mrs. B.: Not all hoarseness is caused by cancer. In fact, only a small fraction of cases of persistent hoarseness are attributed to cancer of other serious trouble. Hoarseness, like p a i n or fever, is nature's way ot calling attention to its special need for help. · The vocal cords are two strands of muscular tissue about one inch in length. They lie in the voice box, or larynx, in the center of the neck. They come together when one speaks and separate while breathing. VUCAL CORDS Any factor that interferes with the vocal cords coming together and vibrating can produce hoarseness.' , Temporary swelling with a cold, allergic reactions, polyps, nodules and thickening of the vocal cords can interfere with the close contact of the vocal cords, and produce some degree of hoarse ess. Vocal abuse like yelling ran cause small hemorrhages in thi delicate tissue of the voca tances in it, is responsible for ome of the more serious typei f hoarseness. An important aspect of your etler Is your husband's anxiety bout an examination. Many eople who 'are unduly ffi- hlened delay by many months he examination that could allay their fears and give then* a great deal of reassurance. This applies to men and vomen at all levels of society with problems involving every part of the body. Such fear does a great injus- ice to the personal happiness of people who believe that they are in imminent danger of total ncapacitation, or even death. y disease that may not even ALLAY ANXIETY A day does not pass in the practice of medicine without such confrontations 'between fearful patients and their doc:ob; Physicians everywhere know that added to their medical skills, their greatest contri-. bution to their patients is o cords and result in hoarseness. Tobacco as an air pollutant and because of the toxic sub allay their reassurance, anxiety, g i v e and make their patients more aware of reality., I am sure that your -husband can be made to understand that his. anxiety Is not unique and that he will benefit physically and emotionally examination. from an B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Mutters' Individual Championship Play) niinnneiiiiH^ ing, W h Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer You have the following hand, both sides vulnerable: 4E95 » -- * KJ87 * AQ10863 1. You bid One Club and partner responds One Heart. What would you bid now? 2. You bid One Club and partner responds One Spade. What would you bid now? 3. Partner bids One Diamond and you respond Three Clubs. Partner bids Three Diamonds. What would you bid now? 4. Partner bids One Spade and your right-hand '- opponent bids Two Hearts. What would you bid now? 1. Two clubs. This was a promising hand at the start, bul ,vith partner responding a heart, much of the glamour has disappeared. To be void of a suit adds zest to a hand, but not when the void is in part ner's suit. The heart response is a signa' of danger ahead, and your besl bet is to bid two clubs at this point to indicate a minimum opening. Later events may restore the original promise o the hand, but until a fit is dis covered you must tread gin gerly. 2. Two diamonds. There i: some question whether you: limited high-card values justify a reverse, but there is no bette ACROSS 1 High hill 4 Footless 8 Swing back and . forth 12 Salutation 13 Den 14 Salary 15 Worn by 48 Across 17 Chopping tools 18 Sailing vessels 19 Title 21 Ruler ot Tunis 22 Native Mexican food 26 -- days 29 Transgress 30 Compartment 31 Comply 3Z Twitching 33 Afford 34 Decimal base 35 Corded fabric 35 Fashions 37 Furnace tender 39 Cut grass 40 Lyric poem 41 Contest areas 45 Arabian seaport 48 Spanish maiden 50 Ruddy 51 Pub : specialties 52 Intimidate 53 High plateau 54 Location 55 Printer's measures DOWN 1 Headwear 2 Elliptical 3 City in Nevada 4 Wing- footed 5To paralyze 6 Lubricate 7 Severe 8 Crowd 9 Polish 10 Mature . solution timej 25 mln. nnaa E HSHUH BHHEKi! HB HHHHH SEH BffiEJ IdDlHH @HB HUH H@f=lB snraaa HE _ tsraa wsiaa anno laraa HiaisB rararara Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 11 Affirmative 16 The present 20 -- Fleming 23 In bed 24 Cord 25 Concludes 26 Habitual drunkards 27 Incite 28 .Dress fabric 29 Taste 32 Brewer, etal. 33 Inferior in rank 35 Communist 36 Sullen 38 Turkish vilayet 39 French palnt«r 48 French resort 43 Minute particle 44 Adages 45 Equip 46 Jane or John 47 Letter 49 Hebrew priest call available. Bidding clubs ihead of diamonds is reversa lidding and shows not only onger clubs but extra values also. That is exactly what you lave -- when partner responds n spades. Alternative bids are two spades or three clubs, hut they do not represent the hand quite as well as two diamonds. 3. Four diamonds. You should lave a diamond slam firmly n mind, h u t . i t is best to bid only four diamonds at this point to allow partner room for maneuvering. Blackwood is not desirable when you are void of a suit, since partner's responsa would not tell you how far to lo if you used it. If partner bids five diamonds over four. Did six. ' · 4. Three clubs. There are two schools of thought here. One school favors an . immediate cuehid of three hearts to identify the void and in that way suggest a slam. The other school advocates a bid of three clubs, planning to cuebid hearts on the next round. Here it is somewhat better to bid clubs first. One reason is that a direct cuebid might result in permanent suppression of a good six-card suit; another reason is that an .immediate cuebid suggests better spads support than the K-9-x. 26 45 50 Tf 46 2 40 35 48 n 4Z PONYTAIL "This inflation is terrible! It's getting harder, and harder to get a boy to spend money on you I" WANT ACTION? Phona 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, gtv« full description M»I start your Classified Ad for 7 dtyi. You may cancel tt when results are obtained. You'll only be charged for the actucl number of dftyt th« d ran.

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