Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 12, 1974
Page 10
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Fishing Report 10 · Northwett Arkanwi TIMES, Friday, July 12, 1974 were big. Two men took' eight FAYETTIVILLE, ARKANSA* catfish weighing between 1V4 -------- -- · and 2'/i pounds. Tommy S. of Lincoln caught 15 channel Uniinnililinilll!l»ll!l!ll!!!!llini!l!l!ir![linni!IIIUIinlllll cMftsb,' weighing from l'/a to seven pounds. Sandy and Cliff caught 19 catfish from 2V5 to six pounds and one weighing nine pounds using catalpa worms. Sandy caught one bass of two pounds on a minnow. They caught 17 big bream, John Weaver and Sandy caught nine crappie and two good bass using minnows, as well as eight big bream. Jim Heese from Fayetteville took four bass, one of four pounds, using plastic worms., The water In Lake Wedington has . not .yet gotten very low. The moss, hpwever, is pretty bad in places. Nonetheless, the fishing is good.- SPRINGDALE According to Bill McGinnis of Springdale Sport Shop. Bob Jackson got a six and one- quarter pound bass and a four pounder. Arnold Wood took a 14 and three-quarter pound walleye using a Bomber Waterdog. 1 Sequoyah Boat Dock reports good fishing this week. Channel catfish jtnd crappie are doing especially well. M a n y bream - are being caught in the lake .and also below the dam. Bass fishing is pretty good early "and late, but the lake gates close at 9 p.m. Ward Salsbury and Fount Smith took five channel cats to four pounds. Douglas Williford brought' irt a limit' of crappie, using minnows. Homer 'Crow had six large crappie. Argil Williford and Eulie Mhoon caught 15 crappie on Jigs. Fayetteville Lake conces- S i'o n a i r e Everett Baker · reports that G. D; Cochenour By AUBREY SHEPHERD TIMES Outdoor Writer Horseshoe Bend Marina reports that Beaver Lake water temperature is running about 82 degrees on the surface. Black bass are being caught at about 4 to 6 a.m. on surface lures or black plastic worms fished near the shorelines. Everett Schonover of Rogers got five blacks on a plastic worm, up to two pounds. Steve Hand and Larry Smith of Rogers got 19 blacks up to 3'A pounds on a black plastic worm. Don Wall and J. D. McKnight of Baytown, Texas, using surface lures and worms got 15 blacks to three pounds. Steve Hand, on a. different day caught seven blacks up to two pounds. Terry Little of Fayetteville, using a plastic worm, caught a 6 J /4 pound black. Terry is only 12 years old. He was fishing with his father at about live a.m. George Andreason said that Terry's bass would have weighed 7^ pounds full of food, but the fish apparently had only begun to feed. Crappie are being caught in the cedars in about 10 feet of water. George urges bass^ men to concentrate on fishing early and late. WAR EAGLE War Eagle Cove Resort reports a 7Vi pound striper caught across the cove from the motel by one of the members of the Barber family. Some good strings of catfish have been brought in by guests of the resort. Many catfish up to six pounds are being taken in the shallow water. Some guests are fishing all night, mostly using plastic worms and top water lures. Early and late in the day, the blacks are biting pretty well. Gibson's Sporting Goods Department reports that plastic worms are selling well, but very few of their customers are leaving fishing reports. War Eagle - Boat Dock reports that fishing is good for some people and very bad for others. R i c k Button caught a six and three-quarter pound black bass on a plastic worm .fishing at night. Foster Holtzclaw and Leon Bradley had a total,of seven blacks. Foster's largest was 4 pounds 5 ounces and second largest was 3 pounds 13 ounces on a Big B. Jim Martin and Dale Haskins of Springdale took limits of blacks at about two pounds using plastic worms. These were caught during daylight hours. Lonnie DeLozier of Springdale had eight blacks to 2V4 pounds on topwater lures fishing during the ·morning. Most fish reported are caught relatively early in the day. Hal Moe and Don Osborn of Fayetteville had five blacks, including one three pounder on a six inch twister style worm. Don Oliver of Faranington took a five pound ten ounce bass using a purple worm with firetail. Crappie are totrgh to find right now. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ames of While River Bait Shop have been vacationing in Texas this week. Bill Ames, Jack's brother, gave the report. Several good black bass have been brought in this week. The water is clearing and there is little or no current at the 45 bridge at present. A lot of trotline bait is being sold this week. HICKORY Hickory Creek's report was given by Mark Pitt's this week. A one pound black bass was caught by Emmett Jones of New Jersey, on a plastic worm. Mark Pitts took five blacks on a plastic worm Tuesday nrght. Also he took two white bass at about 1'A pounds and four crappie at about one pound, using m i n n o w s . Mark's blacks weighed from one pound to about 2'A pounds. Mark works his twister style Action worm very slowly with jerks of the rod. The blacks were between six and eight feet deep. The crappie and while bass were at about 20 feet, very near the bottom. Mike Drinkwater, Regional Administrator for John's Jeans, claims he caught twice as many fish as Mike Maxwell, manager of the Fayetteville John's Jeans store, during a Tuesday night fishing trip. Drinkwater had nine bass, up to about two pounds, all taken on plastic worms. Nothing bit between dark and midnight. Jim Porter and Andy Lewis were in another bo'at. Drinkwater took a lot of whites on Lake Maumelle, 1 using a Mister Champ. Drinkwater's friend John Giese of Tull, Ark., has been catching a lot of pickerel from some old Saline River ox bow lakes. He uses small spinner baits. OKLAHOMA Bobber's Bait Shop in Rattan, Okla., reports that bass are beginning to school on Pine Creek near points and timberline in the coves. Ed Cooper caught a five pound largemouth bass from Frazier Creek. Ed is from Antlers, Okla., Dobber and Ken Orr, highway patrolman, look 29 bass up to four pounds fishing in Pine Creek Reservoir, using six Inch purple worms (fliptail). Lillle Georges, grubs and Hellbenders are working well. The surface water lempcrMure is high now, but schooling bass may be found surfacing early and lale in the day. Jack Hagler and his wife took, from Hugo Reservoir, a .six Round bass on a minnow. They are from Holly Creek. Lloyd Gather and Ed Butler caught eight bass from 2V4 pounds to over seven pounds. They were using plastic worms. Stream fishing is great in the area. Rock Creek and Frazier Creek are perfect for float fishing right now. Largemouth bass are the main quarry on these streams. The Glover River and the upper Little River and Kiamichi River are producing good strings of smallmouths for a f e w anglers.., - , ,1 . : . _ y'-,. Woolworth's Northwest -;Ar r : kansas Plaza Store reports that Gordon Davis and Murray Lewis caught five bass up to 2'A pounds, all keepers, while fishing Beaver Lake last Sunday night. Gordon took eight blacks, early Sunday morning. The water Is clear in the War Eagle arm of the lake now. Gordon recommends fishing worms at night and switching to top water lures about daylight. He says that most of the good notion ends by -eight, a.m. The · shad are schooling and the s m a l l largemouths a r e chasing them. But few large blacks are found with the schools so far. Some really large whiles may be found attacking the shad, however. R o g e r Slroh has been reporting good catches of bass up to four pounds from the Lost Bridge area. BASSMASTERS The Northwest Arkansas Bassmasters have a fishout scheduled this Saturday night, with trophies going to the top three winners. Although this fishout' is open only to club members, the Bassmasters plan to have an open tournament soon. Also, they plan to raffle a 5000C reel and a' new graphite rod. Any member of the club can 'give details of the raffle. Gordon Davis plans to offer information to anyone who wishes to know more about the raffle. J and J Sport Shop reports selling many goldfish and minnows this week. Crappie minnows are going mostly to night fishermen. Also night fishermen are buying a lot of plastic worms.. Orville Carr bought up nearly the whole stock of bass-sized minnows one day this week for use on his trotline. Larry Woodall floated the Elkins to Lake Sequoyah stretch of White River one day last week and caught one large smallmoulh "and'several small black bass. Bob Kramer and Bill Kennan caught more than 25 sunfish and a few small bass while floating in the Thompson Gap area of White River. The river is now almost loo low to float a canoe. Floaters are cautioned to plan only very short trips now that a dry spell has struck. TROUT Don Jackson caught a 12 inch rainbow trout while wading a stretch of Osage Creek near Cave Springs. The fishing reporter caughl a 12 inch smallmouth bass on the same outitrg. The water is clear and cold in the Osage despite the hot days. Unfortunately, the polluted condition of one of the largest tributaries of the Osage .-Spring Creek -- has severely damaged the stream. However, because of the large volume of water in the Osage the pollution has not yet reached a disastrous level. The fishing reporter had his best day of the summer while wading the Buffalo River near Boxley, Arkansas, on July 5. Although the water was extremely clear and there was no wind to ripple its surface, he found the sunfish very easy to catch. In fact he caught over 125 in a few hours, throwing back most but cleaning a legal limit of green sunfish (called shade perch on the Buffalo), longears (called red bellies on the Buffalo), and one rock bass (called a goggle eye by mounlaineers). Also he kept one of the nine smallmouth bass he caught. His lures were jigs of one- thirly-second of an ounce size with plastic Mister Twister grub attached, smal beetle spins, and Rebel Wee R. The fishing reporter was privi- ledged to sec many sunfish darting about in the tiny holes in search of cover. In the best shallow holes the longear sunfish scoot sideways under the low overhanging ledges and lurn sideways to escape the 'greedy eyes of the fisherman. George Keeton witnessed the Fishing Reporter's best hour of fishing that day. From his place on the shore Mr. Keelon was able to predict where the fishing reporter would catch a fish on almost every cast. CLUB FISHOUT Roger Mhoon reports that he won third in a recent Fay- elleville Bass Club fishout with eight pounds. Harry Ritchie took second with eight pounds 12 ounces, including a six and one-half pound largemouth bass. Eltlon Behl- kie of Fayetteville won first place with nine pounds one ounce. Most fish in this all nfght tourney were taken on plastic worms. LAKE WEDINGTON Mrs. Wheatley of . Lake West Fork downed Rogers 6-4 n a Northwest Arkansas Conference American Logion baseball game played Thursday a f t e r n o o n at Fayetteville s West Fork Nails Rogers By 6-4 Legion Field. Paul Jamersoh scattered 11 hits and went the distance lor West Fork as his teammates College Club Meets West Fork Tonight College Club, Fayelteville's American Legion entry, sporting a shiny 23-6 can secure : irst place in the Northwest Ar- Fayetteville Fire Department Members of the Fayetteville Fire Department Little League team are (top row, from left) coach Bob Stephens, Mike Withrow, Greg Gibson, Paul Williams, Shannon Bnrasco, Marcos Montez, Lonnie Taylor, Martin Treat and coach Jim Gibson. Bottom row: Scott McClelland, Crag Wilh- row, Mike Stephens, Jay Hanens, Robbie Armstrong, David Hinton, Keith Broyles, Darin McDonald and Todd Wright. In British Open K a n s a s Conference American tonight at Legion Legion brought in four channels using liver. Jimmy and William .Smith h a d eight channels from 3 to 7 pounds. Louie Vogel got five bass on, plastic worms. Cochenour on' another da ylook six channels from 2'/a lo eight pounds. One day he . caught a 14-pound channel catfish. Clarence Patton of Springdale caught an excellent strin gof crappie. Bream fishing is fine on crickets and worms. The Griffins, Virgil Webb, Lige Phillips and Richard Clifton, Ralph Carnes and Don Foley and Millard Blevins all took fine strings of fish. Foley and Blevins had 3li bluegills and 20 channels. The blacks are hitting four inch worms, in 2 to 6 feet of water. BULL SHOALS Wallace Lea .says that fishing has been poor on his part of Bull ' Shoals. Only small fish have been hitting. Mostly top water plugs and red plastic worms are being used. Wallace and a party took nine bass one night and eleven another night. Early .and late bass are hitting well. Most 'daytime action is on schooling fish. Water temperature is about 76, and water is very clear. Wallace fishes the upper reiaches of the lake mostly, working out of Highway K Boat Dock, Kirbyville, Mo. He finished one-place-out of- the money last April in the Beaver Lake National B.A.S.S. Tourney. FLtPPIN TROUT Stu and Audrey Stetson of Olliverson's Trout Resort report a 12 pound rainbow taken by. Willis Richardson of Tulsa: Willis used a crayfish tail. Many 3 to 6 pound rainbows have been brought in since July 3. The White River below Bull Shoals dam is running high now (July 10) and a few trout have been taken. The river should be in good shape this weekend. Paul Lingle of Mountain Home, executive secretary of the Bull Shoals - White River Association, told Stu that he has given ·more lunker pins (to persons catching trout over 6 pounds), this year than ever before. NIGHTMEN NEEDED Bob Carnes of Wheeler Motor Company reports that Lake Sequoyah produced eight nice bass from V4 to 5'/2 pounds last Sunday. Bob and his younger brother Timothy were fishing with Rebel minnows with broken tail design. Bob says that with all the night fishermen out, the Beaver docks need to keep a man on all night, · if possible. Bob spent the night before the fourth in the cove at Rocky Branch because there was no one to fill his gas tank. He and his brother caught four bass to 5 pounds in the cove, using his ultra-light tackle. ' Beaver Lake Sport Shop in Rogers, Arkansas, reports that some good stripers have been taken trolling near the dam. Water Dog and Magnum Hellbenders are good on stripers. An Illinois man named Fisher has been taking stri- · p e r s . o n - a spoon in 41 feet of water. Johnny Dockery of Fayetteville took the prize last week with a seven pound 13 ounce black bass on a spinner bait, fishing out of Lost Bridge. Tiny Torpedoes, Rooster Tails, and other small lures are taking schooling bass from Beaver. Player Sits Atop Five Stroke Lead LYTHAM ST. ANNE's, Eng-; land (AP) -- Gary Player, sitting pretty on a five-stroke lead in his bid for his third British Open golf title, prayed today for a big wind. "Let it blow," said the Little South African as a scaled-down field of 82 went into the third round on the 6,822-yard Royal Lytham and St. Anne's Links. ."I enjoy .it: when it blows," he said confidently; "Wind is-part of:the British')pen. "It is an Examination, and it took me a long time to pass the examination. Eighty, per cent of the fellows out there have no passed the test." It was no idle boasting, ei- th'er. Player tamed the wind, the sandy wastes and the bushes that trap inaccurate shotma- kers to shoot a sparkling 68 Thursday for a two-round total of 137, five under par. Another South African, Bobby Cole, 'Shared second place with Britain's-Peter Oosterhuis, both at par 142. It has been years since anybody had such a big lead at the Jackson Receives Two Million Votes NEW YORK (AP) -- Slugger Reggie Jackson of the Oakland A's has outdistanced rival American League outfielders by collecting 2,085,192 votes in balloting for tlie July 23 AllSlar baseball game. With 4,223,484 ballots counted in the fan voting that ended last ' Sunday,' '· Commissioner Bowie. K.uhn . said today that Jackson, leading all players, was the first 'to receive more than two million votes. Bobby Murcer of New Yorn is a distant runnerup in the outfield race with 833,783 votes and Frank Robinson of California had 764,803 i na tight battle three others for the third star ing berh. Trailing Robinson zre De- roi-t's Al Kaline with 757,448 votes, Oakland's Joe Rudi, 72li,- 603 and Texas* Jeff Burroughs 696,426. Although voting ended last lunday, many ballots remain to be counted. The final tallv which will determine the AL starting lineup for the All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, will be an nounced on Monday. Boston's Carlton Fisk, side lined with a'knee injury, lead' he catchers with 972,816 votes jut runnerup Thurman Munso of New York has 668,451 and las been closing the gap. Other leaders in the in complete American League re lurns are: first base -Dick Al len. Chicago, 937,511 votes; sue ond base^-Rod Carew. Mm nesola. 1,608,892; . third base- Brooks Ro'binson, Baltimore 940,006; shortstop--Bert Camp aneris, Oakland, 1,375 010. Manager Dick Williams o California will select the pitch ers and reserves. Connors Beats Ken Rosewall Again, But His Team Loses BALTIMORE (AP) -- Jimmy Connors made it two in a row over Ken Rosewall, but even that couldn't save the Baltimore Banners from defeat ai the hands of the Pittsburgh Triangles in World Team Tennis. Connors beat Rosewall 7-5 Thursday night in what was billed as a rematch of last Satuiv Wedington Lodge reports that Mike Hahn caught len brertrn and one bass. He was using red worms, and the bream Greenland Site Of Playoffs Greenland will be the site of ;he Arkhoma Boston Mountain Baseball League playoffs Saturday, fealur'ng teams from Mounfainburg, W e s t Fork, Winslow, Farmington, Elkins, Prairie Grove and Greenland. Play will begin at 10 a.m. with the Pee Wee All-Stars. Since West Fork won both halves of the rcgular-seasdn schefluje, an all-star game including players from each team will be contested. At 12 noon, the Little League championship game will he played. Then at 2 p.m. the Farmington Babe Ruth team which swept both halves of the league race will meet a learn of all-stars 'from the other towns, Gibson Homing In On Record For Strikeouts ST. LOUIS (AP) -- St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson may surpass a baseball milestone tonight achieved by only one other player. The 38-year-old right-hander needs only three more slrike- outs to reach the 3,000. mark, a feat accomplished only by the great Waller Johnson. The Cardinals begin a 14 game homestand with a twi- night doubleheader tonight against the Atlanta Braves anc Gibson, 5-8, will be shooting for his third straight victory when e starts in the first contest. Manager Red Schoendienst tes indicated that outfielder Reggie Smith, running seconc in the National League's hitting department, is a doubtful starter for the game. . , : · Schoendienst. said lie'll use Smith after he recovers "101 per cent" from injuries to his groin, leg and foot. lay's men's singles title pairin at Wimbledon which Connor von easily. But the Triangles, for whom Rosewall is player-coach, edge he Banners 24-23 on th strength of victories In worn en's singles and women's dpu bles. Midway into his match wit Rosewall, someone in th crowd of 6,646 shouted to Con nors: "Do it for Chrissie," reference to Chris Evere Wimbledon woman's cham and Connors' fiance. Smiling, Connors bowed the crowd and replied: "Okay. SHOWED DISPLEASURE Twice the explosive Connot showed displeasure with line calls that went against him but when Rosewall made serie sof well-placed shots. Con nors tipped his racket iln his op ponent's direction. Rosewall jumped lo an ear 1-C lead, with Connors appea ing sluggish at the start. Th two were tied 1-1 after the sr and game but Rosewa jumped ahead in the third an built a 5-4 advantage befo Connors stormed back. Rosewall, 39, appeared to ti in the 10th game and Conno drove home the game poi with a vengeful overhej smash. Connors later comhined wi Boo Carmichel to defeat Ros wall and Triangles' teamma Gerald Batterick 6-3 in mei doubles. Carmichel and Bel Stove gave the Banners '. triumph in mixed doubles, bea ing the loam of Battrick a Petty Michel 6-4. WarEagle Cove Resort On the Waterfront--Beaver Lake Motel Boats Motors Boat Dock MR. MRS. PHli; STRIPLING Phone 751-676* * Springdale If way point in this 114-year- classic. America's leading challeng- Field by defeating West Fork. Action begins at-C:00. The starling lineups include, for West Fork, Kelley Lewis in right field, Diiane Dunkle at shortstop, Rick Ledbetter left'field,' Ronnie Bradley'playing thirdbase, Mickey Palmer at first base, Chuck Seibert behind the plate, Dave King in centerfield and Dennis Selbe the pitcher. Starters for College Club IncludBiRandy.Porter at second, Shelby Sizemore in centerfieid, Jackie Davis in rightfield, Larry Altha behind the plate, Rick Karnback at first, Bob Stevens at shortstop, Mark Prenger at third. Rick Taylor in left and Gary Atha the pit- managed eight hits of thres Rogers hui'lers. · /.-.,... Rogers took a 1-0 leadjln tha first inning on an error, stolen aase and double by Don Kimbrough. West -Fork tied it in the bottom of the first when Duane Dunkle walked. Ronnie Bradley singled, and Dwain Rogers doubled off the left field fence. West Fork added three in the second as Dennis Selbe reached base by being hit by a pitch, Jamerson singled, Don King walked and Bradley singled to score two runs. A single by Rick Ledbetter then plated another. The winners finally secured ,he victory by scorirrg twice in the fourth inning. In all Bradley and Dwain Rogers had two hits each while Don Klmbrough, David Williams and :. Jerry Robinson had two hits each for Rogers. West Fork is now 8-12 on the season and Rogers 7 ; 20. were strung out behind, anny Edwards, a rookie pro om Edmund, Okla., was in Ufth place at 143. Defending ampion Tom Weiskopf had a 4, along with Liar/g Huan Lu Taiwan. Jack'Nicklaus, who arted out as the tourney fa- rite, was at 146. But given the uncertainties of ilf. and above the vagaries tills treacherous, wind-lashed urse, it is too soon to write I the chances of "the American o. Nicklaus and Weiskopf th insisted they still had pes of landing the title. "Strokes change rapidly on a inrse like this and in condi- ons like these," said Nicklaus. We'skopf, with seven strokes make up, said, "Even with le round to play, you- can win om that position. Anything happen yet." TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New Used Anlennn Color · Black White BtKKers · Tewert Free EttimatM 751-7927 75I-S4M 751-02S7 CS Coin Victorious One game was played in the irgar and Spice girls Softball ague at Asbell Park Thursday ight, with CS Coin downing Ikins 11-3. Kelley Sleele.and larsha Tuck hit home runs for le winners. New Hockey Coach ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -he Rochester Americans of le American Hockey League amed Dick Mattiussi Thursay as the team's new coach. Eastwood Leads In Quad Cities BETTENDORF, Iowa (AP) )--Bob Eastwood and his fami- .y are in need of a new home, and the little-known professional started the : Quad Cities Open golf tournament as if he ants to do the financing all at once. Eastwood, who has won .only about $35,000 in his three years on the toiir, used a five-under- par 66 to unexpectedly vault into the lead in the $100,000 tournament. "We travel the pro circuit in a motor home, but it's getting a little small," he remarked after his bffgeyless first round Thursday that included five birdies. "We need a bigger place to slay." The $20,000 first prize in this 'our-year-old tournament would |o a long way in that direction. Eastwood quickly a d d e d . ' " The five foot-10, 160-pounder from Lodi, Calif., held a one- stroke lead over tour veteran Ed Sneed, Dave Hiskey and Labron Harris Jr. going into today's second 18-hole round. In Springdale SEEBURG MUFFLER NOW OPEN HEAVY DUTY MUFFLER ESGE.D ON AMBITION AMD HGG OFF- BY THE AUDIENCE'; Installed . LIFETIME GUARANTEE FAST SERVICE S E E B U R G MUFFLER Highway 71 North (at North City Limits) SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS ITEMS SUCH AS STOPPING STONES, PARKIHG CURBS, SP1A9H BLOCKS,A1R CONDITIONING PADS AND EXPOSED AGGREGATE PAN ELS. CO NT ACT US FOR INFORMATION ON THESE AND OTHER PRODUCTS. What Elia-s Howe- did for the Sewing Maciune, va Williams did for Bourboa. Evan Williams' 6in£el763,Keotucky's 1st Distiller Woolworiiv PLAZA STORE IT'S YOUR No. 1 STORE FOR ALL YOUR SPORTING NEEDS · SEE OUR COMPLETE SELECTION ALL HEDDON LURES ea Just A Few Left STERNS LIFE VESTS U.S.C.G- Approved $ 14 AK1 LIFE VESTS U.S.C.G. Approved $199 1 ALL BOMBER BAITS 99 ea Rebel -- SAVE $90.00 The Quiet One RAMBLER 1000 List $289.95 Our Price $ 199 95

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