Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1974
Page 18
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encies. With nder control, THIS 15 MY SIMMER I READING PR06KAM.../ IVE REAP NINE BOOKS IN A ROW WITHOUT 1/NOEteTANRNS OF THEM' (JHAT'S A' ME(J RECOSO, SIR? BUtl-'KNOW A MONSTER .\1SIN ASYHQUSfr.. ! \VEMAPEA' i THOROUGH ' SEARCH, MISS . NOW DOH'T VOU W O R Y THE POLICE ALWAYS BAY. : MISS nm.LV. T'U. LEAVE MR. SWEENEY TO-MAKK' CERTAIN VOU'RE SAFE. ©VJEENEV · -STAMPS' GUARD BUT DOESWT.HEAS ATHIN6. tow aoAee vwmv I WOULDN'T GO OUTSIDE WIFTHflT BUBBLE GUM IF I UJUZVOU 1 ( IT'S TOO DADBURW - ^ HES IN A CRITICAL , -SO LETS HURRY- -AUD GET THESE YNJor THAT THE WONDER DOCTOR CANNOT BE HURRIE£ -IS HE .AFFi-lCrEP WITH OCTOPHOBIA? FSAR OF THE NUMBER 8 ? CRITICAL FOPMS FILLED OUT/! ANYBODY IM HIS .FAMILY.EVER SUFFER FRO/Yl PALENESS we KNOWS. KIM WE 6OIW Nowe COUNT UP'TO 81J WAP THIS TWORW IM MV PAW ANP I'VE B66M LKKIN6 THE WOUND, BUT IT'S MOT FIRST WAMT YOU to START COOKINS YOUR MEAT WHAT CAM FOR You s( THEY PA1SEP THE PRICE ANP ^ LOWEREP THE MOUNPSON THeig PUFFS HUFFY LBTTEK TO? f V V* ^ y fcJK ·JUSr ONE PLACE ) TO SPEND A HOT fV · SUMMER v--/I 1 BOY AMI EVER GLAD I'M NOT OUT THERE OW A HOT, CROWDED SOME TRAFFIC JAM/ YOO-HOO, BLONDIE-' ANYBODY HOME? -s--», Believe/t orJVbt/ S.W. AFRICA, DISS1TSEIFWTO SEASIDE MUI MCKNWS, BUILD1NS A SHELTERING TUNNEL OP, MUD AMD GRAVEL 18 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thurs., July 11, 1974 raytTTEVULE, LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Parkinson's Disease Is Nerve Disorder A MINIATURE PALACE STANDS ATOP THE PALACE OF IN MYSORE, INDIA, BECAUSE AFTER THE MftIN STRUCTUEE HAD BEEN COMPLETED, .ITSBU/LD£KF£LTH£ SHOULD HAVE tK£D THE OmROESJGN FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR FBI.,. JULY 12 ARIES (Mar. 21 fo Apr. 20) measured step Thead wilh now. Is there-an obstacle [hat study before vaulting? Emphasize . your foresighted- ncss, and don't be impatient for results. AURUS (Apr. 2t to May 21) Give careful thought to deci- .ons you must make soon.' Call interested friends to ease our way if you think .they en e of help. There's more than ne way to get ahead. EMINI (May 22 to June 21) F i n e Mercury. influences imulale ambitions,- intellectual ursuits. WDith your innate in- cnuity and sparkling imagina- on, you can achieve top goal: ow. IANCER (June 2 2to July 23) Keep alert cquiremenls, ou will emerge victorious. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec A bit of friendly advice coul( mushroom into a profitable move. Don't hesitate to grab he chance when you get it CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) A good lime to take the initia ive in business matters, to e x p r e s s independence o nought and action. You ar sometimes too iiesitant for you own good. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) A' pleasant surprise due. You finally receive assurance that your ideas are sound and will -e carried out -- bringing a tremendous increase in your prestige. PISCES _(Feb. 20 to Mar.-20) to occupational the opposition ou will face, all likely contin- " ..... such matters you can move irward confidently -- and wilh EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Apathy and indifference r revalent in certain quarters, on't let them dampen your en- iiisiasm, but do counter with oise and understanding. ARGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) This may be a more compli- ated day than you 'anticipated, take all philosophically. Better influences within 48 ours. Romance, in high favor. ,IBRA (Sept. 24 to.Oct. 23) Get all promises in writing Others will respect you if you re firm but fair. A slight dis ppointmenl could eventuallj edound to your favor, so...pat once! ICORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Caution will be your ally.novy Be wary -- and a shrewd obser A' so-called friend may b rying some unsavory maneu ·ers. Watch and wait -- am Can you explain what Parkin-1 son's disease is? My uncle, who lives wit!) us, has just been lold that he has it. We would like lo know how we can plan to help him, from every point of view. Mrs. G.N., Ohio Dear Mrs. N.: The obvious devotion you reflect in your letter is as wise as it is commendable. All people with chronic disorders affect those who live in intimate contact with them. Knowing more about their disease and planning to be a contribution to them is beneficial to the patient and to the family. · SHAKING PALSY P a r k i n s o n ' s disease, o r paralysis agitans, is sometimes called "shaking palsy." This is a disorder of the brain.and the central nervous system associated with a slowness of acti vity, general weakness, and a characteristic- tremor of the hands. \Vith Parkinson's disease there may come a rigidity o the muscles of the face am an absence of expression during emotion. One of ,the most difficul iroblems is the tremor of thi lands which can interfere-will manipulation and normal man ual dexterity. The simple act of eating o brushing the hair or gettin dressed becomes a complicate problem in some later stage of this condition. It must be impressed c pro- Par- eryone that the menial facul- es are not affected , and atienls with this debilitating omlition should not be con- dered intellectually ineffec- ve. ; Your greatest help. io your ncle is to' offer psychological upport, kindness, patience and uderslanding. The medical spects of the.problem will be andied by his doctor. SPKCIAL DRUGS II is encouraging to know that remcndous . advances have Jeen made and tre still gressing for the control of inson's. disease. Special drugs an, in many cases, reduce the everily of the tremor and eturn patients to greater pro- [uctiVity. , : Special- types of operations lave been developed and used n selected cases. Your uncle is indeed fortunate n the presence of such a difficult condition, to be surrounded ;y a loving family. Why is it necessary to hav« a blood test every few week's after someone, has recovered from a heart attack? Miss V.G., N.C. DearMissG.: Many patients, following a heart attack, are given so called "blood-thinning" drugs. This affects the . clotting mechanism. The repeated tests are done, so that the doctor can guage the effect of the drug and adjust it to the patient's exact need. B. JAY BECKER Fine influences! able to hurdle obstacle now. emotionalism; ·But also You should almost ally do avoid impulsiveness and extremism. YOU BORN TODAY arc endowed with- a magnetic personality, tremendous energy and a lively imagination. The lunar influences which govern your life also bestow upon you an intense idealism, and make you an outstanding humanitarian. You are, however, a paradoxical combination of self- assertii former family whom "boss"; the latter 'in situations, where you incline to underestimate your own abilities and require constant bolstering , of your confidence. Unusually versatile, there are many fields in which you could succeed -- depending-upon your inclinations and education of course. Outstanding among them: Science, art, the law, medicine, music, invention and the theater. .Once having gained faith in yourself, no heights will be inaccessible to you. Birth- date of: Henry D. Thoreau; naturalist; Van Cliburn, pianist. South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH A J 8 6 5 V A 9 8 2 · 10 6 2' + 86 ' assertion and timidity -- the in your dealings with and loved ones, with you insist, on being career On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) WEST * Q 7 2 V Q 1 0 7 5 4 4 Q 8 3 + Q 3 EAST 43 . V K 6 3 * A K 7 4 + J 7 5 4 2 SOUTH * A K 1 0 9 4 V J * J 9 5 + A K 1 0 3 The bidding: South West Pass North 24 East Pass Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS I Rodents 5 West Indian shrub 9 Underworld god 12 Border on, 13 Feminine name 14 Menu item 15 In the main 17 Goddess of infatuation 18 Upright pillars 19 English composer 21 Sixtyi(Rom.) 22 Actress Burnett 24 Beverage 27 Dress ornament 28 Form of medication 31 Transgress 32 Salutation 33 Born 34 Feeble 36 Household need 37 Nourish. 38 Furnishes 40 "Toward 41 Noted novelist 43 Defaced 47 Vandal 48 Raven's ' remark 51 Single unit 52 Russian mountain range 53 Charles Lamb 54 Caress 55 French 10 Jot novelist U Soothsayer 58 Organ part IS King DOWN' 20 Cut off 1 Roofing 22 Inlets slates 23 Over- 2 incite whelmed 3 Melody 24 Stitch 4 Feminine 25 Crude name . metal 5 Exclamation J British 6 Nothing marine fish 27 Infant 29 Famous general 30 Guided 35 Relatives 37 Previous 39 Goddess 40 Sailor 41 Store or market 42 Fish 43 Declare for score 14 Part 45 Large lake 46 Lifeless 49 Epoch Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 50 Truck 1* 4* Opening lead--five of hearts. How should South play this tiand against a heart lead by West? . Let's suppose he wins tnt heart with the ace and draws two rounds of trumps, .Eas showing out. IJe then cashes the A-K of clubs and r u f f s a club After trumping a heart, South ruffs his last club and continues by trumping another heart. South has scored nine tricks in his journeys foack and forth 7 Ailing 8 Single thickness 9 Glacial stria Avg. solution time: 22 min. )ut is now out of gas -- since ns last four cards consist uf trump and three diamonds, all losers. So he finishes do\vn one. . If we modify Soulh's succession of plays slightly, it urns out that he makes the contract, even though' it would ;eem he must lose three diamonds and a trump. The only variation in .the play is that ieclarer ruffs a heart at trick two -- in order to establish'a more complete crossruff position. · * He proceeds as before -- by cashing the A-K of trumps and A-K of clubs, followed by a club ruff. Let's assume that West discards a heart on.this trick. South then ruffs another heart and leads the ten of clubs. If West ruffs. , dummy discards a diamond to make four If, instead of ruffing, West -Ih- cards the heart queen, he is still in bad shape because he makes dummy's nine a trick in the process. So let's say that West discards a diamond. This permits declarer to ruff the ten of dummy and the nine of hearts in his hand, and in that way score ten tricks. In effect, South maneuvers the play so that he is able to telescope his four losers into the the last three tricks. One loser disappears in the process. PONYTA1L 25 26 27 32 29 'It's discouraging... I blew a whole month's allowance on this bikini and not a single boy has ogled Complete news coverage, (local, area, national, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features.... six afternoons a week and Sunday morning. ... .delivered to your door for less than 11 a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242

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