Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1974
Page 5
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Hints From Heloise -Make 'HeJoise Mat' For Bath Family Reunion Dear Folks: If you have a limp bathroom or toilet rug that is so worn out that it skids and wrinkles, try using two -- one on top of the other. It's great and they sore do stay put better. Then, when the top one becomes soiled, just switch 'em. Put the soiled one on the bottom. However, after using this method for six months, I even found a better idea! I,turned them back to back and, using the largest stitch on my sewing machine, sewed around the ertge (Or fold one over and make it half the size: that's-called a "Heloise Mat.") I find this real perky. It can be turned over ill a jiffy when one side gets wet. Moreover, because chenille is always - on $ the bottom, it can be used to scoot across the floor for those dribbles of water, etc. Great :n -the kitchen in front of your sink and refrigerator. Saves the energy of pushing cleaniirg at my house. I usually use a quart jar of hot water I wjth ammonia added, but was out of ammonia. I decided to try a strong baking soda and hot water solution. It worked like magic. I could just see the brushes and combs getting cleaner! It seemed to be even faster- acting than ammonia, and no fumes to smell. . Dodee Members of tile family ol Mr. and Airs. Hugh Doutliil of Siiringrtule attending a funnily reunion on July 4 were Rich- aril Doniliil, Miirtha Doulhif, Vefa Chapmaii, Anne Chapman,-. Hanna Biscamer, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Douthil, Da- vii! Douthit, Michael Chapman, . Dane Douthit, Todd Donlhil, Kirk Douthit anil Virginia Doutliil, left-right front row; Joyce Ogden, Joan Bayles, Lurry'Biscarncr, Pat Biscarncr, .Becky Jones, June Jones Judy Donlhil, Diane Doulhif, Candy Douthit, Sonja Douthit, Hugh Doutliil, second row: Bolihi Baylcs, Lucille Bayles, Jiimes Bayles, . Maria Chapman, Bernard Chapman, Virginia While, Ralph White, Wlber Jones, Uonald Douthit, Troy Doutliit, George Tenbrook, Valerie Tcnbrook, Jean Doulhil, Minnie "'Bayles, Edwin Dou- ihit and Violet Patrick, back row. They came from Michigan, Texas, Georgia, California, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas, . a handle around when : you'just can pull or push it witlfyour footsfes. Helps muscles too. the stomach Heloise Secretaries To Have Seminar Washington County Legal Secretaries Association will conduct a o n e d a y seminar entitled "J^egal Secretaries Up the Ladder," on Saturday* July-IS, at the Downtown Motor Lodge. The seminar will he in" session from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. with luncheon served at.12 noon. Guest speakers will include Waller Niblock president of .the .Washington County Bar Association, and Marjorie Niblock, office mannager for a local law firm. Some of the topics to be covered are "Becoming a Legal Secretary," "Today's Legal Secretary," '"New Horizons for a Legal Secretary," as well as group and panel discussions on various other related topics. The seminar is open to any interested persons. There wii be a nominal fee charged to cover the cost of the luncheon and handout materials. Announcements The next meeting of the Wcl come Wagon Club will be an evening a f f a i r with homemade ce cream and cakes served for refreshments. It will he held at the home of Dolores Cook 211Q Collette, just off Old Wire Soad, at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Members are reminded to bring ex- .ra lawn: chairs and recipes to :urn in for the cook hook: Resi dents of the Fayetteville-Spring dale area are invited to attend especially newcomers to the area. Husbands are invited to this meeting. Household Hint P u t - j e l l y in plastic-mustard or catsup containers. Snip the top of the squeeze container so that the jelly can pass througl the opening. Now your children can put jelly on their toas with no mess and no help from you. -/or OMEN Thursday, July 11, 1974 Dear Heloise: I have an idea for working women whose husbands come home for lunch. On weekends I make a large pot of homemade soup, chili stew, etc., and I put individua servings into a cooking bag and Dear. Heloise: With soaring prices of fcod, we all are trying to save.- For several years, my husband has done all the food buyiirg and he is a good, careful shopper.. He buys large bags full ol fresh vegetables when at lowest prices. Some Brussels spronls anc asparagus, I blanch as directed nit in an ice bath and then nto bags and freeze. Green bell peppers 'avorite of 'mine, but expensive at times. When the jfice is reasonable, we buy several large bags and all they heed is washing and packaging Some I cut in pieces, some halve (large, perfectly shapei ones) for stuffing. Some I put in the pressur are are so Miss Goode Teils Business Women About Girls Slate Miss Paula Goode, daughter if Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Goody, ;ave an account of her week at Girls State in Little Rock plop them into the freezer. On weekday morninfgs I cookor chopped, and coo nearly through.' These I add t previously cooked onions an free/e, to use them for las minute additions to omelette, stews, curries etc. After cooking and cooling, pu pull dt the meeting this week- of Faycllcyille Business and.Pro- essional Women's Club. Miss Goode said, "it was a earning experience and I truly ppreciate -the flags of our state and our government after a week of Girls State." She will be a counselor there next year. Mrs. Lorcne Raymond, president, presided during the business meeting. Tenative com mittees were set up and program plans were discussed^ for ·the forthcoming year. The in the but a bag and set it next to .he stove." It takes my husband only a lew minutes to warm lis "home-cooked" meal in a pot of boiling water. (I can't make it'home for lunch, darn!) Linda Henley Dear Heloise: I- have found so many uses "or those plastic disposable oaby-botlle liners. Since they are long and narrow, they come in handy when p a c k i n g lunches, especially pickles; brcat sticks and carrot sticks. The bags are strong and won't leak if a twist- em is secure around the top. Mrs. Gerald Sims in one-inch or pans and freeze. two-inch-dee (Separate mixed.) As soon as they ar frozen', cut into cubes and ba and freeze. Takes less spac once cooked. If you. are goh to use them as add-los, "th are 'great done this way. Thrif Dear Heloise: Have you noticed how man foods we purchase in gla jars that cannot he reused win canning season comes? I bet you could solve tl waste problem for us b requesting the manufacturers peanut butter, mustard, pickle sauerkraut, etc. to'make stan ard-mouthcd jars. Cr.nning li are the same size, so why n Dear Heloise: When laundering stockings or socks that have been subjected to ' heavy ' use,-' I turn them wrong side out before putting them into the ' m ' right side out them into the dryer. This seems 16 better results. all jars lids? meeting will be held home' of Miss Dorothy washer. Then before puttin. give much , . J.C.M. the same size to Pint and quart In a standard wide-mouthed size would be ch a saving. Jane Porter iar Heloise: If your cake layers stick I e bottom of the' pans, tur e pans upside down on king sheet and return theti a warm oven. They w Dime out in just a short Urn tact. Kiltie Lanle Births ear Heloise; My husband is color blind and iuld never pick the right color icks to go with his clothes. socks inside RRGIONAli MEDICAL CKNTBll Jlr. and Mrs. Jasper Hankins, Fayolteville, a daughter, J u l y 5. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Powcl Rogers, a daughter, July 5. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hale, Fayettevilje: a son, July 5. ' M r . arid' 'Mrs. 'Michael E. Cook Fayetleville, a daughter July 5. Mr. and Mrs. Allan L, Hsr din. West Fork, a daughter. Jub 5. Mr. and Mrs. Donald K K u I h e r f o r d , Lincoln, twii daughters. July 6. Mr. and Mrs. Charles V Ncwkirk, Farminglon, a son July 6. Mr. and Mrs. Arlin H. Oxford Farmington, a daughter. Jul; I got drawer dividers and rote the color of 1 ' the each section on '-the f each divider. No more clashing colors. Elizabeth Alexander 6. Mi-, and Mrs, Tom H. Marlon Prairie Grove, a daughter, Jul 7. )ear Heloise: When it became difficult for le to thread a needle, I began aking a needle and thread with ic when I had - ' m y eyes x a m i n e d . By actually hreading the needle I can test ait the new lens. Mr. and Mrs. J i m m y H. Gulp Springdale, a daughter, Jul Mr. and Mrs. George R. Dm ham, Springdale, a son, Jul 7. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby E. Kcll Fayetteville, a daughter, Ju i:" ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. 0 gan, S.ringdale, a son, July 7. Marjorie Ross Couple Notes Wedding Date Mr. ami Mrs. H a r r y Parter r. celebrated their G.iV'en ·odding anniversary on Jiily 5 t their"home. 1322 N. Garlantl \vemte in Fayettcville. They ·ere married July J. 192-1, in ittle Rock and have made icir Iiorne here for the past 5 years. ; '. Tlie observance was a private vent, attended by members ot lie immediate family only, 'hose present were their two oils, Harry Parker Jr., of El Dorado and his family, and Bob Parker of Nashville. Tcnn., and his family; Mr.. Parker's ,'o brothers and their families. Alfred and 0. D. Treadway of Little Hock, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The couple received gifts, cards and telephone calls from .heir friends. . . . , Ample Gasoline WASHINGTON (AP) -- The American Automobile Association reports that gasoline is in ample supply this week, with prices remaining stable. The AAA said Tuesday its weekly survey of gas stations showed only throe-tenths of one per cent of Ui" ·' " checked were out of gasoline Dear Heloise: I have doors that used to bang when the kids (or even the grownups) went in and ou but no longer. I bought head bands and clipped them from door knob io door knob. They are of a stretchy material so they fit nicely. The door closes quietly and I have colors to'match or contrast with my paint. A Friend JCPenney Dear Heloise: I wash -- rain or shine -because I have several lines fixed up in my garage. When hanging u.p sheets, I hang other clothes over them. They dry fast and it saves clothesline space. The next day, I take them all down, and put another load on the line. I am so used to hanging the clothes in my garage now, that I don't even think about the lines in my yard. Mrs. Beach Larery when Mrs. Raymond will give a report on her trip to the National Convention for Business and Professional Wo- meji Clubs whic.h will convene in week. The-September meeting will be in charge of Mrs. Othclia Paul,- 'district director of Business and Professional Women's Club. Guests at Monday night's meeting were Mrs. Goode and Mrs. Bill Edward. Dear Heloise: Rub some unmelted paraffin on the rim of the glue jar and lid so it won't stick. A Reader Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Community Appearance CommiUee, City Hall, 4 p.m. Jaycees, Wyatl't, 7 p.m. · ·· . Weight Watchers, Goff Building, V p.m. Pollution Control Committee, City Hall, 7:30 p.m. Goshen Eastern Star, Masonic: Hall, 7:30 p.m. University-North Arkansas Symphony, Arkansas Union, p.m. Dear Heloise: · A 32-cup . electric coffee mak'er is an excellent hot water supply for camper?.' It's the first thing we hook up and the last thing put away and a real joy all the time in Mrs. Roy Nichols between. Dear Heloise: ... Today was comb and brush 6-3-03-40 is .t diamoftd, bfack . ' ., Idia'njond, open heart design. «·-· ",' ,'-,, ",', $375.00, ' ' ' · Don't ever be done. Togetherness begins with a DIAMOND TRD SET. f / 4 diamond'".*4 Serf- -' · uine rubies, te*ttire! f ' ' ' jjarridnd',- satin wftri polished MtttKttioos EnJarged A« Settings in VIKGoM USE GORDON'S CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS: Budget Account* · Charge Ham We Accept: BankAmericafit »Dipe»s CMi »Shopp»s Owje «M»d«r Charge*Cn1e Bhmetn*American Express Gordon JEWELERS m FATFrmmtE^Hw AT cwwnrs nORTHUlEST ARKflnSflS PlflZA «2O1 HtGHHAY 71 NORTH OWNER SKMES M UTHjE HOCK'* PME lUtFT Shop Gowfao'l COM K Cowt SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Tour 2-way radio headquarters to t^edronlci alnna 1939 N. College . 443-ZJ22 For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 44S4Z46 City Parking Lot In Rear Special buy on fabric. Solids I.?! Fancies 2.22 yd. Polyester fancies and solids. Fancy polyester double knits coordinate with crepe stitch solids for mix and malch sewing. 60" wide. Shop 9-9 Mon., Thurs., Fri. 9-5:30 Tues., Wed., Sat. S E M I - A N N U A L OF WOMEN'S SHOES-NOW · Red · Pink · Silver · White · Navy · Green · Bone · MulH-Colors Group of CANVAS $4.97 up Group of SANDALS $3.00 up Open Mondays and Thursdays til 8:30 p.m. WOMEN'S SHOES-Slreet Floor

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