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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 10, 1974
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28 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, We'd., July 10, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS How Arkansas' Congressmen Voted House Action Reveals LegislalWe^teWs On WASHINGTON -- Here's how Arkansas Members of Congress were recorded on major roll call votes June 27 through July 3. The Senate recessed for the holidays on June 28. HOUSE ACTION Rejected, 207 and 140 against, a'move to suspend a House rule that' guarantees each member of the House Judiciary Committee at least Five minutes for interrogating witnesses at the committee's impeachment inquiry. Because the motion was brought up under a technical parliamentary procedure, it needed a two-thirds majority. It fell 25 votes short of the hiargin needed for passage. In rejecting the motion, the minutes to each member of the committee to question each witness. S u p p o r t e r s argued that suspending the five-minute rule would have speeded the impeachment inquiry. They said members would have had the r i g h t to submit , written questions through .committee lawyers, thus eliminating dupM- cative questions. Opponents argued that the House should not subvert the rights of committee members simply to expedite the inquiry. They said five minutes of questions would help members get out the facts and lead to a fair inquiry. The vote was viewed as an early, but far from conclusive test of impeachment sentiment some members felt, would aid he President's effort to vindicate himself. Reps. Bill Alexander (D-l) ind Ray Thornton. (D-4). voted Retain the fiv rule yea. Rep. John Hammers'chmidt (R-3) voted "nay." . Wilbur/. Mills (D-2) did not.V6te'^ . COMMITTEE Tabled, 242 for and 163 against, a move to bring to the floor H. Res. 988, a resolution, to reform the House committee structure. H. Res. several weeks ago by a secret vote of the House Democratic Caucus. In moving to table the motion to force consideration the , House delaying a voted major committee jurisdictions. The ast major restructuring was approved in 1946. The r e s o l u t i o n would eliminate overlapping jurisdictions of the 21 standing committees. In 1973, for example, 14 committees conducted hearings o n , energy- related matters.^ p-Mj, The mov'eSvto, iSJte^v^-, sideration came ort:.a?tecnnic_a.l p a r 1 i a m e n ta ry issue of privilege, so debate dealt only with parliamentary procedures Those voting to table argued that the move was out of order and violative of House procedures, but many of them also may be opposed to the reform proposal. Those voting 1 against wantec to continue to force the House to conside: overhaul of the reforms. REFORM - was sidetracked Alexander and Thornton voted l yea." Hammerschmidt voted 'nay." Mills did not vote. ABORTIONS -- Rejected, 123 'or and 257 against, an amendment to.prevent the use of federal funds 'for abortions, 'ami|y. -planning and' contra- · · · ; ' - ' J . . ,: . ^ '".wa's": o f f ered Ib" a" Labor' and' ; Health, Education and Welfare appropriations bill (H.R.- 15580), that later was-passed and'sent'!(o the Senate. In rejecting the amendment the -House voted to continue federal programs that suppprl family planning and to provide Medicaid to poor women seeking abortions. Supporters argued that the unborn's righWo-life must bel p r o t e c t e d . Rep. Lawrence togan (R-Md.) said, "If you are opposed to abortion, you vill support the amendment." Opponents argued that the amendment would discriminate against the successful poor and destroy family planning programs. Rep. Robert Giaimo (D-Conn.) said the amendment would "deprive poor people from the services which you and I and everyone else in these United. States can enjoy." .Alexander'voted "nay." Hammerschmidt, Thornton and Mills did not vote. WORK SAFETY .-- Passed 201 for and 194 against, at amendment to exempt smal businesses -- those with 25 or fewer employes -- from en- orced , compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act-pf 1970." " '. The amendment was attached ,o a bill apprpriating funds for Labor and HEW (above). The amendment's effect is to ;ive 'small businesses . and 'armer's more- time to comply with the work safety standards established i n ' the 1970 safety act. Under OSHA'S provisions, violators are fined, without warning. . · . '. . Supporters argued that .the added time will allow Congress to eliminate flaws in the' enforcement- provisions of the safety standards. They said the flaws have hit small businesses the .hardest,. Opponents said that smal businesses should be forced to Livestock Report The supply of beef cattle rose, and prices decreased at the auctions held here over the weekend according to the Federal-State Market News Service. Auction results were: SPRINGDALE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 14.00 head, week ago 1279, year ago 788. Slaughter sows $.50-1. lower. Slaughter bulls steady to $ 50 lower. Feeder steers steady to $2.50 higher. Feeder heifers steady to $2. higher. Supply largely good and choice 300-600 Ib feeder steers, 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial. $24.-29. High dressing utilities $29.-30. Cutter $24.-26.50. Canner $21.-24. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield UA Receives Law Grant grade 1-2 1100-1385 Ibs. $33.5030.20. FEEDER 200-300 Ibs. STE.ERS: ?42.-46.25. Choice 300-600 Ibs. $38.-42.50. 600-800 .Ibs.' $36.38 30. High 'good'and low choice 200-300 Ibs. $38.-42. 300-600 Ibs. S35.-38. 600-800 Ibs. $34.50-36.40. Good 300-GOO Ibs. $31.25-35. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 200-300 Ibs. , few sales $40.-42. 300-500 Ibs. $3G.-40. 500-600 Ibs. $33.-36. High Good and low Choice 200-300 Ibs. $38.75-39. 300 400 Ibs. $33.-36. $31.25-33.25 Good $31.50-34. 500-600 300-500 Ibs Ite. Deploring The 'Fiscal Funnies 7 The Prime Pastime Of Congressmen. WASHINGTON (AP -- One of the prime pastimes in Cpn- jress is reading and deploring he "fiscal funnies," or titles of federally financed research projects. You know, the ones like $70,- 000'to study-the smell of Australian aborigines' sweat, $375,000 to Frisbees try into to turn plastic weapons of war, The Universiy of Arkansas has received a $9,000 grant from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration to assist in training police officers and other full-time la wenforce- ment persons, according to Dr. Charles Oxford, interim UA president. The program will be under the direction of Dr. Gordon Morgan, professor of sociology. It is intended, he said, to assist persons who wish to upgrade their training in law enforcement. They may take any courses for which they qualify that will help them in their law enforcement work. The grant will provide tuition an dbooks, and in some cases, other assistance to fulltime participants in the program, Dr. Morgan said. Dr. Morgan estimated that about 150 persons in Washington, Benton and Madison Counties are eligible and could profit from this program. He said it is desirable, but not a requirement, that applicants for the grant assistance be working toward a degree. They do not have to be fulltime students, he said. The program is designed for judges, court clerks, campus security guards, city police officers, sheriffs officers and various specialists in the law enforcement field, Morgan said. Jn some cases, he added, assistance may be received for correspondence courses under the program. Anyone interested in applying for the grants should contacl Dr. Morgan, Department of Sociology, University of Arkansas, REPLACEMENT C O W S : Good and Choice 3-8 year old 700-1000 Ibs. $23.40-28.40. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Choice 3-8 year old cows with 75-150 Ibs. calves at side $352.50400. Good 3-8 year old cows with 75-150 Ibs. calves at side $302.50365. per pair. . HOGS: Estimated receipts 355 head including 8"sows and no boars. Last week 242, year ago 203. Barrows and gills steady. Feeder pigs $1.50-2.25 lower. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 package 204 Ibs. $38.5039.: US 1-3 230-260.Ibs. $38. SOWS: US 1-3 420-435 Ibs. $28. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 40 ; GO. Ibs. $19.75-22.50 per head. ' .. FAYETTEVILLE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 1650 head, week ago 1466, year ago, 1088. Slaughter cows steady to $1:50 lower. Slaughter bulls $1. lower, feeder steers $1.-2.50 higher. Feeder heifers steady to $2. higher. Supply largely Qood and Choice . 300-600 Ib. feeder steers, 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility an-d Commercial $23.50-29. High $6,000 to. classify a Polish frog, or §20,324 to study the mating calls of Central American toads. ' Scientists bristle at the barbs, contending the titles of research projects' cannot adequately describe, what the studies are all about. Rep. H.R. -Gross, R-Iowa, for years specialized -in reading the funnies into the Congressiona 1 Record, with appropriate comments, year. Gross is retiring this His understudy, -Rep. William J. Scherle;. another Iowa Republican, was off to a good start in' 1972 when he called a 20',000 study to determine why dds fall off tricycles a "bird- jrained, bureaucratic scheme." In this volatile election year, with inflation high and voters' confidence in their, government low, more congressional voices are. being raised against questionable federal spending. Rep. Lee H. Hamilton, D- Ind., was particularly miffed to learn that the government, was spending $576,969 to : teach mothers how to play with their children and $121,000 to find out why people say. "ain't." After corresponding with the White House, and -being, tolc that budget : watchers don'1 watch project spenders, Ham ilton concluded that the execu live branch "appears unwilling o take the lead- in weeding.out unwarranted expenditures from :he budget." . .'· "On the whole, of course, the government is spending federal money for programs which are in the public interest," he said. '.'But the preceding examples-illustrate the need for much more rigorous scrutiny of all spending." · The National Institutes of Health, a frequent target of the fiscal -funnies', readers., points to a number of seemingly frivolous, research, .projects , which proved to be human lifesavers: -- A scientist studying monkey blood types found the key to the mysterious · HH--for Rhesus monkey--factor which clogs the blood of certain human infants causing crippling brain damage and often death. Now the bloqc of so-called "blue babies" is ransfused. totally before 'they are-born. . : ; . : .--Another :researcher looking "or artificial diets : for. protozoa and bacteria accidentally discovered that folic acid is a necessary nutrient in the human diet and, .when missing, causes pernicious .anemia. -- An NIH scientist studying :he development of chicken embryos found, a . chemical. com- to treat victims of pi a- cental cancer. The cure rate pound now 'is 80 per cent. Before, diagnosis was a virtual death warrant. --And Harvard microbiologisl John Enders' curiosity, about tissue cultures, which led to the isolation and identification o; the polio virus and to the.even- tual . development of .the Salk ·accine. Many of the other funnies lave a serious side. The tricycle study, titled "An E v a l u a t i o n and Para meterization ,'^of' Stability an Safety Performance of Two-an Three-Wheeled Vehicular Toy :or Riding," . was designed 1 find out why .some 100,000 kid are hurt on three-wheelers ev ery'. year. It - revealed that. th traditional tricycles have a pr cariously high center -of grav ity. · . - ' The Navy's Frisbee projec lasting four years, was an- a tempt to develop a disc-shape flare that could be launched night from .airplanes to ilium nale battlefields below. The idea flopped heeau: Frisbee flares would have r quired what the'Navy called "monstrous . and . expensi' launcher," and they didn't 1 right. - - omply because they have th't orst work-safety records. Rep. eal Smith (D-Iowa) said, imallness is not synonomous ith safety." Alexander, Hammerschmidt nd Thornton.voted "yea." Mills did not vote. ' i SENATE VOTING Passed; 72 for:and : 14 against, c o n f e r e n c e . report afeguarding the rights of uman' 'subjects of biomedical esearch. The bill creates a omrnission to implement the ifeguards and provides federal o . a r i s - - to needy medical esearchers. The conference · report (H.R. 724) then went to the House, ·hich passed it and sent it to ae President. The safeguards are designed i prevent abuses such as oc- urred in syphilis studies in 'uskegee, Ala., where in the lame of medical -research yphilitic persons were denied reatment: · : !' In supporting the .conference ·eport,! Sen. Edward Kennedy D-Mass.) said, "this legislation s a major step' forward in the protection of human research subjects." : Opponents' argued that tha safeguards are too weak because they do not coyer subjects whose religious-beliefs might'be ; abused and do not jrevent research on live 'etuSes;' ' " · - ' · . · , Sen. John McClellan (D) voted "yea." Sen. J. W. Fulbright (D) did not vote. OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUN. CLOSED We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities · WED. THURS. FBI. SAT. Fayetteville. History Journal Prinis Article d r e s s i n g Utilities $29. 30.75. Cutter $23.-25.50. Canner $19.50-23. . ' SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1180-1535 Ibs. $32.50-37. FEEDER 200-300 Ibs. 44.40. 300-500 Ibs. $38.-42.50. 500790 Ibs. $36.-39.25. and low choice $38.75-42.50. 300-450 Ibs. $35.-38. 400-600 Ibs. $32.-36. Good 200-300 Ibs. $36.50-38.75. 300-400 Ibs. $32.35.50. 400-700 Ibs. $29.-32. FEEDER 200-300 Ibs. Ibs. few sales $34.-38.50. 400-600 Ibs. $34.-37.60. low Choice 300-400 Ibs. $34.-37. 400-500 Ibs. ' $30.-32. Good 300-400 34. 400-600 Ibs. $27.-31. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Choice 3-7 year old 700-1000 Ibs. $25.-29. Good 3-7 year old 7001000 Ibs. $23.75-26.75. COW AND CALF Good 3-7 year 75-200 Ib. calves at side $317.50370. per pair HOGS: Estimated receipts 375 head, including boars. Week ago 456, year ago 137. Barrows and lower. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 package 231 Ibs. $39.25; US 1-3 200-250 Ibs. $38.50-39. SOWS: US 1-2 300-400 Ibs. $27.28.; 400-500 Ibs. $26. -27. US 2-3 400-615 Ibs. $25. BOARS: $20. -22.10. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 30-60 Ibs. S17.-22.50 per head. On Health and Beauty Aids Dr. Thomas C. Kennedy, associate professor of history at the University of Arkansas, has published an article emilled "The Next Five Years Group and the Failure of the Politics of Agreement in Britain" in the spring issue of Canu^ian Journal of History, which was released recently. The article deals with British politics of the 1930s. The leaders of "The Next Five Years Group" sought to bring about prom progressives from all parties who would support a program of hold leadership in solving peacefully Britain's social and economic problems of that era, Kennedy said. The group was spawned by the inaction of the ruling conservative Party and it failed, Kennedy says, because "it remained primarily an cli- tist organization dominated by leaders who failed to see the necessity of creating a rational grass-roots organization to push their proposals through." Dr. Kennedy, who joined the History Department faculty in 1967, received his Ph. D. from the University of South Carolina. His articles have appeared previously in the "Journal of British Studies", "Journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives", and other scholarly publications. HEIFERS: Choice $40.-42.25. 300-400 $31.-34. 500-600 Ibs.' AUEREST TABLETS "COLGATE TOOTHPASTE 7 OZ. 11.5-DZ.- YUCCA DEW* SHAMPOO 62c GOOD JULY 19-13 GOOD JULY 10-13 SAVE! 60 NODOZ® TABLETS SAVE 24's (TRISTAN® TABLETS ORA FIX* DENTURE ADHESIVE GOOD ONLY JULY 10 - JULY 13 S GOOD ONLY JULY10 -JULY 13 GOOD ONLY JULY10-JULY 13 UA Department Receives Grant The University ol Department of Anthropology has received a $28,018 grant from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under the agency's instructional equipent grant program, according to Dr. Charles Oxford, interim president. Dr. M.P. Hoffman, chairman of the Department, ..said agency's instructional ei. ment grant program, according to Dr. Charles Oxford, interim grant will be used for a wide variety of equipment, ranging from motion camera and ment, all of which, he said, necessary to provide adequate undergraduate and graduate training in anthropology." David J. Wolf, instucior in physical anthropology, submitted the grant proposal for the Department, Hoffman said, with the assistance of students in the Department. .The College of Arts and Sciences will provide matching funds to mske a total of $56,037 available for the equipment. picture films to surveying equip- HIGHWAY 71 B. NORTH AND ROLLING HILLS

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