Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1974 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1974
Page 20
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DENNIS THE MENACE Ketcham , IS THERE SUCH A THING AS Questions About Social Security Editor's Note: This column ; . is a joint effort of public service by the TIMES .and the F-ayetteville Social Security Administration Qffice, Mrs. . Rose Neweome, district manager. - . . - . - ' Anyone having a question about social security is invited to send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES 72701. All . inquiries must be signed and 'should- include' address of sender. Names will not be published. Q. I just received an increase in my social security check. My neighbor tells me I am due another raise. When will I get the next raise and how much wil it be? A.-In 1973 Congress voted an H per cent raise . for ·', social security recipients. This was to be paid in two segments, 7 per cent on-April 3, and: 4 per cent on July 3. subtracting other income sucl as social security checks, from the base amount payable. If yoi receive both payments,- you: SSI amount will be redupei because of the social securit; increase. HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Junk Mail Angers Young Sexa'g^jr im^giETfltBTC'Sigis'TFBffinim^'KiaaTjgigjjaiaaa^g'gjri Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., July 10, 1974 FAYETTEVILLC, ARKANSAS 21 ear Helen: I'm fuming -- again! Today's mail brought a letter ·om another of those snoops h» find out your age and then ood you with literature for the elderly." This one started: "Aren't you urprised that there are 1,615 enidr citizens (like you) our area?" (Who wants to,be eminded?) It goes on : t p . . a itch for a senior citizens' villa," with all those group' orrors like "bingo every Wed- esday, arts and crafts, canasta n Thursday, and special ser- ices for the aged." I'm a strong, able-bodied 60- ·ear-old -who .would rather die han be thought of as a hasten shoved off into an old xjople's "manor." I have my wn . teeth, my . hearing is uperb, I don't need "oyer-5( itamins" and I actively resenl hese direct mail ads that imply 'You've had it, old boy.". Or 'old girl." . . ·; · Can't there be a law'prohibit- ng companies from .ferreting ut you age and sending, you Matson Bids Low LITTLE BOCK (AP) -- Mat son. Conduction., Co. of Litt Rock was the apparent low bit der Tuesday' oh ·the propose $2.3 million construction of rotunda to house the Arkansa Supreme Court and renovatio of the Justice Building. The Matson firm's bid inc'u ed an aluminum seam-seals roof for the rotunda desired by the Justice Building Commission. 'Noland Blass Jr., the commission's architect, was asked to. analyze the bids and attend the agency's meeting at 10 a.m. Friday. The commission expects to award a contract Friday after which bids will be advertised on the proopsed $2.3 million revenue bond sale to finance the project. senior citizen" come-ons? -Still Young Dear S.Y.: Laws can't stop companiei 'rom sending their ads to "spe cial groups," but you can reduce your junk mail flow b; requesting a name-remova form from the District Mail Marketing Association, Mai Preferance Service, 6 East ^3rc Street, New York, N.Y. 10017. At the same time, you migh include your complaint abou "old age pitches." Might help, but it can't hurt. Goo luck! -- H. Cigarettes, you see, are avail- ble when you need or want hem. They do not promise to e true, and then wander into someone else's pocket. You can ve with or without cigarettes, tut you cannot live with or without a woman! !-- I Know! 3ear Helen: The survey .conducted by; the i'R e;V Tmanufactufprs.r.f, jhas cejved' a'.'-.lof 9(''attention. I married 'a man who smokes a iipe and he' is "sexy and hand ome" as the survey states pipe mokers generally'are. But all hose other pluses? No way! My man is unstable, incapable, immature, undependable, inkind. dishonest, irresponsible lisloyal , insecure, insincere, unreliable. bad-natured, un- riendly (after you get to know iim),;. lacking,,-in .self-control, azy -- in fact,, all/the ppposites of the pipe survey-attributes; The pipe and good looks' 'make i 'good set' of screens to hide he poor qualities. All'I have to say is: women, jeward of pipe smokers. Look behind the smoke screen. -Ruth .. . Dear Ruth: All I have -to say is: judge :ach man for himself; not by what he smokes. -- H. Dear Helen: I beg to differ with "Fair's Fair" who compared women to cigarettes. the law says you can't legally keep women out of men's clubs, then how can the law prohibit smoking in public places, which is also discrimination?") I am a "sexy senior citizen 1 who remembers when "air was clean and'sex was dirty"; also a bachelor who knows from ex-, perience that women can hurt a man more than cigarettes. Got a problem? An adult sub-. ject for discussion? You can talk it over in her column if you write to Helen Bottel, care of Northwest Arkansas' TIMES. Two/ : Bodies Found .ASHDOWN, Ark. (AP) -Sheriff Audrey .Thresh of Little River County said Tuesday that the bodies of .two men who apparently had been shot to death were.pulled from Walnut Bayou in the southwest portion of Ihe Joins Mounted Patrol Policewoman Alice Sherman reports in to precinct while on patrol in New York's Central Park. Using policewomen on mounted patrol is a recent innovation in New York City's police department. Currently there are two other women assigned to mounted patrol duty. (AP Wircpholo) Mistrial Declared VAN BUREN, Ark.' (AP \ mistrial was ordered j uesday after Pros. Attyi Floyd Rogers of Van Buren began";hi» pcning statements in the tVial f Hubert Blankenshtp. 40. "' Blankenship was , one of four nen charged with .operating-a iambling house here. ".'- . "; Circuit Court Judge David 'arlain of Van Buren decla'red :ie mistrial when Rogers ..told he jury that tliey would-be able to identify the apes held as evidence by ;the tale as that of Blankehship's 'if the defendant testifies."' Partam said later .that''.'(he state could never make any:fef- erence as to the defendant's choice to testify or to not take .he stand. , Blankenship and three others were arrested at a Van Buren motel March 2. Authorities aped conversations of ·; incoming calls at the motel, which Rogers intended to in- .roduce as state's evidence in the Blankenship trial. ; TERMITES ? CAU ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL ; Reaches, Ants, Spiders, e*£ COMMERCIALS, i; RtSIMNTIAl/ · '"\ 442-7398 ,-, Cooper Protests .LITTLE .ROCK. (AP) - A group of protesters outside the Police .and Courts Building at Little Rock Tuesday carried signs blaming Municipal Court Judge" Jack Holt Sr. for the deaths of two young black men. Dr. .Grant Cooper, the Communist history professor at the county. He said bodies were found by children playing in the area. Thresh identified one of the men as Harvey Phllian, 51, of Horatio. The other man had not been identified, the sheriff said.' "University Arkansas-Little Rock, led the 16 protestors. Officers said two black youths, Varnell Johnson, and Freddy drowned, while Tidwell, wading in Arkansas River during a rest period while on a. work detail at the - Pulaski County Penal Farm. The two were inmates of the Pulaski County 'jail. Q. I- receive social security a n d ' ' supplemental security income (SSI). My social security was. increased $6 a month in April, but my SSI check was $0 lower. When the 4 per cent increase comes in July, will my SSI check be lower again? A. Yes. Any increase in your social security check will cause a decrease in the amount from your SSI check. Social "security p a y m e n t s are considered '"unearned income" in deter-, mining the amount due you from the SSI program. 'The higher your unearned income goes, the less you will receive under SSI. Q. I am past age 62, but I will not retire until later this year. Will I receive any benefit from the 11 per cent raise being paid in 1974 to persons already drawing social security checks? A. Anyone applying for social security for th'e first time, in July or later, Will be paid based on the increased rates. This includes any raises granted by Congress, such as the 4 per cent increase in July. Q. I receive social security checks and the new supplemental' payments, -but the total amount comes to only $160. a month. I need more than this to live on. Are there any raises coming? A, Social security checks will increase by 4 per cent on July 3, 1974. The supplemental security income (SSI) allowance limit increases from $140. to $146. a month, for one person, starting July 1,. Because social security checks are considered unearned income under the SSI program; any increase in the social security check will have to be subtracted from your SSI payment July 1, 1974 Your total income from the two checks will still be at least 4 per'cent higher. ' YOUR OTASCO MAN INVITES YOU TO DROP IN AND SHOP THESE.,. SUMMER Q. I am a widow with four small children to raise. Our only income is the siidal security check we receive eac;/ month, for which I am grateful' but it isn't enough to keep up with rising prices. I thought Congress passed an II per cent increase in social security checks. When will this be added to our check? A. The 11 per cent increase was to he paid in two segments You received 7 per cent on your April check and the remaining 4 per cent will be paid on the July check. Q. I heard at our Senior Citizens meetirtg that the social s e c u r i t y a n d supplemental lecurity income payments will be increased in July. Would you tell me how much the increase will be for a single person? A. The social security checks will be increased approximately 4 per cent effective July 3,1974 T h e supplemental security income base amount will increase $6. to $146. effective July 1. You must remember that the SSI payment is determined by 53/4% 61/2% 71/2% We bare a savings program and Interest rate to meet rear needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association Ml N. East Avenue 55-Qunrt T KC ' CHEST ir nozzic A must tor summer outings. Polyethylene body end liner. Has convenient tray and drain. Heavy Duly Fiitol Grip Nozzle. «.»M 1.37 SO-* T. HOIC BBQ GRILL Reg. 3.99 PORTABLE 2 cooking grid*. Draft controls. 4 legs and carrying handle, flexible plastic -- easy Jo handle. Full-flow brats couplings, x s w s 3 position grill. Brass folding legs. No boitt to assemble. ta-s FOLDING CflfllP STOOL Reg. 1.27 i familu . . products inc. GALLOn JUG Res. 2.69 22! (OOLAflT HEAVY (REEKR l~piece, heavy-duty polyethylene. Padded head rest. Swivel wheels. Tools ports bin. USE OTAKO t*EDU Idecn for air-conditioned can. overheating due lo coolant loss. lewwi Mrgirw operating temperature. 1-179-9 For coder summer driving. Ventiialed fa circulate cur In Mat and around back. 17-1MJP PORTABLE ITiCl AUTO RIHIIM II" OREGINAL EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT SHOCK* I InsfaU E-Z Ride Shocks on your car and bring back that new cor riding comfort and safety, JNSTMlATrON L50 *a. _ A smoother ride HEAVY-DUTY , ,, "|5$ »nd«.all driving GOLDEN ULTRA SHOCKS WeWedoll- sfeel consfrucfion. 5,000-lb. capacity per paV. 31" inclinst for toff dr'rrt up. yia Sonthwest Corner of Square FayeUevllle, Ark.--Phone 442-7361 ON 6 PACK BOTTLES OR CANS OR 3 BOTTLES OF 32 OUNCE ASK FOR CRUSH ... WITH THE TASTE THAT'S ALL /TS OWN C O U P O N GOOD FOR 25' OFF ON PURCHASE OF 6 PACK BOTTLES OR CANS OH 3 BOTTLES OF 32 OZ. CflUSH prill: One coupon per 6-PacX or 3-bottIe purchaje] TO DEALER: Jc «il.i for ycu! This cnv pv\ Ciii 3e hi/i£Tir3 provided you a-id yw plied "ilhtsim! oi l^eol'tt THE ORIGINAL STYlf ROOT BEER C O U P O N GOOD FOR 25' OFF ON PURCHASE OF 6 PACK BOTTLES ORGANS OR 3 BOTTLES OF 32 OZ-OAD'S ROOT BEER (Limit: One coupon per E-Pack or 3-bottle purchase)- l$[5tl IO DEALEfl: M e1r» rar you! TKj coupon nifl be Kt'- napette ' r ·-.-.--·.** THE C O U P O N GOOO FOR 25' OFF ON PURCHASE OF 6 PACK DOTTLES OT CANS OR 3 BOTTLES OF 32 02. GRAPETTE. [Lijuit: Ore coupon per 6-PacX or 3-bollJe purchase) IO CIJSTOViJV fl"?--*o IMS wwc^l a' w fa'."'"9 G AVAILABLE AT THESE STORES... AND OTHER GREAT STORES EVERYWHERE Phillips No, I Phillip* No. 3 Genes [GA GiWi IGA - '. AI7cc T * Grocery John's 1OA Vaughn Grocery Hunch's Grocery Dillon. NO. 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Grocery Snotfgrass Equipment Graggs Grocery IGA No. 1 Watson's Grocery Pettigrew Grocery Stanley's Grccery Git-N-Go Lands Grocery Harps IGA No. 1 Warehouse Market Spe.Dee Mart No. 4 Spc-Dee Mart No. e Sp*-Ott Mart No. 7 ICA No. 2 Harps Plaia Farmers Marpet Spe.Dee Mart No. 1 Spe.Dee Mart No. 3 G-Whiz No. 31 IGA No. 1 Dillon's No. 107 7-12 Store No. 15599 Gentry roods Wilson's Kwifcl D H Foods Bailey's Grocery Git-N-Go Spc-Dcc Mart No. 9 Wheeler Grocery A B Servica S H DX G-Whiz No. 39 BOTTLED BY BEVERAGE PRODUCTS CORP. of TULSA

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